Where Did All The Windows Phones Go On T-Mobile’s Website?

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Anyone who thought Windows Phone didn’t have some passionate followers on T-Mobile should peep my inbox right about now. We’re not sure what’s going on, but clearly enough of you have noticed one way or another that T-Mobile’s website is now devoid of Windows Phone. We’re not the only website taking note as the folks at WPCentral caught it yesterday, but all Lumia 810 and Windows Phone 8X are gone from T-Mobile’s website. Well, that’s not entirely true — the only lingering remnant that either of these phones ever existed on T-Mobile is a refurbished model of the Lumia 810. Word has it neither device were big sellers, but that still doesn’t offer enough insight about why the phones are gone altogether?

T-Mobile is set to carry the Lumia 521 later this month, but that device is far cry from “higher-end” devices like the Windows Phone 8X or even the Lumia 810. Both devices outpace the Lumia 521 as far as specs go on paper and ultimately look toward two separate markets. The Lumia 521 leans more toward introductory smartphone owners and Monthly4G users against the 810/8X which were geared more toward existing smartphone owners.

So what’s the bottom line? If both devices are selling poorly, and with rumors of the upcoming Nokia Catwalk hitting later this summer, it’s possible we won’t see either device return to store shelves.

I’ve emailed T-Mobile to see if there is any official word on the disappearing Windows Phone 8 devices and will update the post when I hear back.


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  • Long Nguyen


    • g2a5b0e

      And I couldn’t be any more proud of you. I’m sure your mother shares my thoughts.

    • kev2684

      you should put that in your resume

  • yes im hating lol

    Who cares? Windows phones are total junk and boring with flipping windows…yawn! Retire already, with Apple on board now with T-Mobile nobody is going to buy that junk

    • Whiskers

      Not to mention how Microsoft gave all the WP7 users the middle finger for WP7.8 upgrades after we spent their hard earned money on something they claimed would be the next big thing.
      The app department still blows for WP7 or 8 and what they do offer you have to pay for when you can get the same apps from IOS or Android for free.
      Will not buy another WP again , and can’t trust them either.

    • CJ

      Great Attitude to have! Personally I love the interface and Find IOS old and boring.

      • fentonr

        I agree. I love Tmo and as I’ve mentioned before I’m a dealer, but I’d switch to AT&T if tmo stops supporting Windows Phone. I could buy an AT&T device and unlock it but I’m not in a refarmed area so it would only get 2G.

        • Buy a Rogers Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 and it will work on T-Mobile’s AWS HSPA+ and AWS LTE networks.

        • CJ

          How does that work? I know that is a dumb question but I only see month to month plans, Will it let you buy from US?

        • You’ll have to buy it from a third party site. There’s a few that do sell Rogers branded phones unlocked to US customers, including the Lumia 920.

        • iamnumbersix

          Negri electronics sells unlocked rogers phones to us. They are a great online place to get a phone.

    • Yes, because a sea of icons is so impressive. If you do not care, why comment? Does it make you feel better about your own purchase? Need to reassure yourself?

  • Jose Hernandez

    Maybe the devices really were selling very poorly? I know that some like windows phones, but they may be a small enough number that it does not make sense for T-Mobile to spend big money in to getting thse phones if they really are not going to sell. It is easier to spend less and get entry level ones that have a better chance of selling.

    • Whiskers

      My HD7 runs as smooth as my IOS phones but that’s about it.
      App dept sucks , and unless you buy a new shinny WP8 phone , getting any updates is a joke.
      Since Microsoft is going more like IOS , why don’t they just push updates OTA like Apple instead of through the manufactures and carriers.

      • CJ

        I updated my phone manually to Windows Phone 7.8 and it works great now. My wife got the Iphone and if it is true that T-Mobile will only support the 510 I will be moving to the IPhone for stability. I love all the functionality of the Windows Phone

        • Whiskers

          That’s good , i have tried forcing the 7.8 upgrade on my HD7 but still no luck.
          I don’t think i’m experienced enough to do the XDA cab file download for the 7.8 without screwing up the phone.
          Would like to experience it before i get my next phone in few months though.

