(Updated) Samsung Details US Launch Of Galaxy S 4 Flagship, Available Online Beginning April 24th


Updated: See the bold print in the paragraph below to learn the full release details.

Smartphone manufacturers the world over should take note of Samsung’s press release this morning as the Korean company detailed a seven-carrier US launch beginning later this month. Specs for the US Samsung Galaxy S 4 are unchanged as far as we can tell from when we first learned about them, which includes the quad-core processor hitting stateside against some of the international variants receiving octa-core. That’s not the good news though, the good news is that T-Mobile moved up the launch date. Yup, now I’ve got your attention. After a bit of confusion, it appears the final answer is that the Galaxy S 4 will see availability online beginning April 24th and in “select stores” on May 1st. 

T-Mobile is the only major U.S. wireless company offering the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with:

  • No annual service contract
  • Unlimited talk, text and Web on a blazing-fast nationwide 4G network
  • The ability to save money upfront and every month over AT&T, Verizon and Sprint through the Simple Choice Plan
  • HD Voice for nationwide crystal-clear high definition calling and reduced background noise
  • T-Mobile Smartphone Mobile HotSpot feature, included with every Simple Choice Plan

The device will also be available at some of the nation’s leading electronics retailers later this month include Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, Costco, Sam’s Club, Staples, and Walmart. At least those are the retailers that will offer the T-Mobile variant of the flagship smartphone.

The Galaxy S 4 packs a 5″ 1920×1080 Super AMOLED display, 1.9GHz quad-core processor, 13 megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, 2600mAh battery, 2GB RAM, 16GB/32GB internal memory and microSD slot with support for cards up to 64GB. The smartphone will launch with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Samsung’s nature-inspired TouchWiz interface.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 joins a growing line-up of T-Mobile 4G LTE devices. The device features the latest Android operating system — Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) — and a speedy 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon processor. In tandem with T-Mobile’s blazing fast and unlimited 4G speeds when paired with the Simple Choice Plan with Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data, the Galaxy S 4 enables customers to quickly upload or download their favorite photos, videos and TV shows without worrying about expensive overage charges.

T-Mobile has altered their launch plans a little from the previously announced May 1st release and will instead bring the Galaxy S 4 through T-Mobile’s website to you on April 24th for $149 down payment and 24 monthly payments of $20. The full nationwide and in-store launch will happen May 1st.

Starting April 24, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be available for T-Mobile customers for $149.99 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $20 for well-qualified buyers for 0% APR O.A.C. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be available online at http://www.T-Mobile.com starting April 24, and at select T-Mobile retail stores and through select dealers and national retail stores starting May 1. For more information, visit https://explore.t-mobile.com/samsung-galaxy-s4.

Hit the full press release below for the full enchilada of T-Mobile release news!


Press Release:

T-Mobile to Offer Samsung Galaxy S 4 at Exceptional Upfront Cost

Only U.S. wireless company to sell Galaxy S 4 with unlimited talk, text and Web with no annual service contract on a fast, nationwide 4G network

BELLEVUE, Wash. — April 17, 2013 — America’s Un-carrier continues making bold moves to give consumers affordable, unrestricted1 and hassle-free ways to get the latest 4G LTE smartphones.

T-Mobile USA, Inc. announced today the Samsung Galaxy S® 4 will be available online at www.T-Mobile.com beginning April 24 for just $149.99 down — plus monthly device payments — for qualifying customers with the new Simple Choice Plan.

The availability of Samsung Galaxy S 4 comes as T-Mobile is delivering the most popular smartphones in revolutionary new ways and giving customers far more flexibility with how they buy and use their wireless devices.

“Samsung has a proven track record of delivering the ‘Next Big Thing’ in smartphone innovation,” said John Legere, president and CEO, T-Mobile USA. “By combining our bold, Un-carrier moves — no restrictions, no limits and an unbeatable value — with Samsung’s leading-edge technology, you’re going to get the most from your Samsung Galaxy S 4 at T-Mobile —hands down.”

T-Mobile is the only major U.S. wireless company offering the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with the following:

· No annual service contract plus unlimited talk, text and Web on a blazing-fast nationwide 4G network.

· The ability to save money upfront and every month over AT&T, Verizon and Sprint through the Simple Choice Plan.

