Newest JD Power Customer Care Study Places T-Mobile Dead Last

Disappointing news this morning for the T-Mobile faithful as the newest JD Power 2012 Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study, Volume 2 places T-Mobile dead last in the overall customer care index ranking.

The 2012 Wireless Customer Care study is based on response from 7,428 wireless customers due to their experiences with their respective carrier over the course of the past six months. The study was conducted between January and June 2012.

There’s many ways I can imagine any company, including T-Mobile will try and spin this but as news of call center closings still looms in the back of our minds, we can’t help but wonder how T-Mobile plans on turning this around. For a company that used to dominate these rankings, the mighty have certainly fallen.

Let’s remove ourselves from reality for a moment and ask what you, as the T-Mobile customer would do to improve customer service if you were in charge of customer care? Let’s not get hasty and include ideas that aren’t actually possible or wildly out of this world, but real world ideas that the company can actually carry out. Perhaps we’ll think of something the powers that be at T-Mobile haven’t or won’t. Just a thought.

While this is all bad news, being dead last doesn’t bother me as much as losing to AT&T. I just loathe the idea of losing anything to AT&T. I don’t think I have EVER had a positive customer experience with their customer care department.

JD Power

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  • ND5

    Well gee, let’s see… 

    Let’s move our front line customer service overseas…
    Let’s offer new customers better phone pricing than our existing customers, because, why would we want to entice our existing customers to stay with us…
    Let’s get inferior hardware to all of our competitors, and totally ignore the iPhone for a decade, and get last years hardware this year… because why would we want to give new customers a reason to come here, or our existing customers a reason to stay…
    Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s charge a higher price for our best hardware than all of our competitors… yeah, that was sheer genius…
    Let’s try to push people onto these “value plans” but make it a significant penalty for existing late contract customers to move there…

    Shall I go on?

    How about this T-Mobile… offer superior value, superior products, and superior customer service.  Then maybe you can play with the big boys.

    • IKnowWhatImTalkingAbout

      The iPhone is not up to the carrier but up to Apple, not T-Mobiles fault.
      Better pricing for new? Def not same price for both as long as you qualify for a FULL upgrade and Value there is no discount on phones so it the same across the board.
      T-Mobile phones, and the hardware is the same and in some cases better then other carriers, check the quadrants first.
      The Value plan penalty will be changing shortly.

      • CalicoKJ

         “The Value plan penalty will be changing shortly.”

        Any details or spoilers on that? With the way my phones have staggered upgrade dates, I will never be able to qualify for this without paying at least $800 bucks…and overall the plans would save me $300 a year even with paying full price for the phones.

      • 21stNow

         Yes, please clarify what the last sentence means.

      • ND5

        Samsung Galaxy SIII, new customer $279, existing customer full upgrade $329.
        AT&T… HTC One X, T-Mobile HTC One S.
        T-Mobile was offered the iPhone before AT&T and passed thank you.
        I’m not talking quadrant scores.  I’m talking about getting the Galaxy Note and One X months after release.  The Note 2 will be out and we’ll be getting the Note.  Will we get the iPhone 5 or will we have to settle for the 4 or 4s, which is the way things seem to go…

        • UMA_Fan

          The Samsung Galaxy S III is $280 after a $50 rebate for new and existing customers.  Looks like you got confused.

      • Dakota

        No one can say whether Tmo not having the iPhone is Apple or Tmobiles fault…Youre not in the negotiations.  We don’t know if Tmobile won’t pony up the cash or if for some reason, Apple wants to not work with Tmobile and instead is willing to give the iPhone to small regional carriers and prepaids

        • IamDefiler

           I can. I was in a meeting when it was discussed by a higher up. It was T-Mobiles choice because they didn’t see it helping their bottom line. And as much as I despise T-Mo for getting rid of our entire support bulding, they are right. Yes it may draw more people but take a look at Sprint and how they’re doing after picking up the iPhone. No too well.

        • Dakota

          Id hope Tmo would have more success than Sprint because of their network quality.  I know I strongly considered Sprint iphone but because of all their network complaints and people saying their phones were useless cuz they had Edge like speeds, I didnt get it.  And when I went to my local sprint store, I was very suspicious when the iphones were connected to wifi.  I know I might consider a TMobile iphone and I bet others would do considering that the other carriers share plans are making it more expensive.  I think youd be able to get an iphone for 500 min, free text and 200mb data (a starting plan) for $60 on Tmobile which would be the cheapest of any carrier.  And Vz now has a $90 minimum rate.  Tmobile needs to capitalize on its strength..and if one of the things they promote is lower prices – go for it.  Even ATT I think had a $70entry price and that was with no texting included

    • PhilB

      *Sarcasm meter explodes*

    • ncmacasl

      …and lets make the Customer Service number HANG UP on callers when they don’t select the right buttons in the right order.

    • YourDistantCousin

      Agreed. The shift in moving Customer Service to overseas was a bad decision, and the effects were felt immediately. It’s frustrating to try to get an issue resolved when you’re speaking with a rep that doesn’t speak English very clearly.
      Device pricing — Value plan subscribers have to pay full price for a device; okay Understood. But it’s not right to have two different “full prices”. T-Mobile will show one full price for a device, but then it’ll turn around and show full price at $50 higher for Value Plans. Full price is Full price already; not Full price + 50! You can’t have two T-Mobile; darn it you just can’t!
      Something else, I’ve disliked… being LIED to; ughhh! I’ve spoken with reps on at least two occasions who have not been knowledgeable enough to answer my question, and they’ve just made up an answer. I don’t mind so much that someone doesn’t immediately know an answer, just say something like “let me research that and I’ll get back to you”. But don’t lie; anything but that!
      To be fair, it seems like I experienced these issues if I called in the evening, but it was better if I called in the morning time. And, my most recent customer service experiences have been better, so perhaps T-Mobile is beginning to understand and has addressed the issue.

  • Kitpogi

    Yikes…what happened T-mo?

    • Wilma Flintstone

       I think the better question is, what HASN’T happened T-mo?

  • Rfgenerator

    1) Bring support back from overseas
    2) Better communication.
    3) Less emphasis on turning every call into an additional sale at the expense of actually solving the issue the customer called in about.
    4) Lay off the “gotchas”, forcing people out of grandfathered plans, etc.

    • That one guy

      3 and 4 are so true, considering i called in about 2 days ago about my minutes they guy kept trying to sell me new phones and remove my geandfathered data…saying that i will be saving more by switching to a 5GB data plan for $30 when i have unlimited data for $20…wtf…lol…anyways he also kept bugging me about the new bands that will support the iPhone. Man i miss the old T-mobile..

      • Dakota

        I love your last line because thats how I feel.  I MISS THE OLD TMOBILE.  Customer service used to be their strength but they blew that too!

    • Dakota

      I called last November to question something on my bill.  I had been a postpaid carrier for many years – never missing a bill or paying late.  This was the exact thing I was told:

      “Im sorry sir.  I’ve been on the line with you for 4 minutes so I am now going to hang up”


      That is NOT good customer service.

      The outsourced ones are totally incompetent.  Literally every single thing they told me was incorrect.  I kept telling them they were wrong and it was like talking to an ironing board.  One of them at least went to a supervisor who confirmed I was right…but others told me crazy things that were so off from Tmo’s policies and rate plans that I gave up 

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!  *sad face**

  • bydavidrosen

    the biggest problem is every rep has a completely different answer in every situation. i recently switched to at&t and then switched back (all within my grace period that allows me to get a full refund at at&t and get my ETF and Activation fees waived at T-Mobile)…

    Call #1 T-Mobile & AT&T: Yes everything will work, we hope you come back.
    Call #2 T-Mobile: We are charging you a full month of service even though it’s the 2nd day of the month that you switched one.
    Call #3: T-Mobile: No we can prorate this month, we hope you come back.
    One week later I cancel AT&T and come back
    Call #4: T-Mobile: Your prorated amount is $20 off last months bill.
    Call #5: T-Mobile: Your prorated amount is $80 off last months bill.

    Now let’s not get into AT&T’s end of it hahaha.. .They charged me for TWO HTC One X’s, didn’t mark my account as having returned the one OR having cancelled my account, and more. Took another 4 calls and going down to an AT&T store…

    So the moral of the story… They all suck. But at least I got my money back on everything after tons of calls.

  • T-Mobile needs to simplify. 

  • gotmo

    I know all companies have computer systems answering the phones, but when customers call in, their first experience with tmobile (the automated system) is a negative one, and the representatives seem powerless to change it.

    How amazing would it be if a real person answered the phone… I think this would have a positive impact on customer expereince, leaving customers with a positive first impression.

  • Bjh2379

    When was the last time you called CS and didn’t get someone from India reading off a script????

    • Yesterday I called and spoke with someone who had to put in a request and they made a point of saying they would call me the next day to make sure the request was put through and to answer any other questions I had.

      • rizo66

        Good luck with receiving that call… I’ve been told that four times in the past year, and have never received a call back once. Let us know if you get that call today.

      • Roger

        I’m still waiting for my callback from two days ago …

    • CalicoKJ

       Yesterday here as well, but the rep I spoke with didn’t understand the differences between the two family plans I was trying to compare.

  • LTEstyles

    That’s sad, T-Mobile has never jerked me. I’m sure it might have something to do with people really not understanding these rebate promo offers because all they want is the free phone but don’t realize you have to modify your account to qualify and in most cases the reps do a bad job of explaining that. So now when these people send their rebate forms they get a denied letter in the mail and they get furious. Also people don’t realize that your account gets pro rated to work with or against you depending on the day you decided to upgrade and change your plan. I know this because when i walk into a T-Mobile store that’s what i hear people screaming at the reps about. It’s bad. These people make a scene because they refuse to understand the mathematics of these promotions. I could be totally wrong with this and in the end the culprit might be that T-Mobile doesn’t offer much high end devices like the Lumia 900 (yes i know, no wp8 but it’s a whole lot better than the Lumia 710) The iphone (i am not a fan boy) and many more. Again i could be wrong but that’s my take on that. I think all this will change however with the refarming of T-Mobile’s network. Bring your own phone to our network will the turning point for T-Mobile in this aggressive competitive market but only time will tell.  

    • loueradun

      Last time I had to claim a rebate from T-Mobile we were denied.  This is after I specifically asked the sales agent if our current plan qualifies for the rebate and I was told yes.  Got my dad on the phone for the final purchase (the phone purchase was for him), and he asked the same question, “Will our current plan qualify for all the rebates?”.  We were both told yes!

      If your sales agents knew what they were selling, and could explain the rebate procedures to customers, this may not happen.  The reason why we had asked is from reading the fine print, it seemed like we may need to switch to a more expensive data plan to qualify, and we were right, but the T-Mobile rep was so clueless that they sold us the phone under false pretenses…  Needless to say, we spent over 10 hours on numerous calls to get our rebate, and every time we called they would offer us a larger portion of the rebate… it was sick.  First they offered $100, then $125, then $175, then $200.

      We didn’t end up getting our rebate until I posted a very lengthy post on their forums (that was viewed by over 2,000 people in 1 day).  Within 24 hours they had credited our account for the full rebate amount of $250.  Apparently we were not the only ones who complained, because they ended up mailing rebates anyways… So T-Mobile not only cost us hours worth of bickering… they actually paid us $250 twice for our rebate… complete incompetence all the way around (although no complaints about the extra $250).

      • LTEstyles

        And that’s why people get angry because the reps do a horrible job at explaining the promos. I’m glad you got that taken care of but your right, that’s too many hours spent.

        • Dakota

          …And then company does a terrible job in not only explaining the promos to customers (and employees) but in making such complicated procedures in the first place.  Simple Sells.  I wonder how many potential customers just didn’t even investigate Tmobile when they saw the SG3 price was higher THAN EVERY OTHER US CARRIER.  Tmobile really should have the iPhone…I think they could get a lot of sales with prices that overall would be cheaper than ATT and VZ, esp with the share plans…And Sprint still has an unreliable network which prevents many from giving them a try despite the unlimited 

      • Dakota

        Well the employees often don’t care what they say to you – they want the commission of making the sale and they’re told to limit their time on the phone with you.  Also one thing I noticed a lot is reps promising they’ve put that in the notes on your account, and then you call back and mysteriously none of those notes you were promised are there.  You say things about the rebates and maybe one solution is for Tmobile not to make it so complicated.  Don’t make customers fill out paperwork etc to get rebates…Just do an instant rebate and give the customer savings.  For some people, paying $100 in advance might be make/break…They can’t wait 2 months to get that money back.  And yet the only reason I can think of for a rebate is that the company hopes a percentage of people won’t fill it out correctly or send it in and they’ll make money.  Even with the SG3, you can say whatever you want about savings over the life of a contract, but the avg customer just looking sees everyone sell it for 199 except Tmobile (unless you go on Wirefly which sells it for 199)…They have so much to improve but yet it seems they never focus on the stuff that customers are talking about.  Maybe they need to have a customer panel or create a mechanism where they text their customer base and let us text our opinions back to them.  Wouldn’t that be innovative?  It would surely get press attention if nothing else.  Its just frustrating seeing a company keep doing whatever it can to drive customers away

  • Mike in FL

    TMO’s problem is they keep trying to put lipstick on a pig. Representing TMO’s data network as smoking the other 2, advertising it as “blazing fast 4G” when it was clearly not, was just stupid. I live in Orlando, FL, supposedly one of the largest “4G” markets, and I have never gotten more than about 5MBps down with TMO; it’s usually around 2.2. That’s pathetic.

