T-Mobile CEO Hopes iPhone Will Stop Customer Losses In 2013

Speaking to reporters following T-Mobile’s Apple agreement announcement, CEO John Legere offered an incredibly lofty goal for 2013. Legere’s hope with the addition of the iPhone to T-Mobile’s lineup is that the company can stop the leaking customer faucet and help return the company to subscriber growth as early as 2013.

“It is an aggressive target but we think it is possible,” said Legere.

It’s an aggressive goal to be sure and a comment that mirrors his earlier presentation which indicated his hopes a newly aggressive company (the “Un-Carrier”) overhaul will make a difference in the wireless marketplace.

T-Mobile lost 510,000 branded contract customers in the first quarter of this year, 557,000 in the second quarter and 492,000 in the third quarter so there’s a tough road ahead if Legere’s goal is to come to fruition. Still, early analyst estimate places sales of the iPhone on T-Mobile’s network at 4-5 million next year, so its possible that Legere could quickly stem the subscriber losses. With customers now having options from the four largest smartphone platforms on T-Mobile and the company working aggressively to compete on price, I’m hopeful they can make a quick turnaround and return to customer growth. Here’s hoping.


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  • Bud

    Great job, bring all the breaking news.
    Thank you

  • Chris

    This will help, but people (general public not us nerds) are starting to get over the iphone, so this isn’t gonna do everything. My biggest problem with the company is still coverage. In cities they are the best hands down, but I drive 20 minutes away from my downtown area (Rochester, Mi) and I’m on Edge. They need get to edge upgraded to at LEAST 3g, and then I think people will stop thinking so lowly of them.

    • I really don’t get these comments, the iPhone 5 is selling by the truckload, there’s still a weeks wait to buy it from Apple.com? Where exactly do you quantity people are “getting over it?” The general public isn’t over the iPhone, no more so than they are over the Galaxy S III now that the Galaxy Note II is out.

      • I agree David and even tho I’m an Android fan, I also use and am glad that iPhone has finally arrived on Magenta. It’s certainly not over by any means.

      • George Millhouse

        um they are everywhere. there is no wait.

        • I didn’t say they weren’t everywhere, I was saying that there is still demand for it, enough that ordering it directly from Apple has a delay. Moreover, anyone saying “demand is wavering” for the iPhone is going to get immediately dismissed as an Android fanboy. There seems to be far more interest in preaching personal interests than objective facts.

        • Mirad77

          You have a point in the demand aspect but like the other guy said the market share say a lil different. Now that doesn’t make him an android fanboy he might just want a legitimate means of increasing his desire to own an iPhone.

        • Chris

          I said that this isn’t the only thing that’s going to bring the company back. Look at sprint. Really helped them huh? I still have no idea how they have more customers than us. Their coverage is decent but their service is god awful slow. We need good phones (got’em) good service (yep) great coverage (not so much) and great prices (definitely) and then we can start overtaking sprint.

      • Cybersedan

        “so this isn’t gonna do everything”

        I think the bigger point is not necessarily that people are over the iPhone, the question is, you have the device in your hand, are you now happy with what else the carrier is offering? Coverage, customer service, cost, data speeds etc… since the iPhone and Galaxy SII and GN2 will be available on so many carriers, TMo needs to be attacking this on many more fronts than just getting one device. So I understand what Chris is saying.

        • Chris

          Thank you. People will love to save money and come to tmobile, but when they find out driving 15 minutes outta the city puts them on Edge/GPRS they aren’t gonna be very happy.

      • IRIE4IPIER

        Just because there is a wait on Apple.com, doesn’t mean they are selling a truck load, there is a long wait for the nexus 4, do you honestly think LG and Google are selling a truck load of those Mr. “I think the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s are the best smartphones around”

        • Jesse James

          the fact that when I go on a bus or a train and I see more people on iphones then any other phone tells me they are selling boatloads of them

        • kalel33

          That’s weird, because Iphone only has 29% of the market share. Android more than doubles the market share of Iphone.

        • Guest911

          Again, moronic comment. You really are dense eh?

        • Mirad77

          He asked a legitimate question. Answer it or shut up. Demand and supply ?

      • Dakota

        Cuz so many of your readers are Apple haters and never see facts

        • Pretty much, it’s sad but true. Everyone points fingers at me as an Apple apologist, but I just try and disseminate the right information, not necessarily the info someone wants to hear. I love technology in general, my personal preferences are irrelevant. I love the Nexus 4, because I like my iPhone more I’m a bad person?

        • Davis is bad

          Yes… horrible lol

        • Chris

          I never said I hated apple. I said people are getting over the iphone. They see there are other options out there. Windows phone is awesome and super user friendly. I have a note 2, but recommend windows phone to a lot of my friends. iphone is fine too, but the screen is tiny and how can you pay $200 for a device that was released with a TERRIBLY buggy maps system, and it still hasn’t been fixed in X amount of months with no alternate options. You can’t just ignore stuff like that.

      • Chris

        Because I see and hear them getting over it. Of course they’re still selling a lot of iphones. There are millions of people out there to buy them and it’s a well known, time tested, solid device. But it is no longer the device everyone is burning for. People aren’t AS willing to switch carriers over it anymore. Especially when those less tech savvy people can get a much cheaper android or windows phone that is just as user friendly.

        • Spanky

          My brother in law is a big Apple fan, who’s been using the iPhone since it was first released. He was up for an upgrade a couple of months ago, and got the GS3. Although the iPhone is certainly still selling very well, people are beginning to realize that there are other, potentially better, options out there.

    • Whiskers

      I agree with the coverage issue , outside any major city it’s edge or if you can even get the internet to load on your phone at all.
      That being said , i still love the iphone and will get a new one once it’s released on T-Mobile so long that it’s NOT a Cheaper version and the price is right.

      • Chris

        Apple would never make a cheaper version so you should be all set. I hate how when I hit edge all data seems to stop. I can barely get texted based websites to load on edge.

        • Capt. Terrific

          Same here – go 2 miles outside of downtown Boston and it’s nothing but Edge. The only thing Edge is good for is basic email access. Until they get rid of edge and the pathetic 0.08mbps download speed this is going to be nothing but a epic FAIL.
          Oh yeah – the “refarm” will fix everything. Once it’s done in 2016.

