Rumor Says Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Coming To Galaxy S III As Soon As Next Month, Samsung Testing For Galaxy S II

These are the kinds of rumors we love to hear, but know to read with caution as a new report from the boys at Sammobile says that Samsung is “almost ready” to update Galaxy S III devices to Android 4.1. If in fact this rumor is the real-deal, we could see the Jelly Bean update arriving as soon as August/September for Galaxy S III devices. Of course, carrier availability would vary around the world — in other words, if this is true, it wouldn’t necessarily mean carrier updates would arrive in that same timeframe.

Along with the Galaxy S III rumor, comes word that the continued popularity of the Galaxy S II has Samsung testing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on that device as well. According to the Sammobile source, the first round of tests on the Galaxy S II with Jelly Bean were a success. As an extra bonus, the source also says the Galaxy Note could be the recipient of Jelly Bean as Samsung looks to keep all high-profile, high-end devices as up-to-date as possible.

Still, take all of this with the usual grain-of-salt until we can get something a little more concrete from either the carriers themselves or Samsung directly.


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  • nutzareus

    If hackers can get Jelly Bean to run on the ageless HTC HD2, no one has any excuses.

    •  of course, but if they don’t think its worth their time or resources they wont do it.

    • mreveryphone

      It’s already running on the hd2

      • Sean W

         That was the point

    • JBLmobileG1

      Maybe that’s what is fueling the manufacturers to do the same. Doesn’t Google pretty much want to start bringing the Android closer together so most people will have the same or similar experience? Maybe they figure if a device as old as the hd2 can handle it why can’t other devices? Maybe Jelly Bean was released to close the gap on the Android. O/S.

    •  If releasing JB for older devices causes users to buy one less new phone, that is what I call a lose for the manufacturer

  • soooo Excited!! do want Jelly Bean on my 32GB Pebble blue, and soon – D

    • JB

      +1 For sure!!! I’m not the biggest fan of Touchwiz, but I am a fan of all the features that they crammed into the S III. It flies already, but Jelly Bean with project butter on top of all that.. and replace S Voice with Google Now, the S III will be a BEAST!!

      • JBLmobileG1

        Maybe they will improve upon. SVoice and somehow combined it with Google Now. While I never used either I sorta know what they do so maybe it’s possible since they are similar.

        • JB

          That’s very true.. I would totally be down for some sort of hybrid Google Now/S Voice type of thing.. my main gripe with S-Voice is that sometimes it has a hard time understanding me sometimes.. and when it does, it can’t do what I want it to (i.e. Open certain apps) or answers my request out of context.

          I flashed Jelly Bean on my HD2 so I finally got to play with a working version of Google Now and outside of a few trick questions, it pretty much nails everything I request (Not to mention the voice sounds better)

  • JBLmobileG1

    I really hope this is true. I just ordered my device and should be getting it within a few days. If we get it in August that would make a nice Birthday present Samsung ;-) Coming from the Amaze and never ever owning a Samsung device in all the years that I’ve been with Tmobile hopefully I won’t be let down. I was hesitant to upgrade but since they were letting me do so over a month early and offered me the 32gb Pebble Blue model for just $201 and change which included taxes and shipping…. how could I refuse?

  • Sanman202

    Got JB on Gnex for two weeks already and its sweet. Carriers will delay this update so don’t expect it for 2+ months. Its possible this is getting pushed because of Apple.

  • JB

    I got to thinking about this whole Jelly Bean update. If it’s true, I’m super excited about it. The only negative thing I can drum up is that you know this update is going remove the universal search feature… I wonder how many people will be ticked off by that. Or if anyone will miss it at all. Not that it’s not an easy fix, it will still be a minor annoyance for those who use it and they find out it’s gone.  

  • Mirad77

    Nothing excite more than the first word on this”Rumor”.

  • scase66

    Can’t get Kies to work with the Windows 8 release preview, anyone else having the same issue?

  • It’d be great to see Samsung serious about timely updates. However, I’m not a fan of the new TouchWiz. I liked the old one because it was miles away from the plain Gingerbread launcher, but ICS and JB launchers are much more refined now. This version of TocuhWiz is too much like the old one (especially in the way you create folders on the home screen), which is not a good thing in a post-ICS world.

    What’s the likelihood that Samsung will pare down TouchWiz to be more like stock JB in this update? After all, Motorola did it. Then again, they are owned by Google…

  • Enoel69

    Really torn on the GS3..i was so ready to get it..even went to the Tmobile store but decided not to pull the trigger and wait to see what HTC is cooking with the rumored upcoming devices. I love Samsung GS3 but love HTC more…would’ve got the One X but the omission of SD expansion n lack of a replaceable battery and not carried on Tom doomed me and I am guessing a lot of ppl from owning one. Lets hope a variant of the rumored HTC device for Verizon or Att will be making its way to T-Mobile. Either that or for me a JB Nexus made by HTC. For now I will be busy playing with the JB N7…was fortunate to grab one from Staples. But can’t wait to cradle another HTC phone in my hands…be it a JB Nexus or souped up One X/XL.