    I walked into a Costco the other day and ran a speedtest on the AT&T GSIII sitting there and got a whopping 40MBps. That’s speed.

    TMO, cut out the BS marketing with Carly (it’s stupid), focus on your network (many places still don’t even have 3G!), and get the iPhone. Being the only kid on the block without it is consistently hurting TMO.  

    • Dakota

      I agree…My Tmo 4G averages about 2mbps…Sometimes 1-3…and once in eight months of tests hit a 5…but the average is 2…and I don’t really care about a chick on a motorcycle…especially when you’re comparing apples and oranges.  Lets see the speed tests of a VZ SG3 on LTE and the Tmo one.  They  just need to revamp so much but it seems they keep missing the point of what matters and how to communicate effectively with potential customers and current users

  • Foodie #2

    Maybe I’m the exception to this but every time I’ve ever had to call TMo customer service I’m always gotten great, friendly assistance.

    I can see the people who are on those ‘pre-paid’ services complain because when I’m in the stores the is always a peanut gallery of them griping about something.

    • CalicoKJ

       In general I have had great experiences as well. There are a few times though that I’ve just had to end the call with a rep because I was going to lose it otherwise.
      Yes, there are those that can always find something to complain about, but coming in last behind AT&T really indicates that there is a core problem somewhere.

    • Dakota

      My understanding is that prepaid reps are automatically outsourced – most ly to Phillipines with some in Mexico.

  • Mr L

    the company fights it self…stores vs customer care, stores vs online pricing, etc…like someone said below, every answer is different…it’s like the company is split in 3.  Nobody is on the same page.  The first thing that needs to change is the automated system.  It shouldn’t be that hard to speak to someone(yes I know the tricks to get through but most customers don’t).  

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      What are the tricks? :-)

  • SOME


  • Mike in FL

     The iPhone is definitely up to the carrier. Apple doesn’t keep the iPhone off of TMO; TMO just doesn’t want to pony up for it.

    It’s why they will always be considered the red-headed stepchild of wireless carriers. It is what it is.

  • John

    TMobile used to have great customer service, but they shot themselves in the foot when then changed the policy from resolving customer issues to a “service to sales” mindset.  In other words, the emphasis went from being a good customer service department to being a sales channel.  To make things worse, representatives are pressured to make sales, and, if a customer calls to remove a feature, that counts against the representatives sales.  This creates an environment where reps are in fear of their jobs (people get fired for not making sales goals…), so they flat out lie to customers about having removed a feature (customers fight for months to get features removed), and worse yet, cram features onto customer accounts without their knowledge or permission.  I’ve seen 85 year old women with a flip phone and no clue how to use the internet who have had $65 10GB data plans crammed onto their account, then, they can’t get customer service to remove it.  Also, training has changed from teaching reps how to do (a very complex) job to a 6 week sales training class, so new reps are clueless on how to even do the customer service portion of the job.  Also, reps have lost the ability to waive just about any fee.

    I can understand using customer service as an opportunity to upsell to the customer, and don’t think that it’s a bad idea, but the company is so aggressive about implementing it, and ignoring the actual customer service portion of the job that it’s no wonder they keep scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to JD Power.

    There are other issues too… primarily, the lack of having iPhone continues to drive churn, outsourced call centers with reps that barely speak English, poor coverage in certain areas, no 4G coverage in most areas outside the big cities, and allowing 3rd party cramming to run rampant also contribute to a poor customer experience.

    All the things that built TMobile are gone, specifically, good customer service and the best pricing in the industry are gone.  Also, they require a 2 year agreement simply to change a rate plan.  Also, customers contracts are at times extended improperly, and customers are rarely told about this until they inquire about their contract end date (because they’re contemplating leaving), and then they freak out because they just found out they have 18 months left on their contract when they were under the impression that they were out of contract, (or nearly so).

    The company knows about all of these problems, yet, they refuse to backpedal even one inch to resolve some of these issues, and meanwhile the company continues to bleed out hundreds of thousands of customers each quarter, and they continue to top the bottom of the list at JD Powers.

    • Jdpowers is OVER

      YES!  You can’t have an environment calling yourself “customer service” when the reps can’t actually preform their jobs by doing with the customer needs, and then firing them over it.  When T-Mobile won JD Powers it was because the Reps were actually able to make offers based on usage, be it adding or removing something the customer either really needed, or really didn’t.  That was one of the things that set the company apart.  The customer’s actually felt the company really cared how they spend their dollars.  Now, it is painfully obvious that it’s only about money – period.  If they want to regain JD Powers they really need to adopt some of the things back that actually put them there in the first place.  

    • Dakota

      AMEN JOHN…I wish Tmo management would read this.  I wonder though is part of the problem is just that DT doesnt want to be in the US phone business so they just don’t care….thats what it feels like

      • Trust me, plenty of T-Mobile’s internal staff read this site and use it as a barometer for customer feedback.

  • Xblackberryguy

    Ironically, I was a T-Mobile employee of 7 years fired earlier in the year because of “customer service”. In reality, I told customers the truth… Paying a migration fee of $200-800 to reduce a bill by $40 a month and still have to pay full price for phones was not great.

    Gone are the days where they care about taking care of the customer… Now just about money.

  • Caseybea

    How can you possibly outsource call centers and expect to do any better?    I am not surprised one bit.    Dear T-Mobile:   WAKE UP.

    • John

      On that note… 7 internal and 1 external sites have been closed, which means even more call volume being routed to the non US sites.

  • CalicoKJ

    Bring back as much as possible from overseas. The company I work for has contracts with companies in India and Manila. I can tell you from experience that no amount of training will bridge the language gaps. Yes, they speak English (OK, more or less), but they don’t know how to think, only how to follow a script.

    I agree with the less emphasis on turning customer service calls into sales. If I call with a general question, please just answer it.

    Make sure your phone agents understand the details of the plans. I was given misinformation just yesterday that, if I hadn’t done my own research, would have cost me an additional $20 a month.

    Something has to be done to boost employee morale. If the reps don’t care, that’s going to come across in the call, no matter how hard they try to fake it.

    Get rid of (or at least decrease) the mail-in rebates. They do nothing but piss off customers (especially existing ones). I haven’t bought a phone directly from T-Mobile in 2 years and at this rate, that’s not going to change. Why would I spend $300 for a phone I can get from Walmart or LetsTalk for $200 or less? Sure, after rebate it might be a tad cheaper, but it’s more out of my pocket initially (which I don’t always have), the hassle of sending in the rebate, and waiting at least 4 weeks…and that’s if they don’t screw it up like the last one.

    Please get full 3G rolled out all across your service areas before continuing the focus on 4G. The area I live in has crappy coverage to begin with, coupled with it only being 2G just sucks.

    Fix the HTC Amaze 4G WIFI calling problem.

  • TMoFan

    Unfortunately I have experienced T-Mobile’s lackluster customer service since my downgrade from 4G to 2G. I can tell that the reps are making things up as they go along when the troubleshooting deviates from the script (i.e. battery and sim pull don’t work … oh noes!). Reps said they would open trouble tickets, but when I called back to follow up no ticket has been opened. I’ve had a few give me faulty info with one rep telling me I have a 2G sim and need to upgrade to a 4G sim to get 4G back. Most of the time I’m connected to India where the people, and no offense intended, have extremely heavy accents and makes it hard for us to understand each other.

    As a ten year customer this is sad. I can remember when T-Mobile and customer service were synonymous.

  • BigMixxx

    Nothing to do with pricing. Everything to do with the treatment of your customers. Its a sales organization, so they are meant to sell everything. The problem is, customer support. While fishing it out to the overseas call centers is not the right thing to do, it’s a measure to save money. They follow scripts, procedures, etc to make sure the mimic the behavior of onshore staff as best as possible. We’ve moved from individual customers, to a percentage of people…and that’s not right. Maybe the change in leadership will bring our individuality back…..

  • Brett Schulte

    Focus on being a value and technology leader and get rid of the third world call centers.

    • 21stNow

       Unfortunately, those two don’t go together in corporate America these days.

  • John Lawrence

    I really do not care if customer service is here state side or not however it really does make a difference.  What I do care about is that the customer comes first.  When I get a call center that is in the US, I tend to get someone who shows empathy and someone who genuinely wants to help.  

    When I get a call center outside the US, they are not as empathetic and the customer does not come first, protocol does.  It seems like they will not deviate from the script and or just have a feel for the customer.  It almost seems like the call centers outside of the country have the I don’t know what I can do for you sir so let me check my script.  The script does not say I can do this so I can not help you sir.  That is the real problem.  Maybe the call centers abroad need more training on taking care of the customer rather than following a script.

    Customer service has nothing to do with the plans or how much t-mo charges for phones.  Those are company deals.  We can not blame the customer service people for that.  What we can adjust is how the customer service makes you feel as a customer.  I know I appreciate the reps that make me feel like I am important to them.

    • John

      What, mommy didn’t pet you while you were suckling her nipple?  You speak of empathy and concern.  That’s T-Mobile’s big gripe… show empathy, show concern.  Bulls****.  All I want from a customer service rep is to A) Give me proper, correct answers to my questions, and B)Execute any changes I make properly and faithfully.  I really could NOT care any less if the rep makes me “feel important”.  I don’t need to make phone calls to a large corporation only to be routed over seas to some call center 1/2 way around the world so I can “feel important”.  All I’m looking for when calling customer service is customer service.  So you’re saying that it’s OK to be lied to, ripped off, handled by someone 1/2 way around the world who makes $0.72 cents an hour who barely speaks English as long as they show courtesy and concern????  That’s retarded.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    After what I’ve just been through with Tmobile recently, I agree with this placement 100%.

    I mean honestly, have you even tried to contact Customer Service lately?  You have to jump through hoops just to get past the automated voice now.  Then when you get through, they connect you to Hadji from Johnny Quest.

    I also just had a Tmobile Rep lie to me to my face and got me to switch my plan over to a Value plan so now I’m stuck with a contract for 2 more years and the grace period is up because the Tmo reps told me that there was no grace period.  Top that off with now I have basically lost my upgrade and have to buy the phone I want for full retail.

    I have contacted supervisors of the customer service reps as well as talked to reps in person and I always end up telling them something they didn’t know about their own company…  I’m the customer, they are the representative, why the heck do I know more than they do about their own company?  They are doing a crappy job of representing Tmobile but then again, Tmobile has become crappy recently so I guess they’re doing a great job at promoting a crappy company.

    I will be spending that $200 and hitting that ETF on this contract very soon.  I’m not going through 2 more years of Tmobile’s Tyranny.

    I hope they get their junk straight soon but things are not moving in the upward position as of now.

    Here’s to wishing for a better Tmobile (and that Jolla uses Tmobile as a US seller for their MeeGo phones).

    If you can’t tell, I’m a bit peeved with Trash-Mobile right now especially that Virtua Fighter 5 Reject Jeffry looking rep that lied to me.

    • Matt

      If you’re complaining about the Value plan and paying full price for your phone, you obviously just don’t get it.  It’s both cheaper up front (initial device cost) and on the monthly bill including the phone payment.  You’re just complaining because YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT.  It’s probably been explained to you over and over though, but you’re fixated on the “discounted” phone.  Forget that your rate plan has been DISCOUNTED instead, $20 per month.  That’s $480 over the contract.  But nevermind, you’re too stupid to do basic match, and you’d rather spend the extra $80.

    • Evang3los

      You did not lose you upgrade. The value plan saves you much more money than the classic plan. In the value plan, we just don’t hide the price of the phone in the bill. We show you what you’re paying for the phone. That does stink that the rep did not tell you it was a two-year contract. But overall the value plan is the best plan that you will find on any carrier right now.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        The Rep not only failed to tell me that it was a 2 year contract, but they also forgot to mention that the monthly installments would jack my bill up even higher than it was before for those two months if I decided to get a phone now.  I’m on the 2GB data plan and that jacked up rep lied and got me on the 10GB Data Value plan.  I was paying around $70/Month for my plan but now I’m going up to over $100 a month because of that jerk.

        I do understand the pro’s of the Value Plans but it’s that the rep lied and got me to switch over without making sure I knew ALL the details BEFOREHAND.

