Watch HTC’s Entire Mobile World Congress One Series Launch Event

HTC just held one of their biggest events of the year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and introduced their new One series. Unfortunately, for those of us not in attendance in Barcelona, we missed HTC Sense 4 intros, CEO Peter Chou talking about Beats Audio integration and the new ImageChip technology that will take HTC smartphone cameras to the next level.

Well, we have good news as HTC has posted the full 45 minute event online (below), or you can catch the video above for a 5 minute highlight reel. Either way, you get an idea of just how excited HTC is about their new smartphone lineup. Given that we know the HTC One S is definitely on its way to Magenta store shelves and with the rumor mill saying the One X is a possibility, there is a lot here to pay attention to.

YouTube 1, YouTube 2

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  • Whiskers

    Dear HTC and T-Mobile , please release another type of High End phone besides damn Android !

    • Windows Phone

      • Vim

        Yeah, it’s not like HTC will be making any iPhones or Blackberries any time soon… lol. Given HTC’s comments at MWC, it sounds like they’re waiting for the coming Apollo release to introduce their new range of WP handsets.

  • Vim

    Tidbits in the Press…

    HTC is lobbying Google hard to land the next Nexus contract, but they’re not the only ones. LG has said that so are they. 

    The Sensation, Amaze and other HTC handsets to be upgraded to ICS will be getting Sense 3.6, not Sense 4. Sense 4 will be reserved for newer handset like the One X and One S.

    HTC’s Vivid will be getting Beats as part of its upgrade to ICS/Sense 3.6.  This implies that the Sensation and Amaze probably will get Beats too. 

    • dee

      lets hope htc wins that battle. lg sucks (g2x)

      • Vim

        I love LG’s IPS displays, but the G2X was a huge debacle.  If I were Google I would want them to prove themselves first before handing them the next Nexus.  Samsung has made the last 2 Nexus’s and they’re becoming –too– dominant.  I’d be reluctant to help them drive the others out of the market by giving them yet another Nexus.  Motorola has a very different issue, as much as they could use the shot in the arm, they were bought by Google and the other OEM’s fear they will become the favored child. (They’re also getting some sort of new media device unifier deal from Google.) I’d thus imagine that Google would be reluctant to hand them the first Nexus contract immediately after the acquisition deal is completed.  That leaves HTC which took a beating last quarter, but has presented some very compelling hardware at MWC.  So I’m going to cheer for HTC on this one.  If LG wants in on the next Nexus, they can make the IPS displays for HTC… ;)

  • Anonymous

    I love that the One V looks like the G1. Classic. 

  • JamesJamesJ

    if the htc one x (if the rumor came true in coming to tmo) had stock I would be all over it..imagine stock andorid with beats audio. That would be great.
    Heck, imagine an htc nexus device with Beats….

    • J-Hop2o6

       I believe that a Sense feature, so Vanilla Android wont have Beats Audio, nor the great camera extras.

  • Thecityboy781

    I hope HTC makes a better nexus…I’m being bored with HTC phones they all have the same design

  • Maierchebus

    Im glad HTC is stepping up their game, from one of the first gigantic screened phones with the Hd2, which i previously owned, this is a step in the right direction. but i will wait and see which manufacture will make my next phone, with overall higher specs than my Sg2. And i got to say that will be hard this is my dream phone, good luck HTC. i would say though i could always use longer battery life, and a overal faster phone. ohh yeaah and i want a phone the size tablet lol foreal little larger than the note.