Rumor: T-Mobile To Finally Launch ISIS Mobile Payment System Trial On August 20th?

It’s been some time since we’ve heard anything about ISIS, T-Mobile’s mobile payment system with AT&T and Verizon. That’s all about to change as we’re receiving word that a pilot program begins August 20th. As it stands now, ISIS supported devices are the HTC Amaze 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. No word on whether devices such as the HTC One S or Galaxy S III will be supported by the time of the trial, though we can’t envision any scenario that doesn’t see these devices as supported come a full launch.

Test markets are set for Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah. Unfortunately, we’re a little short on details on how widespread these tests will be and what locations and how many of them will accept ISIS mobile payments.

ISIS will use near-field communication (NFC) based technology to allow smartphone owners to use their handsets as a form of payment, thus replacing the need to carry around credit cards or even cash.

Are you ready for mobile payments? Does the idea of your smartphone replacing your wallet excite or frighten you?

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  • Hurricaneswain

    The HTC One S doesn’t have NFC…

    • Sean W

      Maybe T-Mobile will start using NFC equipped SIMs. That would be awesome!

  • scary!

    I don’t know the details on how secure this is but it sounds very scary.  First thought, what if I lose or misplace my phone? The crook going to be able to just wave my phone into a scanner on a shopping spree before I catch that my phone is gone, no ID needed, not even a signature? Second thought is, what about the crook with scanners that can read your signal coming off your phone just like a cc swiper?  They did a news story on this, had a cop in a mall randomly scan people purses and pockets as he went by and he got all kinds of credit card info. Scary!

    Hopefully there is some serious security also coming along with this otherwise, I say run…… runaway!!!!! lol

    • chaz edwards

      NFC doesn’t work with security lock on. It also doesn’t work when the screen is off. Just to let you know a developer made an app that can scan your credit/debit card and get all the information off your card. NFC is actually safer than debit/credit cards.

    • Sean W

      It’s not as bad as you think. Assuming ISIS works like Google Wallet, the wallet will be protected by a pin number. If  your phone gets stolen, the thief can’t use it as a payment method unless you have an obvious pin. You also have the option of wiping your phone remotely with apps like Lookout.

      Additionally, Google Wallet only accesses card data from the Secure Element (SE) chip once the wallet has been unlocked by the pin. So someone can’t steal the card whenever it’s convent for them, like with some older RFID based cards. NFC also requires that communicating devices use a two-way handshake within inches of each other. It’s a lot harder to exploit than traditional credit cards.

      In theory mobile payments are much safer (if done right), so it should reduce fraud rates and risk for everyone involved.

    • Note Lover


    • Dumbazz

      You shouldn’t leave your house ever again.

  • Brian Richards

    It excites me BUT I am also cautious to see exactly what security procedure will be involved and whether contesting fraudulent charges are as easy as normal credit cards. 

  • Chad D

    Wow, so much misinformation.  You need to unlock the app before you make any payments.  And its called “Near” for a reason, it only works when you tap the POS with the phone.  Plus all it does is store your CC information, why would it be any different than a normal credit card?  Maybe people should read up on a subject before they scare the public.

    • JonShipman

      Yeah, it works without a data connection too. Don’t know why the carriers want in on the game. It should be no different that taking my existing card, typing it into my phone, and then the phone’s NFC relaying that information.

      This whole ISIS thing reeks. It would be like if Comcast decided to open their own paypal alternative and blocked

    • scary!

      If you have to enter a pin or unlock your phone or open up and be in a app first etc… Why not just use a damned credit card? lol. Am I missing something?  If credit cards were never invented and we went straight from a check book to this then this would make more sense to me.

      To me it seems like we choose fast and convenient and lower security vs. slower, slightly less convenient but much safer.  As I said before, I would like to see a good compromise and some assurances of my security in using this method otherwise, now way….

  • D Velasquez

    i’ve been using mobile payments every time i go to Japan, nothing new there except the fact we are way behind on everything when it comes to mobile technology. any Docomo, SoftBank phone with the  Osaifu Keitai option can do that and more like tap the phone on the card reader to enter on the train station.

  • Rudy Belova

    We could have had this last year if t-mobile allowed google wallet on the htc amaze. 

    • fixxmyhead

      or my s2. damn tmobile

    • Omar

      The apk for Google wallet is over at xda developers.

      • Rudy Belova

        I have the apk, Keep getting errors with it. Has someone got it working?

  • MarcusDW

    This is taking ridiculously long to become available.  Its been so long I completely forgot about it even becoming an option.

    • I worry about my phone more than my house keys. All we need now is have all are id cards in digital form as well.

      • JonShipman

        Yeah, honestly there’s no reason to have ID cards. If you memorize your DL number, just tell it to a cop if he pulls you over. They all can pull up drivers licenses on their computers anyway.

        Only problem I see is enforcing the drinking age, but I think those are too strict anyway. Maybe give bar owners access to the same DB? Or maybe bars have it be a one time lookup, where you bring your card in, they verify, then that gets saved to their own DB where you just use NFC to verify your age.

        • Hot Dog

           And when the cop finds you passed out somewhere without ID, how are you supposed to tell them your DL then?

        • D Velasquez

          the computer pulls out the information with a picture, obviously if you are lying you will get arrested right away.

        • scary!

          I send my 13 year old daughter in all the time to pay for a pizza or gas at the gas station with my credit card with my name on it (a mans name) not once has anyone said anything to her or asked for ID.

        • Aaron vita

          Lmao Good one I was thinking the same thing.

        • Dumbazz

          Will never happen! You don’t just give a cop your DL number. You are required to have it on you.
          Stop posting please.

