Samsung Sells 10 Million Galaxy S III Units Around The World

Samsung expected to reach 10 million Galaxy S III sales by the end of July and now, according to a news report coming out of Yonhap News Agency, they have done exactly that. With more than 9 million pre-orders under their belt prior to launch, hitting the 10 million mark wasn’t going much of a hurdle for Samsung anyway. Samsung senior executive Shin Jonh-kyun says that the company has sold 10 million devices since it was release internationally on May 29th. The report doesn’t offer specific sales figures, or show if “sold” really means in the hands of customers or retailers — it’s still a major benchmark for the company.

Samsung mobile head J.K. Shin confirmed that “it appears that it (accumulated sales) has exceeded 10 million units.” Shin also said that he expects the company to ship more than 20 million Galaxy S III units by this fall.

Are you one of the 10 million?

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  • Derek O.

    Yes and love it!

  • Flashy4bb

    I will be one of those 10 millions+ when it upgrades to jellybean. I love SGIII. It is already a fast phone and under jb, wow! Can’t wait.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I will be soon. :-) I can also say I am one of the first to actually support Android since I was in the pre order crowd for the G1 when it launched. Still loving Android.

    • Travis

      Good times lol

  • Rdotson

    Best phone in the universe! We switched the entire family from sprint and its slow network on the iPhone to T-Mobile with 5 Galaxy S3’s and we never knew how awesome their network is! Coverage everywhere and super fast! 10-14 mbps all day! I love T-Mobile! Awesome service throughout Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

    • Scarfacemario

      Wow thats awesome! Welcome to the T-Mobile network ! And its about to get way better through out the year and the next.

    • shiryu1985

      just careful being throttled because you will see the dif on speed

  • Fish

    No, I’m not 1 of the 10 million suckers that didn’t get a Nexus device.

    • WW

      But the GS3 is equal or superior to our GNex’s in nearly every way (performance, screen size, memory, microSD slot, etc.).  
      GNex advantages:  
      Fastest update to newest Android  
      No carrier bloatware  
      No OEM skin/overlay (and some people like them)  

      • Fish

        I have the inferior hardware of the nexus s but I still wouldn’t buy an already outdated s3.

        Hell will freeze over before Samsung treats their phones better than Google treats their nexus line up.

        • WW

          I do wish the OEMs would stop trying to “improve” Android with their overlays (thus, significantly delaying upgrades to newer Android versions).  
          Why can’t they just make their customized UI into launchers/homescreen replacements/apps/skins that can be uninstalled as the user wishes.  
          Maybe that’s on its way in the Android world.

        • WW

          Here’s a standard feature of both Sense and TouchWiz that I like better than on my GNex…the way apps/homescreens loop back to the 1st page if you scroll past the last page.  I also like the 7 home screens on both HTC’s and Samsung’s UI’s.  
          I presume these could both be added with apps/mods but haven’t looked into it.

  • Anonymous

    my galaxy 3 has a “cell standby” battery drain issue, draining up to 10% overnight. I will be returning it if tmobile/samsung doesn’t fix this before my return period is up.

    • Romato85

      buy a bigger battery on ebay and stop winning the phone is great

      • bob90210

        Stop winning? Charlie Sheen is ashamed of you.

        • Verhouze

          If he doesn’t know how to spell whining then he also won’t know how to read winning.

    • Draigons Fire

      There has been information released to a few, I was one, that there were a few s3 bad units in the wild that have the cpu issue as well some audio. But they are truly dependant on the phone, meaning one well have problems and the other may not. If you are with in your 15 days, swap out for a replacement. Make sure you have your receipt and contact when you go…

      Good luck.

  • WW

    I want a new phone (GS3, 5 new Nexi maybe) but my GNex’ll probably do me for a while.  I’m hoping to hold out for TMo’s early LTE rollout.  
    Based on their history, Atlanta’ll likely be one of the first markets they deploy.

  • Elpapipr

    Yes I’m one of the few 10 million people who owns a GS3. I’m happy !!

    • vsukid

      I too are one of the few 10 million people who owns a GS3 and I’m super happy especially coming from a blackberry 9700

  • AhhYo

    Samsung is the bomb! Would have liked to see them create a iOS rather than using Android. Too bad there are no ways to port iOS from one to another.

  • B-Mobile

    I know it sounds silly but coming from a Vibrant for the past 24 months I’m happy to have a notification light: as simple and none descript as it seems anyone who’s been using a phone without one understand how major it is now using a SGIII that light is

  • Calziel

    I love this phone. The only problem I am having is the swype/keyboard. It isn’t as functional or accurate as the one on my old sgs2, in my own opinion. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    • Vjballa21

      i agree

      • ObsceneJesster

        You should check out Swiftkey. 

        • Edy6401

          I agree, I took one look and felt in live with it. bought it and it works great.

