Newest JD Power Customer Care Awards Released, T-Mobile Continues Last Place Run

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With the newest JD Power study out and with T-Mobile taking another fourth place finish, there are two separate issues here. The first is taking fourth place and why with all the changes T-Mobile exec team has attempted to instill over the last six months internally, hasn’t the needle hasn’t moved at all? The second question is how on earth does T-Mobile lose out to AT&T? Save for Comcast, I’ve never dealt with a more frustrating company than AT&T’s customer care department.

The first volume of the 2013 Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study was conducted based on responses from 7,332 wireless customers during a period covering July through December 2012. The study is based on the experiences of current customers who contacted their carrier’s customer care department within the past six months.

What gives T-Mobile, when will we see a customer care turnaround?

The full report follows at the JD Power link below.

JD Power


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  • Titino Lattie

    Dat’s a LIE!

  • John Thomas

    Lol…. Get the iPhone and I’m sure customer care satisfaction will change… (Coming from a psychological perspective)

    • TonyPerez123

      You’re probably right

  • qpinto

    it will change once i don’t have to go through 5 different automated options just to talk to a person….

    • Guest

      Just say representative and it will take you to a rep. Pretty easy.

      • qpinto

        you have to say agent or representative a million times. and you still get constant questions from the automated computer. its annoying really. its a hit or miss if you get someone here in the US or not and actually understands what you want.

    • OZ

      Works when you say “cancel account”. You get routed directly to Customer Loyalty and they figure out everything.

  • J

    Its extremely simple. You no longer get anyone who speaks good english unless you speak to an account specialist, which you need to ask for after you get the non english speaking person. I always just say ” cancel account ” and always get someone who speaks perfectly. That is truly the reason why its last now. Also, the barely speaking english reps can not help you nearly as well as the higher ups. Probably making customers think T-Mobile is unhelpful in the process. Sadly, nothing has changed since the last JD survey

    • WMD

      ATT is just as bad if not worse when it comes to non-English speaking people. So it can’t be that alone.

      • 21stNow

        My experience doesn’t match that. I can only remember speaking to one AT&T rep where English wasn’t her first language. I can’t count how many non-native English speakers I’ve spoken to for T-Mobile.

        • Spanky

          Same goes for me. I only spoke with AT&T reps three times and all three were native English speakers.

    • MagentaMadness

      I’ve been reading a lot of comment about people always getting someone who doesn’t speak English. How often are people really needing to call CC? I call into cust care once MAYBE twice a year. Never experiencing anyone who didn’t speak eloquent English. I could almost guarantee most of the calls into cust care could easily be solved by the customer themselves if they just took the time to research stuff and taking care of it themselves rather than flooding the call centers creating overflow to overseas.

      • J

        I call in every month to set up payment arrangements. Called up for a phone swap 3 times in the past 6 months. Neither of those issues can be solved by the customer themselves.

        • J

          Mine you though, I have no problem with the customer service. I just always ask to speak to a higher up to get all my issues resolved.

        • Nearmsp

          You complain about English language speaking skills of customer service representatives. Your own English has scope for much improvement. “Mine you..” You do not seem to be a native speaker of English either.

        • guest

          yes they can. pay your bill and u wont have to call every month.

      • mizvonn

        Most information can be retrieved from A lot of customers call to get their balance or review their monthly statement without even looking at the bill. They. check the balance and call customer care after receiving the text message of the bill balance and want a rep to tell the them whats on the bill without looking at it. The call volume would go down if people just look at the bill.

      • Dakota

        Prepaid service uses outsoureced customer service reps. most are from the phillipines with some in mexico. Well if you have a bad T-mobile phone, like I did, and you have billing errors, youd be surprised how much you could call. Prepaid may also have people knew to smartphones who have simple questions or may want to pay for another month and dont know how else to do that, or may call when t heres a service problem in their area. Plus they eliminated email support they used to have. (You can twitter and then yourll emali their TFOrce

        • susan98

          I have a CLASSIC plan and they use the Phillipines as well. I’ve been with Tmobile for 8 years. Customer Service is terrible now.

        • Call and ask for Customer Retention or say Cancel plan. It’s the only way to get anywhere

      • There are Times when a rep makes a mistake and you have to call back a few times just to get a rep that can understand u

      • riopato

        I’ve been calling pda support once a week to find out if T-Mobile is actually blocking the 7.8 update for my windows phone. So far customer service, contracts reps and pda support are left in the dark about this as well as their customers since the only responds coming from T-Mobile is silence. Can’t even find anything online on their website except a lot of irate Lumina 710 owners on their forums.

        So yeah, not very surprised about this rating.

        You don’t think At&t, Verizon and Sprint have the same issues with their customers calling about nonissues?

    • They have to cut cost somehow. They take limit the need to call in, many things you can do yourself

  • TonyPerez123

    I don’t get it,i’ve always had a positive experience with T-Mobile,it’s customer care,and the reliability of it’s network

    • galaxymaniac

      are you confusing between T-mobile USA and T-mobile Germany (DT)?

