TmoNews Takes A Look At The Galaxy Note

Writing about the Galaxy Note is a tricky ordeal. It’s not so much the device itself, given that the Note has been around for a while. It feels like we already had an idea what to expect, especially those of you who have long been tracking a T-Mobile launch, you likely already know everything to know about the 5.3″ Samsung phone/tablet/phablet. Identical to its AT&T counterpart, the largest difference (outside of the crazy bloatware) is the addition of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps radio.

I’ve had the Galaxy Note for around 5 days and because I spent the greater part of my weekend watching two very close friends get married, my time with the device hasn’t been as detailed I would like. Therefore, this won’t be a full review and, in most cases, I’m ok with that. Writing a complete, detailed review having spent just 5 days with a device is something I’m not a fan of doing. Sure, I made some judgments in the first few minutes, as I expect you will, but a complete review takes time. Also, I’d like to add a video review for the Galaxy Note. In fact, that’s something I’m going to try and start doing regularly with devices moving forward.

So how about the obvious question I’ll get out-of-the-way as we ask if the Note is too big? So, is it? Yes and no. As devices get larger and larger, it’s beginning to feel like we’re going to see more devices approach the Note size and not the opposite, especially considering both HTC and LG have Note “competitors” on the horizon. I have spent a lot of time lately with the Samsung Galaxy S III and, while my initial complaints about size have been somewhat turned around, the Note actually had me appreciating the size of the GSIII.

However, using the Note was quite pleasant and the greatest complaint I have about the device size isn’t about holding it in your hand or looking foolish while talking on it. It’s that my pockets simply don’t work well with it. It’s a silly problem to have, but a problem I have to consider either way. With jeans, the Note is easy since back pockets on a pair of pants are almost always large enough to hold the Note and something else. Try the note in a front pocket and it’s a hit or miss scenario. So, again when I say the size is a “bad thing”, I’m not necessarily referring to the actual size itself, only the transportation of such a device in a method that’s similar to how I carry my everyday device.

For the past 10 days, I’ve used the Meizu MX, a Chinese import from Meizu that is a pentaband device with an HSPA+ 21Mbps radio. This is a 4″ device that has the same quad-core Exynos processor as the international Galaxy S III. I was really looking forward to trying it and, except for the occasional freeze up, I have done so. I bring this up because of the heavy transition from a 4″ device to a 5.3″ screen. That made for a far more interesting experience than the move from a Galaxy S III. I say all of this because a lot of how you will view the Note depends on the phone you are coming from now. If you are already transitioning from a device 4.3, 4.5 or larger, the move to the Note will be a lot easier than coming from something like an iPhone. The end of the size debate is really that you need to try the Note in-store to see if it’s the right fit for you. It certainly has a lot to offer as a device and it’s only a matter of whether or not the size works for your needs.

With all that out of the way, I’m still moving away from our general review blueprint since, as I said earlier, a complete review will arrive later this week. So let’s take a brief look at the hardware, the Galaxy Note is a 5.3″ HD Super AMOLED touch screen, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, HSPA+ 42Mbps connectivity, 8 megapixel rear camera, 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor, 16GB of internal memory expandable to 32GB via a micro-SD card, 2500mAh battery, and quad-band 4G UMTS/HSPA+ so it’s ready for T-Mobile’s refarmed 1900MHz network.

The outside of the device is pretty par for the course as far as Galaxy S devices go on the market. In fact it reminds me of T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II. The bottom of the device houses the microUSB charger port as well as the S-Pen. On the right side of the device sits the power button with the 3.5mm headphone jack resting on top. On the left side of the device sits the volume rocker making this a pretty standard Samsung Galaxy S device as far as button placement goes.

The most unique aspect of the Galaxy Note is, of course, the S-Pen. It’s the notable part of the device and it plays a big role in how you might use your phablet. The S-Pen “allows customers to write notes and annotate documents; share ideas and edited content; and create documents, presentations and spreadsheets.” All in all, the S-Pen works well, but you have to want to use it. As a smartphone society, we’ve all but moved away from the Stylus and now Samsung is looking for it to make a roaring comeback and, while it works with the Galaxy Note, I found myself using it only when I remembered to do so. I completed the tasks on the Note without it. For content creation such as drawing a picture, the S-Pen is fabulous —- as for how it will integrate into your workflow, that remains to be seen.

The Note has the standard Samsung Galaxy four capacitive keys with Menu, Home, Back and Search right at the bottom of the device.

