Huawei-Based T-Mobile myTouch Device Caught Hanging In The Wild

If  you’ve wanted to catch another glimpse of T-Mobile’s upcoming Huawei-based myTouch device hanging in the wild — than peep a glimpse at the single shot above. Sure, it’s just a single image but I thought it worthy of mention as this phone (or maybe it’s just the angle) actually looks pretty good in my opinion.

Sure, the specs aren’t going to wow you as the Galaxy S III looms, but it’s still a sharp-looking mid-range device. Huawei still has a way to go with making headway in the US and it’s likely only going to be done with some high-end devices, until then they really need to break out all the stops with their mid-range selection so we’re hoping T-Mobile’s next myTouch device really impresses.

Anyone else see a glimpse of the original Nexus here at first glance?

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  • Akulamenuri

    Wow, this looks a lot better than I thought. 

  • smithgo

    myTouch is a fail bring back the G series(by HTC) and that is a win or come up with a high end name!!

    • Johnny Brown

      I don’t think myTouch is a fail as it’s a very recognizable brand for T-Mobile…  I think the problem is the consistency of the line. I don’t think they should pass the name from OEM to OEM as much as they should. Let an OEM have a nice run at it for a couple years… 

      But you’re absolutely right, Since the G was the flagship Android, period they should bring that back in a big way with only one OEM holding the reigns for a while… It would be awesome for TMO to have their own exclusive line of high and mid rangers… They could still have the One and Galaxy lines and their own G series rounding out the top, and the myTouch filling in the middle… at least that’s my dream scenario… :-)

      • Gaelhernandez

        I agree with you, just like Verizon does with Motorola. How Bout a Sidekick By HTC running stock andriod that would be sick.

        • Johnny Brown

          How could I forget the Sidekick? The phone that arguably put T-Mobile in the spotlight… If HTC was behind making one, that would be one sexy phone! I drool at the thought! But like you said: WITH STOCK ONLY. None of that Sense stuff…

      • Phozfate

         i would love if the HTC / T-Mobile G was on par with the Evo LTE

      • I think a brand can be a fail even if it’s well known. If Coca Cola decided to produce tthree drinks, Coke 100, Coke Q, and Coke 200, one of which tasted like cola, one  of which tasted like beef broth with sugar added, and one that was a particularly fine red wine, it wouldn’t remotely change how well known the brand is, but it would somewhat turn Coke into a fail.

        And that’s exactly what’s happening to myTouch. There’s been virtually no standards from the start, nothing that makes you walk into a store and go “Ah, a myTouch, I know what kind of phone that is” beyond “Oh, it’s T-Mobile’s house brand”

        We have the myTouch 3G, which was a mid-range phone at the time, barely different from anything else on the market. The 3G Slide, which was a mid-to-upper range device at the time of its release. Then there was suddenly a massive leap upward. The 4G was plugged for months as an iPhone competitor (remember, that’s how Carly started out, “I’m a T-Mobile myTouch 4G”), followed by the even more impressive 4G Slide.

        …and then… the LG devices, which were back to mid-range, and now the Huaweis, which appear to be budget myTouch devices.

        Meanwhile, the operating systems are relatively unsimilar, with only the (useless) myTouch button appearing on most of these devices, looking even more questionable since usable voice recognition became standard on all Android phones from Froyo onwards.

        I’m not getting it. What is the common theme, the thing that makes you think “Ah, the myTouch, that’s a phone that…{…}”?

        It’d be one thing if these were different models of the same fundamental device, but the different phones couldn’t be more unalike. They have nothing in the way of features that radically distinguish themselves from the pack. I’m confuzzled by them!

        • Johnny Brown

          Obviously, the HTC myTouches were the most popular and successful of the bunch. So in that regard, you can’t really call it a fail.

          Coca Cola isn’t really a good example, Last I checked, they were the world’s most valuable brand in 2011. They always have their main products to sell themselves (i.e. Coke, Cherry Coke and the Diet and Caffeine free variants) Then they could experiment with dog urine flavored coke and probably  wouldn’t break a sweat about discontinuing it…

          I suppose my point is that really the “fail” you’re speaking of are the flaws I pointed out that is wrong with the line. Consistency. All the problems you’re pointing out is the result of the issue. It’s hopping around from OEM to OEM and seemingly degrading in quality which with that brings what you said: different Android overlays… I haven’t used a myTouch past the 4G Slide, but the genius button is awesome as it gave me direct access to voice recognition. So to call it useless isn’t a fair assessment. Then again, I haven’t used a non-HTC mytouch.

          About house branding, well Verizon has their Droid line (which they pump out so many, I now feel like how you feel about the myTouch brand “eh, it’s just another Droid”) and Sprint has their Evo line… which are both house branding. What makes them successful? Well Evo you know is HTC and Droid is either Motorola or HTC (and it doesn’t hurt it’s on the #1 carrier). I just strongly believe that T-Mobile could have their own very well known house brand, like the above brands if they stay consistent and focused. It may be a little to late for the myTouches (which is why I said it could round out the mid-rangers), but I think they could really do something with the G Series since it was the original Android (plus the name sounds cooler) Now is the time to do it, since T-Mobile are re-branding themselves…

    • Pdxduckfan

      I still like my mytouch 4g……..but I think i need the note.

