(Updated)Rumor: HTC One X Coming To T-Mobile As The “G4x?” Tegra 3 Ready?

Update: According to the report, the HTC One X will arrive on T-Mobile with stock Android 4.0, NOT HTC Sense 4. 

So here’s a wild rumor that should be of course, be taken with a grain of salt as the boys from Androidandme are reporting that the HTC One X is headed the Magenta way. According to their sources, the T-Mobile version of the HTC One X will sport a Tegra 3 processor that supports T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. Let us remind you that we’ve already seen the name “G4x” pop up and now Androidandme reports that this name will now belong to the HTC One X. Earlier reports assumed that the LG Optimus 4X HD would become the G4x, now that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The boys at Androidandme appear to be supremely confident in the validity of this rumor and since I consider some of those guys good tech press pals, I’m inclined to believe them. As always however, we’re inclined to urge you to take this rumor, as with all rumors, with a grain of salt until we can getting something a little more concrete.

Fingers crossed for this one to come true.


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  • Anonymous

    So wait…this would be a vanilla ice cream sandwich os correct ???

    • Xektor17

      Most certainly!

      • Anonymous

        So it would be like HTC’s version of the nexus. Man I said I would be content when I bought my SGS II but if this becomes reality I may get that itch again lol

  • Sidekicker89

    I love refreshing the page and finding a new story! :) anyways this is awesome news but tell me why T-Mo would carry 2 phones apathy are so similar? I know the specs are different but they do kind of look alike..

    • Sidekicker89

      That are so similar** stupid autocorrect

    • Anonymous

      For some historical precedent, when HTC released the Desire HD and Desire Z at the same time (in similar fashion to how these phones were announced)  T-Mobile got both versions where as all the other US carriers got a derivative of one or the other.  The G2 was more HTC stylized while the myTouch 4G was a heavily carrier branded Desire HD.  Technically they were both ‘carrier’ phones.  The first HTC branded Android phone on T-Mobile was the Sensation believe it or not.

      But man, stock ICS on an HTC One X… with 42mbps… that will be one amazing dream phone.

  • Noor Mahmoud

    Interesting rumor. I wonder how the stock ICS would work if the phone has HTC’s imagesense chip inside? Would it still benefit from it and the beats audio even though it doesn’t have sense? Last time with the Desire Z and G2, we didn’t get some sense features, so I’m worried about the camera. Also, I wonder if they would do something like make a keyboard variation of the One x or s for a true upgrade to the g2.

    • Steven Coyle

      I’m hoping they make a keyboard variation of the One X too so we can have a upgrade from the G2…which I’m still happily rockin…

    • a guy

      It would be much like the quick launch keys on the g2 if I had to guess. They would use the stock interface and the image chip would be there as well as flash difference being that the controls would be automated. Many phones do this already in auto mode as far as the quick pick ability it could just be added to the camera app. As long as the hardware is available then all you need to make it work is an app. Btw little known fact is that almost every manufacturer has more Android engineers than Google they also have more r&d devoted to it. Someone has to make the software talk to the hardware cause el goog isn’t.

  • Proapsaustin

    I’d like both, so I hope they got some lines of data crossed or something. I will never buy another LG phone, but it would be good for T-Mo to get a couple high end phones, so I hope they both are released, and not just the one x


    what about the sony xperia S I want that phone!!

  • Youngt82

    If this is true , I really hope it comes with stock ics instead of sense *fingers crossed*

  • Anonymous

    It’s possible, but after touting Sense 4.0 on the One X.. I just don’t see it..

    However, T-Mobile will be getting the One X for sure, but it’s T-Mobile UK that will be getting it.

  • Anonymous

    This will be my next device hands down…..if the rumors end up being true.

  • Minioninnc

    I may have to give up my GNex for this. 

  • 30014

    Hope it’s true

  • Bratty

    Now things get interesting!

  • Anand G

    Hope its true as well

  • Anonymous

    interesting… either or, the HTC One X or the LG Optimus 4x are both nice phones. As long as one of them get on ol’ magenta, I’ll forgive them for giving Verizon the Galaxy Nexus

  • windows?

    I hope tmobile gets a Windows equivalent. Especially from Nokia the best phone manufacturer in the world

    • guest

      time to wake up! It’s not 2005 anymore lol

      • Northside773

        Oh get off it. Damn, people like what they like.

  • Anonymous


  • SoloArtyz

    It shouldn’t be called the “G” nothing unless it has a keyboard and comes with a stock andriod os.  It just runs better and is much more stable.  Sure, it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles as some of these ROMs that the manufacturers preload their phones with but isn’t that what apps are for?  I would like to choose my own bells and whistles please because maybe I don’t like bells and I only want whistles.

    •  Maybe the T-mobile version will be stock android. Remember the international version of the G2 (the Desire Z) had the Sense UI.

    • Well if its G4x, that means no keyboard.

  • JB

    If it does come it’ll be mine!

  • Anonymous

    Its ridiculous how fast these phones evolve.  It seems like yesterday i was hoping the Galaxy Nexus would launch on TMO….Nexus what???? Huh???

  • OOOMG :-O i just creamed my pants….(covers white spot on shorts)….goodbye AT&T

    • Anonymous

      me too!

  • Anonymous

    ok things just got serious! But I’ll keep my half of grain of salt close. 

  • Vim

    This sounds positively drool worthy! I hope it pans out.  Now if they’d just bring back the removable sd cards and batteries, this would be total heaven. 

  • Galaxy S3…

  • Yes please.

  • Anonymous

    If you think about it logically, I highly doubt this would happen. If it does, probably not for a very long time. Mainly due to AT&T’s exclusivity. Main reason is that both T-Mobile’s version of the One S and AT&T’s version of the One X is available for display on MWC. So, if there was really a T-Mobile’s version of the One X, it should be on display at MWC at the moment. The only possibility I can think of is that the this version of the One X will be like how the Amaze 4G was just another version of the Sensation. 