· HD Voice for nationwide crystal-clear high-definition calling and reduced background noise.

· Smartphone Mobile HotSpot feature for sharing the Samsung Galaxy S 4’s connection to the T-Mobile 4G network with up to five Wi-Fi capable devices (tablet, e-reader, laptop, portable gaming device and more). Smartphone Mobile HotSpot is included with every Simple Choice Plan.

Simple Choice Plan

T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan starts with a base rate of $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and Web with 500MB of high-speed data at up to 4G speeds. Consumers can add up to 2GB of high-speed 4G data for $10 per month per line or get unlimited 4G data for an additional $20 per month per line. Customers can add a second phone line for $30 per month, and each additional line is just $10 per month. There are no caps and no overages, and no restrictive annual service contracts.

T-Mobile 4G LTE Network

T-Mobile’s 4G LTE rollout complements its existing nationwide 4G network covering 225 million people, which third-party tests show already rivals or beats existing LTE networks in many markets. T-Mobile’s advanced 4G LTE network is currently available in seven metropolitan areas: Baltimore; Houston; Kansas City; Las Vegas; Phoenix; San Jose, Calif.; and Washington, D.C. The company expects to reach 100 million people with 4G LTE by midyear and 200 million nationwide by the end of 2013. 4G LTE devices like the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will automatically and seamlessly connect to T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network where 4G LTE has not yet launched.

Device Capabilities

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 joins a growing line-up of T-Mobile 4G LTE devices. The device features the latest Android operating system — Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) — and a speedy 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon processor. In tandem with T-Mobile’s blazing fast and unlimited 4G speeds when paired with the Simple Choice Plan with Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data, the Galaxy S 4 enables customers to quickly upload or download their favorite photos, videos and TV shows without worrying about expensive overage charges.

With a 13-megapixel camera paired with a vivid 5-inch Full HD SuperAMOLED® (1920 x 1080) display, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 offers a sophisticated multimedia experience for capturing and sharing amazing photos. Advanced camera features include:

· Dual Camera for recording stills or video with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

· Eraser Shot to remove unwanted objects or people from an otherwise perfect picture.

· Drama Shot for snapping a burst of 100 images in four seconds to create animated GIFs.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 also offers new enhancements for discovering and watching your favorite programs — whether at home or on the go. New entertainment features include:

· Samsung WatchON is a whole new way to use your phone with your TV. It transforms your Samsung Galaxy S 4 into an integrated smart remote to control your home entertainment system including TV, set-top box and DVD player. With the WatchON service, you can get recommended TV, movies and sports according to your personal tastes.

· Samsung Smart Pause will automatically pause videos playing on your Samsung Galaxy S 4 if you turn your head away and resume once you’ve looked back.

Pricing & Availability

Starting April 24, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be available for T-Mobile customers for $149.99 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $20 for well-qualified buyers for 0% APR O.A.C. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be available online at http://www.T-Mobile.com starting April 24, and at select T-Mobile retail stores and through select dealers and national retail stores starting May 1. For more information, visit https://explore.t-mobile.com/samsung-galaxy-s4.

Customers can find more information about Simple Choice Plan at http://explore.t-mobile.com/whyt-mobile.


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  • It’s gonna sell like crazy! Wow. Total price $629.99 plus taxes. Now how about that network update?

  • Tmoemployees

    Ceo said $99 down liar

    • choppingspree

      some sites reported it incorrectly (not this one, Tmonews stated at undisclosed price), he didn’t lump it in with the $99 down phones (iPhone 5, HTC One, Z10) just indicated it was coming May 1st

  • Jason Bourne

    $629 price point seems tobe where all manufacturers agree people will fork over their hard earned money for a wireless device. The dumbing of America continues……………..

    • sean

      what? you’re name is jason bourne and you’re talking about the dumbing of america…

      • Jason Bourne

        Sean, you’re an idiot. It’s $630.00 for a phone, I don’t care if you can
        play games, listen to your #$%$ tunes, watch a movie or put it on
        vibrate and stick up your . . .

        My point is, it’s a phone and no phone is worth that much money, choad.