    • S14Stig

      You’re a nerd? You got to do more research about coverage issues. Even AT&T and Verizon got coverage issues. The general public (not like you) has grown smarter and with a lot of common sense. It’s a matter of preference and with a lot of offerings for the iPhone on all major carriers, it will benefit us, the general public, in the long run. And we, the general public, are not over the iPhone. More options are available now on which carrier my iPhone 5 will be homed to.

      • P_Tigras

        I repeatedly find myself in areas where my friends with Verizon and AT&T still have connectivity and I don’t. Unless you live 24/7 in a big city, it isn’t just a matter of preference. T-Mobile plainly has more holes in its coverage than its larger peers.

  • lubba

    another Dan hesse

  • Justin

    i was one of those branded customers…. i was with T-mobile for 8-9 years (they were still Voice Stream when i joined them) and up until this year they remained loyal and they always did whatever it was to retain my business…. This year their bottom line was to finish the AT&T deal and just go from a JD Power award winning service to i dont give a crap what you need service attitude (Sadness this is) well they lost me….Previously i had upgraded my phone to the sammy galaxy 2 and applied for my rebate (it was the Valentines day sale) about a month later i bought another phone (samsung galaxy exhibit 2) for my girlfriend thru tmobile that i ordered at best buy which i wanted to make into a family plan between both phones… well through some errors in their billing i wound up owing 250 dollars (migration fee and 3 days of billing on a non existent contract that i didnt want) and then my rebate of 200 dollars was denied from my galaxy s2…. Well since they wouldn’t wave anything (as they made the error in billing) and deny me of something (my rebate) although i was increasing my range of business with them. guess who decided to say screw this and cancelled their contract…. This guy….

    Dear Mr Tmobile CEO while adding the Iphone may help increase business you need to re-install the superb customer service t-mobile was once famous for then maybe, just maybe you won’t have so many losses especially from people that remained loyal to you….

    —- a previous loyal customer

    • JJjay

      unfortunately for you when you got your girlfriends phone at best buy you got a discounted phone under the Classic plan. Once you get into a discounted handset you have chosen a higher tier plan. Since you had the value plan on your original plan you had to pay the migration fee in order to convert your plan into the value family plan. The reason being is because the company had to subsidize the hand set,hence they lost money and they had to make up the initial lost.

      • Kal-EL

        And how exactly do you know for a fact that his original plan was a Value plan??? He doesn’t mention that anywhere in his comment. That Valentine’s day sale through which he got the SGSII was for both Classic and Value plans so he could have been on a classic plan. Don’t be a smartass without getting clarification or knowing all the details of his situation!! IJS

        • Ceefu

          The only explanation for the “migration fee and 3 days of billing” to which the OP refers to, is a line that went from classic to value. No other “error” would cause those sort of specifics. You may want to heed your own advice, and read close before jumping on someone (JJjay) who A) clearly read the OP closely, and B) understands how Tmo’s billing/fees work.

          Now who knows the details surrounding why the OP’s rebate was denied. Could’ve been for any number of reasons, and he doesn’t say what reason was given to him.

        • Kal-EL

          Classic to Value requires a migration fee duhh, I know that. It’s a shame you didn’t read carefully as well…JJjay claimed that the guy’s ‘Original’ plan was a Value plan not Classic. Of course I know this fool is just upset over fees due to jumping from classic to value but JJjay was trying to make a case that he was on a Value plan migrating to another value plan(family) which I know does not cost all that mess and is pretty much an easy transition! Take the time to read!!

        • Ceefu

          To clarify what the situation (probably) was, that everyone seems to understand. HIS line was (again, probably) on value. The line he got for his girlfriend was (here we go again, probably) purchased on classic. He moved his GF’s line to his account, incurring the classic-to-value billing issue.

          Do we know ANY of that to be fact? No. Is there ANY other reasonable explanation, besides the one that JJjay posted? No.

          So essentially, you jumped on JJjay’s case because he worded his response poorly.

        • eanfoso

          You’re pathetic, you’re wrong, ceefu is right, admit it

        • Jose Hernandez

          What I think its happening Kal-El, is this: what they are trying to say is that by original post, it looks like the plan was indeed a value plan, when the second purchase was made at Best Buy, the value plan got changed to a classic plan and that is why the migration fees and rebate issues. I think this is what the issue is. Either way, it seems that something went wrong at the Best Buy store.

        • thepanttherlady

          That would work except you can’t migrate from Value to Classic.

        • XookieMonsterX

          Actually the valentines day sale was targeted for value plans in t-mobile stores, when he mentioned migration fee in his story it would have referred to the exhibit 2 that he purchased through bestbuy. T-mobile Stores would have offered that Value plan since their goal is to be 100% Value by 2013. You should get YOUR facts straight before you try to flame someone else, you obviously have not been following the trends of this business.

        • Kal-EL

          You need to get your facts straight yourself and also READ carefully!! I do follow the trends very carefully so get off your high horse…First of all that sale may have been ‘targeted’ at value customers in the stores, I know that!! But it was available to both classic and value customers, I know this because I purchased phones during that sale for my sister and brother and got them on a classic family plan!! I myself have a value plan and if you read his comment, what JJjay was trying say is that Justin’s ‘Original’ plan was a value plan and he tried to migrate to another value plan(family plan) hence all those fees. Now I don’t know what Tmobile you’re with but I know for a fact jumping from one value plan to another value plan doesnt drum up crazy requirement fees. Classic to Value yes but not Value to Value!! I wasn’t trying to flame anybody I just hate when people jump to unnecessary conclusions without proper facts, I wasn’t even trying to defend Justin, he most likely tried to jump from classic to value without having to pay migration fees etc.

        • XookieMonsterX

          you didnt read it carefully at all if he purchased a device through bestbuy, he wouldnt be on a value plan, hence the migration fee. Bestbuy doesnt offer a value plan, only classic. your the one jumping to conclusions we’re just putting together the facts and what t-mobile offers to get a logical explanation to why the OP get into this situation.

        • TmobileMAN

          The migration fee and the EIP hit the account he was on the VALUE plan, T-mobile doesn’t just charge fees, also the reason why he got the mail in rebate declined it was because at BEST BUY they only sell classic so they switched it. So with out the JJAy even saying what type of plan he was on that is the situation. Worked for T-mobile for 9 years what else you got?

        • TmobileMAN

          *still work

    • fentonr

      Yeah man, hate to break it to you but that wasn’t a billing error, its suppose to work like that to prevent people from double dipping and getting a discount on the device and the lower service rate. You did that to yourself. An actual store (corporate or branded retail, basically the same thing) would have known this and told you. BestBuy should have too, buuut, I wouldn’t ever buy a phone there, especially if your doing something more than a simple upgrade.