        I will be hitting up that ETF real quick.  I’ve learned my lesson from this.  NEVER Trust a Tmobile Rep/Employee.

        • JibJabber

           If you honestly were not told about the contract I would start here.   and then call customer service and be calm, explain the situation if you are told there is nothing they can do then you need to escalate. Continue to do so and explain your situation clearly. Once you are high enough in the chain generally the 2nd or 3rd person you talk to ask them to listen to the call. It is important (but time consuming) that you explain your issues clearly to each person and give them each the opportunity to fix it. If they still state they cannot help, ask to speak to their manager they will most likely put you on hold and come back saying I spoke to my manager and ” blah blah blah” if they are pretty much saying there is nothing they can do then appreciate them for their time but still request to speak to their manager. Generally no TM wants to escalate a call to their boss so if you are being truthful they will help you. The most important thing is don’t be a dick. Let them know you just want help resolving the issue and are not asking for anything more. Be calm and be assertive, it can be hard but it might be what it takes.

    • John

      I agree with everything you said except the part about “telling them something they didn’t know about their own company”…. trust me, we all know what goes on… it’s just that management refuses to fix the problem and expect us to bulls*** the customers.

    • John

      Also.. refute the 2 year contract.  If the representative didn’t inform you you were extending the contract by 2 years, AND got you to accept the agreement via the “Electronic Acceptance Tool” or EAT, then T-Mobile policy is to revert the contract.  Most likely they did not (did they conference you into a recording that had you input your phone number and press 1 to accept the agreement?)  If not, you can get out of the contract.

  • CalicoKJ

     Keep saying “Agent” and eventually the IVR gives up and puts you through to a human.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      So you’ve been through the New Automated Voice too I see.  It is terrible.

  • CalicoKJ

     You can’t teach people how to think, and that’s the major problem with sending support overseas.

  • Tmostoremanager

    As a T-Mo employee I can say with 100% confidence that the erosion of customer service started when we started outsourcing to foreign nations.

    • Guest911

      This would apply if other companies did not outsource their services and TMo was the only one. Its a level playing field – and TMo is losing.

    • TMoReP

      I am a care/tech rep in a call center and I have to agree with you.  Customers are constantly calling in saying how great it is to talk to a rep in the USA.  There are so many mistakes made by the outsourced reps that we have to fix and wrong information given to customers.  I hate having to be the one that tells a customer that international talk and text doesn’t cover international roaming as it was told by an outsourced rep.  When a customer tells us that they were advised of something way off we can look at the memos on the account and it shows the call center the rep is in and 99.999% of the time it is outsourced.  Management has become very harsh to us reps in the call centers and telling us we are the reason for JD powers and we have to be super sweet and almost fake sounding so we will win back JD powers. Being nice to customers is only part of it, we have to be giving the correct info and fixing the reason for them calling us, not just blowing smoke up their rears to get them off our phone.  I have been a care rep for over six years so I know what great customer care is and the great feeling to win JD Powers and within the last two years T-Mobile cares more about money then treating customers the right way.  I have even gotten into trouble a few times for trying to do what’s right for the customer even if it is against policy.  Customers are the ones that pay the bills and our wages, not policy.  The only way we will win this back is to rid ourselves from the nightmare of outsourced care and give customer care reps the ability to do what’s right for the customers.  T-Mobile thinks it is saving them money but when they end up with no customers they will realize that sending service to reps that aren’t trained and don’t have any accountability for their errors they will see it only costs them more.  When an outsourced rep/call center makes a mistake there is nothing we as corporate reps can do like if another corp rep made the same error.  Bring care back to the USA and stop forcing reps to try to sell crap to customers that don’t need or want it, and we will again be back on top.

      • UMA_Fan

        I think there is truth in what you are saying but the problem is more complex than that.  I’m pretty sure the T-Mobile senior leadership understands that local customer care is what everyone would like in a perfect world.  The problem is running local call centers are EXPENSIVE.  T-Mobile executives know what got them the JD Powers awards in the past… the problem is those massive investments in customer care didn’t pay off at all.  

        Secondly, T-Mobile has lost SO MANY customers in the last two years they had more care reps than they could justify which led to the shut down of those call centers.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    I will say that I called a few months ago to switch from EM Plus to a Value Plan, and I worked with a rep in Retention who was just great. He set me up with add’l discounts, and I didn’t request special treatment (or threaten to leave). Other reps have been good, too; I would still rate TMO’s cust. service highly. (But I have also experienced the first-level tech support reading from a script, etc.)

    • John

      All tiers of tech support are required to “read from a script” as you put it.  They’re called troubleshooting flows, and they’re designed to walk a troubleshooter through the process in a logical manner, and ensure that all things that can fix the issue are being covered.  There’s nothing wrong from using the flows, they’re quite useful.

      • whiteiphoneproblems

        In this case, the rep was not listening to what I was saying, and kept simply returning to the script — it was as if she did not understand my comments, or how to discuss the issue, other than by reading her script (even when I had already explained the steps taken, etc.). It was a useless, absurd, and frustrating conversation; and I did not receive “real” support until she passed me along to the next-level rep (the difference was night & day).

  • Tory

    It’s T-Mobile’s fault… They used to be so good about customer support, now I can’t even understand them.

  • I received better help 2 wks ago from twitter than I have from calling in to customer service.  Especially when you get someone from overseas and they have no idea what you’re asking them to do.  I had been trying to get something resolved since January (calling in) and finally vented on twitter.  Within 24 hours thru @tmobilehelp, it was fixed.  It shouldn’t have to come down to that.

    • Evang3los

      I work for T-Mobile and the issue started happening when we were almost going to become AT&T. It cost T-Mobile a lot of money while we were in limbo. As a company we thought that we would become AT&T so our customer service would be absorbed by their’s. The positive of this is that we didn’t become AT&T and now rebuilding our customer service center.

      • John

        by closing 7 of them (and 1 external site that I know of???)

  • Drizza23

    First- You jacked up the data agreement with the sidekick and pissed of customers.

    Secondly- You come up with the even more plus plan…pay a 35 migration fee per line to have contracts ended for cheaper plan and no handset subsidies.(ship jumping like crazy)

    Thrid- You get rid of my faves! Dumb dumb dumb

    Fourth- you back track on terms for eve. more plus and now say you cant end your plans contract even though you pay the fee.

    Fifth- You pass up on not the iphone…the HD2 being your next Android; YOU WENT WITH WINDOWS AND CREATED POSSIBLY THE WORST SOFTWARE ISSUES PLAGUED handset after releasing the first 2 google android handsets? And let Verizon take the crown easily.

    Sixth- You passed on the iPhone.

    Seventh- You jacked up the chance to relaunch the sidekick brand thru android. Horribly.

    Eighth- You got the phones that all the carriers would get…like the galaxy series…but youthe first 2 devices without flash for the camera…?


    Tenth- You sent U.S. trainers overseas to train , changed you plan to sales and service, scared employees with stupid statistics that we had NO way of controlling, changed the philosophy that kept you viable, lied to employees about their future,….this is SOME of the many reasons why these guys are crashing and burning. ijs

    • John Lawrence

       Unfortunately, none of your complaints are anything that customer service caused.  Maybe you should think about things that might make customer service better rather than complaining about all the changes that t-mo did that you do not like.  Ultimately, this is a free country and you can choose another company if you are so upset with T-Mobile.

      • Guest911

        John – if you read his comments SLOWLY – you may get it.

        • John Lawrence

           I know that those things make customers upset but it is not the customer service reps that made those decisions.  The biggest problem with T-Mo’s customer service is how they treat you and not the list of all the things that t-mo changed.

    • lee

       you forgot about flexpay

  • Adam W Nelson

    I really don’t like talking to them on the phone anymore. I hate that stupid computer lady that answers the phone and it takes like 15mins to get through to a real person. I am switching when my contract is up because I no longer feel that personal connection I felt when I started with them 8 years ago. Good Bye T-Mobile! 

    • Daniel Holmstock

      THIS!!! i am always screaming at this stupid voice machine to get a rep – i cant stand that stupid vm. 

  • Dell236

    Im not surprised and i wished i knew how to take part in this survey….i been customer with tmobile almost 10 years, now i regret so badly why i gave them so much of business…..just waiting for contract to be over and im long gone never again in my life i will recommend or do business with tmobile. Rude decieteful ppl .

  • Hector

    i truely think the bad customer care rating is due because of the ICS rom update timing just peaple calling in wanting fast replys from tmobile customer care when i fact no one in customer care realy had any info or any tech type support for the newer galaxy S2 or sensation, just look at it this way am sure most peaple that did call in were being very rude and not giving customer care any respect at all then afther puting there bad options saying tmobile customer care did not help them at all, hey if i worked as a customer care rep and i did not have all the info that was needed to help a calling customer that was calling just to rag and do some bad talking frist i would be upset frist off if your going to call and rag frist this is surely going to go no were, hey i know ive called myself in the past got on the phone got mad and did not give tmobile customer care any room to voice there help will then i learned that thay are peaple with feeling also and do have familys just like we do with doing this and calling with a good hello and info without the raging things got done right, so persay if need the help from customer care being any type dont call raging and BS ing making your voice hard to understand when your mad and upset, i truely belive that being with tmobile since 2000 have also done there best in giving me a good customer care service.

  • Ricanlink860

    Im not surprised by this at all. T-Mobile was way better back in 2005 with customer service and everything else. I tried to do a warranty exchange and they gave me a hard time plus the rep hung up on me. I had to speak to a supervisor and file a complant and mind you I have an employee account. T-Mobile sucks period and they will continue to bleed customers.

    • Tbyrne

      That’s odd. I had a totally different experience (inside a T-Mobile Store). I was having an issue with my SGII. I had just ran an over the air update, not the ICS one, and the phone would no longer continue playing any media when turning the screen off with the power button. As soon as you hit the power button to kill the screen, any media would pause. I told him I didn’t like that because I didn’t want the screen to stay on while I listen to music on YouTube. He tried but couldn’t get the phone back to how it was. He had a SGII on display that indeed would continue playing media after hitting the power button. Guess what? He went ahead and warranted out the phone and I received a new one the next day. The odd thing is the new phone had the new ICS running but does the same thing. How can you get this phone to not pause any media when shutting off the screen? Anybody?

      • atcandroid

        youtube is playing a video, so the screen has to stay on – from my understanding youtube doesnt distinguish between music “only” videos vs an actually picture video so the phones doesnt know the difference. my GSII does it as well and i do not have ICS

        • Tbyrne

          Like I said. I used to be able to hit the power button and the screen would go dark but the audio portion of the video would still be playing. Anyone know of a workaround for this?

        • Giraffe

          I’ve never had that available on my android device.  I went WP.

  • I can see this being true. TMO has been falling like a rock :( 

    I’m still rocking 300 min a month with MyFaves, 10GB internet cap with free hotspot and 200 txt msgs (all I need) and loving it! Way cheaper than anything they are offering me now. Keeping this until they force me to upgrade which then means I’ll jump ship. I just like buying unlocked GSM phones better than being locked in.

    Anyone her jump over to Sprint? My fiance has Sprint and she’s been happy for 2+ years with her Evo and service.

  • Craig Campbell

    The automated answering system is one of the worst and most frustrating I have ever used.  As soon as she starts talking, I say “representative.”  That’s great, but then she asks “blah blah blah what’s the reason you need to speak to a representative.”  Seriously TMO WTF?  I ALREADY said I want to speak to an agent.  I do NOT need your attempt to delay or redirect me further.  No matter what I say in answer to the “why” question, it doesnt understand me (probably because I’m shouting by this point).  After a couple of attempts, it will give up and say “press 1 to be connected to a representative.”  I’d better hope I’ve stopped shouting enough by this point to hear that, because otherwise it hangs up.  It’s a dreadful dreadful system.
    That aside, my general experience with TMO is reasonably good, but in the past couple of years they have made quite a few screw-ups to my account, or certain requests.  This always ends in a cycle of me calling back several times, and the problem always does get resolved, but it is a painful process.
    I fully sympathise with the first-level CS agents and I know that they are trying, but I am so sick of having to work through their script when I know the basic debugging steps they are required to have me perform are NOT the problem.
    I recently did a number port from VZW to TMO.  It took 5 days for the port to properly finish (5 days in which my number was out of comission completely) and then another week and a half to resolve all the resulting issues from the port (no access to my account online, number not updating in SIM card, and WiFi calling broken).  All in all 2 weeks and 1 day for everything to be fully working again.
    On the plus side though, the twitter support from TForce has always been good to me.  They were instrumental in getting my phone number back up and running after the botched number port.  Special thanks to Keith from TForce!

    • Guest1234

      If you actually tried to play ball with the system you’d find it’s quite good. And those questions about what you are calling about after you’ve requested an agent are questions designed to get you to an agent who can actually help you so that you don’t bounce around between 5 different agents. Heaven forbid you think rationally for a second instead of yelling at a computer system…like that’s going to help.

