Having Problems With Your Galaxy Nexus GPS After Jelly Bean?

A recent tweet in our direction indicated a GPS problem affecting Galaxy Nexus owners who have recently updated to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is causing some of you a headache. A good number of you responded back that you too are also having similar problems as our original Tweeter.

A new Android Central post this morning highlights a super-easy fix that will hopefully end all the problems you’ve had with GPS locking-on. It’s all very simple really, if your notification shade says “Searching for GPS” and you’re not seeing a flashing icon, you aren’t receiving a GPS signal.

For the fix, just go to Settings > Location services and uncheck and re-check “Google’s location service” and you should see a big change in GPS lock-on speed. Android Central believes this is a server-side issue, and the clearing and re-enabling of Google’s location services should do the trick.

Hopefully this helps!

Android Central

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  • byt3b0mb

    flash CM10 :) no gps issues whatsoever!!

    • Johhny76dr

      flashing CM on an unlocked JB is stoopid. Can’t get better than pure 4.1.1 Android directly from Google. Some services and apps don’t work well with CM.  

      • iGuy

        Yeah, breaking your device in a complicated manner just to fix something that really isn’t broken just needs resetting is pure genious… What percent of your average android geeks are this dumb? So odd that a majority seem to think flashing is the first and only solution? Reminds me of how people kick thier appliances when they act up or aren’t broken.

        • byt3b0mb

          that was meant to be funny, and i am by no means dumb.  I didnt resort to flashing, as a matter of fact, when the question was first presented by David via Twitter, my advice was to clear AGPS data, and update said data.  Dont assume people are dumb, especially since you have no idea about my android background or knowledge.  

        • iGuy

          I didn’t know you were kidding and it wasn’t a haha very funny joke. Sorry if you felt offended. My post was a knee jerk reaction to what I perceive seems to be a knee jerk reaction by Android enthusiast when ever they encounter a phone problem, which is to flash flash flash problems away. Your post, although intended to be funny, as you said, sounded exactly that way.

      • mbcls

         and i never understand what so great about CM.  my Att note already has ice cream, why do i care about cm9?  but i do care about cm10 cus i want jelly candy on my att note.

      • byt3b0mb

        i dont think its stupid to flash a different build on a dev phone.  and in my opinion, aosp is good, but the additional functionality of CM or AOKP makes it way better than stock.  

  • Brian

    I cant believe i didn’t think of this before lol.. i kept unchecking/rechecking ‘GPS satellites’ instead but ‘Google’s location service’ did the trick ! Thanks

  • SB

    Received my new galaxy nexus on Fri, immediately updated to JB. Only noticed the GPS issue yesterday PM. Now fixed, thanks !

  • Chad

    Didn’t realize I had this problem until Friday when I had to use GPS and it searched for GPS the whole trip! Thought I was the only one experiencing this issue. Thanks.

  • EvanMax

    Had this issue all last week, but for some reason I just equated it with the storms that we were having, not with the recent update.  Glad that you guys pointed it out, or else who knows how long I’d have gone without trying to fix it.

  • fixxmyhead

    nope, gps is fine on my wifes galaxy nexus. i was using it with no problem couple days ago. it locked on pretty fast

  • whosaidwhat

    Man, that’s a beautiful phone.

    I had to exchange mine last week for a new one due to the soft keys acting up. The soft keys on the new one works perfectly but I have this gps issue. Hope it can be fixed through a software update. This fix didn’t work for me.

  • noname

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    • whosaidwhat

       Really? When you start paying his bills, then you can come on here and spew your nonsense.

    • Minioninnc

      And this coming from someone named “noname”. 

    • Thanks for the name-calling, you do realize that I don’t choose those ads right? No, you probably don’t realize that because you didn’t’ take even a moments time to consider that before you went right into personal attacks. Google, you know that search engine company, they choose ads based on keywords on the page, which are mobile based in our case. We can’t specify not to run Sprint or Verizon ads, it’s auto-generated. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way, and it helps you not to sound like a jerk.

      • Gouv

        Don’t worry you’re not an idiot at all. It definitely takes an intelligent person to make a living off of a tech / fan blog. Also, That should mean a lot because my opinion is so important and it really matters! ;-)

        • WW

          Nice job not misusing the work “your”…unlike some, who will go unnamed.

