Deutsche Bank Analyst Predicts T-Mobile Can “Leapfrog” Sprint Thanks To iPhone, LTE Network


Here’s some analyst fun to help start the week as Brett Feldman of Deutsche Bank calls for T-Mobile to pass Sprint thanks to the iPhone. In fact, Feldman calls for a $28 price target on T-Mobile USA stock based on a “significant” discount compared to the prices of AT&T and Verizon. As for the Sprint talk, Feldman believes T-Mobile’s planned LTE upgrade will help it shoot past Sprint for third place.

We believe that TMUS’ accelerated LTE build-out will enable it to continue stealing momentum from Sprint (whose LTE build-out has experienced delays) as the primary challenger to market leaders AT&T (T) and Verizon [Communications (VZ)]. For example, TMUS is on track to cover more than 100M POPs with LTE during 2Q13 and 200M POPs by YE13 using at least 10×10 MHz channel pairs and, in some markets, 20×20 MHz. In comparison, Sprint expects to cover 200M POPs with LTE by YE13 depending on backhaul availability, which could potentially slip this milestone into 1Q14. Further, Sprint’s LTE network will initially have only 5×5 MHz channel pairs in the 1900 MHz band, enabling slower data speeds than TMUS’ wider channels. Even when Sprints adds a separate 5×5 MHz channel pair in the 800 MHz band beginning in 4Q13, this will only boost capacity and in-building signal strength; it will not enable faster speeds. Over time, Sprint’s LTE capacity and speeds could improve considerably depending on how its strategic options play out, but we believe that at least through 2014 TMUS will hold an advantage over Sprint in LTE services.

Furthermore, Feldman believes the addition of the iPhone will help T-Mobile gain back the customers it has lost in the last two years. In fact, Feldman believes the expansion of MetroPCS into 15 new markets could lead to another 5 million new customers in the next 2-3 years.

Currently, the MetroPCS brand is available in markets with a population of 105 million. The plan is to add 15 new markets this year that cover an additional 100 million people. Based on Metro’s historical success at driving adoption of its brand, we believe the opportunity to win share in these new markets is material. For example, MetroPCS currently has 8.7% penetration in its existing markets. Historically, the carrier has shown rapid share gains when entering new markets, in some cases achieving 5% penetration within one year. We view that level of traction in new markets as unlikely due to increased competition within the prepaid segment. But we think it is possible that the brand could achieve that level of penetration in new markets within 2-3 years. This implies an ability to attract up to 5 million new customers to the MetroPCS brand during this time period.

Some will say Feldman is shooting for the stars on his predictions and I’d agree that his belief T-Mobile will pass Sprint is a tall order. The bottom line is that there is a lot that has to go right to see T-Mobile leap past Sprint. Still, anyone who takes a look at Sprint’s 3G network would know there’s plenty of opportunity for T-Mobile to showcase some speed and win customers over. Here’s to hoping.


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  • SouthernBlackNerd

    While, I would love to Tmobile(or Sprint or anybody really) to become a competitor to the big two, I do not see it happening as long as Tmobile has massive amounts of 2G coverage. Maybe in Germany, speed is king, but in the US, coverage is king. If Speed was king, Sprint would be in 10th place and Tmobile in 1st. That 800Mhz may not bring super fast speeds, but it improves in-building coverage. 850Mhz is basically why we have a duopoly. If Tmobile had nationwide 850Mhz, I believe they would have more customers than ATT or Verizon.

    • Can’t really address coverage without new sub-1Ghz spectrum. Trying to build out rural coverage with 1900Mhz is too costly for too few customers. Coverage maps are nice, but unless you do a ton of roadside traveling outside of major cities (which really is only a subset of most customers), they are just paying to feel good inside. If you want the same effect for cheaper, grab a beer. :)

      • Kevin Gray
      • SouthernBlackNerd

        Which is why I do not believe Tmobile will pass Sprint, until they get sub-1Ghz spectrum. I think Sprint having some sub-1Ghz Spectrum, even if it is only enough for 5x5Mhz, will have a greater effect on pull customers than 10x10Mhz on AWS.

        There are 200+million people actively saying I’d rather get bent over and have coverage. Only way to get those customers is to improve your coverage. At least, you must improve you in building coverage. No one wants to walk into a building only to have their phone turn into a beauty paperweight.

