T-Mobile Posts Three Celebrity #Hate2Wait Videos, Including Another Kardashian

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T-Mobile’s #Hate2Wait program is in full swing with 730 Galaxy S 4 smartphones up for grabs. To be honest, I’m totally behind T-Mobile’s JUMP! program but they lost a bit of me with the use of another Kardashian sibling in their marketing.

Kyle Jenner, fashion icon? You mean Kylie Jenner, E Reality star? That’s an insult to real fashion icons the world over. At least Summer Sanders and Peyton Siva have professional sports backgrounds — but come on T-Mobile, enough with the Kardashian family. /End rant.

As a quick refresher, T-Mobile’s #Hate2Wait program asks T-Mobile customers to ““upload their story to Facebook or mention @TMobile and #Hate2Wait #rules on Twitter, Vine, or Instagram for an opportunity to win one of 730 Samsung Galaxy S 4 devices. A grand prize winner will have their story featured in a T-Mobile national advertising campaign.”

The contest begins July 10th, 2013 at 12:00 AM Eastern Time and ends on July 31st, 2013 at 11:59 AM Eastern Time. Then, on August 7th at 12:00PM Eastern Time you can come back and vote for your favorite finalists.

Someone please enter and remove the searing image of the Kardashian siblings out of my mind.

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  • Trevnerdio

    Please…stop with the Kardashians…

    • Dakota

      As long as people watch their shows and buy the products they endorse, its going to continue. Ive never understood their popularity in any way. Especially since it started with a sex tape. I dont find them very likable; the show seems incredibly staged; and Bruce is a poster child for bad plastic surgery (not to mention most of their viewers were born way after 76). But you have to give Kris Jenner credit. Theyve found a way to make tons of money and it keeps rolling in.

  • asdf

    Why would she need to wait 2 years to get a new phone LIKE US when she is ridiculously rich from her oldest slut sister?

  • bobert

    I’m 21, I’m the demo they’re after, they need trendy celebs and politicians to grab attention, Lindsay lohan, Amanda Bynes, Anna paquin, jeniffer Lawrence, Andy Cohen, and pretty much any slightly relevant politician (at any level really)

    • Dakota

      have they even been clear at what demo theyre targeting? I thought their reputation was always younger, more price sensitive consumers? These endorsers dont seem to expand that pie much. Unless you think a 15 year old is going to go to Mom and Dad and say Kylie thinks we should switch our family plan to Tmobile. I don’t know why, but I want a new phone in my purse too. Can we get it bedazzled like the Kardashian phones?

      • bobert

        Just to clarify, my comment was saying the kardashians are not celebs my demo is all about at all, Thats more for young people and really if You’re a kid You’re going to get whatever network your parents have so who cares about them. They need actual icons, not people like kardashians, Beiber, whomever I dont know these people but you know what I mean

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    someone should really put an end to the kardashians once and for all. i suggest they be spayed and neutered.

  • these don’t look rehearsed and awkward at all.

  • Mirad77

    When are those clowns at TMUS advertising department all get fired? I know I’d lost my job a long time ago if I were this incompetent.

    • Dakota

      I agree 100%…I thought with the rebranding, theyd get a new team. It keeps getting worse and worse. They need to hire a competent exec from another company that has successfully rebranded a company and they need to put up their PR and Advertising accounts up for review. They just seem to be intent on not communicating their messages clearly, accurately and compelling to the average consumer.

  • S. Ali

    People are begging to switch to T-mobile if they would build out their network. Why waste money on these lame ad campaigns?

  • Richard

    From what i heard from someone who works at bev hills in a hair salon the Kardashian s all have AT&T she said she got to look at there phones dnt ask me how i dnt know and saw that they all AT&T iphones including kylie.

    • GinaDee

      If you ever used T-Mobile in parts of Beverly Hills you’d know why. They have a lot of service holes even outdoors even though Rodeo Dr. is covered okay.

      • Richard

        actually i found atts network to be much worse in bev hills compared to tmobile tmobile actually works data wise att craps out during rush hour from someone that had an iphone 5 ,galaxy s4 and afew blackberries on att i for once never going down that road again.Att Lte is horrible ,dropped calls with even full bars standing outside while tmobile even in places with one lil bar works much better than 5 bars on att.

    • LC

      Well, if you’re looking at an iPhone you wouldn’t know which carrier they’re using because carrier branding isn’t allowed on iPhone. Plus on the show, well before they started doing these spots, you would hear their phones with the T-Mobile jingle…#trashytvguiltypleasure

      it wouldn’t be surprising to me, however, if they all had multiple phones from different carriers.

      • guess

        I think they have BB’s and iPhones. The iPhones could be from VZW or ATT and BB from T-Mobile.

      • Daniel

        The physical phone may not have branding, but the network is displayed at the top of the screen.

    • Dakota

      I would bet every penny I have that she is not using Android phones on Tmobile. Probably not anybody in her family or even anybody she knows. These people all have iPhones

  • Kahlayoh

    I’d rather see uncle Si from duck dynasty!!

    • Nick Gonzalez

      I’d rather see uncle Rico from napolean dynamite.

      • thepanttherlady

        Ha! He’s got to be reliving his football years and eating a steak though.

    • frigadroid

      Me too but he wouldn’t get T-Mobile coverage down in his part of Louisiana. Nor would he have use for a smart phone. I don’t think he even has a feature phone.

  • Josh

    I love the kardashians!!!! When kim has a sidekick, i had to get a sidekick, and when she switched over to a blackberry i had to get the blackberry, Kimmie Kimmie more!!!

