Questions About Upcoming Release Dates? This Should Help

While we’ve already briefly covered both the Galaxy Note and upcoming myTouch and myTouch Q release dates, there are still some of you looking for concrete answers on upcoming releases. August 8th is looking to be one of the bigger, as in volume launch days in recent memory for T-Mobile with the Galaxy Note, myTouch and myTouch Q along with the Samsung T159.

So, if there were any questions even with all the evidence pointing toward an 8th of August launch for both myTouch devices and the Galaxy Note, here’s yet another piece of evidence in favor of that day.

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  • Guest1

    Low end crap phones, While iPhone 5 is to be Unveiled September 12, GET WITH THE PROGRAM T-MOBILE, your screwing your dealers and your name, you’ve lost your customer service, your back at the bottom yet again, Note 2 comes out soon, who cares about the Note at this point? I seriously see Tmobile becoming a prepaid company.. HORRIBLE…

    • tmobloger

      I am actually a T-mobile rep with sprint service and you wanna talk about crappy. T-mobile has some very nice 4g phones and very affordable family and individual plans . Ask any sales rep and they will tell you they  hate saleing the iphone  6$ in commision wile droids are binging in  45-60 $. T-mobile is actually reframing teir network and they will have the iphone. And also you dont even know which carriers are getting the note 2, They havent even released a date. And as you can see with companies lke simple mobile and boost with unlimited plans for 40$ why not attract those customers with and have them on our service it would only make sense 50 unlimied talk text 60$ 2gb web. Makes perfect sense to me because prepid customers end up wanting better phones. You have to think who the hell wants to spend 600$ up front for a phone.

      • Guest1

         I see what your saying but if Tmobile misses the Boat on the iphone 5 launch it’s only going to make more customers leave, it’s been an on going issue, I see it daily at my friends store, Customers don’t care what commissions you make but they do care what phone they have, and these days everyone want an iphone, granted there are alot of people who love android, I personally have tried to get used to android over and over, and I just can’t seem to enjoy it, Ultimately you have to give the customer what they want. Like I said in an earlier post, Tmo Owners Buy High, Sell Low, the cost on these phones are way to much to pay and wait for commissions to kick in 2 months later. it’s just bad protocol, but I guess every company has their own personal issues.

        • note_lover

          Not ‘everyone’ wants an iPhone…if that were the case, there would be no more T-Mobile.  Take a look around and you’ll see more and more people using Android than ever.

      • UMA_Fan

        Who are you to say that T-Mobile’s plans need to be altered?  They are competing with the other national carriers NOT resellers of service like simple mobile.  If you like their pricing so much, you should GET them.

        T-Mobile’s monthly 4G plans are ALREADY catering to the boost/virgin prepaid market.  The problem with T-Mobile’s growth has always been that customers who perceive better quality with the other national carriers go there and usually pay more for nothing while people who find T-Mobile too expensive and ONLY care about price go to boost and those guys.

        The problem with low end customers like that is that a vast majority of them never pay their bills and are more likely to be the kind of people who blame T-Mobile for things outside of their control.  This creates bad word of mouth for T-Mobile.  Not all people on those kind of plans are like that but it’s something Verizon and At&t don’t have to deal with since they have a huge amount of high value customers thanks to stricter credit standards during the time they were growing.

    • Phershey128

      Guest 1, I think you are an idiot.

      • Guest1

         LoL we can’t keep it a conversation piece here can we? Why revert to 1 persons thoughts as an Idiot? Come on man we’re all leaving our input, no need to disrespect anyone because of their opinion.

