T-Mobile Places Samsung Galaxy Note Online As “Coming Soon”

So, T-Mobile has finally placed the Galaxy Note on their website as “coming soon” as of sometime yesterday. We’re not sure exactly when it went live, but it seems like just about everybody noticed at some point this morning. As eager as we are to learn about when this device will launch, and we’re still hearing August 8th is the day — we still want to know all we can about what T-Mobile has in store for this device.

Thankfully, the Galaxy Note page on T-Mobile.com highlights all the phone/tablet = phablet features including Ice Cream Sandwich, 4G HSPA+ capability, S Pen, T-Mobile TV, Wi-Fi calling and more.

The page awaits your visit and we await a release date and the opportunity to throw money at someone to claim one of these as our own.


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  • Get_at_Me

    Cant wait… The Note launch draws near

    • MarcusDW

      Note 2*

      There I fixed it for ya :-)

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    They had it on there like weeks ago!!!!! When they put the New Maxtouch line up…..

  • Neil Hy

    Just in time for the announcement of the Galaxy Note 2!! Nice timing T-Mobile……..not!

  • MarcusDW

    “5.3” Super AMOLED Plus HD screen”

    Since when?

    • note_lover

      Also, in the specs they say it is a 2100 mAh Li-Ion battery.  Is that an error or is it not going to be 2500 mAh?

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    The one thing I’m waiting for is the price, and it’s the one thing T-Mo refuses to tell us! 

    • Actually, that would be a release date as well, so it’s two things! :-)

      • MrDenver_Pie

         well no.  Price is the only thing that making me wait.  And now that you posted the HTC OneX+ I have another option to the Galaxy S3.  I am really having heartburn paying anything over 200 bucks with an 2yr extension with TMO for this version of the Note.  With the Note 2 being announce very shortly, I know that doesn’t mean TMO will see it this year or even next year but lets be get real.

        • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

          What he said! 

          While the date is being left out, too, for me, the price is more important. If the price is right, then I want to know the date. If the price sucks, then I don’t care. 

          I would like to see it @ 199, however, TMo has a tendency to price things $50 higher for the first month or so, then drop it by that $50 unless sales remain steady (SGS3). 
          So I see it debuting at $249, then dropping to $100 about the time the One X+ comes out.  

          Either way, my G2 is needing to be replaced. 

  • Havoktek

    Wifey had me jump ship to AT&T to pick this bad boy up. Let me tell you when you have that much real estate, your tablet (mediapad, ipad) just collects dust!
    If magenta gets the note 2, I’m just gonna retire from the mobile game….feels like my of building days of keeping up with the latest graphics card and mobo!

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      I retired my desktop a few weeks ago. Kind of a sad day. No more upgrading the MoBo, no geeking out over video card specs, no more BIOS poking… 

      Eh, I’ll probably build a new one in a couple of years!

  • Scarfacemario

    To late for me Tmo I just bought the galaxy note on craigslist for $430 .. I did it because I was going to buy it full price anyway and I saw Tmo price it near $750 off contract and no way I’m going to pay that

    • Mint

      lol I did exactly the same, except I got it for $400 with a 32GB memory card. I was going to wait for the TMo Note, and then the Note 2, but I think the leaks of the latter along with the S3 is what made these plummet in price by $100+ in the last couple months. I just couldn’t resist.

      Now I sort of wish I waited at least until the announcement, but whatever. The Note 2 will probably be $700-800, and I couldn’t be happier with the phone I got now that I got it rooted and working on TMobile’s 4G. Maybe I’ll upgrade to a Note 2 around Christmas…

      • Barry Rendina

         The int’l Note, or at&t? When you say “working” on tmo 4g, can you clarify?

        • Joseph Tongret

          Go check out xda developers website. In the att galaxy note forums you’ll find a guide to root, unlock, and flash a radio that will make the phone compatible with Tmo’s 4g. This has been possible for months now. They are using the radio from the Galaxy s2, and also the blaze 4g.

        • Barry Rendina

           Yeah, I’ve had that bookmarked since it went live, BUT, most posts seem to say that its very much a hack, and quite unstable (frequent reboots needed to keep the cell radio working). I was looking for an anecdotal response from Mint about his experiences…

        • Joseph Tongret

          Well this is just a shot in the dark, but if you want a response about someone’s experience with the “hack*, then perhaps you should ask this question in the XDA forum related to it?

  • Vim

    Better late than never I suppose. I just hope T-Mobile gets the Note 2 on the same day as AT&T.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Why on earth would they release the Note2  on the heels of the Note 1?  Makes no sense.  I’d wager to say Tmo will have 6 months after ATT.

      • Vim

        You do realize that the Amaze was released only 3 months after the Sensation don’t you?  T-Mobile will get the Note to fill the existing hole in its product list and then get the Note 2 when it’s released (assuming AT&T doesn’t pay extra for an exclusive) to stay competitive with its rivals.