      • John

        You’re right, but not everything goes by the book, and sometimes it’s difficult to explain to the computer system why you need to speak to a rep, that, plus, even if it’s something relatively simply, and you say “I have a question about my bill”, instead of transferring you to a rep, the system goes on with telling you a shitload of information (balance, due date, weather or not you’re on automatic payment or paperless billing, etc, in a lame attempt to answer your question, when, in fact, it’s something more complex.  For example, a glitch in the system causes the billing system to show you’re being charged twice for a deposit when in reality, you’re only charged once.  In reality, you’re charged correctly, but it appears as though you’re being charged twice by reading the bill.  Instead of fixing the ‘glitch’ they simply let customers call in so a rep can inform them of the glitch in the system and reassure the customer (who is suspicious about believing you) that you’re were charged correctly.  Stuff like that.  If when saying you have a billing question you get routed to a representative, then things would be better, but it’s just another attempt by tmobile to automate things so they can cut call centers.

        If T-Mobile would stop trying to screw every customer every chance they get, and had all English speaking reps, and fixed system issues, and improve the customer management tools they give to the reps (it’s a horrendous, outdated system of 4 cobbled together disparate mobile carriers they bought to create T-Mobile USA) filled with glitches, errors, passwords at every turn, and broken tools, or tools that are inaccessible when they should be), then call volume would drop.  Instead, they do nothing to fix the problems, and do more and more to cause call flow to increase, all at the while closing US call centers in favor of 72 cent per hour Philippinos screwing up customer accounts even worse.  On top of that they try to sell T-Mobile’s “crappiest of the 4 major carriers” network as some super fast network when in reality, it’s slow, incomplete (many areas have only 2G let alone 3G), and then to put the icing on the cake, portray the iPhone as if it’s a slow piece of shit when everyone on the planet knows it’s the premier smartphone on the market, and they STILL cannot get it together so they can sell it.

      • JayMo86

        I’m sorry but I work for tmobile and those questions are not designed to get you to the right rep…the nba prompter is just to decrease call volume

    • Josh Veerkamp

      You know if you just push “0” it will take you to a rep without having to give any other type of input?

  • JBLmobileG1

    I know Tmobile has been struggling lately trying to get back on top but I find it odd that they are dead last. Maybe it’s because they haven’t been pushing people to take any surveys. I know in the past it seemed like they asked for you to take a survey on how they are doing just by calling in about a simple question. I called in quite a few times lately about upgrading and not once have I been bothered with a survey. While it can get annoying I can see not taking a survey or offering one could affect the outcome. Maybe they need to start again because lately I have been pretty happy with their customer service.

  • Deadeye37

    I wonder if this has to do with the other wireless carriers stepping up their game and T-mobile going to lolly-dolly land while the whole AT&T merger was going through.

    I would say the biggest thing they can do to improve is to get their customer support back onto US shores.  Aside from that, they should treat their existing customers better all around and let them take advantage of the same deals offered to new customers without getting rid of the grandfathered plans!

  • rtechie

    T-Mobile has obviously laid off a lot of customer support staff. I suspect, in particular, they’ve laid off most of the better paid, longer term staff because they cost the most.

    You cannot get blood from a stone. A slick web site and a phone system are not a substitute for human beings (and they actually make customer support issues worse in many cases).

  • Jose Hernandez

    The automated system that answers the phone when you call is the worst. And it would help a great deal if you could get someone from the US when you call in. I can not understand most of them most of the time, They will also lie to you and make a lot of mistakes on your account. I even had some bad experiences with Retention. They seem to sometimes want to tell you anything to get you off the phone and take the next call. When the information you where given is found to be wrong, they do nothing to make it right. They really need to get good customer service reps that know their policies and what they are doing. 

  • 21stNow

    David, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve never had a positive experience with AT&T’s customer service department.  There are times when I get a run-around, but I haven’t had “bad” experiences with AT&T.  I’d personally rank AT&T higher than T-Mobile.  While I may have some issues with AT&T, I’m actually scared to call T-Mobile’s customer service regarding my EMP line, because I fear that they will put me on a contract, somehow, some way.  At least I’m not scared of AT&T.

    With T-Mobile, it seems to depend on whether or not you get stateside customer care.  There are also things that T-Mobile do to shoot themselves in the foot so that customers need to call customer care more often that the customer desires.  I received a text message on my T-Mobile prepaid phone that said that if I refilled my account by a certain date, my unused minutes would rollover to the next month.  I had already refilled, but didn’t get the unused minutes the next month.  I called customer service to find out that the text message that I received wasn’t true.  Why send it then?  I’ve also had my prepaid minutes and money disappear from my account.  Once I called, I had both reinstated.  While they were nice, they didn’t want to believe that I talked less than 100 minutes that month initially.

    From reading T-Mobile’s forums, the Value plans lead to a lot of customer dissatisfaction.  I personally support and advocate for BYOD plans like Value.  However, they are marketed poorly and seem to be miscommunicated, especially via sales over the phone.

    Add this to the billing due date change and the pay-per-use data charge issues that happened in the last 12 months, I expected T-Mobile to take a hit.

    • Jmfos2015

      You are right about whether you reach customer care stateside or not. If not, you might as well  just hang up. The overseas support is hard to communicate with and read scripted bs. They are worthless. Also, getting through to a live person is a pain in the ass!

    • John

      That’s true, the Value plans are the best deal, and yeah, you give up handset subsidies, but who cares, you an still get a similar deal with the equipment installment plan.  On a subsidy, you pay a discount rate of $200 for a $500 phone, and pay an additional $240 over the course of 2 years via the higher priced (subsidy) rate plan.  With EIP, you pay $200 for a $500 phone and pay the additional $300 via 20 payments of $15 over the next 20 bills.  It’s as if they’ve removed the subsidy from the rate plan and “put it back on” via EIP.  The difference is when the phone is paid off, you’re no longer paying a subsidized rate plan price, hence, you save money.  This is especially good if you dont buy a new phone very often.  The problem is that representatives don’t explain this to customers, so they call in asking about when they can get a discounted price on a phone only to be told they no longer have subsidy pricing and they freak.  On top of that, people are just stupid.  They’ll sign a 2 year agreement to get a $80 phone for “free” that they’re paying $240 for over the course of the 2 year agreement via the subsidy rate plan pricing when they could have simply bought the phone at full price (or even used EIP), and went with a value plan and saved themselves about $220 over the course of 2 years

      • 21stNow

         The lack of “upgrade” pricing is one thing that customers complain about.  The other is basically what you were talking about in that the subsidy is removed from the rate plan and “put back on” via EIP.  Customers look at the giant in-store posters that say “unlimited everything” for $49.99 per line.  The additional $15-20 per month per phone initiates sticker shock and cries of fraud on T-Mobile’s part.

        The in-store reps in my area seem to do a good job in explaining the Value plan to customers when I’m in the store and overhear them.  Funny, none of those customers ever go for the Value plan.  The forum posters that have the most complaints seem to be the ones who bought their phones via telesales.  They said that they never agreed to an EIP and that their phone bill should be $100/month.

        Oh, and the additional amount for Classic over Value for a 2-year contract is $480 (24 x $20)

  • Roger

    I switched from a family plan to an individual plan.  They screwed up the first two bills royally, including double charging for the same time period.  Did the online customer service chat thing first where the rep said yes that had happened but it wasn’t wrong and had to call instead.  So I did.  They immediately spotted other issues I hadn’t even noticed!  Was promised a callback in a few hours after it was all reviewed.  That was two days ago and no callback …

  • Polaris1

    Quite easy to see how it could happen. Lay off staff, put more burden on existing staff. The whole AT&T buyout. How do you think the avg CSR feels knowing they could be out of a job with a looming merger? Not the best incentive for good customer service.

    Also the farming out of call center jobs to India & Manila. You can barely understand the person on the other end of the call. This too does not make good customer service.

  • John Lawrence

    The easiest way to to get good customer service is say “Cancel my account” when the system asks you what you want to do.  I seem to always get a rep that genuinely seems to want to help me. 

    • John

      Heh, right, that’s because it transfers you to “customer loyalty” (aka retention or advanced general care), which are… scratch that.. were typically manned by US call centers, and when you’re ready to cancel, that’s when they’ll do something for you, especially if you’re off contract.  I’ve seen situations where people received Galaxy S II’s for free if they stayed (and re-upped for 2 years).  That’s really the only way to get any decent service anymore.

  • Adamg719

    In the last 6 months I’ve had to have my HTC Sensation replaced 4 times, and not because of something I did.  The screen died first and then they sent me 2 bad phones, the third replacement didn’t work because the phone I was sent didn’t fit into my existing case and no the 4th phone doesn’t like SD cards, I’ve tried 4 different ones.  The first 2 replacements went smoothly, the 3rd I was told to go to the store to get it replaced and I said the store usually tells me to call customer care.  So I went to the store and sure enough call customer care. Now the 4th phone with the SD card problem I’ve called about and was told that I must have done something to the phone.  This problem started as soon as I received the phone.  They asked what they could do for and I said I wanted to upgrade all 4 lines on my family plan at the full upgrade eligibility price and they said sure.  This of course only happened after talking to 3 different people.  I asked for this during a BOGO promotion, but wait online doesn’t participate in the same offers as stores.  So the price for me to upgrade 4 lines to the HTC One was going to be $1,200. I told them thanks but I’d rather cancel my contract for $800.  I didn’t cancel but am waiting until February when my ETF starts to be pro-rated.  I’ve been a customer with Tmobile for 12 years, when they were Voicestream.  I’m sick of calling for help and I have to call back 2 or 3 times until I get someone that can help me.  It’s a shame that they’re customer service has gone done hill.  I’d always been a big supporter of Tmobile, bragging about the great customer service, affordable plans, and not too bad service.  So this report doesn’t really surprise me.  I’m just riding out my contract until I can switch.

    • Michael

      Seems the problem here is shoddy HTC devices. T-Mobile doesn’t make them, Taiwan does. Second, your gripes with the bogo situation are certainly valid, however that’s how it works with ALL US postpaid providers. Only difference in this case is T-Mobile has the lowest etf fees in the buzz. Personally I’d rather pay less penalties and go with a monthly unlimited plan then to pay much more in penalty fees in the same situation with a different provider.
      Opinions are like smart phones however; they’re complicated and everyone has one !

  • lee

    Is not the customer service problem! the problem is T-mobile has too many cheap devices, confused rate plans, too many changes that customers include their own employees don’t know jack! The only way to fix it is get reliable phones, simple rate plans that can be easily understand, no subsidy customers get 20% off on bill and lose 20% discount if they decided to get discount on phones, bill calculator for employees and customers to pick and choose the plan and see how much they are paying every month including taxes, block all third party services (customers called the hidden charges).  Also promote internally so managers know what they are doing.  Most T-mobile upper management are hired from external who doesn’t know jack about wireless business and try to run the show. 

    • Dondylcam

      I havent read and wont read the entire post, outside of the opening statement….WRONG….tmobile customer service has indeed declined beyond reproach and is definitely the problem. Ya can barely get some one on the line speaks english…CLEARLY….a direct result of closing call centers and moving them oversees where they can pay them “rupies” (literally pennies on the American Dollar). Tmobile is trying stack as much money as possible, for future “buildout” in spite of Cx service…moving call centers abroad helps their “bottom line” and thats the bottom line :/

  • h3ktyk

    Automated service, unexplained high bills, poor costumer service, half the time i cant even understand the person im talking to. Let’s see, I have, in the last 2 months called twice because my bill was 80$-100$ dollars above what I should be paying. Called costumer care, and their response is “your phone was disconnected”. Um, no it was not. the payments were made on time. Last month’s bill was 698$. thats more than half my rent. Are you kidding me? and top of that they charge me a late fee. come on. one day late doesn’t mean my service was shut off. Im ok for paying the 5$ late fee not 40$ for each line. I’ve been a Tmo costumer for 7 years. They need to recognize people like me, who have stuck with them for so many years, a care a bit more. Right now I’m trying to replace my phone through their Asurion company, a month has been since I filed the first claim trying to get my device replaced. got denied 4 times because they say I have been using my sim card, and its my sim card thats covered not my device. WTF! Call tmo because lets see:
    $130-to replace my phone through Assurion
    $199-250 for an upgrade (Which is due in Sept) IF Im lucky
    $200 Cancel my contract and go with a more satisfying service. 
    hmm.. hold on tmo, let me think whats my best option right now………

  • Launch LTE

  • tmoguest

    Everytime I call into tmo i get a different answer, even when its something that was supposedly documented on my account from the previous rep. I dont know if its a system issue or if its an employee issue but i do know its an issue!

