Detailing The Walmart Galaxy S 4 Pre-Order, Reserve Yours Now

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Want to make sure you can grab your very own Galaxy S 4 on May 1st? Of course you do, but maybe a T-Mobile store isn’t the place to do — perhaps Walmart is. Unlike T-Mobile, Walmart is offering up a pre-order of the Galaxy S 4 with a $25 deposit guaranteeing you a device the moment the retailer has them in stock.

With the morning news that T-Mobile was releasing the Galaxy S 4 online and in select stores on April 24th, national retailers like Walmart and all T-Mobile retail channels will have the device arrive on May 1st. Walmart will hold the device for up to 10 days after the product arrives in stores and all you have to do is bring the reservation card (pictured above) along with you at the time of pickup.

So while T-Mobile may not be interested in a Galaxy S 4 pre-order, Walmart sure is…but with a warning. As a national retailer, Walmart isn’t able to take advantage of T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice value plans, so it’s Classic Plans and two-year contracts at Walmart. There’s no word on price, I’ll update the post when one becomes available.

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  • mirna78

    If tmobile gets the black s4 i will get it.

  • Milad

    Sprint is the highest so far
    Sprint will offer the Galaxy S4 beginning April 27th starting at $249.99 on contract for current subscribers or $149.99 for new

    • Dakota

      I hate when carriers charge existing customers more. Loyalty is dead…. It’s like they’re trying to force people to other carriers. The cell phone business in the US needs more than an uncarrier revamp

      • John

        Honestly though if you look at loyal vs new customers usually the new customer is profitable faster because they’re on whatever plan they get setup on instead of grandfathered or discounted price plans.

  • jonathan3579

    Is T-Mobile opting for only one color of another device? I want the white/silver HTC One but I think not offering the black HTC One (regardless of whether it will be released later) at launch is a mistake.

    • LC

      I doubt T-Mobile will only carry one color of the S4, given that they carried all three color variations of the S3 as they became available.

      • Wallyman

        I took these pictures, both colors will be available on tmo.

  • James

    Which one should I choose….black or white???
    Reply and tell me which one you think is better.
    Thank you in advance :)

    • mdosu

      Green, hope this helps. Why does it matter what people think? Do you ask what shoes you should wear everyday? It’s your $600, you should choose what you want.

      • Zacamandapio


  • mdosu

    People still willing to buy Classic? lolz

    • Kris Chaitu

      yes..thats interesting….doesnt make sense to be on tmobile if you choose the classic plans

    • thepanttherlady

      Some have proven their Classic/grandfathered plans are less money than the new Simple Choice plans. I think it’s great that while T-Mobile is no longer offering those plans, they’re still allowing those customers a choice and way to purchase subsidized phones.

      • mdosu

        That is true too. I realize all these plans are not a one-size-fit-all. It all depends on the customers usage and needs. Personally, I save boatloads fo money on the recently ended BYOD Value Family Plan, even over the new no-contract un-carrier plans. But that’s only b/c 3 of my lines doesn’t need data & text add-ons whereas un-carrier forces and prices in data and text services with additional cost.

    • Niqueeeee

      i stay on the classic plan with my mom one reason is a 200$ each migration fee to value plans

  • galaxydude

    I would never buy a device from wall- marts.

    • RobSleezy

      Why not? There pricing is so much better, I mean at least if you live in a state like California, you only have to pay tax on the purchase price versus paying tax on the full retail price. I’d like to save $50 – 60 dollars depending on the area that I’m in. Plus they have a great return policy and no restocking fee, and the chances of them breaking your account is super slim, they only have a few options to choose from on their screen.
      (Former T-Mobile Account Development Rep: Walmart, Costco, BestBuy)

  • jim

    if you have family lines or multiple line, don’t stay with TMO because
    you will lose much more money than what little you can save with the new
    plan. You will shell out about $600 for new phone per line, if you got
    5 lines, you will lose $3500 just for the phones that you get almost
    FREE with AT&T or VERIZON. Plus those 2 carriers have far superior
    coverage and also better customer service. I have been with TMO for 10
    yrs and I will cancel to switch to another carrier to save money. Don’t
    be fooled by TMO’s new trick. be smart! Many here are Tmo employees .

    • thepanttherlady

      I have 3 lines and save $75 a month before purchasing any phones, $15 with 3 phone payments.

      BTW…not an employee.

    • Same here My bill with T Mobile for 3 lines used to be 180 now with the new plan is 110. Nd i have much more than i had before. If i choose to purchase a phone I will still be 50 dollars under. So its not really expensive. :)

  • Stephen

    How do we get one in store before May 1st?

  • Bud


  • McAndroidLovin

    If we only knew the full cost for people having an upgrade available on their Classic plan… I am holding off moving to Value to see if I can get a better deal that way.

  • Bangincrazy

    So I went to two Walmarts and they had no clue about these