T-Mobile Confirms GoSmart Mobile Prepaid Brand, Trial In “Select Cities”

T-Mobile has confirmed to FierceWireless that a new prepaid brand, GoSmart Mobile is available in “select markets.” T-Mobile also told the publication that the carrier will be using results from the trial period to “make a decision about a potential national launch sometime in 2013.”

T-Mobile reps wouldn’t clarify the markets GoSmart is being tested in, nor the type of devices or prices the service will offer. Our leak earlier int he week indicated there will be a $30 plan for unlimited voice and texting, a $35 plan for unlimited voice, texting and 2G web usage along with a $45 plan for unlimited voice, text and 3G web use.

Given that T-Mobile CEO John Legere called his company the leader in prepaid among the big wireless carriers in the US, it seems likely that T-Mobile will continue to push this advantage. There is some precedence for T-Mobile’s move which is akin to the same style Sprint has successfully launched with sales of its Virgin and Boost Mobile brands. As T-Mobile’s quarterly numbers show huge growth in prepaid as it loses valuable postpaid customers, expect T-Mobile’s emphasis on its prepaid brands to continue.

Fierce Wireless

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  • Well, according to the site, There are just over a dozen stores in the Twin Cities and one in Mankato, MN. The site has *one* phone, an Alcatel slider. The plans look great…just don’t mind the gaping hole of non-coverage in Iowa.

    • thepanttherlady

      Any unlocked gsm phone is supposed to work.

      • Right. But anyone who walks into a retailer and sees a new company…offering just one phone…it’s not a good impression.

        • Danny

          The brand will emphasis on bring your own device.

        • GoSmartMobile-Rep _tony

          agreed but the phones isnt the value of the new company its the plans, given any tmobile phone is compatible or any unlocked gsm phone is more than enough to push out.

      • GoSmartMobile-Rep _tony

        any tmobile phone is 100% compatible, and so are any unlocked gsm phones, during soft launch not to many official go smart mobile branded phones would be released as they are wanting feedback before setting in motion 100%

  • MacRat

    I’m wondering why T-Mobile is creating a 2nd brand instead of promoting their Monthly 4G plans better.

    • Junito

      I was just thinking the same, why not just update plans and let potential and current customers know? just makes no sense.

    • squiggleslash

      Probably because their M4G plans damage the brand rather than help it. Subscribe to them and you find you’re almost using an entirely different network, with key features such as call forwarding disabled, and with an entirely different (and somewhat less useful) customer support “experience”.

      If T-Mobile is really going to brand prepaid under the T-Mobile brand, it should be a better experience, somewhat similar to that of the post-paid service. Otherwise there’s little incentive for people who subscribe to switch to other T-Mobile services in future. If my first experience of T-Mobile had been via Monthly 4G, I’d be with AT&T now.

  • AndroidProfit

    “with absolutely no dum”. Does Tmobile hire drop outs to write their marketing material?

    This has to be the dumbest line!

  • Mirad77

    Identity crisis, identity crisis. Guess Tmo has to try everything in the books to see what works.

  • Why didnt tmonile just add new monthly 4g plans. But this is just fine to but more monthly 4g plans would have been better.

    • GoSmartMobile-Rep _tony

      i think its so that we as reps have choices for all types of customers. no one would get the tmobile 1500 min monthly plan for $30 when u can get unlimited talk n text for the same price. there are many different needs out there now we can pretty much cover them all.

  • GwapoAko

    They should have micro sim and nano sim :0)

    • GoSmartMobile-Rep _tony

      order micro sim card and nano sim card cutters, very easy to use and efficient

  • Ian Harrington

    I am in one of the test stores. Coverage on this sucks and it isn’t worth crap.

    • GoSmartMobile-Rep _tony

      bs buddy, its the exact same coverage as tmobile , we are part of the soft launch and did 20 activations in 2 days, i put the $45 plan to the test on a customers sg3 and my sg3 using the $70 tmobile monthly plan and they were neck in neck. get your facts straight if its bad where u are its the tmobile network not the 2nd brand, great move by tmobile 2 thumbs up, also the international calling is great, countries that arent available in any other pp company are available with go smart mobile.

      • Ver

        I would like to know if coverage includes U.S. Virgin Islands like t-mo does

      • OnlineRefugee

        If he actually tested the service he would have provided more details (handset used, coverage experience, etc.) So maybe it was a dummy phone he was trying to get to work. :)

  • Aj

    It’s available in Houston.

    • itgoesdown

      How do I sign up?

  • Sassinak

    Actually, this is a simple push for SmartMobile (already out there) which is an MVO for T-Mobile.. (the colours and prices are the same).. So those that want pre-paid (either by need, or demographics) can do so.. on their network.. (T-Mobile unlike the other carriers have very few MVO’s).

  • vrm

    This is an excellent idea. Many people esp seniors rely on phones for mostly talk and some rely on them mostly for talk/text (teens). With the Edge speeds, you can get some things done such as email, some apps that do not transmit lots of data such as twitter, and so on.

    To make unlimited plans affordable to these folks is an invaluable service which I am sure they will appreciate.

    I wonder what the 3G speeds will be. I noticed that the coverage is not as good as the regular tmo network for those on a plan.

  • Dakota

    Assume the $45 won’t be truly unlimited. Straight talk or services like that would be better. 45 on straight talk gives you access to T-Mobile 4G

    • GoSmartMobile-Rep _tony

      the $45 plan gives u 5GB at high speed (3G) then throttles. straight talk doesnt even come close. and just so u know all 4G phones show 4G as the signal not 3G, just a piece of mind, so straight talk shows the same but not even close in speed.