    I don’t mean to shoot anyone down, by all means, if such a thing does happen. That’s excellent news. I’m just analyzing things with existing information.

    • Evan Carter44

      I don’t see AT&T ponying up for a long term contract for just another android phone. If our think about the position they are in and the light casting on T-Mobile, AT&T shouldn’t feel threatened.

      • a guy

        The AT&T deal covers the One X this comes with sense 4. If this is a stock Android device then that really wouldn’t apply they could change one body line and it’s a “different” phone.

        • Anonymous

          Yupp, just like the Sensation was exclusively on T-Mobile and two weeks later released on Sprint as the Evo 3D.

          To go on a tangent for a minute, I thought I read somewhere HTC owns EVO branding and not Sprint. (I believe they released an EVO overseas.)  Wouldn’t it be funny if T-Mobile got HTC to brand a phone an EVO for them to get some Sprint customers?

        • a guy

          Your completly right HTC does own the EVO brand.

        • The EVO brand was used in Korea, Europe, and Japan. The EVO 4G was branded the EVO WiMAX in Korea and Japan. The EVO 3D was sold in Europe and Asia and was a GSM model that supported the AWS band. However, Sprint has the U.S. rights to the EVO branding. That is, Sprint has the exclusive distribution right for HTC EVO devices in the United States.

    • Anonymous

      For the end of 2010 the big HTC phones were the Desire Z and Desire HD.  T-Mobile was the only US carrier to get versions of both: The G2 and myTouch 4G.  Every other US carrier got a variation of only one: Verizon Thunderbolt, att Inspire, Sprint EVO shift.

      Lets hope we are seeing history repeat itself.  T-Mobile does have a great relationship with HTC after all.

      A HTC One X as a G phone with stock android and HSPA+ 42 sounds like THE BEST PHONE EVER

      • Tegra 3 = HSPA+21.

        • Anonymous

          The international version of the HTC One X has Tegra 3 and HSPA+ 42.  It’s only LTE that’s not compatible with Tegra 3, as of yet, anyway.

      •  The Mytouch 4G was not a variation of the Desire HD . The Desire had an 8MP camera, 4.3 inch display, 1230 mAh battery, 1.5 GB of flash memory, weighed 5.8 oz and had sense UI. The Mytouch had a 5MP camera, 3.8 inch display, 1400 mAh battery, 4 GB of flash memory, weighed 5.4 oz and had espresso sense UI.

        The Mytouch was called the HTC Panache 4G outside of T-mobile.

    • Anonymous

      It’s possible.  HTC said they will be making fewer phone models this year so likely only these three phones thats why there’s a cheap one, a middle one and a high end one.  They were kind of already doing this bc Sensation – Inspire – Thunderbolt – Evo (were really all sort of one phone design wise).  Just like Merge – G2 and Evo Shift were all really one phone design.

      If HTC is only making 3 phones that means if the carrier want to carry an HTC phone this year they will have to choose either a One V, One S and One X.

      AT&T exclusivity is probably only for 90 days or so then the other carrier get to sell the units.

  • Anonymous

    Its almost positive to be on tmo. If its not, how hard is for to get unlocked. you don’t even have to import for T-MOBILE. UK

  • Joseph Schneider

    Come on really people. The G4x moniker is for LG phones (probably trademarked). We will be lucky to get the LG G4X sometime this year. TMobile is bent on giving the masses mediocre phones, that are the left overs of Verizon and ATT. I would love to see this come true but the american mark is so @@s backwards I would be shocked if TMobile received a top end phone by the end of Q2. The new HTC phones are nice but I simply want a fast phone, with an ~4.5″ HD screen that is moderately fast the A4 or the Tegra 3. But I want these phones in the way we loved them so much. MicroSD card, NFC, HDMI out, maybe even a camera button. The rest of phones are just middle ground with little mods and more subtraction of key parts. I just want a simple phone like the nexus and I would be happy as can be. HD screen and not the same ‘ol crap has been being delivered this year not to mention. This is not that hard. Just my 2 cents. 

    • a guy

      You know the nexus has no removable storage right? And it’s hdmi is through mhl. So the phone you want doesn’t really sound like a nexus.

      • Joseph Schneider

        Thanks for choosing a contraindication in my statement. If you want to get technical, the statement prefacing that explains the things I would like to be in a phone, then I gave an example that is close. (there is a word for conveying your idea in multiple sentences, not tautology) 

        Because if there was phone that fit the bill I would have it and writing nothing. Try reading beyond the words…. maybe an education would assist you in that. What is your paypal account so we can get a donation together, so you attend some meaningless trade school profession, you over pay for and yet feel like you have earned something meaningful in life, while in reality you put fets on a PCB for a living. Better yet just move to foxconn, I hear people like you fit right in. Thanks captain obvious, I will think about you when I am writing a paper that actually has purpose to the technology community.

        • a guy

          So were getting personal. Ok let me know when you sharpen your crayons and get that paper going.

        • Anjiecai96

          Well first off One x comes with tegra 3 and 4.7 inch 720p screen, don’t give me some shit about HD(1080p). 720 p barely came out a few month ago. Why the fuck are you comparing single core apple processor to tegra 3. HTC makes great phones, they may not be as good as before but they’re still great. It is true att and Verizon have been stealing all the higher end phones from us tmo customers but at least get your facts right before you talk.

        • donnyc.

          Joseph Schneider is officially a complete douche. He also thinks entirely too much of himself, I’m sure of it. 