    • Thatclown

      This guy tried to pull a fast one. He was on a classic then wanted to get the cheaper plan and got caught. Idiot.


      If nobody’s gonna say it, I will, you’re AN IDIOT!!! You blame this crap on T-Mobile, but yet you bought your phone through best buy? And I bet best buy is who messed up you billing too huh? Customers like you won’t be missed on T-Mobile.

      • XookieMonsterX

        it doesnt make sense if he already signed a EIP agreement at the time he got a Galaxy SII and chose a individual classic plan through best buy and try to merge it together,

      • Dakota

        Why do you all have to be so mean and such haters.. It’s that attitude is what drives people away. Thosemillions of customers who left did so one by one.. It adds up
        .. then T-Mobile gets a worse reputation and more leave…. so many of you blindly support anything T-Mobile does. They’re always right and everything is the customers fault .. hours that been working?

      • Guest911

        You are one of the dumbest ppl on this site. Just go stfu.

      • Cxcares

        I agree 1 million percent. I hate idiotic customers who go through dealers and resellers and then blame it on T-Mobile! Seriously I take hundreds of calls each week where the customer blames it on T-Mobile and we had nothing to do with the problem. If you try to do a rate plan change or a hand set upgrade at a 3rd party I have no sympathy for you. Why should we be “loyal” when you’re doing this crap at Best Buy

    • Dakota

      Me too.. T-Mobile was the only carrier I ever had. The phone I had never worked properly and T-Mobile didn’t stand behind it. Customer service was awful.. Won’t go into all of it, but when their executive customer relations told me I should find a different carrier, I did… and

    • Apple Fanboy

      Yeah nice try buddy, trying to screw Tmobile over huh? Increasing your range of business with them? Yeah you’re not fooling anyone trying to get discounted phones on value plans. Im glad you terminated your contract, we dont need people like you on Tmobile.

    • Selfentitlementsux

      Why would they want to be loyal to you if you can’t return the favor?

    • pablo

      LoL I dont think yall get it. Regardless if we get iPhone or not customer service needs to improve. For all we know maybe he didnt have correct data package… Which defaulted rebate. Customer service was primary reason he left. We went from Jd power.award winning solders to…. Maybe it has to do with outsourcing.

    • Did you take your problem to Customer Loyalty??? I also have been with T-Mobile for years and have had issues with them, I always had great results with their Customer Loyalty Dept. Although during their almost change to AT&T their entire Customer Help dept was not what it should be. Many people and good customers fell threw the cracks. T-Mobile has improved so much over the last 6 months with all their deptartments, mostly their Customer Loyalty Dept. If you made a call to their Customer Loyalty dept. today and explained your issues I would bet they would help you. T-Mobile has bent over backwards to help me with any issue I ever had. I have an account with Verizon, have had it for almost 2 years, when it is up I will be moving another line over to T-Mobile. My service has improved every year since I have been with them, my data speeds are sick fast. Their phones are top notch, they will be getting LTE next year and their LTE will be an improved version, not the same as the other carriers. I prefer their HSPA+ with their current fast speeds but I guess too many people just don’t understand the technology so they hear LTE they think it must be great, not always the case. My entire point with this reply was to say if you gave their Customer Loyalty Dept. another shot I would bet they would help you.
      Good Luck

    • TruthBeTold

      Seems to be an I-D-Ten-T (IDIOT) user error

  • chuey101

    just watched video. Tmo’s CEO is Billy Crystal!

    • Todd

      No. He’s Gordon Gecko from Wall Street (the original 80’s version).

      • AndroidProfit

        HAHAHA! He would make the ULTIMATE bad guy in a Bond flilm or the next crooked mayor in a Batman movie! He seriously has that sleazy used car saleman look about him.

      • predation

        No. Wolfgang puck and Kevin sorbos love child. Lol

    • AndroidProfit

      He is one creepy looking dude

  • I hope so too. I look forward to going back to an iPhone particularly an outright iPhone 5 when a 42mbps version is released for T-Mobile.

    Bye bye, SII =)

  • AJ

    Yes, indeed. I waited for every itereration of iPhone till T-Mobile was ready to support at least 3G speeds. Purchased an unlocked iPhone 5 the day they were released last week and now seeing multiple places with 3G in San Antonio (15MB down) – I expect them to be finished by the end of the year. Also own a mobile hotspot so iPhone gets great 4G speeds wherever I go . This along with the other changes they are making will definintely change things and bring customers back.

  • thepanttherlady

    Is this the “unofficial” confirmation we’ve been waiting for that “Apple products” really WILL be an iPhone?

    • Whitney

      I assuming it iphone and ipad really.

    • iSheep King

      I believe so considering WiFi ipads won’t stop customer losses

    • Spooln

      I don’t believe there is anything unofficial about this, an agreement has been met and the iPhone and iPad will be sold and supported by T-Mobile in the coming months. My guess is by the end of the first half, but in all likely hood a bit sooner.

    • bob90210

      I’m pretty sure that T-Mobile will be carrying Apple’s blue shirts (as seen by the Apple store’s employees). Think of the all the people switching to T-Mobile to pick up these shirts!

      • thepanttherlady


        It can say “I switched to T-Mobile and all I got was this lousy shirt”

  • Anyone else think the fact that Tmobile says they are getting a new device from Apple means that Apple might be releasing an AWS compatible iPhone 5 for Tmobiles HSPA+ network? I hope so because the refarm is going pretty slow and has yet to even touch my area.

    • No Refarm Here

      Refarm – LOL. I live 8 miles outside one of the 10 largest cities in the USA and I have *never* seen a 3G signal even once on my iPhone. So much for this “refarm” making a difference. Oh yeah – and there’s no 3G at the airport either.

  • BigMixxx

    folks are buying iPhones like crazy. it’s just not reflected in a serious stock surge for apple just yet. HOWEVER…

    I do feel like Sprint is in deep, DEEP trouble. With their plans and rates, there cost structure for ‘premium handsets’, it’s gonna bring about a problem with sprint keeping customers.

    I see T mobile is Aggressively marketing and will probably pick it up more going into a 2013.

    Sprints in trouble…REAL, bonafide trouble. now just build up the rest of the lineup and this will be a hell of a year for t mobile…

  • Jesse James

    i like the new direction they seem to be going in since the failed att merger. The 0% financing and lower bills on phones is what this whole country needs to start doing.

