T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile Network Launches Nationwide, Offers Inexpensive Prepaid Options

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T-Mobile’s continued foray into prepaid offerings is expanding a little more this afternoon as their new GoSmart Mobile prepaid network launches nationwide — for real this time. GoSmart Mobile will now be available at more than 3,000 resellers nationwide with the very same plans that continue over from the trial period. That means a $30 plan with unlimited voice and text messaging, a $35 plan that offers 2G web browsing along with unlimited voice and text, and a $45 plan that offers 5GB of 3G data along with unlimited voice and text.

Customers are welcome to bring their own GSM devices to the network and purchase a SIM kit, or choose from an Alcatel feature phone or low-end ZTE Android device, which runs Gingerbread.

GoSmart takes a new approach to wireless service: ultimate affordability and simplicity. With unlimited plans starting at $30/month, GoSmart takes the headache and hassle out of wireless. No DUM hidden fees. No DUM annual contracts. No DUM surprises. Just unlimited talk, text and data at a price designed for budget-conscious consumers.

GoSmart Mobile


The full press release follows below:

GoSmart Mobile Launches Nationwide No-Contract Wireless Service for Budget-Conscious Consumers

Unlimited Plans Starting at $30 per month – Without “DUM” Hidden Fees or Annual Contracts

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Feb. 19, 2013 – It is time for FreeDUM in wireless.

GoSmart Mobile today announced the nationwide launch of its no annual contract wireless service for budget-conscious consumers, ending the era of DUM™ hidden fees, roaming charges and overly complicated annual contracts. GoSmart, a new brand from T-Mobile USA, offers affordable, no annual contract plans on a reliable nationwide network starting at just $30 per month.

With GoSmart, wireless customers get what they need – great savings and flexibility without the hassle. For example, customers have the choice of purchasing an inexpensive SIM kit to use in their own compatible mobile phone or they can buy a low-priced GoSmart phone. In addition, all GoSmart services are offered without limits. No DUM caps. No DUM overages. Just a very affordable service for calling, texting and Web surfing.

GoSmart is available online at www.GoSmartMobile.com and at thousands ofdealer stores across the nation.

“You don’t need food bigger than your face, and you don’t need mobile phone plans that charge you more than you can afford for services you don’t want or need,” said Doug Chartier, senior vice president of marketing for GoSmart. “GoSmart is one of the simplest, most budget-friendly options in wireless, with unlimited plans on a reliable nationwide network starting at $30 per month.”

GoSmart’s launch comes as the no annual contract market continues to grow at a steady pace, fueled by cost-conscious consumers looking to reduce what they spend each year for wireless  service. The number of no annual contract customers in the United States is expected to reach 80 million by the end of 2013 and grow an average of 7.4 percent per year until 2016, according to a report from market research firm IDC.

“The influx of data services, coupled with the traditional flexibility and value of no contract plans, has considerably increased consumer interest in the no annual contract wireless market” said John Weber, Associate Research Analyst at IDC. “Customers often look for unlimited service plans on a robust network, while simultaneously limiting monthly wireless expenses. GoSmart represents a viable option for consumers to consider.”


Pricing and Availability


GoSmart offers three simple plans with no annual contract:


  • $30/mo. Unlimited Talk and Text
  • $35/mo. Unlimited Talk, Text, Web
  • $45/mo. Unlimited Talk, Text, High Speed Web (3G)ii

A GoSmart Mobile SIM kit, which can be used with any compatible GSM phone, costs $8. If customers want GoSmart branded devices, there are two options currently available for less than $100.

In addition, GoSmart customers can add unlimited international texting to more than 200 countries for just $5 per month, unlimited international texting to more than 200 countries and unlimited landline calling to 50 countries for just $10 per month.

About GoSmart Mobile

GoSmart Mobile is one of the best values in wireless. The no annual contract mobile service seeks to eliminate DUM™ contracts, hidden fees and surprises through simplified pricing and plans. Built on a reliable nationwide network, GoSmart provides unlimited talk and text for $30/mo. and unlimited talk, text and Web for $35/mo. or $45/mo. GoSmart Mobile, provided by T-Mobile USA, can be found in thousands of dealer stores across the nation. For more information, please visit: http://www.gosmartmobile.com.


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  • S. Ali

    The $45 plan is competitive with Virgin/Boost if you live in a 4G market and need more minutes than 1200.

    • Nick Cannon

      No 4G plans with GoSmart

      • TonyS305

        thats what the brochures say but all tmobile 4G capable devices show 4G as the signal !!!!!

  • Very competitive considering Straight Talk’s ambiguous data cap and throttling policy.

    • Verizonthunder

      $35 plan yes , $45 plan not so much as if you read the fine print it’s entry level 3g not T-Mobile’s Fake 4G, At Least with Straight talk you can have reliable coverage with At&t or Verizon

      • jej

        With vzw Only, Att Sim cards were pulled.

