T-Mobile Briefly Talks JD Power Ranking, Promises To Do Better

T-Mobile is obviously looking to go on the offensive after this mornings disappointing JD Power Wireless Customer Care ranking result finding T-Mobile in last place among the nations largest wireless providers. We reached out to T-Mobile and received the following statement:

T-Mobile has a long history of providing industry-leading customer service as evidenced by previous JD Power reports. We are disappointed with the results of this survey. We continue to place a high priority on providing excellent customer service, and will work hard to regain our leadership position.

We know that T-Mobile has to be disappointed with the results and in some weird way, the results are a good thing as they will force T-Mobile to reconsider their current customer care strategies. That’s not to say change will happen overnight, but clearly change needs to happen.

I know we’re eager to see how quickly T-Mobile reacts to the JD Power ranking and what steps they take, hopefully they can bring forth change sooner rather than later.

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  • Mgmessner

    Good, this should be a wake up call. Look I know everyone needs a job but I want someone that speakers fluent English to understand my fluent English problem. I can’t troubleshoot with them (not using them as a racial slur), they don’t understand, getting my G2x repaired was a nightmare, troubleshooting my S2 GPS issue was a horrific event…so I bought a Nexus and will never deal with a Tmobile phone again until they fix their crappy service. 11 years of loyalty.

    • Mgmessner


      • Oakley444

        No, “speak” is correct in this context. 

    • Front Line

      Employees at T-Mobile Stores speak fluent english, have you tried one of them?

      • Jarrod

        Some are very helpful and some you ask what a processor is and they have a wtf stare.

    • Blkbear

      Yup I’m sure they would like those bragging rights back for great customer service awards from JD Powers.

      I don’t know what times of day you are calling, but so far I have not gotten a rep that was outside of the US (unless you count some of the call centers in the South… heheh). I have only had hold times longer than 15 mins, during holiday sales or special promotions.  This is when I call for myself, or call for friends that can’t go through the trouble shooting on their phone problem.

      So from where I sit, all my customer service contacts have been good ones.  Even my latest with getting my MT4GS replaced twice, when the first phone got stuck on the bootloader screen, and the second one just up and died. Both within the span of three weeks. Even got call backs to see if the phones were working ok.

      • Dakota

        Prepaid is outsourced

  • T-Mobile has been exceptional in the Past with customer service and although they really bombed it this time I really believe this will be incentive to act fast on the issue.  They will come through, I know it!  : )

  • Daniel Holmstock

    Step one – remove the STUPID AI VOICE when dialing 611 – that will help lower my blood pressure SCREAMING AGENT! PLEASE JUST LET ME SPEAK TO A HUMAN BEING YOU STUPID MACHINE!!!!!! to which i am told by the computer voice, “sorry i did not get that – let me connect you to a representative who can help you” this after 5 minutes of yelling! but before connects dares to ask me one more question “please type or say your last four DIGITS of the … blah blah blah”

    • Deadeye37

       I hate that stupid AI voice thing that wants you to talk normally to it!  My problem is that if you’re in a somewhat noisy environment, the voice will stop speaking part way and then say “I didn’t understand that”.  I’ve given up on that and just hit 0 whenever that stupid voice speaks.  Eventually it gives up and gets me connected.  My health insurance company uses that same stupid system.  Just let me push a button instead of listening to me!

      • Daniel Holmstock

        every time i press 0 or something – if i remember correctly i got hung up on – i was so furious and i should not be – next time i will politely smile and say agent until it connects to a human being over seas.

    • Guest

      lolol. No wonder it doesnt work for you if you are screaming at it like that. I’m sure if they did an analysis a crazy high number of people solve there issue w/ the voice system. If they got rid of that, you would rather wait on hold for an hour?

      • Daniel Holmstock

        yup if it meant talking to a human. 

  • Jared Engeset

    Sad really… a good friend of mine worked in their hq office and the morale there was completely destroyed back when the ATT potential sale was announced. It’s continued to be downward spiral even after it not going through. I’ve been with T-Mobile since the days of Voicestream and hope they can regain their status of what was once a great company and known for their customer service. I’ve definitely noticed a substantial drop from their excellent customer service in the recent past.

  • Smartazz

    T-Mobile placed last in the prior JD Power ranking as well. Apparently, that wasn’t enough of a wake-up call.

  • Jimmy

    T-Mobile support used to be awesome.  But my family recently tried to switch to a family plan and they screwed everything up, so my Mom went to the T-Mobile store, and they told her to just have everyone in my family call 611 on their own to get the problems fixed.  So yeah, they were completely unwilling to help.

    • Gatorzz28

      I work for a TMobile store and no way they told u all to call 611 to get the problems fixed. We get paid for rate plan changes. Stay on your Verizon websites Chump.

      • FormerTmoCSR

        YOUR store perhaps does its job and doesnt send people to call 611, but a vast majority of stores DO refuse to do anything and send customers to 611.  i dealt with it DOZENS of times every day throughout the almost 1 1/2 years i spent taking calls.

      • Guest911

        Haha. Guess you are the chump gator! Stop trolling – You dont even work for us.

      • Dumbazz

        You’re the reason with a tone like that that Tmobile is in last place. Loser

      • Patmcgroin


      • POdRep

         Yeah our store reps tell customers to call in all the time and talk to “loyalty.”  That’s why people wait on hold for so long.  People think that the loyalty dept. is the only place to get things done.

