Huawei myTouch Dummy Units Hit T-Mobile Stores, Countdown To Launch Begins

By now we’ve already seen the upcoming Huawei myTouch devices in the wild, officially announced and unveiled in all their press shot glory. This time, we’re getting a look at the completely useless, but worth viewing dummy phones as they arrive in-store. Of course, the arrival of the dummy phone is just one step in the various stages of a smartphones release pattern. There isn’t a lot to see here, other than the actual colors “live” and well, that’s about it really. Still, if you have even a passing interest in the new myTouch lineup, this will just have to hold you over until the real-deal devices start arriving.

Both devices feature 4.0? WVGA display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 1.4GHz single-core processor, dedicated camera button for access to the 5 megapixel camera and a front-facing camera for video chat.

T-Mobile will have both myTouch models on store shelves beginning August 8th for $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate card.

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  • Timortech

    The Blaze and The Blaze q would have made far better mytouch phones..These = fail
    At the same time they cant be much worse than the Lg versions.

  • Thecityboy781

    iPhone killer

    • Littlesis1774

       Oh please T-mobile been saying that for a few years now and nothing has happen. T-mobile still in last place

    • Guest

      These specs made this top of the line about the time the nexus one came out.  Unfortunately that was 2 years ago.  Maybe an iphone 3g killer, but that was 2+ years ago as well.   This isn’t even as well spec’d out as my year old mytouch 4g slide.

  • Nick

    I really don’t understand why companies are still making 2.3 phones.  Would it be that much harder to put your stupid skin and apps on a more recent, feature-rich, version of android?  It vexes me.  I’m terribly vexed.

    • Josue

      its prob a low end smartphone…or they just to lazy to update it to ICS or my own P.O.V people will get confused with ICS

  • kalel33

    Single core processor and Gingerbread?  So the only difference between this phone and the Mytouch 4G is 400mhz, more plastic, and 2/10″ increase in screen?  That’s horrible.  With Jellybean out, Ice cream Sandwich should be the defacto standard. 

    • 21stNow

       I agree with you 100%.  But I think that this phone is marketed to people who ask “why are you asking about cookies on my phone?” when you ask them if their phone has Gingerbread on it.  I think that it would help Android and T-Mobile if they worked to eliminate that “market”.

  • bleeew

    What happened tmobile? This mytouch line was the original flagships line to go against the iPhone. Its like Verizons “Droid” or Sprints “Evo”

    • these are about on par with vzw’s old EnVy line lol

  • Whiskers

    More junk phones to bring T-mobile down even more.

  • randomnerd_number38

    These phones wouldn’t be abysmally bad except for the idiot executives(or whoever it is) that make the decisions that these phones need major changes to the software for the myTouch “brand.” T-Mobile really needs to stop trying to get their hands in the launcher and other system apps of the phones. I’m convinced that it’s what caused all the outrageous issues on the last 2 myTouch phones and on the Sidekick 4G.  You want to make sure your phones are branded? Fine, get your wallpapers and ringtones and branded apps in there, but quit giving these companies directives on changing the launcher and other system apps. The Sidekick 4G and LG myTouch phones didn’t do well because too many people had issues with them. On top of that, if you didn’t ask for so many changes to the software, maybe these phones could actually get a more up-to-date version of Android. There’s just no excuse that a branded device on a major carrier releasing in August of 2012 doesn’t have Ice Cream Sandwich out of the gate. This isn’t the first offense, either- the Sidekick 4G never even got Gingerbread. And I HIGHLY doubt these new myTouch phones will EVER see ICS. All because T-Mobile asks for big changes to the software then doesn’t have the clout, financial means, or willpower to follow through on major updates. I don’t know, maybe part of it is the manufacturers they get too … but that argument doesn’t hold water for the Sidekick 4G, it was made by Samsung and even had the same Hummingbird processor as the Galaxy S. I highly doubt it would have had all the software issues if T-Mobile hadn’t put a custom launcher and other framework/system apps in there so it “seemed more like a Sidekick.” So yeah, the T-Mobile brand is not just in big trouble in the Customer Service department, it’s also their branded phones. But this has turned into a pretty rambling post now, so I’ll ask what I was originally trying to build up to:

    Any news on the T699/Blaze Q? It’s a qwerty phone that’s not a Sidekick or a myTouch, so I’m very hopeful T-Mobile won’t screw it up :)

    • Mjsell2

       T-mobile may have asked to have the launcher skinned for the SK4G, but trust me, Samsung screwed the pooch with this phone.  It’s their TouchWiz that has decimated a perfectly good platform.   Not to mention using a one-off screen when they could have used the same screen from the Galaxy S.   Plus Samsung promised an upgrade to Gingerbread all the way until 2 weeks after KJ2 was released. Then they stated it wasn’t part of their current product line and was no longer warranted for upgrades. 

  • Darnell

    I won’t be guy anything more from the MyTouch line.  Now they’ve partnered with Huawei, kings of cheap and based in China.  T-Mobile “USA” working with a company that has a very questionable history to how they became a success.
    Watch YouTube video “Js52FjOsgPA”.

    Companies such as Huawei are not simply reverse engineering, they are possibly flat out taking designs from US companies via hacking.  China already has us buying lower end goods from them, but the USA always ran the high end.  Now China wants to start making inroads into the high end market.  Don’t go for it.

    • WW

      Samsung used to be a third rate brand…now they’re considered top tier.  Companies can change their market image.  
      I’m not disputing any of your statements about Huawei (I don’t know and have always viewed them as low end), just that they could, in time become a reputable brand.  
      I’d love to buy from/support an american company but I can’t stand Apple’s hardware/software policies (iOS & Mac) and Motorola has no desirable phones available from TMo (maybe an unlocked Nexus later this year?).

      • WW

        Also can’t stand Apple prices.

      • Darnell

        I’m not on any “Buy American” rant.  Rather, you had better beware of China in particular when it comes to high end products and the company behind them.  I’ve got no problem with the Korean or Taiwan based companies.  I’m not even talking about stuff from a company not based in China but their products are “made in China”.

        Much rather, I’m talking about situations where the company behind the product is based in China.

        Please take a moment to view YouTube video “Js52FjOsgPA”.  Then you will better understand.

        • Guest

          What a prejudicial thing to say! Just because a company is based in China, that doesn’t mean it is incapable of producing good quality products. The country that a company is based in doesn’t matter, it’s the end product that they create that matters.

        • Darnell

          Not “prejudicial”, but rather a personal judgment based on very strong evidence that links Huawei with China’s very well known state sponsored espionage of US computer systems.

          Please take a moment to view YouTube video “Js52FjOsgPA”.

          It’s obvious the MyTouch line has taken a step back.  Anyone can compare the MyTouch 4G line to this latest offering and see the newer is the weaker of the two.  That’s not a prejudicial statement, it’s as obvious as the sky is blue.

        • jussayin

          Yeah, because the US would NEVER spy on China.
          Except that one time they shot our spy plane down and we had to ask for it back.

        • laphoneuser

          It’s not a prejudicial thing to say when there continue to be cyber attacks ORIGINATING FROM CHINA.
          Darnell never said that China isn’t capable of producing quality products.   He specifically called out Huawei as a company that may have benefitted from stealing trade secrets from American companies.  Therefore, he’s expressing his desire to not support that company.

          And Darnell, even if you were expressing your desire to “buy American”, I don’t know why you feel the need to defend it.

    • John

      They partnered with Huawei a long time ago.  The T-Mobile Comet and T-Mobile Tap are both Huawei phones…

      • And both were some of the worst phones that I’ve ever had the pleasure to troubleshoot for a customer. That being said, the Springboard tablet was a good piece of hardware, so maybe this one has a chance to follow suit.

  • fixxmyhead

    2yrs later and still GB 

  • ME


  • Bmg1001

    TMO is taking the MyTouch line to hell. I own both an HTC MyTouch 4G and a LG MyTouch. Both are good devices, the LG MyTouch and HTC MT4G have the same specs so I dont know why people are complaining about that but really TMO?