The real disappointment of the Galaxy Note is the Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor which isn’t pokey but doesn’t feel like it’s S4 screaming. It’s disappointing, though understandable that T-Mobile took the Galaxy Note hardware as-is. The real question is how many customers will be turned off by the presence of an S3 processor. The Note scored a 2960 on the Quadrant benchmark test, well below the 4500+ I see on the Galaxy S III. That’s not to say you can’t work your way through daily tasks on the Note. You absolutely can and will do so with minimal frustration. It’s just difficult reviewing a device that certainly qualifies as running “older” hardware when I’ve been spoiled lately with the latest and arguably best Android device on the market.

In the 5 days I’ve been using the Note, I experienced zero freezes, lag, hiccups or anything that had me stop and wonder why the device was acting sluggish. If you’re upgrading from a Galaxy S II, you’ll feel right at home here with speed in terms of opening and loading apps.

When it comes to software, this is where the Galaxy Note really needs to stand apart.

T-Mobile is planning on using the Note as a tool for B2B customers, with the help of a some additional software features. The company is including the S-Pen, S Memo and Polaris Office for content creation, document editing and writing notes along with T-Mobile’s 4G Pro Pack. For work on the go, T-Mobile’s 4G Pro Pack includes apps like Dropbox, Evernote, Square, TripIt, CamScanner and LinkedIn. Sure, these are apps that are easily downloaded from the Google Play store, but T-Mobile wants this phablet ready for Enterprise customers right out of the box.

Regarding software, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that, in addition to Enterprise-ready software included specifically with the Galaxy Note, the devices include a bevy of extra software we just love to point out as bloatware. T-Mobile included a host of its own software including 411&More, Bobsled Messaging, T-Mobile Mall, T-Mobile My Account, T-Mobile Name ID, T-Mobile TV, and Visual Voicemail. For their part, Samsung included a number of its own extras including Samsung Apps and Social Hub. There are some specific pieces of software included, most of which we’ve already mentioned or that are specifically developed to work with the Note and other Stylus devices including Crayon Physics, S Note, and S Memo. Of course, if you’re purchasing the Galaxy Note, odds are you’re going to venture into one or both of those apps at some point within the first day or two of owning the device just to see what the Stylus is made of.

Anyone familiar with TouchWiz will feel right at home with the Galaxy Note as this device just screams TouchWiz with the widgets, preloaded apps, and more. That’s not to say that’s a bad thing but it’s just worth pointing out that if you are already familiar with TouchWiz, there will be almost zero learning curve upon picking up the Galaxy Note.

Moving on to other, more pertinent areas of the Galaxy Note, I come to internet speeds, a place where the Galaxy Note performs admirably. However, I did notice that the Note didn’t quite achieve the same speeds as my Galaxy S III in the same areas — in fact I never eclipsed 20Mbps in areas where the GSIII would hit 25+ on occasion. Still, the Note was regularly in the 14-18Mbps range, all perfectly fast speeds and more than enough to fulfill my e-mail attachment downloading and web-surfing needs.

As I’ve come to expect from Samsung smartphones, the Note sounded loud and clear on phone calls and I had no complaints from anyone on the other end. In fact, there’s a pretty great phone tucked inside the Galaxy Note, making it easier to recommend as a daily driver.

When it comes to battery life, so far the Galaxy Note has performed well thanks to a 2500mAh battery. Keeping in mind that like all early reviews, I’ve found myself playing with more of the phone’s features than I would a few weeks from now yet I’ve had no problems getting through the day.

With a “full” review coming, I’ll try and highlight more Galaxy Note-specific features in the coming days. For now, I’d say the Galaxy Note is an easy buy if you like the idea of a 5.3″ screen, Stylus or a phone that doubles as a tablet and a tablet that doubles as a phone. The Note will be available on August 8th at select T-Mobile retail stores and through T-Mobile’s website. With a Classic voice and data plan, the Galaxy Note will cost $249.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a two-year agreement. Value plan customers with a voice and data plan can expect to pay a $199.99 out-of-pocket down payment and 20 equal monthly payments of $20 per month with T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan.


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  • Drew Vallejo

    I think the wait would have been worth it if the S4 chip would have made an appearance. For me, that’s what sealed my decision to purchase my Nexus 7. 

  • Guestwho

    perfect pricing T-Mobile

  • 21stNow

    Color me surprised that they made it only $600.  That’s cheaper than the GSIII was at launch.

  • So I assume T-Mobile only has one version of color for the Note. No white version.

  • GeekNerdStuff

     Wow. I was really excited about getting this but now I’m not so sure.