    • Jose Hernandez

      dumb knows dumb

    • niftydl

      The US does not have a well established no-contract ecosystem, so the vast majority of people never see/understand the full retail cost of their device. European prices are even higher typically at launch.The only reasonably priced option is the Nexus 4, but it officially does not have LTE and can only be purchased at the discounted price directly from Google – something most consumer will not do.

      So I agree with you in general, the full MSRP pricing is still crazy. If there was actual competition with multiple retail chains selling the same device at full price AND the consumers had no subsidies with contracts there would be actual competition. On top of all that, we have no cross-network compatibility for devices – so you have to get a carrier branded device to get full benefits of the fastest/latest network.

      Anyway, the wireless industry still sucks. At the very least we have unlimited data option again with a GSM carrier (<3 T-Mobile). They might not have the best network coverage wise, but without them I'd have to give up on smartphones all together.

      /end rant.

      TL;DR: There is no competition between carriers on retail prices of the device, so consumers have no other choice.

      • Jason Bourne

        niftydl; Finally someone I can actually have an adult conversation with and can agree with. Well written my friend; in the end it’s just a phone/smart-phone, whatever lipstick you wanna put on it. Pricing is out-of-bounds and has been now since the Galaxy S3 launch last year and continued Iphone mania. Thanks for your support!

  • mnaz105

    “The Galaxy S 5” ;)

    • Deadeye37

      I saw that too. Just goes to show that T-mobile is on the bleeding edge of technology! While everyone else gets the Galaxy S IV, we get the Galaxy S 5! lol

  • ceegii63

    wow someone screwed the pooch here

  • Chatter

    An interesting move. The other guys will sell this for $200 upfront (probably). I wonder if the lower upfront price will bring enough customers in to allow the sales ppl to properly explain and sell the new plans. This could be a great tactic by Tmo.

    • ceegii63

      its $199 for ATT

      • Chris

        That was a rumor. It’s $200 at AT&T

        • thepanttherlady

          So he was $1 off?

        • Chris

          He said $250 and edited his comment…

    • Robert

      It looks like 249.99 at Sprint.

  • Guest

    From T-Mobile USA..Team Android, get ready! Samsung Galaxy S4 comes to T-Mobile on 5/1/2013. I’m confused, lol.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Read the article. T-Mobile online will have it for a launch on April 24th. it will be available on every outlet including retail stores on May 1st.

  • Randall Lind

    $149.99 for 16 and how much for the 32? There is no 64 GB?

    • choppingspree

      I didn’t see where it actually specifies the storage capacity this is for, it just says S4 comes in 16/32GB, but I could have missed it as I skimmed really fast

      • If it starts @ $149,99 I am sure it is the 16GB one

  • xmiro

    I know it’s less than even AT&T. But more than the iPhone 5? Really? Hmmm

    • Spanky

      Although it was just released on T-Mobile, the iPhone 5 has been out since last September. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

      • James

        Exactly, the phone is 7 months old and the specs are subpar compared to the One and S4. I would not be surprised if they dropped the price to $49 in the next couple of months.

        • Spanky

          That’s exactly what they’ll do when the 5S comes out.

      • xmiro

        it also retails by apple for $649 minimum. Cost to build for the GS4 is estimated to be about $200-210. What are the rest $419.99 for

        • superg05

          Ask that same question to Apple

        • JB

          Factor in development and marketing costs combined with the fact that they want to make a profit and the consumers desire to buy the latest and greatest. There’s the 419.99 I would assume.

        • Spanky

          Cost to build is $200-$210. That’s just for the parts. Now, let’s factor in labor, marketing, advertising, distribution, manufacturer markup and carrier markup. If you honestly think that a company would sell their product at what it cost them to manufacture, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

        • Spanky

          By the way, the iPhone 5 costs $207 to manufacture. Just Google “iPhone 5 manufacturing cost”.

  • bleeew

    I can see more people going the iP5 route or HTC One route as its cheaper than $149.

  • BLACKNINJA5042012

    Wonder if it come with next day air, when buying it online. Don’t want to get it online if it won’t be arriving until the 1st.

    • smylax

      It might be an option…

  • D-Nice

    $140 down and the One is $99 down, not a tough decision here! If most people really look at it, why would you pay this price for a plastic toy. Believe me it is, I have played with it and the One….world of difference. It literally feels cheaper than the s3, I felt like I could snap it in half if I tried. Well I am gonna sell the hell out of the One then. Sammy your loss. But I bet they will still come by the droves to buy the s4 because it’s gotten to the point with the media that galaxy has that whole iPhone iSheep thing going on.