        • kalel33

          I second this.  I know store reps call in all the time, acting like the customer.  They don’t want to take the hit of lowering a plan.

        • monkeybdb

          Again, wrong. We don’t get hit with lowering a plan smarty pants. We get paid regardless, it’s based on contract tenure.

        • kalel33

          Reps called in all the time to remove features or lower a plan.  I know, because I caught many of them trying to do it.  They would check the account and there’d be a footnote confirmation in the store.  They’d hang up on me when I called them on it.

      • Dakota

        Example of Tmo problems right here: Blame the customer, refuse to acknowledge problem, apologue & fix the problem.

  • Loupach47

    Let me start by saying that I have been with tmo from 2004. I totally agree with J.D.; tmobile’s customer care is about as good as tmobile is at competing with the top 3 carriers. This means last, last. and last. I’m like 80% of their customers, stuck in a contract.

    • JBLmobileG1

      2004 huh? That’s how long I have been with them and I just signed a contract with them for another two years. While I have had a few issues over the years for the most part I have been happy with them… they usually take care of their customers so long as you treat them with respect… something I would assume you’d like in return. Honestly though, you seem to be an unhappy customer so why stay with them this long? Really your contract doesn’t last more than 2 years you are the one who chooses to renew it not them. Personally I don’t see how you dislike them because with that long of a history with them your plan should be cheaper than any other carrier out there unless you go prepaid… and honestly… If you think Tmobile has bad outsourced customer service like everyone else complaining. HA! Prepaid carriers customer service seems to be all foreigners. TracFone is a prime example. While they can be helpful at solving issues it can also be a pain in getting the issues resolved in a timely manner.

  • Drizza23

    First- You jacked up the data agreement with the sidekick and pissed of customers.Secondly- You come up with the even more plus plan…pay a 35 migration fee per line to have contracts ended for cheaper plan and no handset subsidies.(ship jumping like crazy)Thrid- You get rid of my faves! Dumb dumb dumbFourth- you back track on terms for eve. more plus and now say you cant end your plans contract even though you pay the fee.Fifth- You pass up on not the iphone…the HD2 being your next Android; YOU WENT WITH WINDOWS AND CREATED POSSIBLY THE WORST SOFTWARE ISSUES PLAGUED handset after releasing the first 2 google android handsets? And let Verizon take the crown easily.Sixth- You passed on the iPhone.Seventh- You jacked up the chance to relaunch the sidekick brand thru android. Horribly.Eighth- You got the phones that all the carriers would get…like the galaxy series…but youthe first 2 devices without flash for the camera…?Ninth- You come back with the SAME EVEN MORE PLUS GARBAGE AND CALL IT THE VALUE PLAN WITH WORSE TERMS THAN BEFORE.Tenth- You sent U.S. trainers overseas to train , changed you plan to sales and service, scared employees with stupid statistics that we had NO way of controlling, changed the philosophy that kept you viable, lied to employees about their future,….this is SOME of the many reasons why these guys are crashing and burning. ijs

    • atcandroid

      summed it up perfectly

      • exeot

        ehh.. I wouldn’t say perfectly..
        -tmo brought $5 add a line.. pretty sweet deal.
        -although they always beg to change my plan, I’ve never had a problem staying and upgrading phones through mine.
        -my faves? Get over that thing. Your 5 people are probably in your tmo to tmo minutes anyway. 
        -The hd2 had hardware unlike anything out there. It came with windows, meanwhile the evo that came out months after came as an android version. HD2 was plagued with software limitations, but it was just tmobile asking for the international version on their network since it was a huge success. 
        -The vibrant didn’t have flash. The international version of the galaxy s didn’t have flash either… same with most variants. If you were reading tmonews at the time, you would know people were more than happy without flash with it’s low light power. Updates on the other hand..

        The only thing I got out of op is that tmobile didn’t get the iphone, natural plan changes, and confusion on the consumers side. I can only imagine what its like being an employee, probably facing a quota or requirement of some sort. They have even added warranties to my account without permission. Never have I have I been so confused about a phone plan. 

        Tmobile has messed up. They couldn’t market android as attractive as the droid series did. They’re full of bad management and the connection between the corporate and sales employees seems nonexistent. But you can cancel for $200(compared to $400+ on other carriers) if you think somewhere else is better.

    • Froglips

       well said Drizza, Have Even more plus. 5gb capped. Free wi fi teth with HTC sensation. T mob gives me no incentive to change plan (as they would love to have me do) or upgrade phone.  Why would I downgrade to 2gb capped and pay for wi fi teth?

  • Thecityboy781

    they should hire people that can actualy help you….people think just cause one works at TMO you can solve w/e other reps mistakes lol

    • kalel33

      They fired the reps who were considered the best in customer service.

  • Nick

    I’ve contacted T-Mo’s customer support on multiple occasions over the past couple of years (I just got off the phone with them, in fact) and they’ve always been helpful and friendly. The same goes for people working in the stores. Really the only complaint I have is the idiotic automated voice thing, but nearly everyone is doing that nowadays and usually you can get to an agent if you play along with it for a bit. I really don’t think they deserve last place but maybe I’ve just been lucky. 

    • JBLmobileG1

      I Agree 100%. I honestly don’t think their automated system is that bad actually unless your calling from a noisy environment and your phone is picking up the background noise. Its actually better than most automated systems. Plus the call you back feature instead of having to wait with the phone to your ear is pretty nice. Most of the time I don’t have to wait more than a few minutes anyways and I always seem to talk to an American.

