(Updated) So, About That HTC Era 42…It’s The HTC One X+ For T-Mobile

Update: We’ve just been dropped a line from Taylor of Androidandme fame telling us that the “plus” sign relates to the Tegra 3 plus, meaning this One X for T-Mobile will have a 1.7GHz processor. How about them apples? 

There are times when I’m glad to be wrong, and it’s not that I’m actually wrong in hypothesizing that the HTC Era 42 could have turned out to be the G3 for T-Mobile, there were some hints along the way to help get me there. Instead, I’m happy to say that we’ve been able to confirm with at least a small level of certainty that the HTC Era 42 is in fact the HTC One X+ for T-Mobile.

So, about that “plus” sign after the X — yeah, I have no idea what that means. Perhaps it’s just a way to differentiate the device name from AT&T, or perhaps it has something to do with HSPA+, we truly don’t know. What we do know is that all the stars are aligning for the HTC One X to launch on T-Mobile, a rumor we almost entirely forgot about.

Thankfully, hose rumors from late February are now being proven right, some five months later as the HTC One X+ is destined for T-Mobile in September. Get your wallets ready.

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