    I still have 2 complaints. One is the service in the Philadelphia area (4th largest market) is too spotty and slow. the suburbs are rediculous. The other is the customer service. Its has gotten better in the last year but I’d still like some improvements in this matter.

    I hope he plans on really fixing these issues in the near future because this new rebranding is something I’m looking foward to

  • Dakota

    I love how T-Mobile execs and people on this blog always hated on the iPhone and now it’s the miracle that s gonna save the company. If there’s competitive pricing, it will help but not sure how value plans will sit with consumers when they find out they’re paying full price for the phone. I have to imagine though with iPhone being sold for 5 years that most T-Mobile customers who wanted an iPhone probably already left.. T-Mobile still has to improve is coverage, build up a successful LTE network and improve its woeful customer service

    • thepanttherlady

      Consumers are still paying full price for their phones with the higher rate plans on Classic, no?

      Knowing that a new customer coming to T-Mobile will pay on average $20 more for their plan for the equivalent plan on Value, I come up with the following. Corrections are welcome if my calculations are wrong:

      Galaxy S3 phone is $549.99 for full retail value. It is currently $279.99 after all discounts, including a MIR. That would be $279.99 + $480 ($20 built into the rate plan for 24 months) = $759.99 for the phone at the end of the contract.

      The same phone on the Value plan (again, equivalent plan) is $549.99. Customer makes a down payment of $149.99 with 20 monthly payments of $20.

      I did the pricing for the Note 2 but it’s a little more difficult because there are extra discounts on the website for purchasing through their site. If you remove the “web only” discount then you’d be paying roughly $799.99 for the Note 2 on a Classic plan versus the Value plan.

      If T-Mobile is smart, they will educate and train their employees to present the facts correctly to the customer. Everyone is paying full price for their phone whether it’s being financed by T-Mobile with a down payment and 0% interest monthly payments on their bill for 20 months or whether it’s built into their rate plans.

      • you’re right .. it all balances out in TMO’s own little recoup plans .. both on Value and Classic they’re recouping the cost of the entire phone. consumers aren’t programmed to see it that way though so they don’t put 2 and 2 together. as you also pointed out, TMO should better educate their base on it.

        • Motoki_Mo

          It’s all marketing smoke and mirrors. People are blissfully ignorant to the fact that they don’t have to pay $100 or more a month for years on their phone bill. They just see that they aren’t getting a $99 phone and move on. They don’t look at the big picture or all the strings attached at all.
          I don’t think T-Mobile is going to be able to change that mentality easily.

        • true

      • KNOWSmuch

        @thepanttherlady: correct. Value plans are the best rates, not classic.You will never pay more than $549.99 for the GS3, $499.99 for the GS2, and so on. If you include the current promotion: $499.99 for a GS3, and $400 for a GS2. Some people might want to go into a store so a rep can explain how it works.

        • thepanttherlady

          Part of the problem is that T-Mobile themselves aren’t doing a good job of explaining it to their customers.

          Perhaps the new marketing guy can get the job done.

        • TruthBeTold

          maybe a youtube video explaining the value plans will help customers understand value plans :)

        • archerian

          Value plans are the best rates, but I don’t think it will always lead to less total payment, when the EIP is added. Basically, if all Value plans are $20 cheaper than the correspondingly featured Classic Plan (I am taking this information from thepantherlady who seems to have done her math pretty thoroughly), then the savings across the 2 year contract is $480. So any seller offering $480 or more in total savings (phone subsidy, gift card, rebates) will actually match Value Plan costs. T-mobile doesn’t seem to do it online or in store, but there seem to be 3rd party vendors who do. Additionally if an existing customer moves to the Classic Plan, he can get the same Data Plan for $20 instead of $30 (Preferred Android Data). I am not sure if Preferred features are available for Value Plans.

        • TruthBeTold

          EIP allows you to pay for the upgrade when you actually upgrade. Other carriers expect you to pay subsidized plan prices even if you don’t upgrade for 1 or 2 years after your contract expires

        • archerian

          The comparison was between Classic and Value Plans on T-mobile. The price is calculated over the life of the contract based on costs/plans available today, ie if someone signed up now. You do however raise a valid point – under a Classic plan, if you do not
          procure a subsidized device each contract period, you could be paying
          for a subsidy you haven’t used. At the rate things are changing, we have no idea how plans will be in two years. At the end of two years, if the subscriber doesn’t want to pay the subsidized plan price and keep using their existing phone or BYOD, they can always move to a Value/No Subsidy Plan (if it exists) because if there is no device being subsidized, of course the Value Plan is far cheaper.

      • BoricuaBoy88

        You’re not counting all the taxes involved with a subsidy and a higher rate plan. Factor those in, and the GSIII turns out costing closer to $3,000 after 24 months.

        I’m one of those pessimists who don’t believe that the iPhone will save T-Mobile. It helps, sure, as do the Value plans, but the average customer cannot wrap their head around a concept as simple as financing, even though they probably already do it with a bank loan or mortgage with even more money. What will truly save T-Mobile, in addition to everything above, is more simplistic, and therefore, effective advertising, and a true network overhaul, meaning more towers in rural areas, translating into far more coverage, and more effective building penetration (I know that’s a spectrum frequency issue, and not easy to change, but it’s still an issue, nonetheless.). I’m a sales rep, and I cannot tell you how many potential customers I have to let walk away because their coverage check shows virtually nothing where they live or work. At some point, it doesn’t matter which phones T-Mo has, or which plans T-Mo offers. If they can’t offer reliable coverage, they’re losing both potential, and current customers.

        • thepanttherlady

          I’m not calculating taxes because they will be different for each person depending on where they live. The basic math outside of taxes is still the same.

          I agree 100% with your last point; however, if (and I say if because I don’t know for a fact) the largest amount of churn is due to lack of iPhone with T-Mobile, getting it will plug the biggest hole. That will allow T-Mobile (hopefully) to get their heads out of the a$$es to take care of the rest of these issues.

        • P_Tigras

          Lack of an iphone was a very convenient scapegoat for bad decision-making on the part of T-Mobile’s previous management. It wasn’t really their fault T-Mobile was bleeding customers you see, it was Apple’s for refusing to make a compatible iphone. Whatever. Poor coverage has always been T-Mobile’s single biggest problem, both in terms of acquiring new subs and in keeping old ones. Declining customer service didn’t help matters any either. Finally their inability to land the Galaxy Nexus even cost them previously loyal android customers, as did their disinterest in offering 720p android phones until the Galaxy S3 finally was released. All those things they could have easily done something about. The iphone on the other hand was out of their hands, so it made a very convenient scapegoat, and lots of people were happy to believe it. The iphone did have an effect on churn, but nowhere near as big an effect as the previous management wanted the shareholders and the press to believe.