        • WW

          Did you type your post using it? :P

    •  Try the pro version of A.I. Type keyboard.  No need to swype as it is really good at guessing what your trying to say.   I use it on my Galaxy Tablet and it literally makes writing fun and super quick.

  • Tbyrne

    I thought were not supposed to sell items on this blog. You might get removed Sir. Or Ma’am. Or whatever you are.

    • And it is removed.

  • DT

    Mine arrives today. Planning to spend the evening doing nothing but SGS3 stuff.

  • s10shane

    i love this phone but i hate touchwiz. cant wait for a stable cm10. jelly bean is awesome.

  • Albert

    It is because of me and my wife that Samsung sold 10 million SGS3 Phones.  Without us, there would only be 9,999,998 only around the world!

  • Chels Phillips

    since theyve sold so many can they give me one for free… please :) 

  • qpinto

    And I just bought this device myself. No regrets at all. Jelly bean is a minor update from ice cream sandwich so it shouldn’t be long for an official. Give it 2 months and it will be ported over 100% and no issues.

    • peelabrownie

      cm10 is already out i’m rocking jellybean with 98% functionality.

  • my SGS3 eats through its battery like no other, its not holding a full day charge

  • Udubb

    Pretty underwhelming when you consider that Apple sold 37 million iphones, almost 20 million of those being the 4s, in just the first quarter of this year. This is three months after the initial launch craze had died down.

    • Well apple launches its iPhone all in date. Gs3 was released on separate dates and not to mention it kept getting pushed back

    • Tbyrne

      Yeah, but what won’t be so underwhelming my dear friend dubb, is the huge outcry you’re going to experience now that Apple is changing the 30 pin dock connector to 19. Get ready to toss all of your accessories in the trash!

      • Udubb

         Oh no, I have to buy a new car charger!!! The world is ending!! Hahaha, that is weak my friend Tbyrne, just weak.

        • Tbyrne

          No my friend dubb. All the electronics & accessories people have spent $millions$ on to dock their iPhones to won’t work with the new phone. It’s not weak nor “Ha ha ha” funny. It’s disgusting! Wouldn’t you agree my dear friend dubb?

        • Udubb

           Nope don’t agree at all. Rumors are that Apple will bundle a 30 to 19 pin adapter with the iphone 5,making older accessories still compatible. In fact, up until recently, when USB charges became universal, it was Samsung getting all the flack for  having so many different charger connections. Its all good though Tbyrne, I still love you like you were my babies momma!

        • Tbyrne

          What does your babies momma have to do with this? Why bring other people into our disagreement? Does it help you cope when someone disagrees with you my dear friend dubb? Regardless. The new iPhone WON”T be bundled with an adapter to make it compatible with all the $millions$ people have spent on all their accessories. What it will no doubt come bundled with, according to everything I have gleaned from the internet, is a charger adapter. Yes Samsung, along with most other companies, kept coming out with different charger connectors that made life really annoying. I remember back then. However, the OMTP, along with all the major cell phone manufactures,came together in 2007 and unanimously agreed on the micro-USB as the standard connector. One connector, hundreds of phones. Variety is the stuff of life. Wouldn’t you agree my dear friend dubb? Oh and dubb! I think Apple SHOULD come out with an adapter for the new phone to work with all the accessories that are currently on the market. If they don’t, sh$t’s gonna hit the fan!

        • Udubb

           Oh Tybrne your so silly, its why I love you!! Years from now we will look back and say “you remember that time you got all worked up over the pin change when really a $5-10 adapter would solve all of these problems.” We will laugh like silly little school girls thinking back on this time, I know it!!

    • peelabrownie

      the iphone sold 33.1 million units in october, novemeber, and december in comparison to 10 million for a phone that was limited in stock everywhere. pretty “underwhelming” lol. let’s wait and see, current sales indicate the s3 is the leading device per sales per month.

      • Udubb

         yeah but also keep in mind that the Gs3 launched on all 4 major carriers while the iphone 4s on just three. Furthermore, the largest carrier, Verizon, just launched the iphone 4 in early 2011 and many customer jumped on that so they couldn’t upgrade to the 4s when it came out.

        • peelabrownie

          lol… so u basically only spew out the stats you want to hear? The Galaxy SII came out just a couple months ago a lot of people don’t have upgrades on any carrier for the S3 yet. Sorry to break it to you but Samsung is the current leader of smartphone sales around the world. With the S3 being the leading device in the world in relation to sales. If you can tell me how it’s underwhelming please do lol. They are experiencing a 300% increase in sales in comparison to Apples decrease in percentage.

  • BBMSucKs

    I dont see any reason to upgrade all these phones are practically the same as last years models!

  • Gina

    Am I the only one that returned this phone? After months waiting and trying it out I couldn’t believe myself I wasn’t satisfied with it.

  • Jeffreysabol

    Why is tmobile selling these phones for $70 morthan all three major carriers. And tmobile was the first to carry the phone. Don’t they have people that watch their competitors.