    • Cycad007

      I know exactly what you mean.  I love HTC and have the HTC One S….however really wished the One S had the removable battery and increased storage.  I originally thought that using the cloud via DropBox, Google Drive & SkyDrive was fine.  But these apps keep getting *BIGGER*!!

      I would wait for the JB Nexus made by HTC or possibly ASUS!  Samsung?  Sorry, I’m not a fan.

      • JBLmobileG1

        I ve been a fan of HTC devices since the MDA. I have owned the MDA, G1, G2, Nexus One, and for the next few days the Amaze. I am really happy with HTC however I think they went backwards with their One series. It’s time for me to try out Samsung considering they are so popular in the Android world. While I wasn’t happy with them in the past they have come along way. Their screens have always been number 1 and recently they were considered the number 1 Android manufacturer. I never really played with Touchwiz so hopefully it won’t be a huge difference for me coming from Sense 3.6. I think the biggest thing i didn’t like about Samsung phones was the plastic feeling but I heard it’s not that bad with the S3… besides I have an otterbox defender case coming in the mail that should help with that. All in all I have been happy with HTC and will still recommend them… but I think it’s time for me to test out Samsung phones. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed but I feel now is the best time to give them a try since I have read mostly good things about the S3.

  • Kevinmarchibald

    Makes sense that lots of devices would get JB soon because it’s mostly a UI performance update, so less need to tweak any overlays before shipping. In the case of Samsung, it has the Cyanogen guy now to speed up the optimization process.

    Any chance there will be additional tweaks to the GS3 with JB, like updating Bluetooth AVRCP to 1.4? Not something Google’s going to offer. It would have to come from Samsung.

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    I love samsung, and im lovin my GS3, i would love the update asap but i rather them take their time and get it right….. im a fan of HTC but the no removable sd card is a killer for me…. ii was waiting on the Note but, nevermind now that the GS3 have the c-pen, but if they come out with a Note2 for Tmobile, i highly doubt…. i would def get it…

  • inister

    Thank goodness…

  • Jav

    The bottleneck here is T-Mobile…no matter how fast samsung releases JB, we’re all at mercy of T-Mobile anyway.  And if history says anything, it’s still most likely early 2013 until we can see it

    • JBLmobileG1

      Too bad you can’t update the phone directly from Samsung like one could with a Nexus phone from Google. The only thing I think as to why you can’t is because Tmobile is the carrier selling the phone so if you upgrade and your phone gets screwed up from the update Tmobile, or any other carrier for that matter, won’t be held responsible. Too bad though they wouldn’t give you that option and just give you a disclaimer before you update. Worse thing is if something did happen you’d just have to use your insurance or warranty from the phone manufacturer. It would help speed up the updates though so long as the phone manufacturer is on board. After all once it’s finished the update still needs to be approved by the carrier which adds time and creates a longer wait.

    • WW

      Those poor customers that bought the early exclusive (for U.S. carriers) GNex from Verizon don’t even have official (from Verizon) confirmation yet that they’ll even be getting JB.  I’m sure it’ll happen but they’ll be waiting months, if it goes anything like the ICS updates.  
      It wouldn’t surprise me if TMo’s GS3 gets JB before Verizon’s GNex’s do.  Even with Samsung’s track record of slow to no updates.  
      I suppose the same goes for Sprint GNex (& NexS) users.  
      GSM is the way to go.  

  • Bobpantsspongesquare

    Bah! Who cares about waiting? Jelly Bean is already happening on XDA and should be available for the SGSII around September. Why wait for some over-bloated carrier crap when you can get a solid, stream-lined custom build that is as close to pure Android as you could get? You can keep Samsung and their TouchWiz garbage. Been running AOKP ICS since before the call audio fix simply because it is that much better than the TMO/Samsung release.

    • fixxmyhead

      hey hey hey i love touchwiz but im also running aokp at the moment

    • Nunya

      I agree. Touchwiz blows chunks. I am using the APEX launcher and haven’t rooted my S3 yet only because I am waiting for CM10 before doing so, but I definitely will as soon as it comes out with a stable release. It would be nice if some enterprising manufacturer would release a phone that had a decent OS right out of the box for a change though.

  • timmy

    Heey david. Tmobile announced galaxy note.

    • Ummm thanks, we knew this days ago and posted about it? Don’t forget to use the search function folks!

  • Arvin

    lol so about 5 months from now youll get it guys…. tmobile is still there to slow things down…. NEXUS always !

    • Nunya

      If you’re that worried about getting Jellybean, you could always just do it yourself and have it in a week or 2 as soon as Cyanogenmod 10 rolls out. It’s about as easy to do as one can imagine.

  • Mobileboy

    I have the T989 and found the ICS upgrade maddening. Things just didn’t work right, and the phone was slow. I was sent a replacement phone by T-Mobile. One thing that was infuriating was that the capacitive buttons didn’t light. That’s a non-starter.

    I would love to buy a Galaxy Nexus, but I need the microSD storage. I travel a lot and need more storage than what the Galaxy Nexus offers. I was about to pull the trigger on the Google Play site, but they only seem to offer the 16 gb model. Too bad. I am currently using a 64 gb Class 10 in my Galaxy S2, and love the storage. Also, the Galaxy S3 is sweet, but not worth the upgrade for me.