        • fentonr

          I agree with your statement about coverage, but what I think, and hope, will happen is that T-Mobile will be able to show significant customer growth in their current markets (large cities have fine coverage, remember) and, because of those new customers and added revenue, be able to afford to do something about the problem.

        • fsured

          Wouldn’t it just be the same as the current situation? The revenue coming is needed to maintain and upgrade the network in the cities and in turn, pushes upgrading the 2g coverage to the back burner. The company knows full well customers want better coverage traveling in rural areas or on the highways between cities. It’s not a new criticism of the company but money is directed to keep them competitive in the larger markets to keep the customers they have.

          I’m waiting for the details on how they plan on turning the Edge network off to use that spectrum to run their LTE network. Or were they only referring to turning off the Edge network in the major cities but haven’t let that detail slip yet.

    • jarrod

      Actually in Germany they have nearly the whole country covered with 3G and LTE isn’t to far behind or slightly ahead because of the GOV. requiring them to go after underserved broadband areas first then allowing them to goto cities. So basically they have their country almost completely covered with 2G 3G and LTE.

  • galaxymaniac

    I want the same stuff that the Deutsche Bank Analyst is smoking, seems likes its some real good shit

  • Chris

    I believe it, Tmobolie 2g is faster than sprint 3g. I would know i switched from sprint

    • fentonr

      I hear that all the time.

    • daswahnsinn

      When I was with Sprint my average 3G speed was 2.8mbps, while my Tmo EGDE speeds are 200kbps. For me Tmo’s 2G is not faster

      • DeRussell Masina

        Sorry people but if you believe Sprint, Verizon, Cricket, US Cellular, etc. 3G (EV-DO) can achieve beyond 1.5 MBPS, then you don’t know as much as you think you do. That is Theoretical speeds at that. Reality is your not getting half that with traffic. I call BS. EV-DO Rev A can’t go beyond 1.5 MBPS

    • Yeah it is in many areas and in some cases about the same speed. As far as I’m concerned Sprint only has high speed data in cities where they offer LTE.



  • Ben

    I’m no pessimist, but the word that caught my attention was “CAN.” Like most of you, I’d love to see the underdog win, but it’s going to me more challenging than just predictions. Could a Deutsche Bank Analyst post a bad analysis of a Deutsche Telephone Company’s business venture?

    • fsured

      Good point about posting bad analysis. I think Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Telekom are two different entities. But if they are the under the same company, it could be an attempt to paint T-Mobile USA in a better position so Deutsche Telekom can use their get out of jail card, aka sell the stock clause in the MetroPcs deal and finally leave the U.S. market. Start planting the seeds so the company appears more valuable. I hope they can over take Sprint but doing so in less than a year with these LTE launches is going to be real tough. It will take longer to tweak the LTE areas once it is actually live and then we can see which network will be better.

      • Deutsche Bank AG is a totally separate company from Deutsche Telekom AG. Deutsche Bank AG is an Aktiengesellschaft (meaning a publicly traded company with ownership divided up into shares). Deutsche Bank is not owned by the German government, and it is listed on the Frankfurt and New York Stock Exchanges.

        Deutsche Telekom AG is also an Aktiengesellschaft, but roughly 34% of the company is indirectly or directly owned by the German government. The remaining amount is free floated on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Over the Counter Exchange used for foreign investors. Since Deutsche Telekom has now been converted into a shareholder in T-Mobile USA, it no longer has total direct control over the company.

        T-Mobile US, Inc has 74% of the company directly and indirectly owned by Deutsche Telekom, and the rest is free floated in the New York Stock Exchange. T-Mobile US is a standard Class C Corporation, organized in the state of Delaware.