        • Define contraindication for me, please! :)

    • Anonymous

      The G phones are T-Mobile carrier branding, they can use it on whatever phone they want made by any manufacturer.  Just like: Sidekick, myTouch, G-whatever, etc.  They are all owned by T-Mobile

  • Ooshiewooshie

    Does anyone know the time frame in which tmobile plans to refarm the 1900MHz spectrum for 3G on unlocked devices such as the iPhone?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you tease me!
    Don’t you dare tease me, dammit!
    I had just convinced myself to wait for a Padphone, but now this!?

    • Y314K

       Man…  A TMobile Asus PadPhone vs this phone & soon after that SGIII….  Nice to see TMobile get back on the Anroid ball…

      Really hope TMobile keeps an eye on the Asus PadPhone…  Might be the thing that keeps me on contract…

      • Anonymous

        It’s going to be one hell of an agonizing decision to make if T-Mobile gets both this and the Padphone.

        Thank God my full upgrade is available this August. Can’t wait to get rid of my Galaxy S2. As much as everyone lauds this phone,I can’t stand it.

        The browser is horrible, the radios are weak and the software is ugly. I won’t even mention how crappy Kies is. Liked my old myTouch 4G far more than this, and dammit, I really miss the trackpad.

        • Y314K

           Humn….  I might be insuring onto a SGII…  My HD2 rocking ICS seems to have a problem rebooting…  Probably do to the battery pins…  But plan to put stock ICS on SGII…  It’s probably the best phone TMobile has till they get the HTC One S in April..  And later on they will get HTC One X in June probably…

          My upgrade is in April but I might try to move to the Monthly 4G before then…  Seems like I’ll loose that upgrade..   Gonna have to crunch some numbers to see what is the smarter long run choice…

          Trying to figure out which new chips/phones are gonna be TMobile HSPA+ 42 Mbps ready…

  • The thing I don’t understand is then why do we have a page that says HTC One S under T-Mobile & it already has the specs & stuff?: http://www.htc.com/us/products/htcones-tmobile#tech-specs


  • Taron19119

    Dam and I just trying to find a reason to get the one s but now im going to wait

  • Anonymous

    The only phone rumor I was almost this excited for that didn’t materialize was that HTC built android powered Sidekick Twist with a 4.3inch screen and full five row keyboard.  Maybe someone just saw a prototype G2 with a Z-hinge and assumed it was a new Sidekick? 

  • Flyin18T

    I’m in!

  • Danan Thomas

    copped… (if true)

  • Anonymous

    Just caught the update. If it’s really stock Android. Bye Bye my Galaxy Nexus will go.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope this is true. I don’t care how many cores an LG phone has, it will suck. LG is a terrible company that I wish would shut down it’s mobile business for good.

  • Youngt82

    Its ALREADY in my hands (day dreamin) :D

  • TrinNY

    I guess no Sense will will mean no Beats this is still a rumor i want to become reality

    • Youngt82

      Beats will be on the One S

      • Anonymous

        So the One s and One x are different because all these ones and phones looking so much alike I’m confused as hell

  • Anonymous

    The One S is different from the One X.  One S will be marketed as htc One S with Beats, Sense 4.0, Superior Camera.  It will have a 4.3inch screen, dualcore cpu and all metal shell.  The G4X will be a rebadged htc One X with stock ICS, no beats, no superior camera software, 4.7inch 720 p screen and a plastic body.  Tough choice if true.

    • Sometimes I don’t even know why I post. That’s not what I meant, I get the specs. I don’t understand how could T-Mobile be getting the G4x which is supposed to be a ‘rebadged’ HTC One X, when T-Mobile is being said as well according to the website I posted, getting a HTC One S as well. Those are both variants of the same family. I don’t get how T-Mobile will get 2 versions o the HTC One line, that doesn’t make any sense to me

      • baopham

        Oh I see. Well since T-mobile is downsizing its number of phone suppliers (no Sony, supposedly no more Moto, and probably no more LG) doesn’t it seem reasonable they would get more phones from htc and samsung? Think about it like this SGS2 and Blaze 4G are essentially same phone with different screens, and Sensation and Amaze are also same phone (pretty much). Doesn’t seem that farfetched to get One S and then One X. If the X is stock ICS – the experience will be very different.

  • Anonymous

    Finally some good news! If this rumor is true I’ll buy it as soon as it comes out. 

  • Frigadroid

    Finally the stock has come back to bellevue washington! IT DOSENT MATTER what the samsung gibroni says, if you smell, what HTC, is cooking!

  • The only downfall.. maybe two, is we won’t know if the camera software will take lightning fast pictures, and two (the real one.. IMO) is that Tegra 3 doesn’t support HSPA+ 42, Its 21.

    HTC releases drivers so hopefully there won’t be an issue with ROM releases for rooted devices. (i.e. slow ROM development for ICS for Tegra 2 devices.)

    • Anjiecai96dsd

      Shutter speed is camera sensor has nothing to do with sense 4.0. Unless this thing is offered with truly unlimited internet I don’t see the point for anything faster than 15mbps.its not like browser loads faster or email loads faster. Fast internet doesn’t help much unless its compared to edge. 10 vs 40 mbps download speed you won’t really notice real life differen unless downloading huge files

  • Kitpogi

    eh? I’ll believe it when I see it….but that would an awesome phone if no sense hoggn all the memory which slows the device down way too much….good rumor, hope to see its reality soon!

  • Anonymous

    110% chance this will be my next phone.

  • If this is going to be a “pure” android experience, i may just have to sit it out until this device comes.

  • Anonymous

    as much as i’d like for this to be true, past of this doesn’t make sense

    Why would HTC go through so much trouble to create a line of branding.. just to have a carrier drop the name AND drop their newly revamped sense 4??

    Other than that, it’s a pretty solid phone… tbh if the phones work as fast as the hands-on videos indicate, I’d be happy with either one.

    • Anonymous


      • Anjiecai96

        The carriers have a shitton of power in the us and no one does crap about it. Faking Verizon jacking up the prices

        •  Switch carriers.  I did and I pay less than half of what I did before with VZW. 