        • Carloslacend

          And you really think that AT&T will not pay again for an exclusive contract? Think they did with the first note when this was not even seen the sunlight. And it was a great success with over 5 million sales. imagine how much will sell the note 2???

        • Vim

          I fully expect AT&T to make an offer, but I also expect Samsung to be more reluctant to accept this time around,  Just like with the Galaxy S 3, it’s better for Samsung over the long term if they can get the Note 2 onto as many carriers simultaneously as they possibly can.  

        • Carloslacend

          The only reason Samsung did not give anyone gs3 exclusivity is because the gs3 is your primary phone. But the most important reason was because prior to this see the light they already had pre ordered 9 million. Tell me who would pay for an exclusive contract with that demand? Although for the exclusive contract for the note 2 should be plenty million, unfortunately AT& T has them. Do not know if I can say the same for tmobile.

        • Vim

           You’re thinking small potatoes. For a company Samsung’s size the money from an exclusive contract is chump change.

        • note_lover

          I agree

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Yawn oh, did I accidently click on the Leftovers tab again?

    • None

      I think you already used that line.  :)

  • Xavier

    now I’m waiting for the Note 2…so I’m waiting to hold on to a “Note” series phone lol

  • AM Gone

    Nice move TM, releasing a one year old phone while the Note 2 is right around the corner.  According to the TM web page it will have the dual core processor, thereby making it the old Note.  There was a huge opportunity for the company to make some waves here, instead, it is the same of sh*t from TM.

    • symsoul

       Touche!  I made this same point (comment pending due to a link) about T-Mob being more of an afterthought.  Who would have ever thought that a company like Cricket would get the iPhone ahead of us?!

  • mreveryphone

    Had it, hacked it, hawked it, in that order!

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      Dang, I hope someone did not get a great deal, I am in the market for one. :)

  • the Note has always been too big for my tastes.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      Thanks for the informative post. I was really curious what one out of 34 million customers personally thinks of the Note’s size. ;)

      • LOL as i’m sure you’re curious about what everyone else’s comments will be right?  i mean it IS an article of which numerous comments on its subject should be expected no?

    • 21stNow

       That ain’t what she said!

      •  haha

        • 21stNow

           Seriously though, I got used to the size.  I thought that it was too big when I saw the pictures of the international version last year.  Once I saw it in person, I had to have it (AT&T version).  Watching video on it is what got me hooked, not just for the size but for the HD quality.  Web browsing is also a great experience for when I want to check something quick and don’t have time to reach for my tablet.

  • symsoul

    While I love the idea of the Galaxy Note coming here, T-Mobile is starting to feel a little bit like the dollar theater.  Sure we have good phones but between this, the iPhone (maybe 2013?) and lesser versions of the HTC One series, it seems like we’re getting everything late–if at all! 

    It’s kind of sad to think that we’re finally getting a sniff of the Note when the Note 2 is going to be released next month: http://www.tech.sc/samsung-galaxy-note-2-release-date-5/,

  • Galaxy Note Pre-Order on August 14th…to ship by August 21st!
    Galaxy Note 2 Announced August 15th…to ship by mid September
    Oh TMobile…so late to the party its not even fashionable…its laughable!

    • note_lover

      TMO will not see the Note 2 until Q3-4 of 2013.  Not everyone is going to run out and buy unlocked versions when it first comes out.  Most wait for it to become available through their carriers and are happy that the original Note is finally available. 

  • Di Fan Zheng

    I dont know if the Specs on the page is right. under battery. it said it only has 2100mah. the same as gs3. while at&t and international has 2500mah??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ANYONE REALIZE THAT TOO?????????????????????????????????????

    • Bluelight77eg

      T-Mobile listing is wrong… Samsung website says 2500 for  T-mobile galaxy note

      • note_lover

        Good, you’re right, I see where it says 2500 on the Samsung website!

      • Di Fan Zheng

        yeah, i know. it even says it has a Super AMOLED Plus HD screen. when it is just Super AMOLED cuz it uses Pentile display. and also the frequency band AWS Band IV only has 2100mhz. while it needs 1700mhz and 2100mhz at the same time to work with T-mobile’s 3g/4g network

    • note_lover

      I saw that and inquired about that below!  I hope it’s not true but I would still get it.

  • Zabaniya

    ._. note 2 is announced what? aug 15th now? and i know US carriers are unlikely to get the phone around that but that doesn’t mean people will want to get one imported. im going to be refreshing my craigslist page.

    • MatthewMurawski

      The galaxy note 10.1 will be announced on the 15th. We know this. Note 2 probably the 30th.

