Samsung Teases “Something New” At Consumer Electronics Show Next Month

The Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES around these parts kicks off in just over a month and we expect that Samsung will play a major role. What kind of role Samsung will play remains uncertain, but according to this 18 second video clip we can expect “innovation,” “ideas,” and “something new.” The video urges you to prepare for January 8th through the 11th and we expect Samsung to have some great stuff like always.

Unfortunately, I seriously, absolutely, positively doubt we’ll see anything about the rumored Samsung Galaxy S IV shown off in Las Vegas. Given that CES isn’t a mobile-only show like Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the following month, Samsung’s news could be related to anything. A new DVR would be “something new,” but we’re hoping it’ll be something more in the mobile realm.

There’s even rumors that Samsung’s upcoming “brand refresh” could be unveiled during their CES keynote, which would also fit the bill for this teaser video. Still, CES is just over a month away and our excitement is already starting to build. We hope Samsung has something mobile in store for us to go all goo-goo eyed over, but we’re fairly positive whatever it is, it won’t be the Galaxy S IV.

Samsung Tomorrow

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