    • Anonymous

      It’s in line with what’s been done in the past.  Even though the ‘one’ series is a new brand for HTC… so was the Desire series and they put stock android on the sense based Desire Z for T-Mobile USA.

      But at the same time you could be right too.

      This all does sound way too good to be true.  If it does come out, I hope it’s early early summer and it gets officially announced soon.

  • interesting stuff from hTC. eager to see the specs and wish this has wifi calling :-)

    • Anonymous

      All android devices moving forward should have WiFi calling

  • Anonymous

    Come on T-Mobile just give us the Galaxy Note already!!!

    • Anonymous

      I know men!  Come on tmo give us that galaxy note!!!!

  • Tomnewtn

    I am saving my upgrade for something amazing. I’ve had my eye on a Nokia Lumia 900 series should it come to TMobile. This may change my plans completely.

  • BigMixxx


    This would be sweet….

    Thank you HTC, coming back at us with the pure HTC line, for those of us that are fan’s of the G-Series….I hope they bring it back…..

    I will drop my sensation in a hole in a heartbeat….I don’t care about the 21 vs 42 vs LTE.  as long as I can get my 7 meg, consistant….I’m happy…

    • Anonymous

      The Big difference in 42 over 21 is you get dual carrier support. Data down link from two RF paths. So even when congested you get a bit of a kick to bring you up to tolerable levels. I hope they have figured a way to integrate 42 into the tegra 3 

  • Feelikeaking

    I hope it comes to tmobie with plain android or I’m getting a the gsm unlocked nexus . And htc will lose and customer. But it should contain htc watch or there apps and it would be my perfect phone for HTC to build on. I like the screen software hardware. Htc sense should be in the app market. The consumer

  • 808boooi

    woooooooooo ^____^ IM SOLD.

  • gg555 gg555

    Now if only there were no T-Mobile branding on it, it would be perfect.

    • Anonymous

      Go away Troll

  • Havoktek

    Still on the Sidelines……..The phone still does not do it for me……..That hardware…..
    Looking for the perfect beat………

  • Bob

    This phone cannot be the G4x. Tmobile requres G series devices run a stock version of Android and htc does not launch devices that are stock…ever.

    •  nexus one?

    • Gmann313

      G1? G2?

    • Batmanturner

      G2? G1? Nexus? Except for the g2x,. HTC has been the one to deliver the stock phones.

      But I doubt the veracity because tegra. 3 won’t support 42mpbs.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, because it wasn’t posted in the article HOURS ago that the rumor says it will have stock ICS.

    • 1lapper

      you sir have no idea what you are talking about… 

      • This is a legit story, I’ve confirmed it’s in testing.

        • 1lapper

          I was referring to his point that HTC does not launch stock android devices lol

    • Silk7412

      And what is the G2? By HTC with stock andriod? Hmmmmmm

  • Mike

    Dammit,I’m about to jump on tmo and I was going to get the sg2 but damn this is a sweet device!

  • haters on the rocks

    So T-mobile got HTC one s and x sweet but to bad I gotta wait for my next upgrade by then the next nexus phone would be out

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I hate carrier names on phones. It should be called the HTC One X(Which I love.Simple name, easy to remember) for all carriers. HTC needs to make their line of products stand out and create a familiarity for customers the way Samsung has done.
    Even if you are not a fan of Samsung, you know that their flagship phone is the Galaxy SII and while there are different variations of the phone, customers know what they are general getting when they buy a GSII. I am not a fan of the iPhone but in order to compete with them you have to make a unified product line with a strong brand across all platforms to earn the trust of the general public. Just my opinion, i could be wrong.

  • ConfuciusMonkey

    Now the question, as I’m ready and qualified for an update, is when?

  • SensationUser

    Am I the only person who likes HTC Sense??  Maybe I do not fully understand what part of my Sensation is ACTUALLY Sense…Would we lose the weather widget or the on-screen weather reports with animation?  Isn’t (open the flood gates for hater comments) Android stock kinda UGLY??  If I am wrong, please just educate me…I think the One S  is where I want to be, but if the One X is where I NEED to be, please let me know.


    • SensationUser

      And…Just a thought, but isn’t it dumb to brand the phone the G4x after the entire G2x fiasco?!  I had 6 different handsets from LG and had the same problems over and over.  People who don’t follow forums will associate the G2x and its experience to the new G4x.  Two more questions…Is the phone above in the picture “running stock” in the its screenshot?  Is the phone white in color ONLY?  For those iPhone fans out there…I had an iPhone before I ever attempted Android use and LOVED it…Last night I played with my friends new 4S.  I put it down within 30 seconds or so (which is odd for me to do with any phone) because I got bored.  It is an app drawer, small screen, no widgets, heavy, slower device…why would you want that?!

      • Jose Hernandez

        Hello there, I own a MyTouch 4G Slide that also runs Sense (3.0-3.5). I have to admit to liking some things in sense. the clock and weather apps are a couple of them. But when you have stock android, is should run a little faster and smother. Don’t feel bad for liking what you like. I’m sure some with more knowledge will give you more information on their differences. I do prefer Android over Iphone. But in my case, I would love to get a stock android devise because it should allow for faster upgrades when the new OS is released.

      • Brian Medley

        Very true in fact on seeing the G4x that was the first thing I thought. I had a G2X (for 6 days and 3 sim cards +1 replacement completely none of which resolved the issues) and know the fiasco first hand. SO I think the name G4X is a very bad decision personally!

  • TMoFan

    Stock ICS? Now I’m very interested! 

  • jon

    Is it safe to assume they won’t use “G3” because it may confuse the stupid masses into thinking it’s a 3G device? If anything drop the “x”…I would be more worried about stupid people thinking this device is of the same lineage as the G2x..

