T-Mobile Launching GoSmart Mobile Nationwide Next Month


After an initial test period in “select markets,” T-Mobile has confirmed they are prepping to roll out their low cost GoSmart Mobile prepaid brand nationwide in February. According to people “familiar with the matter,” Fierce Wireless has learned that Magenta is seeing strong demand in the various test markets and decided a nationwide launch was the next step. T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile offers three separate price points, $30 per month for unlimited voice and texting, $35 for unlimited voice, texting and 2G web service, and $45 for unlimited voice, texting and 5GB 3G “high-speed” web service.

T-Mobile has noted that “certain T-Mobile plans may be prioritized over GoSmart Mobile plans during period of congestion.” Currently, GoSmart offers the Alcatel OT 838 for $49 and a “mobile SIM kit” for $8 that allows users to bring unlocked GSM devices.

With T-Mobile’s third quarter financials showing significant growth in prepaid against harsh losses in postpaid, there’s little question why T-Mobile is placing such emphasis on its prepaid brands. If all you need is a simple phone with limited data options, GoSmart may be right up your alley.

Fierce Wireless


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  • Kufat

    There are $30 plans with a lot of (and now unlimited) voice minutes, and there’s a $30 plan with a lot of high-speed data (5GB), but does anyone know of a $30 plan with a medium amount of both? Say, 300 minutes and 2GB, something like that? The closes thing I know of is on Virgin Mobile, but I’d really prefer a T-Mobile MVNO so I can use a Nexus 4.

    • sfsfsf

      Airvoice Wireless is a MVNO company I just heard about. They use AT&T’s network and offer unlimited minutes and texts, plus 100 MB for $35. Not close to the 2GB you want, but at least it is HSPA+ and you can use your Nexus 4.

      • Kufat

        That is a pretty good deal, thanks…just not really what I’m looking for. Appreciate the reply, though!

    • Dakota

      It seems since voice is so cheap most plans now offer unlimited except for the pay as you go plans. What youre talking about might work with internet calling on Tmobiles $30 5gb/100minute prepaid plan. If you only need about 2GB, Straight Talk would work for you and the Nexus 4. Its fifteen dollars more but saves a lot compared to contract plans

      • Kufat

        Yeah, I’ve thought about internet calling and will probably end up doing that when I know I’m going to be on the phone for a while and don’t care about quality, e.g. calling companies’ automated voice systems. Thanks for the reply. :)

  • Cat Isidor

    I guess spelling it “dum” instead of “dumb” is them …being dumb?

    • davedsone

      Come on… there will be a “Da da da…” component on the front of the brochure. Try and keep up.

  • John

    I’m currently with Straight Talk(AT&T) and I love it. Hope T-Mobile boosts their coverager in my area(18708,Shavertown) because it all edge once I go out of the city:/ 35 is awesome, lower my business costs by 15 bucks.

    • john

      Dang, wish 3g was included in the 35 dollar plan but it’s still good. Give ST and BM some competition.

    • Dakota

      Im using it also but with Tmobile and get the same coverage as I used to. If HSPA is considered by them as 4G, I think Id stay with ST for the $45 even though my Galaxy Nexus switches between H and 3G constantly in Atlanta. My speeds average about 3mbps most of the time although I have reached 7-9 a few times – other times as low as .5mbps. So it all depends on how slow that network would be. For people who just want talk and text, it doesnt seem any cheaper than others. Ive found 2G (is that Edge) to be useless. When my phone hits an E, I cant even check an email or load a website.

      • FILA

        do you tether, how does simple mobile tolerate that, i read there strict, but no more strict then any other carrier? I have a GNex to, and thought about goin to ST, but I do tether thru the Nexus here and there. I dont want to loose my number if ST kicks me off

  • Mark Reese

    Do they have hotspot

  • Jm

    You can actually buy the sim already, according to the website.

  • FILA

    do you tether, how does simple mobile tolerate that, i read there strict, but no more strict then any other carrier?

  • archerian

    What do they mean by 3G – 3.6, 7.2 upto 14 Mpbs?

  • Joseph

    Do they have mobile broadband plans?

  • JNawaz

    Pricing is good. However, I’ll have to stick to my T-Mobile $30 100min/Unltd Text/5GB data plan. I have my ways to get unlimited talk on that plan.

    • What ways?

      • JNawaz

        It’s a little complicated but I still use it to get around the 100 min limit. It involves using Google Voice, Skype and refilling through ebay. If you want to know more in detail, reply and I will reply back.

        • Email


        • JNawaz

          I don’t understand. I really don’t know if I could send PM/email through Disqus

        • Opps that’s my signature, lol just give me the instructions


        • JNawaz

          The way I use this plan allows me to have unlimited calling regardless of the [major] platform I’m using. This is a little complicated and involves porting your number and have google voice app, skype app. SIP client is optional if you want to forward to SIP number instead of Skype.
          EDIT: This way, you make calls using data plan instead of voice minutes.