  • Joseph Tongret

    David you did an excellent job of writing this article considering there have been so much previous coverage on this device I’m sure it was somewhat difficult to decide on what approach to take. I think the price point is a bit steep considering the devices aged hardware, but I won’t complain as I’ve come to understand that subsidized prices with Tmo are typically higher, & it is a trade off that’s to be expected with the monthly savings. I will say this though, I’ve been considering a fifth line lately & if that comes to be I’m finding difficult not to purchase the Note. I’ve said several times that I just can’t purchase it with its predecessor just around the corner & that I’ll be buying the international Note 2 upon release. However, your first impressions has once again stirred my interest in the Bohemeth! If it can be had for 250, it could serve my needs on the occasions that I feel the urge to carry something so large, and at a much lower price then the note 2.I realize that I’ll be sacrificing somewhat in the hardware department, but I don’t envision the Note being my everyday device, but a device I use when circumstances call for it. If I decide to add this fifth line I will be picking up the Note or the One S, but I feel that the the Note will fill an area of usefulness that I would appreciate. I’m such a mobile tech junkie, I bet this costs more then some drug habits!

  • Ahkeen

    tmobile is a little too late in the game of releasing the note…already have my s3 and c-pen

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Thanks for the excellent review. 

    I’m more disappointed in the gigantic load of bloatware on the phone. When I got my first Android device, the original MyTouch, it came with a link that went to the Android Marketplace that had a section just for T-Mobile of apps “recommended” by TMo. You could install them or not. 

    This forcing of basic apps is so pointless. When it was started in the late 90s on PCs, it was done to lower the price of computers. The various software companies paid the computer makers to have their program preinstalled. Some companies took it too far, Compaq frequently sold PCs that wouldn’t even run due to the bloatware. Of course, you could always uninstall anything on a PC. 

    Yeah, there was some I expected, the S-Pen apps, of course, the normal T-Mo stuff, but so much is either useless, or I use a different version. MusicPlayer, Music Hub and Play Music. Do you need 3 different mp3 players on your phone? 

    Hardware wise, I’m fine with it. It’s still an upgrade over my G2. 

    I just want to kill all the crapware. 

    • Birdsfan

      Root it and freeze/uninstall the BS with Titanium Back up.  I have a AT&T work Galaxy Note and I rooted it the first week, was really simple just follow XDA.  Go a step further and run Cyanogen Mod 9….LOVE IT!! 

      • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

        I shouldn’t have to root it to remove worthless garbage. 

        I also want to keep wifi calling ability which can’t be done with 3rd party roms

  • Team USA

    The S3 chip is garbage. Period. If it is not good enough for my HTC Sensation, which has a way smaller display, is running an AOKP ICS ROM, and is OC’d to 1.5 GHz, then it is not good enough for any device, especially one like the Note which has a huge display. 

    Count this one for the upgrade addicts rather than the careful tech fan who knows what he’s doing.

    • Malc

       Garbage?  Don’t be ridiculous.  Also, screen size is utterly irrelevant. Screen resolution, on the other hand, is not.

      Obviously, some people have use cases where CPU performance is the dominant factor, although frankly I think they are a tiny minority and a phone company catering to them would be daft.  But for others, well, “good enough” is the watchword, and other factors (such as the size of the display) become more important.

      Is it worth waiting for an alleged successor? I doubt it, because (a) T-Mobile isn’t going to grab a replacement/competitor for the current Note until they’ve recouped some of the (significant) money that it takes to launch a phone, and (b) loath it or hate it, exclusivity deals are a fact or life and AT&T/Verizon/Sprint may well be the “exclusive” carrier of the next one until after it, too, has ceased to be cutting edge.

      [ Yeah, you can go around them and get international phones. And usually lose some network performance in the deal. I’ll take network performance over “count to 10” performance, any day]

      • Well, maybe tmo will have the note2 on time and price them differently, just like the s2 and now the s3

        • BoricuaBoy88

          Not likely, since they waited this long to release the first gen Note, and delayed  the release until now to space out the window between it and the GSIII’s launches.

  • Marc Klein

    While I like the Note, I just can’t fathom the idea of it as a phone. I actually did try using it as a phone and it feels like one of the old cell phones whee it takes up half your face. Don’t get me wrong: I love the note with the screen size and the display but talking on it feels silly and weird. 

    As for the size, might be a tad big and it won’t even fit in my pockets which would be a deal breaker for some (Me to)… 

    Also, T Mobile wonders why they are in 4th place: Simple really…Why release a year old device when the updated version is just around the corner? This, in my opinion isn’t even a sound business decision.

    I upgraded to the S III and lovin it… I did consider the Note as my backup if I wasn’t able to get the S III  though.

    One thing I do wish Samsung would bring over to the S III is the weather widget. The Note’s is better then the S 3’s oddly enough.

    • 21stNow

       The Note screams for a BT headset as a companion.