  • Johntaajacobs

    You have to dail 0 between 5 to 7 times to speak to customer service any it was slot easier acouple of years ago

  • Dumbazz

    I enjoy speaking with Abdus Salam, whenever I call Tmobile

  • perfectalpha

    I stated why this has happened in the other post. At the end of the day, T-Mobile as a company doesn’t care. I would have been ashamed of the results and taken accountability. Listen, they weren’t even in the ballpark of their competitors. We’re disappointed? You finised 34 points behind AT&T? AT&T only finished 15 points behind the market leader. They should be ASHAMED, not disappointed.

  • Anton Yatsenko

    T-Mobile’s customer representatives sign people to contracts without their consent. Brows the internet, you will find thousands of complaints where T-Mobile, without notifying a customer, signed them to a two year agreement…

  • dabbler

    Let’s have some perspective here, guys. I don’t think a 49 point difference between the top and bottom score on a 1,000 point scale is worth that much concern, frankly. Such small difference in the ranking can be changed rather easily in my opinion.

    • kalel33

      Then T-mobile was making too much of a big deal when they were 12 out of 14 quarters with #1 customer service just a couple of years ago.  The customer service has been horrible since Humm too over and CS was changed to customer sales with some service sprinkled in.  I seen too many great CS reps get fired because they wanted more and more sales, plus they needed people to get fired so they could move jobs overseas.

      • The_Guest_Who

        Spot on.  I left T-Mo Tier II Tech just after the initial “right-fitting” campaign started (Sue Nokes left a few months earlier, and the early layoff rumors started flying).  I had a pair of “coaching” sessions with with my coach’s supervisor for my lack of add-on feature sales – even after a stellar month of VOC and a slew of 4.0 calls.  Apparently, fixing the customer’s issue wasn’t the goal – adding on a $10 data SOC to a feature-phone that couldn’t make or receive calls was more important.

    • Kees

      Not by outsourcing your customer service.  I would look for things to get a lot worse pretty quickly.

  • Guest

    Customer service has absolutely gone downhill in recent years. I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2002, all the phone reps used to be excellent, now many of them are untrained and unable to help, just parroting out of a step-by-step manual. Yesterday, I called in to make a payment and I got some who could not even look up my account by my mobile number to get the process started. 

    However, a few weeks ago, I called someone to ask about upgrades having just missed going into my local store before closing, and he was super helpful. It’s hit or miss. 

    The AI voice you get when you dial 611 is ridiculous. I’m not dialing the 611 number to use the T-Mobile app on my cell phone, of course I want to talk to someone in customer service, why else would I have dialed in the first place? 

    • in 2002 phones were ALOT simpler…There Is a WORLD now more to know and get educated on when it comes to smartphones. 

      • Splaktar

         Certainly true, but it is still their job.

  • guest

    quit outsourcing

  • James

    Does anyone trust JD Powers anymore? I know companies tend to cheat and bribe their customers to give them positive reviews on JD.

  • Grumpier

    I never cared for JD Power, but they are right on the money here. Tmobile customer service is now deceitful and playing as ignorant.

    I think they use the old tactic of making the customer so upset that they give up trying to solve the problem. On the last year and a half I’ve had three major issues and none of them were resolved.

    Here is a partial sample of the last one.
    Customer: My phone has dust in three different spots under the screen.

    !TmoChat:  It would be for hardware issue, is that correct?
    Customer:  I don’t understand the question.
    !TmoChat:  It has nothing to do with having error for your phone?
    Customer:  No, it’s not a software problem. It’s just a lot of dust under the screen that interferes with the usage.
    !TmoChat:  What I can suggest is you may go to a retail store to check on how to clean your phone, would you like me to locate the nearest retail store for your location?
    Customer:  No, I know of a retail store nearby. And I also know there is no way to clean the dust without removing the screen, which I don’t want to do so that I don’t void the warranty.
    Customer:  Are they going to repair it at the retail store?
    !TmoChat:  I regret to say, there is no way cleaning your phone’s screen without removing the cover. Would there be anything else I can assist you with, Customer?
    !TmoChat:  You may ask assistance on how to clean your screen.

    Even ATT on their hay day was better than this tmobile. Two years in a row? Last place is getting comfortable.

    • Low IQ

      you should have just said something wrong with screen get new phone and be done with it!

    • jussayin

      What do you want?
      Ask for an exchange if you want one, you might get an answer if youy ask a question.
      Dust interfering with usage? It might look bad but your phone would work the same.

  • Kees

    t-mobile is loosing my business, after the last three calls to customer care over a crappy connection to another country, I am feed up and willing to pay more to switch carriers.  US Cellular here we come.

    • Tbyrne

      So when you call US Cellular over their crappy service, you’ll be fed up and go to Virgin Mobile. Then you’ll be fed up and go to Sprint, then………. see where I’m going with this Kees?

      • Guest

        Yea and you. Will still be a unhappy. T Mobileconsumer .that is still over two years away from getting LTE. The same LTE that I am.using today

        • Tbyrne

          But LTE has it’s own shortcomings right now, right e man? I’ve heard battery life is atrocious among other things. You sure LYAO a lot over paying more to your Father. You know, Randall? Instead of coming in here all giddy and joyful with your delusional belief that T-Mobile customers are unhappy and getting screwed. Do us a favor Exhibit. Exit!