      • TonyPerez123

        No,I was referring to T-Mobile USA

  • Jim Mack

    Its simple. TMO off shored most of its Customer care unit, actively forced out remaining tenured reps and puts such pressure to sell or be fired on the rest of the reps in the US that Customer service is last on the list of things TMO wants its reps to do

    • kalel33

      Pretty much what you said is very concise summary of what I said.

    • Ex Employee

      could not agree more….I was a tenured rep at the call center in Richmond, VA and as soon as the ATT deal fell through the cracks….ALL DOWN HILL FROM THERE

    • tmorep

      incorrect, T-mobile has 17 call centers in the usa and only 4 outsourced centers that only take over flow calls during busy times. as a U.S based care rep, I can say that we gave up JD Powere when corporate shifted focus from care to sales. They claim that sales isnt as important but when looking at the metrics we have to meet every month, sales ranks higher then anything else. I have been then since we were #1 on JD powere every time and can say that it is not the same environment there now. what used to be a fun place to work is not horrible. most of the good reps have either been fired or quit and now the ones left dont care anymore.

      • kalel33

        There used to be 24 call centers before the closures and the center I was at in Wichita Kansas went from 600 reps to 170. Yeah they outsourced quite a bit of the post paid service.

    • F-U T-Mobile

      I quit customer care at T-Mobile, and this is EXACTLY why. They went from customer care, to SELL SELL SELL. The pressure was so high, that reps were removing features (within 5 days of adding them) then re adding them so they got credit for them, making the original rep (who worked there asses off to upsell the feature from $30-$60 etc) only get credit for the feature remove. Then the reps manipulating the system would get awards, only to be fired after the years end. The coach’s for the team of the unethical reps would get no punishment for looking the other way, however, and the cycle would continue. I would sit there and run customers in circles, confusing them, and using any available way I could to push a sell on someone. I would intentionally use a discounted promotion to make an angry customer happy-ish instead of fixing their issue just to get a sell. Integrity is NOT alive at T-Mobile, it went from “make your customers happy” to “why aren’t you at this particular average of sales”.

      • Tmo-is-Shi#

        I quit customer care at T-Mo for this reason as well. Glad I’m not alone and I’m sure there are many others.

  • Herb

    So T-Mobile’s idea is to cut employee compensation and raises. That’ll make for happier employees that deliver great service, I’m sure.

    • kalel33

      They lost so many great reps during the AT&T purge when they fired so many. My center went from over 600 reps to 170 in less than a year and a half. I’ve never had such a high pressure position, with coaches messaging you every 2 hours asking why you’re only at $12 in sales and you should be at $20 by this time or an IM about why I’m on a call for 8 minutes and I need to get them off now. I understood why they pressure us, because they were getting just as much pressure themselves.

  • Ferndooski

    I was a Tmo customer for nearly 10 years but it got so bad and my job offered a great discount with AT&T that it was the best option. Their CS has been the best I’ve ever dealt with, just fantastic. I was pretty surprised after hearing and reading everything about them.

  • PeteJames1138

    Yeah the fact that they seem to keep making it harder and harder to talk to an actual live rep and even less of them speak English so that doesn’t help. T-Mobile doesn’t seem to putting any effort into it’s existing post paid customers. Just worried about new value plans and prepaid customers.

    • Dakota

      that is their strategy – and theyre doubling down on those too. I never understood why these carriers didnt offer existing customers the same phone discounts as new ones. Probably because too many people stay with the same carriers. But In business class, we were taught that its easier to keep a customer than to spend a lot of money getting a new one, yet Tmobile and many of their brethren don’t do it. Give existing users the same prices and offers and do what you used to – I used to get a nice letter at renewal time, thanking me for my loyalty and offering me a little bonus if I renewed my contract. The year after, I got nothing – at all.

      • Jim

        wow…back in business class….give me a break.If you don’t like them, there ARE other options that cost more money. So go PAY for the services you seek, instead of enjoying the benefits of lower monthly rate plans and then smacking the hand that is feeding you! Reality is this…..Mr businessman…. If it costs more to keep you happy (hiring better reps and paying them more money) then the rules of business say you have to charge more…. WOW I didn’t need a business degree to figure THAT out. So stop complaining about the cust serv while you continue to reap the benefits the cheaper labor gets you (lower rates)….and yes based on your comments I did have to spell it out!

        • kalel33

          But their business plan the last 2 1/2 years has been to gut customer service and institute high pressure sales. It’s cost them millions of customer but they increased profit. Sooner or later the pendulum is going to fall back the other way and they’ll realize the loss of customer will hurt their bottom line. What helps them in the short term is what’ll be their downfall in the long term.

  • MetroPCS

    I will tell you why, simple unhappy employees equal unhappy customers! Does not help that Mr Douche Bag Legere announced today no more discounted phones, no merit salary raises, no more food, the other carriers are waiting for T-Mobile to fall on its face with this no subsidy crap, why on earth will anyone sign a two yr contract, when you get nothing for your loyalty!

    • Whiskers

      The only answer would be the Free financing through the EIP for that $600.00 phone most people don’t want to pay cash for out of their own pockets up front.