      • Marc Klein

        If that’s the case, I sell them… It’s what I do for a living.. For now

    • Malc

       Maybe the Note 2 is “just around the corner”.  More likely, the _announcement_ of the Note 2 is, with shipments substantially later i.e. about a (real) year after the Note’s release date.

      But here’s the thing: suppose Samsung does announce the Note 2 on, say, Aug 15th.  Now you ask why T-Mobile would release the Note on Aug 7th… and the answer becomes blindingly obvious: someone already has the exclusive on the Note 2.  Remember, the carriers have known what’s really happening with Samsung’s product plans for months…

    • BoricuaBoy88

      2 words: ”Bluetooth”, and ”Headset”. It’s not for everyone, but at least there’s workarounds available.

  • TmoStan

    I had a Dell Streak 5. It was a great phone (I might be the only person alive that will say that) one of the things that I really liked about it was that the home screen(s) would go from portrait to landscape. Does the Note do that? If not maybe I will stick with my S3

    • 21stNow

       The home screens don’t rotate on the stock ROM.

    • Kenny O

      All you have to do is find an aftermarket launcher, most have that feature……or you can root and actually get a tablet ui

  • Thecityboy781

    Note thanks ill pass gonna wait for Note2

  • Mr L

    reps, do you guys know if I can buy this device on just a MBB plan with a discount on the Note instead as a phone line with data? wouldn’t really use it to make calls.

    • Guest

      No you can’t get the note with mbb plan.

  • rschauby

    $300 LOL

  • Bgghhcfh Gff

    No you can’t. You have to get a phone plan.

  • Kahlayoh

    C’mon tmo…$229 after MIRB, really??? Kinda steep for a phone that’s been out with AT&T for a while now don’t ya think? GS3 is cheaper and it’s got better stuff under the hood! I’ll just wait for the Note2 and enjoy my GS2 for now. 

    • Kahlayoh

      I meant $249

    • BoricuaBoy88

      $200 down on Value. Most T-Mo reps push the Value plans over the Classic or Prepaid offerings, so to many people, the price won’t be as daunting.

  • pc jona

    cannot buy this with the new note coming out in a few months. this is almost a year old. bad tmo, bad. 

    • BoricuaBoy88

      Reserve your judgment for the facts to be revealed. I’m of the pessimistic opinion that AT&T will once again win exclusivity with Samsung to carry the Note 2, and we wouldn’t see it here in the states until early next year.

  • Carloslacend

    These people are crazy. Everyone is crazy. $ 300 lol. These people want to make a fortune with an old phone. Not only the processor s3 is disappointing. Now the price seems a mockery and disrespect. For more fanatical than I am of the note never buy at that price. The gs3 is better and is cheaper. Practically we are charging $ 50 for using the s-pen. Too bad tmobile. The person who analyzes and recommended that price should throw it away. It is an inept

    • Kenny O

      It is somewhat disrespectful, especially since the vast majority of consumers will have no idea that the Note 2 is coming out so soon. They will just see this as a “new” phone and then be miffed when they start seeing commercials for the Note 2.

      • Dumbazz

        Why the phuck do some of you tardsticks keep posting this WITHOUT ANY BASIS IN REALITY! 

      • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

        Seeing as how the Note 2 hasn’t been announced by anyone anywhere, you don’t know it’s coming either. 

        • Kenny O

          You’re absolutely right, nothing has been announced official …but there is strong speculation, enough speculation that if I was in the market for the Note I would wait. The rumor mill could be completely wrong, but I would be very surprised if a new Note is not announced before year’s end. 

          Regardless, this does not change the fact that they are selling slightly dated hardware at a premium price. 

    • Solooooooo

      i own a gS3 and was just given a new unlocked ATT note for free from work. using the note for the 3rd day, they feel identical interns of speed (internet,scrolling,widgets, several apps open and so forth. the note has a dual core processor more powerful then most desk top computers several years ago, so to say its disappointment or mockery at this price is just wrong. the only thing i now notice is how small the gS3 screen is compared to it. you shouldn’t judge until using it yourself. both are amazing phones but the screen size and ability to edit documents with the pen leaves me little choice but to keep the sim card inside the note during the day. I have both and had no bias or pre conceived notions toward either.

    • BoricuaBoy88

      I see you conveniently left out the part of the article that said this: ”
      Value plan customers with a voice and data plan can expect to pay a $199.99 out-of-pocket down payment and 20 equal monthly payments of $20 per month with T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan.” Either that, or you didn’t bother to read the article in it’s entirety and just proceeded to rant and criticize on the comments section like a typical troll. I agree with you about the Classic plan pricing, I would never pay $300 for the Note at this point, in fact, I was worried that they would price it for that much across the board, and ruin my plans in the process, but luckily for me, I’m on a value plan, and the cheaper price with installments works perfectly for me.