  • John

    So as every phone I’ve ever had eventually freezes for one reason or another. Simple fix,pull battery and back in business. Since this phone has an “embedded” battery as does the S version how does one reboot? Button combo that will actually work when screen is stuck? Just curious.

    • Ohgeez10

      Just like the HTC Radar, all you do is remove the small cover where the SIM card goes into. The unit powers off immediately. 

      • Tomnewtn

        My Nokia E7’s battery isn’t removable either but pull the sim real quick and it reboots.

    • Craig4life20089

      U have a very good point. Every phone I had by htc has frozen. A simple fix is to pull out the battery. So how do anyone reboot a phone that is frozen when u can’t pull the battery out?

  • Brian Medley

    I personally have a Sensation which continues to be a great phone. I am confused though I watched the MWC HTC presentation and was under impression this phone would have a 4.7″ screen. Then when I saw an announcement it had a 4.3″ screen so I am kind of confused. I currently have a Dual processor with the same specs seemingly minus the newer version processor and Camera, oh and ICS which of course I am supposed to get anyway on my Sensation sometime in the coming month as an update. SO why again should I upgrade really better pictures!

    • monkeybdb

      i think your thinking of the One S(Ville), thats the one with just the newer processor (1.5 vs your 1.2 in the sensation) and the better camera and ICS. this is the One X. tegra 3 as stated and stock ICS

      • for the one S, to clarify, you also go up to 1GB RAM and Krait S4 CPU, which has been shown to directly compete with the NVidia. I for one will wait and see how this turns out in real life and benchmarks.

  • Anonymous

     I don’t think I have seen a SLCD-2 in real life yet so we’ll have to see about that. I guess I was the only one here that wanted the optimus 4x but I guess the HTC is nice as well. Too bad it looks like every other HTC phone out there, whish they would change things up. Also the no MicroSD card support might be a deal breaker. It’s amazing how fast people forget about important things like that.

  • Olvera Emmanuel

    hope it does if its a 4.7 inch display and if it comes for t mobile ama get it !!!!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    From HTC’s website: 
    HTC One X The HTC One X features a beautifully crafted polycarbonate unibody that has the ruggedness of metal but is super lightweight. With seamless construction, the unibody combines a unique high gloss ‘piano’ finish and a matte back. HTC One X is blazing fast with the new NVIDIA® Tegra 3 Mobile Processor for clear graphics, faster applications and longer battery life. It includes a 1.5GHz Super 4-PLUS-1™ quad-core with an integrated fifth Battery Saver Core and a high-performance 12-Core NVIDIA® GPU. The HTC One X also has an amazing 4.7-inch, 720p HD screen crafted from contoured Corning™ Gorilla Glass. HTC One X will also be available in select 4G LTE markets with a LTE-enabled Qualcomm Snapdragon S4™ processor with up to 1.5GHz dual-core CPU’s. 

    So the quad core is actually a 5 core and the GPU is a 12-core. 
    I hope this rumor is true!!! 

  • Phozfate

    i can’t see them making their flagship phone all vanilla. I hope I’m wrong

  • Spanky

    This would certainly be an excellent device, if the rumors prove true. However, I am really not excited about it. I’m using a GSM unlocked Galaxy Nexus, a device that appears to have put an end to my perpetual craving for the latest and greatest. Despite a couple of perceived shortcomings (the 5MP camera and the SGX540 GPU, neither of which elicits any complaints from me), the GNex is the best Android phone I’ve ever used. I’ll see what else comes out throughout the year, but I’ll most likely hold onto it until the next Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      gotta disagree the gs2 is the best phone only thing that people make a big deal is the screen. personally to me that is not a deal breaker. sooooo many people over the top exaggerate about it saying its complete garbage and other things. seriously it looks that bad -_- ? i swear hardcore fanboys seriously wanna have every little meniscule spec to there liking if not its complete garbage. 480×800 super AMOLED+ looks fine and yes people i have taken a look at  720p displays not much of a difference to be honest. also gotta agree with u on those shortcomings seriously what the hell were they thingking. i guess they had to downgrade some things or else nobody would be buying the gs2

      • Vinos9711

        I currently have the gsm gnex and have had the sgs2 twice and the gnex is by far a better phone, the camera even tho it is a 5mp camera it takes far better clear pictures
        Then the sgs2 8mp camera (grainy)

      • Anonymous

        Some GS2 users tend to have a bloated ego. I came from the GS2 to the Galaxy Nexus and there’s no competition.

        • Anonymous

          nah galaxy owners think that cuz they have a 720p screen and ICS. compare other specs and its sub par. look at that old ass gpu and that 5mp camera is terrible test show gs2 is better at taking pictures

        • Spanky

          Keep in mind that the “old ass” GPU still smokes a lot of newer GPUs out there. Everything I throw at the GNex runs smooth as butter.

        • Anonymous

          doesnt smoke the mali 400

      • Spanky

        The GS2 is a good phone, but there are several things about it that affected my decision not to buy it.

        1. 480×800
        2. TouchWiz
        3. Gingerbread
        4. Snapdragon/Adreno combo (on the US version, anyway)

        With that being said, it’s still a great device. I just prefer the GNex.

      • Spanky

        I forgot one important thing. The GNex was built to Google’s specs, so it doesn’t really have anything to do with with upgrading or downgrading. This particular device is a Google reference device, not a direct competitor to the SGS2. Google optimized ICS to work with the GNex’s components.