  • Gustavo Linzan

    I’ve actually never had a bad moment with T-Mobile. Customer care is always nice, even when I raise my voice–which actually seldom happens. They’ve replaced my wife’s HTC G2 and never charged me a dime. I’ve had T-Mobile since I was thirteen. I’m twenty-four years old now, and I have to say, the only thing they’ve screwed up was a bill I was told was paid, just before creating a brand new family plan. Once I created the family plan and put it under my name, I was told that the customer service representative was wrong and that I still owed $200–which I knew, hence the reason for asking the representative before going onto a family plan. My account when into collections, but it was taken care of. So yeah, no biggie.

  • ghulamsameer

    I’ve had one good experience with AT&T—when they unlocked three iPhones for me to use on T-Mobile!

  • look at it this way, all they can do is go up from here right?  what i’d do though and i know it might not be possible but i’d get their customer service back to trained people in the US.  i was the biggest fan of TMO support but even i’ve had the occasional run in with outsourced support who didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.

    i guess TMO doesn’t have the money but that’s a huge problem.  and they need to get back to caring about their customers and not looking at them as just a number.

  • Acnjr28

    Personally I’ve been lucky enough to always get a nice rep from the U.S. but I’ve actually made it a habit in recent months to go in to local stores(to avoid problems people have with the call center reps). I gotten to know the in store reps very well. A lot of times i may stop by to say whats up. It makes their day showing that you appreciate them. I know i used to work for retail myself years ago and it not easy. You gain little perks befriending them because they let you know whats coming or any sales and what not.  But all in all, people need to do that more and socialize instead always relying on the call centers.

  • Suspicion

    ” has 2 new confirmed 1900 MHz bands!!!!!!!! Brooklyn new York 11223 and wood,ere new York 11598!!! Spoke with a rep and said that I can use my iPhone with 3G full speed. He confirmed that those 2 places have the 1900 band”

    Can. Someone confirm this?

    • Budhu168

      I was in 11223 yesterday only edge on my iPhone 4

      • Talkifnndn

        I just talked today, I hope he didn’t lie

  • Forwarddeployed

    After my most recent experience yesterday, I think they can improve things, by bringing customer service BACK to the US.  .  .  Even though the staffers they outsourced to are very nice on the phone, they didn’t seem to have a clue on basic offerings and plan information, when I inquired about business plans for my office.  .  .  I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since I did site acquisition work for them a decade ago, and the customer service of the past 3-4 months went from decent to poor.  .  .  Very depressing.  .  . 

  • guy

    As a customer of 12 years I 100% agree. Tmobile’s customer service has dropped off the face of the earth. They have gone from bad to worse. It seems like its no longer about the pink and more about the green. Whether its attempting to get a rep for 10 min, or the reps themselves. I have had numerous rep lie straight through their teeth at me over the past 2 years, lucky for me I worked for Tmo….. T-Mobile customer service won’t you come back outside and play, the weather is much nicer on top.

  • Michael

    As a front line T-Mobile employee I see a direct correlation between the introduction of value plans and the recent (last 2 years) drop in JD power ranking. Everyday I deal with customers that switched to value plans with absolutely no understanding of how they actually work. Whether this is due to their own ignorance and desire to pay less, or worthless T-Mobile reps that are ignorant as well, or even worse; decide to not mention the benefits and drawbacks of both plans, remains to and will probably never be seen. While T-Mobile, to their credit, is currently running training sessions nation wide to address these issues, nothing can make a 19 year old kid with questionable morals change overnight. The outsourcing of postpaid customers has also been hard to overcome, again, reflected in the recent JD power surveys.

    Just my 2¢

    • I agree.  I work for them too and the Value plans are confusing to most consumers.  The very low price rate plans are shown but then most customers don’t understand the EIP that’s added with their phone and sometimes come back angry after finding out how high their bills really are. I make sure to give them a clear explanation of the full bill price before selling them a phone but I know there is pressure on many reps to sell so they dodge around the issue and have some customers thinking the price on the plan sheet is all they will be paying each month.

  • Im not surprised by this at all. I dont have to call them often but i have noticed it going down lately

  • Hottwingscoldbeer

    Speaking as one who was laid off in the closures, I can say everything started to go to hell after the AT&T announcement and the conversion to a sales based customer care. And when we all stated getting outsourced of course.

  • Nrok24

    Tmobile customer service for me has always been great for me i really dont see a problem with them they are always so helpful. The one thing i can complain about is its seems a little bit harder to reach a rep through the automated service but still no biggie cause i can still get to one. I think a lot of the times its just the ignorance of the customers know what your plan is (isn’t that hard) pay your bill on time and if you cant be responsible about it and make arrangements they can pretty much always work with you on that. Its not all tmobiles fault customers just need to be more aware

  • JB

    I’m agreeing with most on here that says the problem lies in the closing some of the call centers and outsourcing to overseas reps… I don’t generally have a problem, as every T-Mo brick and mortar store I’ve been in has been excellent and the service I get on the phone is generally top notch… I only run into problems when I have to deal with the overseas reps… not that they haven’t helped me at all.. but the language barrier is kind of annoying. Especially when they sell you products that they don’t fully explain, for instance: I was calling with a billing concern with my Mom and Sister’s line (They are on their own family plan) The lady told me about a data promotion plan where it was $20/mo off of 5GB of data for three months.. what she didn’t tell me is that I had to ride out the three months before they would apply the full credit of the discount on their statement. So my mom had sort of a bill shock moment so when I called to straighten it out.. that’s when another rep told me how the credit would be applied.
    As far as fixing the problem, I think maybe they should have shrunk down the sizes of some of the call centers and keep as many jobs over here as possible. I’d rather have slightly longer wait times with exemplary service then to be kicked overseas to someone who can hardly understand me.

    It wouldn’t hurt for them to get rid of some of their under performing and redundant brick and mortar stores. By redundant, I pretty much mean that there is no need for a TMO kiosk to be in a mall that’s within a mile or two of a stand alone location. I’m sure that would save them a pretty penny on overhead.

    We can turn our noses all we want, but TMO NEEDS the iPhone. It makes poor old Magenta look bush league without it. Especially when you have regional carriers having it. Sure there’s the argument of the refarming and customers can just bring their own iPhone to the party, but imagine adding the iPhone to the lineup, with the refarming and LTE efforts. If they combine that with correctly breaking down how the Value plan works, T-Mobile will have THE BEST deal on iPhones across all carriers. 

    They are already doing things right by bringing in the high profile Superphones, but if they could lock in some exclusives and try to get some of the other phones around the same time if not soon after release (I’m looking at you Note, Note II), revitalize some of their own house brands (G series, anyone?) and have a broader selecltions (i.e. more Windows Phones) and not get the “inferior” models (i.e. One S, Lumia 710) Then they could have a stellar line up.

    I’m sure this merger mess in combo with the layoff hasn’t done them any favors in the rankings so being at the bottom is expected, it just all boils down to refocusing and making sure they treat each customer with the highest level of service, maybe even bending over backwards in some cases like they used to in the past. Of note: ATT still has HORRIBLE services… that disgusts me that they aren’t at the bottom. I demand a recount. HAHA    

  • Heywood Jablowme

    you want cheap rates, you have to make sacrifices, like customer service and late release of phones.  You whining babies can’t have it all….there is a trade off!

  • AT&T to T-Mobile:

    “So, I just saw this, and this is crazy
    Your service sucks now
    So suck it, maybe”

  • JG01

    That’s what happen when you out-source all the US call centers to another country whos’ first language is not English !!!  I have just given up calling for support and looking to get out of TMobile soon. !!


    This makes me sad. We used to be the best at C.S. And Verizon was the worst. Now it has flipped. Very disappointing. :-(

  • awatt

    As T-Mobile continues to restructure from an internal operating company into a franchise licensing company (Think food chains). This is going to happen. I’ve been watching as my area has started the process of closing stores while opening TPR (Third Party)locations. T-Mobile looks to one day close all corporate stores and just supply the merchandising and the service. I left my job at T-Mobile after an eight and a half year run for much better opportunities, but I still use the service. It’s just a shame that I’m watching all my former co-workers and friends loose their jobs or have to resort to working for a TPR location.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Its pretty simple to me. Now everytime I call I get someone who barely speaks english and is in another country. That and when they changed the way to actually get to CS. I use to be able to say one word and Id get someone. Now I need to say 10 things just to get to someone in CS

  • Dr. Wagner

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES ALL HAIL HUMM YES YES YES YES YES as a former employee it is great to see that us the 3000 plus employees that were shed are not the reason for this 

  • Cingular Jack

    As a current T-Mobile customer and having left Verizon I am constantly shocked that VW is at the top.  They have the poorest customer service of any phone company, land line or cellular that I have ever used.  They are arrogant and rude and only pay you lip service when you have a problem.

    The best cell company I ever had in terms of great customer service and reliable network was Cingular.  Too bad the death star consumed them.

    • Technically, Cingular consumed AT&T and became the deathstar. Well, they both were split up portions of the former Ma Bell anyway, but that’s beside the point: Cingular bought AT&T and then took and used the AT&T name.

  • CO_yeti

    Bottom line Tmo isn’t going to fix these issues. It was an intentional decision by management to reduce costs and they knew service would suffer.

    That being said,… Tmo is still the best choice for me in my area based on coverage and price and the type of phone I want.  We’ll see how much longer that lasts.

  • benjitek

    They’ve got a couple elephants-in-the-room.  Boring phones, and, the biggest ‘elephant’: no iPhone… :-(

    • if you think sgs3 is boring then you dont even deserve an crappy iphone for that matter.

    • Kungfubass

      i think the iphone is nice but think its the user who thinks all other phones are crap this being said makes the bad iphone user look like a fat unclean back woods no teeth lives in a shack and belives that the holes in his shoes are the best thing that ever happen to him.

  • Sarah

    Everyone who thinks T-Mobile still has the best customer service needs to call one of the departments below for validation:

    A) Activations
    B) Number Transfer Center
    C) Prepaid and/or Migrations

    You’ll quickly see how terrible it has gotten.  These reps are clueless to anything other than what is scripted.  Everything is “it can take 24-72 hours to process.”

    Port requests get screwed up and delayed causing the customer to call in multiple times. 

    Prepaid to postpaid migrations or vice versa get screwed up and delayed causing the customer to call in multiple times. 

    New lines of service get shipped with inactive SIM’s or invalid SIM’s all the time.  Customers have to drive to the store and pay $25 for a new one.

    MIR’s take 6 weeks or longer to process if at all. 

    No west coast distribution causing shipping delays particulary for business customers. 

    Upfront hardward pricing is very expensive compared to their better network’d competitors especially in places like CA. or NY where sales tax is extremely high.

    …. The list goes on.  

    • JBrowne1012

      in all of my days being w/ tmo i have never had to pay a fee for a sim card

  • Joseph Tongret

    I don’t argue that these tests are accurate, and I have no grounds to argue comments I’ve read here about poor customer service experiences, but I’ve never had a bad experience with Tmo in 10yrs? I’m also not a low maintenance customer, as I have four lines & it seems I always have one reason or another to call them, mostly with inquiries or ordering new devices. I have said it many times, but Tmo has done things to completely blow my mind in order to be sure I’m a satisfied customer! I really hope that they are able to get this right across the board for all customers, because when they’re great, they’re great, but apparently when they’re bad, they’re the worst! :-(

  • Mattcat03

    I know and still think that ATT should be last. They are the worst of the worse. They are not human. They can’t be. They don’t even derserve to be rated.  That’s all I have to say on that matter.

    • Josh Robert Nay

      I’m a former AT&T supervisor/manager. I quit back in September for multiple reasons, the biggest of which was how the low-level employees were being treated. I did the best I could to make everyone on my team love their job, but then the higher-ups would come in and basically throw a monkey wrench into everything I tried to do. It went from agents selling because they were properly motivated with performance gifts to agents who only worked hard enough to shut their bosses up and not be fired.

      I don’t know how T-Mobile customer care does things, but to lose to that is just appalling.

  • Hrose1965

    as a former tmobile customer (yes i switched to att) tmobile had great customer care untill the merger thing. then there customer service dept went down hill started to get people from other countries they need  to hire back the customer service people they had befor the merger try. and befor any one bashes me im not a troll still like to check on tmo and had noo bad experances with att had them for 8 months spoke to there customer service at lest 4 or 5 times kinda felt like i had the old tmobile reps on the phone 

  • peter rardin

    having worked in Call Centers a portion of my life I think that giving CSR’s proper training to answer the customer’s needs vs following a script could greatly increase the customer relations aspect. Also giving credit to troubled customers usually helps in a big way to get customer satisfaction. I’m not saying a large credit but a dollar or two can go a long way in pleasing a customer that isn’t happy about something. Another big thing I have seen people complaining about is the complexity of some of the plans. For example the value plans and the EIP, To some the idea of the EIP is simple but to alot of others its extremely complicated and they just don’t get it. Although I think its a great idea convincing the average consumer its a great idea usually is hard to do as the classic plans you “seem” to get a phone mostly free vs an extra fee in the forms of the EIP. Perception does matter alot to consumers and I think we need to focus on that a little. After all just look at the I-phone.

