T-Mobile Launching Galaxy S III LTE June 5th, Galaxy Exhibit May 29th

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Finally, after months of waiting and a teaser last week that it was on the way, we’ve nailed down a release date on the Galaxy S III LTE. Assuming everything goes well and there’s no hiccups or delays , the Galaxy S III LTE should make its way on to T-Mobile shelves on June 5th. The new model will allow T-Mobile to remove supply of the current S III and replace it with the LTE variant.

However, that’s not all the phone news we have today as we’ve got one more mid-range surprise. The Galaxy Exhibit SGH-T599 is heading to T-Mobile on May 29th. The mid-range device features a 1GHz dual-core processor with “4G” speeds which likely means no LTE. Also included on board is a 5 megapixel camera and a preloaded media hub app straight from Samsung. You’ll start things up with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean…which already gives you an advantage on over half of T-Mobile’s Android lineup. I kid I kid.

T-Mobile says the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit “expands on T-Mobile’s impressive collection of Samsung’s Galaxy line of devices.”

No word on price for either device.

Samsung Galaxy S III (LTE) Launches June 5 & Samsung Galaxy Exhibit Launches May 29

T-Mobile continues to set itself apart as the Un-carrier by adding more devices to its current lineup, giving customers the best access to a smoking fast network.

On June 5, T-Mobile will update its supply of the Samsung Galaxy S III with a new version that will support LTE.

On May 29, the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit ™ will launch in all channels. The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit ™ expands on T-Mobile’s impressive collection of Samsung’s Galaxy line of devices. This latest smartphone is powered by Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) running on a 1GHz dual core processor.

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  • VG

    The LTE and non-LTE versions of the S3 are now both listed on the TMo web site, each listed at $549.99. Not much of a discount for a 1-year old phone.

    • Dakota

      That’s why they’re the UNCarrier… They do things differently, remember? Other carriers would discount a year old device trying to clear inventory. Not Magenta; they care about customers so want to make sure they pay full price no matter when the phone was released

  • I guess they still have to take care of the people who don’t need all the super spec phones, with the galaxy exhibit. Way too late with the S3 though

  • The Galaxy S3 LTE version was known in December of last year. NoW the S4 and HTC One is out, why would this even be considered as a purchase. If this were priced 50% less, then it would be a reasonable buy. Way to go AGAIN Tmobile, you missed your target by nearly half a year. Early 2013, the LTE phone would have been great to have (since your coverage sucks horribly), now you are behind the 8-Ball once again!

    I should just give you my damn S3 for an LTE variant for free.

    But top be honest, with the Note 3 on the way, Id rather wait it out for that.

    • Dakota

      So much for being the UNcarrier – more and more Tmobile decisions in the last couple of weeks show they are still acting like every other carrier and that customers are far from their primary concern

  • Wow Talk about a scam… Lets sell and old phone for the same price and slap LTE on it.. Then they can go buy it and realize THERE IS LIMITED LTE AVAILABLE and most Likely not in there area.. O and wait there is an S4 available.. LOL wow

  • pda96

    The HTC One is $579.99. The LTE S3 is $549.99. Hmmm… this is a no brainer. I’ll take the One !

    • g2a5b0e

      A no-brainer if you don’t like Blinkfeed or Sense? A no-brainer if you want a removable battery or micro-SD support? A no-brainer considering there’s a good chance the S3 will probably get 4.2.2 first? No, not such a no-brainer. Personal preference leaves a lot to account for.

    • Agreed .. I’m not going to buy a phone that’s a year old for 30 dollars less then a flagship phone in 2013

  • godfuckingdamnit

    welp, this is some fucking bullshit..

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      hahahaha, big whop, wanna fight about it?

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    $550 for S3 LTE? wtf? Spend $75 more and you can get the S4. If you’re already paying that much for a phone what’s another $75? Especially if you’re on EIP.

  • Classick

    At this point they should be making the s3 a $0 down phone.

  • VG

    What’s also funny is that MetroPCS (now owned by T-Mobile) sells the LTE Galaxy S3 for $449, a full $100 less than the TMo version. Shame that it’s not compatible on the T-Mobile network.

