Samsung Galaxy S III LTE Edition Finally Making Its Way To T-Mobile Stores

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After a lengthy wait, T-Mobile is finally set to deliver on the Galaxy S III LTE edition. After an announcement all the way back in January, we’ve heard nary a sound about it since. The Galaxy S III LTE is the exactly same device internally as the original Galaxy S III with the addition of LTE being the only noticeable difference.

Even with LTE, the Galaxy S III LTE is a hard sell against the Galaxy S 4 which is a step-up feature wise and some may prefer the new shape of the fourth-generation.

There’s no word on when these devices will arrive, but I wouldn’t expect a ton of units to be available. Hopefully, T-Mobile will drop these at a price low enough to clearly separate the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4 as “old” and “new.” Even as an “aging” device by industry terms, the Galaxy S III was top of its class when it arrived and still offers a fantastic Android experience and with huge community support there’s plenty of rooting and ROM’ing to keep you busy for well into the future.

As of now, signs point to T-Mobile stores receiving 16GB White Galaxy S III LTE variants with the titanium model nowhere in sight.


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  • Gdm Laz

    A little 2 late better be super cheap u can’t compare the s3 to the s4

    • cromo8

      Same exact phone actually. S4 is not much different than the s3

      • Lagurl

        If I had to choose i would get the s4 I mean they both out already why not get the newer one?

      • sincarafan247

        You dont know your facts then. Even though the looks are very similar there are major differences between the 2. They are not the same phone.

      • Graham Blackadder

        Apart from aesthetic look they are miles apart in terms of hardware. The year gap between the 2 phones is obvious. Just do some research!

        • Tim

          True, u are missing a few new device’s and sensors but software updates can get the S3 very close to the S4 without a few bells and whistles. I have a unlocked S2 and S3 to do comparison with. Still the S2 is no S3, and the S3 is no S4 but the ability to receive new firmware that makes use of currently installed device’s sure gets u close.

      • TechHog

        Lol. Apple fanboys…

      • Tim

        Exactly, Just get the I9……. model closest to S4 and wait for the S5 or S6. These phones are designed software first so u will keep an new phone with each update of firmware. This is what sets Samsung apart from anybody.

      • superg05

        similar looks maybe different hardware inside though so no not the same

  • They need to drop it to like $49.99 down with $16-18 per month payments to separate it from the GS4.

    • kev2684

      $0 down with $18/24mo. would be more enticing. they should make it available to MetroPCS stores as well to start transitioning customers to the much larger T-Mobile network..

  • VG

    Even though listed as OUT OF STOCK right now, TMo still lists the “old” Galaxy S3 at a price of $550 on its web site. I don’t expect the LTE version to be priced less than this.

  • Alex Zapata

    Sigh, and I just got my non-LTE S3 in January. I feel like this is very poorly timed on T-Mobile’s part.

    • Tim

      If u buy from Samsung instead of a carrier you cut out middle men and got more bang for ur buck! The unlocked one is worth it, but I am not sure what restrictions carrier’s will add once that get them.

    • g2a5b0e

      Very poorly timed on T-Mobile’s part or poorly timed for you? Keep in mind T-Mobile didn’t have their LTE network officially running until the end of March. Why would they have felt a need to rush a new LTE S3 to market before that? Also, keep in mind that you bought your S3 8 months after it was released. I think their timing is just fine.

      • Alex Zapata

        I’m aware that the LTE network was not up and running, but how many Note 2s are out there with working LTE? Buyer’s remorse I guess.

        • g2a5b0e

          I don’t know if that comparison can be made. The Note 2 already had the LTE chip inside from the gate. It just wasn’t activated.

        • Alex Zapata

          I’m well aware of this, and I’m sure T-Mobile had their reasons for not having their original S3 equipped from the factory with LTE. Like a lot of other people though, I feel like it might be overshadowed by the S4. I’m still waiting for that L925 though.

          Edit: also, let me wallow in my buyer’s remorse like a child :-P

        • g2a5b0e

          Fair enough. Carry on.

    • They announced this device at CES in January.

  • Justin Hanson

    Go Go Nexus!