  • Johnny Brown

    That phone’s pretty sexy for a mid-ranger… it looks like it took some design cues from HTC.. which isn’t a bad thing at all… Here’s hoping they make a splash with their phone!

  • Looks ok.

  • StonersLane

    Great now I can take my Old G2x back and give my little sister this phone. She’s a teenager and doesn’t care about the specs. As longer as the sucker works and she can twitter. Then she’s a happy camper.

    • KOD


      • StonersLane

        Yes I use it to play around with other roms.

  • Very nice.  how about specs? I’m sure they are out there somewhere…I missed them.

    • Hmmm, I didn’t put them in the post, it benchmarked right under 2000 on Quadrant, standard stuff, nothing special. Certainly nothing that screams power. They are on the blog somewhere though.

      • Yeah, you are right. But hey, it’s a sexy looking phone.

      • phunk

        I’d be interested to see if the development community gets into this phone. 1.4GHz snapdragon and 1GB of RAM to work with? Huawei is a good hardware company…let someone else mess with the software, this thing could do pretty well.

  • s10shane

    the colors of that phone looks like my htc one s. 

  • Heh

    What is this company’s obsession with mid to low range Android phones with a “premium” company branding like “myTouch”? This is starting to border on ridiculous. GET THIS IN YOUR HEADS: Marginal, lower spec’ed smartphones DO NOT ATTRACT postpaid customers. Either new, or renewals. Period. The best you can hope to achieve with these types of phones is to keep your marginal, economically challenged prepaid and non contract customers. This company needs to start focusing their efforts on FASTER TIME TO MARKET, GREATER SELECTION OF HIGHER END ANDROID PRODUCTS, and not degrading their brand and wasting time and resources on giving premium company brand lines to marginal products.

    • tspx23

      I don’t think the lg mytouch is premium. Mytouch line has lost their “premiumness” more than a year ago. The only mytouch that is able to compete is the mytouch slide and that isn’t even that great.  

      T-mobile has several “high-end products” and this huwaei is a step up from the lg pos that is currently the mytouch line.

      • Heh

        What “high end” products do they have? They have the Galaxy S II, a phone that is now 7 months old. They will have the S-III at launch, but that’s more thanks to Samsung’s decision to push their major launch each year on all carriers at the same time. It is not thanks to the corporate nitwits. They will have the Galaxy Note, but with last year’s tech specs and about 6 months later than international and AT&T. They don’t have any version of the One X. At first, this was blamed on AT&T exclusivity, but then Sprint got their version of the One X soon thereafter. The rumored T-Mobile One X with stock android? Nowhere to be found. Incognito. So they get the One S. They obviously have no iPhone, but that’s neither here nor there. They haven’t introduced a follow up to the G series in almost 2 years. They have reduced their two former premium lines, G and myTouch to absolute garbage. While their competitors continuously refresh their high end lines, like the Droid Series, the Evo Series, etc. T-Mobile doesn’t even have a high end LG phone, though they tried once and failed. Do you start to see a pattern here? They are incompetent with product selection, and therefore with postpaid customers in a smartphone age. Incomprehensibly STUPID management.

        • tspx23

          What other phones would you want on T-mobile? You named all the current ones either coming out or that already came out. 

          Regardless the mytouch brand hasn’t been premium for a while and you can’t expect as much. That’s the point I was trying to make.

        • Heh

          What do I expect? Let me give you some good examples of where to start. This company hemmorhages postpaid customers because it has no clue on proper product selection. Like I said, if you’re going to be the only non iPhone provider, you had better damn well step up to the plate on high level Android smartphones and CRITICALLY time to market. Being 4 months late is the same as not even competing, by that time, a prospective postpaid customer has already left and gone to AT&T for the Note, etc.

          Here are some examples. Now both Verizon and AT&T have the iPhone, do they sit on their laurels in relation to Android? Absolutely not. I mean look at Verizon and the Droid RAZR. They release at that time, one of the highest end Android smartphones, another one we didn’t get, or have any high end Android product release at that time. Literally a few months later, they release an update (the RAZR Maxx) with a much larger battery, based off of some early criticism, and they create a new category game changer, with the longest battery life. Now do you think in your LIFE, the current incompetent T-Mobile leadership could ever a) get the proper motivation to even launch higher end handsets like that initially, and b) update them that quickly? We don’t update anything, we sit on old stock that we were priveleged to get. Let me give you another example. When the Galaxy Nexus came out, it came out WITH T-Mobile AWS BANDS ON IT, and the stupid leadership decided not to even offer the phone (the game changing smartphone of the day) on T-Mobile. And they still haven’t! In the mean time, it was picked up by other carriers. These are just a few examples of the types of decisions in comparison to the other carriers that are shooting them in the foot. If you’re going to rely solely on Android, start offering higher end handsets first, or at the same time, and for heaven’s sake, increase the selection. Otherwise, there is no incentive for a postpaid customer to stay with T-Mobile, not for iPhone and not even for Android, and that’s a damn shame. We’re left with just competing on price, and I’m telling you that doesn’t work anymore.