    • rcwillrun

      I don’t have a problem with the note by itself, but I do have a problem with having a customer pay $250 for a phone which will be outdated shortly after launch. If the phone was prices near the almost equally speced galaxy S II, then I think that it will be a bigger hit

      • Guest1

         It’s just way to much, the GS3 for example is $329.99 with a Mail in rebate bringing it down to 279.99 how does one compete? You have Tmo’s website, Costco, Walmart, Etc… it’s just harsh on the dealers who are paying $575 for the Gs3 and selling it waiting on 2 months for commissions to kick in and God forbid you do an upgrade and they don’t use the phone, you don’t get paid. Buy high sell low? It’s a bad business protocol. again Just my Opinions…

        • steve

          your a hundrred percent ccorrect im a t-mobile dealer we pay 575 for the phone we have to sell it for 329.99 we have to take  a $245 loss to make a contarct only to have the customer come next mont after gigantic first month bill and want to cancel or switch to prepaid

    • MacRat

      “While iPhone 5 is to be Unveiled September 12”

      Technically, it is the 6th generation iPhone.

      And hopefully, T-Mobile will carry it.

      • UMA_Fan

        The rumor from bloomberg that was posted here a while ago where Deutsche Telekom will leverage all of T-Mobile international for a bulk order of iPhones from Apple and include T-Mobile USA in that deal sounds the most likely.  Apparently that won’t happen until early 2013 though.

    • JBrowne1012

      You mean the iPhone4Ssssssss? from what i hear its just the same design with 4 inches of screen.

      • Eanfoso

        3.5 actually, no wonder guys with iphone get no puss, the smaller the screen the less they get it ;)

    • note_lover

      Is the SGIII a low end crap phone? I think not!  Was T-Mobile one of the first carriers to release it, I think so!  Not everyone wants an iPhone!  There are quite a few people who still want the Note so think and do research before you  speak!

      • Guest1

         how much is Tmo offering the Gs3 for? 329.99/ 279.99 after mail in rebate? how much is AT&T offering it for? how much is Verizon offering it for? 199.99? Tmobile was the first carrier, and they made sure they released it on and all their corporate stores before releasing it to their dealers, They catered to their own pockets before helping out the people who keep their doors open… quit looking from the inside out and start looking from the outside in. So Think & do your research before you speak!

  • Yesyesyes

    i hope we become a pre paid company….do something for god sakes!! we offer too much, value plan, classic plan, pay as you go and pre paid plans….why would anyone sign a contract for $60 (unlimited talk, text and 2gb web) when you can get the same thing without signing a contract?  oh cause you can finance your phone?? big deal!! you still paying full retail over 20 payments instead of all up front cost….so what!!  and now you can add handset insurance on no contract….so why sign a contract.

    I hope to god someone in this company reads these posts …

    it seems like the higher ups don’t know what to do with this company in 2012…you dont know what these people want??

    thats the problem!! you don’t give a dam what these people want

    • SettleDown

      Please take a Quaalude or two, don’t want you hurting any innocent bystanders.

    • Unemployed

      Your retarded…  lol

    • 21stNow

       T-Mobile doesn’t have the most robust network, which makes roaming a necessity for some and therefore, prepaid isn’t always an option.

    • JBrowne1012

      Offer too much? how is that a problem? some people want a contract some don’t but it is idiotic for the value plans to be contracted essentially prepaid(Postpaid) plans. Some would rather pay a small up front fee or can’t afford face value at the time of purchase do you have $650 just laying around your house to buy a brand new phone? most people don’t they get their pay check and use it for other things that are more important than going broke for a month not making a car payment or paying some bills.

  • ccnet005

    When the other providers couldn’t answer a question about the Nokia N900 on their networks, tmobile put me in touch with an engineer.  I dropped big red that day and went to tmo.
    I’ll be there Aug 8th for my note and again for my note 2.

    • note_lover

      There’s the spirit!  I’m with you ccnet005!  Too much negativity around here lol!

  • UMA_Fan

    I’m still trying to find out if these are HSPA+ 14 or 21 devices…

    • Info411man

      I believe when I was reading about it at work today it said it will be HSPA+ 42

      • UMA_Fan

        There’s no way.  For now, only the snapdragon dual core S3 and S4 processors are the only ones that support HSPA+ 42 that we’ve seen.  You probably confused it with the phone ‘benefiting’ from HSPA+ 42.

