Midweek Poll: How Do You Use Your Tablet?


Editors Note from David: Hi everyone, the folks from our partner site at DroidDog posed a question earlier today and we’re looking for as many responses as possible. So, in the hopes you don’t mind the cross-post, your vote would be most appreciated!  

There are lots of different tablets out there; some 10?, some 7?, and some in between.  Luckily, the number of Android apps that are tablet compatible and optimized are growing every day which is awesome because we have some rad devices at our fingertips.  Also, I’m way excited to hear about this next generation Nexus 7 tablet, hopefully at Google I/O next month.

We at DroidDog were talking among ourselves and discussing the different ways we primarily use our tablets.  Tablets are powerful devices that can do most everything your phone can and with a bigger screen, but with that inconvenience of it not always being in your pocket or purse.  So we’ve found tablets get used in a lot of different ways or sometimes, sadly, not at all. I mostly use my Nexus 7 for gaming and entertaining my kids while on car trips or trying to sleep in.  You may use yours differently.

So, what say you?  How do you use your Android tablet?

Be sure to vote in our poll below and let us know how you do or don’t use your Android tablet.  If I haven’t covered how you use your tablet, go ahead and hit the “other” category and share your use or thoughts in the comments.  Thanks for participating and happy hump day!

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  • noelsito

    mostly for watching videos, web browsing, notes, and viewing PDF files for school so I won’t have to print anything . everything else other than than is minimal.

  • Sean

    Tablets are great for consuming data, I love reading texts or papers on it for class, and watching movies or reading manga. Otherwise, I feel it is slower and more cumbersome than a laptop for any input tasks. Even for web browsing, i feel like a laptop is simply faster at loading pages. I havent been able to buy one yet, but this next generation of windows laptop/tablet type devices (like the yoga) are exactly what I have been waiting for.

  • Camille

    Mostly reading via the Kindle app. The other uses are keeping stats at my oldest son’s basketball games, and keeping my youngest pre-occupied (car trips, doctor visits, etc.). I still use my laptop for web-browsing, emails, and watching movies.

  • I personally could never find a good use for one. I’ve had a couple of iPads but ended up only using them to occasionally browse the web or play a few games. They were nice devices but I didn’t feel like I was getting $500 worth of use out of it so I sold them. Rather just use my iPhone for mobile browsing/games and MBP for serious uses such as productivity.

  • I use it for EVERYTHING I can…daily!

  • Trav Montana

    I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 rooted and I use it for everything. Can’t be happy enough :-)


    The categories are lacking, don’t you think? There’s nothing business or education related without going into Other or Everything or Writing.

    • zx6guy

      I intended to use mine to study for the CFA exam via the Stalla app but I found it so poor I abaonded it.

      • zx6guy

        The app that is.

      • mdosu

        I would stick with print edition, it’s really hard to read thousands of pages on a tablet where you have to constantly flip back and re-read older pages and reference formulas while you’re doing the practice problems.

  • D_Wall__

    My iPad 4 Plays Pandora All day at work. I pay bills, browse forums and great tech sites like this. Then once i get home it becomes my GFs and she watches Netflix, Browses the web and social media.

    We no longer use the old Toshiba Laptop. I used to Own a Asus TF201 Also. Before that A rooted nook Color.

  • Paul

    MOSTLY, I use my Note 2 to text and make phone calls…

    • Andrade

      Since I got bought my Note ll my Transformer Prime is on its box.

  • qpinto

    I use it quite a bit. Originally got it to carry all my school books on it with lecture outlines to follow along in class. lucky for me many friends had the books i needed via PDFs. Little did i know it would transform how a tablet would change my life. I use it for surfing the net, writing emails, editing photos, watching movies and youtube on the go, a portable GPS in my car with the offline saved local maps, video chat with g+ hangouts, play games on it, use it to entertain younger kids and cousins. The list is quite endless. I am quite pleased with my purchase. I currently use my netbook for on the go word processing, however that might change with a refresh of the n10 and a proper keyboard dock.

  • qpinto

    All i want for the refresh of the n7 tablet is possible a higher PPI screen, a front and back camera (makes easier to take notes with), and a snapdragon 800 processor. Keep the physical size the same(maybe thinner) but make the screen bezels smaller. Thats all they need.

  • rjkmadison

    I have two purposes for tablets. My work tablet is for keeping up to date on email and for reviewing content in my Evernote account.
    Our personal tablets are for this kids to use for education (research on web, math drills, etc.) and for entertainment (Netflix, games, etc.).

  • theresolution

    I use mine as a head unit in my truck using BT to connect to a JVC receiver.

  • kev2684

    since i had the Note 2, i hardly use my Nexus 7 anymore. but when i do, i interwebz/google+.

  • auser72

    Biggest use is remote for home entertainment with onkyo app and home security through ADT Pulse, and ereader. SGN2 makes it hard to justify carrying tablet around when i am on the go.

  • phast_1

    Nexus 7 – browse websites, Netflix and YouTube.

