Midweek Poll: How Do You Use Your Tablet?


Editors Note from David: Hi everyone, the folks from our partner site at DroidDog posed a question earlier today and we’re looking for as many responses as possible. So, in the hopes you don’t mind the cross-post, your vote would be most appreciated!  

There are lots of different tablets out there; some 10?, some 7?, and some in between.  Luckily, the number of Android apps that are tablet compatible and optimized are growing every day which is awesome because we have some rad devices at our fingertips.  Also, I’m way excited to hear about this next generation Nexus 7 tablet, hopefully at Google I/O next month.

We at DroidDog were talking among ourselves and discussing the different ways we primarily use our tablets.  Tablets are powerful devices that can do most everything your phone can and with a bigger screen, but with that inconvenience of it not always being in your pocket or purse.  So we’ve found tablets get used in a lot of different ways or sometimes, sadly, not at all. I mostly use my Nexus 7 for gaming and entertaining my kids while on car trips or trying to sleep in.  You may use yours differently.

So, what say you?  How do you use your Android tablet?

Be sure to vote in our poll below and let us know how you do or don’t use your Android tablet.  If I haven’t covered how you use your tablet, go ahead and hit the “other” category and share your use or thoughts in the comments.  Thanks for participating and happy hump day!

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