T-Mobile Looks To Defend Verizon Spectrum Swap As LTE Network Boost

T-Mobile is continuing to stand up for Verizon with the FCC and their $3.6 billion acquisition of AWS spectrum from SpectrumCo that will allow T-Mobile to pick up some of Verizon’s unused AWS spectrum in a different block. T-Mobile is arguing that the deal will help them deploy LTE in areas it may not have been able to do so without the additional spectrum from Verizon.

In filings with the FCC, T-Mobile acknowledged that its executives met with the FCC Chairman and other officials from the FCC. Among the discussions were the proposed spectrum swap and arguments from the Rural Telecommunications Group which claims the deal between T-Mobile and Verizon won’t result in the same results T-Mobile believes it will.

The spectrum swap offers coverage in 218 markets across the country and T-Mobile said it will allow it to expand its offerings to 60 million people. According to T-Mobile’s filling with the FCC, interim CEO Jim Alling noted that the spectrum swap:

“Will enable T-Mobile to deploy LTE services in a number of markets where such deployment would otherwise have been impossible, and to enhance its LTE service in a number of additional markets where T-Mobile would have otherwise been limited to a 5×5 MHz LTE deployment.”

You can read the full filling with the FCC here.

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  • GinaDee

    If I were the FCC I’d put building requirements on this airspace / spectrum.  

    That way T-Mobile is forced to build out their LTE network across the entire spectrum footprint instead of only deploying it in urban markets and skipping all the highways connecting these markets. 

    Yes I support this move by T-Mobile and Verizon but the FCC needs to keep T-Mobile on her toes and not allow her to hoard spectrum and do nothing with it.  

    • GinaDeeIsWackoJacko

      T-Mobile is female? 

      • Joseph Tongret

        Well Tmo sports magenta? They could be a very confident male that’s comfortable with his sexuality though?

        • JBrowne1012

          Pink is just a color sexuality has not a thing to do with it but t-mobile’s spokesman has 99% of the time has been a woman whether its catherine zeta jones or this new chick i don’t know her name.

        • Joseph Tongret

          Lol, I wasn’t really intending on debating this, it was more or less for a laugh, lmao :-) This has already gone too far… I got nothing else, lol

        • drzfr3shboialex

          Magneta from blues clues is a guy and blue is girl :p :)

        • Joseph Tongret

          That’s valid, I officially revert my previous position!

        • drzfr3shboialex


    • Mark R

      Where is T-Mo hoarding spectrum?
      They don’t have enough now….

      If anyone has been hoarding it’s Verizon.

      • GinaDee

        Verizon is hoarding more spectrum that is true but they also have more than 3x the customer base and they are growing not shrinking.  My comments were focused on T-Mobile because this is a T-Mobile enthusiast site.  

        There are areas of the country where T-Mobile holds plenty of PCS spectrum / licensing but has refused for the past decade to build out these areas.  T-Mobile also holds plenty of AWS spectrum in areas where they are still GPRS only on the PCS band.  

        I’m equally against any US carrier purchasing airwaves to simply sit on them.  Verizon and T-Mobile should be required to use it or lose it for this deal to commence.  Just my opinion.  

        • MuthaFuckinStephen

          Prove it. Throw some links up.

  • F-Mobile

    T-Mobile should just give up and give away everything to MetroPCS. Because in the end that’s what T-Mobile is. A glorified MetroPCS. Same redundant outdated phones. One flagship device that’s carried by all carriers. Horrible service. All in the name of were the cheapest! You get what you pay for and saying WiFi calling is a way to fix your reception issue is like saying “hey pay me for giving u a phone number so your cable/DSL company can do all the work for us. Screw T-Mobile and all who inhabit it.

    • Smartazz

      After having been a T-Mobile customer for over 7 years (I recently switched providers), I can’t help but agree with some of your points. I live in NYC, and the data coverage in my neighborhood was absolutely horrible. A neighborhood in a major city shouldn’t be getting 0.2 – 0.5 Mbps downstream (let’s not even mention over 1,000 ms ping), particularly when the coverage map shows excellent “4G” coverage. After initially admitting that there’s a problem, T-Mobile’s recent response was “Your neighborhood has excellent coverage. The problem is with your phone. Have you considered using WiFi to improve your speeds?” Uh-huh…the problem is definitely with my phone, as well as everyone else’s T-Mobile phone on which I ran speed tests. Putting an AT&T SIM card from my wife’s work-issued Blackberry into my phone (an unlocked Galaxy Nexus) and running several speed tests showed speeds between 5-7 Mbps downstream. Same goes for my wife’s G2. So yes…the problem is definitely with my phone.

      With regards to WiFi, I can sure use it; however, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of paying monthly data access fees? Since the failed AT&T buyout was originally announced, T-Mobile’s service began to tank in just about every aspect.

      With that being said, T-Mobile works well for some people. If my service was decent, I would have never given up my grandfathered plan with $20/line preferred customer data plan. I certainly wouldn’t have switched to a competitor whose rates increased my monthly bill by $30. Unfortunately, it seems that T-Mobile is in serious trouble. I hope I’m wrong, as I would certainly like to see them recover. However….unending churn, increasingly spotty service, dropping from first to dead last in the JD Power customer service ratings…these are not good signs.