    • Dakota

      you have no guarantee your speeds wont slow if you use too much data…It seems like its only 3G not hspa+ , and you know the tmobile direct customers will take precedent on a clogged network.

  • mark

    I’m not dum dum, you dum dum!

  • galaxydude

    What are the 3G data speeds

    • vrm

      I have read elsewhere that they are 900-1000 Kbps. If they make it 2-3 Mbps, it would be a great hit.

      • archerian

        technically “4G” starts at 14Mpbs+, so I’m guessing it’ll be something in the 5-10Mbps range

        • tmo tech

          at tmobile 2Mpbs+ is 4G

        • vrm

          You have no idea what these numbers mean. Traditionally, European operators and consortiums decided on these definitions. HSPA was to be the next generation and it still can be. HSPA can be expanded to any speed, just like LTE. Like ethernet – today we have gigabit ethernet. Verizon did a clever and dirty job of marketing their n/w as better because it is LTE – it is NOT. It requires more resources to operate, both on the client device and on the network. It also requires n/w operators to install new equipment whereas UMTS etc were a natural evolution to GSM. Then Qualcomm joined verizon in the same dirty marketing tactics. Qualcomm stands to make more money through LTE as they have more patents etc locked in.

          In short, HSPA can be as fast as LTE, as long the as technology keeps developing. It is also more easily upgradeable – new hardware is not required. Inter-operability across networks is also much easier. Now, the US wireless operators do not like any of these features.

        • archerian

          HSPA might be as fast as LTE only with Dual or Triple-Cell + MIMO, which is not possible in all locations. LTE offers better spectrum efficiency and lesser latency.

        • kevev

          Incorrect. The ITU standard for 4G specifies an all IP based network that serves VOIP, SMS, MMS, & Data via a link that is technically able to carry up to 100mbps per user. HSPA+ is not 4G.

        • archerian

          it changed over two years ago, ITU now classifies 4G as “LTE and WiMax and other evolved 3G technologies providing a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third
          generation systems” . So yes, it does include HSPA+. Do I necessarily agree with their interpretation? No, I think it was them bowing to marketing pressure, hence my reference to 4G earlier and elsewhere in quotes.

        • OnlineRefugee

          You are correct Archerian, about pressure. The ITU originally took the position that 4G was defined as not anything that’s really 3G, so to speak.

          At the time this standard was directed at TMOUS who rebadged 3G as being 4G. (MetroPCS was guilty too, marketing its Samsung Indulge as one of the first “4G LTE handsets,” but users reported that even in MetroPCS’s 4G markets people were at the max getting 3G speeds).

          Then it came out that many carriers marketing data at 4G speed were not meeting the ITU’s 4G standard. End result, carriers put pressure on the ITU to redefine (aka lower) what 4G meant. The ITU bowed to pressure and came up with a vague, unenforceable definition that basically “converted” carriers’ 3G into 4G.

        • vrm

          The gosmartmobile does NOT offer tmobile’s 4G speeds. It explicitly states 3G. It still runs on their 4G network on the 1700/2100 Mhz frequency but the speeds on this plan are throttled to about 1Kbps.

          The PR also clearly states that these plans are geared towards voice/texting. 900Kbps is not bad for a lot of social media and web browsing ; even you tube should run OK at moderate resolution.

          I would like to hear from more actual users of the plan as to their experience on the network. On another note, the walmart family mobile plan runs on the same n/w with same restrictions – 900Kbps at $40/mo. However, their data cap is at 1 GB as opposed to gosmart, whose $45 plan caps out at 5GB.

        • archerian

          no one ever said it runs on 4G speeds, I think you are confusing the speeds, numbers and plans.

          The $45 plan is NOT meant just for social media or web browsing, it is a 5GB capped plan that offers 3G speeds enough for video streaming and downloads. Before T-mobile launched their “4G” plans, the network offered at-least 3Mpbs speeds in several places, and that’s the speed the $45 plan will get. And NO plan is throttled at 1Kbps, even plain GSM/GPRS is faster than that.

        • vrm

          I meant 1 Mbps or near 1000 Kbps. The only people who reported speeds on the go smart network reported 900-1000 Kbps. Have you heard of anyone getting 3 Mbps on this plan ?

          I thought that their 4G was on AWS (1700) and this plan requires those frequencies to get better than 2G speeds. That is why I am thinking they are throttling that network.

          I don’t have any experience of their 3G speeds myself. I am currently on AWS ( on what they call 4G). I do get decent speeds – 5-6 Mbps daytime and much faster at night ( at home).

    • That’s what I wanted to know, because technically 3G for T-Mobile, would’ve been when they 1st came out w/ 3G via UMTS. But I was wondering since they’re getting LTE (4G) is HSPA considering “3G” for them now. I mean it would be weird to bring a phone over to them then they give you 3G speeds, when the phones capability is 2G or 4G, unless they cap the 4G from the start down to 3G speeds.