      • Carloslacend

        Well Boricua boy tell me what the plan value for better understanding. Based on your name I can see you’re Puerto Rican. So I’d appreciate it explain it to me in Spanish to better understand. I’m from PR too.

  • Tortionist

    SGS III has the S4 processor. I love how my SGS III has Android 4.1.1 running on it. It is truly a remarkable device. That said, i’d wait for the Note II. I personally am waiting for Google Goggles to be released, before I get another phone. It’s going to be hard for anyone to surpass the SGS III for a while.

    • 21stNow

      What do you mean by waiting for Google Goggles to be released?  Is there an update coming or something?  I’ve been using Goggles for a while now.

    • Kenny O

      Do you mean Project Glass? Hope your patient, cause there is gonna be a long wait for that. And if you really meant Google Goggles…..guess what your wait is over.

      • Tortionist

        I meant project glass. For a while they called it Google goggles. I expect that at least the first version will be out by January 2014. That’s when i’ll get my next phone. The GS III should be able to make it until then.

        • Therealmikebrown

           It was called Goggle Glasses.

  • kod

    Still I will not put over my s3

  • Guest

    I rather pay that $250 for the At&t one & get LTE & not just HSPA+ 

  • Dj64

    Just when tmobile takes a step forward, they take 2 back. Anybody who buys this phone is plain stupid. Just sayin….

    • Dumbazz

      So 2 steps back over because they got a hot selling, popular phone?
      Somehow I doubt you have much of an education. 

      • Dj64

        It came out a year ago. My gs2 smokes it in quadrant and any other benchmark. IT’S OLD. I have more education than you cause I can obviously read and you can’t. Conversation over…

        • GS2 International or T-Mobile variant with the same processor. 

        • Dj64

          Tmobile variant. 3600 on quadrant. Stock ics. Just ran it again. 3750 this time

        • Soo same hardware yet you state superior performance on a test that results.vary heck I’ve seen scores from.1700-3900 on my gs2. The educated are not buying this device for current processor but rather.screen size and.for me.input method I much rather write my.words out. I have a laptop and tablet if.this cant day.

        • randomnerd_number38

           Good for you, buddy. Does the GS2 have a 5.3 inch screen too? How about a stylus and and easy place to stash it? I mean, sheesh, don’t be such a spec whore. The Note still performs well, and has a couple of unique traits. This phone is the perfect illustration of the beauty of Android: choice. You choose what you want, let others choose what they want. No need for name-calling.

        • Dj64

          Not a spec whore was just pointing it out. No pen needed. It called a touchscreen. If you want a pen get a gs3 which isn’t outdated. I like the note believe it or not but not at that price.

        • BoricuaBoy88

          My reason for not getting a GSIII? The screen size and S-Pen. The C-Pen does not use Wacom technology, and as such is inferior to the Note’s S-Pen, so that argument goes out the window. The Screen size is self-explanatory, and I can wait another year for a Note 2 which will most likely combine the best of both the Note and GSIII’s proverbial worlds. I don’t know about you, but I don’t act based off of rumors or trendy fads.

        • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

          Didn’t stop people from buying the iPhone when it was launched on Verizon even though the next iPhone was around the corner. 

        • Dj64

          Iphone compared to android is apples and oranges… Literally. With android you have to worry about fragmentation of os versions not just hardware

        • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

          fanboy troll. 

        • Dj64

          Nice try but no. I’ve had every os and brand.

        • BoricuaBoy88

          While I agree with that, I go back to my last point that the Note and GSII are still identical, both in hardware, and OS firmware.

        • Dj64

          It does so I think the score in the article may be on the lower end.

        • BoricuaBoy88

          2 points: First, isn’t the Galaxy SII older than the Note? And second, don’t they both have the exact same hardware specs? So how can the GSII smoke the Note in quadrant? Unless you did something to the GSII you’re not telling us, I have a hard time taking you seriously.

        • Dj64

          About the same age. I don’t have a note so I can’t test it. I was going by the article

        • MatthewMurawski

          They both have the snapdragon S3, but different variations of it. The note has the msm8660 I think and the s2 for tmobile has the apq- something. But in all reality, the note is a bigger s2 with a stylus. They’re basically the same thing and the preference of screen size is down to the consumer.

    • PCJ

      I’d rather much have the Note over my G2x. I guess im stupid.

      • Tortionist

        That’s not stupid. With all of the problems that the G2X has been plagued with, i’d take most smart phones over the G2X.