      • archerian

        I agree with the Classic vs Value math, but perhaps the initial price for Classic might be lesser at other locations say Costco, and during special Sales events. A quick look of current specials on the SGS3 shows the best price to be $100 lesser than T-mobile’s prices. If I’m not wrong, it was around $50 during Thanksgiving. Also, the difference between Classic and Value Plans sometimes seem to be less than $20 if you go for the plans with fixed minutes. All this might lead to the costs being closer than we initially thought in certain combinations.

        I wonder how many users are on grandfathered plans, many of which are better than Value or Classic in price and features. Unless forced to switch for a phone subsidy (which is available only on Classic) they might still prefer to stay on their existing plans. Several are able to do so, provided they are (or move) to a data plan that their device supports.

        • thepanttherlady

          Even at $100 less than T-Mobile’s retail value puts the same phone $110 more over the life of the contract for Classic ($659) vs. Value ($549).
          And while there may be plans between both that are less for fixed minutes, when was the last sale you saw that didn’t require the plan to be upgraded to unlimited everything? For unlimited everything Classic is $89.99 monthly vs. Value unlimited everything which is $69.99.
          I’m not sure how T-Mobile will handle grandfathered plans. By the looks of it, they’re getting away from subsidizing phones so those customers may either have to switch to a Value plan to utilize the EIP’s associated with them or buy phones outright to keep the same plans. This should get interesting.

        • archerian

          It didn’t look like a sale, Costco is selling the SGS3 for $179 and there was an option to add the 500 min plan + Unlimited Nationwide Data 4G for $70. I think that makes the Classic Plan cheaper by a narrow margin before taxes. That is an non-typical case, and the savings (for Value Plans) increase with higher plan features. For $100 or so spread over 24 months, I am guessing it might sway some existing customers to stick to Classic. The whole Unlimited Calling/Text is just mint gold for the carriers.

      • Absolutely @thepanttherlady:disqus, as somebody who’s been with T-Mobile for 12 years since the Voicestream days I usually buy my phones unsubsidized anyways, really dislike the American way to buy phones so this decision THRILLS me! I usually only took the discount every 3rd phone or I’d give it to a friend or family member. Currently love Magenta and have been off contract with my plan for a bout 2 years. Here’s to the Future!

      • wesson

        In your math for the cost of the Galaxy S3 in the Classic Plan, the price you quoted is $279.99. That’s the T-mobile price, its far cheaper at other retailers. Some are selling for $29-$79, so the final costs would be less than a few dollars this way or the other, for the same services (minutes/text/data)

        • thepanttherlady

          And you can buy it on Craigslist for cheaper as well. Some people on Classic plans also pay less than those on a Value plan. I can’t account for every variable out there.

        • wesson

          Craigslist? I am referring to new devices with a new contract opened via Classic or Value Plans, I thought your calculations were for the same too. A variable cost for the device is a variable you should account for when it impacts your calculations to such an extent.

        • thepanttherlady

          I have purchased brand new devices on Craigslist.

          To compare apples to apples, my math IS based on both plan customers purchasing their phones directly through T-Mobile because a Value plan customer can only utilize their EIP directly through T-Mobile.

          Even at $79 through a 3rd party retailer + 480 = $559. EIP purchase on a Value plan is $549. You save $10 over the contract life and for those that don’t change their phones often, they continue saving with their rate plan over a new Classic plan customer.

        • Pacman

          Do Value Plans offers features that Classic Plans don’t? Of course they do like more frequent device upgrades, but Classic Plans have their own merits – a lot more loyalty features can be added to them which can bring costs down, unlike the Value Plan (cheaper data, text). The cost benefit of Value Plans is actually a marketing gimmick, a sharp customer should be able to see though the marketing spin. It is difficult for T-mobile to convince people to move to Value Plans as they say the math is hard to do, and many say if people actually saw the savings they get over the life of the contract it would convince them. Based on your calculations, its a $10 savings. Hardly worth the effort to move to another plan. I don’t see the logic behind moving to a Value Plan unless you want to frequently upgrade devices. The Classic plan users who don’t change their phones at the end of the contract will be paying for a subsidy they didn’t use, but they can either move to a cheaper plan (prepaid) or actually contact Loyalty to get better rates. Of course the system is set up to exploit unaware users, but all said and done, behind all the marketing sheen, its basically the same, give or take a few dollars.

        • thepanttherlady

          The $10 savings is based on your statement that a classic plan customer can purchase a phone at $79 at a 3rd party retailer. This isn’t the “norm” so let’s not twist what I originally said.

          Gimmick or not, I’m saving $75 a month on the Value plan vs. The Classic plan I had. Switching may not work for everyone. It works for me.

        • Where is my 3G

          Don’t knock Criags List. I bought my iPhone 4S from there for a fraction of what a “new” one would cost. It came in the original box with all the original accessories. I would challenge anyone without a microscope to tell the difference between my cheap “used” phone and a brand new one that has 1-2 days of use on it.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      As an 8 year T-Mo customer, and also a dude that waited patiently since 2007 for the iPhone to Officially arrive on T-Mo, I for one will not mind spending full price on this damn phone.

      • M42

        I’ve owned two of them and I’m afraid you very well may be sorely disappointed. My brother just got an iPhone 5 and he’s switched it for the Galaxy III. He’s much happier with the Galaxy. The grass always looks greener on the other side.

      • I’m ready as well. Using a 4S right now despite not having 4G because I’m not a fan of Android. Getting the 5 day one that T-Mobile makes it available.

    • AndroidProfit

      I don’t think they need the iPhone to SAVE the company but they certainly will benefit from it. I would agree the extreme Android phanboys who cry about the iPhone are funny as hell! Taking a phone that personally!!

    • Guest

      The installment plans are for 20 months. All taxes are included with the deposit.

    • drivethruboy168

      With the iPhone payments built into the plans with the Value Plan will still be cheaper than other companies plans even including unlimited 4G. Value Plans is a win win situation!