    • fentonr

      I’m sure they could, but I think everything he is claiming is possible…Even if its a bit overly optimistic. It is pretty easy for T-Mobile to expand out the Metro brand, after all, phones for new markets will just run on T-Mobile’s network so no network work needs to be done prior to launching a market and that is typically the hardest part. Considering that, if the Metro brand could gain even a small part of markets they enter, they could see some huge growth…5 Million total growth over 2-3 years seems reasonable. Again, I’d like to stress the total, Metro already gained 108,000 last quarter, that’s roughly 1.3 million in 3 years at that rate. That means that Metro would only need to add another 3.7 million over 3 years through the additional markets. Not terribly farfetched. T-Mobile has something like 43.2 million customers currently (the 42.5 that they claimed they would have after the merger plus the 687,000 net additions when you combine T-Mobile and Metro gains last quarter) and at their current growth rate they will add 6.95 million customers by the end of three years. Lets round that to 7 million because I don’t like odd numbers and I expect T-Mobile will be able to do better than their current growth rate. Add 7 million to 43.2 million and you get 50.2 million then add the 5 million that metro could get over the next three years and you get 55.2 million assuming that T-Mobile can’t improve on their current growth rate much. That is right in the ballpark of where Sprint is and I also think that sprint will have lost quite a few customers by then as they lost 415,000 customers last quarter and clearwire lost 162,000 so they won’t get any help there. It is worth noting that Sprint will probably significantly reduce their subscriber losses in the next year to a year and a half once the whole Nextel thing is finally over, but even so, a couple more quarters at that loss rate and they could shrink by 1-2 million customers while T-Mobile continues to grow. If Sprint loses 1-2 million customers, that would put them around 53.6 – 54.6 million compared to the 55.2 million discussed as being possible for T-Mobile.

      Again, I agree, it would be quite the stunt for T-Mobile to pull off…But it isn’t THAT unbelievable. Finally, before anyone asks, starting numbers (the 42.5 for T-Mobile and 55.6 for Sprint) were taken from Wikipedia and the gains/losses were taken from here:

      • SouthernBlackNerd

        Metro lost 460,000 subscribers in 2012. They may have gained some in q1, but they are still on a downward slope. Expanding wont help much. Metro grew when everyone was growing. In the last couple years ATT and Verizon gained 10 million, while Sprint gained 5 million. I would not expect Metro to be the savior. Their prices are not much different from Tmobile and Tmobile now offers the iPhone. I do not see Metro growing like the article claims, if anything Tmobile will be the branch that grows.

        Tmobile’s growth is still unknown. Yes, they gained last quarter, but they have been stagnant for 3+ years. They still continue to lose postpaid subscribers. I think you should put your foot on the brakes and wait a quarter or two before we just say they are growing at this rate.

        Sprint will be done deploying LTE on 1900 and 800 before your time frame is reached. Their transitional period will be over quite soon. I do not believe their will be a long enough transitional period for Tmobile to steal their spot. They current mess of the softbank buyout and clearwire mergers would be settled by then. Nextel network is being shut down at the end of july. That will be the end of the nextel losses. Their are only 1.3 million nextel customers left. Also Sprint has almost 54 million customers not including nextel already, and the Sprint CDMA brand( prepaid and postpaid) have not lost customers in a few years.

        • fentonr

          I agree it is a stretch, I’m simply saying it is within the realm of possibility.

  • princedannyb

    I think that T-mobile needs to upgrade their 2g towers and expand coverage in order to pass sprint. They could do a merger with U.S. Cellular or Cricket like they did with metro. One advantage sprint has is that they have roaming agreements with almost every carrier in the US while T-mo can only roam off of part of ATT’s network. And sprint just bought the mid-west portion of US cellular. I am glad I live in Florida though because it is going to be a real hot spot for T-mo because of all the spectrum metro has in it.

    • fentonr

      I think your roaming statement is way off. Sprint has roaming agreements with Verizon and a bunch of little carriers. T-Mobile has roaming agreements with AT&T and a bunch of little carriers. I’d rather have Verizon as a roaming partner than AT&T, but your statement was a bit unfair. T-Mobile has roaming agreements with over AT&T and over 200 regional carriers. That is way different than just AT&T.

      • princedannyb

        You should take another look at the coverage maps. If you include roaming Sprint has more coverage than Verizon and AT&T. I am not attacking T-mobile, I am just saying what I would like to see.

    • fsured

      I agree with you on the 2g towers. I’ve drive up through the center of the country on I-35 and it gets real annoying to have spots with no coverage or Edge network. That leaves Google maps in the dark with updating the map image through these areas and forget Internet radio. I’ve tried jumping onto At&t for these areas and it would not connect. SG2 so the phone is capable of roaming. The one company my phone did pick up was owned by Verizon. T-Mobile could have done well to purchase spectrum from U.S. Cellular in the mid west.

      Sprint bought spectrum, does that mean they also bought the network/towers in the area? While it wouldn’t be as valuable with the loss of spectrum, those tower positions might be worth buying U.S. Cellular if a company has the spectrum to utilize them.