  • Mattcat03

    You are absolutely wrong.  They speak proper English and thats because English is the first Language there. Not to mention they are courteous not because of the job training but how they were taught growing up. You don’t have a clue.   

  • People dont want to talk to a machine! people want to talk to people when someone says speak to a rep dont have the machine annoy you asking what its in regards to just transfer to a rep even more so transferring for customers is horrible having to verify info 2 times or more is not ideal.

    no scripts cut the scripts we dont ask to speak to a rep for a scripted robotic message

  • Mirad77

    David as much as I know you try to bring us news but I’ve got to tell you this ain’t news. The only thing is JD Powers said it but we all knew this.
    I know T-Mobile is not what it was when I left AT$T to join them but they are not costing me more and I get close to perfect network where I live, so am sorry guy but I just can’t complain.
    I just think things are not going right for T-Mobile and they need to fix that but as much as I dislike the iPhone I don’t think it is the mecier for them as there is no proof for Sprint. They have got to change alot ot things to reflect not only today’s business but their customer base as well. Just saying………

  • Djpunzo

    T-Mobile used to have the best customer care until that At&t/T-Mobile thing started. Before you can just say Speak to a Rep and it brought you to one. Now you gotta go through the whole computer process. Even if you give the computer the information your looking for along with your number and password for the account the rep asked the same questions. Which is kind of annoying

    Basically All I do is say bullshit to the computer just to get to a rep lol.

  • Dakota

    Wasn’t TMobile last the last time this report was issued.  I wasn’t polled but I would have put them dead last…Even though Ive been with Tmobile for years and years, their customer service had gotten progressively worse the last 2 years…and the outsourcing of reps to the Phillipines doesnt help much.  Tmobile always poo poos these reports but hey, have you ever thought this is another reason why people keep leaving?  I know its one reason I let my contract lapse and am not sure IM going to sign a new one.  Have been using my phone on prepaid and consider myself a free agent.  As the smallest of the TOP4, Tmobile should have a strategy be to excel at customer service and get their rankings to #1.  You need a differentiator when you don’t always have the latest phones or the LTE network (yes I know HSPA can be just as fast blah blah blah but to the avg person, you don’t have the iPhone, you often get the latest Androids 6-8 mos after everyone else, and you don’t have the LTE that everyone else is advertising)  In the old days, Tmobile rests were always so helpful ; now many of them are rude, offensive and incompetent – – not a good mix.  Even the store employees now complain that “corporate” doesnt give them the opportunity to help people and often block them…or don’t follow thru…Ive had the store employees on the phone with me with the corporate reps as witnesses when the reps promise one thing and then don’t follow through.  The store manager used to be able to solve certain issues or credit the account, but now often they just frown and say “Im so sorry, but theres nothing we can do.”  So Tmobile WAKE UP…You are in 4th place for a reason – well many reasons – You need to STAND FOR SOMETHING.  You can’t just say you’re cheaper (cuz in many cases you’re not – and if you’re just going on price, other smaller carriers are even cheaper).  Ironically, I don’t know where they ranked in the past, but I remember when I started with Tmobile, they were known for great customer service and I remember that being one reason that I chose them

  • Htssfhtr

    For starters t-mobile can pay their retail associates more. Instead of cutting commission structures to nickel and dime their associates, they should motivate their employees with higher compensation. This increases employee moral and makes for a better customer service experience. If you want higher customer satisfaction, you first have to motivate your employees to provide better service.

    • Not saying…

      I love how they say they are “changing it for the better” and all excited about it. Ha! Because they are padding their pockets instead of the people that are yelled at daily for the HORRIBLE customer service, not having the iPhone, customers not understanding the rate plans and EIP, or the 50 thousand  KPIs that we are held to or get forced to walk the plank. TMoNews, we know you rub elbows with someone in the FSC…. Pass it along and tell them to shape up or ship out! This is getting ridiculous!!!

  • Tina

    i am not making this up and i love tmobile for their decent pricing on plan but am a tmo customer for 9 yrs with 5 lines, recently TMOBILE illegally  without my authorization upgraded my contract and for a cheap basic phone. Even though I called to stop the order, reset the contract so many times including  calls to senior retention reps  and emails to executive, they were all rude , unapologetic   and demanded me to send the phone bakc and all kinda nonsense stuffs, it was my complaint with BBB and states AG that  woke them up and corrected their illegal contract change.

  • Brian Hurd

    Just my 2 cents as a long term (6 years) customer…

    1.  Eliminate all the stupidly named plans.  No offense but we don’t want to spend our lives trying to figure out what a “Value plan” is or does.  Just the name makes me want to run away.

    2.  Eliminate, or increase the data cap on data roaming.  Seriously how are you supposed to know who you may be roaming with at all times of the day/week/month.  Found out, in the middle of a vaction in the middle of nowhere “you have reached your data limit and will be cut off until you 1. either……”  Nice message to get on the first week of your bill reset with no way to get to a TMobile coverage area.  Nope, no text at 80%.

    3.  If you’ve been a loyal customer for x years, maybe an early upgrade coupon at 1 year (don’t even bother lecturing me about the cost of hardware, I know what the wholesale costs are….).

    In other words….

    Make it simple to do business with TMO
    Make it easy to stay with TMO
    Make it enjoyable to be with TMO

  • Goliath King

    Part of the Reason to be honest.. we due to Alot of US Finding out we would out of a JOB.. so ALOT of US Just Stopped Caring anymore.. I mean We tried our Best, But the way the company treated us.. we just gave up the ghost as it were.. 

  • jian9007

    The surprising thing to me is that this includes telephone, retail, and online and is still dead last. I have never called for support and have only used online. I have had 0 issues when using online support and have been very happy with it. Now as far as other issues, that this report does not cover, over the last year or so (phone pricing, constant plan changes, network signals inside my house, etc.), that’s a whole other beast.

  • Mjsell2

    All of the problems I have seen stem from the proposed merger with at&t and the essential shut down that the company had.  Several months of no new phones, and now with the exception of the GS3, the phones are at least a generation behind…Even the “next generation” myTouch being made by Huawei are coming out running Gingerbread!! There’s no reason for a new phone coming into the lineup not running ICS at least.  Then you take the slap in the face of T-Mobile branded phones not receiving updates anymore.  When HTC was making the G-series and MyTouch series, everything was top quality.

  • perfectalpha

    I’ll sing and explain why (seeing as I was sent packing on June 22nd)…

    1) T-Mobile has their first line with outsourced agents. It isn’t their fault, they need jobs too, but that is generally who customers get first. They aren’t trained or know much about the devices. It isn’t their fault, that’s just the experience T-Mobile wants you to have.

    2) T-Mobile has a metric in place for HSE. So if you’re looking to meet or maximize your monthly bonus, you’re better off not exchanging a customers phone even when they need it. It is put food on the table for your family or replace a customers phone? Enough said.

    3) T-Mobile doesn’t train associates on devices or give hands on time. The agents you speak to probably haven’t seen a phone in years. Last phone I was trained on with hands on time was the Motorola Charm. Nobody bought that phone, but the One S, Galaxy S 2, Blackberry Bold, Windows Phone in general…nothing.

    4) T-Mobile’s resources aren’t up to date. You have situations where documents aren’t updated for the software a device should be on. Then you run into a situation where agents use discussions and there could be dozens on the same topic, and that is why you get 30 different answers, or why you can be like, “the last guy knew what he was doing.”

    5) Lastly, T-Mobile has reps confused because such an emphasis is put on MyVOC. That is basically a customer rating you. So, if you call up and I don’t credit your shipping charge, you can rate me a 1 and I basically lose out on monthly bonus opportunity. It can be real discouraging for a rep when you’re doing what the company tells you to do.

    6) The Speech IVR (which everyone hates) randomly hangs up on people. Takes you 10 minutes before you’re even going in the right direction. Customers hate it, reps hate it because you have to hear about it the first 5 minutes of every phone call…they should just scrap it.

    At the end of the day, I am not bitter. T-Mobile helped me get a much better job…but it doesn’t stop them from focusing only on the bottom line, and putting the customer last.

    • Bratty

      Interesting. Thank you.

    • Goliath King

      He Speaks All Truth.. This Was, and Probably Still is the Problem 

  • perfectalpha

    I’ll take it a step further…T-Mobile was an AWESOME place to work until they introduced “Right Fitting.” The whole culture of the company changed…and Brian Bruekman (I think that is how you spell it) taking over pretty much sank customer service for good.

    Bottom line is customers want simple solutions to their problems. They don’t want 30 minutes on the IVR, have to escalate because they get no signal indoors, or sign a 2 year contract to get signal indoors, or pay 20 bucks to replace a phone without insurance or have a buyer’s remorse policy that is ant-customer it’s unreal at this point.

    Customers want a phone that works, pleasant people to help them when it isn’t, and get them on their way fast. It isn’t rocket science on how to deliver good customer service. Empower the agents, give them tools that work, and give them creative freedom to handle the situation best (you know, since they are in the situation themselves?) and you’ll see the customer service flourish.

  • Mike

    Unfortunately TMO has outsourced their tech support elsewhere. The first customer interaction is with someone who cannot speak English. These guys are trained to speak from a script and cannot understand simple questions. I called recently to ask about roaming costs in Europe and specifically told them that I am not interested in signing up for any international roaming plans. The next 2 minutes was spent on discussing T-mobile’s international service reduced cost roaming. The language barrier is just too great. I understand people need a job but if the customer’s cant understand what you are saying than you should not be working there.

    However whenever I call billing for a question, the service has always been top notch since the reps are based here in the states. They need to bring back the US based reps, get the iPhone, and improve coverage in less urban areas. I go from 4G to G all the time. It’s emberassing when every other carrier in the area has 3G and I can’t even load Facebook…

  • Me

    1. Get rid of the d— machine when you call 611 that loops you through all sorts of stuff you don’t want and makes it impossible to talk to a real person.  By the time I get a person I have wasted 10 minutes and am SO frustrated, and then the person asks what number I am calling from – I’m calling from your phone – don’t you have called ID?

    2. Get customer service people who speak English.  Had to call today and I could not understand the lady.  She transferred me to another rep, and the other rep asks me to please repeat the problem because she could not understand the first rep either!

    3. Why do your reps have phones that don’t have good connections (static, pauses,etc.)?  You are a phone company.

    4. Why is the pricing so complicated?  Have 3 plans and make a simple chart with monthly cost of prepaid, and postpaid with & without subsidized phone.  On each phone, put a chart with the cost of the phone with each plan.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to figure out the cost of a phone on your value plan.  Don’t even think about trying to figure out what a phone costs on business plan. Even the reps have no clue. I gave up and just bought my phone from Amazon.  Seriously.  I think it was cheaper, but since I could not figure out what the Tmob phone cost on a business plan, I gave up.  Amazingly Amazon has the price of the phone right there on their website.

    5. Business plans are good, but why the runaround?  I can’t get info on the plans and phones on the website.  I can’t call customer service and get an answer about the plans – they need to have someone call me (you have to make 2-3 calls to get a return call).  Once I got the business plan, if I have a problem and call 611, they make me describe the entire problem and then say they can’t help because I get premium service due to business plan, and I have to wait on hold some more and listen to some more of that inane computer to get a business plan premium service rep.  This is what you consider premium service?

    6. Save all the money you are wasting sending me glossy greeting cards telling me how happy you are my business has your phones, and fix the above.  Every time I get one of those cards I get angrier about T Mob wasting money.  I don’t keep the card, and can’t remember the website advertise on the card, and then find out there is no link on the regular Tmobile website to this premium website thing.  Why so complicated?

    7.  I have been a Tmob customer for 8 years.  I loved the UMA service on the blackberries. The wireless calling on the Android drops the call when you leave the wireless network range – why can’t Tmob switch the call over to the cell network automatically like it could 6 years ago with a blackberry?  Seems like we are moving backwards.  But nevertheless – ADVERTISE your wifi calling.  Nobody knows about.  People don’t believe me when I tell them about it.  Apparently the I phone does not have that feature.

    • CO_yeti

      #7… UMA was a dedicated chip used to make calls over wifi. It worked well, but was expensive to manufacture and not a major selling point. Wifi Calling is just an app route calls over wifi. It doesn’t work as well, but its cheap(ala Android in general) and its still not a major selling point.

      Bottom line is Tmo has always believed their better “value” features (cost, wifi calling, free hotspots, cheaper insurance, etc) would draw the masses from the big guys. It never has. People like the newest gadgets and Tmo always gets them later and in a little crappier form than Att and Verizon.

  • FILA

    quite a turnaround from all them years being number 1, we took a huge leap back in time

  • guest1230

    for starters, it is very difficult for the recording to understand and transfer to a live rep, then when the call is transferred u get a rep in another country that barely understands english. maybe just maybe thats why it ranked last. 

