HTC Posts $100 Trade-In Offer With One Purchase, Pre-Register Now

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The HTC One news train continues to roll this morning with news that should interest just about anyone looking to make this their next smartphone. HTC’s “early exclusive HTC cash back offer” with the purchase of a HTC One phone in the future isn’t unlike T-Mobile’s own trade in program, but this offer is specific to the One device when it launches. All you have to do is pre-register your email to qualify and receive a prepaid Visa card worth either $100 or the trade-in value of your old phone, whichever is greater. As soon as you score your new HTC One, you’ll send the old phone in with proof or purchase and voilà, $100 Visa card. If the cost of Samsung’s flagship devices is any indication, T-Mobile’s price for the HTC One could be slightly higher than the competition (I’m just guessing, don’t quote me on that) so we’ll welcome HTC’s trade-in offer with open arms.

Hit the link below to get started.

HTC Trade-In

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  • So I could trade my One S for this!?

    • Wonder how much I’d get for it though. 100$ not worth it.

      • ant

        you supposed to get turn in value plus 100 i think like i have the sensation and htc value it at 80 (idk y when the iphone 4 200 ) but that means im get 180 off

        • Spanky

          It’s $100 or the value of your phone, whichever is greater. If your phone is worth $80, you’ll get $100.

  • Jose Hernandez

    No thanks. This seems like a nice phone. But the problem I have is that HTC is absolutely one of the worst companies ever to provide timely updates to their phones. They will only update the best selling devices and usually only update them once. Unlike Samsung that has made a tremendous effort to keep more of their phones updated. For example, the Galaxy S2 is getting an update to Jelly Bean, a two year old phone. HTC would never do this. Also, this new Sense is something I would need to play with and see if I like. Plus, I hope the “Always Updating” feature of the phone does not make the battery die after a few hours use. So no, I would wait and see what real reviews bring in, and even then $100 is probably not enough to make me buy another HTC phne. Not unless they make another Nexus.

    • From what I’ve seen the new sense is more aesthetic enhancements. If you don’t like blinkfeed then don’t use it. You still have your regular home screens which you can load with widgets or you can decide to use blinkfeed and not allow it to update automatically. Just my two cents but it feels like a lot of people are crying over features tat they are not forced to use. And with the issue of timely updates that is a very real issue but only because they haven’t really found their own flagship device to put all their strengths behind hopefully this device changes that.

      • Jose Hernandez

        Hey, I understand what you mean by the feature. But, they are billing this as a feature that would make you want to use the phone. if I don’t use the feature, why would I get the phone? I understand what you said, and I am not complaining or crying over the sense experience. I say I would need to play with it to see if I liked it, But if I don’t, then a BIG selling point for the phone is gone. Other phones have or will have the quad core processor, cameras are getting better with all other manufacturers. What other wow factor would make me even want this phone if I will not be using this wow feature?

        • Yea I see what you mean. Very valid and logical points. I would just the build quality and camera software should suffice for most but then I’d rather have this phone than the best galaxy because I don’t want an all plastic phone again and I have no need for the multitude of gimmicky software features on touchwiz, I don’t even use most of them on my s3, matter of fact I’m running cm10.1

    • I have the HTC one s too. I feel your pain. But your anger is directed at the wrong people. It’s t mobile’s fault that this is happening. They must have their crappy bloatware on all their phones. Also the wifi calling would delay it even further. I wish HTC went samsung or apples route by either releasing them as an optional OTA or through their sync manager(itunes)

      Anyway if you want to direct your unhappiness and frustration heres a link for you to do so.

      • jcj1

        you are wrong, carrier can only decline the updates, the updates come from HTC. bloatware as you call it only partially the carrier. Samsung has bloatware as well and wifi calling is standard but came as an OTA due to issues

  • thepanttherlady

    I have always loved the way HTC builds their phones. I wish Samsung would learn something in that regard. Sadly, no SD slot and no removable battery or wireless charging = no purchase from me. Had an SD slot been offered it would have been a difficult decision for me between the Z10 and this.