    • Herb

      This. Very much this. So angry today.

    • ht

      Oh get over yourself. You fools are so blind and fail to see the bigger picture. T-Mobile put a DELAY to the merrit increases in order to look more attractive to investors when the merger completes. Furthermore employees at the other carriers pay a lot more for their phone plans and don’t receive phone subsidies like we did. Be thankful for what you had cause it could be worse. To say that our customers will suffer because of unhappy employees is ridiculous. GET OVER IT. You should always maintain upmost professionalism and try to look past your feelings of entitlement and selfishness. Please quit now.

      • nogoodnamesleft90210

        I hope Legere doesn’t share your cavalier attitude about employee morale. When employees are unhappy, the first to go are the most talented. And don’t underestimate the hard feelings by taking away things (i.e. phone discounts) that were used to attract employees in the first place.

        If you’ve ever worked in customer care, you know how important it is to “set expectations”. If you tell someone you’re giving them a $10 bill credit and it doesn’t show up on their next bill, I can guarantee you they will be more upset about the perceived “lie” than a mere ten bucks. Similarly, taking away phone discounts and indefinitely delaying merit raises is most certainly being seen as a slap in the face by most employees. If Legere is smart he’ll realize this.

        • steffanut

          Mr.Legere is doing exciting things and making major changes. Customer service is at the forefront. If all the ex employees had stayed loyal, they would find that the times, they are a changing. I have worked for tmo for almost 7 years, when the business model was changed to sales based, we were following AT and T’s business model. Tmo is a business, and needs to be run like one. While it used to be awesome to have a customer call in and be able to give them anything they want, I never bought my kids love, they turned out okay. I expect that if you work with your rep, instead of immediately saying it’s the companies fault, there is always a compromise. There are bad reps out there. I have hung up on my teammates if I feel they will not take care of my customer. I will not hesitate to do it again if I speak to someone and they are acting like they are being put out. Sales is what keeps a company afloat. No business succeeds on customer service alone. Hence the word business, and for profit.

        • SmartAzz

          Sounds like corporate brainwash at it’s finest.

        • steffanut

          Not corporate, just a positive attitude and being a current employee, I know the changes being made. You can get on board, or you can not get on board. I can make the best of it, and be thankful I have a job that pays well and treats me well. Or I can be unhappy and miserable and constantly complaining on a website about I company I dislike.

        • kalel33

          Notice that Verizon has consistently been #1 in customer service since T-mobile changed to customer SALES and service? Verizon doesn’t do sales. Coincidence, I think not.

        • galaxymaniac

          looks like Stephanie Haney is doing some major online brown nosing… “exciting things”, “major changes”

      • ShoNuff

        sounds just like a trainer i once knew. it all starts with a good brand being pumped into the pockets of wouldbe customers by, GOOD EMPLOYEES. Just because workers of the old day you seem to be from HAD to work didnt mean they had to be whipped while doing it. A perk is a perk, theres a reason why people rarely share desk but yet you see new people all the time…sales are there to get the new hires but smarter reps would rather work at fast food and not have to worry about the randomness of myvoc popping or in some depts, if a customer calls back within 48hours (their right) some reps get dinged even if it doesnt regard them.

  • Daniel Darnell

    Over the years I’ve used all the carriers including T-Mobile which I’ve had a few times. I was always moderately happy with the service but their customer service is indeed poor but the thing about it is it use to not be. When I first had T-Mobile their customer service was top notch but over the years it got worse and worse. The last time I dealt with T-Mobile I had issues doing a simple number port because the obviously outsourced lady on the phone couldn’t understand me. It was very frustrating and made me think if I can’t even do a simple number port over the phone with T-Mobile what kind of issue am I going to run into when I need real help? That being said I’ve found AT&T has improved over the years while once difficult to deal with they now have top notch customer service that is friendly, helpful, and almost always answers instantly. Now I’m not a T-Mobile hater and I think they are a good choice for some people and I wouldn’t mind using them again myself either but when I think of T-Mobile I do not expect good customer service. I think of good rates and flexible options but poor customer service.

  • kalel33

    There’s a few major issues with T-mobile customer care.

    1.) Contracts for just changing the plan and even when the rep never tells the customer about the 2 year contract increase T-mobile won’t acknowledge that it was instituted fraudulently.

    2.) Sales. Make customer service into service again and get rid of the sales tactics. The metrics that reps have to hit for doing sales crazy. Also, a reps sales are also based off of removal of features and/or lowering of a plan, which means they have to make those numbers up in later sales. I constantly seen where people would have to call in 3 different times because they were wanting to downgrade their plan or remove a feature and suddenly their call dropped. Those reps that hung up on the customer didn’t want to take a hit in their sales numbers. Not to mention how many reps just threw features on an account as a perk for being a loyal customer and never telling them the free web for a month started charging after the first month.

    3.) CRT(call resolution times) are horribly low. When I was there, The average call time was set at 363 seconds and you were hammered on meeting or exceeding that goal. Verizon gives their reps 475 seconds but unless you’re over 575 then they won’t harp on you much. That extra time gives the rep time to build a rapport and not just sound like they are trying to push customers off of the line.