    • VG

      $449 after $50 mail-in rebate, that is.

      • pda96

        $450 is a good price pt for this phone.

  • S. Ali

    Geez, T-mobile does not know how to price devices.

    • bob90210

      Seems like T-Mobile knows exactly what they are doing. The old models have high price so the current model look a better deal (only $80 more to get the S4!) but low down payment so price sensitive customers have an “affordable” option (only $70 for the S3!).

  • I would guess that the galaxy exhibits will be priced at. Around. 200$ on monthly4Gs.seems like a decent compact device at 4.3 inches and a decent duel core 1.2 GHZ processor.

    • redsa6729

      If the Optimus L9 can be priced at around $200 then I don’t see why this can’t be either. If you compare the specs (assuming it’s just the S3 Mini) they’re pretty much identical except the L9 has a bigger screen. Unless they believe the Galaxy name means a higher price, which would be borrowing a page from Apple…

  • Josiah House

    I just got a white s3 off craigslist that was purchased from T-Mobile on may 6th. I asked what the difference was between the new one and mine. They said the only difference was that the lte Version ships with the software update to enable lte. He said that he was 100 percent sure that older models support it with the update. Im not completely convinced but willing to wait and see.

    • Garrett

      Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the seller lied to you. Your GS3 won’t be able to use LTE. That’s why T-Mobile is releasing a whole new phone for it.

      • Dakota

        I just sold a few phones and tablets on Craigslist and lucky for the buyers, Im honest. One of them even texted me the next day thanking me. I look at the listings and feel bad for people who are going to get suckered with phones that dont work, false advertising and people selling electronics for higher prices than retail.

    • John

      Garrett is correct. The reason T-Mobile is releasing a whole new Galaxy S III with LTE is because the old T-mobile Galaxy S III will not be able to get LTE. Why? Because the old T-Mobile Galaxy S III does NOT have an LTE radio in it. Thus, there’s no way to update/enable something in a phone that isn’t there.

  • Black TheBadGuy

    Meh, I don’t see them moving. Who wan’ts to buy a new old phone?

    • Garrett

      Not everyone wants the latest and greatest. To a lot of people, price is the most important spec.

      • Dakota

        A lot of people dont even know what ICS or JB are – They have no clue what version of Android is on their phone. They just want to make calls and text and be able to check emails, take a photo, and surf the internet when they have to. People on blogs fail to realize they are far from the ‘average’ customer.

  • Dakota

    There already is/was a Galaxy Exhibit ;T679 the old Exhibit II was renamed the Galaxy Exhibit when they did a rebranding and update last year…. Below is part of a May 2012 article on the matter. As you can see, they predicted confusion at the time. While most still call it the exhibit2;after the update when you turned the phone on, it clearly says Galaxy Exhibit. Cant post a screen shot in the comment but you can Google it. They have to reuse phone names now?
    “I have heard of people changing their names after a marriage or adoption but never a phone seven months after its initial release. T-mobile has done just that and has subtly made the change within a software update set for the Exhibit II 4G. Along with the usual bug fixes comes a name change to the Galaxy Exhibit 4G. It’s unclear why T-Mo decided that now was a great time to change things up, but it’s almost certainly going to cause a bit of confusion among customers and care reps when it comes to online purchases”

    • Danny

      its a new design. There was a confusion about the Exhibit models earlier and the new model number is T599 . First exhibit was not a Galaxy labeled phone but the second one was. This one is again labeled as just Galaxy Exhibit like the last one.

      • Dakota

        Most people know phones by their name not model number. Why reuse a name and have 2 Galaxy Exhibit?Even if a couple peopeople will be confused, why? I have the old phone (it was worst I’ve ever used)… And when you start it, it clearly says Galaxy Exhibit

  • TechHog

    T-Mobile needs to introduce a low-end/midrange LTE phone ASAP. I don’t know what they’re waiting for at this point

    • steveb944

      This will basically cover that base since the GS3 is no longer considered a high end device.

      I’m sure we’ll get more devices as LTE markets open up.