    • sincarafan247

      Plastic or not it does have a removable battery unlike the One. A big selling point for me even if its a small one.

      • D-Nice

        Yeah the battery thing is a small selling point, I had the One S and it never was a problem, now with 32gb internal it is way more manageable than the One s 16gb. I have the note 2 now so I understand the benefits of storage and battery, but like said above, its not worth the extra cost, plus the One has way better speakers, build quality, Beats (while gimmicky it still does help), the camera is sweet, I understand the resolution is not there…but how many of you actually take your pictures OFF your phone? 13pm difference will only be noticeable if you print your pictures (who does that??….few!) or zoom in. For capturing memories (hello Zoe…its nice), showing friends, Facebook, basic editing, its fine! I compared it quite extensively to my Note 2 and the One was better 90% of the time. Sure the s4 has more resolution for bigger prints and zooming in super close, but head on over to technobuffalo for a great camera comparison and you will see its not a big deal, and the One actually came out on top most of the time. Its One is not a higher quality resolution camera , its a more practical and usable camera! and for 90% of us its perfectly fine…unless you are a pixel peeker (sorry for the photo term) I am telling you,if you played with these two phones, held them in your hand, you would understand! But if you want a cheap feeling $629 phone, go ahead, I want a premium built device if I am gonna pay a premium price…nuff said

        • sincarafan247

          What feels cheap to you doesn’t mean it feels cheap to the next. Its a matter of personal opinion. Some people might prefer plastic to aluminum for any reason including possible signal issues which yes can and does happen. You can throw out specs, this is better, thats better, this is worse, thats worse, etc. but again in the end its a matter of what is good for each individual person. I prefer the GS4 over the One and am going that route because its what I feel is best for me.

        • D – Nice

          Don’t be naive, cheap is cheap! Preference is one thing, but a plastic phone will always fell cheaper in your hand no matter what your preferences! Quite being biasthat plastic as loose touch

        • sincarafan247

          Cheap is cheap? Sorry, but the phone doesn’t feel cheap to me plastic or not. Your reply says nothing. Just because a phone has an aluminum casing doesnt make it better. The back panel might be plastic (its actually poly carbonate) but at least it can be removed.

        • Spanky

          Removable battery, SD card slot, and the latest version of Android. It’s really a no-brainer.

        • Michael Smith

          I pre ordered the one on April 5th, should get it any day now. I don’t care for the galaxy phones. My radar, one s, and nexus 4 have been great. They don’t have removable batteries and SD cards lol. I could care less about that stuff now. What I do care about is those front speakers, quality build, HTC sense, and the low light performance of the camera oh and the front camera. HTC one for me!

      • Robert

        The battery issue, though huge imo, becomes more managable when you consider there is only one HTC One for all carriers. I am hoping you can easily find a standard extended battery case for those days when you know you will be away from an outlet for an extended period of time. On those normal days, the reviews seem to indicate an average user (yes, probably not any nerd visiting this site) will be just fine.

    • xmiro

      the camera on the HTC One sux, which is too bad. But for those of us who want a camera closest in quality to the iPhone HTC One isn’t an option

    • I prefer the polycarbonate made devices. The aluminum made phones are notorious for multi radio signal issues. Loss radio signal and GPS sometimes takes forever to lock in. Drop both phones and the aluminum always, always comes out with much more damage. My SGS3 and Note 2 are over 7 months old and look like the day I purchased them and I don’t use a case. You like the HTC One, that’s great, you will never get an upgrade, Samsung has Jelly Bean running on every one of their phones since the SGS2 came out and some before that. Innovation, innovation and more innovation. Samsung is killing it. If you want a stronger feeling phone put a damn case on it, there are tons of fantastic cases out there. I prefer to get great radio signals and my GPS instant lock. Thank You Samsung.
      PS I purchased the HTC Rezound the 3rd day it was released and still no Jelly Bean update. The Rezound was the best Smartphone released at that time. So quickly forgot. I support the companies that take care of their customers.