        • hieuman

          Did you try SevenEighter? I couldn’t get the update to push through on the old zune method, but this automated it for me: http://windowsphonehacker.com/articles/want_windows_phone_7.8_now_try_this_easy_tool-01-31-13

        • Whiskers

          i Have tried to load it about a month ago with no success but i may have done something wrong causing it not to fully install.
          But i have heard from others it does work , i just have to figure out what i’m doing wrong , lol.

        • hieuman

          Yeah, I heard some updates were applied to it. I’d give it a shot again if you’re really interested in 7.8. Honestly, it only adds some updates to apps and allows more tile customizations on the home screen, but for me was enough to keep my Dell Venue Pro for a bit longer until at least the summer.

        • CJ

          That is what I used it took about an hour for me but it made my HD7 more stable and the battery seems to last a lot longer.

        • Whiskers

          Great info !

    • Chris Drudge

      I’ll guarantee that the Windows phones will sell even worse if they aren’t on the website then if they were on it. Unless they no longer stock/sell them, it costs essentially nothing to list them on the website.

      • Thats not true. T-mobile pays to have the website running as almost everyone running a web site unless they have their own servers that they host from. It aint cheap nor free.

        • Chris Drudge

          They would be running the website regardless if the Windows phone was posted or not. The incremental cost to have the phone listed is essentially insignificant. If they were underperforming they may chose to not spend resources to promote it such as marketing graphics, banner ads, etc. But just having it in the list of phones is basically free once you account that they had to have everything in place for all other phones that they were listing anyways.

  • othercents

    My theory is that the deal with Apple required T-Mobile to remove all Windows Phones.

    • Whiskers

      I doubt that.
      But now customers can compare all types of newer phones available through T-Mobile and once they do side by side comparison on what each OS offers they clearly see which OS is for them and what they offer in the app department.
      Not to mention the limited choice of manufacture build and designs offered with windows phones.

      • Wyn6

        You keep talking about apps, or the apps lacking on Windows Phone. If you’re talking sheer volume, I cannot dispute this as this is a fact. If not, I guess I’m a bit slow and don’t understand your point.
        I can’t think of a single app that I’m missing on WP and have a nice selection of apps that suit me and serve me just fine. Now, perhaps you’re referring to your personal preferences. If so, disregard this reply as I obviously cannot and would dare not argue your preferences with you.

        • Whiskers

          Most apps that i need or want are written for IOS and Android most of the time . There are other apps that are similar but not as good , from GPS Navigation to my personal banking and local news i run into this problem all the time but i can whip out my iphone or my wife’s Android and get those apps FREE anytime..
          Please keep in mind i’m still using a HD7 ( work phone ) and not a WP8 so there may be better apps now available for newer windows phones.
          I’m sure WP8 is getting better but the other down fall is that you have a very limited selection of WP8 phones to choose from , only a few manufactures want to invest in building them right now and the build quality is limited to few high end models on T-Mobile .

    • g2a5b0e

      That’s ridiculous. Besides, the 810 is still there on refurb & the 521 is on its way.

    • Windows Phone isn’t a threat to any company.

  • Alex Zapata

    Maybe they’re getting ready to announce WiFi calling on all their windows phones! I have no idea, could just be a glitch.

  • Jaime Laigo

    Sorry blackberry that would make you the new bioch.

    • CJ

      I tried blackberry at the store and it really confused me, sad because I was hoping to like it

      • You have to try it out for longer than that to get it

  • i’m a windows phone fan but let’s just all be honest here .. it’s not competing with iOS or Android at the moment .. not sure what it can do to best Blackberry at least .. who knows. but in the end, it’s not really worth mentioning.

    • Whiskers

      For starters they could start offering better apps that are free like IOS and Android offer , like free GPS navigation without giving up your left nut .
      It’s pretty sad when my wife’s piece of crap Android Wildfire phone offers that and a windows phone charges you for such a basic app.