        • Guest

          I easily took care of my battery problem I recently
          purchased a 3500 mlhp battery on Amazon’s for my
          Gs3 now I can run LTE all-day long on my 10GB plan.
          Not to bad huh T man.? LOL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Tbyrne

          Well then see! You’re having problems also. You found a solution. What if someone made a comment to you how lousy they felt AT&T & LTE was, you would probab………aw just forget it. You wouldn’t understand.

  • Stevejaye

    So much for outsourcing

  • jasper

    How’s that outsourcing working out tmo?

  • Nick

    I always get a helpful born in the USofA person to help me.  Granted, I don’t call customer service very often, but I haven’t noticed a drop off in customer service quality at all.  They may not always be the most knowledgeable tech-wise, but they’re helpful in other ways.

  • jenna

    As a t mobile fininical care rep in tmobile usa call center we must have 190 sec to rush cutomer off the phone and 1200.00hr collection call back under 18 percent perefect quality 8 calls and voice of the customer 5.0 out of 6.0..these metrics  are unreachable  stressing employees out to the point that people in the call centers are getting mentally sick..because they write you up if you dont met these numbers……instead of going back to basics that we did 8 years ago that gain us JD powers when SUE NOOKS  was around…. management make up these unreachable numbers ..and joke and laugh in thier offices …t mobile wants there cake and eat it..as a 8 year employee..The morale in in this job is horable ..people are getting fired every day and these are employees of 5 to 10 years service…reps that made this company gain first place in JD powers a few years back….W

    • Johnnyb2252

      I’m sorry Jenna,
      I was attempting to read your comment. Alot of them is justified and I understand. However I think a lot of your complaints just may be you. I was in Tech Support @ T-Mobile for 5+ years. I can go on and on about what can help with bringing back the traditional high customer service ratings. I need to state your comments are very hard to understand with so many typo’s, no spell check, and no explanation behind vague metrics to anybody not in the industry, they just read latin.
      To follow up with your complaints, I do agree T-Mobile has micro managed everything! Tech needed to be at 800 seconds CRT(CALL RESOLUTION TIME), 20% IOCR (CUSTOMER CALL BACK WITHIN 48 HOURS), MYVOC 4.91 (CUSTOMER SURVEY DROPPED FROM 5.1), MCIP (BONUS metric requirements). I personally struggled to meet all of these metrics, so worried and concentrated only the heaviest weighting metrics till my call center closed.
      I understood what customers wanted. Be genuine, listen actively, respond promptly and confirm you understand, and that they understand what’s going on. Customer’s can tell if you’re lost, and if you’re a good rep you can tell if the customer is lost and confused with info provided to them. My MyVoc was always good, unfortunately some customer’s became victims of the call center metrics where and when i had to bull rush them off the phones, email email email email everything to them. that’s when my MyVoc, and Iocr was hit hard.
      Sue Nokes was a customer advocate for listening and understanding customer’s. Understanding some customer’s can not be pleased and will bleed you dry, but most just want to be heard, understood and to be treated fairly. Kinda the treatment you get in a small town, southern general store. Just kind genuine communication.
      T-Mobile has lost THAT exact interaction. Genuine connection. Everything has become about efficiencies, scripted and yes/no, but this is what we can do. Otherwise, sorry!
      I know my thoughts are a little here and there. I think it flows well though. lol.
      T-Mobile, on a final note, if you would like to regain JD Power.
      Do not go back to what you were doing 5 years ago, Clean the plate and start fresh. You listen your customers, but I recommend actually analyze the info, from the type of customer you’re getting that info from. Before the call center closed, customer’s would be frustrated and gamble if they got a USA English speaking rep. Now it’s even worse.
      Try and revolutionize Customer care. Change the service industry by offering better in store services. (example: having hourly store employee’s for training and educating, troubleshooting issues at the store.) Verizon, ATT and I believe sprint do this. A LOT of contracted customer’s that switch to T-Mobile from these company’s always ask that right away and we always have to educate that is not possible.
      I’d love to see T-Mobile succeed. However if the spotty coverage issues continue, and more policy’s are created to compete and align with competitors. I can’t and don’t see success for T-Mobile. I’m sorry. Very sorry.

      • jim

        this is the problem in FC centers these are the numbers…we didnt have all these unreachable numbers kpis before , and we hit jd powers…t mobile wants there cake and they want to eat it too ……people are getting metally sick at these call centers. because of the presure to make these kpi or you get written up….tmobile is never going to learn…

      • dabbler

        I think you’re right, Johnnyb2252: the T-Mobile stores should do more than what they do now. They need to be the front people for T-Mo not only in making sales, but in support as well. Customers should be able to go to the store with any problem they have where it would be easier to explain and show it to the rep than over the phone. Then, if the problem is over the capability of the local rep, the rep should be the one to contact the more knowledgeable second tier support over the phone. This is how Boeing supports its airline customers, too. Their first and usually only contact is the co-located Boeing field rep who then communicates with the home office engineers if the problem calls for it. I am surprised T-Mobile has to be told  this after their competitors already use this model successfully.

        • Guest

          Then the pay at the store level would need to increase dramatically to align with the other carriers.

  • Roxva

    How can T-Mobile regain the level of customer service when there’s no CEO, a retired CMO, no CIO, and other key players already gone? The ship is sinking and there’s no one to steer it across the turbulent tides. Help!