      • Spanky

        ” I purchased the HTC Rezound the 3rd day it was released and still no Jelly Bean update.”
        I can only imagine how long it’ll take for the HTC One to receive an update to 4.2.2.

        • James

          People seem to forget that not too long ago many were mocking Samsung for this same issue when it came to updates. They fixed at the problem, and now look at them. On top of the world. It’s not impossible, and I’m sure HTC will fix this issue as well. If they don’t the HTC One might actually be the last one. Full disclosure: I’m getting the HTC One. I was wavering since I wanted a removable battery, but this price increase tipped the scales. Might switch to the S4 later on when the price drops tho.

        • Spanky

          This is exactly the reason why I refused to buy the Galaxy S2. However, Samsung drastically improved their practices with that phone, so I got the GS3. I wouldn’t give my money to HTC and hope that they can update their phone.

        • sloanie

          I’m looking at the HTC One as my first Android phone, so I probably won’t know what I’m missing in 4.2. None of the reviews I’ve read have indicated the lack of the latest version of Android as being a major flaw– just a minor one (rumblings are that it’ll get 4.2 in the next couple months… we’ll see if that happens. Key Lime could be out by then anyways).

        • Spanky

          If the HTC One will get 4.2.2 within the next couple of months, it’ll be the international version. I wouldn’t expect the U.S. version to get it until sometime this fall, as the carriers will need to make sure that their bloatware works with it. Case and point: the international HTC One X received 4.1.1 starting November 2012. The U.S. (AT&T) version didn’t get it until about a month ago.

        • that is if you really see the HTC One read it may not come until June. T-Mo will take orders 4/24.

        • tmorep

          Some stores will have it available on 4/24.

        • choppingspree

          probably not for a while

          HTC USA ‏@HTCUSA 15 Apr
          @b_dot19 HTC One doesn’t include Android 4.2 because that version of Android is primarily focused on tablet functionality enhancements.

        • Spanky

          That’s an insult to their customers’ intelligence, as well as complete and utter BS. It reminds me of a Samsung executive, when pressed for information on the 2.2 release for the original Galaxy S, stating that 2.2 is just a marketing gimmick.

    • fixxmyhead

      ^^^ HTC fanboy

    • I agree in the sense that $149 now eliminates any reason to choose the S4 over the HTC One.

      • thepanttherlady

        The higher payments for classic plans (or down payments for value plans) didn’t slow S3 or Note 2 sales.

        This will be interesting.

    • 21stNow

      Believe it or not, there are actually thinking people who prefer Samsung devices to the battery draining HTC devices. While I of course haven’t used an HTC One on a long-term basis, HTC has been having software management/power drain issues for at least two years now (personal experience). Let’s be real-it goes back further than that because the EVO 4G was known to eat battery for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • sean

      both are going to be amazing devices…I have had the chance to play around with both of them too. i really hope the one sells…htc make beautiful phones…it would be a shame for them to go under.

      that being said. I wouldn’t call the s4 a plastic toy since the S4 has a larger battery, its smaller, thinner, and lighter and has a larger screen. That alone is pretty impressive. plus it’s faster.

      i shop phones by function over fashion. but that’s just me. there is no denying that the htc uses better looking materials.

      going with a nexus straight from google…where you are saving $300 without sacrificing much screen size/ performance/ battery life/ camera quality. now you’re talking.

      but with the trade in program, current S2 owners are getting $110….if that stays the same….

      S4 will be $201 with tax….$96 down after trade in (24 x $20)

      The one is $148 down with tax….$38 down after trade in (24 x $20). Both insanely low down payments for latest smartphone.

      Most customers will be happy getting out the door under $100. since the s2 came out about 2 years ago and was extremely popular on all carriers. the small price difference won’t win over customers that are already used to popular plastic toys, removable batteries, sd slots, and updates.

  • Astrid

    I believe you can either buy the phone for the full price or pay the $149 with $20 for 24months, are you able to pay more than $149 but less than the full phone cost and cut back your monthly payments? Random question I know but I’m not able to pay the full cost up front but I can pay more than $149.

    • sincarafan247

      Yes you can.

      • Astrid

        Sweet thanks!