  • NFC even if on your device can’t be scanned if your device screen is off or has a security lock. NFC is actually safer than most cards.

  • fixxmyhead

    finally ill be able to use it on my s2

  • Omar

    If ISIS will have in fact use NFC, the HTC one S wouldn’t make the list of supported handsets.

  • unfaix

    Too bad, Bestbuy stopped (or never did) mobile payment, same thing with Walgreens, Wendys.

    Unless they’ve stop accepting google wallet, to change their system to accept ISIS. 

    • 21stNow

       Did Best Buy stop recently?  I was in there less than two months ago, and they were still taking MasterCard PayPass.  I assumed that they were still taking Google Wallet (I didn’t buy anything that day) as they usually go hand-in-hand.

      • unfaix

        I am not sure about the MasterCard paypass, but when I try to pay with my nexus, their POS said something along the line of “your card are no longer accepted.”

        I must not that it worked before may of this year.

        I thought it could be my phones customs ROM, so I tired back when I had the stock jelly beans. No go, just looking like an idiot asking”did it go thru?’

        It always worked at CVS, and 7-11.

        • WW

          I tried at Best Buy about a month to a month and a half ago when I first got my GNex (stock ROM) and I don’t think it said “your card no longer accepted” but it did say something telling me it wasn’t accepted.  Haven’t tried it since.

  • 21stNow

    I’m not sure if I’m excited or not.  I’m a Google Wallet user.  While I want to see mobile payments catch on, I don’t want something that could cause Google Wallet to be less accepted than it currently is, or slow down its growth.  Wait, this is Google that I’m talking about-never mind!

    Seriously though, I don’t have a stake in this as I am using a Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile, not a T-Mobile branded phone, so I don’t guess that ISIS trials would affect me anyway.

    • FILA

      Same here buddy, Nexus on T-Mobile, using Google Wallet, using money on my Google Prepaid card. Nice for spare spending, food and whatnot at gas stations and McDonald’s!!

      • Sanman202

        Got the Gnex also used Google Wallet onTmo but there aren’t enough merchants onboard for Google Wallet. Also, the credit card accounts that you can add are limited. Hope to see more merchants accept this type of payment and also the option to add more card types. 

        • jelliottz

          I simply do the prepaid card. I put my weekly work lunch budget on it. The grocery store by my office accepts it along with the gas station down the road. Its quite convenient to help budget my spending.

  • T-Mobile doesn’t provide free services like Google does.  So what’s my incentive to make them more money by using ISIS?  If there is a good answer I’d consider it.  Like rebates on my phone bill or something but it would need to be substantial.  Otherwise, I’d rather endorse the one that gives me something back.

    • WW

      What does Google Wallet give us back?

  • I’ve been using Google Wallet since a few days on my T-mobile Galaxy S III (Rooted obviously) love it so far, I would love the ability to have major banks start using it (Chase, Wells Fargo etc) It would be great to see NFC be accepted as more than just a Payment service though. Holiday Inn in the UK is going to use it as Room keys for the Olympics… amazing stuff.

  • LTEstyles

    cool, cant wait.

  • J.

    Yeah the One S hasn’t the NFC built in so really don’t see that happening there bud

  • Mike Shaw

    Wahooo Glad Austin is a test market!

  • FILA

    HTC One S will never be able to do electronic payments, no NFC chip.

    I been using Google Wallet prepaid card on my nexus, love it, oh the curious faces and comments i get

    • Joseph Tongret

      The One S doesn’t have NFC? I’m not arguing it, because I don’t own one, but I find that odd.

      • jelliottz

        I was surprised when it launched to see it was omitted. But yes, the One S doesn’t have NFC. Sad…

        • Joseph Tongret

          Well, nonetheless its a phenomenal device that fills a void alot of flagship devices don’t. It’s smaller then most of this generations flagships that some may find too large, yet it’s right there neck and neck with them on performance. In my opinion, an hd screen would’ve made ppl look at it in a whole different light. I’m not sure what device I’m gonna buy next, I just bought a gs3, but I’m a phone junkie. I’m really considering the One S & it would probably be perfect for my wife? I’ve been looking into the development on XDA for it, and it’s looking pretty good. I think a lot of ppl underestimate it, and assume it a mid range phone, but is it really? If so, it’s the best mid range phone i’ve every seen!

        • jelliottz

          I wouldn’t consider it a mid-range phone. I don’t think its what many call a “superphone,” but it definitely falls into the high-end range of devices. Great processor, great build, (while not HD) high quality screen, and did I mention great performance???

      • Does it necessarily need to have NFC onboard when ISIS will already require SIM cards with NFC radios built in anyway?

  • Meh. Been using, er, trying to use Google Wallet for a while now and the whole system is reluctant to work about half the time I’d say. Some terminals work, some don’t and some will work one day but not the other. Which means I usually have to whip my card out and swipe…. which would have been faster in the first place since there’s usually a $25-50 limit before you have to sign anyway.

  • Going_home

    They made me sign up for Gwallet to buy the N7 but who needs any of these ?
    Whats wrong with Paypal ?


  • Tito

    I live in Salt Lake City, so I want to be one of the first to use this product.

  • Love Google Wallet, probably will never use Isis. Oh well.

  • I hope the carriers don’t block Google Wallet. I’d rather use Google for this service (as I use it for most of my other services as well) than ISIS. 

    • John

      Umm you hope they dont….THEY already did…and are.

  • MHPhan

    It was nice to use Google Wallet on my tmo GS3 but all my credit cards have rewards, I wouldn’t load my money to Google Wallet to only earn 1%. I’ll wait until they let me add any credit cards to the app.