          This is My Formula (ideal for savings):

          1. Port main number to Google Voice. One time $20.
          2. Get the $30 plan on T-Mobile.
          3. Buy Skype Unlimited NA Subscription+ Skype Number $60/year. (This will pay for itself, look at #7)
          4. Change Skype Caller ID to your Google Voice number.
          5. Make outgoing calls through Skype.The Google Voice number appears on caller id.
          6. Use Google Voice forwarding for incoming calls to your SIP/Skype number.
          7. Refill using ebay. There are sellers who sell $50 refills for as low
          as $38+ no tax. (This means up to $86 in savings per year)

        • Edgy refill thru eBay? Why not thru T-Mobile


        • JNawaz

          T-Mobile will charge you $50+tax to refill. Ebay sellers get promotional pin# that they sell for profit at a lower price. It’s a win-win situation. You just have to be comfortable about giving your T-Mobile number to the seller (which I am). You can completely ignore this step, It’s just for saving more money. And If you port your main number to Google Voice, it won’t hurt as your real number is kept away. I have refilled many times and didn’t have a single problem.
          $38 for $50 refill is pretty good price, you can even use the extra cash for overages/ app purchase. Think if you bought 3 $50 refills for $38 dollars each, you could use it for 5 months and save $36. Just refill as late as possible since balance expires in 90 days.

        • I been doing this method as well with the $30 plan even tho I think you made it seem more complicated than it is.

          Also I recommend refilling thru CallingMart. Discounted $30 refills and no tax.

        • JNawaz

          Tried callingmart once. I don’t get as much discount as I do off ebay. Thanks for your recommendation.

        • If you follow them on facebook you can sometimes get codes for 5-10% off. But I will check ebay as well, thanx!

        • HeadBangToThis

          uhhhh, or just use wifi calling lol anywaaaays forget all that noise not even worth the hassle. ill pay the extra 10 – 20 a month and move on with my day of just using my phone itself

        • JNawaz

          More power to you my friend.

        • toto

          Or you could just pay $5 for Groove IP and forget all this nonsense… Been using it for almost a year with no problem. $28.50 per month by using Callingmart. Done.

        • JNawaz

          Well this nonsense would make sense if you aren’t only using Android. My way as complicated as it may seem is a solution that I got to work on iOS, and Windows Phone as well (and will probably work on any platform with Skype and a third party google voice client)

        • toto

          Talkatone on iOS accomplishes the same thing as Groove IP on Android. Not sure about Windows Phone but I don’t know too many people that use all 3 OSes at the same time. Between a one-time cost of $5 on an app and a monthly $28.50 on phone/data service and your convoluted solution, I think the numbers speak for themselves…

        • Groove IP doesn’t work as good as talkatone and neither one of them is as reliable as Skype.

        • JNawaz

          Also, if your friend has Skype, Voice call quality is way better than 2G phone calls (comparable to hd voice). I think Skype is now using its SILK codec. I don’t know 100% about other services like Viber as I haven’t tried it on WP yet (my daily driver). Two things Skype is clearly missing is (1) background push on other platforms, it needs to be online and running; (2) adding contacts with phone # like Viber and Whatsapp. Things with Skype will hopefully change as it is having backend changes to accommodate push and receive calls and IM when not running.

        • Skype is even good on 4G calling most of the time and perfect on my comcast wi-fi. I also use text+, talkatone and bobsled. But skype works the best. I’ve also heard that some ppl with the $30 plan was able to get T-Mobile to turn on the unlimited wi-fi calling feature with this plan.

        • toto

          Never had a problem with it but at least it’s an option for people who want to go the least expensive route since Skype forces you to pay for outgoing calls on POTS…

        • But Skype lets you use ur mobile number when making calls. So if I have a strong connection, no one could tell if its a cellular call or a voip call.

        • JNawaz

          I guess so. I was trying to push for a more ‘universal’ solution. I guess I shouldn’t have done that. There are clearly better solutions for popular platforms like iOS and Android. I do happen to switch around phones a lot due to easy accessibility to different phones and Windows Phone is my daily driver, so I guess things worked for me differently. However, I do end up spending less on the refill though at about $23 monthly.

        • Juan

          I have a better solution for you. Get Solavei, same network you have, unlimited all $49 that can go to $0 or even pay you without contract. All GSM phones including iphones are welcome. The best plan ever: myphonepaysback(.)com

        • Guest

          How could it be better than pay $0?? or even get money back??? myphonepaysback(.)com

  • Cool plans but not for power users. M4G still the way to go.

  • I just want to know for the 3G plan, does T-Mobile prevent you from tethering? Currently I am on the expired Even More Plus, and I love tethering!

  • It is already launch on the website, google gosmart Mobile, you will see the website!

  • This is what you will get:
    for the $45 plan, there will be state tax, it will be a little higher than $45, maybe $49, depending on your state. Also the 5G speed, even it is mentioned to be 3G, it is actually throttled to 876 kbps, even the same tower can deliver 12 Mbps to a 4G prepaid or a monthly plan by T-Mobile!!!

    I will pass it!

  • Chum Lee

    I love how Tmo gives these great deals to third party people and pretty much tells their corporate retail stores to go eat a dick. Awesome.

  • sagisarius

    Looking through the web site… and it looks like I’ll need a sim cutter for my nexus 4.

  • Juan

    nothing to do with Solavei, unlimited all $49 that can goes to $0 or even pay you in teh same network myphonepaysback(.)com