  • nerdlust

    These phones may be nice for a first time smart phone buyer. My first smart phone was blackberry pearl 8100 so theses would be a nice start for a newbie.

  • Guest

    Who would even buy these outdated plastic cheap looking devices. No ics no LTE

  • F-Mobile

    Omg T-Mobile has the most amazing line up in the world. I’m so glad I left this horrible company. And honestly with these new shared data plans coming out with AT&T and Verizon, price isn’t even a factor anymore because two line unlimited talk text and 4 gigs shared is 150$ were as T-Mobile is 140$ for the same thing. So for 10$ less it makes no sense to stay on a shoddy network with a horrible lineup of phones. And nobody start saying anything about the s3 or one s cause everyone has those. This is the T-Mobile exclusive. Crappy MetroPCS like phones. And there’s Lte instead of just HSPA+ and real nationwide service. I was tired of going to PA or upstate new York and losing service. Have a nice life tmobile I hope you guys going down the drain isn’t too painful.

  • chill out

    They are low end phones …. what is the fuss about. T-Mobile isn’t bragging about it. every company puts out low end phones..

    This is a T-Mobile website that talks about every thing T-Mobile related. I will sell these to first time smart phone buyers that will not spend a lot of money on a phone

    • F-Mobile

      Yea you sell those phones as tmobile also lowers your commission and constantly threatens your job because the entire company takes a loss of customers because all of tmobiles management team is amazing and caring of their employees. You love taking a 10% decrease in commission.

      • Nahoou

        You obviously don’t know to much about anything. We don’t get commission on the phone but the plan. Regardless, in order to please the masses, T-Mobile needs to release all types of phones (high and lo end). If you want high end then be pleased with the One S, S III, S II, Blaze, the upcoming One X+ and so on. Imagine a world with only high end phones, only people with decent jobs would have phones because you only want high end stuff. Think before you type.

        • F-Mobile

          When did I say you make money of the phones retard? Why don’t you go ahead and think before you type. I stated have fun with tmobile lowering your commission. I left this slave labor job once they dropped the mrc percentage from 50 to 40. I’m quite aware of how tmobile operates. And btw the blaze is

        • F-Mobile

          I’m not stupid to just blindly state things. I left this amazing company once they started cutting hours and dropped the mrc payout from 50 to 40%. I was a full time key holder with great numbers constantly in top 5 in my district. So I know what im talking about. Yes there is a market for low end devices. But tmobile killed a line of phones that was tmobile. The my touch 4g was the phone. Then they came out with lg my touches and started destroying the brand name. Phones like the blaze aren’t high tier btw. It’s a 100$ phone. Specs r great but price is low to mid tier.

  • h3ktyk

    Its sad how big of a step down this is from the my touch 4g slide. not a smart move tmo, no one wants shitty phones. should have mytouch line up to HTC. 

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    Is MyTouch switching company’s every release, its great for people who can’t afford the high end phones, I wish they would’ve put stone more money in these S Voice on my Galaxy S3 because it’s shitty….

  • Mjsell2

    The MyTouch phones were good whe HTC was still making them.  They at least came out with the current version of Android, not 2 generations behind.  

  • Jamal Adam

    These phones died the moment I saw that they had Gingerbread. Instead of a DOA I think these phones are DBA (Dead Before Arrival).

  • FmrTMO_Emp

    Not every customer is high end ready. Tmobile already made a point to convert, transition 2g/3G non smart phone users to low-to-mid range smart phones as first time owners of such devices. Yea all sales related trainings suggest “up selling” but if you “qualify” the customer based on what they have n what the need as far as simplicity n functinslity

  • WandererDuck

    Tmobile needs to do business with better companies.  AT&T just released two mid range android devices with dual core and 720p screens from both Sony and Motorola.  While Tmo releases crap from Huawei?  Tmo should work with other companies beyond HTC, Samsung, and Huawei (wtf?) in releasing budget, midrange and high end android phones.