  • I mostly use my Nexus 7 to communicate (Facebook Messenger, check emails when I’m out), handle school business (PDF’s, screenshots), games (occasionally, not that much), and mostly viewing video because when I’m on my laptop I get distracted easily, and I’m more prone to multi-task unrelated things than pay attention to the episode or movie. That’s really just about it. Now that I sold my HTC One S, waiting to get a HTC One & have no phone, I use it for most of my communication, and I use it at the gym to workout with my music (Spotify & Google Music).

    • Dion Mac

      That’s a bit big to use in the gym don’t it? I’d be scared I’d drop it and it crack… alright I have thought about watching hulu on it while I’m on the treadmill, but they have 18 tvs with 9 different channels in my gym so I don’t see the point… for me anyway.

      • Not at the gym at my school, lol. They have this little base you can set it on that’s big enough to fit my Nexus. And I only use Hulu and Netflix like in my room. You know sometimes you’ll be on the computer and you kind of want to get away from it, and what to kind of disconnect? Well that’s when I use my tablet to stream different programs and movies. Otherwise I won’t pay attention to what I’m watching, and I won’t get a chance to have some peace of mind.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    you forgot reading, as in reading books….

  • galaxydude

    I use my new nexus7 all the Time the quad cores prOcessor is the best.

  • mdosu

    So is a Note 2 a tablet?

    • It really is the best of both worlds. I wouldn’t call it a tablet, it’s definitely somewhere in between. It’s not big enough to be a straight up tablet but the screen is big enough to look at for long periods of time. No one wants to read and consume media 24/7 on their 4″screen, so they turn to their tablet…with the Note 2 you don’t even notice that you’re not using one.

  • Whiskers

    What size does most users here prefer , 8″ or the 10″ tablet ?

  • 21stNow

    I prefer the 10″ tablets. The poll should have allowed for multiple answers. I picked the number one way that I use the tablet for the last few weeks, but that changes over time for me. I use it mostly for gaming lately, but also use it for web browsing. I also used the handwriting functions of my Note 10.1 more last year, but haven’t used it as much lately for this purpose. I want to get back in the habit of keeping notes this way, though.

  • while taking a loooooong sh!t… thats about it, I prefer to use a desktop all other times

  • pbxtech

    Used my Nexus 7-3G constantly.

    I prefer desktop browsing on it so I have to install Firefox and side load Adobe Flash player.

    K9 mail for (POP/SMTP).

    SIPDRIOD for tie-in to 2 PBX’s that I maintain.

    drawback is the inability to edit excel file for filling out my time sheet.

  • JB

    My phone is the first thing I use if I want to do some quick checking… if it’s a longer session or I want to read a book, magazines or do some lengthy writing then I pull out my trusty Transformer Infinity with keyboard dock (which is especially helpful when I’m watching media that’s on external storage)

  • Dion Mac

    My Nexus 7 is install in the dash of my car.

    • JB

      Funny you mention that! So is mine… :-)

      • Dion Mac


    • Andy Besselman

      Mine is also. Best Radio/Nav unit there could be

      • SkagMonkey

        how do you get internet, hotspot?

        • SkagMonkey

          Errr… nm, 3g tablet**

        • Andy Besselman

          I just have the wifi version but I use a hotspot from my Nexus 4

  • I use mine to print coupons. I’m cheap and unashamed.

    • Chris

      Spends $500 on tablet

      Saves 10¢ on hot pockets

      • Denaaaa

        Whomp whomp whomp!

  • techpro1993

    I use tablet for work. I had a Kindle HD 8.9 with beautiful 1080p screen. With X2 Remote desktop app, I can remote to desktop computer to do work and everything. But lacking of VPN and physical keyboard is a problem especially to work efficiently. I then bought transformer infinity with 1080p screen as good as kindle HD with VPN and physical keyboard. I can work from any where and tether from my cell phone.

    Also watch youtube on big screen TV with u-HDMI is a lots of fun even at friend’s house.

  • Marc Sabatella

    Answered #1 before seeing they were really only asking about Android, but if I had an Android tablet instead of an iPad, I suspect my answer would be the same. I am a musician and educator, and I play and teach at a number of different locations. I once thought of my laptop as sparing me from being tied to my desktop; now I think of my tablet as sparing me from needing to drag my laptop around with me. The tablet is used for reading sheet music, teaching materials, database management, correspondence – pretty much everything I might need a book or an electronic device for in my line of work, is on my iPad, and that’s about all that goes with me everywhere. Some of this content is pre-existing stuff I import, some I might create at home on my laptop, but a decent amount of the material I need I created directly on the iPad. Smartphones are nice, and I do use my iPhone for some things (mostly for audio playback) but no way would I want to do real work on something small enough to actually fit comfortably in my pocket.

  • I’ll start by saying that those who don’t understand why someone would need a tablet has probably never owned one.

    I have three tablets. I have a Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and a Motorola Xoom on Verizon. While that it’s arguably overkill, each of mine has a specific use.