    • I understand the removable battery and maybe the storage even though you’ll have 32 gb and maybe a 64gb variant. But wireless charging is now a must have feature? Really? I had no idea O.o

      • thepanttherlady

        I wrote that incorrectly.

        I’ve always maintained I wouldn’t buy a phone that didn’t have a removable battery; however, would now consider it if wireless charging was an option. Not a must have for me at all.

        SD slot is regardless of the phones internal memory.

        • Oh, well I guess I don’t really need a micro sd slot provided I at least have 32gb and if provided I’ll get the 64gb option but I know a lot of people who maybe switch phones often or just like having the option would need that in their devices.

        • jcj1

          just get dropbox and you have them on your PC as well, sd cards go bad sometimes and dropbox stores them for you

      • trife

        I can only speak for myself, but once you have wireless charging (currently using the Nexus 4), the thought of going without it sucks. Once you get used to it, going back to fumbling with that micro-USB cable at night seems like such a bad idea.

        It isn’t a total dealbreaker for me, but I’d be lying if I said that wireless charging isn’t one of the first things I look for in a new device.

    • 21stNow

      I’m still trying to understand the obsession with builds that people have. In considering the purchase of the HTC One, I thought to myself that the main reason that I’m considering the One is that I’m tired of carrying the One X. I got the One X because I was tired of carrying the Sensation. Both times it was due to performance issues. The issues aren’t big deals, but I don’t have these same performance issues with my Samsung devices.

      I want to use a non-Samsung device just to keep up with what’s out there and also so that I don’t fall into fanaticism about one manufacturer (or platform for that matter). But I’m starting to question whether I will keep buying HTC devices knowing that I feel like I can’t carry them for a year and be happy. Even though I get new phones often, I want it to be a choice when I stop carrying a device that’s less than two years old.

      • thepanttherlady

        LOL! I wouldn’t call mine an “obsession” by any means.

        I liked the way the Sensation felt in my hand. I didn’t like the Amaze and didn’t blink at the One S because they took out the SD slot. I had the Galaxy S2, S3, and now the Note 2. I personally, feel HTC makes their phones feel superior material-wise versus Samsung. I went with Samsung though for the SD option & internal phone specs.

        While I really like the looks of this phone, the specs etc. I won’t buy a phone without the SD slot option. Others have more valid complaints than mine such as HTC’s lack of offering updates. My next phone will be the Z10. I can’t wait! :)

        • 21stNow

          I am thinking about the BlackBerry Z10 as my non-Android phone for 2013, but I have heard rumors of a BlackBerry with a larger screen coming out later this year. If this is true, I would like to wait on it. I can’t see buying two BlackBerry phones this year. I think that I will be really frustrated with a 4.2″ screen and won’t give the phone a chance because of it.

  • steveb944

    I signed up because it is a great device. Maybe I can trade in my old dumb phone?

  • R0bn0xi0us

    This sounded like a great idea at first, but now i’m not so sure i want to trade in my G2. It would still make a good backup phone in case of emergency.

  • predation

    where is the online tool to find out which phones are eligible?/

    i have an old bb 8700g lol

  • Laststop311

    I’m too spoiled by my 5.5″ G note 2 screen. I can guarantee I will get 500 dollars for my titanium T-Mobile 32GB g note 2 + otterbox defender if I sell it about 6 weeks before the new one comes out as it’s lived it life entirely sealed in an otterbox defender so the phone looks brand new, not a single mark. So I’ll pay 250 out my pocket and own the galaxy note 3 on no contract while everyone else paying the same 250 out their pocket and only getting the 16GB version Plus being stuck on contract. Gotta love only having to pay 30/month for unlimited data with 5GB of 42mbps data unlimited edge data and unlmited texts and free nights and weekends and 100 anytime minutes. But you have to be off a contract to get that deal. Costs 50 a month if you have to go on a value plan and pay the extra 20 a month.

  • Singleweird

    my phones worth alot more than $100. i dont get it…