Samsung Teases “Something New” At Consumer Electronics Show Next Month

The Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES around these parts kicks off in just over a month and we expect that Samsung will play a major role. What kind of role Samsung will play remains uncertain, but according to this 18 second video clip we can expect “innovation,” “ideas,” and “something new.” The video urges you to prepare for January 8th through the 11th and we expect Samsung to have some great stuff like always.

Unfortunately, I seriously, absolutely, positively doubt we’ll see anything about the rumored Samsung Galaxy S IV shown off in Las Vegas. Given that CES isn’t a mobile-only show like Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the following month, Samsung’s news could be related to anything. A new DVR would be “something new,” but we’re hoping it’ll be something more in the mobile realm.

There’s even rumors that Samsung’s upcoming “brand refresh” could be unveiled during their CES keynote, which would also fit the bill for this teaser video. Still, CES is just over a month away and our excitement is already starting to build. We hope Samsung has something mobile in store for us to go all goo-goo eyed over, but we’re fairly positive whatever it is, it won’t be the Galaxy S IV.

Samsung Tomorrow

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  • Iucidium

    I want the ‘three stars’ brand to come back

  • Anthony Domanico

    Samsung Galaxy Nuke: the connected microwave

    • Joaquin Melendez

      whats up Anthony i havent seen you around the webs since i actually met you in person at the gdgt live event in chicago.

  • It’s clearly teasing a new TV product judging from the TV fade out at the end. I’m guessing something along the lines of a refreshed Google TV product.

  • Jesse James

    i think 2013 is a hard year for samsung. They did a lot in 2012 and now they have a tough challenge…. Not be stale like what happened with the iPhone.

    • ant

      its easy to add something its if they do or not

  • With the current selection of Samsung devices, how could they possibly outdo themselves? My SGNote II and S3 are perfectly fine, no need to get the new device. So what’s next?

    Samsung Galaxy S4?
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

    • Farhan

      The Note 2 and S3 are definitely fine and more than enough for the average consumer. But as an owner of the Note 2 I would probably pick up the Note 3 just for the 1080p screen and the Cortex a-15 soc. I’m hoping they make some good design upgrades to the S4 since it might end up going over to the Note 3 as well. Some good additions would be lots more s-pen apps, maybe have an antivirus as a standard app (Had that in my HTC Sensation 4g), better low-light camera, a screen that isn’t a fingerprint hog, os encryption (something that’s as good as Trucrypt and works well with vpn), and when installing apps give people the option to install it on their sd card or phone. i’d also like to see s-pen apps on the S3 and S4… that’s a good way to increase their user-base and promote the s-pen.

  • ant

    i still have my htc sensation i tried waiting on another tmo htc but 4.3 phase is over n samsung took over i always liked samsung but then it was like they always held back something but now they changed so im thinking on the note 2 but idk if i should wait til april when contract over or get something now

    • Tbyrne

      Not to diminish what you’re saying but , I can’t make heads or tails on what language you’re speaking.

      • ant

        english its pretty simple i have htc n i been use to htc being the big 4.3 inch screen best smart phone out but it like samsung took over with bigger and better phones but idk if i should get something now or wait and see if htc goin to make a comeback n if u remember samsung on tmo didnt put front facing cameras n flash on their phones not upgrading to the newest android (holding back) but now they release phones with all the options and newest software almost they took the spot htc had on tmo

  • UndecidedPurchaser

    great… I am about a week away from buying the GS3 and then I see this… this makes me want to wait now to see what this could be about. If they just say “it’s nothing to do with smartphones” then I’ll go get the GS3 asap otherwise, I might end up waiting… why did they do this!? AHH!

    • exeot

      Well, the galaxy s 3 isn’t new anymore. Only apple has accomplished the 1 year cycle successfully, samsung is the best to try to follow it. At the same time, you have the android competition getting better. What can you do with a galaxy s 3 that you can’t do with a nexus 4 at $300? Nexus 4 has a better build, faster processor, lighter ui, wireless charging, and software updates. If the One X+ had been on tmobile(as had been rumored before D: ), I would choose it over my s3. The s3 has been out since july man. I would probably wait or find a good deal on the note 2 if I was in no rush. If you end up getting the s3, I hope you find a good deal, because it remains a nice phone.