    • Tortionist

      You don’t know everyone’s situation, so to make generalized and an Asinine comment like that is just plain stupid. 

    • randomnerd_number38

       Well, I wouldn’t say stupid, per se. There could be people out there that just want a huge screen and a stylus. That’s the beauty of Android, choice. Kind of ignorant to call people stupid based on what they want in a phone …

    • BoricuaBoy88

      You’ve officially been labeled an idiot by everyone else on this site. If it offends you, maybe you should start to consider other people’s perspectives before making ignorant, arrogant, douchey remarks about what you consider appropriate for others. Even though I do consider myself a hardcore tech nerd, I’m not one of those people who obsess over the latest and greatest technology every month and pay an arm and a leg just to brag about having the latest device first. I simply cannot afford it. I’ve been waiting super-patiently for the Galaxy Note to be released on T-Mobile since it was first rumored back in April. Even before that, I loved the Note so much that I was considering leaving T-Mo for AT&T just to be able to get it. 2 reasons as to why I didn’t: First, It would make me a hypocrite for being against the AT&T/T-Mo merger only months earlier, then all of a sudden defect to AT&T just for a specific device. Second, It would be a bad financial decision, since I would be paying significantly more for a plan, and more up front for the phone. At least now with T-Mo, the phone’s cheaper, and I can pay it off over time with the Value EIP. Add to that the fact that I now work for T-Mobile, and you can see why switching would’ve been a bad idea.

      • Dj64

        That’s good to know people like you work for tmobile. And speak for yourself. Save your money for a year old phone. That’s your prerogative. I have nothing against you or anybody else but I get attacked for making a one stupid remark… Keep it classy

        • BoricuaBoy88

          Lol, you said it. Stupid. But yeah, I’m very educated as it pertains to the GSIII, as I use the demo units every time I’m at work. I love it, personally, but still love the concept of the Note more, and am happy to wait a year for a US Note 2 which to me, at least, will be the perfect device.

        • Dj64

          Yea. I agree with you on the note 2. I haven’t handled a gs3 yet tho. People make mistakes I’m no different. You live and you learn I guess…

      • peter rardin

        I bought the ATT version and Rom’d it for T-mobile it is a very nice device even now and I’m eagerly waiting to hear about the Note 2, However this is still a Top notch device and paying the full 600$ I believe was a worthwhile investment and there isn’t much I have paid for with that kind of money and can still say over 6 months later it was worth it.

      • Tbyrne

        Double True that!!!

      • Dj64

        Im proved right and you sir are dumb.

    • Homeslice

      Yo DJ, ignore these fools. You be right playa.

      • Dj64

        Thanks home slice. I wasn’t the only one that pointed out specs, prices, age or price…

    • Jack

      Yeah would be pretty dum to get when s3 is out s3 processor is pretty lame compared to s4 I agree with dj

    • MatthewMurawski

      Stupid? Hey I thought there were hundreds of phones out for a reason. Choice! If someone wants a nice big screen with a fast network, why not? If you like the phone for what it is, get it! You’re the one who’s plain stupid.

      • Tbyrne

        True that!!!!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I am loving many Samsung Galaxy S3. While Iam still moving things over from my amaze Iam loving it. I still can’t believe the fact that I was able to get the 32 gb model for under $200 from t-mobile. Can’t beat that.

    • bleeew

      how did u get it for 200 bucks?

  • Martymar

    Wow, you people complain too much! what do you people expect T-Mobile to do about a phone that had a exclusive deal with AT&T?

    • Zabaniya

      the deal wasn’t exclusive for this long. plus t-mobile could’ve made efforts to grab the deal first. they delayed it so much that the international version of the note 2 is out in 2 months. 

      • Taron19119

        At&t had a 6 mouth exclusive on the note and sprint announce the note but never released it and sprints g note was on Samsung website to at least t-mobile is putting it out

      • Dumbazz

        It’s out in 2 months?

  • GwapoAko

    Please Note that the Galaxy Note was EXCLUSIVE WITH AT&T… for months..SO if you do not like it.. do not buy it!! VERIZON and SPRINT do not have it RIGHT???

    When the iPHone was released by Verizon and Sprint did any body say that ooohh my they are too late!!!! Hellooo!!! Grow up people!!!! That’s why we have choices!!!

    • bleeew

      no, because sprint announced it when the new one came out. 

  • Dumbazz

    Some of you craybabies need to a get life. 