  • Khalints

    Nice the $30 plan is great for my mom i’m definitely going to switch her to that!

    • archerian

      the Simple Mobile plan is $5 cheaper, same features and network

      • Johndoe

        Simple Mobile only offers 15 days for $25, this is offering 30 days for $30. GoSmart is better!

        • kevev


          1.) Has customer service improved? I remember never being able to get through to anyone over the phone.

          2.) Do their apn servers still go down for weeks at a time? I know for a while there last year it was happening all the time.

        • archerian

          yes, I stand corrected, it is only for 15 days, not 30

  • Trevnerdio

    Still with the DUM…why?

  • wazmo

    Speaking of BYOP: would tmonews like a review of the SGH-T899M? Picked it up from Expansys last week, and according to the FCC< this bugger is TMO LTE comaptible (sadly, only band 4-no band 17).

    • Why yes, that would be great! Email me, david@tmonews.com.

    • techymexican

      it’s be working awesome on t-mobile :D i got one from GSM arena. I read somewhere that it only works on LTE 700MHZ band. so it would work on AT&T

      • wazmo

        Check your FCC ID and go the the FCC doc repository-I checked out my model, and according to the reports, it shows LTE Band IV (1700/2100) but no band XVII (700). Conan can probably double-check my analysis, but it looks like this particular beastie (originally provisioned for SaskTel in Canada, but no carrier branading on the phone itself (yay!)) seem to me that this will only work on AWS LTE-which is all I really care about. Now if Sammy/MSFT can address some of my own personal complaints, I’ll be a happy camper. I believe all the major Canadian carriers have some variant of the ATIV S in the field. I was also surprised my phone didn’t need any updates-it already had Portico installed.

        I’ve seen my phone flip over to H+ on the display at times, so I know that HSPA+ is within the phone’s capabilities. Since my version is unlocked, an AT&T SIM shouid also be golden for at least HSPA, but LTE may be another matter.

        Too bad there’s no Interop Unlock (yet)…..

  • This is nice, but they are killing their loyal customers with all of this. Better plans for new customers, better phone options for new customers…what’s next? Free month of service for new customers?

    • AndroidProfit

      It’s not good enough you are paying less then you would with the other carriers? They don’t owe us anything just because we have been with them for so long.

      • Please go away…stop following my every comment, thanks.

    • jpal74

      Actually I got a free month of service from TMO in January and I have been a customer for 8 years, so I guess they are giving some long time customers incentives.

      • That’s pretty nice of them, they are a great company.

      • superg05

        me to let let us pick our reward i went with the free month instead of the 300 dollar rebate on a new device

    • thepanttherlady

      And when prices go up, plans change etc. the “loyal customers” get to keep what they have which can end up being better in the long run.

      • True. But once you need or want a change, they take out away.

        • thepanttherlady

          If you “need or want a change” then T-Mobile is not taking it away, YOU’VE changed it.

          Now, if you’re referring to phone upgrades and not plan changes then I agree. If I am required to sign a new contract, I should get the same price to upgrade my phone as a new customer signing up. We’re both signing a “new” 2 year contract.

  • Will you be able to switch to GoSmart if you’re already a T-Mobile prepaid person?

  • sidekicker89

    Anyone notice that the T-Mobile name is in gosmarTMOBILE ? :)

  • These prices are competitive with Virgin and Boost Mobile. Looks like T-Mobile is taking serious aim at the Prepaid market.

  • Curtis Mullins

    I worked for T-Mobile last year, and at one point they sent out a flyer advertising a “new” $70 prepaid plan that has unlimited data but is capped at 14.4 Mbps.

    That plan never happened but It looks like this is why. My guess is that it is capped at 14.4.

  • Curtis Mullins

    T-Mobile generally considers 21Mbps+ 4G.

  • TonyS305

    ive been a go smart dealer since the soft launch in december 2012, i can tell you that the plans are doing great, prepaid wise, much better than simple mobile or tmobile for that matter from a price value perspective, every tmobile 4G phone that i have activated has shown 4G not 3G weather or not is true speed i put the phones to test the network is great, also the $35 plan which supposedly catches 2G on all 3G or 4G phones it say either 3G or 4G not EDGE or 2G …….just saying.

  • Cool. Just don’t get rid of Monthly4G like you did EMP.

  • Joe

    Any new prepaid mobile broadband plans?

  • M42

    Just wait until these new customers discover T-Mobile’s network is 90% EDGE. But what do you expect from a bargain plan.

  • EriQah

    According to their website: “$35 plan
    includes web at 2G speeds. $45 plan starts at 3G and upon 5GB of use in
    a cycle is reduced to 2Gspeeds for remainder of cycle. ” This sounds pretty good as I’m on a gf plan of $20 data with a 5GB softcap.

    But it also states: “CALL FORWARDING TO VOICEMAIL ONLY” – I use youmail so no go for me.