        • Karikus

          Considering a poll showed only 20% of customers cared our really knew about device Wait for at&t’s galaxy IV. And pray your 4ft of a tower.

        • BM1

          Great post! 

        • rocco

          Looks like you should be leaving Magenta any day now, go ahead go, Tmo doesn’t need your kind, the one’s that expect the lowest prices and every phone to be free as well as only high end product.  Aside from not having the I(3G)phone, Tmobile has pretty competiive products in all end levels and prices.  But no one can offer you unlimited data (managed) and give it to you for a lower price, be it post paid or prepaid

        • None

          Your example of the RAZR and RAZR MAXX would have brought screams from tmobile users burned when Samsung introduced incremental upgrades to the original Galaxy line.  RAZR should have never happened.  MAXX was the actual game changer.  Small point.  Otherwise, I totally agree with you.

        • IRIE4IPIER

          So you are one of those couch CEO,s then right? If you were running T-Mobile they numero uno for sure, because you’re Mr. No it all, you’re smarter than people that make 1000 times more money than you. Most people on T-Mobile are here because of the prices, that’s it, if you’r Mr. High end guy, why are you a tmo customer. You should be used to this from them, why are you still here, because you’re cheap, if T-Mobile did release all this awesome phones, you would still find a way to complain about something. You seem like the customer that can never be satisfied. Fuck you.

        • KOD

          5 1/2 MONTHS OLD DUMA**

        • Heh

          T-Mobile Galaxy S II, released October 12th, 2011. That would be exactly 7 months 2 weeks and 2 days. How’s that trailer park education working for you?

        • UMA_Fan

          Historically, T-Mobile gets high end phones and always has an Android option on par with the other nationwide competitors… give or take a few months.

          What were all the other carriers doing when T-Mobile was rocking the myTouch 4G and G2, basically the only phones in the US with the newer gen snapdragon?   No one else had anything on par till Verizon launched the Thunderbolt nearly six months later, then BAM T-Mobile showed them up with the dual core Sensation.

          Give T-Mobile a break, we are most likely in a lag period.  Since phone launches with carriers probably take months to make deals for we are probably in that point of time where there are no devices planned during the at&t merger time.  I’m confident towards Q3 and Q4 going into next year we’ll see some high end stuff.

        • Aaron Tant

          I think something that has been overlooked was the AT&T buyout… this year-long process put many things on hold at T-Mobile.  Now that there is no buyout, T-Mobile has been in the ramp up process.  I think you are seeing them come back with products, again, as someone has noted that it takes months for phones to hit the sales floor.

        • dkbnyc

          I hear AT&T and Verizon have openings for high end paying customers. 

    • TritonX

      “economically challenged prepaid customers” –  feeling yourself a lot huh?

    • todd ward

      no they need to be getting higher end windows phones such as lumia 900 and the titan 2

      • IRIE4IPIER

        Those are mid to low end devices. What are you smoking?

  • KOD

    boooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MYTOUCH SUCKS LIKE G2X

  • tommy

    All this obsessing over mid-range and high-end is foolish. It needs 1MB ram, 16GB card, high cap battery, fast processor, good cameras and mics (ok stereo high fidelity would def. be high-end, galaxy note is the only one that can do this). and a big good screen.
    If not it’s worthless, otherwise it’s worth having, unless the person wants a blackberry and is thus hopeless.

  • None

    Line it up at like $230 on prepaid you will be able to stock them fast enough.

  • UMA_Fan

    If it’s mid range hardware on the cheap but runs the ICS OS that will be a quality buy for a lot of people.

  • Bugmenot

    what the hell… that has GB capacitive buttons at the bottom. ICS has been out for MONTHS.

    •  No there is 3 like any other phone with ICS these days. Everyone isn’t going “no buttons” man. Relax. The 4th button is T-Mo’s genius button. I have a Sensation running ICS and it works well with the Capacitive touch buttons.

      • Nick

        Looks like menu, home, back, genius to me, so not exactly ICS buttons.  Kind of a hybrid.

  • kevin

    looks pretty decent..

  • Mloudt

    it’s funny how people make them selves look foolish dumb and stupid on here by voicing their personal opinions. this phone isn’t high end duh. it doesn’t have high end specs duh. but it doesn’t look bad and its specs aren’t shabby for an entry level smartphone. people miss the big picture which is t-mobile gives huawei a chance to make a name for themselves on a national carrier. in exchange huawei provides t-mobile with a decent phone with decent specs with an agreement to provide t-mobile with a large quantity of handsets for a cheaper price as oppose to a well known manufacturer charging more with similar specs but they paying for a name. this is win win for both companies. with people missing the point that depending on how many units get sold could lead to huawei releasing higher end phones in the future. if you keep up with blogs huawei which David also knows are soon releasing their flagship phones which are rumored to be the thinnest and fastest smart phone out there.