      • superg05

        you clearly didnt read the instructions about caching large areas for a trip

    • coverage

      I don’t seem to understand why some of you talk about how bad coverage is in some areas. Folks no company can promise perfect coverage in all of the U.S. so if you have bad coverage where you will be using the service then find out who offers better reception at that address and issue resolved. If you are driving and expect great to amazing coverage then you don’t realize that device constantly is searching for towers to give reception.

      • princedannyb

        I’m not complaining. I’m just saying what I think T-mo needs to do in order to pass up Sprint and eventually catch up to the big guys.

      • kalel33

        When you get no coverage for almost 50 miles of interstate then you do worry about coverage.

  • Bryce

    I’d like to point out how wrong their statement is! Having the extra 5×5 in the 800Mhz band will enable them faster speeds through carrier aggregation. Then by Q2 of 2013 they’ll start launching 20×20 cities through Clearwire. Sprint has already covered over 100Million customers. They have over 100 Markets at least partially covered throughout the country, including PR and this summer, the Virgin Islands. I think T-Mobile needs to expand coverage to beat Sprint and gain lower band spectrum in order to get better building penetration.

  • nd

    Sprint is God awful in Chicago. I’m much happier with tmobile. However I would like the 2g areas to be converted to hspa plus.

    • Tom

      This is particularly annoying traveling around the greater area. Rockford, Milwaukee and Madison all have 4g but there are gaps with just edge along the interstate between them. It’s annoying because I use my phone for music while I drive. At least between Chicago and Rockford and Chicago and Milwaukee it would only take a handful more cell site to have complete 4g coverage.


    ITS Not really a factor because Sprint and T-mobile could possibly Merge into one company very soon if that doesn’t happen then Sprint would lose the number 3 spot if Vodafone or Dish network buy out DEUTSCHE T.

    • sushimane88

      That’s highly unlikely remember the doj and fcc want 4 major carriers to promote competition for the consumers so there will always be 4 never 3.

  • Brandon

    Biggest thing for T-Mobile is getting rid of 2G/Edge across the network to at least HSPA…no reason in big cities Edge should still exist.

    • daswahnsinn

      I haven’t had data in over two weeks, before the loss I had EDGE. Only 11 more days then I done.

      • I live in what was once the fastest growing city in America with 250K new residents a MONTH. We (Henderson, NV-just outside of Las Vegas) get HORRIBLE coverage.

        This is very odd to say the least as its a desert. Its flat. There are no hills or mountains to interfere. I can be at home, work, the park. Anywhere outside the main city center and get almost no 3G/HSPA. If it wasnt for always having a WiFi connection, tMo would have been canned a long time ago.

        There horrible coverage is a densely packed urban city is just unacceptable. Especially for a city of nearly 2.5 Million.

        • Dakota

          I recently visited my brother in Jacksonville Florida and theyre all on ATT — I couldnt even get a signal anywhere in their house. Then as I left, I was near the major highway leaving the city…Had an emergency and again couldnt get a signal and had to get to a gas station and ask them to use their phone.

        • Verizonthunder

          that mean’s it is time to switch dude. If At&t AIO prepaid service goes nationwide it will put the break’s on T-Mobile’s recovery as they offer all of At&t network coverage and for $70 buck’s a month you get Unilimited Talk, Text and 7GB of Data that is slowed down after you reach that data limit, Yes it’s 3g Only but you can count on having good coverage and use any smartphone that at&t has or a unlocked smartphone compatible with the service.

        • MVDOnot4me

          MVDOs (cell phone carriers who use other cell phone companies’s towers such as tracfone, boost mobile ect.) usually have terrible costommer service, often don’t include roaming, and often can’t use 4g or 4glte. I have never been satisfied with an MVDO.

        • sidekicker89

          Don’t you mean MVNO and not MVDO? lol

        • Adrayven

          No, it wont.. ATT AIO requires full buyout of phone, no pay over time, and no LTE. Not nearly good enough to put breaks on..

        • John

          in addition, to what Adrayven said you get throttled to 4MB per second speeds immediately. Thus, you get 7GB of 4mb per second max speed data. Along with unlimited talk+text for $70 per month.

        • Adrayven

          Florida has MetroPCS all over it.. They were not even using all of their spectrum.. Soon, Florida will be one of T-Mobiles best covered states.