    • LC

      If you pay more than the minimum at the time of purchase it reduces the dollar amount you pay for 24 months, but if you make a partial payment after your purchase it reduces the number of payments you have to make. You can do a combination of the two if you want.

    • niftydl

      You can also pay off the EIP (Equipment Installment Plan?) early online or through customer service.

    • TmoRep15

      yes you are able to to pay more up front. You are also able to pay just towards the phone at anytime.

  • JB

    Awww. No $99 down. Oh well. That’s still a better entry point than the other carriers.

  • Adam

    This makes my decision a little easier. I can get the HTC One for $579 – $100 rebate (for a phone worth about $40) + a car mount. Yes, I would like a removable battery and a SD card slot, but it’s not worth $150+ to me. Bring on the pre-orders!

    • niftydl

      If you are planning on keeping your phone longer than a year, it should be. The HTC One has been show nearly impossible to repair easily without finding a highly skilled shop. I would rather have the crappier AMOLED screen and easy to fix phone/battery than save $150.

      • Adam

        I had no problems with my HTC G2 for two years and don’t anticipate any with my One. Plus, I have extra phone insurance through my credit card :)

        That is a very valid argument though, and really the only hesitation I have with the One. I am definitely a DIY kinda guy.

      • jakeac

        Crappier AMOLED screen that you haven’t even seen? I’ve seen reviews stating it’s the best screen on the market and a significant improvement from the S3…

        • niftydl

          Crappier in the sense that the colors will not be as natural or accurate (photography) as a high quality IPS LCD. AMOLED is vibrant and high contrast but it is not accurate and the amoleds will eventually degrade – arguably most people will not notice dead pixels on a 1080p screen before they replace the device.

        • Spanky

          AMOLED > LCD.

  • Steven Santinelli

    Sprint has a countdown to pre-order tomorrow on the main site…

  • Anon

    Any chance Tmo is pulling an AT&T and giving the price for the 32GB?

  • Guest

    The new plans are confusing at best. My wife just bought the IPhone and we switched over from the Legacy plan to the new one. She paid off the Iphone in the store and I am seeing our rate go up by $30 dollars a month not down. I am not sure I see any advantage to what T-Mobile is doing. For knowledge I had 1,000 minutes and unlimited data before the new plan.

    • call them. you’re likely doing something wrong. perhaps choosing the wrong family plan who knows.

      • thepanttherlady

        The OP went from 1000 minutes to unlimited. There would be a cost increase between the plans.

    • smylax

      Yeah, nobody said EVERYONE will have a lower bill… only that MOST people would. And that is comparing apples to apples, you went from 1000 minutes up to unlimited. I would suggest going into a store or calling care to sort out details. Under the old classic plan 1000 minutes with two lines unlimited data would have been $140 bucks a month (79.99 + 30 + 30). Truly unlimited for two lines under new plan is $120 (80 + 20 + 20). I have a feeling either didn’t have unlimited data before or there is something else on your bill. Did you add handset protection? International services? MobiTV? Go to a store and go over the bill they will help you figure it out.

  • James

    I thought they said it will be $99 down. Well now if it is $149 it better come with the s view case like the US Cellular one.

    • Milad

      Sprint will offer the Galaxy S4 beginning April 27th starting at $249.99 on contract for current subscribers or $149.99 for new

    • JGaLaXY

      I wonder how many gigs is that with $150?

  • Chris

    Well 149.99 surely blows… because that means that it’s going to be about 200.00 or maybe a tad over 200.00 Down.. I may just go with NEO…

    • smylax

      The average sales tax is somewhere in the neighborhood of 7%. With that tax, the DP with tax is 195.50, so no, not over $200.00, unless you live somewhere that sales tax is 8% or greater.

      • Chris

        8.25% here

  • kev2684

    Samsung should consider lowering down their MSRP when it comes to US. iPhone 5 $99, HTC One $99, Blackberry Z10 $99 vs. $149 is a no brainer to majority of the consumers.

    • not really. the Galaxy brand trumps them all now (perhaps not the iPhone) but the HTC One has no chance against the S4.

      • smylax

        I agree with Deacon. They are now in the position that their brand carries its weight regardless of price. If I could sell my product for a certain price, why wouldn’t I? They are a corporation looking for a profit after all, so they have every right to price it however they like. If we as consumers are willing to pay it, they are more than willing to charge it, so if we reject a product based on price, then that company can re-think their pricing. But Samsung won’t. They will sell it for $649.00 EASY.