      • I believe HERE maps and drive are available for all WP8 devices. For free.

        • Whiskers

          Thanks for the tip but i currently have a HD7until i upgrade next month.

        • superg05

          get yourself a note 2 don’t knock till you’ve tried it

        • Whiskers

          I actually like the Note 2 phones even though they are made out of plastic.
          The problem with me having one of those would be it’s so big i would crack that screen immediately since i work in a wood shop 10 hours a day around machinery.
          Anything bigger then a 4.3 screen for me would only get used as a play phone , in that case an 8″ tablet will work just fine.

      • iamnumbersix

        If they just added tmobile’s wifi calling app I would jump back on wp8 in an instant. That is a must have for me and a deal breaker if it is not there. I am at a loss to understand why that has not been added.

  • JB

    I think part of the problem is T-Mobile never really offer any high end Windows phone offerings. The best ones went to the other carriers, while Magenta got the lesser models. Couple that with the fact that they didn’t sell too well with T-Mobile going all in with Android, then it’s almost essentially a losing battle. It’s sad really. I’d love to see more premiere Windows Phones on Magenta. I think if that happened, T-Mobile could easily be the de-facto carrier to get your phone fix.

    • Makoute

      The HTC 8x is high end, I mean there really were two high end WP8 phones available in the US, the Lumia 920 and the HTC 8x, only AT&T got the 920.

      • D_Wall__

        If T-mobile would have got the 920. I would have bought it. I was very impressed with my friends who have one. I understand the apps are still trying to play catch up.

        • JB

          I would have given the 920 a shot myself if T-Mobile got it. It’s the one Windows Phone I got to play with the most…

        • GSM Helper

          Yes. Me too. I hope catwalk or whatever will pull me back to WP before I go to android phone…


      You mind filling me in on which carrier has succeeded with Windows phone? Because based on your comment, Windows Phone is balling on all carriers except tmobile because they have high end models. I under the impression that Windows Phone is struggling as a whole.

      • JB

        None, really (though there has been a recent up tick in Windows Phone marketshare, even if it is small) I suppose I should revise my comment. I’m just speaking of the general history of Windows Phone/Mobile. Even before windows Phone, The other carriers (mainly Sprint if memory serves me correct) received all the high end Windows Mobile devices. So I suppose my point is that it’s been a long standing problem. I wasn’t saying other carriers are balling, but I’ve yet to see any T-Mobile branded Windows phones in live action. I have seen some Lumina 920’s and 8X’s from AT&T out in the wild, so which leads me to believe that even if it’s just one carrier, with the small marketshare Windows Phone does have, then obviously someone is doing at least a little bit of “balling” at least more than T-Mobile has.

  • So sad, because the WP8 OS is super smooth and works very well.


      No it ain’t.

      • Stop it. You.

      • andy

        Yes it is I have a HTC one m8 on Windows and never had a problem unlike all Android phones ive had

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          The HTC One M8 for Android is leaps and bounds better. You guys have no apps and the Windows OS sucks. Sales prove it, and Microsoft will abandon it eventually because they are losing too much money

  • OZ

    I was a Windows Mobile fan. Problem is I switched to Android. Now I can’t go back to Windows Phone.

  • fanbot

    And this is news because…?

    • I’m a little confused, you really can’t figure out why the lack of phones from a “major” platform missing on T-Mobile isn’t news? Someone doesn’t care about having choices!

      • CJ

        Someday’s I feel some people just want a one phone marketplace (The Iphone) which would be sad I love choice!

      • I wouldn’t say wp8 nor 7 is a “major” platform. Without them the market would still be fine since nobody is really buying into it. Though it is great to have choices yes but to ax the windows phone platform is a good business idea for t-mobile to save some money we still have Blackberry entering the race. Ubuntu is coming up, Firefox in addition, If samsung ever gets Tizen out of concept we would have that, microsoft being out would not make difference significantly.