    4.) Hardline stances against any credit, even if it was a previous reps fault. They used to be more of a customer oriented customer service and then, in 2010, they changed to a business first service.

    5.) Redo the SIVR(automated system) for customer to get to a rep. Too many customers get hung up on because they don’t input what the system deems as appropriate reason to speak with a rep.

    Go back to what made T-mobile #1 in customer service. Do what’s best for the company AND the customer. Get rid of sales by customer service reps. Increase CRT so that the reps can spend the time resolving the issue, instead of feeling like they are being pushed off of the phone. Make it easier to talk to a rep. They were a great company to work for when they were customer and employee oriented but things changed when they were looking at selling T-mobile. I doubt they’ll ever go back because they see the savings in lowering calls times, denying almost all credits, and having reps act like used car salesmen.

    • Guest

      I have to say all of your points were valid…last summer. None of those points hold true any more. For example, try the SIVR again and see how easy it is to get to a rep now.

      • kalel33

        There’s no sales metric anymore? It was $10 per hour when I was there last. Also, what’s the CRT metric now? I do know they still put you in on a 2 year contract for changing a plan, because I just did a couple of months ago and the rep didn’t say a single thing, until he was pushing me off of the line and I asked about it.

        • Jason Crumbley

          Don’t they also charge you a 200 dollar termination fee for changing your plan?

        • kalel33

          No, you’re thinking of the migration fee. I know what you’re talking about though. They charge you a $200 migration fee per line if you changed your plan or upgraded in the last year and then want to move to the Value plan. I understand the migration fee if you got a phone on discount but when the only change was a rate plan change then I think it’s a bogus charge.

        • testing123

          contract no longer affect migration fees, only time since lance upgrade.

      • J

        Yeah its easy to get a rep now. You just said Representive

    • mizvonn

      Those issues were valid a year ago. Reps don’t get effected by removals anymore for a better experience for the customer.

      • kalel33

        It’s “affected” and I was working there less than 6 months ago.

    • Ex Employee


    • Dakota

      Something you said reminded me of when a tmobile rep literally told me he had to hang up on me because he had been on line for 40 minutes when I was trying to figure out a strange charge. Id also encourage better trained retail employees and make sure the Tmobile Owned Stores are the same as the 3rd party ones. I didnt realize the store near me wasnt really a Tmobile store because it looked exactly like one. The employees were so uninformed about Tmo plans, policies and the phones they were selling. I knew more than they did. They couldnt even tell me the difference between the phones they were selling..then I asked whats differnce between HTCX and HTCS and the guy said theyw ere the same phone the other one is just at ATT

    • ht

      Your information is sorely outdated. T-Mobile has made several changes over the last few months that reflect the old business model. Reps no longer have feature removals count against their net sales and a reps myvoc score [customer surveys on 1 -6 scale] make up 25% of their metrics. I remember during the at&t merger days that customer surveys were given little attention. They have also revamped the quality audit system returning to the old days of scoring reps based on courtesy, concern, timely resolution, and knowledge. Also the IVR system has been completely overhauled providing a balance between useful self help options or if you prefer you can say “customer service” or “agent” and will get transferred to a rep with no bs or call disconnected. Its important to be effecient on your calls to respect your customers time. I started at T-Mobile almost three years ago as a customer service & sales rep and now I work in mid market business sales. I can tell you that several of my peers and I had high sales, low crt, low iocr [one call resolution] and great customer survey scores. On several ocassions my teammates and I would get customer Kudos where the customer would specifically ask for our supervisor to tell them would a good job we were doing. For all the former employees on this forum or current disgruntled employees please stop looking at yourself as a victim and take accountability and ownership over your work ethic and your drive to succeed. I always cared for my customers and strived to treat them the way I would like to be treated. The metrics and goals the company sets are attainable. You must have an open mind and be willing to take feedback and implement it, regardless of whether you agree or not. I feel like T-Mobile is moving in the right direction and some of the recent changes will be better reflected on the next jd power scores.

      • kalel33

        I knew of nobody in our center that hit the sales, IOCR, CRT, and great customer scores. I knew of quite a few people that had good CRT, IOCR, and customer scores but were horrible at sales. They were fired or pushed out. I seen reps with great sales numbers but horrible IOCR and MYVOC and were lauded for their great achievements. It was all about the money the rep could bring in, not the customer service.

        I had the highest MYVOC scores in my unit(72 reps) the last 2 months and I had to quit before I would be fired. The only metric I had that was poor was sales. They were great before they had the sales metrics and the only people that consistently hit the sales numbers were the one’s that didn’t follow the ethical sales rules that T-mobile put out. Their coaches let those reps do whatever they had to do to get the sale, because it made them look good. I nested with 3 of of the top sales reps and was appalled at the tactics they used. They made a car salesman look honest.

  • How the heck did ATT com in second? I’ve never had an issue with T-mobile in two years. I always got someonee who spoke perfect english when I called

    • Jason Crumbley

      If you notice, it’s rated in order of the largest carrier first-smallest last.