  • BILL

    Well there is a clear reson for this….
    #1 Outsoursing problem and US call center are OUT OF CONTROL
    #2 KPIs for reps are unreachable
    #3 morale and employee treatment is terrible
    #4 reps are so stressed to point they become sick and have use fmla
    #5 instead of listen to front line employees and customers…. management makes metrics unreachable so customer experience is bad………..C.E.O stands for Customers…Employees and Owners …  T mobile needs to go back to this way that made them sucessful or the bleading will not stop..


  • jim

    As a T mobile Rep.of 10 years …this isnt very surprising …this is 100 percent management fault ……Reps in caller centers are stressed to the max …because of the unreachable KPI.s and sales metics that are set….

  • Not Saying…

    I’m not surprised in the least bit. I agree with Jim, the company is putting so much stress on EVERY employee that we are all about to crack under pressure. The morale in retail is horrible and customers are seeing the hard times that we are having even trying to communicate with care and the desperation in some reps voices of all of the KPI’s we are supposed to meet. Sinking ship!

  • itiswhatitis

    T-Mobile needs to rewind 5 years and remember that customer service reps are there to provide “customer service” Sales stores reps are in place to “sell” They are not one in the same. I can’t tell you how many reps I’ve hung up on because they “had” to attempt to sell me something. It’s not their fault. It’s either sell, sell, sell on every single call or go home… and don’t come back. In a couple of years, maybe sooner, T-Mobile will be no longer. There’s nothing keeping that company afloat

  • idan91

    Yeah definitely agree T-Mobile’s customer service is currently terrible. They need to get people that actually speak english as their first language. Really hard to communicate when you can’t make out what they’re saying and for some reason they just almost never understand what I’m talking about and that causes a big heap of stress in getting my issues solved.

  • jim

    As a t mobile fininical care rep in tmobile usa call center we must have 190 sec to rush cutomer off the phone and 1200.00hr collection call back under 18 percent perefect quality 8 calls and voice of the customer 5.0 out of 6.0..these metrics are unreachable stressing employees out to the point that people in the call centers are getting mentally sick..because they write you up if you dont met these numbers……instead of going back to basics that we did 8 years ago that gain us JD powers when SUE NOOKS was around…. management make up these unreachable numbers ..and joke and laugh in thier offices …t mobile wants there cake and eat a 8 year employee..The morale in in this job is horable ..people are getting fired every day and these are employees of 5 to 10 years service…reps that made this company gain first place in JD powers a few years back

    • 123

       Sue Nokes maybe…

    • Lillykisses

      I agree wholeheartedly!

      My husband and I met at a tech center for T-Mobile. During that first year (his first my 3rd) we saw the customer care requirements change SO drastically that he had to be treated for severe depression, and I needed to be treated for anxiety and panic attacks. Because of these issues we received FMLA that allowed us to take half a month (EVERY MONTH) off due to the stress. We had NO energy (even with that extra time off) to spend with our friends or families, or even in strengthening our marriage. We suffered HORRIBLY in every aspect of our lives because of the undue stress. 

      Now we have both found new jobs (him making $3 less an hour, me $5 less an hour) and we are making more than we were making at T-Mobile in the end. We see less of each other (unfortunately), however we are actually HAPPY! Our jobs are slightly brainless (coming from a tech center, that is a DRASTIC change in environments) and we are hardly stimulated due to that. But, as we both look back on the final 15 months of our employment at T-Mobile, we are relieved to be able to have the emotional and mental energy to spend our time off with friends and family, which we did not have while working there. 

      Most importantly, even not being able to spend as much time together as we used to, our marriage is stronger. We no longer have to struggle to pay this bill or that bill, and we can actually RELAX together. My hat is definitely tipped to those who are still working in T-Mobile. I truly have no idea how on earth these individuals can stand up against the stress and pressure that they are put under, but I also hope that they can recognize how that stress is affecting them and be brave enough to take the adequate steps necessary if they need to get out of there. I went from making $21.21 an hour to making $15.37 an hour because I could not handle the stress. It was definitely scary, but I hope that others can see that $5-$6 is not worth their sanity. 

  • Tommyd103

    Tmobile will be gone, they have nothing backing them up. I have a factory unloked iPhone running on T-Mobile and it is SO slow. It’s unbelievable. I never experienced “edge” connection like this in my entire life of cell phones. Before 4G was even heard of, none of my other phones running on edge were this slow. I told customer service that tmobile needs to get there stuff together, before me & the rest of you people out there on the same boat as me leave this company. If they don’t get the iPhone this year, that’s another 500,000 people out the window. They are going to be NOTHING.

    • mystik4l06

      Be patient my friend. T-Mobile already purchased the 1900mhz spectrum. You will see 4G speeds by the end of the year well, At least in major cities

    • You haven’t read about the billion dollar flop that Sprint is suffering because of the shitty iphone deal recently?  It’s just bad business.

    • Zach Mauch

       you are using a phone on a network that it wasn’t designed to run on.  It’s not compatible with tmobile’s 4G bands.  the fault isn’t t-mobile’s.  it’s yours.  I have no idea what your 3g speeds actually are, but if you aren’t on a 4g phone you really can’t complain as that is where there focus is now.

    • Jimbean7654

      What a dumbass

  • slam the upgrades

    I’m not surprised to hear actual Tmobile employees posting about pressure to sell. I called in to have them remove some home phone voicemail to cell thing that magically appeared on my bill after upgrading my phone. As they transferred me through three different people they each tried to sell me on upgrading my data to 5gig which I never reach my 2gig limit. After telling them no each time, the next month, wallah I had some upgrade on my bill, I then had to call back in again to have that removed and went through all the upsell requests again, very annoying but they did fix everything eventually. Clearly they are hammered to annoy the hell out of a customer to upgrade and if they don’t they are tempted to sneak it on to hit their numbers, If I had to guess I would blame poor management more than the employees on the floor.

    • SadButTrue

      Finally, a sane person that uses the power of the thought process!

  • mystik4l06

    As a former employee to T-Mobile a sales rep/key holder to be more specific. This is the main reason why i left the company 2 years ago right after all their systems were changed from regular Watson to Quickview and their commission systems changed from ACS to Callidus which was major BS. Lost over 30% in commission earnings in one SHOT! BAM GONE!! Commission checks went from $3000+ to just barely hitting $2100 a month. Numbers went up not as unrealistic as call centers. They were still attainable but it was set at such a number that once you hit it your still not making any money. You had to double your numbers to get money as if you would hit your numbers alone on the old system. 10K+ employees quit on the spot when they said they are changing commission structure. I stayed due to the promotion and training to be an assistant manager and its not worth it. I got out before i had my next promotion due to their bogus offer of a $3 raise with more responsibility. Pathetic. Immediate management as in store managers and call center managers have NO FAULT at ALL. DISTRICT managers are to blame. I have worked closely with MANY and they set all these numbers which are ridiculous and unattainable. If your store has a quota of 80 and you try to make yourself “Look good” and hit 150. Your quota next month will be 200. Why? well you hit 150 so why not 200? If you dont hit it then you are screwed. That’s where the pressure starts to go down the chain.

    • If all that is true then damn, very uncool of them (internally speaking).

    • Jimbean7654

      This post has absolutely nothing to do with the customer care ranking. Sales quotas are mathematical formulas based year over year sales. Go twittle your thumbs.

      • mystik4l06

        The mathematical formula is not based on year to year sales. That’s how much of an idiot you are for posting a reply without any basis of factual information. Sales quotas are for every store every call center are on a month to month basis. It all depends on how much you accomplished on the prior month which is set by regional managers not the company. I was on the inside for 5 Years so I know exactly what I am talking about. So, Next time get some facts before you post your stupidity on this site.

  • Wow lol, they are doing bad. I’m shocked, lol. I never really have issues with customer care, but they mistakes have been made on my account back in the day. Oh well, no worries. Hopefully they can recover.

  • First problem it takes sometimes 20 minutes on hold just to talk to a human being. Then they play hold on I will switch you to a different dept. Then you loose the signal and have to call back, what a joke and I am not kidding either. I could tell you some serious problems I had to deal with T-Mobile over the last 6 months and they were all with the employees working for T-Mobile. Last week T-Mobile sent me my SGS3, great phone but wrong color, returned it and what do you think happened, they sent me the 2nd phone which was also wrong. I am flipping out at this point. If I had a T-Mobile employee in front of me right now I would throw a choke hold on him so fast and say wake the fu– up. Is it my fault for staying with them I keep asking myself but I have been with them for so long and I do have fantastic coverage and data speeds at my location so I bite the bullet and hope things change. AT&T has very fast LTE in my area and so does Verizon which i also have an account with but I still have my T-Mobile account and hope things get better.
    Sorry for the venting folks.

    • JoeyKhache

      Eat it!

      • mystik4l06

        You sir are a dumbass for actually taking him seriously. Read the end Of his comment “sorry for venting.” Learn to differentiate intentional threats from harmless venting. Just for your stupid comment he should go choke hold YOU and I’ll go help him out by punching you in the throat so you can stfu. Smh

        • JoeyKhache

          You mad bro? You’ve got some serious mental issues in the brain too… Come at me bro, I dare you! I bet it feels good to hide behind the internet. You’ve probably never punched anyone in your life. Mr. Mystik over here. Pfffff…haha…

    • 123

       so simple as put a case on it…people is crazyyy

  • Moneylifemusic Ent

    I agree with the ranking. As far as a solution i really don’t have any suggestions.  I just know that at one point i was 30 months into my contract and willing to upgrade my handset. Apparently, I stumped the customer service rep because when i called to upgrade my phone he told me that i was no longer under contract. I kindly said “…I know. Im willing to upgrade my handset and extend my contract.” He proceeded to tell me I was out of contract and had to pay full price for a handset. At that point i just gave. I didnt owe t-mobile a dime. I don’t know what that was about so i just went to Best buy and did my upgrade. Im actually considering leaving T-Mobile if things dont improve later this year. 

    • Moneylifemusic Ent

      gave up *** (Typos suck! smh) 

      • Bajamin

        my bet is you are/were on an old PLUS plan. Which means the only option you have is to keep it or move to a VALUE plan. In both cases the phones are full price.

  • Untouchable4rc

    As a T-Mobile sales rep in nyc this bothers me to the core. I’ve never been a good “salesman” but my customer service is nothing short of amazing. I have gotten customers out of ditches that many would think are impossible. Nowadays it seems as if our primary goal as a company is to suck a customer dry regardless of tenure by imposing all sorts of tricky ways to charge for nonsense. First it was the bs $50 pay per use overages(that they later admitted was wrong) but now they have this REALLY screwed up $65 10gb plan that’s “randomly” showing up on peoples accounts. I seriously had a customer that within the last 4 months didn’t use over 10mb of data(mind you he didn’t even have a smartphone) and they slapped a 10gb $65 feature on his account. They could not credit this back because it wasn’t a Tmobile error. WHY is this even being offered to someone who averages 3mb of data A MONTH? It’s sickening it really is, especially in a time where people are living check to check. I feel almost as if MY integrity is being compromised when I see reports like this.

  • This doesn’t really jive with me.  T-Mobile customer service has always been excellent for me through the years. Sometimes they’ve clearly been American.  Sometimes I was sure I was speaking to a Filipino, and even few times I think they might have been Indian, but always good service.

  • Gladys

    I’m an Enterprise Customer with nearly 1000 lines.  200 of those lines are USB modems on a 200MB plan.  When I called T-Mobiel business care and asked to bump the data plans up to 5GB and 10GB plans they told me I had to extend my contract for another 2 years per line.


    I called my B2B rep and she said that’s just the way it is.  No getting around the forced 2 year renewal just for changing my plan and paying them more per month.

    Terrible service if you ask me. 

    As a large business customer I still have to go through the offshore team for Activations and ports.  They are almost as bad as AT&T’s offshore Premier support. 

    • Bajamin

      EVERY cellphone company does this. This is nothing new. Is it fair? No. Is it the way it is done, yes. 

  • Guest

    Well, hmm….

    Lets see…the could start by completely removing the current automated system. For 3 months you had to call sales directly and get transferred to customer care because the system in place would hang up on you no matter what you chose.

    I’m willing to bet most of the bad rating comes from the automated system debacle after they closed call centers. So…they deserve what they received.

    • ac


  • Zabaniya

    how in the world did they lose to at&t???…thats a whole new level of bad. i’ve never had a single positive experience with at&t with any of their services (phone, internet, cell phone, tv)

    • kalel33

      They were dead last in the previous JD Powers study too.

  • Taquafanda

    How did this happen? I’ve been w/ T-Mo for nearly 10 years. They were always the best in both my experience and stats. What, did everyone just turn bad when AT&T merger talk began? Doesn’t make sense. 