        • Wyn6

          As much as I’d hate to leave Tmo, I would in a heartbeat if they ever dropped WP (which isn’t what they’re doing). Best case scenario is I’d buy a phone from AT&T and use it on TMo as I’m in Dallas.

          Iphone is too old school for me and Android is… well Android. I don’t enjoy either of those platforms as they are representative of a computer era from which we need to shift away. Not sure about BB10, but I think it’s more of the same.

        • Yes there will be people like you but realize not many other carriers have windows phone as well. Nor are they trying to sell you one. You go there for one you will end up with a android or iphone paying a significantly higher bill. it is not a smart idea to quit a carrier because of the device. Simply buy one off of AT&T and use it unlocked.

  • Justin Plecko

    I love my Lumia 810. Runs way faster than either my old Galaxy S
    or my wife’s Amaze. I will admit that I am frustrated with the apps, but anyone who actually uses WP will say that there are always new apps being added. I could care less about all the junk game apps I can’t get. In my opinion, the major thing that’s holding back WP right now is design of the handsets. I love the colors, but Nokia did blow it with the bulkiness of the Lumia line so far. They can’t expect their handsets to truly compete with the Samsung’s and HTC’s when their phones are still so big. I would have gotten the 8X if I could have gotten the color I wanted with about 4-5 times the amount of memory they were offering. There is no excuse for a phone to not have 32-64gb of on board memory (especially if it’s not going to have an expandable memory slot). I went with the Lumia 810 because I wanted to have the ability to expand the memory beyond 8gb. WP isn’t going anywhere because all the other manufacturers have to pay royalties to Microsoft to continue making their handsets. As long as that money keeps coming in, Microsoft will continue to work on their OS just like the other OS. The new WP OS hasn’t been out that long. People seem to forget what Android or iOS was like early on as well. They are vastly different from where they started. Bottom line, get whatever phone/OS works best for your needs.

  • William C Bonner

    I understand reducing in-store real estate on Windows Phones, if there are only two models being carried, but I don’t understand not carrying and selling them online.

    I prefer the WP interface to either iPhone or Android, but like the consistency of the iPhone platform. On iPhone, newer model means better hardware specs. My phone was new when I bought it, but I found out later that it didn’t have compass or gyroscope.

    My year old HTC Radar running WP7.5 has never been upgraded to the promised 7.8, and I expect that T-Mobile is never going to push the update. My phone is now not fully charging overnight and I don’t know why.

    • Jon

      My phone seems to not “charge” as well. But have you tried restarting it? It tends to reset the battery percentage to what it actually is. IDK why it does this but it’s kind of a minor problem since I still have full battery function.

  • Thomas Czinder

    Thank you, David, for your coverage of this. I just purchased an HTC 8X a few weeks ago and love it. For as much as I love my Mac, I really want to see Windows Phone succeed. It’s a great, fresh, unique platform.

  • Arun Lobo

    “Word has it neither device were big sellers”

    Wrong. HTC 8x was among top 3 bestsellers for three straight months, outdoing the Nexus 4…according to canaccord genuity

    • any idea on how that was calculated? because anybody can throw up a chart with numbers.

      • Arun Lobo

        And anybody can write an article, anybody can post here. I have reported one analyst’s figures, you can do the same instead of simply commenting.

        • One analyst figures of which doesn’t go into detail isn’t proof. Besides I don’t have to prove a thing you made the claim I simply asked to prove that the source was legit.

        • Arun Lobo

          The article made a claim as well, where is the proof? You did not ask how the author brought that statement up.
          You want one more, see here http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20130104PD214.html

    • superg05

      i would hope so there where certainly almost giving them away

  • BBX is going to eat up the market share faster than WP8 Windows should just take windows back to the drawing board on both accounts of pc and mobile. They are done.

  • OnlineRefugee

    There’s a Windows Phone?

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

    • Wyn6

      Evidently there is. You posted about it. ;)

  • sun_dog

    The 810 is pretty decent, and at $360 unlocked, was a no brainer to pick up compaired to the earlier $550 price. My parents both have one, and have the wireless charging covers so they can also tap to share photos. It’s makes the DVP seem downright clunky.