  • Guest

    couldnt she pay the early termination fee as often as she wanted to get a new phone, considering how ridiculously wealthy she is for NO REASON?

    • John

      “Here is your iPhone 5S ma’am.”
      “…And that will cost $560 for early termination fee”
      “Yea, whatever. Just swipe my dad’s credit card.”

      • Dakota

        mom’s credit card…but Kris is getting even better at pimping out her kids – its full steam ahead with the youngest ones. Why is the Kylie and Kendall show not on E! yet

  • Bklyman

    It could be worst,they might go out get the New Jersey shore gang to do ad or really

    • Dakota

      Hope Tmobile execs aren’t reading that because you might see that in a couple months

  • Guest

    They could at least pick the hot Kardashian….

    • TechHog

      There’s a hot Kardashian?

      • Dakota

        Well considering theyre underage girls who post provocative selfies of them in tiny bikinis, theyre another great role model

      • monchis

        Kendall Jenner is actually cute.

  • GinaDee

    Lame. Especially the basketball rookie. Ghetto as hell.

    I guess T-Mobile hopes to eternally keep people hooked on paying them extra money each month forever and ever.

    • frigadroid

      WTF is so ghetto about Peyton Siva? Let’s not stir the pot okay? If for some reason you didn’t like him because where he’s from his tatts or skin, whatever keep that ignorant crap to yourself. He’s a good kid and had to work his ass off to make it. Do you know any of his back story other than him being arguably the best player for NCAA national basketball champions Louisville this year? Give him a break he was obviously reading a script, I’m happy for him that he made it and you probably would be too, if you realized the odds he was up against in his life.

      • GinaDee

        Stop taking shots at terrible commercials personally. The rip was on the terrible marketing spot.

        The average T-Mobile customer is no NCAA superstar but T-Mobile is obviously marketing towards tween white girls and young black men who don’t speak English right.

        • Trevnerdio

          Well, T-Mobile did sponsor the NBA for awhile there, I think, so a lot of their base must be there. And now in MLB.

  • wilde_ride

    I love my TMobile, but if they don’t stop with this Kardashian crap… we may break up. Seriously Magenta get your act together. Filming a homeless guy peeing on the street while holding a TMobile phone would be better than having a Kardashian promote you.

  • Dakota

    It seems Tmobile is still appealing to the young crowd. Kylie Jenner is for the tweens and maybe college girls. But I dont think she needs to worry about Jump or contracts. This girl can afford to switch out phones every week if she wanted to. And I find it hard to believe that every Kardashian doesnt use an iPhone. Ive heard them all talk about them; its like most celebrities…they just always say my iPhone (its almost like a generic term now like Kleenex). I cant wait until all these celebrities that are signing on to do commercials for carriers and Android phones get shot by TMZ using their iPHones. Im not sure how you check this, but werent there already incidents where celebrities are promoting one phone and yet when they Tweet, it showed that they were using another. I remember this happening with Oprah where she said she loved loved loved one (was it Windows?) and then you could see she was tweeting from an iPHone. It would be interesting if someone knows how to do this to check all these celebrity endorsers for the next few weeks to see. Not sure Summer Sanders is really top of mind right now. And I never even heard of the middle guy.
    I just never understand what goes on with Tmobile marketing. Theyre supposed to report increased subscribers for the first time in a long time. But their commercials and marketing campaigns don’t seem to be reinforcing any type of different image. If they want to get away from the teen bubblegum image, Kylie Jenner doesnt really do that. And Im still puzzled at their stupid TV campaigns and why they dont stop using things like shoes and Frankensteins and do clear direct comparisons with other carriers like Verizon does with their data network and Sprint has done with their no share plans. Tmobile has just as strong a message but they keep failing to clearly communicate it.

  • monchis

    David I official love you man.

  • Guest

    For the love of God… Y? Y u do dis, T-Mobile? Pls… Stahp… By all means… I don’t understand what the use is for the Kardashians over and over again. T-Mobile, fire that crew that willingly seems to get under people’s skins with these NON-celebrities. You know what they say… “Tell who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. You’re clearly making T-Mobile look a like a joke. Such potential and you use these fools to market the brand? Jesus…

  • ccnet005

    Yuck! Kardashian = Poor Poor taste!!

    Bring back Carly and put your money into LTE instead of throwing it away at
    worthless celebrities!
    By the way, My data speeds are getting worse!!
    You’re making verizon look really attractive!!


    Who gives a rats A** about celebrity endorsements?

    Seriously,who cares & why should anyone?

    Use the money spent on this BS for somethong worthwhile:
    Sensible marketing,network upgrades,worthwhile charitable causes.Anything EXCEPT this nauseating celebrity worship/deification BS…………………………

  • np6s4x

    you might not like the Kardashian usage, but out of the three that is probably the best one, atleast it looks like she’s is talking about it, rather then trying to read it from something at the same time (hasn’t watched E! is many years, and knows nothing about them)

  • illuminati

    I rather wait then get into a semi contract…

  • Randall Lind

    I think it a rip off because with no contract let say you pay off the $480 you owe. Nothing stopping you from upgrading. I rather see time spent on getting 32GB and 64GB of samsung phones. T-mo said for me to get jump I need to pay off my S4 $480 then trade it in for another S4. I was like are you freaking nuts?

    Update: Tweeted CEO John Legere and he said he didn’t think so and to email him. He had an executive tech call me and switch me over to Jump. I guess theses are techs that does the big shots support. Anyway it was pretty cool to have the CEO help me out.

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    i love how they put the word “hate” into the marketing…

  • Josue

    I rather see an add with an ACTUAL celebrity