Good News For Windows Phone Owners Reliant On Gmail As Google Extends ActiveSync


Some good news for Windows Phone and Gmail users as Google confirmed an extension for its Google Sync product originally set to terminate tomorrow. The extension allows Exchange ActiveSync to continue for Gmail users until July 31st, 2013, a six month reprieve for Windows Phone users. Along with the Google announcement, Microsoft announced it will support Google’s new CalDAV and CardDAV systems syncing both contacts and calendars.

Microsoft says the unveiling of CalDAV and CardDAV support will “enable Window Phone users to continue to connect to Google services after July 31st, 2013.”

Microsoft comment:

You may have seen a recent announcement from Google regarding changes to the Google Sync service used to connect devices to Google services (Google Sync utilizes the Exchange ActiveSync, or EAS, protocol from Microsoft to synchronize email, contacts, and calendar).  We’re happy to share today that Google will extend their support for new Windows Phone connections via Google Sync until July 31, 2013.

At the same time, the Windows Phone team is building support into our software for the new sync protocols Google is using for calendar and contacts—CalDAV and CardDAV. These new protocols, combined with our existing support for the IMAP protocol for email, will enable Windows Phone users to continue to connect to Google services after July 31, 2013.

It seems likely a future software update will inevitably rollout prior to the July 31st cutoff date will bring the new DAV support features to Windows Phone devices. Regardless, this is good news for all Gmail users who use Windows Phone, good news indeed.

TheNextWeb via Windows Blog


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  • F.G.J. Ruiz-Alaniz

    Funny, how when the Activesync agreement was signed it was Microsoft that was doing Google a favor…now at the end of it it’s the other way around…

    • Drew

      I on the other hand would not have been so kind… When are the powers that be going to dropkick that birthday clown of a CEO, Ballmer?? I mean you have a Billion engineers working on any one project. Fix it for Christ sakes…!! WP is such a fail!!

      • Ordeith

        I doubt you have ever used WP.

    • BlackJu

      There are no favors in business. Corporations strike agreements to create value. If you read wpcentral, people aren’t doing a lot of complaining. Rather, many are ditching Gmail. So it is in the interest of both companies to soften the impact.

  • asdasda3432

    hmm who buys Windows phones anyway..

    • BlackJu

      Me and my wife and my brother

    • Nearmsp

      1% market share.

    • Ordeith

      People with brains that are willing to take risks and try something new.

      • laren31

        Really….did u forget that this os is from micro$haft? I dont know about u, but all the people with “brains” in my programming classes and other math related subjects love using android along with their linux based operating systems simply because of how closed wp is. Its also far less capable than android and micro$haft wants it that way. People with “brains” use android because of how flexible it is. I used wp before and in order to simply view folders on the device I had to perform a number of warranty voiding steps, and it barely worked.

        • Ordeith

          Well, there are brainless programming students using sub par tools and broken IDE models and hoping someone re-educates them enough after graduation that they can actually get a job programming.
          And there are those (like myself) that have already gone through it and have actual programming jobs.
          Visual Studio is probably the most productive IDE I have ever used. People that get paid to use it don’t refer to the company as micro$haft, but we do generally look at people whose only skills revolve around a LAMP stack as dimwits.

        • laren31

          Not the point. The point is this, you claimed that only people with brains use windows phone, I fought back at this foolish claim by giving facts of how limited windows phone is. You denied none of that in your reply so you must know that this is true. What did any of what you just said have to do with the argument?

        • Ordeith

          No, my claim covered people with brains that are willing to take risks and try something new. There are three criteria there, not just one. But as you fail to meet the first it is understandable if you didn’t make it to the others.

          The rest of what I said relates to how silly your example of people with “brains” was. All you claimed was that a bunch of dimwits use Android, no suprise there.
          As for people that think Microsoft is spelled micro$haft, I think even zombies would leave them alone.

        • laren31

          Its one example and It does work. Look at you, already resorting to name calling. You said that people with brains are the only ones to try windows phone. As I said before, I did try wp. It was too closed and wouldn’t be a good tool. Your assessment that only people with brains use windows phone is incorrect because many find that it would be a poor tool, especially for programmers, because it isn’t who micro$haft tailored it for. You seem to be a very experienced programmer, so be honest, could you
          Use a windows phone device to help you edit code on the go? Thanks for finally noticing that I only disagreed with one part of what you said.

        • Philosoraptor

          As an experienced developer, no I would never program ‘on the go’ with a phone. I’m right on with this O guy. Visual Studio is great. Trying new products is great. I’m surprised someone planning on joining the development world would be so close minded. There are many Microsoft shops out there, get used to it.

        • laren31

          you just called me closed minded and used the words “…would never program ‘on the go’ with a phone”. Anyway, I wasn’t really saying with a phone but rather with a tablet. I would edit a few lines of code on it if the situation called for it. It is just as how i would never write a whole paper on a smartphone even though it could be done but i would edit a couple sentences on it and it has saved me a couple times. Back to you calling me closed minded. i don’t think i am since i have used both wp os and visual studio. can’t really say i liked visual studio too much either, but i did try it. I thought wp was good for some people. Hell, instead of selling it like i would with other items i buy and don’t like, i instead gave it to my dad. So i like different products than you. why are you all missing the point. I said that i had a problem with him calling people who didn’t use wp os brainless. you even went so far off topic as to bring up visual studio. what does that have to do with what i said. the last thing i thought i am would be closed minded. I dual boot, with Linux mint and windows 7. I also even have a bb playbook. I have had a taste of many of the mobile os’ out their including the old windows mobile. I still have a windows mobile 6.5 device because i like core player. Compare a product like core player to any music player out their now for mobile and you will find that it can more than hold it’s own. I am far from being closed minded, but what i hate is when companies knowingly limit devices very severely as micro$haft has done with wp os. I will never share that kind of vision. I t is just as how i choose to stay away from the nexus line now because of it being so low on storage in this day and age. I can’t deal with companies doing this sort of thing then telling us that’s the way it is. windows mobile, though buggy as hell, was one powerful os. It’s replacement, though smoother is severely lacking in functionality. If none of you can see that, then it is a perfect example of closed mindedness.

        • Philosoraptor

          So not to side track much further, technically I could program on the go with WP (there are remote desktop apps), but it would be terrible. It’s bad practice to edit production code on the fly and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be complaint for any auditing purposes. You’re just backtracking with the tablet comment (all the tablet would do is remote into a PC anyway). This all started with you’re comment about you in your programming class. Sure, like students really know what’s what when it comes to Microsoft. You might very well end up at a Microsoft-based shop one day, with a Windows desktop, using Windows Servers, using Microsoft development tools, and then maybe you’ll be brainless with the rest of us :P I’m just saying. Anyway, for me WP just works. I don’t need jail breaking, I don’t need task killers, I don’t need root – it just works. Simplicity isn’t a bad thing.

  • therealmikebrown

    Wow, this just made BOTH wp fans very happy.

    • BlackJu

      Oh that was clever

  • Josue

    smart move by Google

    • BlackJu

      The corporation that believes in freedom of information?

  • fasd

    what should i do my tmobile contract on 2 of my lines are up (classic family plan) but one of my lines has 12 months left. Should i update now stay in classic plan or go value. SO confused. btw any one know when the next good phone is coming out? help

    • BlackJu

      Wait until mobile world congress at the end of February. They should announce many new phones then. Since we’re on the WP topic, Nokia should be announcing a couple of high end devices.