        • $20426701

          go to this site and fill out the form to improve coverage received the information from T-Mobiles twitter account.

        • Nolan

          I live in Jacksonville Florida… Dependd on what part of town you were in, I get great coverage most places around the Mandarin area. (I have a samsung Galaxy S2).

          I have noticed a trend among many carriers (not just T-mo) that highway coverage (where you would expect to need it most) is very spotty….

        • $20426701

          I asked T Mobile how to improve coverage this is what I got .hope this helps.


      Does LTE do anything for building penetration? That is the only thing about T-Mobile that bothers me.

      • jej

        If you get a signal lte should be faster than hspa. The refarming and new antennas may help too if you dont have them yet.

      • jej

        If you get a signal lte should be faster than hspa. The refarming and new antennas may help too if you dont have them yet.

  • Stinky

    Not happening.
    This is wishful thinking at best. I do wish tmo the best of luck, but I don’t think they can move past sprint especially with their radial approach to phone plans. Too many customers like the subsidized model regardless if they know they are getting screwed or not.

  • JustAsking

    so is T-Mobile ONLY going to have LTE where HSPA+ is? or can they just go ahead and just cover 2G areas with LTE too?

    • Verizonthunder

      I agree with you, I keep checking to see if LTE or HSPA+ has expanded in Maryland what a Joke I cannot even take their commercial’s serious. Update your Tower’s to at least HSPA+ in Mid Northern Maryland as half of your coverage here is 2g if not more

      • JustAsking

        Are there commercials running in Maryland advertising LTE??

        • Verizonthunder

          They are but look at Maryland’s coverage like I said before they neglected most of Maryland’s mid northern part of the state

      • JustAsking

        But yeah I agree.. they have a lot of blobs here and there of HSPA+.. I think the logical thing to do is at east connect those blobs of HSPA+ so they can have better connected network.

        • Verizonthunder

          I agree and for anyone traveling

    • mike

      T-Mobile is dropping LTE in larger markets first where they have the most customer’s or the potential to add more customers . Some of yall complaning about LTE probably dont live in a large metropolitan area . Be patient most edge areas are suppose to be upgraded to 3G and HSPA+

      • That’s actually not entirely true, the market roll-out isn’t necessarily dependent on market size as much as it is other variables including construction costs, bandwidth, permits etc.

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    He gives too much credit to customers who care about data speed rather than data coverage. there’s not enough of these customers out there to put T-Mobile ahead in 2014. More people care coverage than speeds. You can ask any random smartphone owner what his data speeds are, and they could just say “duh”…not many people can distinguish these speeds.

    I do see that MetroPCS customers and markets is a wild card in this though.

    • Dakota

      Agreed…Again people on here are not ‘average’ customers…Not a single person I know has ever even heard of speed tests and couldnt tell you what their speeds are. Most are fine with what they have because they dont know any different. Look at iPhone users..They were fine. When you get a bigger screen or LTE speeds, then you say you cant go back but you were fine at that time. However if you cant make a call or get ANY connection or your text wont go through, thats a deal breaker. Just met someone last week looking for a new phone..I told them about Tmobiles new plans (which of course they have never heard about) and the first reaction was I travel for work and they dont have coverage so i cant even consider them.

      • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

        Agreed. Personally, data speeds for me is what “good service” is all about. I’d rather get LTE speeds only at my office building than Edge speeds everywhere in my daily grind. When it take more than 1 minute to refresh an email inbox, then I always ask myself why I’m paying $20/mo for data coverage.
        Voice coverage is almost equally important, though voice coverage generally is not lacking on T-Mobile due to the roaming agreements, we esstentially get voice coverage everywhere ATT customers get coverage.

    • keasycase

      He is right cause thats y people pick sprint over T-Mobile … Because of better coverage… Even though sprint is lucky to have a 3g roaming with Verizon… If T-Mobile had 3g roaming with at&t we will be way better than Sprint

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Anything is possible! If T-Mobile expand to new markets themselves we will see this happen. As a former share holder of Metro pcs I want to see Metro PC as well as T-Mobile expand coverage to areas not offered by them

  • Roger Sales

    Industry Consolidation I think is where the answer lies when it comes to who will become bigger/better/faster. I think that T-Mobile will have decent growth in the next 2-3 years, but it will really be more about who lands Cricket and/or US Cellular.