  • Carloslacend

    I said it will be August 22. I do not think that is the day 8 and only 2 weeks left then. Tmobile should stop to wait for the few customers who buy this phone and should tell us the price once

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    With everything that goes on behind the scenes at TMOUS, Deutsche Telekom, and Samsung I have to wonder if this was T-Mobile US who delayed the release. Perhaps other factors are at play:

    – Having the Note is not an issue with T-Mobile outside of the U.S. since T-Mobile Germany has been selling it for a while. And it is available in the UK also.

    That tells me this is a TMOUS issue, so we need to look at what’s going on with the U.S. division to figure out why the Note is arriving a “day late and dollar short.”

    – Maybe Samsung would not release it to TMOUS unless it placed a minimum order.

    – Perhaps Samsung had a soft exclusive with AT&T on the Note.

    – Maybe TMOUS does not have the money for that and other phones. Assuming a limited budget for phone orders and deals with manufacturers, TMOUS can’t afford to have a full lineup of every device out there. (E.g., as I said a year ago, and I still believe, IMO TMOUS does NOT have the money to cut a deal with Apple, and that is the main reason TMOUS does not have the iPhone.)

    – Perhaps it has something to do with the direction TMOUS heads, will it become primarily a prepaid carrier or remain a hybrid. The direction it moves will determine the terms of any deals cut between the Company and manufacturers.

    – This factor may be hard for wireless bloggers to accept, but maybe the cell phone fad has cooled. Like diets and cars, people no longer think you are remarkable or cool if you have an iPhone.

    If no one cares about the iPhone, what does that say about other devices. Fact is, nowadays no one knows which phone is what, and in this economy and what I call “device saturation” people are no longer looking at certain phones as being a “must have” and instead returning to using a phone for its functionality, not how it looks, or to show off in the supermarket checkout line.

    – Worse for everyone in wireless, and I know I sound like a broken record, but the economy has tanked (all this recovery/recovered talk is BS, spewed by business and the govt. so people wont’ freak out and make “runs on the bank.”)

    The reality is that carriers are suffering. Sales simply are not there and people are cutting back on services.Take a look at what AT&T is doing. That evidences how bad things are for U.S. carriers (making it more expensive to upgrade phones to where people won’t. End result, AT&T saves money by giving fewer subsidies; imposing automatic data overage charges to unsuspecting, lazy, or clueless subscribers; selling less data and talk for higher prices).

    Things are even worse in Europe, where TMOUS parent Deutsche Telekom is suffering as badly as all businesses are during the current European economic crisis.

    – So all in all TMOUS belatedly getting the Note is NOT because some executive is making inept decisions. IMO TMOUS would have had the Note on shelves long ago, if it could have.

    While T-Mobile, like any carrier, would like to fill its shelves with the widest possible selection of devices, it does not have the money to do that, and because of the market/demand tapering off, there’s no financial logic to that strategy.

    • None


      • Tbyrne

        LMFAO! It is, isn’t it?

      • Joseph Tongret

        Omg, you hit the nail on the head… Heeeeeees baaaaaaack:-(

  • Taron19119

    First of all this phone is not for us customers t-mobile said it it’s for t-mobile business customers the rest of the big 4 cellphone companys has a phone that business customers want and that they marked to them the iPhone and t-mobile don’t have the iPhone so they are going to marked the galaxy note to there business customers and try to get new business customers to sing wit t-mobile

  • mandy

    wow T-Mobile y’all are so late and what’s up the specs their not even right

  • II nexus II

    smh tmobile always get old phones because they are always late to everything they never act. as far as I kno is I think metro has lte already which is kinda embarrassing and we are still using fake 4g network I’m switching companys tired of playing catch up and if I stay I will never waste my upgrade on this old phone I’ll pass

    • theking_13

      Lol, Metro LTE is garbage compared to T-Mobile’s HSPA+.

      But have fun leaving, their phones are comparable to ones T-Mobile released a year ago.

      • II nexus II

        Yeah have fun with fake 4 while I have fun with real 4g on att

        • theking_13

          LTE uses so much more battery than HSPA+.

          Not to mention how horrible AT&T is to begin with. Good luck! :p

        • mandy

          I will also head to AT&T tired of playing catch up the customer service is horrible now even thier network is crap and they compare the network to the iphone on AT&T which is 3g come on T-Mobile really

  • Kaldrooby

    Samsung Note for T-Mobile USA will be released Aug 8, 2012. However I would wait for Samsung Note 2 as it is a far superior improved Note with big possibility of carrying the LTE technology as well as the quad chip and better camera resolution, Is it worth the wait ? It all depends how fast you want the speed for the internet.

  • Really @T-Mobile @Samsung USA the T-Mobile note says 5.78″ x 3.27″ x 0.38″ on Samsungs site then on T-Mobile it is 5.78in x 3.26in x 0.37in (not to mention 2500 mAh : 2100 mAh) then @AT&T is 5.78 x 3.27 x 0.38. So much for pre ordering a case