  • Johnnyb2252

    I want to focus on the Technical support side of the business. I worked in Tech for  5+ years.
    When i started we had freq trainings on equipment, resources and tools. Time to have hands on time, learn the display layout, interaction, software flaws and fixes. Test phones in the cubicle at all times. Agents were smart, understood the equipment better, some however relied to heavily on it and it was not efficient during calls.
    During the last 2 years our call center had lost over 200 of the 700 employees, most that were tenured and highly paid, very knowledgeable. Between the new hires, and replacements. they did NOT see the same training we did, were not familiar with the products and did not have test phones to interact with.
    In turn causing everybody to rely on the new resources to find and educate customer’s. This was a struggle for a lot of reps for over 6 months, leading to very poor customer experiences. the metrics and survey’s proved to show it.
    I bring this up, leading to a point. Only 12-18% of the tech reps actually understood problem solving and how to perform true troubleshooting. the 88-82% remaining reps only understand how to search systems for key words and respond that info to customer’s.
    This consistently led to poor customer experiences where we, (T-Mobile) had no resolutions and created more customer conflicts. More escalations. I can back this up. 5 of the last teams i was on, I was 1 of 12-15 reps per cubicle. I was the only one who consistently understood the products, how to problem solve, troubleshoot, using my resources are or not having access to them. In most cases i was more effective with OUT my resources cause they only slowed me down, due to the scoring/ Quality side of the business.
    It’s funny how the customer can love everything you did for them, resolve there issue. But per T-Mobile’s scoring guidelines it’s not meeting. But on calls you did not resolve the issue and used your correct resources, it’s meeting or even exceeding expectations. This would change all the time depending on your new coach, their perspective of how or what they wanted from you. All the information and feedback was inconsistent from leader to leader. None of which would stand up for you. Dog eat Dog world.
    There needs to be more intergrity from leadership, if there is to be any hope of the reps to have more pride in what they do. Better recruiting from HR for not just nice friendly people that can use a computer but for people that actually understand problem solving. understanding the technology. those few things there alone will get T-Mobile back in the top 3. Do it consistently and back in the top spot!

  • Arvin

    customer service is sooooo bad they i had to call 3 times to change the plan because the first two did not know what tmobiles value plan services were…. 

  • Shoerhino

    One of their largest challenges is making sure the customer service representatives give a consistent answer.  I’ve called a number of times on the same issue and been told a different answers to the same question.  Frankly, it creates more work for the customer service area and gives their subscribers a bad taste.   It’s their biggest  fault and their biggest challenge, in my opinion.

    They need a better knowledge base and more experience with the devices.. 

    • Fjeijfeij

      True dat.

  • T-MobilePa

    I work for T-Mobile and internally the company is trying to kill itself. 

  • Grimbeaver

    I’m having a feeling of deja vu, didn’t we just do/say all these exact same things a few months ago when the ratings sucked?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I thought I was the only one that remembered that. Glad to see that I wasn’t.

      My my Tmobile how you have fallen. Never Trust Tmobile CEO or higher ups. They’re all full of crap.

  • Hector

    looks like at&t are upset because thay could not get tmobile and have the great customer service that tmobile has, for those who are not real tmobile customers dont come here bashing and coming up with lies, ive been with tmobile since 2000 and have to say if you look at the picture above with the guy raging on the phone thats whats giving customer service the bad rap peaple that dont know how to talk all thay do is rag looking for a fast fix and free service, ive called at&t once just to get info for a friend and belive me thay were not friendly at all, and yes i have i was connected with a over seas rep for tmobile befor with no problems at all, so keep up with the bashing because all your doing is getting good peaple with familys fired for no reason at all just wonder how you sleep at night knowing you just put some one and there family in the poor house.

    • 21stNow


      • frigadroid

        Looks like another delusional employee in denial. Facts are facts so deal with it you get what you pay for.

        • Tbyrne

          Yes friggy. Just like we’re having to deal with your insightful comments. My oh my.

    • kalel33

      Wow, Hector.  Been a customer with a company since 2000 but the company has only been in business since 2002.  That’s a first.  You have no clue the changes that have happened at T-mobile.  I was there as a CS phone rep and the multitude of changes brought the downfall to the quality of service.  

      • SadButTrue

        I was a Senior Rep and was fired for BS durig the acquisition. Our center went from over 600 employees to about 350 last I checked and Moral was in the crapper. I have many friends still working there and it is no better. If Sue was still in charge this would not be happening. The golden years for Tmob CS is gone.

        • Mangobeach

          I was at Cellular One in SF when Sue was in charge there. She was the best!!!! I would go to work at any company she is at! She knew everyones name that was employed there, as well as what they like to do on the off time. Too bad she’s no longer in wireless. I was told she is now at some software company or something

      • FtKnoxTMO

         Before it was T-Mobile in 2002, it was Voicestream and before that it was Powertel in which I signed up in 1998 when I lost my company cell phone on retirement from GTE/Verizon, since it was the ONLY GSM carrier in the USA.  Service was really spotty back then, but from day one, there has NEVER been any voice roaming charges.

        • He would have put, been with them since they were Voicestream.  When I was a rep, I had people lie all the time about how long they’ve had their account with us.  Some never realized that I seen their start date on my screen, even all the way back to the ’90’s. 

  • Mangobeach

    Maybe if T-mo fixed that crap ass IVR system, people would be so mad! I have had that stupid thing disconnect my call the past 5 times I have called in for support. I told them if it happends again, I will cancel my service. Dont get me wrong, I have no problems with the reps, just that stupid IVR they use.

  • Dakota

    Werent they dead last in the previous survey too? Its been a while since they were #1…Once agsin, management is totally clueless, out of touch, and in total denial.

