Minor HTC One S Software Update Rolling Out Now

Good morning HTC One S owners, there’s a minor software update rolling out this morning and we hope it’s in preparation for a future Jelly Bean Android 4.1 update. This mornings update will take your smartphone from software version 2.35.531.7 710RD to 2.35.531. 10710RD. T-Mobile’s current HTC One S support page doesn’t reflect this mornings update which means we’re not quite sure what has changed. We do know the update is around 30MB in size and well, that’s actually all we know.

We’re hopeful T-Mobile will update its support page early with any necessary or important changes, but at this point the update feels incredibly minor and only newsworthy in the sense that it isn’t the update we want it to be. Keep your eye on the T-Mobile support link below for any changes throughout the day.


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