  • Bill Smith

    Having worked for a company that was in JD Power and Associates top ten, I can say I don’t believe there ratings at all anymore.

  • irtiza sami

    I remember when T-Mobile used to be on a top with their awesome Loyalty Department….

  • cmalvado8

    That is total bull shit. I’ve been with Tmobile for 12 yrs and the provided the best customer service of any company I’ve dealt with. I have never hung up the phone with them without a smile. I can’t say that about any other company and I have had service with all the other major carriers.

  • me

    Can’t blame the At&t deal on this one. That excuse died in late 2011. These numbers should be troubling for the Tmobile brass. It seems people just straight up don’t trust magenta any more.

    • kalel33

      You can blame the AT&T deal. All the changes to customer service and changes in policies were a direct result of the AT&T deal. They just have never changed the policies or customer service culture back to the way they were pre-AT&T deal.

  • HeLLkAt31

    The last few times I had to call customer service. I couldnt understand what they were saying. I had to ask them to repeat what they were saying. It was always frustrating calling them. The whole AT&T deal screwed everything up real bad.

  • Dakota

    Those numbers are pretty bad. Its not even 4th place by a little bit where you could cut them a break. THeyre last place by A HUGE AMOUNT. Honestly, I havent been with ATT so cant comment although Ive always heard people complaining but think that was more the network/dropped calls – not customer service. I can tell you I had been wtih Tmobile for 6 years – it was the only carrier I ever had and tried my best to stay with them. I kept getting no where and dealing with people who were lying and rude and antagonistic. One supervisor told me to leave Tmobile if I werent happy (after a billing employee hung up on me telling me he was only allowed to speak to customers for 4 minutes because that was their policy.” I tried prepaid with them and that didnt hel;. The phillipine reps barely understand English and they were very unfamiliar with TMobile rates and policies and often provided incorrect information. I even contacted and then realized that if this is what management incharge of prepaid acts, then this confirms the problem starts from the top. ECR was horrendous and I laughed as I googled the employees name and there were other customers complaining about how they were treated and this ECR Leonard Gooden said the same to them too. I guess thats why I don’t know a single person who has T-mobile. I have Straight Talk so at times, Im still using TMO

  • Trevor Traub

    Well I had a great experience with T-Mobile just the other day. I had one of those 9.99 text message charges show up on my bill. I called expecting to get the run around. I got an intelligent, nice and helpful English-as-a-first-language person, who instantly identified the error and refunded the money no questions asked.

    They even offered to block any further texts from all of my lines. I could not have been happier. Perhaps they are beginning to make changes?

    Time will tell.

    • Sam

      Blocking text messages won’t fix the problem. They come through the content gateway. What you need to do is have them block shortcodes from your account.

  • EhWoL

    My experience a few days ago…

    info: Thank you for choosing T-Mobile. A representative will be with you shortly.
    info: Welcome to T-Mobile online sales support, how may I help you with your purchase today?
    Nelly: I’m more than happy to assist you. Can I ask for your name please?
    Nelly: Hello
    Nelly: Before we begin, are you a new customer or an existing T-Mobile subscriber?
    You: hi
    You: been with T-mobile for almost 10 years
    Nelly: Would you want to add a line?
    You: looking at switching to a family plan, so possibly adding 2 lines
    Nelly: How many lines you have currently?
    You: individual get more plan currently
    Nelly: Are you on value or classic plan?
    You: a “Get More” or “even more” plan, you guys don’t offer it anymore I dont believe
    Nelly: Yes that is the old plan.
    You: my contract is not up until march I think but I am currently up for an upgrade
    You: I am thinking of bringing my father under my plan from AT&T, he is ready to make the jump to a smart phone
    You: and my gf from Metro PCS so we can all save a few bucks
    You: Looking around has shown that prices are different between in T-mobile stores, the T-mobile website and other authorized dealers like Walmart or Best Buy. All so confusing
    Nelly: Allow me a moment please.
    You: no problem
    Nelly: Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.
    Nelly: Yes we have web only deals online.
    Nelly: Do you wish to add a new line today?
    You: but even the plans differ, in store I was told that the plans come with insurance but they are $8 more than online plans where the insurance is an option at $7.99
    You: Is 500 minutes the only option for adding a third line to a family plan?
    Nelly: I am afraid we do not have even more plans online.
    Nelly: Can I recommend you one thing?
    You: sure
    Nelly: Do you wish to start a new 2- year individual contract?
    Nelly: You will get free activation and you can get 500 minutes plan and get a free phone if you prefer.
    You: thank you for your time.
    Nelly: >?

    As you can see I was asked what plan I had AFTER I had already stated it. Later when I simply had the word “even” in my reply they apparently thought that meant an “Even More Plan” or they just didn’t read my original reply. then I was asked if I wanted a new 500 minute individual plan despite me asking questions about and going into detail about started a family plan… I immediately ending the chat as to not waste anymore of each others time.

    • purenupe1



      Thank you for choosing T-Mobile. A representative will be with you shortly.

      Welcome to T-Mobile online sales support, how may I help you with your purchase today?