    • GinaDee

      And they promised last time to do everything they can to regain their customer service exellence….  Instead they off-shored more and customer service nosedived even further.

  • GinaDee

    T-Mobile’s backend billing systems are really old and all they have done is add newer software to accomodate the additional provisioning requests for new services etc.

    Anyone who has used MyTMobile online knows how often it posts inaccurate data and how often it goes down even during business hours.

    T-Mobile customers also get greeted with “it can take 2-24 hours,” for everything when calling customer care and the canned offshore answer: “48-72 hours,” when dealing with Activations or Migrations. 

    At its core T-Mobile USA has done as little as possible to invest in its operations and network over the years and with all the offshored positions everything is coming back to bite them in the ass.

    This company really needs to do some soul searching and create a solid game plan.  This game plan will require massive investment.  If they can’t get it from the Mother Ship at DT then they need to get funding here in the US via IPO. 

    I also would like to see businesses who continue to offshore American jobs to be tax penalized.  Businesses who hire in America or bring back American jobs should likewise be given tax incentives.  Time to put America back to work.  No more tax cuts for business owners who do not invest in our own country.  This would include the biggest telco offshore offender of all time:  AT&T

    • Me

       GinaDee, you need to be aware that a vote was in the Us Senate about a week ago, and the Republican’ts, aka, the party of “no”, blocked a bill that would give tax credits to companies which bring jobs back, it’s called the “Bring Jobs Home Act”.


    • Joseph Tongret

      I couldn’t have said it any better. Agreed! Does anyone know if there are any Tax penalties, or tax time troubles for companies who outsource a high percentage of their jobs? I’m not very informed in this area, but I sure like the sound of it.

  • Gallon of Milk

    Sadly this is clearly due to the amount of outsourcing. Right now when you call general care (assuming you are current on your payment) you have around 65-75% chance of getting an outsourced agent. Frankly this would not matter If they were trained as thoroughly as a direct agent. With an hourly wage at around 1.70 U.S. per hour at the following call center used by T-Mobile


    Using a 60 hour per week to estimate hourly wage, is saving this money worth the churn and obviously unsatisfying customer service?

  • Steve91607

    I’m not surprised by this ranking – I’ve pretty much given up on calling 611 for anything
    All the problems I’ve had with T-Mobile has always been with their outsourced CS agents, They can’t do anything more then read a script. What takes an insourced compay paid CS Rep 2 minutes to do will take 20 to 30 minutes for the outsourced agent and that’s on a good day.
    I’m hoping that this ranking is a good thing and it will make them look long and hard at how they are doing business now – But of course I know this is just a dream and I really don’t expect any changes. But one can hope!

  • AnonTMobile

    As a T-Mobile employee.. the problem here is very obvious in their planned solution. Rather than fixing anything in their call center, they’re forcing the store employees into training seminars.

    Of course, the main problem isn’t the stores. It’s the Customer Care people. But that’d cost more for them to fix, since they’re outsourcing it all.

    • klrywuzhere

      As a call center rep I am going to beg to differ with you on this one. We have back to back calls every day, about a quarter of those calls come from people who tell us that the rep in the store told me to call you to fix this, for credits that were offered by the rep in the store. We would be happy to oblige, only there is rarely a note on the account saying that it was promised, or any access to the account at all by a rep in the store. That is one of the many complaints I could go on for days. Point is, none of us are perfect, and our hands are tied in many situations. Might want to check out those values. Team together, brother.

      • scrappy

        Anon and Klrywazhere you both are right but the fact is we can’t sit here and play the blame game. If there is anyone to blame it would be the top leadership at T-Mobile. They know this is going on and they do nothing about it… 

        • Leadershipiseverything

          ABSOLUTELY LEADERSHIP IS THE PROBLEM.   They need to remove all of them and replace them.  They are worthless pieces of well anyways.  They sit in thier little rooms coming up with plans to help our customers.  Present it to us…and we are like we are already doing that 5 months ago.  They do nothing, dont take calls from customers then write you up for garbage to save thier *&%.  Can agree enough that leadership is the problem.

  • T-mo’s service has gone to hell recently… I replaced my Amaze 4 times already, and none of the units functioned correctly! Then they offered to replace it with a exhibit 2! it has a 3 mp camera a single core 1 ghz processor, and a 3.7 in screen! That is what they said “compares” to the phone i paid almost $600 for off contract!                                                               

    • dabbler

      I also bought my Amaze 4G off contract and it’s been working just fine before and after the ICS upgrade, with the minor issue of voice dialing and texting after the ICS. But that’s not really T-Mo’s fault, I think, but ICS’s.

    • Jade Hart

      Haha verizon did the same thing with me about a year ago. They tried to give me a flip phone to replace my higher end dumbphone. I just told the to hell with them and got an off contract smartphone. 

      • 1234

        See every company has almost the exact same process when it comes to the manufactures warranty.  T_mobile just spoiled thier customers rotten or at least most of them for such a long time that its going to take time for the customers to learn T-Mobile isnt the company you can steal from anymore or just get your way.

    • Terron

       that really sucks and i know the amaze had problems, it was taken off the shelf as soon as the HTC One S came out….but you do realize that T-Mobile isn’t a phone manufacturer…your main gripe should be with HTC

      • guest

         That is a bullshit excuse and you and I both know that – The manufacturer would tell you to call your carrier or send your phone in – T-mobile buys low end phones – every manufacturer does make phones and tmobile is only a service provider but they need to stand by their product.  Telling someone to contact the manufacturer was a lame ass way we used to be able to get people off the phones when they wanted to keep complaining about tmobiles crappy phones and things that were out of the reps hands.  the manufactured phones like tmobile are GARBAGE

    • LehighNewb

      Time to root!

