T-Mobile Launches Budget Friendly Galaxy Exhibit, Confirms June 5th Launch Of BlackBerry Q10

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With yesterday’s intel pointing toward a June 5th launch of the BlackBerry Q10 it came as little surprise this morning when T-Mobile announced that very date via press release. T-Mobile becomes the first major US wireless carrier to offer the QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphone with business customers already having to the option to scoop one up.

“If you love your high-performance touch screen phone, but still crave a QWERTY keyboard, the wait is over – the BlackBerry Q10 is here,” said Jason Young, vice president of marketing at T-Mobile. “Not only does the new 4G LTE BlackBerry device offer the touch screen and the QWERTY keyboard you love, it provides the security, capabilities and speed that users need to stay connected.”

Pricing & Availability
Business customers may order their BlackBerry Q10 now from their B2B sales rep with typical device delivery expected within a week of ordering. The BlackBerry Q10 is expected to be available for consumers in June for $99.99 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $20 for well-qualified buyers for 0% APR O.A.C.1 The smartphone will be available in T-Mobile retail stores, via www.T-Mobile.com and through select dealers and national retail stores. Consumer interested in getting more information on the availability of the Q10 can sign up for alerts at http://explore.t-mobile.com/blackberry-q10.

That’s not all T-Mobile has to offer today as they announce the release of the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit, a budget-friendly device ideal for those customers looking to pick up their smartphone. With a five-megapixel camera and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean already installed, the Galaxy Exhibit is yet another Samsung Galaxy entry in T-Mobile’s lineup.

Available for just $19.99 down, with 24 monthly payments of $9 the Galaxy Exhibit certainly fits the “budget” in budget-friendly.

BlackBerry Q10 from T-Mobile Available June 5

Beginning June 5, T-Mobile’s latest 4G LTE device – the BlackBerry® Q10 – will be available in T-Mobile retail stores, viawww.T-Mobile.com and through select dealers and national retail stores for $99.99 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $20 for well-qualified buyers for 0% APR O.A.C.1 with the new Simple Choice Plan.  Customers interested in the BlackBerry Q10 can register to receive alerts at http://explore.t-mobile.com/blackberry-q10.

Business customers have been able to order the BlackBerry Q10 since May 14 with some customers having already received their smartphone.  Pricing for business customers begins at $119.99 with qualifying plans.

The new smartphone combines features BlackBerry is known for – a classic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard and security – with a 3.1” super AMOLED touch screen, the power of the BlackBerry 10 platform and 4G LTE2 and HD Voice capabilities3for a premium customer experience.  BlackBerry® Hub helps manage personal and professional conversations, BBMmessages, social media updates, or notifications with the ability to “peek” into the Hub from anywhere. To learn more about features and capabilities, visit the BlackBerry Q10 media kit.

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit

T-Mobile continues to offer budget-friendly and feature-rich 4G smartphones ideal for customers who are upgrading to their first smartphone. Today, May 29, T-Mobile launched the exclusive Samsung Galaxy Exhibit in nationwide T-Mobile retail stores, online at www.T-Mobile.com and in select national retail and dealer stores. The Galaxy Exhibit is available for $19.99 down, with 24 equal monthly payments of $9 for well-qualified T-Mobile customers with 0% APR on approved credit[1].

The affordable Samsung Galaxy Exhibit features Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and helps consumers stay entertained and connected, including a 5-megapixel camera for photo sharing and video chat and 4G connectivity for a fast web browsing experience.

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  • jose

    How much is the galaxy exhibits full price. ? And is it
    Available for monthly 4G consumers. ?

    • Chris

      The math would say $200 which is pretty damn cheap!

      • jose

        Yea that’s a great price point for this device. I would have liked a 4.7 inch screen, I am going by the T-Mobile store today to get some hands on time before I would consider purchasing it

      • g2a5b0e

        Actually, it comes out to $236 unless Dave amended it since you saw it last.

        • Chris

          Oops I did 20+(9×20) instead of 20+(9×24) thanks for the correction!

    • Dakota

      I thought all phones could be used as long as you own them.

  • tomarone

    Yeah they hope people buy the Exhibit rather than the Lumia 521!

    • kalel33

      Truthfully, if I couldn’t afford a higher end Android phone(internals,not screen size) then I’d buy a Windows phone. The entry level Android phones were always a pain for reps, because they were the one’s that had the most issues.

    • Justin Black

      Why do you hope for that? Are you a shareholder?