      • TruthBeTold

        Correct! EIP allows you to pay for the upgrade when you actually upgrade. Other
        carriers expect you to pay subsidized plan prices even if you don’t
        upgrade for 1 or 2 years after your contract expires

    • pholocity

      they never hated on the iphone, they just didnt feel that the capital expended was worth putting the company in debt (like Sprint is). They said they were looking at opportunities to work with Apple but not at the expense of the company.

      Coverage well it varies from carrier to carrier and if it works for you great if not you have other choices out there. Still cracks me up to read that it’s all about LTE, what can you possibly do MORE on LTE that you cant do on the the 42Mb HSPA+ network? Are you hosting torrents? Streaming multiple pages of HD porn? Help me understand why everyone’s stuck on LTE. From a carrier side is good use of spectrum with the added benefit of higher DL speeds but seriously anything faster is like having a Bugatti and driving it through the streets of Manhattan.

      Customer service, woeful? For a while TMO was 2nd only to VZW in customer service with Sprint and ATT being at the bottom.

      I get the feeling you had a bad experience with TMO in the past and nothing they do will make you happy

      • well said. The risk of subsidy for carrying the iPhone “at the time” was not worth the risk involved, just look look at the horrible crippling deal Sprint took. Sprint will not be profitable with the iPhone until 2015 and they got it last year. By T-Mobile’s calculations and removing the subsidy, they’ve effectively brought the profitability to a much more desirable time period of one year to make profit on it. I for one am glad they’ve waited.

    • Zombie Killer

      No, it isn’t any miracle, and it isn’t going to accomplish anything useful at all. Its just trickery to manipulate investors who don’t realize how small apple actually is.

  • track

    Well, or our fast speeds are coming to, you will be missed.

  • M42

    What will stop customers from leaving is a)having sales reps stop lying about T-Mobile’s coverage and features, b) actually having the 4G coverage you claim to have and c) hiring support reps who are not rude and who have an IQ higher than a baseball score. But just adding the iPhone ain’t going to do it. Did it make Sprint a major player?

  • The problem isn’t just the iPhone… its the lack of other phones as well. Like the Lumia 920. Even AT&T is smart enough not to put all their eggs in one basket. Sprint is getting burned on that, which is why they had to be rescued. And even now they are back tracking and rushing to get a Windows Phone. For the record, AT&T has bragged about how well the Lumia 920 is selling.
    But the biggest problem is COVERAGE. I just bought a Lumia 920 Dev Kit which works on AWS but i’m still getting crap download speeds of about 1Mbps. I’m in Rochester, NY. Travelling sucks with T-Mobile as well, you never know where you will get coverage. As I’ve recently started to travel less to cities and more to rural areas, It is really annoying me. AT&T & Verizon have coverage in those places and only rarely do I get to roam on AT&T but then you have the data cap. And data is now more important to most people than text or voice.

  • Ordeith

    Won’t happen. the iPhone won’t save T-mobile, but maybe soon they can stop blaming it and start looking at their real problems.

    • kalel33

      Nail on the head.

    • Sprint has a horrible network and they started gaining customers again once they got the iPhone. No reason to believe T-Mobile can’t do the same.

      • kalel33

        Call me when the iphone gets Sprint out of hundreds of millions of losses per quarter. They are losing big time with the Iphone in profits that could have been used to expand their LTE.

  • SouthernBlackNerd

    I hope I am wrong, but I do not see the 100% move to Value plans solving this problem. Obviously you have been losing a ton of contract customers over the past few quarters, which is also in the same time frame that you have been heavily pushing the value plans.

    I see that as a correlation. I also do not believe a lot of customers are going to be happy signing a two year contract with ETF when they bring their own device. Plus telling many of these customer to pay for phones out of pocket will likely make them tune out. I have so many friends that are shocked when I tell them how much I pay for some of my unlocked phones. they think the 200-300 dollar price is the actual price of the device.

    • archerian

      $200-300 will be the price for a smartphone in a few years. Once the Chinese/Taiwanese manufacturers like MediaTek compete globally, this should make smartphones a commodity and we should be able to see phones being sold with a 10-15% margin. Now, everyone involved is making a killing – Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung..

  • qpinto

    congrats to T-Mobile. this should help fix the loss in subscribers issue. this just makes it easier for consumers to have the iphone in hand rather than buy it from att or from a reseller and get it unlocked and THEN put in all the necessary apn and mms settings and things so it works. You would be able to just go into a store and buy it. Even though im a android geek, this is a good move. now if tmobile will only catch up and get the premium windows 8 phones…

  • Not me, I’m going prepaid dear CEO, if you do the math a Nexus phone is $349, why the heck are we suppose to pay over a $600 for a phone? Because Apple and others to make money on us because we need a phone, anyway we are overpaying your classic plans, make it $49 per month no contract and I’m back month by month!

  • angelo

    ya i dont think value is gonna work. Somebody will walk into tmobile ask for an iphone and they will be asked to pay $700 for a phone. Then they will just leave because they can get it for $200 from someone else. No matter how hard you try and tell them that they will save 1000 over 2 years compared to other plans they will not pay upfront for a phone. Believe me my friends are all idiots they think im crazy for having to pay for my phones full price. So I tell them lets compare. I paid 500 for my phone with my phone bill at 90 (family plan) they paid 100 for their phone and pay 150 a month so i do the math and show them how much money over the long run i will save but they still think they are getting ripped off.

    Moral of the story nobody will pay $700 for an Iphone when Verizon sells it for $100

    • 21stNow

      I experience the same thing when I tell people I paid almost $700 for the Galaxy Note II. I have the $30 Walmart plan. Even with that, no one can imagine doing what I do.

      • yozo

        What brand prepaid provider do you use?

        • kalel33

          He’s on the T-mobile prepaid that gives him 100 minutes, unlimited text, and 5GB of data.

    • Upfront they still will only pay $100 or $200 like the other carriers. You don’t have to put up $700 day 1 to get the phone. The only difference is that with the Value Plan T-Mobile separates the price of the phone and rate plan when you get your monthly bill. Then once the device is paid off near the end of your contract, the $20 you were being charged for phone falls off your bill leaving you with an overall cheaper monthly bill. With the other carriers you continue to pay the $100+ monthly bill even after you have completed your contract and repaid them for subsidizing the device.

      From reading these forums I can see the biggest problem with the Value Plan is going to be how T-Mobile explains them to the average consumer. There are a lot of people who still think this means they have to have $700 cash in hand to walk out with an iPhone.