  • Guest

    This is why I went to ATT last month and
    Signed a 2 year Contract. I no I will get the best in the
    business customer care and I will allways speak to someone
    who speaks English. And the best part yesterday they turned on LTE
    IN west palm beach.Florida. finally real 4G not the fake 4G
    That T mobiles has. LMAO.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gripe about the customer care but the 4G is legit for me at 18mbps download speeds.  

      • Guest

        That’s just it their 4G isn’t legit. There’s a big
        Difference in LTE and hspa+21. I average 35 down 15 up.

        • TBN27

          Agree with you with HSPA+21 But with HSPA+ 42, it keeps up with At&t’s LTE.

    • Tbyrne

      Then the nightmare is finally over for you……..and us. Goodbye e man. Tell Randall we’d like to thank him for increasing your monthly bill. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

    • LehighNewb

      Lol really because last week when I called att cust care in the middle of the day I definitely was outsourced.

  • Jade Hart

    Wonder if the new CEO will change things up. I sure hope so because T-Mobile was going to be my next carrier when my contract is finally up with Verizon.

    • Jay77012

      Do yourself a favor and stay with Verizon…

      • SweetDogg

        No do yourself a favor and come to T-mobile.  As long as you make reasonable requests you will always get the help you need.  Not only that you will pay well less than what you are paying at Verizon. We have some top of the line phones and we do take care of our loyal customers but again as long as your not wanting a free top of the line smart phone like many customers on this site every 6 months.

  • Noone

    They’re customer service sucks, so they deserve it! I was put on hold, then was hung up on!

  • WRC

    I’m sad to see this as it was one of the main reasons we stayed with them.  I had a very bad experience with their customer service not long ago where they botched the installation of a new SIM into my son’s phone.  They said that it would be active within an hour and then when we called later because he still had no service, they said it could be more than a day.  The problem is we were getting ready to travel and really needed to stay in touch with each other.  We wouldn’t have replaced his old card then if we had been told up front that this could happen.  Especially frustrating as we asked about this several times before we pulled the trigger on installing the updated SIM (he had been swapping his old one through many years of upgrades and we were told that the new one would allow him to actually get the “4G” his phone should get.  It eventually did work out, but it took several frustrating calls with constantly be blocked by the reps from escalating.

  • TBN27

    So i guess t-mobile lost more customers i predict with this news for the second quarter. Now with this poor customer service rating being related to the previous year, i wonder how it will be this year. All i know is that i virtually never call customer service because my service works and the last time i called customer service, it was a call center in the U. S. And they were very helpful.

  • Jim Mack

    Just an idea T-Mobile but how about you stop forcing good folks out the door and then replacing them with out of country out sourcers. People want to talk to Americans and want their issued resolved right the first time. Out sourcers cannot do this.

    • Coreywalker29

      So so true!

  • Joe333x

    Maybe if they released decent phones we wouldnt be so unhappy. I mean really, the next my touch has a single core and a 5mp camera? My year old G2x has dual core and 8mp, and what about the galaxy note? Its being released now? How long has this phone been out for and now T-Mo decides to pick it up. What about the hundreds of people who have been waiting for a G3 to come out? T-Mo is the only provider that doesnt have a decent qwerty phone, they need to stop with the MyTouch trash qwerty phones, and that Genius button its the dumbest thing ever.

    • LehighNewb

      The genius button was awful on my my touch 3g slide but was my favorite thing on my touch 4g slide. Funny how it differed from device to device. They also failed when they started using other companies aside from htc to make the my touch line.

  • You lost it after your NO NO deal with ATT, It’s never been the same and doubt it will ever be again.

  • Brendan

    I can see that. I’ve been a customer since 2004 and have been very happy customer until this year (2012) am I having problems with customer care. An example, today I called and wanted to talk to a high up care rep about them messing up on my bill and I was told that he or she will call me in 40 mins so I didn’t have to wait on hold. It is now two hours later and still no call. I had 3 other incidence in the last three months too. Come on T-Mobile why now????

  • Gheadr4

    Once, I got into vicious circle in their automated lines, until even that said “I must disconnect you” and hung on me. It used to be better in the past though.

  • Simple

    Always with T-mobile since Voice stream on the last 12 years any problem with costumer service ,bur last week they can help with a simple question. they told me I have to go to store to fix my problem. Come  on Tmobile bring back the jobs to America. 

  • ThoCh

    closing 7 US call centers and ramping up Philippine and Panamanian call centers about sums it up.

  • FrustratedWithTmo

    Jumped on Tmobile with the G1 and I’ll admin the first contact experience was stellar. I should have quit while I was ahead. I then renewed my contract in December 2010 with the Mytouch 4g which I loved (and still do to an extent). However!!!! I now experience no less than 5 loss of signal situations daily. Since I have the handset protection bundle, Tmobile offered to replace the unit with a lessor device! <-wow. Needless to say I opted to stick with a Mytouch 4g replacement device. A few days later I receive a Mytouch 4g unit with a known bad "washed out" screen.  I sent the unit back and decided to deal with connection issues until my contract is up and jump ship. The only problem is all carriers are equally useless in my opinion.