  • GoSmartMobile-Rep _tony

    i think this is a great company in a sense with what is being offered , yes each market is different , here in the ny/nj market which is probably the biggest it will do awesome, thats why they did a soft launch .

  • jimmiekain

    Can anyone confirm what “High Speed” means and why they didnt say 4g like they normally do?

    • landmarkcm

      It’s only 3g. It says in the small print on the site

  • landmarkcm

    Only 3g on there already crap network. No thanks switched again to Verizon & its pretty much true. They are the network!

    • Trevnerdio

      They are the network…forr how much more? Exactly.

  • MatthewMurawski

    Damn it just make monthly4G add-ons

  • Trevnerdio

    What interesting is that I guess they’ll have to artificially lower their speeds because T-Mo’s 3G and 4G use the same technology, bands, etc. just using more fiber backhaul for 4G

  • Trevnerdio

    And uh oh, big boo boo, this map shows T-Mobile’s actual native coverage haha looks so diminutive without the roaming…

  • netterzkastle

    The colors and font match the SimpleMobile flyer we have up in this area. They resell T-Mobile too already.

  • Gavin S.

    Post some new stuff fer christ’s sake.

    • You know that has to be SOMETHING NEW for me to do that, right? The iPhone news was “new!”

  • iydomngz

    im ready order my sim

  • iydomngz

    Well I got my SIM in this company, works almost the same capacity as tmobile prepaid. ay I can say I’m the first customer of the same

  • mare-bear

    This is a self-serve service that customer can manage. We know how important our time is within our lives these days.

    This was/is a soft launch to get feed back from consumers/customers and support teams/engineers for any and all system issues that will need to be looked into and resolved for business to be officially launched. It is a shame when the dealers/store reps do not follow company news, support and policies. We all have the same system and tools to advise and assist the customers/consumers with. CSR’s are getting verbally and mentally abused by dealers because they are not keeping themselves current/updated. Claiming they know it all and we don’t. We can only give information that we are given and forward it to get resolved. If I/we can fix the issues I/we would. We are not GOD. We understand more than the dealers and customers know. Making us feel bad and laying guilt trips on us is sad. Please access, gosmartmobile.com, select support icon at top of page. There is the Support Center page for all the info.

    By combining our low-priced unlimited rate plans with easy self-service
    account management, GoSmart Mobile offers you a great value in
    hassle-free wireless.

    You can manage your GoSmart Mobile account via convenient self-service
    methods: the automated phone system (611 from your mobile phone), star
    and pound codes, and the GoSmart Mobile support site.
    Star and Pound Codes

    Use star and pound codes to find your account number, check your account
    balance, and track your minute and message usage. If you want to filter
    web content on your account, turn on the Web Guard service.

    You can refill your account online or in a GoSmart Mobile store.

    If you need to visit a GoSmart Mobile store, you can find one using the store locator..

  • Ricki_Bobbi

    Plans look great but TMO coverage blows big time once you leave a major city you fall back to EDGE or GRPS which is completely useless for any sort of data which is what I primarily use. I will stick with ST(att SIM), although my speeds are not as fast as when I had the TMO $30 5G plan my HSPA coverage is consistent across the board as I travel to different parts of the country.

  • Flora lam

    Don’t join go smart, DON”T. The prepaid plan is cheap, their service is even CHEAP! BAD
    BAD BAD!!!! you will regret!!

    My husband wanted to portout his number from Go Smart to BOOST MOBILE as he found there is always no signal in PA. My husband called to Go Smart hundred times since Jan. asking for releasing the number to BOOST, but they are just holding the number and don’t
    do anything. Everytime we called, the customer service said they are working on it, needs 72 hours..but when 72 hours passsed, we called again, nothing was done, they said the ticket expried, and need to issue a new ticket. Everytime said “they are working on it” “the ticket is expired””we need to issue a new ticket” blablabla………

    but they are not able to make sure when will be done. Till now it’s been more
    than half a month, we keep calling Go Smart every single day, but still nothing
    done yet. Everytime they just said some excuse let us hand up the phone and
    promised will call us back. They never call us back, and never working on our
    request!!!!We are so disappointed about the service.

    The cut off day of the number in Go Smart is end of the month, my husband requested to port out the number 2 days before the cut off day last month! Till the cut off day the
    number was still not yet released(at the time the call service is locked, but
    the internet service is still working), we were afraid that the number would be
    cancled and not able to be ported out anymore, so we paid another $35. The tricky thing was that the service was
    reopened when they received the additional $35. Then we called again to ask
    then to release the number to BOOST, they promised they will do it. But at the
    end, they shut off all the service, and not release the number!!!

    See, it is just so easy step to realse a number. It is so common to change sevice from a company to another, other companies can do it in seconds. It looks like Go Smart is not willing to release the number!!!!!!!!!! My husband has been using that number for
    almost 20 years, it is very important! and we use that number for business! We
    really need to get back the number!! We explained to Go Smart again and again,
    but they don’t care. They just shuffle and not really working on our request.

    After thousands of times’ conversation with Go Smart, we deeply regret that we joined Go Smart.We though it belongs to T-Mobile and should be not bad. Now we really regret
    and are very disapponted about their service!!!!!!!!!

    Who can help us to take out the number!!!!!

  • mat jonson

    GoSmart Mobile runs on T-mobile’s nationwide network offering low end Talk and Text plan for as low as $30/month.
    No commitments and no annual contracts
    TRULY UNLIMITED, no data caps unlike other carriers
    Service available on all T-mobile and Unlocked phones

    i am i dreaming or what, the offer seems to be quit good