        • WW

          “word”, not “work”

        • Gouv

          I once was guilty of such grammatic atrocities but, thanks to Northeastern university for forcing literature + technical writing classes down engineering undergrads throats. They do a good job of getting a healthy amount of liberal arts courses in between the core engineering studies. I learned more in those lit. Classes and technical writing classes over 3 semesters than I ever did in high school or junior high. The whole “your vs you’re” distinction was beaten into us for our literature and tech writing profs were Harvard graduate snobs. So the reason why I’m even saying any of this is because as soon as I saw your reply it immediately brought me back to my good old undergrad days.

        • Heywood Jablowme

          I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong….but University should be capitalized!  You obviously didn’t get an “A” in class!!


        • Gouv

          Nope got B’s and I’m happy with that :-)

        • Heywood Jablowme

          Since I had to work full time and had a girlfriend…my goal in college was C- or better to get my diploma!  I was happy with my B- gpa!  lol

        • Gouv

          Nothing wrong with that. All that counts is that you made it and hopefully you ended up bettering yourself.

        • Heywood Jablowme

          Hey WW, What’s You’re Point?!?! 


    • Alda

      ur an idiot. 

    • Aaa

      No name this is urmom…. Kick yourself in the face you idiot.

    • byt3b0mb

      you are a troll..go back under your bridge.  do you donate to support this site?  didnt think so… 

  • nathan118

    Thank you! Had this problem on both my phone and my wife’s, and this fixed it. Locked on immediately. I was starting to think a gps sattelite had gone down, haha.

  • eandi

    My GPS is failing on my GNex but this fix didn’t help at all :(  Not sure what to do next.

  • Sean W

    I’ve had a ton of troubles, including GPS.My phone also won’t save pictures or send SMS when sent via voice actions and Google Voice. I wish Google would release the factory images so I could try flashing from scratch.

  • Minioninnc

    Tried this on mine, doesn’t work. 

  • Guest

    I wonder if it is limited to GNex or Jelly Bean. I had the same problem on my wife’s HTC Amaze running ICS. I had tried the solution above but only a restarted resolved the issue. 

  • Nyny
  • jelliottz

    GPS lock in 8 seconds. Nothing wrong here, and that is why I love custom ROMs.

    • byt3b0mb

      thank goodness someone else mentioned a custom rom! at least the trolls didnt call you dumb and “stoopid” like they said to me!

      • jelliottz

        I thought that was the point of buying a Nexus device: easy access to customizations. Sorry to hear you getting flack for using your device as intended.

  • FILA

    no problem with my nexus, runs flawless

  • jonathan3579

    I had this issue and applied this fix well before the mention anywhere online. I’m glad to see it was not just me imagining that it fixed a problem, lol.

  • Guest 2012

    Anybody have any suggestions for a custom ROM theme for the Galaxy Nexus? Been looking at XDA and don’t see many screen shots. Thanks in advance.

    • jelliottz

      The “Black Jelly Bean” ROM is quite nice.

  • unfaix

    The thing is, I updated the second day Google released Jelly Beans.

    Then last weekend I was in downtown and tried to load the GPS, it stopped working for no apparent reason. 

    Reboot, battery pull, everything aside from master reset didnt work.

    Then it worked two days later.

    I have no idea what the heck is going on, maybe some gps time bomb that disable them just for fun.

    • Lol.  Downtown in a big city?  Tall buildings all around will block the gps signal on any device.   

      File this in the /durr durr durr file =)

      • unfaix

        I believe that you must live in a bigger town with, taller high rises.

        To be clear, again, I work in downtown, I walk from place to places with GPS on using google map’s walking feature (it work-though it could be assisted)

        It worked for the amount of time I had my phone, with ICS, then Jelly Bean.

        Then one night, while needing to look for directions, it just gave me an area of 3000 meters, and stayed there forever until I got bounced to another tower.

        I glanced at the sky, not even a single cloud, starry night.That’s why  I posted, if it had came back after I left the BIG CITY, then now one is the wiser right? and we all could conclude that your replies are correct.

        I wouldn’t have posted if it was something as simple as that.

  • Arvin

    mine stop working and i have to reboot hope this fix works.

  • Dumbazz

    Without fail no matter which manufacturer Whenever an android update arrived to my phone inevitably gps was wonky for a few days and then it corrected itself

  • John Rocke

    The fix you mentioned seems to work for me, thanks.  It took 5 minutes outside a day ago and I could only get it to work indoors next to a window for about 10 minutes.  Now it locks on inside after a few seconds.  I’m guessing the agps was not working requiring the slower standalone gps receiver.