      • tomarone

        I said ‘they hope’ not ‘I hope’ meaning Samsung Hopes. The Lumia is $130 plus tax, I paid 141. The Exhibit is what. $200 at least? The Lumia is a full 4 inch screen, and the keyboard is very easy to use. The keyboard on Android phones is pretty bad. I wish I had stock in microsoft! But I do not. Shareholder in what? nope.

        • Justin Black

          I stand corrected. My apologies. Yes, the Exhibit works out to $236. If people are looking to low price points, WP8 is really the way to go. MS and Nokia are making huge inroads with the 520 internationally. But the US is proving a tough nut to crack. Maybe the 521 gives them some more momentum. I’d like to see the 720 come also at $250-275. It is a great piece of hardware. I’m running an unlocked 720 in a refarmed area. Happy happy joy joy!

  • Graham Blackadder

    For less than $100 bucks more get a nexus 4 over the exhibit. I’d like to see blackberry do well but most of the smart phones thesedays can do just as much with apps that are available etc. Hopefully they can get back on their feet after the torrid time over the last 3 yes or so.

  • redsa6729

    I’m kind of surprised about the Exhibit pricing ($235.99 on TMo’s website). Specs wise it’s about the same as the L9 and that can be had for $200. Of course there’s the Nexus 4 for $300 but another option is the GS2 from Walmart for $300. With the Jelly Bean update it’s more of a “GS3 Mini” than the Exhibit.

    • taron19119

      The exhibit is the gs3 mini T-Mobile just rebrand it as the the galaxy exhibit

      • redsa6729

        I know. A GS2 w/ JB is closer to a GS3 in terms of specs and features than the Mini/Exhibit.

        • taron19119

          Yeah but the gxhibit is for people who want a small phone

        • kalel33

          That’s fine but it’d be nice if manufacturers would make smaller phones but not throw the cheap internals with them too. I notice T-mobile didn’t put up much in regards to specs. It’s only a 1Ghz processor and most likely 8GB of internal memory. Some people would like to have smaller screens but at least have quality internals.

        • redsa6729

          I agree. I don’t think I can go bigger than the GS2 to be honest. My original point was for what it is the Exhibit should be priced closer to the L9. Though it seems like buying outright would cost more than monthly installments. Maybe they’ll make it available for prepaid and it’ll be a lower price.

        • Aaron Peromsik

          Indeed… the “old” Galaxy Exhibit was often shown as $349 when Wal-Mart was selling the prepaid version for $198. Would be nice if those practices were gone in the era of the Uncarrier, but we’ll see.

          Meanwhile, recycling the Galaxy Exhibit name will make it “interesting” for people trying to shop for 3rd-party accessories.

        • Dakota

          Yep the old Galaxy Exhibit (T679) used to often be on Tmobiles website for 279 or even 329 while Walmart had it for 199. I just sold one to someone the other day and have 1 more Im willing to sell and Walmart still has that phone for 179 and honestly its the worst phone I ever tried. nothing but problems

        • DatNizzle

          Yeah, have fun searching for cases on ebay. Maybe they can search for the gs3 mini. Did TM just rebrand it or is the outside changed?
          I remember with my girlfriend’s G2 it was easier to search for Desire z.

        • psychoace

          T-Mobiles website should really post screen sizes with all their phones. It gets kind of annoying that they don’t. Anyway with no NFC and a 1500mah battery this seems like a bum deal.

    • Dakota

      Remember Tmobile doesnt sell the Nexus 4 for $300…and the average person probably doesnt even know they can get it from Google Play for that amount – especially if theyre new to smartphones and or Android. Google has never really advertised the Nexus 4 to the general market even though it does seem pound for pound to be the best value out there for what you get

  • Josue

    its 2013 and phone with a 3.1 inch screen? really lol

    • TechHog

      Do you even know what the Q10 is?

      • monchis

        I die.

        • TechHog


  • Paco

    with 24 monthly payments of $9 for 20 months???

  • TechHog

    The Galaxy Exhibit should have been a budget LTE phone…

  • Dakota

    So now there are 2 different models called Galaxy Exhibit.

  • Justin Black

    I love these Android articles because it always turns into people arguing about specs.

  • tomarone

    I hope the BB Q10 is successful. I know my wife might appreciate it.

  • John

    I think the LG Optimus L9 beats this in every way and it’s cheaper. Unless you want a smaller phone.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    After three years with 3 consecutive years with Android (and a 2 months with the G1) I’m seriously considering the Q10. Why? Because I want something new and BlackBerry 10 seems to offer what I’m looking for. iOS bores me and I have a Nexus 7 so my app needs are pretty much fulfilled.