      • FCNYC

        I live in NYC and get great service, and when i travel to small towns, my data sometimes goes down to 2G, but still usable, since i only pay $80 for two data phone it is worth it. 

        • Smartazz

          I’ve gotten good service in many areas of NYC. Unfortunately, my neighborhood is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, it used to be decent (2.5 Mbps is a far cry from what I should have been getting, but certainly tolerable), but then it took a turn for the worse, literally overnight.

  • philly8

    T-Mobile rocks! U can’t beat the pricing, the handsets, and the network. T-Mobile has a solution for everything. You guys that hate T-Mobile suck. It seems to me that you don’t realize the technology is a radio frequency. Shit happens with reception. I’m glad it works for me to get to work and home. Other than that it works great when im on vacation and I don’t need to pretend that I need coverage in every single spot in the us. As long as T-Mobile has coverage in the major areas which it DOES. I’m happy. Ya’ll that hate T-Mobile and still post on here LEAVE. No one cares about you and your stupid decision u made to choose another carrier. Don’t they have fanboy websites? If so go post on them.  

    • Spanky

      “No one cares about you and your stupid decision u made to choose another carrier.”

      Spoken like a true fanboy! :) 

      I, for one, am very happy with my decision to switch carriers, as I’m finally getting the service I need, albeit at a slightly higher price. However, I also don’t hate T-Mobile and, if the service in my area improves, will consider returning.

      • F-Mobile

        At&t is doing me justice im paying 140$ monthly for 550 min with rollover unlimited text and 2 3 gig data packs. Got a one x for 100$ and a 4s for 150$ and I get service everywhere. T-Mobile honestly makes no sense to have anymore. If u want cheap get prepaid. If u want contract get a good company . Cuz like I said for a few dollars here and there u might as well get a better carrier. And like I said if your looking for cheap get prepaid and by your phone. Simple math and service people.

        • Spanky

          Agreed. Although my monthly bill is higher, I no longer have to roll the dice on whether or not I’ll get a decent data signal.

          To give credit where it’s due, I’ve never had any issues with T-Mobile’s voice coverage. Data, however, is a whole other story.

    • fixxmyhead

      yea i think its called droid life

    • F-Mobile

      Your really like not understanding anything. Just cause you drank the fail-mobile koolaid and ur supposedly saving 10 to 20$ a month compared to any other carrier that has better service and phone selections and you listened to the rep who brain washed you into a sinking company and don’t wanna feel stupid making the decision you made. I worked for T-Mobile and am now employed by another carrier that pays better treats employees better and actually tries to boost its employees moral. So I know the silly games these ppl play. This was the worst company I ever worked for. no one has any connectivity in terms of customer Care working with store reps instead they bash on another because T-Mobile doesn’t train its employees on its own products and services they just expect you to sell and they kept cutting our commissions. also internally the management is horrible they don’t know anything about anything. When your market manager asks you how to group contacts the company is in deep shit.

  • philly8

    wow really u gotta approve my comment first? What ever happened to freedom of speech.

  • LongTimeCust

    After being with Tmo for six years I’ll be leaving for Sprint next month. Up until three months ago I had great 3G/4G coverage but all that changed. Now I’m on edge 80% of the time, the rest I get “No Service”. My sister was calling and was dumped into voicemail because my phone was “No Service”. She then texted me … lol pointless because no service. Tmo completely screwed me out of coverage and calling in is pointless because no one wants to admit that it could be, god forbid, a problem with their towers. I have a few friends on Sprint and coverage is good. While their 3G isn’t screaming fast it’s adequate and light-years better than edge.

    • k-mack

      is this the tmonews vent line?  no.  has goose egg to do with this Verizon article, dude.  stop wasting our time.

      and i had sprint, they stink.

    • Tbyrne

      Did you ever stop to think there might be an issue with your phone? Just a thought LTC.

  • superg05

    people complaining about recetion issues when is the last time you got a new sim sim cards change with the network every year are 2 and i get a new one which looks to have different circuitry might solve some issues give a new free sim card a try first

  • boost mobile

    my tur, i been ledt tmobile for boost monile baby. then i flashed the sprint gs2 too it. i only pay 45 month right now. love better sev beeter data. everthinh just better. sprint baby yeah

    • MuthaFuckinStephen


  • Lnxarepou812

    just another last ditch effort to try and save the company–recent team meeting leadership made a strong effort to defuse rumors about anything happening in October…..union reps started showing up which was regularly occurring right up until the last center i worked at closed….rumor going around is that T-Mo will file for bankruptcy 

    • Nearmsp

      why would it do that?
       It could any day offload T-mobile by a float for a minimum of $20-25 billion! On top of this, it owns towers which is a cash cow not to mention the cash balance. Why would German T-mobile throw away billions?

  • Adc

    This is off topic but is tmobile going to refarm 1900 MHz in Denver this year?