      Rhonda: I’m more than happy to assist you. Can I ask for your name please?

      You: I was
      thinking of bringing my wife’s line to my account from sprint. What
      family would you recommend? Currently I pay $108 for tmobile and $99
      for sprint

      Rhonda: How many lines are you looking for?

      You: I currently have 1 mobile and and 1 home line, I m interested in porting 1 new line from sprint

      You: how would this affect my $10 home line?

      Rhonda: Okay.

      Rhonda: Thank you.

      Rhonda: I am sorry we don’t offer home lines.

      You: I HAVE A HOME LINE!

      Rhonda: Is there any thing else I may help you with?

      Rhonda: We don’t offer home lines.

      You: are you serious? can you even see my account?

      Rhonda: Before we begin, are you a new customer or an existing T-Mobile subscriber?

      You: Cmon lady I just told you I have 2 lines with Tmobile

      I do understand your concern however we are at the Sales Support so we
      don’t have the access to check your account details.

      Rhonda: Please don’t worry about it our customer care can do it for you because they have the access to do it.

      Rhonda: If
      you want I can send you the link of the Customer Care so that you can
      initiate a chat session with them so it would be easy for you.sage… a message…

  • Matt

    This Davd guy is very subjective. AT&T’s customer service use to be crap. Have you even used it recently? It’s actually quite good. But there is a reason they don’t bleed customers.

    Don’t be so subjective!!!

  • Mark

    I have a cellular account with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon because of where I live… In the sticks. I have T-Mobile for my voice service, AT&T for my home internet (MiFi), and Verizon for their $20 home phone. I have contacted all three companies over the past 6 months and I can say that T-Mobile is significantly worse than the competition in regards to customer service.

    AT&T and Verizon never ask me to add a feature onto my account when I call in. T-Mobile always does (except when I speak to an Account Specialist). I always get good reps no matter what company I call, however, with T-Mobile, I often have to call back 2-3 times to get something resolved (unlock code for a device; a recurring bill credit that I need to get taken care of every month because the system can’t do it by itself).

    With AT&T, just recently, they gave my dad their unlimited mobile to any mobile feature for families for $20 instead of $30 and also applied their grandfathered A-List feature for free onto his account. I usually hate AT&T but they have been generous to me and my dad.

    The reason I stay with T-Mobile is because they are cheap and I have an old rate plan that can’t be beat.

    If T-Mobile would stop the sales tactics when calling in, fix the automated system so when you say something it actually understands you, and actually fixes your issue the first time (instead of having to call back 3 times to request an unlock code because the past two reps submitted the wrong form/phone model), then they may regain that number one spot (which I hope they do).

    End rant. Sorry for the long post but this is my experience.

  • spritemoney

    You want to know what the problem is? The OUTSOURCING of the customer service. I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since 2007 and I’ve witnessed the downward spiral of T-Mobile customer service. I have AT&T U-VERSE for my house and their customer service is located in the United States and they usually (like 90% of the time) quickly resolve the problem. I LOVE T-Mobile, but this outsourcing has to stop. I know they’re doing it to save money, but still, is it worth saving all of that money if you’re going to lose all of those customers? The outsourced customer service reps are not as helpful as the U.S. ones, they are also not as knowledgeable. For example: My area got refarmed around the beginning of December and I called T-Mobile last week to report to their engineers how unstable the 3G 1900 MHZ is in my area. The CS rep said it was my iPhone’s problem and my $50 data plan problem because I was approaching 100mb (I didn’t pass it yet). I have TWO iPhones and I told him I assure you its not my iPhone, he kept on talking more mumbo jumbo how it’s my iPhones/Data plan and I should consider buying a T-Mobile branded phone because he said T-Mobile does not support the iPhone (I know this). Eventually I got frustrated and I just reported my issue to T-Mobile takeaction. They’re just so frustrating to deal with now. Also there are many cultural barriers IMO, for example: You CANNOT go to the T-Mobile store for help for monthly4G, but they claim you can. These are some of the problems with T-Mobile customer service.

  • bk1

    The AT&T debacle continues. Outsourcing, cutting commissions, and raising expectations to an unnatainable levels is showing to the customer base. Karma blows…

  • Michael Corral

    How the fuck does ATT have that high of a rating?

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile simply shut down the junk CS and call it a day.

  • bob

    how is att only 7 points behing verizon but verizon is rated five stars and att is rated 3? sometimes i think the surveys are a joke

  • 21stNow

    I have to ask what you are doing to get such bad customer service from AT&T. Out of the three carriers that I deal with, AT&T has the best customer service by far. VZW reps are nice, but not as effective. I dread having to call T-Mobile customer service and am happy that I don’t have to that often.

  • sir1jaguar

    I dont want to chime in this topic BUT it hurts me as a tmobile customer now.

    I have 4 lines – all lines with data & unlimited call & txting around the world with just $140/month (with 20% corporate discount & $10 loyalty discount)

    Then before, (1 year ago) my house has no 4g BUT after calling them about the issue, they promise that they will escalate the problem & make the signal better – then NOW we have full bar signal in every corner of my house & the community.

