White Nexus 4 Found All Over Google I/O, Set For June 10th Launch


Oh hai White Nexus 4 as it makes the rounds over at Google’s I/O conference. Pretty much every website, developer or Google Glass user in attendance has seen someone from Google hanging around with a White Nexus 4 so its public presence is a clear indicator its set to launch.¬†According to a report out of Androidandme, the Nexus 4 with its white back shell will launch on June 10th and ship with Android 4.3. Yup, you read that right, it will ship with Android 4.3.

All signs point to Google keeping the same pricing and availability through the Play Store. There’s no word on whether T-Mobile will pick up the Nexus 4 through its channels.

The Nexus 4 may not have the same appeal as it did a few months ago with the HTC One and Galaxy S 4 now on the block but vanilla Android at $299/$349 is still enticing. Of course you could always go all-in and pick up the vanilla Android Galaxy S 4 for twice the price at $649. That too is expected to come in white.

Mobileburn, Androidandme

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  • Jeff Martinez

    Hmmm, my wife is interested in buying a new phone. She likes my Nexus 4, maybe she won’t mind taking my current one and I could than buy the white one.

    • me

      Your a terrible husband. Buy her a new phone and quit being such a cheapskate you loser!! Its probably why she cheats on you!

      • Jeff Martinez

        *thinking*… Yeah I think I’ll give her my old one still.

  • Graham Blackadder

    Oh a nice little update to 4.3 coming for us nexus 4 owners also I’m guessing

    • Garrett

      Of course! :)

    • Dakota

      Little.. I’m hungry for key lime pie

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    I just wish they would make a 32gb model even without LTE

  • so just a color change? i don’t care about this lol

    • Dakota

      They should make it LTE Capable

  • NYCTheBronx

    Oh now they make a white Nexus 4. I want to see the 4G LTE Nexus 4 come out already. I still don’t know what phone to buy. Blackberry Q10, Samsung Galaxy S IV Google Dec Edition or the Nexus 4 4G LTE?

    • Jordan Williams

      Buy Optimus G, root, load with stock android.

  • Nathan

    My Nexus 4 case is already white. : ) It will be interesting to see what 4.3 brings besides Bluetooth Smart.

  • NuShrike

    Uh, too little, too late? No LTE, no sdcard (little good it does SG4), slower, …

    Only plusses is price and size.

  • ssl48

    So does this mean there’s no Nexus 5 coming this year? I really wanted the HTC One but after seeing it in store, it felt bulky to me, and the S4 is just plastic. I might get this to hold me over until a larger iPhone 6 comes next fall.

    • JBrowne1012

      I HIGHLY doubt that…I believe there will still be a N5 this year just going to be announced closer to fall

    • JBrowne1012

      NExus 4 wasn’t announced in the summer it was always a fall release…

    • Jordan Williams

      A larger iPhone? No, you’re going to have to wait two or three years from that. That’s too “revolutionary” for one year.

    • zifnab

      Nexus devices are always released end of year. Its not even June yet. Calm down, and check back in November.

  • tomnewtn

    looks cheap in white

  • Melvin Sanchez

    White back with black front looks stupid

  • PCJ

    What is “vanilla” Android?

    • guest

    • ok

      TouchWiz is chocolate Android and Sense is strawberry Android. Seriously.

    • ceegii63

      Andriod for Republicans

      • Josh Hernandez

        lol this one took a sec

    • steveb944

      In case you’re still confused. Vanilla means a clean ‘plain’ Android. It’s the one Google shoots out without manufacturer crap loaded on top. E.g. touchwiz, etc.

      • PCJ

        Thank you.

    • It’s. When they release. A device in white
      When it’s normal colors are black or blue and silver .:-)

    • What they mean it it a true Android experience. No carrier or other add features. Also everything is unlocked.

      • PCJ

        Thank you

  • I hate when they do this, black on front and white on back. Looks so silly. The black looks a TON better!!!

  • Tim

    Now that I’ve seen it in white I don’t want a white one.

  • jbrizzy

    Yea I think Ill stick with my Black N4, It looks posh, the white one looks cheap. And I keep it in a case anyways

  • mikey

    Honestly not enticed at all…haven’t been by any phone in awhile. For the most part they are better in one area but worse in another. Every phone I’ve bought in the last two years and I still end up using my sgs2 for daily use, other phone just haven’t been much of an upgrade to make me stick with them. Google needs to drop a phone this fall with lte, removable battery, wireless charging and expandable memory. Now that would be worth keeping.

    • steveb944

      They’ll never release a device with removable battery and expandable memory. It’s called great battery life and use of their cloud.
      Better get the Nexus 4

      • Guest

        You can have great battery life with a removable battery. And I like having the CHOICE of using the cloud storage with expandable memory.

