(Update: It’s Over) Google Drive, Gmail, And Google Docs Are Down For Many

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Update: Google says the outage is over, long live Google.

A number of Google users are reporting that Gmail for Google Apps, and Google Drive including the Admin and control panel are experiencing a service outage. According to Google’s status, there are some red lights under the “current status” of those services and I’ve been unable to access them for around 45 minutes and counting. Some users appear to be unaffected by the issue but sound off and let us know if you’re having trouble connecting.

We’ll update as soon as hear from Google or if we learn that Zombie’s are on the loose.


Google Status Board


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  • scuttlefield

    We’ve had problems here at work for the last hour or so, but things just came back up for us about 5-10 minutes ago. Things seem to be running smoothly now.

  • rfgenerator

    Also Google Voice is not working if you are logging in on your Android phone from an app such as GrooveIP.

  • thepanttherlady

    I’m voting on zombies. :) Just got to work but I’ve been getting emails all morning on my phone.

  • Will

    Not having any problems. So maybe it is a routing issue for some people. Anyone tried a traceroute?

  • Jeff Martinez

    Hmm no issues here, just waiting on the new market to hit my phone…yeah I know I can download the market off the net, but no biggie.