        • Guest

          What ever it’s still not 4G LTE.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Note 1 = 42 HSPA+
      Huewei MT’s = 14.4 HSPA
      T159 = UMTS/3G

      I always have updated Tmo phone info over at (*the dead*) TmoNews forums.

      • J-Hop2o6
      • You got some ideas on making them more active, I’m all ears!

        • J-Hop2o6

          Promote the Forum like u used to back in the early TmoNews days David. Make a post about you still have a forum. But its been a ghost town since the AT&T news two years ago. It was really active when the G1, and TP2 was out. Its so weird not seeing the normals there anymore. Wonder how they’re doing.

          But yea, I guess promote it again David. You have alot commenting on your blog.

        • Guest

          Know one wants to go in there jpop

    • Guest

      I think their both.!!!!!!!

      • Exibitslivinginthegarage

         Maybe you can help us understand exactly what you mean.
        Do you mean “there” as in: Momma put my cookie over “there” on the table
        Momma “they’re” making fun of me because I don’t have unlimited data
        Momma I can’t stop from being a dumbass when I reply ot “their” comments.
        Which is it exibitsman?

  • Yungsir2

    More options are always great!!!! Btw dealers screw tmobile all the time and corporate stores pay the price. I hear stories all the time from my local store reps. The note 2 has not been announced and the States will wait to get it as usual.

  • Psaux

    Any news on the SGH-T699 release date though?

  • jian9007

    The funny thing about the new myTouch phones is that T-Mobile website has the picture of the new myTouch Q phone as the free web phone until Aug. 2nd. Problem is, the actual phones that are free are the myTouch and myTouch Q by LG and not the new ones by Huawei. Bait…and switch. I hope no one actual orders one thinking it’s the new ones. If I was interested in a keyboard phone, I’d wait for the launch of the Galaxy S Blaze Q on the 15th of August.

  • note_lover

    Some of you people (not all of you) talk about how T-Mobile isn’t on the cutting edge, they sell low end crap phones, they suck, bla, bla, bla!  What about releasing the GSIII?  Isn’t that a high end phone?  Didn’t they release it before some of the other ‘so called’ better carriers?  At least they are getting the Note for those people who can’t wait to get it.  So what if it’s not brand new, top of the line compared to other phones.  For some people it is an upgrade from the phone they are currently using.  Yes, the Note 2 is supposed to be coming (possibly announced) in Aug. or Sept., but some people just don’t want to wait until next year.  Not everyone buys unlocked or roots) phones! No phone will ever be the best because something better is always coming out next week.  You choose the phone that fits your needs and get it, never mind what will be released next month!  It seems to me that the ones who post this garbage on this site, are the ones who want an ‘iPhone’ so why come in here and complain about it?  Go get an iPhone somewhere else and stop crying!  No other carrier can compare to T-Mobile’s rates because the other companies prices have gotten ridiculous and out of control.  Not everyone can afford Verizon or AT&T service, especially with their new unlimited plan pricing, and even some of the associates working for their companies agree to this.  I haven’t had T-Mobile for that long, only about 3 or so years and I have no complaints as far as reception.  No dropped calls, good signals 95% of the time, great 4G at home and on the go.  Once in awhile, it can get iffy at my home but T-Mobile encourages people to connect to WiFi, which is awesome! Making the switch from Verizon to M-Mobile was the best move I made and don’t regret it one bit! 

    • Guest1

       Again the Gs3 is your only AMMO… it’s $329.99/ $279.99 after MIR…  ATT/ Verizon $199.99 and some of our complains are Valid, your just being Bias towards Tmobile. Are you a Rep or an Authorized dealer? Are you being screwed on Commissions and losing money because how Tmobile operates their business and carries their protocol? Have you been fighting a losing battle? or are you just a customer who thinks because you bought a phone with Tmo service that life is great? my low end crap comment was in Regards to the phones listed above… So again Think before you Speak, and seriously think about the dealers who’ve invested into a business protocol that’s turning the corner and starting to Lose…

      • hmmmm

        Gs3 and one s are currently the only two high-end phones on T-Mobile….

        name another carrier with three or more s4 dual processors or quad tegra… cuz that’s what were considering high-end right…

        goooo ??