    My first tablet was the Xoom and it quickly replaced my laptop for everything other than work. The Xoom was a Nexus in all but name, so obviously it remained updated since Google built the software for it. Once the Nexus 10 came out, I sold my Xoom and bought one because it was a nice upgrade over the Xoom (and it was the Xoom’s true successor). Plus, Google had said they weren’t going to upgrade the Xoom past Android 4.1.2. I bought the Nexus 7 purely because, at its price point, it was a no-brainer. I figured I’d find a use for it, and I did.

    For most day-to-day chatting, browsing, emails, etc. I use the Nexus 10. I use the Nexus 7 for reading books and magazines since the 7″ form factor fits much better in hand for long periods of time. I also find the Nexus 7 much nicer for playing games that require portrait orientation. Holding a 10″ tablet in portrait orientation is awkward at best.

    Now back to the Xoom…switching from a 4G Xoom to a WiFi-only Nexus 10 was annoying. When I went out with the tablet, I’d have to destroy my phone’s battery by turning on the WiFi-hotspot. Of course I’d always forget that it was turned on, check my phone two hours later and find a near-dead battery. So I got lucky and found a great deal on another 4G LTE Xoom. Since then, my Nexus 10 hasn’t left the house. The Xoom does everything the Nexus 10 does when I’m on the go. Since I have one of VZW’s shared data plans, the Xoom only costs me $10/mo to have on my plan. Totally worth it to have a data connection anywhere I happen to be.

  • Biggie

    stopped using my FIRE once i got the NOTE 2

  • steveb944

    Ever since I bought my Chrome book I don’t use my tablet AT ALL. It’s sad really

    • ChristianMcC

      Interesting. That’s the way it is for me, and most people, but in reverse. Ever since I got my nexus 7 my netbook is just gaining dust.

  • nerdlust

    Now that I have the note2 my moto xoom is mostly for my kids for educational use, art , games and some cartoons.

  • Shawndh

    My iPad 3 with 4G overlaps with my HTC One S to do everything I don’t really WANT to do on a phone. I know it sounds weird to have two different platforms but it’s the best of both worlds now that most of the apps I use are on Android and iOS. I just like the portrait orientation of the iPad as opposed to the landscape orientation of most full sized Android tablets. I prefer to read, surf, study, edit office documents (when not at the desktop), FaceTime, and watch videos on the iPad. If I’m out and about and don’t want to carry the iPad, my phone can do all of that and help do some things the iPad can’t do. My phone is mostly my MP3 player, camera, quick research tool, and GPS unit. Basically its a swiss army knife. I have not found a good video chat client for Android yet.

    • ChristianMcC

      Like Google+ or Skype?

      • Shawndh

        Have not signed up for Google+ yet and no one I communicate with uses or logs into Skype.

        • sean

          if you have an htc one then you already have google talk for im and video chat…no sign up needed…works great…no sign up needed for google + either…only requires permission from gmail account

  • MarcusDW

    I use my Nexus 7 whenever my Note 2 needs to charge… which is never really.

    Long live the phablet!

  • mingkee

    I mainly use my tablet as TV followed by web browsing and e-book.

  • 2C

    How is reading not an option?

  • HildyJJ

    Mine is a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 with full Windows 8. It’s my desktop without the desk (albeit slower – no Bioshock Infinite here). With the Wacom stylus and handwriting recognition, I don’t miss the keyboard and Lenovo even has a Start Menu replacement for those of us who live in “desktop mode”.

  • the2000guy

    This poll is based on android tablets and I noticed that some people mention the ipad. david that confused many of us on that topic. I was thinking also about the ipad or windows table when first I read the title. I just played once with an motorola xoom, galaxy tab 10.1 and asus transformer but never own an android tablet. Good for those who have one and enjoy them.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Honestly I bet a good 80% of the people here truthfully use their tablets for Porn mostly then gaming and internet/texting.

  • I wish I used mine more. Ever since I got the Note 2 six months ago I’ve found that I use my iPad a lot less… my Note 2 is almost always near me and the keyboard is easier to use with one hand.

  • Mike

    It’s been a quick transition from a beast of a desktop to a 17″ laptop to a netbook to almost exclusively a tablet. I use my tablet for web search, email, and small document prep. I only pull out the netbook for longer documents or speciality programs unavailable on the tablet. Honestly as tablets and smart phones become more functional and apps more sophisticated I think I could get away with a tablet/smart phone for about 95 % of my computing needs.

  • Makoute

    I use it for everything. My Nexus 7 that is.

  • How is reading not one of the options?

  • Don Kim

    I never felt the need to buy a tablet personally.
    But I do wonder sometimes how certain games would look like on a tablet screen.

  • LordCaliban

    I bought a few of the HP Touchpads when they had the firesale. It’s currently running the Cyanogen 9 Mod. I use it for Netflix and games at work, and general browsing in bed or watching my NHL Hockey games on the gamecenter app when the wife is hogging the TV.

    Oh and sometimes it doubles as my Roku remote!

  • VPC

    would love to make calls on one, Note 8 would be great on TMobile with wifi calling!!