Blast From The Past: T-Mobile Prepares To Launch The First Android Device

As we look back at the growth of the Android platform, it’s hard to believe that back on October 22nd of 2008, T-Mobile launched the T-Mobile G1 as the sole Android device on the market. Oh, how time flies when we’re having fun as we look back at what has become an explosion of growth inside the Android world. I came across this image as I was looking through some older emails and I figured, it’s a holiday so let’s have some fun and re-post it.

Want to read the  original launch post from that wonderful day in October of 2008? You can breeze through it at the link below and know that while it’s been a fun ride so far, we know the Android machine is only getting stronger.

T-Mobile G1

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  • Phozfate

    once a carrier with an innovative high end device now a few years later HTC prefers putting high end devices on sprint.(sensation vs evo3d, one s vs evo lte)

    come on t-mobile/samsung give us a treat :-)

  • Auser72

    I am about to pull out my old reliable G1, as soon as I sale my GS2. That Phone has to be one the most solidly built phones ever..

    • ACNJR28

      HTC makes the best in my opinion. I too still use my G1 and G2 here and there. It’ll be a blessing if they make a G3.

    • Jgarofola

      You mean sell.!!!!!!!

      • Auser72

        Yes I meant sell Jgarofola. Thanks for being so observant. None of the people who read my post didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, before your correction.

  • gwhyte01

    Word still have mine in the box

  • xSAVAGEx

    What a great little phone. Now all I do all day is complain my 6 month phone is out of date. What a spoiled little brat.

    •  Aren’t we all? I was complaining about the myTouch 4G being out of date when the G2x was launched.

    • I quite enjoy my Original Vibrant still. :)

  • Good old times, I miss all the excitement and rapid information overhaul that we had back then. 

  • Dynarace

    Still using mine! It’s starting to fail, though…just got to get 3-4 more weeks out of it, come on SG3S!

  • ChrisL

    Kinda sad for Tmo that they were the first US carrier t o debut Android and yet they didn’t get any exclusive or first look agreement with Google.  Four years later, they should be known as the #1 choice /first look place for customers looking for excellent Android devices.  Instead they are viewed by many consumers as the opposite (despite Carly’s motorcycle)…Just like ATT became synonymous with Apples iPhone for a couple years (and still seems to be the #1 iPhone carrier in the US), Tmobile’s management and marketing should have made them the TO GO CARRIER FOR TOP OF THE LINE ANDROID PHONES…But again they bungled that…I know you Tmo loyalists will have a lot to say but Im looking at it from the perspective of a general consumer and from talking to people I know – and Id be curious at to what a more broad research survey/focus group would say because people I talk to don’t even see Tmo as a competitor to the BIG 3 (or 2) anymore.  They view Tmobile as a Tier 2 carrier…and yes the iPhone is probably partly to blame but also their focus on prepaid, their growing ties to Walmart, and new stores opening closer to Boost and MetroPCS than ATT, Verizon (at least in my city)

    • Heh

      You are absolutely correct, and I’m one of those ‘T-Mobile Loyalists’ :-) T-Mobile is skilled at many things, value, customer service (used to anyway), but they are certainly abysmal with product selection, marketing, and spotting future trends. They can not seem to grasp in their heads that if you have no iPhone, you better be the launch carrier of a hell of a lot of top tier Android devices, or at the very least, get a much wider selection of the top tier Android phones and launch them at par with the other cell companies. The fact that they had the early lead on Android and never capitalized on it is the biggest mistake those corporate nitwits at the top ever made. By so following their chosen strategy, they have hemmorhaged postpaid customers like nobodies business. Why? The answer is simple, to keep and attract post paid customers in this smartphone age, you need top tier devices. Period. Regardless of your customer demographic. They should have, and still CAN now, partner with Google and try to follow this strategy. How great would it be, and how willing do you think Google would be to have a partnership with T-Mobile (the last non iPhone carrier) to act as a publicity carrier for Android? Especially with Google’s new strategy of tighter control of Android. They wouldn’t change to exclude other carriers but they would have a new distribution partner, and a base company to build up hype and launch awesome new products. THIS is what T-Mobile needs to do to recover, and especially in the postpaid market. They pay these stupid executives millions of dollars to come up with recovery plans, and they can’t see their own nose on their face.