    • Dj64

      And you need to learn how to spell, you little troll

  • So we don’t get the infamous S4 who cares I just want the S Pen and screen size. Texting Phone calls emails browsing apps work fast on my G2 so I don’t think it will be any different. The note 2 is going to basically be a GS3 with a .2 size difference with similar hardware look of the GS3. Personally until Exynos works with the USA markets will I care. The Epic Touch had the processor and it was wonderful in comparisson to the s3 snapdragon. So basically if/when a us carrier gets the Note 2 its going to be an S4 Processor and slightly larger screen big deal. If its that big of an improvement ill do what I always do sell my current device an pay the difference I pay full retail to hell with contracts rebates etc all a waste of time. If the Note 2 makes me want one soooooo bad then that is what Ill do until then I cant wait to get this next week

  • randomnerd_number38

    Yeah that’s cool and all, but I’m really hoping for some news on the Blaze Q in the next week. It’s supposed to be out Aug 15th, right? So we’re in prime territory for a hands-on video or something. Can some T-Mo Ninja out there hook David up, please? I REALLY am anxious to see if this is THE next qwerty device on T-Mobile. Pretty please? <3

  • Other sites are saying it’s only $199, so I’m thinking it’s gonna be $249 before the rebate. Who knows.

  • I’m confused on something….. What is B2B…. does that mean only business customers can get this phone when it comes out?

    • Heisenberg

      Business 2 Business… this phone is targeting that crowd, the business professional.  It will be very similar to the Bold 9900/Torch 9810, where not all stores will always have them, and when they do, in much smaller quantities than most phones.  Stores with high small business sales will have more.

      •  Does this mean if you are not a business customer and you have the Classic Unlimited Talk + Text 59.99 plan that you can’t get this phone?

        • Rockdynamite

          No, it will be available for all customers. T-Mo is attempting to bolster their business clientele and this is a great weapon to do it. I know business customers who are still rocking 8320s!

        • Thanks, I was worried for a minute :)

  • Armaniboi1983

    I heard that’s no white for galaxy note in t mobile… that’s my favorite color…

    • White isnt a color. Neither is black

      • Boricua Boy88

         Wow. What school did you go to? White and Black are colors. They’re considered neutral colors. What the hell…

  • MatthewMurawski

    I’m very glad T-Mobile is expanding its HSPA+ 42 Mbps phone lineup. Besides the Note, all they have is the S Blaze 4G, S2, S3, One S, and Amaze 4G. Also, for those of you complaining that the note 2 is right around the corner: by the time T-Mobile releases it, itll be MONTHS from now, most likely. As for the international version- who ever said it will be Pentaband? Most likely it won’t even support the 1700 band just like the original note and the S3. This note is fast enough, and the average consumer won’t notice much lag at all, frankly, because there isn’t. On my S2 I have never seen any lag at all unless I just started up the phone and it’s loading things or if I’m in the browser and it’s still loading the web page. The S2 also has a dual core 1.5 GHz snapdragon s3 processor. This is a great phone. Don’t try to discredit it.

  • GirlyGirl26

    is it just black? no news about a white one? Thats kinda lame…i guess i will just stick to the Galaxy SIII

    • GirlyGirl26

      i mean…Navy Blue! oopsies.

  • Udubb

    Samsung: How do we get rid of all this unused inventory of original Notes before we ramp up production of the Note 2? Hey we’ll give to T-Mobile, their customers are desperate enough to go gaga over an old device like this. We won’t even bother updating to Jelly Bean for them.

    • krazytrixxxsta

       the note is a great device but honestly at this point tmo customer should wait for the note 2.

    • Little Jimmy

       Typical troll. If the Galaxy SII is getting Jelly Bean, then you can count on the Note getting it as well. Bank on it.

  • Jay_blade_88

    …This is almost completely useless at this point in time.  Yes there are customers who wouldn’t know the difference in an S3 vs. S4 speed test but still they could have at least changed the software or something. Very disappointed in this one.

  • Madmax1212

    That ugly gingerbread-ish interface…yuck

    Was a big fan of the Note when it first came out, but now? No thanks, stock JB on my GN is simply too beautiful and fluid

  • sharklover

    What a joke they release such an old phone when note 2 is coming out very soon. T-mobile probably got these really cheap.

