Minor HTC One S Software Update Rolling Out Now

Good morning HTC One S owners, there’s a minor software update rolling out this morning and we hope it’s in preparation for a future Jelly Bean Android 4.1 update. This mornings update will take your smartphone from software version 2.35.531.7 710RD to 2.35.531. 10710RD. T-Mobile’s current HTC One S support page doesn’t reflect this mornings update which means we’re not quite sure what has changed. We do know the update is around 30MB in size and well, that’s actually all we know.

We’re hopeful T-Mobile will update its support page early with any necessary or important changes, but at this point the update feels incredibly minor and only newsworthy in the sense that it isn’t the update we want it to be. Keep your eye on the T-Mobile support link below for any changes throughout the day.


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  • Jesse James

    people still use that phone? lol

    • SoTacMatt


      • Daniel Duran

        Unfortunately I am among the few also…

        • oneandroids

          Not one of the few. It’s still a competitor for Galaxy S 3.

    • 16309A

      still using???? Its a great device, i love mine!

    • od312

      Have you really been in rehab that long?

    • Mr Mufakka

      Still use? Is there something wrong with the One S? I’ve had one since it was released and love it. Extremely quick, no lag. Very little issues at all.

    • Mark

      I got it new in April. Some of us only upgrade when the contract rolls around.

    • oneandroids

      The One by HTC is a top-rated Android phone series. They plan on releasing Jelly Bean for this model.

  • jesse james sucks

    good zing!

  • Abel

    Man, hope they come with the Jelly Bean soon… I kept looking forward for it… the 4.0.4 is a bit buggy… but than again… who knows what options they take out in the jelly bean…
    For one… does anyone else hate the fact that if you misstype a word, you can’t just click on it and change it like the Samsung Galaxy does?

    • NinoBr0wn

      That’s news to me. What keyboard are you using?

  • Abel

    anyone did the update yet?? Noticed anything new?!

  • The home button always launches the Sense UI for me now. Which is a bummer.

    • Abel

      what you mean?

    • Nick

      If you mean that it launches sense instead of Nova or something else, go into the app setting, find the launcher, then clear defaults. Next time you hit the home button it will ask you which launcher you want to use

      • I couldn’t find that option, I rebooted my phone and then it asked when I pressed the home button. I use GoLauncher EX btw.

        • fechhelm

          install home switcher. It will let you select the launcher you want when you have multiple launchers installed.

  • melog

    Updated…. no idea what it did.

  • OZ

    Hopefully it addresses the Wi-Fi calling bugs. Will try in a bit.

    • OZ

      Same S#!t. Losing incoming calls while on Wi-Fi calling. Switching back to cellular preferred.

  • dgw

    This is interesting – it completely wiped my phone

    • lol


    • Singleweird

      installed fine for me… weird

      • dgw

        The only thing I can think of is that I recently relocked my bootloader, and reinstalled stock via RUU after having CM10 installed on the phone, and that caused it.

  • primus42

    It’s an update to fix the issue where the phone would get stuck on 2g that was caused by the last update.

  • Joaquin Melendez

    it didnt seem to help my stuck on 2g problem since it still stuck on 2g

    • not the updates fault

      you must live in the middle of nowhere

      • Joaquin Melendez

        south suburbs of chicago doesnt seem like no where

        • Hey switch from gsm/wcdma auto to wcdma only and that should fix your problem =) you won’t see 2G anymore. It worked with me

        • OZ

          What would happen if there is no WCDMA coverage (e.g. driving in an area with 2G only)

        • I dont know on that one lol but you should try it anyway.. It doesnt hurt to try… You can always switch it back

        • neoslan

          Bad idea, don’t ever switch to WCDMA only. I do it all the time to force it onto the network, but should you walk inside a building, you lose signal where T-Mobile WCDMA doesn’t penetrate. GSM won’t be there giving you coverage. Therefore, you might miss important calls. Best thing you should do is to set it to WCDMA Preferred.

        • Joaquin Melendez

          I tried your tip and no luck. And I know there’s 4G in my area

    • same here i hoped it would have solved my stuck on 2g issue but nothing!
      And i live in So.Cal with in an hour of L.A. (i have 4g in my area) and my wife has 4g on her tmo phone..well hopefully this is progress for the real deal!!

  • Abel

    hmm I don’t have issues with 2G not switching back to 4G… I wonder if I should update.. it might ruin it for me.. lol

  • robby

    I am dying for 4.2 wtffffff my luck this will mess your my phone

    • carlisimo

      Don’t count on it. 4.1 yes, if you have a One S, but it’ll probably end there.

      • robby

        I think I sent 4.1 Lol that’s jellybean right?

        • carlisimo

          They’re both Jelly Bean. 4.2 adds a few little things like settings in the notifications center (i still like Power Toggles’ more) and Photosphere. I doubt the One S will get it, but 4.1 is more importamt anyway. Better performance than ICS and Google Now.

  • Hey i see that most of you guys are complaining about 2G..well I’ve never had that ever since i Switch my phone from “gsm/wcdma auto” to “wcdma only” i swear to you, you won’t 2G anymore… My Internet is faster all i get is super sweet 4G..give it try and write back to me when you notice the difference! =) oh and the update i see no difference on my One S

  • Hate ADS

    LOL.. don’t update guys… this might be an update to add advertisements on your phone.. just like they did with Visual voicemail and all their T-Mobile apps… HAHAHA (mad).

  • NinoBr0wn

    Shame that I’m in the process of selling mine, and I don’t feel like booting it up for any updates. They took too long for Jelly Bean.

  • ljasd

    it makes your phone laggy. any way to switch back

  • Well my keyboard works fine now :)

  • Mark

    I wonder why it took so long… it turns out to be the same update that was mentioned at https://www.tmonews.com/2012/09/htc-one-s-android-4-0-4-software-update-pushing-out/ . I just got it pushed today (and swear I have looked for updates more than once since September).

  • robby

    I updated and no change at all but nothing bad if u guys need help add me on kik chevy_truck im glad to help out anyone

  • The only difference I’ve noticed is that it’s made my phone’s performance much poorer. Very laggy. Things take longer to open, etc and overall everything seems to stutter. Fix something, break something. :(

  • Eric

    What a tease! I did my daily software check and saw that and got excited. Grrrrr…

  • oneandroids

    I, too, believe this is a fix to streamline the processes for other updates to come. No word from HTC yet despite checking with their customer service, however, apparently most carriers keep these updates as a hush-hush ordeal.

    • oneandroids

      Referring to Jelly Bean, that is.

  • oneandroids

    This is the official released document for the firmware update — http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-4262 . Explains the updates and fixes a little further.

  • fred

    thanks to this small update my one s can tether once again on simple mobile

  • chuckbswift

    Has anyone had any issues with reboot or freezing issues since this update?

  • yo

    T-Mobile sucks HTC release it in October they need to hurry up and give us our jelly bean

  • rohi

    Can someone please help me. Every time, I go to check for updates, over WiFi and 4g, I still can’t even recieve the 4.0.4 update or this one. I recently bought this phone new and I am really confuses and worried that I won’t be able to revive jelly bean. Any help appreciated.

  • Cameron

    When I check my phone for the update its not available. Should I call T-Mobile or will it done

    • Cameron

      *come later you think?