  • icecream

    This one will not be an easy fix – the business practices that led to these rankings are not going to change anytime soon, and the bottom line is that it’s more profitable to compromise on customer service, at least in the short term. It angers me that this walk on the plank continues in spite of the fact that the government will not allow the company to be sold outright to another carrier, period. I know the circumstances are unprecedented when it comes to DT and the European economy playing such a large role in the sinking of t-mobile, but how long does it have to take to admit a mistake? What’s the opportunity cost of lack of training and accountability and the insane nickel and dime premium service / pay per web charges that not only get credited back months later but ultimately result in quality customers taking their business elsewhere? Seriously, do we have to actually jump off the plank? There is absolutely no excuse for this.

  • scrappy

    As a T-Mobile Retention rep this is no surprise to me. When I started at T-Mobile I was hired as a customer service rep. Today they hire Customer Service and Sales reps. One motivating factor for being promoted was the fact in retention we no longer have to sell any needless features we sell T-Mobile. With that said it is getting harder and harder everyday to do this with the crazy policies that they are coming up with. The first was the fact that you have to take a 2 year contract to switch rate plans. This was never the case a few years ago a customer could go up and down without any worry of their contract. Second came selling our souls to the mighty dollar, sales swept through the call centers like a wildfire. Reps that were struggling and in fear of losing there job for not meeting the expectation all had a new saying in the smoke shack “customer service out, sales in!” Then we placed pay per use web on all phones regardless of the customer wanting that feature, which at 1.99 per MB who would. We placed it on flip phones and smart phones. This was worse on the smart phones because they would get an auto update and then be charged for it. Most of the time now we credit it back 100% but only when they say the magic word “cancel.” Next we started charging for restore fees, a five line account would have to pay $100 if it was suspended for non-payment. Now I understand this is to make sure people pay on time and most companies charge these fees, but T-mobile was a different company in the past they would block out going calls and still let incoming calls come in for a few days till the payment was made, then the customer would be back up and running after they made the payment, no restore fee. Not today the company has made millions off of this. The last and most recent change is when a customer calls to cancel the contract we tell them it will cancel at the end of the billing cycle, only if the customer states they want it done that day are we to set it up for same day cancellation. These are the reasons T-Mobile has fallen from grace and the top management is to blame. We come in everyday and give 100% and are told we are the reason T-Mobile has lost the JD Power Award.  If we as so much speak of these other reasons the Coaches and Sn Reps downplay it all and then tend to make life a little more difficult for you. Talk to any front line rep and they will tell you this is the truth. T-Mobile today is not the T-Mobile of yesterday! This doesn’t even touch on the fact of the reps over seas….

  • Msorder

    This should not be a shocker to anyone.  They are just going straight down the tubes in custome service and have been for a couple of years now.  NOW you can’t even get a flex pay plan if you are wanting to upgrade unless you are a “value” customer because they pay full price for phones (which is a bs price anyway) and now they don’t even offer any free phones for customers that want to upgrade.  This sure sounds like a great way to want to keep and retain customers.  The problem with this company and every other one is money for the first part and second no loyalty to long time customers.  I to have been with them since voicestream and if it was’t for my careless of losing phones I would have let my contrat expire and switch.  Now that they aren’t offering any incentives for customers to upgrade the next time will be a great opportunity to do so.

    • 1234

      You sir have no idea what you are talking about.  The value plan is for customer who bring thier own devices or don’t upgrade often anyways. You do get an incentive when you upgrade by getting the discount in the first place unless your like the customer example below. I can already tell your one of the customers who call in wanting something absolutely outrageous and throw in the “I am a loyal customer” crap.  T-Mobile is in its current position as a company because of JDP.  We used to just give, give, give and then give some more just to WIN it.  That was totaly the wrong way to earn it.  Now we have nothing but customers who just want stuff.  Perfect Example…I had a customer today that felt 2 years of loyalty was worth 2 FREE samsung galaxy s 3s with no contract.  He just upgraded a few months ago to the HTC S One with a very good promotion.  These are the types of customers that call in all day, every day and get surveyed.  We should earn JDP by resolving issues and treating customers with kindness, not giving people underserved crap.  I would love to get back to real calls, real customers with real problems that can be resolved.       


    I used to be a believer of the T-Mobile customer satisfaction on every call. As a former customer service rep, I experienced first hand how much they USED to care. I understand that revenue needs to be an important part of a company but so are the customers and ….employees. With no customers there is no revenue. Unfortunately I was in one of the centers that was closed due to so called budget cuts and now when you call you can speak with someone with a thick accent. No animosity towards them because they are just looking to make a living just like all of us. Even so, it seems to me that they don’t have the hands on experience on T-Mobile cell phone service like one working in the states. I actually had to hang up on a representative because I don’t believe she understood anything that I was saying. Moving on. T-Mobile started out great when I started and really felt genuine when it came to caring about the customers. I really felt pride in my job and company. Things started looking bad though within the past few years. To make it short, T-Mobile lost sight on what was important and threw out the QUALITY over QUANTITY and just concentrated on just the quantity. Now reading these comments makes me realize that it wasn’t me that was not performing well for the company but that the company was just trying to find ways to make a quick buck without any recourse for their actions. All they want right now are workers to just do what they want without question whereas the older employees that were with them before all this mess questioned their motives. Ironic how I used to be feel that “I AM T-MOBILE”, because now that is long gone. I hope that one day T-mobile will grasp back their way of service because if not, it makes me wish that we did sell over to AT&T. Couldn’t be as bad over there as it is here now.