  • Asianman

    they should offer something like “trade in your old non-LTE GS3 and pay $50 to get the LTE one”

  • TrevB

    I’m about to call tmobile . This is bs.. they told me my gs3 was goin to be LTE . But when I seen the 4 with it. I was wondering why on my phone it was not showin up. Even after the up date 4.1.2.
    Thats what had me sold on the GS3..
    Best believe I’m gettin my LTE.

    • TechHog

      You were misinformed. There’s nothing anyone can do.

    • Dakota

      Good luck i calling Tmobile and telling them that “THEY” told you something. I will bet you a million dollars, they will look at your account and tell you they have no record of anyone telling you that. You can kick and scream and theyll say, we’re the uncarrier, everyone loves us remember? ANyone who believes a TMobile employee without getting something in writing is going to get burned. Try ECR but that wont help either unless you can get the email of one of the top management and plead your case. I did that once and it worked

  • Same internally? But lacks LTE? The antenna or software to enable it?

  • S. Ali

    No point, LTE is available in very few areas. By the time its widespread, you might as well get the S4 off ebay or a Note III.

    • Note III? There isn’t even a launch date, press conference, or any other kind of date. Please don’t spread FUD.

      • kalel33

        Regular Galaxy phones are released in the Spring and Notes are released in the fall. It’s not spreading FUD, when that’s the pattern they’ve continued with and every single tech site has insiders telling them the same thing.

  • GOMZ

    why not update the nonLTE S3 for us consumers and not make us buy another LTE S3…CMON NOW MAN!

    • kalel33

      Because it doesn’t have an LTE chip in the older models, which means they can’t just push an update, and they aren’t planning on eating hundreds of millions of dollars by allowing everyone to swap to the new phone.

  • Tim

    I got mine already because I bought mine unlocked at 32 gb with an 32 gb sd card which is shock resistant, water proof, and handles hot conditions without a hicup. The s3 itn’t going no where fast. Once people use a real lte phone.

  • Zen Works

    MY LTE VERSION Of s3 HAVE 2GB OF RAM and this is a Noticeable difference!!

    • All S3’s came w/ 2GB of GDDR2 DRAM for North America 4G Qualcomm Devices

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Lol too little too late no one is checking for this phone

  • Roger Sales

    The SIII LTE isn’t so much about having a powerful new device so much as shifting people from the older HSPA+ network to the newer (and eventually much more useful) AWS LTE service. As time goes on it’s going to be easier to shift spectrum(particularly the AWS HSPA) to properly service the T-Mobile community across the US and move us the new age of high data demand. This is a good thing for us.

    • kalel33

      They are keeping the HSPA+ network. What they plan on phasing out is 2G spectrum.

      • Roger Sales

        They are keeping the PCS spectrum for HSPA+ indefinitely, yeah. They plan to cannibalize the AWS spectrum when they can. How else are they going to get 20×20 LTE?

  • Binny Gupta

    why dont they let us trade in our non lte versions for the lte version.

    • kalel33

      What would T-mobile do with the non-LTE versions then? Should they just eat all the hundreds of millions of dollars it’d take to just swap them out? That’d be suicide..

  • Garrison

    To all those making S4 comments: you realize that not everyone buys the latest, most expensive phone, right?

    There’s a reason why T-Mobile has over 20 phones available in-store. Listening to people here, you either have a Note, Galaxy, iPhone, or HTC One.

    • Graham Blackadder

      You forgot Nexus 4 ….. Just helping you compile your list

  • mdosu

    What’s the screen shot of?

    • Squall Leonhart

      This is a notification of what is going to ship to a particular store.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    No one is stopping you from selling it, if you bought a car and next yr they come out with a new car, should they let everyone trade in the old for the new just because?

    • superg05

      depending on what plan they have they could trade it in right? or sell it back to tmobile for some of its value

  • NYCTheBronx

    This is great news! Now all those T-Mobile sales associate will know what I was talking about lol. They looked at me puzzled and told me they never heard of a SIII 4G LTE model coming to T-Mobile when I asked them when it was coming out about two weeks ago. XD

    • Jose Hernandez

      That’s because Tmobile doesn’t tell them anything. The few that may know about this probably saw it here first.