  • 1lapper

    if this is true i might have to grab it… 

    but the SGS3 still has to be announced and then I will decide but this is really has my attention

  • Wilma Flintstone

    David, is this the first time I’ve seen you put your foot in your mouth?  Just a few days ago you posted this article: https://www.tmonews.com/2012/02/so-you-are-disappointed-t-mobile-didnt-get-the-htc-one-x-you-shouldnt-be/

    Now you have your fingers crossed for Tmobile to get it…  For Shame David.  FOR SHAME!!!  Lol

    Anywho Lol, I wanted the 4X HD to be the G4x but after doing a comparison against the One X, I moved that choice to the One X especially if it’s Stock.  The One X basically beats the 4X HD in every area besides Divx/Xvid codec compatibility and Battery Life.  Good going if Tmo does get this one.

    Only deal-breaking issue with this One X for me is NO MicroSD Card Slot!!!  >:(
    Why are these companies so insistent on leaving out the card slot?  Ugh.

    Honestly, I want the Galaxy Note but I don’t see anywhere in the news of Tmo getting it.  Come on TMO, Bring that Note to the Teacher!!!

  • Tchannin Dumas

    Not sure if said yet but here is my problem……….BRANDING stop switching the brands from carrier to carrier. The Mytouch was HTC now is LG the G2X we are used to (most unhappily) the  G2x being LG why switch it to HTC now? 

    • 67_390_coupe

      The G1 and G2 were both HTC devices.

    • because the mytouch and the “G’ series of phones are under tmobile’s branding 

      just like Google own the nexus brand. 
      they can choose whatever manufacturer they want to make the phone :D lol 

  • That…  would be totally sweet.  I like the One S, but the One X is really in a class of its own.  720p SLCD would be awfully nice.

  • I’m not putting my finger in my mouth, I never said this was a bad phone or a phone T-Mobile shouldn’t get. My emphasis in that report was that the two phones, the version AT&T was getting was different than the one everyone was thinking. Comments on the blog insinuated that people were unaware AT&T is getting the dual-core One X and not the quad-core, whereas they complained that T-Mobile was getting the “lesser” of the two models. I attempted to say that those two phones remain the same as tested, the Tegra 3 model tested differently as emphasized in this post.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I know you’re not putting your finger in your mouth, it’s your “Foot” as emphasized in the previous post Lol

    • iwave

      Sounded like foot-in-mouth to me.  The first article had a very “down” spin on the AT&T One X, yet this article is the opposite, despite the different processors having very similar performance.  The S is only 16gb, has a significantly smaller screen, smaller battery and no NFC.  Apart from the processor, how many other specs would differ between a mid-range and high-end phone anyway?  The only real upside I can see for the rumoured TMO version of the One X over the AT&T variant is stock Android, which for many people is unlikely to be an issue anyway since those wanting stock Android probably have no qualms about rooting and an AOSP version.

      • The first article referenced a different version of the One X on the horizon, the AT&T version and I stand by the first article. This new information talks about the Tegra 3 version, a different animal altogether. If I had to choose between the One X AT&T is getting and the T-Mobile version of the One S, I’d stand by my original article.

  • I’m not putting my finger in my mouth, I never said this was a bad phone or a phone T-Mobile shouldn’t get. My emphasis in that report was that the two phones, the version AT&T was getting was different than the one everyone was thinking. Comments on the blog insinuated that people were unaware AT&T is getting the dual-core One X and not the quad-core, whereas they complained that T-Mobile was getting the “lesser” of the two models. I attempted to say that those two phones remain the same as tested, the Tegra 3 model tested differently as emphasized in this post.

  • does anyone actually USE LTE speeds?

    i think a Quadcore Phone with Fast internet is better than a Dualcorfe Phone with Faster(often unavailable) internet

    the only use for faster internet is to download or stream large files as in Gigabytes worth, but does anyone actually do that on a smartphone?

  • Moth477

    No HTC Sense – OK, Battery not removeable and only 1800 mAh – ok, No Micro SD – NOT OK. The drop box idea will not work for people like me that enjoy carrying their entire music library and having access to it regardless of network connection. Who will pay for the additional data usage? Also, after 2 years if you choose not to pay for dropbox, you’d have to move your data to an external drive.

  • Liom

    I like it!!!!

  • Vim

    I really like this phone, but I hope T-Mobile can get them to up the HSPA+ from 21mbps to 42mbps and put the SD card and removable battery back in. 

    • No change on the removable battery or the sd card, the phones 
      unibody type of construction and made of aluminium…

      • Michael O’Sullivan

        Sorry bud body is one piece polycarbonate. Much like the N9.

        • iwave

          “The body moves from plastic to aluminum and drops in thickness to a mere 7.9mm”

  • 305buddyluv

    Failure yet again. Come T-Mo, you need someone new at the helm making decisions on what device to carry. We who pay full price for your flag ship devices do not agree. As good as drop box sound, I prefer expandable SD cards. You don’t have service everywhere, and WiFi is not available everywhere either. Two thumbs down. 

    • Rgdog

      You are just too negative… And stop living under a rock WiFi is available everywhere!
      Four thumbs dowm for you

      • JeffreyME

         “WiFi is available everywhere”?? Not true, unless you spend all of your time in Starbucks or at home. Where’s the WiFi in a car, or on a bus?  On a city street? In a bank?  Then, there’s the issue of paying for WiFi at the following locations:
        1. Airports (some are free, but many — like LAX — are not)
        2. Airplanes
        3. Hotels (like airports, it varies)
        and more…

      • melon3531

        I live in NYC, and wifi is not in the subway (very few stations and not at all on the train) nor the buses where we spend our commute, although the buses at least get a signal.  Nor is it consistently available walking the streets, as we do.  This sounds like a great phone but for two things – non-removable battery, and no microSD card.  I have been waiting forever for an Android phone that has at least 64GB storage between internal and card storage, so I can drop carrying an iPod too.  

  • Anonymous

    Does Tegra 3 Quad support HSPA+ 42?