  • Richard Yarrell

    REGARDLESS what people think or say I applaud Tmobile for wanting this devices for it’s customers. It’s not there fault they just got this devices Asst&t had the exclusive right for 6months before any other carrier can get it. Having this devices positions themselves for the NEXT NOTE 2 and if Samsung is smart they will do the EXACT SAME THING as they did with the GALAXY S3 launch it on all carriers from an stagnated standpoint. That will off set any iphone garbage in September if Samsung announces the GALAXY NOTE 2 for Sprint and Verizon on September 15th then for Asst&t and Tmobile October 1st this will off set any new iphone or iphone 5 sales. Samsung has already taken plenty of apple customers with it’s GALAXY s3 AND I mean plenty of ex iphone users are now enjoying pure technology with the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy Note 2 will wip out all the rest when people see that devices it’s all OVER. The Galaxy S3 in my mind software alone is and will be the BEST SMARTPHONE on the market for 2012. If anything beats it it will be the GALAXY NOTE 2 only because the size of the screen and possibly quadcore not sure yet. But I am a VERY PROUD GALAXY S3 OWNER on tmobile and I will ebjoy ny babay for along time to come. When the Galaxy Note 2 lands on Tmobile I will pick that up too and have both my S3 and Galaxy Note 2. That pure heaven at it’s best….

    • IXx AN1MAL xXI

      Your dumb tmobile is an ass for tricking you into thinking you have have real 4g network and on their unlimited plans you don’t have unlimited data you have to pay for extra data

      • MatthewMurawski

        Umm, T-Mobile’s 42 Mbps HSPA+ is very competitive with LTE, and in a lot of instances is FASTER. So why not call it 4G if the others can? Look at sprint, their WiMax is like a third the speed of T-Mobile’s network, and they call it 4G. Also, you don’t pay for extra data, you get throttled. You’re probably thinking of OverpricedPieceOfCrapT&T.

        • Mhk6709

          lte is better in the long run …wait till lte advanced …hspa+ old …its t mobile bachhaul that is good

        • Mandy

          They had the same network when they compared it to iPhone 4 which runs on 3G network I have gs2 on tmobile and lte on the s3 is really fast so yeah in reality terms it just 3G network atts hspa is 3G also and I might be heading to Verizon or att catch up game with tmobile is annoying

        • Mandy

          Oh yeah u actually don’t get the full 42 mps and to get the fastest speeds and depends on where you are at

        • IXx AN1MAL xXI

          No tmobile makes you pay extra because I got the unlimited plan and my speed was slowed down and I called them and I said what happened I got the unlimited everything atleast that what the tmobile store told me and she said the your data is not unlimited you only have 2gb of data but it’s unlimited rite tmobile is trying to take my money you can hate me if you want tmobile customer service is bad now I’m going to Verizon

        • Richard Yarrell


        • blacksheep427

           VZW will welcome you, but you will not get any unlimited data. I’m with them now, so just trust me. I’m grandfathered in on unlimited supposedly as long as I do not buy subsidized priced phones.

  • Jon

    I am torn between three phones the Nexus, this phone and the Galaxy 3. So many choices and they are all Samsung. I don’t know if I want a contract or a pure google phone yet tough to make up my mind. I am really excited by this though because I wouldn’t have to buy the galaxy note 10.1 being that I already have the 8.9 and I want to use the S pen. It beats having only one option.

  • guest

    If you live in CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA, the galaxy note is NOT coming to any store in central pa. Look for it in philly and pitsburgh. Ridiculous

  • Ne0

    so they launch this 1 or 2 weeks before the Note 2 announcement? $250 is rip off really, should no more than $150.

  • the delusional optimist

    What if they release the note 2 at a higher price point and keep the note in the line up at a lower price point like the GS2 and the GS3 currently.  I guess only time will tell.

  • Jimbog

    Why does TMOnews have ads for SPRINT on its site???

    • Because we don’t control the type of ads that run, they run based on the topic, in our case, wireless and cellular phones. We don’t get to pick and choose the ads. It’s actually a very easy explanation.

    • some people comment the most illogical shit. That is like saying “Why is there a Chevy commercial on a Verizon website” its a damn AD. And quite frankly a smart one mobile to mobile get you to switch carriers ya know? SMH 

  • xSAVAGEx

    I hope Samsung realizes that in today’s market that exclusivity can kill a phone. Keep the s3’s release model and sell some Damm phones.

  • Guest

    Any updates? I tried calling my local store and the girl didn’t even want to confirm that they would be releasing it tomorrow let alone give me any info like if they would have it in stock at that store.

  • Ne0

    2920 quadrant score is terrible consider the price, that score isn’t much higher than S2. HTC One S is like 4500+ score.

  • ShortySk8n

    I was all excited that Tmo was getting the Note. Till I got to the comments & found out there is a Note 2 coming. Now I guess I’ll wait for the Note 2. Unless something else is announced before.

  • Gouv

    This is a nice little device for tmo.  I don’t understand why so many of you are bitching about the note 2 already.  You all know tmo has never been famous for getting the latest and greatest right away.  I’m sure this will make many people happy upon sight.  The fact that most of you even know what a note 2 means that you aren’t an average user and should go elsewhere for the device you want if you are truly unhappy.