    I called them about some issue and they gave me a big credit of $50 just for having some problem.

    They’re loyalty dept. is way better than at&t, Verizon & sprint.

    The truly unlimited data & txt with excellent customer service & the lowest in the market per month rate KILL ALL OTHER CARRIER.

    SO I think, this survey is paid by those 3 carriers & they doctored the result.

    I am so happy with TMOBILE…

    • kalel33

      Verizon doesn’t have a loyalty department anymore.

  • tim

    no wonder. TMO sux with it’s shady coverage and basic smartphones

  • Dion Mac

    I laughed so hard at this… especially at&t ranking fairly closely to Verizon. I’m over it!

  • superg05

    i was just looking at there site they sell solutions to companies t-mobile must not be paying up so they get a low rating

  • Josue

    AT&T is in 2nd place? I smell a conspiracy. lol

  • superg05

    we got a phone line with at&t they transferred me between 10 reps before i hung up wtf there’s no way in any of the 7 dimensional hells there above t-mobile bullsh!t

    • Nick Gonzalez

      sorry i dont mean to laugh but thats messed up.

  • Brian Kloft

    As much as I understand the idea that we want their customer care rating to be the best. Bragging rights and marketing are a good thing. However when I look at the numbers it is like saying that we are doing horrible by getting a C- grade when the best kid in class is getting a solid C. I would say that according to the numbers they are all giving C grade service or they are all doing fine. There is only a 7% difference from Verizon to TMobile.

  • superg05

    didn’talot of tmobile reps go to at7t during the transit or no…

  • annon

    that and reps dont care as much. lately the company puts a lot of pressure on them to meet so many goals and if they meet 7 of them but miss 1, you have to go to a class for retraining. they also released today that there will be no raises once again, and to top it off are no longer offering employees a discounted phone. they must pay full price. so reps dont get a raise, but executive staff gets bonuses, and they lose out on phones and are always in retraining classes. its easy to see why these employees really dont feel passionate about helping customers anymore.

  • John Smith

    Is anyone surprised? Top leadership likes to throw around cool slogans and shiny ads but store employees are terrorized on a daily basis. Furthermore the hiring practices are complete crap as they tend to target hustlers that care about nothing other than make a few extra bucks on their commission rather than help out a customer. In fact, it is well known in the company that employees tend to want to avoid any customer who appears to need some kind of troubleshooting as it will take away time from making a commissionable sale.

  • xmiro

    Geez, what happened and why? I talked to 5 reps in the last month looking for info and can’t complain at all

    • Jonathan Partlow

      I agree T-mo has excellent Customer care by far way outclassing VZW I know 1st hand. Even when you cant understand the accent they go above and beyond to adjust to help you.

  • Jonathan Partlow

    Answer for that question about how they stay in the last place…. When the survey number calls you 2 or 3 days later it comes up as a different number and also if you have Mr. Number sometimes it comes up as Spam…. Some ppl dont answer these calls…. They need to implement the Survey immediately following the call as a closeout to the ticket that way it gets recorded and let the customer know the issue cant be closed out until it is done.

    • kalel33

      They use the same methods for each carrier, so everyone is on the same level.

  • I don’t even like having to call into customer care cause some of the reps have poor phone manners or their slang is so bad it leaves a bad impression

  • impatient waiter

    this is how you lose potential customers, they see reports like this! COME ON TMO step up your game!

  • yozo

    Tmobile is shady with their rebates. My friend received the same tin can letter from Tmobile as others that complained on forums, saying that the $300 rebate was invalid because he setup service at an unauthorized Tmobile location. Totally bullony. I took my friends letter into the Tmobile corp store and was amazed at the tactics that they reply with. Total bs. We cant look up that info, someone from corp offices will have to get back to you.

    They have a bs answer to cover bs tatics.

  • Nearmsp

    No surprise here. T-mobile is bringing in customers from other companies for iPhones. Their PCS 1900 MHz 3G coverage is horrible. They refuse to provide maps. What do you expect from frustrated customers. Customers of to buy SIM cards, and corporate stores are now allowed to charge what ever they can. In one instance reported on T-mobile’s own forum a customer was charged $50 for a nano SIM card, others 20, others got it free. There is no consistency. T-mobile’s CEO is not up to the job. His highlight has been to allow corporate store reps to have tattoos. CTO Neville Ray is out of his league, too keen to announce cities are refarmed for 3G with just 20% towers done. JD Power is 100% right in putting T-mobile last. To those criticizing AT&T remember unlike T-mobile at least you get 3G coverage unlike T-mobile’s 3G iPhone coverage.

  • JB45

    I would much rather talk to a tmobile rep over a time warner cable rep. Tmobile reps have frustrated me at times but my issue normally gets solved. Time Warner cable rep is a whole different ball game.

  • joe


  • Why is everyone complaining, T-Mobile is the number four wireless carrier in the nation, makes sense they will be on the number four list in service duh, -_- _/

    • kalel33

      They were number 1 for many years in customer service. Amount of customers is not a direct correlation to customer service ability, duh

  • Shut up, you can call a company 10 times with the same issue and get different responses one doesn’t justify the other

  • Philip

    I care less about customer service. I just want 4G or LTE coverage where ever I go! ATT should be at the very very bottom.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey David, is it really spelled “Streek”? I thought it was Streak.