  • othercents

    “for qualifying customers with the new Simple Choice Plan.”

    I wonder what the price will be for those still on the Value Plans? I still have phones to pay off, so I don’t think they will allow me to switch to the Simple Choice Plan.

    • thepanttherlady

      If you’re on a Value plan already, you don’t have to switch (unless you want to) and get the same device pricing. If you still have EIP’s you’re paying, you’re still able to get another phone but the down payment would be a bit higher. The monthly payments would be smaller and you would pay both EIP’s each month.

      ETA: Unless they’ve changed something in the last 3 weeks. When I went to purchase the Blackberry Z10, I got the Simple Choice device pricing without having to switch from my Value plan.

      • LC

        You’re spot on, nothing has changed in that regard :)

    • anonymous

      Simple. Pay off balance on your old phones so you can upgrade or sell your existing phones to pay off part of your balance or keep your existing phones and wait.,

  • $149 while the One and iPhone 5 are $99? Samsung and Tmobile will probably have to drop that price quickly.

  • choppingspree

    Is there a way to check now what you qualify for? I was trying to go through the checkout process to see if it came up with an iPhone 5 but I didn’t want to go too far into the changing of plans part

    • thepanttherlady

      If you log online, it should tell you. Go to upgrade phone and it will show you the down payment required and what the monthly payments will be.

    • sincarafan247

      Not really unless you know your score. Check out creditkarma dot com which is free for it. That will at least give you an idea of what down payment they might require. If you are already a customer they also take your history with them into consideration.

      • smylax

        Correct about existing customers! They actually revamped the down payments for existing customers with more than 2 years account tenure, they are automatically “well qualified.”

  • MMakoto

    so what’s gonna happen to the millions of customers with classic plans like me that’s eligible for an upgrade? i have the classic 1000 minute on 2 lines, one with a $20 5gb data plan and $10 unltd text, and the other has nothing but the old $10 data (which i don’t need on my mom’s feature phone). i don’t wanna switch to the new plans as it’ll cost more and adding useless data for my 2nd line, so what are my options here if i wanna get a new phone? wait for the non-tmo retailers to offer the subsidized phones with contract extension?

  • Derrick

    happy to see tmobile get the s4 out to customers early but where is the same care for people who want the HTC One? If it weren’t for tmonews I wouldn’t evn know when it was being released. There’s not evn a product page for the One yet.

    • thepanttherlady

      There was one for a little bit (right before the iPhone) for pre-registering. That has since been removed.

  • Wooshers

    Was rly excited for this device but I’m not paying that price. Not when the One and iPhone are better deals.

    Hopefully LG announces a 5″ Optimus Pro for T-Mo on the 1st. /fingers crossed

  • Impatient Waiter

    How can I find out if one of the tmobiles near me are the “select stores”????

    • Julian C. Taborda

      usually if the store is a busy one it will get the phone first. Like here on long island where I live there is this big glass tmobile store that has all the latest launches

      • Oliver Jackson

        Same here in Miami near me at Midtown.Always stay busy even more w/the iPhone 5 and GS3,Note 2 and Z10

  • Omeer

    I can get over the plastic feel and the lackluster build quality. I can even get over everyone asking me if that’s a SIII in my hand because it looks exactly like the S4 but what I can’t get over is the cartoony touchwiz UI. HTC’s sense UI on the other hand looks elegant and clean much like its build quality. It has a level of polish that even stock android lacks. I’ll stick with my two t-mobile iPhone 5 64GB and the HTC One in black.

    • Omeer

      P.S. I heard so much about Samsung making plastic phones to keep costs down from so many sources. How is it then that it costs more than any other handset on the market? Riding the popular bandwagon and overpricing your items Sammy? Much like the Apple company you copy 90% of the time and bash in your ads.

    • superg05

      Do you realize that your phone runs android go to the market and pick a launcher

  • I need that s5 lol

  • HTC or Galaxy – Can’t Decide

    When can I play with an HTC One and a Galaxy S 4 in a store and determine which one I want to spend money on? I still cant decide and it is stressing me out!!!