        I have the Galaxy Nexus, it’s the first and LAST device that I will purchase without expandable memory. Sure, I’m not going to purchase the $649 GS IV direct from Google when it launches, but I can see myself waiting until it’s, “Nexus Priced”.

        I’ll vote with my dollar and get exactly what I want, all it’s going to take is a bit of patience.

        • Jordan Williams

          It won’t be “Nexus Priced” until it’s horrifically outdated. Google subsidized the cost of the Nexus 4.

        • Guest

          It’s obvious that Google Subsidized the Nexus 4 price, there’s nothing wrong with taking a small financial “hit” to strategically get your device into folks’ pockets.

          I also don’t mind living OFF the bleeding edge as the N4 wasn’t that much of an upgrade from my Google Galaxy Nexus.

          Either the next Nexus phone has a removable battery and expandable memory, or I spend my money on a different phone; pretty simple.

          It’s not a threat to Google that ONE person doesn’t like their current cell phone model, but I’m going to spend my money on exactly what I want.

        • Jordan Williams

          You would be surprised at how many people don’t realize that the device is, in fact, nearly, if not more than, $600.

          Also, you didn’t even really touch on what I said. The Galaxy S4 won’t be “Nexus priced” for quite a while, as some places still sell the S2(yes, 2) for almost what a Nexus 4 costs.

          So I guess, enjoy your GS4 when everyone else is enjoying their GS6?

        • Guest

          Some places sell? What, like I’m going to walk into a T-Mobile store and purchase a phone?

          Ever heard of Craigslist? Huge here in SF and the Bay Area.

          I never said I was definitively going to purchase the Google Galaxy S4, but if my next phone is an Android it will have expandable memory and a removable battery.

          While the N4 may be a $600 device, it only sold for those prices when there was a shortage. Heck I paid $500 for my old N97. The only folks complaining about these prices are the folks that regularly get their phones subsidized in the first place.

          I’ve been purchasing my unlocked international cell phones since before T-Mobile thought it was a good idea.


        • Jordan Williams

          “The folks that regularly get their phones subsidized in the first place” IE the average American consumer, which has no concept of an “unlocked” phone, and think even $250 for a smartphone is excessive.

          These same people are the ones who complain about android 3 months down the line when their phones don’t perform as the customer would expect them to, because the “average american consumer”, key word “AVERAGE”, isn’t very smart.

          also, considering I’ve bought cars and my Xbox off of craigslist, I would say I’m fairly familiar with it. If you were to go to a place such as a kiosk in a grocery store, or similar, you would see the Galaxy S2 retailing for 250-300 dollars new. These same stores still sell the G1 for 100 dollars on contract. I’m not saying their pricing is valid, but I’m saying it exists.

          Whether the N4 sold or not at those prices doesn’t matter, as that’s not the scope of the post. The Galaxy S4 won’t be 300 dollars new with no contract until it’s extremely outdated. If you would have bothered to actually read my post as a whole instead of trying to pick it apart, you’d probably realize that.

      • zifnab

        Cloud is worthless. Don’t care what you say, its not a solution. now i’m fine with no expandable memory as long as there’s a 32 and 64gb option. And i’d kill for a 128 but no one is going to do that. Anyways, point being, cloud isn’t even in the vicinity of a quality answer to storage woes. Can’t run apps off of it, data isn’t available everywhere, wifi isn’t avialable everywhere, and data has caps on it.

        • steveb944

          Go ahead and don’t care what I say. I’m just stating their business model for the last couple years and the future. You want options you go to another manufacturer, that’s the good thing about Android, options.

  • This is clearly the top Android device
    Of 2013.!!!

  • kevin

    “Of course you could always go all-in and pick up the vanilla Android Galaxy S 4 for twice the price at $649. ”

    lol I like your sarcasm David

    • Jose do


    • Edward351

      The considerations are a little different though. The S4 has a SD card slot, LTE, 1080 display, and a replaceable battery. Those can be a big deal for some people. I have a Nexus 4 and I love it, I just wish it had official LTE support.

  • trife

    7 months after the initial Nexus 4 launch? No thanks. I’ll just wait for the next Nexus device.

  • whgarner

    If it only had a memory card slot, sigh

  • Leonel2323

    A phone is for making phone calls… Somewhere along the lines people have confused them for the do all device.. Be smart vote with your dollars.. If you don’t like product don’t buy it simple as that

  • LOVE

    Is the Nexus on TMobile website and in Tmobile stores LTE? Does anyone know? Can you get LTE with the Tmobile LG Nexus 4

  • screw white if Nexus 4 came in 32GB or 64GB no one would give a rat ass about Samsung. I bet that won’t happen since Google now has a Samsung S4 dev phone coming out.

  • tomnewtn

    Just a quick note on the Nexus dock. Phone slides off all the time. Google is great about replacements but maybe a bad design? Anyone else have issues with this?