  • od312

    Verizon taking first?? Pffffft! They must’ve payed off JD

    • kalel33

      So are you saying T-mobile paid them off for the many years they were first?

      • od312

        Strike one

  • OZ

    I might’ve had some communication problems with CSRs, but at the end they always helped me out. The service cost is unbeatable. I stay with T-Mobile.

  • poisonoussting

    hmm interesting comments here.I agree with magenta madness i do not call customer service often because i can just look online.Whenever i do, its usually because my device is damaged and i need a new one.i don’t remember when i ever had a non american help me with my situation. Usually its some one from the south east. I’ve had t-mobile since 2002 and always thought their customer service is phenomenal!It’s one of the only reasons i stayed with them when they had crappy signal in my area back then:That, and their innovative and awesome phones.

  • That’s what they get for being cheap and closing all the u.s call centers and sending those jobs overseas

  • Robert Kauffman

    I have worked with T-Mobile Customer Care for 5 years and I have never had a BAD experience. That is one of the reasons I stay with them is because the are always there. I am actually shocked they are in last place. Maybe it is because people who disgruntled complain while most people that are happy don’t say anything.

    • kalel33

      Which center do you work at? The Wichita center was either people afraid of losing their jobs, high stress, or people looking for another job. From the forum postings, even on T-mobile’s T-community, the outlook was not that great, even just 6 months ago.

      Now T-mobile is doing an alumni site for previous reps to get perks/discounts and they want you to upload up your resume and give them access to your Linkedin information. Maybe they’re going to try to get back the good reps they fired or pushed out. I do know of a couple of ex-reps who didn’t get an invitation but I did.

  • Brian80

    It is very frustration to call Tmobile. You always get someone from Malaysia or the Phillipines. They ACTUALLY sent you through the non English speakers as TECH support! They never help me with my Galaxy s3. They just waste 10 minutes of my time until they escalate me to an American.

  • Mustypipes

    Yeah no shit,just got my 2 year upgrade available looking forward to getting a NOTE 2,funny shit mobile was the first ones to sell the note 2 yet every other company is selling theirs for 200 dollars after rebates, nope not good old tmobile the phone is still 369$ after a stupid mail in rebate,way to keep those customer satisfaction numbers down tmobile.

  • ThoughtSausage

    Fact- 67% of their “customer service” is outsourced to the Philippines, Panama, and other Central American countries. Whether you call once a year or once a month, it sucks. They dont get it, arent empowered to make any real decisions, and dont understand American culture. I had issues when I called in, even though I worked there. Once I left t-mobile this summer, I got at&T and havent had one problem since. T-Mobile blows.

  • Jmizzle

    Here’s a crazy thought, there’s probably a correspondence between falling to last place and outsourcing most of our call centers to the Philippines. Is the cost savings worth pissing off every customer we have?

  • Stars44

    I’m counting days till my contract expires in September, after 9 years with T-mobile I’m done!

  • So what is it that leads t-mo to continue last place? Maybe the phones and outsourced call centers maybe?



  • riopato

    Currently, the 611 number on my Lumia 710 doesn’t even register anymore as a customer. I have to go through the validation menu now citing my name, number and last 4 digits of ss#. Usually it just patches me directly to a natively English speaking rep when using my phone. Average wait time now is 3 minutes after spending 5 minutes with the automated service just to speak to someone who can’t give me an answer that’s not in the customer service manual.

  • Rd

    never been happier with ATT

  • Jay

    Its is simply the dumb fucks tgat dont speak English when you call customer care !! HORRIBLE MOVE BY TMOBILE.

  • svmtoo

    I have a theory of my own (from my experience). I have been a TMO sufferer since 1998 (when it was OmniPoint, then VoiceStream, then T-Mobile). Recently, over the past 2 years, I have been thinking seriously of switching over to AT&T. T’s service while improving a great deal, has serious politeness issues in addition to devices that are crappy. No iPhone. WP8 models are out-dated. Customer service reps on the 34th street on NYC pretty much “stole” my charger and cable ($60 to replace). After writing to headquarters, I received no response. I guess, saving a few bucks means “stealing” from their customers.

  • M42

    No surprises there. Anybody who has ever dealt with a T-Mobile sales or customer service rep will know they are untrained, unknowledgeable, rude and not particularly fond of telling the truth. And I’m referring to the English speaking ones. As for the others, I can’t understand them to know if they are telling the truth or are knowledgeable.

  • fifthblindmouse

    It is unfortunate but people are right. In my experience when I get someone from Washington state the service is fantastic. I have been with T-Mo for about 9 years now and they can see that when they pull up my account. The automated system that they use when you call in absolutely sucks and if you do get someone half way around the world the service is terrible. I know T-Mo closed a bunch of the US based call centers not too long ago and really you have to ask them…..what did you expect?? This latest rating from JDP should not surprise anyone.