      • TechHog

        It’s too expensive. They need one below $300.

        • steveb944

          Agreed. At first I thought some kind of Lumia 520/ WP8 variant would come but that hasn’t happened. Here’s hoping for options down the line.

        • Dakota

          They do… The psychological sticker shock of hearing you’re paying $650 for a phone… Regardless of how the plans actually work, this idea doesn’t sit well I’ve seen this just randomly trying to explain it to people. I know I use a Galaxy Nexus primarily because it was not expensive and also allowed me to use it on a inexpensive prepaid plan. If the next one wasn’t similarly priced, I’d probably go elsewhere

  • Alan713

    just curious who’d buy S3 LTE when there’s S4, note 2, One – all top androids with LTE.

    • Dakota

      Uneducated… Most folks aren’t reading blogs. I didn’t know ow anything about phones or Android until I started to educate myself a bit on the Internet. If you only hang out with other techies, you don’t know what actually goes on out there. The average consumer doesn’t know;many are highly price sensitive;have never heard of rooting or would consider it (I wouldn’t) ;no clue or care what Android version.. I just sold 4 older phone. Not a single person asked @ versions or speeds. They wanted a working ‘adequate’ phone, inexpensive price, andno ccracked screens or obvious damage

  • Justin

    A lot of you people don’t realize how many S3’s we still sell.. Hell, we still sell lots of S2’s just because it’s only $29 down! Not everyone wants the latest and greatest. For a lot of people, price point is a huge factor. Consider it a plus that the “new” S3 has LTE capabilities for the same price as the “old” S3.

  • frigadroid

    I’m keeping my old galaxy3. Since I figured out out it was the Google play music app causing my bugs after the 4.1.2 update. Just as I had suspected it was in the bloatware so I went back and uninstalled the last play music update and BAMM! I’m back blazing out text like speed racer on crank. The cracked corner doesn’t bother me much since it hasn’t effected the touch screen at all. I’ve no reason to upgrade for now imo.

  • Ivan

    I work for Tmobile in California were already selling the lte version of the galaxy s3

  • Josue

    this is a bad move by T-Mobile

  • Randall Lind

    Still no 32GB uncarrier doesn’t like 32GB models have 16gb listed as out of stock. I bet they were mad HTC One didn’t have a 16gb model.

  • rpgtx

    If you do a hand-set exchange on the S3 would TMO send the LTE version? For example I have the S3 that is not LTE compatible, if I do the exchange after June 5th, do you think they would start sending out the LTE or am I just wishing? lol

    • I doubt it. I bet they made some changes so you have to have an new black plate. So even if T-MO screwed up I bet battery and back is a tad different.

  • QAlchemist

    This is incorrect.

    The S3 LTE launches on June 5th only at non-retail/branded locations.
    At the branded locations, the LTE launched yesterday. We have it in our back room now, and have been selling it at my store.

    • Andrew Hamilton

      Yeah same here!

  • rodz

    So does this mean after getting the S3 6 months ago I would have to buy a new one to get LTE this very unfourtante

    • This is how the tech world works unfortunately!

      • Roddz

        I’m not surprised it just sucks completely especially after I make my first cellphone purchase I offically hate t-mobile

        • Garrett

          Welcome to the world of smartphones. You’ll get used to it eventually. :)

        • Roddz

          I’m pretty sure I will but I’m a person that likes choices instead of the rep giving me a choice he instantly sold me this without mentioning any future devices I wish I would have found daves blog first so I could have know my options atleast

  • Roddz

    So does this mean after finally purchasing an S3 I would have to purchase another phone to get LTE even after the rep told me the origianlly S3 has LTE this completely blows

  • Josiah House

    I talked to a T-Mobile rep who spoke to a Samsung rep in person and they said the only difference between the s3s now is that the new ones come with the latest software update which adds lte. I know people have torn the device apart and said that it is missing hardware for lte. How is it possible that I talked to someone who used his t999 on verizons lte network???

  • I rather see them stock S4 32GB seem pointless to get a updated S3. Uncarrier uncares what I want.