    • The_Guest_Who

      I’d say that T-Mo isn’t totally to blame for their “2nd class Android citizen” status… The G1 proved that Google’s pet project had the potential to stand up to the iPhone, and piqued Verizon’s interest (who initially refused the iPhone themselves).  Verizon put their substantial marketing muscle behind Motorola’s Milestone, renamed it the “Droid” (trademark of Lucasfilm – who else besides VZW could afford that name?) and advertised the living snot out of it. By building brand equity in the Droid name, VZW positioned themselves as the premier Android carrier, leap-frogging T-Mo in the process.
      Magenta may have started the race, but Big Red stole the baton and ran with it.

  • Khalints

     Don’t even remind me David… in 2008 I really wasn’t too much into phones and I had an upgrade for a new phone in July…. I bought the Motorola Rokr E8…release date on t-mobile = July 2008. If I would have waited 2 more months I could have gotten a G1….i felt so retarded that year

    • FILA

      Same here man, I bought the damn NOKIA XPressMusic that year, if I would of been on the Android bandwagon before it launched I would of waited 2 months. I actually had no idea it was coming. I thought touch screen phones were stupid at the time, i had to have buttons. Boy was I wrong when October came, I saw the Google Press event and I played with the G1 on release day. Damn. But I would go on to get the Magic a couple months later in 2009, and i havent stopped yet, you cant now after your on android. 

  • Cyclone

    I got my windows mobile phone couple years before  in 2004. Great days, cheap plans and completely free internet access via GPRS ;)

  • carcomptoy

    Speaking of the G1, any word or whispers on a G3?  I would still love to have a keyboard, but I can only take so much more of my lagging and FC’ing G2, so it’s either the G3 or a GSIII.

    • Herb

      Good luck finding a worthwhile keyboard-toting GSM superphone any time in the near future. Nobody did it better than HTC (has anyone even really tried?), and they have indicated their unwillingness to manufacture more QWERTY devices until the technology evolves…. Whatever that means.

  • Herb

    After wallowing for years with my T-Mobile Dash (Windows Phone 5! ugh) and struggling through a few short months with a Sidekick Slide (really, I don’t know what I was thinking), I snagged a G1 at launch and used it as my daily driver for 3 full years. Then, I became a loyal T-Mo employee and picked up a G2X (really, I don’t know what I was thinking) and it has been fantastic! None of the issues I have seen everyone complaining about. Now I can’t wait to take advantage of my new phone perks when Samsung makes a huge splash in June/July. Loving every minute of Android.

  • Youngt82

    THE GAME CHANGER!!!!! Miss this phone:( lol

  • kevin

    Back in 2008 I was still working for at&t…..I still remember on the day that G1 releases,  I was chatting with my co-worker: “meh, this Google stuff is just an iPhone wannabe…..”   I know I was young and naive.  Now the descendants of that device had build up an invincible empire, and over-screwed the iPhone family 

  • Jgarofola

    still pull out my mint conditionG1
    I purchesed off of gregs list for 100$it came in the original box.

  • i still love mine. it’s still in the original box :)

  • My wife & I still have our old G1s that we got the day it was released. It was a good phone for what it was…certainly better than my POS G2X.


    Man the emotions, my wife and I both had one at the time and to this day I still think that phone should have been remade with a duel core tegra, 4in screen and a flash for the camera. If that came out tomorrow I would be 1st in line because I’m not sold on three core 2gbs of ram, i just want a g1.5 with 8mega pixels and 2000 mah battery. I still have mine but I need to get a replacement battery, the original one, not a knock off. I now have a g2x and it’s rooted like my g1 was. I’m running stock 2.2 with bloat wear removed and it works great, no reboots, no freeze ups and stock camera..

  • Bokebo

    I remember getting one of those. I LOVED IT!

    …and a month later, I dropped it in the rain while scrambling to my apartment…