Samsung Galaxy Note For T-Mobile Now On Samsung’s Website

This is another one of those instances when we’re not quite sure when this info first appeared — but for those of you wanting to know every single detail about the Galaxy Note for T-Mobile, there’s plenty of reading for you on Samsung’s website. Unfortunately, price and a release date are still absent and we expect that info will only come from T-Mobile, but there is a whole list of FAQ’s and How-To’s to keep you busy for some time.

Happy reading.


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  • cnoTe4

    This was up this morning. I checked after reading the article posted this am.

  • Josue

    my bet is $300.00 ($50 M.I.R) lol

  • DennisGwapo

    Goodbye iPhone 4$ you are going to Doha, Qatar!!!! Yippppeee!!

    Welcome my Note!!!!

  • Carloslacend

    Ok apparently is not white for now. Another thing what means APQ8060 ARMv7? That’s snapdragon s3??

    • Exact same processor as in the Galaxy S II and Amaze 4G.

      • Christopher Woodruff

        Not quite, the Sensation and Amaze 4G use the MSM8260 processor. The Galaxy S2 does use the APQ8060 though. Probably some minor differences in each one in the way they do things like power management, existing other wireless modes like Bluetooth and Wifi, but they are still 45 nm process S3 series.

  • Geek

    this phone is cool does it have the 1900 band



  • no2apple

    so its not note 2 then.. I was hoping samsung’s aug 15th announcement may be note 2…
    I was dreaming. I guess note 10.1 is gonna come out on aug 15th

  • GinaDee

    We all know T-Mobile will sell this old phone for $399.99 after 100 MIR while AT&T will sell the new Note 2 for $249.99 or $199.99

    T-Mobile has great plans but they kill it with their brain-dead introductory pricing scheme.  It doesn’t work or net them the net adds they desire.

    • Dumbazz

      It must suck to get all butt hurt because you can’t afford something.
      Maybe the larger carriers can get the phone from Samsung at a better cost because they have more subscribers?
      I guess it’s easier for you to not use logic.

      • Darren Rogers

        Nice name Dumbazz?  I wonder if your dad and his hoe took one look at their tar baby and your name just rolled off their tongue?

        Next time you try to make sense try harder. 

        T-Mobile USA subsidizes the cost of their phone at their discretion using an ROI system.  Unfortunately like Gina said it’s a turn off to many potential customers when the introuctory price is too high regarless of how much cheaper (or not) their rate plan is.


        • Dumbazz

          I will check with my dad but I don’t think he had sex with an agricultural tool. And they say that continuation high school doesn’t produce talent.

        • Dumbazz

          I am also sorry that you cannot afford A top of the line super phone. Next time you’re waiting on the customers in the drive thru ask them if you can borrow some change

      • Smartazz

        Have you ever considered the possibility that there just may be a drastic difference between what one can afford and what one is willing to spend? Get off T-Mobile’s jock already.

      • Guest

        Its not really as much about a person being able to afford it. Its more about how the person feels it should be priced according to the product’s value. Tmobile has shown in the past that they will charge more for a particular phone than other carriers and that does turn off customers cause they feel like they are getting ripped off regardless if their plans cost less. Its like if there was a pack of gum in the vending machine for $5, can I afford it? Absolutely. Will I buy it? Hell No, cause I value that product at a much lower price.

    • TopTechRep

      But how else do you think they they have affordable monthly price plans? Every other carrier is more monthly because they are charging for the phone on the other end….and when looking at the the overall cost in a 2 year contract with the other carriers, you end up paying a lot more for each phone. 

  • Dumbazz

    Wow cry babies about pricing yet pricing HASNT BEEN RELEASED

  • 520legend

    Only color available is dark blue?! That’s a deal breaker for me, I gotta have either all white or all black phones

    • Anonymous

       first world problem…

      ok yea i’d want the white one too :X

  • Dave Mallari

    i just looked at the specs for the phone and it does not have s4…

    edit: should’ve read comments 1st… that way i didn’t have to check…
    anyways it’s still a pretty good phone

  • Fordstang99

    too late….i had the att version and used it on tmo…..the note 2 will be announced soon
    to bad the tmobile note didn’t get a cpu upgrade or something….s3 is old news

  • Noor Mahmoud

    It’s been on the website for like a week. I should of said something…

  • Thecityboy781

    like i said before i have the INT note and i wanna see what kind of hole will TMOUSA will dig themselves into with the pricing of the phone…..

    • Jeanavive

      It would be a miracle if this was priced at $200 and even then upgrades will probably be way more than that. 

      AT&T and Verizon have proven that Americans will pay more $$$ per month if they can get the hardware cheaper at purchase.  It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not.  T-Mobile can take a cue from their larger bretheren if they want to survive long term.

      I’m kind of pissed at T-Mobile today anyway.  Just had a network briefing with them before lunch.  They have no plans to upgrade existing GPRS only areas to 4G or even EDGE.  All funding for 1900 PCS expansion for HSPA+ is only going to be in the same 200 million POPS area that their 42 Mbps network is today.  Their engineers were even snobby with me when I questioned their logic.  They acted like people who live in rural areas don’t need faster internet.  Pathetic.

      • Dumbazz

        I hope you don’t reveal all of your clients private phone conversations like you do here. Loser

  • Christ629

    Been there for a while now

  • BenKnights

    Don’t waste your money on this old POS.  I had 2 of them.  Nothing special.  Performance wise the GS3 blows the original Note away.  The Note freezed up often and thier is too much lag.