  • sun dryed stomach

    What’s a window phone?
    Sent from an NEXUS 4

  • windows phone and windows 8 sucks. I don’t see why everyone is upset last time I check T-mo only had 1 win phone any way and itwas a crappy low end one at that.

  • jimmy

    Wow big mistake great is I have 3 windows phones in my house far less problems than android and apples I had in past

    • Luis Hernandez

      I couldn’t agree more! I started with the HD7 (flawless) upgraded to the Radar (flawless to the nth degree) and got the 8X when it came out … I have had 0 problems with any of them.
      As a matter-of-fact I started taking count of how many android / blackberry / iOS and WP I have to fix on a regular basis and android takes the cake… WP in the bottom of the list running like a champ!
      I know Android sells more than WinPhone. And since the iPhone came out mid April they beat the Mighty Galaxy S3 in my end-of-the month tally. Clearly I’m going to have more Android related problems than any other platform.
      I also keep track of how many platforms I sell. And even taking the ratio of device / customer, my WP customers only come to see me when they have to pay a bill. My Android customers sometimes see me more than twice a month with device issues and as far as I’m concerned from a consumer standpoint that is unacceptable. iPhone users are also in the low percentile. Even customers who had unlocked iPhones.

  • juliustx

    My friend has an iPhone and when he saw my 8X he got very jealous because he can not do a lot of things on his phone, like customizing the appearance. Also he liked the big and sharp screen.
    I paid full price for my 8X and do not regret it.
    There are high-end products people do not get to appreciate, it is like art a lot of people don’t get it.

  • Luis Hernandez

    Im a Windows Phone rep at a T-Mobile store and I must say that this is very sad news. So not only will Microsoft cut all support for windows phone 8 july 2014, now I have to choose between bad (Android) and hypePhone? I left Blackberry out of my choices because it looks like the Z10 will also be long gone before I come about the $$$ to upgrade to a BB…
    … and a lack of more HTC phones …
    In one year, options will be the iPhone or the Samsung Android… Samsung will buy the rights to MyTouch. Apple will sue LG to eliminate them from the T-Mobile catalogue once and for all and HTC will be smart and just run away to avoid the wrath of Apple…
    I feel a great disturbance in the force…

  • aaron ellis

    I was just checking the tmobile website to see the windows phone selection as I am considering replacing my HTC Radar. It has its problems but I like the platform and wanted get the latest and greatest windows phone. I was shocked to find none listed on the website. Are they gone from the stores to? I’m assuming you haven’t heard back from Tmobile since I haven’t found an update to the article.

  • Captiosus

    Found this post after checking T-Mo recently and seeing the lack of Windows Phones. I’m sure people will bash me for saying this but this really doesn’t bode well for Microsoft because T-Mobile, along with AT&T, were Microsoft’s two biggest carrier supporters in the U.S. when they released WP7.

    Both were also the first to receive Nokia’s offerings, both saw the lion’s share of all Windows Phone devices. I, myself, had an HTC Radar 4G that I loved but had to cancel due to financial considerations (and had to move to prepaid elsewhere).

    That T-Mo pulled the plug on Windows Phone devices just before they got the iPhone 5 and just before they moved to the no-contract plan scheme smells fishy. Sprint’s only “Windows Phone” is an old Windows Mobile device so this change basically means customers in the U.S. who are interested in Windows Phone are stuck with Verizon or AT&T for the foreseeable future.

  • scH4mMer

    Very disappointed. The Lumia 925 that T-Mobile used to carry is the breakthrough phone design of the last few years. I am constantly getting asked about it by people I meet, socially and especially at conventions, because it looks gorgeous (especially in white). It’s the perfect size for smart -phone-, it’s fast, bright, and has exceptional camera and turn-by-turn navigation apps from Nokia. Now my wife’s contract is up and she wants a Lumia 925, and it’s no longer available except from AT&TotallySux.