    • perfectalpha

      Read my post below and you will see why. The culture changed. When we were winning JDP, we focused on the experience of the customer. Now, the focus is on not replacing phones, get the customer off the line as quickly as possible, and they outsourced a lot of the jobs that they just shut down. The department of Labor called them out on it. Folks don’t want to speak with someone from Honduras.

  • Everything has been going down since they started forcing those “Right Fit” guides down employees throats and onto customers.  No other carrier does this.  They’re annoying and don’t do anything to help the sales reps or the potential customers.

    • Disgusted

      Oh my gosh! Those damn right fit guides and numerous ridiculous papers they have you fill out is terrible. I sometimes dread asking a cust a question b/c of it. I fail to see how this helps with customers wanting a speedy transaction?

  • Jtr ex.employee

    There is no surprise here, this is what happens when the jobs are sent overseas. I do understand the need to cut costs, but cutting the frontline customer service agents that had made this company succesful at the customer service level was a mistake. They closed the most tenure centers to avoid paying high salaries, but we can clearly see the quality of service that is now being provided. I wish Tmob the best, but the reality is that customers are not happy with their service and are leaving the company . As an ex employee who was given the option to relocate, i think is not a good time to be at tmobile anymore.

    • 123

       I did relocate and very happy with my choice…

      • Jtr ex.employee

        Am really happy it worked out for you. It didnt make sense for me, best of lucks to you and to the company.

  • Vendetta517

    Remember when this was their pride and joy. If they don’t care about this anymore, how much can they possibly care for their customers.

  • Secret Shopper #42

    As a current T-Mobile RSA, these comments are actually really interesting read– especially the comments from the past and current employees.
    The sad thing is, I think T-mobile really has a great product. Their shift to Value plans was really a bold move, and attacks the widespread issue of a perceived “$199” phone. Smartphones really cost a lot more than that and the carriers don’t actually make much money from phone sales. But for some reason, customers on all carriers are more comfortable paying $199 for a phone, and a ridiculous monthly price for their service. Maybe because it’s simpler, and they don’t get decision fatigue.

    I respect that T-Mobile has taken this approach, but their plans are terribly confusing to customers. The systems are also not intuitive at all. Simple account information is not easily identifiable, and this can lead to a poor customer experience overall. Sales tools should be available to instantly calculate this stuff and give the customer a bottom line quickly.

    On my end, I definitely see the change in the call centers, both as a customer and as an RSA. When I am speaking with a call center outside of the US, it’s quite apparent, both in quality of service and level of communication. I speak to plenty of call centers with other companies, and usually the service is *better* .. especially when calling India. So, that appears to be a management issue.

    I hope they turn this around with some realistic expectations from their employees with a focus on real value rather than unattainable numbers. Personally, I feel better when I get a customer out of a jam than when I activate a multiple line account– because I love technology and how it is evolving. I can’t wait to see what’s coming out next and where new and innovative technology will take us. I’m going to ride that train either way, and hopefully it’ll continue to be with the Tmo.

  • Jade Hart

    Looks like AT&T or Sprint may be my next carrier. I was thinking of switching to T-Mobile from Verizon, but unless things change I may go with another carrier. It almost seems that after the AT&T-Mobile Merger failed, everyone in charge at T-Mobile just gave up and are letting the company crumble.

    • Jade Hart

      They also need to get up to speed with LTE because every other carrier is surpassing them when it comes to next gen wireless. 

      • Bajamin

        You are retarded. Many test have been done showing T-Mo HSPA + just as fast and FASTER (in some cities) than LTE. On top of that LTE drains a battery where HSPA+ does not. They are also rolling out LTE ON TOP OF HSPA+. Also if you call customer care enough to be frustrated enough to spend twice as much per month then please RUN to ATT.

  • Terron

     With the economy in the state it is people are looking to downsize any way possible…unfortunately, cell phones are the easiest and most sought after targets.  I can imagine that out of the seven thousand or so customers that this survey was based on, they’re complaints were probably faults of their own…im a tmobile sales rep and people complain because of the restore fees that we charge per line….pay your bill on time or make a payment arrangement and you wont have that problem….if you decide not to get insurance on your phone to save the 8 dollars a month, dont get upset that they wont give you a free phone after you drop yours in the toilet…i honestly get it, times are hard but in my experience tmobile attracts and targets sub-prime business mostly.  when you have sub-prime customers as a whole you get these kind of complaints. Tmobile used to be #1 with JD Power before, but back then, there were no upgrade fees, regulartory fees were a little lower, there was no bill current, hell at one point Fridays were considered weekends on some plans. I have faith in tmobile and i think that things will get better. Customer Care does have to improving to do, but the customers need some education as well. Verizon is leading the way and their qualification process is a lot more strict than the other carriers. It seems that people with higher credit scores tend to have better judgement….they understand that its wise to get a protection plan on a device that cost 600.00 full retail, and they understand that there will be a penalty for paying late. It’s gonna take a lot from all sides of T-Mobile to dig their way up from this

  • Jweavers2

    They can start by stopping the whole “hanging up on customers” thing. I’ve been yelled at so many times because the customer care reps are either highly rude or just flat out hang up on the customer. 

    • tmobile tech

      and if u keep screaming u will continue to get hanged up.. just chage ur attitude because us employees we here to help no to hear u scream.. have a good day :)

  • Fed up

    I am an ex employee. We have Required sales quotas to meet in customer care. So in order to keep their jobs reps are committing fraud left and right. I spent a lot of time filing out fraud reports.
      We had Required Call Resolution time 380 seconds. Ths is just over 6 mins. To fix a real problem it takes more then 6 mins in most cases. Meet or else.
     We also get customer surveys done Many times the surveys were not done on the right person. So a helpful employee would get a bad score, and a rotton employee got the good score.  So the system is flawed and does not help.
      They  let me go for not harrassing our Good employees constantly about their metrics. I worked with them to service the customers needs.  Also I was a very Well paid employee so they wanted to get rid of me and hire some one else for a LOT LESS MONEY. 
      It is so much cheeper to out source customer care to some location over seas.
      A lot of good people are getting the shaft and it greatly affects the level of customer care.

       Also the Pay Per Use charge scam going on does not help. Or the 3rd party charges. Get rid  of those 2 items and customer satisfaction would go up a lot. The powers that be want you to call in so we can sell you something you dont want.
      At this Point Id implore all Customers to leave T-Mobile untill the customer demands are met.

    • 123

       sure and you will pay they ETF’s as well…go get a life looser !!!

      • SadButTrue

        Dont be difficult. I was in the same boat and you are just adding a comment that does nothing for this thread. This if for REAL discussions

      • kalel33

        You called someone a “looser” but you can’t spell “loser” correctly.  Who’s the idiot loser?

  • From first to last in 60 seconds, even ATT does it better, wow

  • Sad

    I am not at all surprised by the results. It’s a classic case of what happens when you are a dime wise and a dollar foolish. In my opinion, T-mobile could do with an entire corporate restructure, starting at the top.

  • Gheadr4

    They need to hire knowledgeable reps at the stores, not just pretty faces. They send me right back to call customer support of which I’ve given up the right before. They forced me to report this incident to the raters online.

  • turnitaroundquickly

    Biggest issue is the disconnect from the language barrier . Results from that are the customers are forced to come into the retail store for help and there is only so much help a retail store can give – ie credits and etc. Second issue is the script reading also resulting from the language barrier. Have a true conversation with someone instead of reading some phony script to try to answer each question.

  • Hopeitgetsbetter

    We went from a company who cared about customers and doing the right thing to a policy driven one. Everything today is policy driven and we dont budge. Customer care wouldnt waive a $20 late payment fee for a customer who was in the hospital giving birth to her new born son. They told me that “the customer has the same billing due date every month and should have know her payment was due”. Thats the company we are today. 

    • swave

      well hey when you sign and 2 year agreement you sign that says you will pay the bill it never say that in the act of something happen like having a baby you cant pay a bill that not there fault stop making excuse and pay up

      • 21stNow

         Yeah, I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be any compassion, but customers have to take responsibility, too.  Just because my bill is due on the 9th of the month, it doesn’t mean that I have to wait until the 9th to pay it.  If I know I’m going to have a baby (last time I checked, gestation is around 9 months-the birth isn’t unexpected), I will arrange to either pay my bills earlier, or designate someone else to handle this for me.  Or, there is that 20th century invention called AutoPay.

  • theanalyst

    I’m not surprised.  I’ve had to call T-Mobile a few times over the past 6 months and my service was awful.  At least by the first line of customer service reps (tech support and retentions usually have been helpful).  The first line of customer support often has no idea what they are talking about.  For example, when I called to report difficulty I was having with my Galaxy S/Vibrant, the rep told me the problem was because I was running froyo and that T-Mobile would upgrade my phone to a new OS.  Ha!  We all know that wouldn’t happen.  Where did she even get such information?  I also had to contact customer care to ask if I would have reception when traveling.  My 1st attempt I was told yes and that of course I would have service, because I was at a conference being held at a university and that all colleges have T-Mobile reception!  Truth is, I only had roaming and I knew this ahead of time after speaking to a rep in retentions.  T-Mobile has become a joke.

  • formeremployee

    I tried e-mailing the owner of this blog about this stuff over a year ago and he wouldn’t listen because he was too much of a fan. I had been working for the company in their call centers for over 7 years, I was making a very good wage, probably one of the top CSR earners as I had moved up in position and then gone back to a CSR to move back home. However, days after the official, at&t is buying us out, announcement I was unceremoniously fired because I could not sell people on services they didn’t need. The call center where I live is down to about 25% of they staff they had before the buyout announcement. And the reps they let go were the customer focused ones, they only kept the ones that cared more about selling. If T-Mobile wants to fix this, they need to rehire all those reps and drop this sell sell sell mentality. 

  • ThoCh

    I called to do an handset exchange on a faulty phone they sent me from a previous exchange. The Philippine rep wanted to charge me $20 for a crappy phone THEY sent me!  She put me on hold, mute, for almost 30 minutes, then blind transferred me to a number that rang for 5 minutes. Then I engaged with a chat rep, also from overseas (call center 145), and it was just as bad.
    You want to know why they are in last, for this kind of bullshit. And its not going to change.

  • Malachi Megiddo

    I just wish it was easier to actually get someone on the damn phone! You have to jump through so many button presses (or retarded “say the word” commands) to get to an actual voice.

    Or maybe just hire a customer care specialist to work at the store that’s two blocks away. One per store. And customers would be far happier.

    Just my thoughts.

  • Gregory Gillham

    I was a T-mobile customer from 2001 but then switched to AT&T in 2010 to use an iPhone. The only issues I had during this time was when my brother-in-law got a random phone number in the Dallas, TX area and because it was long distance to call from my wife’s job I was willing to help him change the number. 

    I called T-mobile and was surprised that the Rep didn’t want to help me change to a different 469-xxx-xxxx number that had a different prefix so it would be a local call from a 214-xxx-xxxx number. This was in the fall of 2007. Finally after 10 minutes I was able to convince her that I needed to change the number but she was *not* happy about it. Then after about 30 seconds we realized there weren’t any numbers available in the 469-831-xxxx prefix so I just gave up as it was just a bad experience compared to the normal experience I had from 2001 until that time (2007). It seems like it would have been faster for her to just help me instead of fight it for 10 minutes. We weren’t calling customer service very often and had never asked to change numbers before so we were just normal customers, not over using their resources.

    My wife recently ported back to T-mobile and the only issues I had was the port didn’t complete and I had to call back a few times until it finally ported. But customer services was fine during this process.Really, from all the comments, it seems that T-mobile has a fundamental  management problem that sounds very similar to the issues that Spirit had a few years ago.  Because of Sprint’s management pressure, Reps would extend contracts for just calling in to customer service and do other things that were shocking. Now Sprint has improved its rating and is just below Verizon. This means, a new permanent CEO could always correct the customer service issues at T-mobile if it is deemed important to the company.

  • Neoprimal

    I can agree that something drastically changed within the last year. 

    I’ve been a customer since 2003 and customer service has generally been impeccable. Within the last year or so but more recently a few months, I have had the worst CS I’ve ever had to death with. 

    I practically had a phone fight with a supervisor who demanded that “all android devices are designed to crash and reboot”, to which I told her this was not the case. Even under low memory conditions, it isn’t normal for Android devices to crash and reboot – lag and stutter, yes, like any computer. And yes, maybe old phones would crash and reboot, but not the MT4G S and certainly not a GS 2 which she claimed to own and claimed her phone did “all the time”. A supervisor!!

    It was so bad she even had me tempted to switch carriers but common sense whipped that out of me since I have perfect service in D.C and an unbeaten price for my service and what I get ($100 for 2 lines, unlimited everything with 2GB each line high speed data; beats all these nasty shared data plans coming up now for sure).

    Suffice it to say, that has left an extremely bitter taste for TMo CS with me and I avoid calling them like a plague now.