  • Nearmsp

    As one who just bought an iPhone 5, I am deeply disappointed living in a city (Minneapolis) that just got a 3G refarmed certificate! The 3G coverage is spotty, weak and non existent inside buildings. If this is their standard for an iPhone, Sprint will be the benefitiary of the next few quarters of postpaid customers cancelling their service. I do hope that T-mobile really focuses on giving the current 1.8 million customers a better than an Edge experience. If the network is good, there is no need to sell. People will move from AT&T in droves. Right now, 10+ year loyal customers like myself are warning on Apple forums for people NOT to move to T-mobile, because the 3G coverage is a joke. It is better that T-mobile puts its money and mouth on its coverage on publicity or marketing.

  • network optimist

    Snake oil salesman this guy is; I’m happy for the Apple agreement and all but “COVERAGE is still greatly inept, 2g edge ain’t going to cut it with the iphone 5, people are going to be pissed. Yes the city centers are covered with 4G, the refarm has helped somewhat but I’ve got firsthand experience the network upgrade is also degraded or subpar after. It’s not all great people, your iphone experience on 2g edge will leave you fuming, trust me, things aren’t going to be fixed here at lovely magenta overnight. Coverage is our #1 issue, or better said “lack of proper 3g/4g coverage”, LTE will not fix the footprint issue either so if you live in a proper major metropolitan city center you will be fine, otherwise welcome to the real world.

  • OnlineRefugee

    I have not played the videos, but I have the print version of the transcript. In regards to the iPhone I thought this quite the teaser:

    John Legere

    The good news is we’ve become an incredible sales machine of the other very competitive devices from Samsung, Windows models, etc. Now, what was missing? It’s very clear, a certain number of customers wouldn’t come to the store if we didn’t have the iPhone. And that’s not a matter that they will buy it. There was just a definite churn impact, not only on network but on the iPhone. And we worked very, very hard for a deal that made sense for us.

    Now pointing out, the 2013 financials of this businesses do include the full impact of rolling out [the iPhone] in 2013.

    The [Apple] deal is accretive in cash flow and EBITDA in 2014. And I’ll actually go a little bit deeper on this because it’s not intuitively obvious that the simultaneous execution of one of the other initiatives we’re talking about, which is value plans — when you do value plans at
    the same time that you roll out the iPhone, the EBITDA impact in 2013 is almost neutral, okay?

    Now this is very, very different from what’s happened previously [to Sprint, Verizon] and well worth the strategic wait, I think, for the time that we waited. This is not a volume commitment
    the size of what Sprint agreed to or anything close to it.

    And I can guarantee you, even though I can’t talk about it, the — when this device rolls out, it will be a dramatically different experience.

    I can only tell you that of all the reports that have been written about what’s going to happen when it comes out, they’re all wrong. And unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait months to point out. But it is different, it is unique, and I’ll try to cover bits and pieces of it as we go forward. And it’s not because it’s not exciting, it’s certainly because we’re not completely in control. [Meaning the contract terms with Apple].

  • BigMama

    I am sure the rest of the world with Tmobile and their Tmobile iPhone are looking at TmobileUSA and thinking those idiots in USA should have jumped on the bandwagon a long time ago with the iPhone. Iean even Virgin America has an iPhone….

    Losses from initial expenses to increase business are written off. Lost customers due to poor marketing can not be written off.

  • purenupe1

    An ongoing rip-off with T-mo for a few years now, being forced to sign a 2 year contract and not getting a subsidy. What are they giving me for the time cost of my 2 year commitment?

    Example: those that start fresh, 1st time new service and bring your own device are strapped with that 2 year contract . WHY? They haven’t given you anything, whats their risk?

    • A cheaper rate plan. No other major carrier offers unlimited everything for $70. The top 2 carriers don’t even offer unlimited everything at all. None of the other carriers would give you a cheaper rate plan for already having your phone. They would still charge you over $100 per month whether you bought your own device or not.

      • purenupe1

        The TMO voice service has been sub par when compared to Verizon and coverge a joke when compared to ATT so it should cost less. But with your reasoning they are doing me a favor by locking me into 2 year contract for 2nd class phone service with no perks or discounts for customer loyality. Cmon, no one should be forced to pay a penalty for being dis satisfied with a product. I can only assume TMobile isn’t confident that any one will stay soley on the basis of there service, so they are removing their risk (A.K.A subsidy) and forcing you into a commitment. Most of us stay and deal with the lesser evil of Edge service or 3.5G cause we hate the other guys and their even more gouging ways

      • purenupe1

        And its not unlimited, going from 2Gigs (or 5 or 10) of HSPA+ to any quantity of 2G service is hardly worth bragging about. My job has me in Ohio right now from Chicago and all I get is Edge service, but I’m still charged for HSPA+. There is 2 Tmobile stores here and both advertise 4G in the window, even though its not available.

  • The truth

    Yeah think I am gonna cancel tomorrow. Should have left along time ago. Sad seeing what has become of this once promising company.

  • macman37

    David and Conan,

    Although the price plans have not been announced yet, one thing that I have to say is that after following all of your articles in regards to T-Mobile USA becoming an official carrier for the iPhone and iPads these past 2 years, you’ve both did a superb job keeping us informed. Seeing this moment happen for T-Mobile has made my day. John Legere sounds like the CEO that T-Mobile and other carriers need to help revenue growth and turn things around. Great job guys and keep up the great work!!

  • jay

    TMo getting the iphone would still not mean anything if I am still stuck on EDGE with no hope of getting 3G anytime soon.

  • The Architect

    Sad that Tmo CEOs’ sold their souls to Apple and the ghost of Steve Jobs to bring in the iPhags. As current classic plan customers (me 6 years and her 10+ years), it is time for us to ditch Tmo after our contracts expire and sign up with Verizon. At least they have better overall coverage where I need it the most in my line of work regardless of cost!

    • kalel33

      Classic plans started in 2010, not 6-10+ years ago.

      • The Architect

        I knew that, sorry I meant to specify my total length of service with tmo.

  • Winski

    Mr. Legere, you and the new people that you are and may continue to bring in need to transform T-Mobile into something that doesn’t exist right now. The dreadful business model that you and the other main stream carriers follow today is arcane, dated and out of step with the rest of the world. Until you or your competitors stop treating customers like bags of money that you can twist and squeeze like a child’s toy for your own profit, you’ll continue to loose more and more customers until you have NONE !