    • HTC or Galaxy – Can’t Decide

      Here is my thought process – currently on a Classic Plan – will go to Costco/Walmart/Staples – upgrade my phone to an HTC One, get the $100 rebate for trading in my G2 (yeah, I know…its embarassing). Total phone cost should be about $100-$150. Then I can migrate to a Simple Choice plan and break my contract for $200 and get the Galaxy S 4 for $150. Total costs (at the beginning) for both phones is $500. Is this the way to go? Why would I need two phones?????

      • Wow they’re giving a $100 gift card for trading in a G2? That’s pretty impressive. The device is only worth around $40-50 these days.

    • bob90210

      I want your life since you have enough energy to stress out over which phone to buy.

  • wheelman13

    I think the comma was missed in your update. Your version sounds like select stores get it April 24th which doesn’t match the press release as I read it.

    “The Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be available online at http://www.T-Mobile.com starting April 24, and at select T-Mobile retail stores and through select dealers and national retail stores starting May 1.”

  • Looks like the S4 and HTC One will be going head-to-head on April 24th.
    Over the course of 2 weeks T-Mobile is receiving 3 of the top devices on the market. Can’t remember the last time they had such a blitz of high-end devices.

  • very vague as to which version (16 or 32) cost 150 and to which stores get it on the 24th. and i’m not sure what they mean by available online the 24th.. does that mean it can arrive by the 24th or does that mean i can order it starting the 24th?

  • Noob101

    Question from a not so tech smart person. Does the galaxy s4 have hspa + To fall back while is not on 4glte? Or does it fall back to 3G? Ty . Because I know Los Angeles has no 4glte yet .

    • yes it has HSPA+

    • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

      Yes it has HSPA+ 42 to fall back on

  • lovingmyGN2

    What I really want to know is, if there gonna offer different size variations. The fact that I have to constantly swap apps from internal to external and a usb stick is very annoying. We got jerked with 16gb only option here in the states with the note 2.

  • Gabriel

    the price seems very good I paid 200 for the gs3 upfront 20 per month on eip plan. I’m going to guess that the galaxy note 3 will be 250-300 then when it comes out.


    I have a question for the T-Mobile experts:

    I am on a value plan with my wife, and plan to stay there as we use less than 1000-minutes per month between us both, and have the unlimited data for both lines, paying $100/month.

    I would like to purchase the HTC One (or perhaps the SGS4), and would like know I can purchase the phone with the $100/$150 downpayment and $20 x 24 month installments? Or is that only applicable on the new unCarrier plans and instead I have to buy the phone in full?

    • thepanttherlady

      If you’re on a Value plan you should be able to stay on it and still utilize the EIP’s.

      • PiCASSiMO

        Thank you for the quick response.

  • CHICAGObulls

    niiiiiceee=) now i want my LTE in my area now! haha!

  • Uriah Romero

    I am definitely going to pre-order my Galaxy S4 from T-Mobile on the 24th. On top of being offered at a lower price than other carriers, it will have the gorgeous full HD display and the ability to run on the new T-Mobile LTE network that was just released in my city. The S4 sounds like it’s the perfect phone to stream on. I like to stay up to date with my shows by watching them on my current phone during the trip to work at DISH, since it takes some time to get there. I use the DISH Anywhere app to stream my live and recorded shows wherever I go and LTE can only help!

  • Impatient Waiter

    just wondering…what time do u think this phone will go on sale on april 24th? and which time zone? :p

  • limesareyellow

    This is going to sound dumb, but why are people posting that this is the S5?

  • So if you buy the phone “online” on the 24th…when do you actually receive your phone?

  • Don Kim

    Even if it’s $149.99 down, it’s still lowest price for a SIV compared to any other carrriers.
    Which could give T-Mo a huge advantage when launching a brand new device.
    No one can match their price. Up front or even on monthly bills.

  • Frsotwolf

    Just left my T-Mobile store, they said phone has been delayed, some stores get it May 1st, others on May 24th, nobody including the website will get them in April according to them. I hope they are completely wrong.

  • Kartheek

    Does anybody know at what time on 24th will it come Online on the T-Mobile store? And when will we get the phone if it is ordered on 24th?

  • Impatient Waiter

    anyone know if this phone will have the Swype feature?