  • If it has plain Android 4.0, then Cyanongen is going to unleash this saiyan’s hidden power 

  • Seems unlikely that IF this phone comes TMo’s way that it would support HSPA+ 42 or greater.  I would base this on the incompatibility of SGS2’s “stock” Tegra 2 processor and the HSPA+42 modem, which caused the T-Mo SGS2 to get the snapdragon processor.  

    That being said I would buy this phone for sure if they drop it for Magenta.  Especially if it’s vanilla. And super especially if it has a Quadcore (just to rub in AT&T users faces lol).

    • it will be like Super saiyan 4 vs Super Saiyen 2 LOL

    • AppleWaffles

       SGS2 never had a Tegra 2…

    • felips110

      I guess little billy didn’t do his homework 
      GSII Tegra 2? lol uh more like Exynos processor
      also I think I saw somewhere that the quad-core is indeed
      capable of 42+ but I cant confirm anything I don’t think Ill 
      need more than 10Mbps anyway so Im getting this

  • SurgicalTech

    ill put my galaxy nexus on ebay day 1 that t-mo announces this phone. HTX one x blows Gnex away!

  • Apollo66

    im kinda holding my breath they stay with the s4. 

  • guest

     Tmobile is having on after hour sale on their website tonight.  All phones are free or heavily discounted

    • Wilma Flintstone

       Thank You.  I’ll look into this

  • Forget_you

    if this is true it is going to be a hard decision between this and the sgs3. especially since this would have stock android.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Did everyone forget about the Amaze 4g? It is like this phone for the most part. Personally I like having a removable battery and sd card slot. While I do miss stock Android Sense isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The screen is a plus on the Amaze because I can actually view it in the light. I am sure this will be an excellent phone as well but it’s nothing new. BTW I read somewhere that it is like an upgraded Sensation… again… someone skipped the Amaze 4g as if it never existed when in reality this phone is like the Amaze only with some improvements. If anyone cares I would get the Amaze and save yourself some money… while the processor and screen may not be the latest and greatest its on par with everything else and actually has some advantages.

    • tomnewtn

      I think that this might be one reason the micro sim is accessible on the outside of the phone (on top it appears). You pull the sim and it reboots, like my Nokia E7. I cannot imagine they did not think of this.

  • Mavricxx

    I just hate that none of T-Mobile’s phones have hdmi.

    • JBLmobileG1

      The G2X does and I know the Amaze 4g does with an adapter. I believe the SGS2 also offers it with an adapter. Most High end phones now a days offer hdmi hookup in some way or another.

      • tomnewtn

        They are now using the new USB port that transmits HDMI as well…or something like that. For this just being a rumor, people are sure celebrating. I’ll believe it (and likely upgrade) when I see it.

  • If this is true-Great. But why would TMO get the One S & One X, aren’t they basically the same phone? I will be incredibly thankful if any new Android phone comes with pure Android, sans Sense, Motoblur, Touchwiz, etc. But the sticking point for me on these phones is the lack of a removable battery. For those that like to ticker, sometimes you need a good battery pull, haha. That may be the deal breaker for me. I have an upgrade, just waiting for something worth using it on.

    • Vim

      HTC One X
      quad core Tegra 3
      4.7″ display size
      720p (1280×720) super LCD2 IPS display
      32GB internal storage

      HTC One S
      dual core Krait s4 Snapdragon
      4.3″ display size
      qHD (960×540) pentile super AMOLED display
      no NFC
      16GB internal storage

      The One X is clearly the higher end phone. The One S will probably sell for $100 or so less than the One X. 

      BTW, I’m entirely with you on being disappointed over the lack of an upgradeable battery. 

  • Windy_city_wolf

    You know….. this is horsesh*t. I just popped over to the T-Mobile UK site. They are getting the One S, One X (quad), and even have the iPhone 4 (which who really cares about anyway). This just really pisses me off with T-mobile USA. To even give me more of a “red ass’ over this entire thing, is they are offering what they call “The Full Monty” Data Plan. TRULY UNLIMITED DATA WITH NO THROTTLING!!!!! I’m sorry but W T F is going on here? Are we not part of the same company? Is AMERICA not good enough to AT THE VERY LEAST get the same data options??? When I got my HD2 I had true unlimited data. Then they changed my plan, without my knowledge to throttle after 5g. But I got over that… now I see T-mobile UK has the One X quad core, the One S, iPhone 4 and truly limitless data? It actually says you can use your phone to share YOUR UNLIMITED data to your pc or laptop without restriction or charges.

    I want to know what idiotic slob they hired to handle the US customers and service? I can see things may be a little different across the big pond, but this, in my opinion, is a huge slap in our face.

    • Firestorm117

      perhaps the slob they hired was the same one that said a merger with AT&T would be great for the customer.

    • Cupcake

      My question is can I get one of those phone to use over here??!!  I know the answer is no but damn, their plans are cheap and the best phones are free.  Really???   WTF!

  • Windy_city_wolf

    I guess what pisses me off most… is T-mobile in the US is struggling. They bring top products to the UK like One S, One X, iPhone 4, iPad 2, the new Sony…. Yet we are forgotten. Now the benchmarks one the One S are outstanding. So its not a “crap” phone. I understand this. But why would I spend hundreds of my hard earned cash, plus my two year wait for an upgrade, for a second best phone? US Tmo users have been begging for Apple’s brand of overpriced toys, we haven’t seen anything, yet T-mobile UK is handing them out free. It is beyond obvious that we wanted the One X quad. Again, they get their hands on it in April. The Tegra will run perfectly on our current network. We are getting throttled for every bit of data we go over on, yet UK T-mobile users have a Full Monty data plan that you can stream your data to anything you wish. It says “its your data, use it how you wish” At NO extra charge, restrictions, or data throttling.

    I am tickled the UK has got top notch service and products. I’m happy and wish them the greatest mobile experience.