        • Guest1

          Where’d you get lost in the Convo? I’m discussing the price of the phones, Tmo has them selling at a higher price, Way to high on the GS3 authorized dealers can’t compete, we are competing with Tmobile Corporate, because they slash prices on phones way lower than we can and we get reamed in the end. We buy High Sell Low, and once again my LOW END comment was to the listing of phones above… Customers can love Tmobile all they want, they don’t see the dealer that’s getting the raw end of the stick… at the very least the iPHone would attract customers to come into the store so we can attempt to show them our other phones, but when a customer comes in and says “Oh you don’t have the iphone?” I’ll just go to At&t, How do you compete? they already stuck it in their minds what they want. Again no offense to anyone, these are my opinions, I’m not here to start a Cyber Fight =)

        • M3Matic

          Yea T-Mo has the GS3 for 279.99 after MIR while ATT has it for 199.99. How does it feel to pay an extra 30 bucks a month to compensate for the “awesome” price??

        • Eanfoso

          Don’t forget that t-mobile usa will be the only carrier in the western hemisphere to offer a quad core phone, the htc one x+ :) take that! :)

  • Guest

    I can’t believe the second rate devices T-Mobile trys to dump on there customers. They don’t care about there loyal customers. This is why I recently signed a 2 year contract with “ATT”. I received a real 4G “LTE” SAMSUNG GALAXY EXHILARATE in return for singing the contract. T-MOBILE is a sinking ship.LMAO.!!!!!!!

    • superg05

      thats good okay want a cookie???

      • Guest

        Yea okay Mr value. Plan.!!!!!!!

        • Tmocustomer4now

           Even though he can’t spell – Exibitsman man has a point –  WHY do we always get the 2nds and the re-do-overs and the ones like the UP-coming Note that is already being updated to the next version- But Tmo gives the customers the LEFT_OVERS…. maybe that is what he means.  AND stop being critical of grammar <= every one has FAT FINGERS now and then…

        • Tmocustomer4now

           p.s. = if you really look at the devices rolling out- its pathetic, Sammy and others are just standing in line waiting to take the $$$, they have all the versions and variants-but wait until you bite then show you the newest “that they have-only its been ready for months-but they need to get rid of whats already produced.  Its not a companies fault that consumers are idiots and want bragging rights “about the newest phone that they spent major $$$/euros on, its us !, the people that need the latest and greatest.  We only fuel the frenzy…

        • Guest

          Thanks man.

        • Exibitsfollowsbutneverleads

           The leftovers? Who had the GS III on their shelves first?
          See, I know how to use “their” properly.
          As far as leftovers, didn’t you get the email concerning the exclusivity that the deathstar had on the Note?

      • Note Lover


    • Guest


      • note_lover


  • Guest

    Half of these people in here don’t no what a great
    device is.!!!!!!!! There all rocking there Huawei prisms and Samsung
    Dart’s. !!!!!! LMAO

    • Spellbeechamp

       We “know” how to spell

    • Exibitsdorkus

       We also “know” in what context to use “theire” and “their”.
      Maybe you should ask “AT&T” for a phone with a spelling and grammer plugin for your
      exhilarate,  How you managed to spell that correctly will remain one of the mysteries of the universe, along with the grand levels of ignorance you convey.

      • Guest

        My grammar my not be perfect. But
        My network selection is a lot better
        then yours.I am so sick of these cheap value plan people in here.LOL.!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Exibitslivingatmoms

           Interesting, if you’re so sick of value plan people, why do you keep returning?
          Mom and dad didn’t give you enough attention in your youth?
          Still living in the garage at home?

        • Guest

          Okay you want a cookie now.!!!!!!!

        • Eanfoso

          Lmao couldn’t even spell “customer” adequately, I wonder if you even know what adequately is, in any case just gtfo you’re being annoying, go to your healthy network and masturbate to your phone, oh never mind, you don’t have unlimited data lol