    Your proposed ’new’ model of no subsidies for phones is NOT new. If you ask your customers what they had rather do – buy them from the manufacturer CLEAN without your crap-wear versus getting them thru you – HA, the answer is obvious. When you actually tell potential customers THE TRUTH about services you can provide and precisely where, then you’ll get some back – but if those customers are like me (gluttons for punishment) and see claims of high-speed coverage, turn on one of your handsets, on your network and POOF your advertising IS A LIE – how do you expect us to behave?? We vote with our feet and our money.

    I had a colleague some years back that always told us to “Fix it – Kill it – OR set expectations that you can meet’ in every business deal we did. It paid off in spades if you followed it. Customers are looking for value for money. Until YOU and your competitors start actually providing that – you all suck.

  • tomarone

    They lose about 500,000 ‘branded contract customers’ a month, what does that mean, and how many new customers do they get?

    • kalel33

      The 500,000 is net loss of how many customer were added, minus the customers leaving.

  • idk

    but when are they getting the iPhone….

  • kalel33

    From working as a T-mobile rep, from the time when they were customer focused to downfall of the service to sales and anti-consumer policies, and now working as a Verizon rep, I see what T-mobile used to be and that’s what Verizon is now. Yes people leave because of the Iphone, but a vast majority leave because of other reasons. They don’t leave because of the network, unless they moved, but they do leave when they feel like the company is raping them by nickel and dime them each bill or when customer service reps act like a used car salesman to meet their metrics.

    Even the difference on how much time you can spend resolving the customer’s issue is vastly different. With T-mobile, the reps have to keep the call times below 363 seconds on average but with Verizon it’s 475 seconds per call. Also, the times aren’t harped on as much as T-mobile. That extra time to resolve the customer’s issue and build a rapport is much more helpful for the rep, customer, and overall customer experience, without having to act like a used car salesman at the same time.

    Lastly, T-mobile won’t allow reps to credit back the premium subscription charges anymore. The customer has to dispute it with the company that charged them, and customers with T-mobile seem to have those charges put on their account much more than Verizon. At Verizon we can credit them back and add the block. T-mobile used to do that too but now they want to keep that cut they get from the premium messaging charges.

    T-mobile needs to go back to the way they were in early 2010 and prior. They are dead last in customer service for a reason, not the reps fault but the culture at the centers and change in policies on customer service. It also didn’t help when they were fired all the great reps they had before the merger attempt who weren’t used car salesmen or were making too much per hour.

  • ant


  • TruthBeTold

    It’s funny how everyone wants a free everything. That’s why the US is going bankrupt. No businesses can stand the stingy consumer and stay in business. Don’t blame the government. Sure we’ll give you free stuff but eventually somebody has to pay for it and unfortunately that time has come and been passed onto our children’s generation going forward

    • kalel33

      I agree in part but the stingy consumer is because of middle class wages remaining relatively stagnant over the course of 20-30 years, while not keeping up with inflation. Also, the higher paying manufacturing jobs have been moved to overseas, leaving much of the workforce to deal with lower paying service jobs. The middle class has shrunk in half over the last 30 years. Gone are the days where most families could get by easily on a one income status.

    • Guest

      What does this have to do with T-mobile iPhone preventing customer losses? You’re probably like one of those FB posters that I like to block on my feed because they take
      every single event, chance and opportunity to SPAM their political message of the day. If I wanted to stay informed about our country’s political situations, I’d use a less
      opinionated and unbiased source of information, because clearly you’ve
      left way too much out of your overgeneralized hyperbole to really care
      about using actual facts.

    • M42

      Yes, like borrowing money from China to fund tax cuts for billionaires and pay for an over bloated military.

  • TruthBeTold

    No ideas are dumb. People just don’t know how to react to new things

  • riopato

    So, like everything that T-Mobile has done since they changed from voice stream is offer crap phones. Nokia mode instead of a E73x, Lumia 810 instead of the 920, how long did it take to get the blackberry 9900?, or why are all the androids an exclusive instead of a gimped version of the international one? I bet they are going to offer the iPhone 5 while every other carrier will offer the 5s come next year. As a customer of 15+ years, You Suck T-Mobile! I want my old carrier back. At least they came out with the startac before any other carrier did.

    • kalel33

      They also came out with an Android phone before anyone else.

      • riopato

        And everyone is running to Tmobile’s doors to grab the latest high end android… What? At&t has it too? Nevermind.

        • kalel33

          Does AT&T have wifi-calling? T-mobile was famous for the Sidekick. First carrier with HSPA+. What has AT&T innovated in the wireless industry. They seem to only copy Verizon, barring GSM which was just copying the rest of the world. The only reason they got the Iphone first is because they were the only carrier to accept Apple’s large subsidy requirements.

  • The big question is will this be an AWS iPhone or does T-Mobile just hope to have enough areas refarmed by March? Because currently with all the major holes in the 1900mhz 3G coverage, the iPhone would be a poor experience on Magenta for most customers and I don’t think they can have the majority of the network refarmed that soon.

  • Work on moving spectrum around for HSPA+ and LTE so they’d get the best spectrum for speed AND building penetration. As in give those bands the lower frequencies. Beyond that, keep up the great pricing and everything else. My biggest grip is as mentioned, going into a building and not having any internet (although calls seem to work).

  • David

    They don’t really get it!
    People are not just leaving because of iPhone. 4 of my friends moved to AT&T because they wanted high end windows Phone (NOKIA LUMIA 920) and of course 4G LTE which T-Mobile doesn’t offer any of those!
    I am thinking about doing same though I like HTC 8X but it is no Lumia 920. I might pay little more but I enjoy my phone everyday.
    T-Mobile is network of cheap crappy Android Phones with not very fast data speed like AT&T and thats why people are leaving. iPhone is not the only reason…

  • Zombie Killer

    iCrap has only 10% market share. They “seem” bigger than that because their advertising is loud and obnoxious, and it lets them pull the wool over certain investors that may not see the products for what they really are. The simple fact though, is that it won’t make any significant impact on their customer base at all. iCrap is doomed to the niche market of about 5% that they have historically levelled out at in all markets where they’ve tried selling products.

  • Loyal guy ..

    We’ve got two iPhone 5’s on TM and we’re pretty happy, BUT, the service is painFULLLL ! I’ve been around since Omnipoint, predates Voicestream. Reason .. Simple: Rates ! Come on TM, you mean to tell me you can’t get Palm Beach County Florida re-farmed before now ? It’s really sad. Running on Edge sucks. 3G does appear closer to Ft Laud. But only sporadically. When will I see real changes in performance. Loyal customer since 1998 !!!!!