    I’d tell you to wait for the Note 2 but unfortunately it may be a year before T-Mobile gets it. 

    Bottom line:  If you really want the Note form factor just bounce to AT&T.  Find someone who can add a corporate discount for you.. AT&T’s new data shared plans are actually not that bad if you have several lines to share on a family plan. 

    • Anonymous

      #1 what kind of idiot buys two notes for performance and still complains? people buy it for the screen size

      #2 why don’t you just continue waiting indefinitely so you can bitch and complain more?

      #3 no, tmobiles plans are still cheaper.

      • Lolyouknowmath

        By 10$. Shared data on at&t is 150$ for unlimited talk text and 4gb shared data AND it’s lte. Tmobile classics is 140$ for the same thing. Even if your looking at value with two notes it’ll be 140 cuz I’m gunna assume it’ll be 20$ a month for each phone. So yea for 10$ I think id rather have better nationwide service as opposed to me going upstate or pa and my service going bye bye.

      • Tbyrne

        #4 tell Randall to quit sendin u in here. Sheesh!

        • loueber

           #5 better yet, wait till the Note 4 comes out… oh no… maybe not cuz the note 5 will be next, why get the note 4 when they are talking a note 5…. in fact… why get a phone at all, i heard they are talking about brain implants to directly connect to other people with brain implants in the near future… screw phones man.. thats old tech.,. when my contract expires ill just jump to the brain implant

        • Carloslacend

          #6 Lol lol lol

        • Carloslacend

          Benknights you, AT&T and your ridiculous and expensive plans can go to hell

        • Realcool2000

          #7 Hey, Benknights and att…..SMD b!t©h€$ :)

      • Buttons

        In addition to #1, I want it for the S-Pen tech. Well, more specifically my husband does. He’s an artist and is just drooling over the fact that he can walk around with a tiny cintiq in his pocket. Personally I’m a windows girl so I’m waiting on the Windows 8 tablet, which carries the same tech. Though we are going to wait a month or two for prices to drop or an announcement on the Note 2 general specs, and if there isn’t much of a difference then we don’t care. When people talk about phones that are less than a year old being ‘old’ tech… Really people? Remember the Nokia 1100 from 2003? Less than 10 years ago, look at the progress. Good lord, quit yo b*tchin and just be happy! If your a tech junkie and have the money, well go on and do what you want. Just don’t be like my friend who gets an early upgrade every time a new ‘it’ phone comes out via a defect on his current ‘it’ phone, (currently on his millionth phone waiting for them to offer an early upgrade in order to get the SG3).

  • Kaldrooby

    Samsung Note for T-Mobile USA will be released Aug 8, 2012. However I would wait for Samsung Note 2 as it is a far superior improved Note with big possibility of carrying the LTE technology as well as an improved 5.5 inch screen, the quad chip and better camera resolution, Is it worth the wait ? It all depends how fast you want the speed for the internet. Finally T-Mobile is catching up !!!! The Samsung Note 2, theGalaxy SIII and hopefully the iphone 5 will give T-Mobile the lead in phones and rates and should leap to 1st place. Go T-Mobile. Its about time !!!

  • Really @T-Mobile @Samsung USA the T-Mobile note says 5.78″ x 3.27″ x 0.38″ on Samsungs site then on T-Mobile it is 5.78in x 3.26in x 0.37in (not to mention 2500 mAh : 2100 mAh) then @AT&T is 5.78 x 3.27 x 0.38. So much for pre ordering a case

  • Really @T-Mobile @Samsung USA the T-Mobile note says 5.78″ x 3.27″ x 0.38″ on Samsungs site then on T-Mobile it is 5.78in x 3.26in x 0.37in (not to mention 2500 mAh : 2100 mAh) then @AT&T is 5.78 x 3.27 x 0.38. So much for pre ordering a case

  • tomarone

    When will HTC come out with a nice big phone like this one?

  • Franchiz65

    It releases 8/8/12 . were getting the live demo next week .

    • Carloslacend

      next week if you know something about the price say it here or tell it to david

      • Franchiz65

        For sure . ill keep you guys updated

  • rouge

    Hmmm don’t see that on sammys website searched T-Mobile galaxy note and galaxy tabs came up?

    • wave

      It’s on there

    • note_lover

      just look under Android phones and scroll down to the bottom, it’s there

  • stew

    its on t mobiles web site now too

  • bleeew

    its been like that for days.

  • J K

    T-mobile gets it on August while G.Note 2 will be coming out on early September!!!  What a news. 

    I wanted to get this phone for a long time on Verizon, but Verizon never tried to carry this phone. 
    Even worse, I had to get S3 due to their stupid unlimited plan change. Now I am with a 2 yrs contract to keep my plan.. duh Verizon fucked me up twice. 

    Anyways, T-mobile, you are still better than Verizon. At least you tried. 

  • Taron119119

    First of all this phone is not for us customers t-mobile said it it’s for t-mobile business customers the rest of the big 4 cellphone companys has a phone that business customers want and that they marked to them the iPhone and t-mobile don’t have the iPhone so they are going to marked the galaxy note to there business customers and try to get new business customers to sing wit t-mobile

  • Yoza

    Can’t wait to see it in Tmobile stores.  Hope its an improved version on the AT&T version.

  • cebuano

    I don’t see the Note on anymore.