    • Bronze 6

      Cricket will either be T-Mobile or Verizion, as they are the only 2 carriers left that can be complimented with the reaming cricket spectrum.

      • fentonr

        T-Mobile has the advantage considering and government approval will likely require that huge chunks of any company being purchased by Verizon or AT&T and even Sprint be sold. T-Mobile can purchase the pieces cheap if they aren’t able to purchase Cricket outright.

  • $20426701

    If anyone has bad coverage in their area with t-mobile go to this site to let t-mobile know you want coverage expanded. I asked T-mobile how I could request for better coverage

    • s10shane

      thanks for this. i just filled it out. i hope they can fix our data speeds up here in hesperia, ca where i live. i get 0.17Mbps down and 0.83Mbps up. lol its sad

      • $20426701

        hope it works out for you those speeds are horrendous.

      • $20426701

        Maybe you can have friends fill it out too. that may speed it up or at least draw more attention to the problem.

    • Encino Stan

      Been there. Done that. Never got a response.

      • cubanito151

        I remember filling the form out about 3 years ago and at the time there was only 2g where I live, but a couple months after I filed, 3g was added to our small city. I wish they’d do the same with HSPA+.

      • $20426701

        my best advice would be to keep bothering T Mobile anyway possible Weather it be through social media Facebook, could also try to fill out that form again at this link my least favorite you could call T Mobile and complain.

  • Alan713

    people care so much about speeds! omg. Calls and SMS are more important.

    • josephades

      Not anymore – for MOST people. Used to be.

    • jarrod

      You can have both.. cough. HSPA+….

    • Speeds are most important these days. If Calls/SMS were the number one concern then we probably wouldn’t hear very many complaints about T-Mobile’s Edge network.

    • kev2684

      smartphones today are more of a mini-computer than phones.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      do you still live in 2001? why buy a $600+ smartphone then?

  • Dakota

    Hope potential customers dont come to this site – All the stories of horrible coverage when you leave a major urban area will turn most people way off. God forbid if youre in a contract and have to move or get a job that requires you to travel o

    • Paul

      I was speaking to my parents about T-Mobile’s new plan style. She perked when she heard it was contract free. The fact they use unlocked T-Mobile phones on AT&T also grabbed her interest.

      • superg05

        after 40 days of service4 and the device paid in full then you can use it on at&t

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      unless, like me, you live in a urban area, and don’t wonder far from it. Boost Mobile – WHERE YOU AT?!!!!?? lol

  • sushimane88

    i wish tmobile would drop some more lte network list already.

  • RonJeezy

    Let’s just say what needs to be said… No one is messing with Verizon or At&t. Like it’s been said people just want their phones to work and are willing to pay for it. Sprint and tmobile don’t have enough ass to compete . And just when they get enough, the next big thing comes along and they both scramble to keep up. I love T mobile but more than 75 percent of cell users just know that their phone works and loads pages like on the computer and when you’re know for not doing so nobody is worried about saving 30 to 50 dollars a month. Sprint customers are starting to notice too that their phone’s aren’t getting messages and network is down often. People are jumping ship from the bottom two or are coming by to hang out and going back to the top 2.

  • GinaDee

    Sorry as much as I despise Sprint this will never happen. Too many areas of no service and/or 2G speeds.

    T-Mobile needs to say hello to the year 2006 and at least get 3G to all the areas (including some whole states) that they’ve neglected for almost a decade.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    Well Sprint is trash, so it shouldn’t be surprising if they do surpass them, but they won’t be able to compete with Verizon and AT&T unless the improve coverage. EDGE is such a burden… Never did I ever see EDGE when I had AT&T, and now it’s all I get on T-Mobile because only parks and lakes in my area have 3G (on AWS, there is no 1900 MHz 3G period).

  • Jay Holm

    T-Mobile really needs to KILL off —ALL— 2G, 100%, not just most. This is 2013, 2G just isn’t exceptable.

  • considering that smart phones cant really function in areas on 2G/Edge network, they need to either improve it or cut it

  • DLow

    They have been converting there 1900mhz band “2G” over the last year + I have seen many noticeable differences here around the Dallas/ft worth area. Tmobile is under great management now you guys watch over the next year tmobile will continue to greatly approve

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    argh, just hurry up with the network reframe ,T-Mobile. Areas where I use to get great HSPA+ coverage, are now only on Edge.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      big whop, wanna fight about this?