    • Dakota

      IT always was surprising to me how little TMobile retail employees near me knew. A nd Im not just talking about policies they might not have been informed of. Im talking about BASIC phone features and differences between phones. It was pretty ridiculous

  • No its not great news, they are selling the cheap 16gb models. Who the hell wants the 16gb model when they have a SGS3 they bought 2 months ago and its a 32gb model. Not me, that is just what I have, 32gb model that I really like but no LTE. I want LTE but I am not buying any of the cheap as hell models T-Mobile seems to be settling on. I am really disgusted, No one has pushed the T-Mobile brand like I have over the last year or so, They are selling the 2nd rate choices of every new phone they get, the only phone they have that is top notch is the iPhone. That is because Apple sells all their products to all their Carriers. I am really pissed off over this bull shit.

  • Noel

    Samsung is cranking up Galaxy devices left and right…if u have the GS4 with LTE, what is the need for a new GS3 same size device with LTE? There are Galaxy devices announced like every other day…hard to keep up with which is which.

    • Dakota

      THe only reason is a huge price cut which would again get people interested in Tmobiles new Simple Plans with a chance to save money with a still good phone. Especially off a contract. A phone about half price of the S4 would attract many people…$300 upfront is very different than $600 plus

      • kalel33

        There won’t be a huge price cut. Even the Galaxy S2 isn’t anywhere close to half the price of the S4, with T-mobile selling it for $413. The S3 is still $550.

  • Ziggy123

    I’d like to finally see some reasonable pricing for these phones. Despite the lte upgrade this phone should go on retail for $200 less than the GS4 (so about $450 ) and serve as competition for the Nexus 4.

  • granted

    Thanks Mesa AZ

  • Dakota

    Probably depends on the price but knowing Tmobile history, they will over price it again and prove to people they arent as UNcarrier as theyd like you to believe

  • Jay J. Blanco

    But hey At&t did have like 3 Galaxy S IIs when I went in one of theirs stores last summer lol one was hspa one was lte idk what that other one was for

  • Felice Grob

    I’m so tired of tmobile. They didn’t change up grading prices they now just tack on 20 to your monthly bill. Just do your up grades at Walmart. You still pay a lower up grade price without the extra monthly expenses. Tmobile must think there consumers are idiots.

    • Napster87

      not to sound rude or anything but you’re an idiot. do your upgrade at wal-mart and be put on the classic plan which already includes the extra $20 and is also taxed. not too mention the highter out the door pricing. the value plan is discounted $20 over the classic in order to make room for the extra installment fee. please educate yourself before speaking in a public domain.

    • Do research before you express how you feel, when you talk about the the service at least understand the dynamics of simple choice (prepaid) pricing or BVT discount option on eligible classic plans still under contract!!!. T Mobile hands out a service credit of $480 over 24 months for you if your last upgrade was done one& half years ago, so much better than the early upgrade terms…and all for a phone without a contract agreement. If you want $600 phone,you get a reduced $20 bill, to balance with EIP $20 per month. Super smartphone for only really just the down payment and NO CONTRACT EXTENSION!!! seriously, the company has everything to lose, you as the consumer gains the upper hand here.

      • did i forget to mention no fees, no upgrade fee $18. Did you know at Walmart you will be signing up for a two year relationship, and NO EXPENSIVE REQUIRED DATA PLAN

      • thepanttherlady

        Simple Choice is post paid and I believe same pricing as BTV (bridge to value) with the exception as you pointed out of the up to $20 discount that would wash with the device monthly payment.

  • I just got the new 4.2 android update and a Tmobile store associate told me that my galaxy s3 is now lte capable.

    • TechHog

      He lied. There’s no way for that to happen. It doesn’t have the hardware/firmware for T-Mobile LTE

  • mark

    that sucks only the new Samsung galaxy s3 that tmobile is going to release is going to be capable of having lte all the other versions will not have it. I just spoke to customer service to ask them if the current galaxy s3 that I have is going to be 4g lte capable and they said no. they said that in order for me to get the new lte I will have to buy the new s3 lte which it sucks because now the one that I have is going to be 4g only. to all the people who has purchase a galaxy s3 before the new one comes out you will be stock kn 4g speed unless yoj buy the new one.

    • animaleyezz

      Mark if you’re getting decent upload and download speeds why does it matter? Don’t get caught up in every little buzz word that get’s thrown around.

  • mark

    well if you think like thst that means you line to be hold.behind. i mean when you are paying for something that is able to do alot of stuff you whouldnt like to get limitations whoild you?