    I am pissed at T-MOBILE USA. Why can’t I, as one of their customers expect the same great things on my end? Why am I not able to have unlimited data. (truly unlimited ). Why can’t I tether to my desktop without getting warning texts telling me I will be throttled for sharing data to my computer. I paid for it didn’t I? Why is the best phones available to me, when the same company sells them overseas?

    It’s not like they lost the bid for the device, they have it. They are selling in the UK. They didn’t crap out and let AT&T take the glory. They have it available in the UK in April .

    And why the hell would I want a phone that has no SD card expansion and only 16g (actually 12g because of OS space). At least the One X has 32g (29g actually)… I could have lived with that plus the amazing screen it has.

    The way I see it, if the One S is all we are getting. I will either get the HTC Amaze that HAS an SD slot, or hold out for the Galaxy S3.

    The new phones


  • Firestorm117

    One thing I’ll say that although a minor point I still hope will happen is that it keeps the Dre Beats feature now that it can be used across the board. It’d be nice for us to be able to say we have a phone truly superior to iPhone in every way possible

    • Windy_city_wolf

      From reading up on Beats… it is nothing special. More or less, just a marketing ploy. There is nothing substantially gain having Beats on your phone. DSPManager does just about all the same tweaking to the audio as Beats does.

      Now my HD2 that has been a faithful phone, which I am currently running Android off the SD card, has still blown me way with its capabilities. Il can now even play music directly off playlist.com with it. I do not however have Beats on it. So my thumbs down opinion of it, is pure speculation, based upon various readings I have done about it. I have no hands on experience with the software.

  • Auser72

    If this turns out to be true, I will have a tough decision to make. Choices are always good.

  • Azazellov

    Yup I completely agree, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m willing to be patient though, I’m waiting until June/July. It’s funny how many people start defending the HTC One S even though most of its specs are mid range (screen size, screen resolution, storage). The lack of internal storage alone would make me not buy it. At least give us a 32 GB version as well so we can choose…

    And I think you’re being nice about the 12 GB available to the user, I have a funny feeling it’ll be more like 10 GB or less.

  • Frank_Lee_Written

    Both of the “latest Quad core devices HTC one X and the SGSIII” would be a fine choice to upgrade to after finally coming off of my 2 year contract in July from the Vibrant.
    BUT my guess is that one or both of these FINE devices will be castrated in some way, be it “features removed, modified” As seen on AT&T going dual core on the HTC one X [say what?] It is almost a given that T-Mobile Will decide what their customers want and need based on some pencil pusher’s Qui Jui board in a basement somewhere.
    I am looking forward to the upgrade just not what it will be after they “jack with it”.

    • cosmo10292

      Have you heard of rooting? Makes any android better and Its the only reason i still have and love my g2x. im currently running ICS 4.0 and its beautiful! :D

      • Theblaqman

        I second that.  ICS on G2x is Win.  Like when I got the Bionix gingerbread rom on the Vibrant and it made that phone fly.

  • Nikolai T

    I hope this is true. I love my HTC Sensation, I’m sure I’ll love this one too!

  • Nikolai T

    You’re correct. Beats ups the bass while sacrificing everything else, it’s nothing special. 

  • da9th_one

    tmo needs to do something b/c there’s no way in hell i’m buying that htc one s…and i only buy htc…

  • cosmo10292

    THANK YOU!!!! this is 10000000% true. t-mobile Uk needs to fire all the higher up usa t-mobile employee’s and ship some UK employee’s over here or just implement the same strategies. t-mobile would slaughter the competition in the US with those phones and plans and would most likely start making a profit finally!!!! Ill do an early upgrade right this second for a fully monty plan with the HTC One x or the Sony Experia S! I hate seeing new awesome phones come out and know the only way i can get it is by selling an organ on the black market for cash LMFAO! 

  • Jammin7998

    What does “tegra 3 ready” means? will it come it with tegra 2 and i can get upgraded to tegra 3?

  • in2android

    Amen! I bought the gs2, then I sold it, and went back to my sensation. I bought the Amaze, then I sold it and went back to my Sensation. Tmo sent me a free gs2, for an issue we had with another handset as they have been great to us over our nine year run, and yet again I am back to my sensation and one of its many flawless ics ports…..Moral of my story is I need another phone to really fall in love with like my sensation! Im not rich, but I’ll spend the cash on a phone I love, and I’m over samsung devices, they are great phones but not for me!  If Tmo doesnt bring me the One X, then I’ll bring ito on unlocked since were supposed to see the 1900 band very soon.My Sensation seems old to me even though its in excellent condition, but the development community had kept it fresh for us. I predict the One X to do the same. I will also never buy another phone that tmo puts a different chipset in such as the gs2, as it limits the amount of developer attention it gets.

  • k-mack

    I cannot wait for this phone!!!  With stock ICS this will be so awesome!  The screen size will be perfect.  I have the Amaze 4G and it is sweet but I wouldn’t mind a bigger screen to enjoy pictures, video, etc!  The HD SLCD will be better than super amoled, in my opinion.  I just like the tones better.  I find the amoled screens to be too blue.  gorilla glass, quad core, super thin, 4.7″ 1280x720p HD display with 312 ppi, noise cancellation, Beats audio, HTML5, f2.0 camera, ceramic casing. really sounds incredible!!  this is my next phone when I’m due for an upgrade!

  • I’d go back to Tmobile for this.

  • John Jonathan30

    I’d love to know if Tmo will ever get the iPhone on it’s contracts. Any idea. Thanks

  • Johny Boy

    I Love HTC. So I’m sure I’ll love this too.

  • Chris

    so because your “pals” say so, it must be true…

    • A$AP Chris

      It is, dumbass. Captain Hindsight, away!

  • Tony j

    I can’t wait for the HTC One X or the 4Gx or what ever it’s called

  • Tony j

    I can’t wait for the HTC One X or the 4Gx or what ever it’s called

  • Jalilross177