My 30 Day Android Challenge…Day 26


Today marks the 27th day of my Android challenge and with three days left, attempts to really integrate Android into my life have risen to another level. At this point I’m neck-deep in wading through the wonders and disappointments of the Android platform. Most notable is my sudden commitment to finding the perfect launcher/lock-screen combination which has taken up far too much of my time.

Before I get into that, I want to once again continue my praise for Swiftkey and its recent notification that I’ve saved 10,000 keystrokes. Whether or not that number is 100% right is really irrelevant to me — I know for a fact it has saved me keystrokes. The real number of saved keystrokes while interesting, doesn’t make me love the app more or less, I just love it. I swear I’m not being paid to promote this app, but I do have to wonder how this challenge would be turning out without Swiftkey, an app I’m not entirely sure I can ever give up.

Moving on and echoing my earlier reports, I’m still in love with default app switching and have settled on Firefox Beta as my browser of choice on Gingerbread and Chrome Beta on Ice Cream Sandwich. I’ve been back on the HTC One S for the last week and I’ll likely continue with it for a few more days as I complete the challenge.

The addition of Comcast’s Xfinity app in the past 48 hours has also made my Android experience more on par with that of my iPhone. I know prospect of watching a lengthy television show on a smaller screen isn’t appealing to everyone, but choice is choice and I’d rather have the option of doing so than not at all. At the very least it lessens the game between apps that I both want and need on my iPhone and have been unable to get on my Android device.

One thing that I did want to discuss in this post briefly since I’m going to make it short as my last report will come in the next couple of days is that of customization. One of the greatest assets of the Android platform is your ability to completely customize the device. In my eyes, that’s both a blessing and a curse. The iPhone 4S I have is unlocked, purchased unlocked directly from Apple so I had no need to jailbreak it prior to unlocking. That wasn’t the case with the iPhone 4 I sold before purchasing my 4S. When jailbroken, I spent hours endlessly customizing the icons, wallpapers, lock-screens, widgets and all the fun little tweaks one can have while jailbroken. While you don’t need to jailbreak your Android device to customize, (unless you want custom ROM’s, then you have to root), customizing the device is equally frustrating for me.

First, let me clarify my definition of the word frustrating, it’s not frustrating in the sense that I’m angered or upset, I’m frustrated because I can take up so much time looking for the perfect set-up. I’m frustrated because I’m never happy with one particular look. I’ve customized my icons, lock-screen, wallpaper, and widgets almost every day I’ve had a device in my hand the last 27 days. Perhaps I’m just obsessive with trying to find that “one” look that will keep me happy, or maybe I’m just hard to please. Either way, customizing my Android device has taken up far more time than I would care to admit.

So again, when I say the word “frustrated,” you’ll have to ignore the first definition that pops in your mind and recognize I’m frustrated because the options are so plentiful, so refreshing that it’s causing me to get — frustrated. First world problems right?

In any event, my challenge is almost over and while I know many of you are emailing, tweeting and wondering if I’ll stick with Android, do a 30 day Windows Challenge or go running back to my iPhone, check out the final report in the next few days and you’ll find out all the answers!

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  • LewsTherin006

    IMO i think you will either go back to your iphone or use WP7.  People who love iOS have a hard time sticking with android, mainly because its missing things they have come to love in iOS.

    • I think that goes with any platform, you get “bought in” to a platform these days as you invest in apps and it’s hard to make a break because you get so entrenched in the ecosystem.

      • LewsTherin006

        Very true, its hard to up root yourself once you have set down roots and let them grow.

      • Johnny Brown

        Of course you can have your cake and eat it too, David… since you use your iPad for your day-to-day and you’ve invested in the Android ecosystem heavily for the past month (longer to some extent with your various phone reviews) then it would be no problem for you to continue that particular setup and have all the benefits of both worlds… That sounds like a win-win to me! :-)

  • well done David . to even legitimately give yourself time with another phone i say bravo .. i love Android .. love iOS really and i enjoy Windows Phone .. Android though bests them all if even by a few inches in my house though.

  • melon3531

    I know what you mean about SwiftKey, before I installed it I wasn’t sure I could ever adapt to a touch screen keyboard (my Android phones before my current one both had physical keyboards).  I always had problems typing on one, and was one of the reasons I never went for an iPhone.  Installed SwiftKey and suddenly it did not take me forever to peck out a message on a touch keyboard.  It enabled me to go for a One S as my new phone without trepidation.  Phone manufacturers should include it on their phones like they do with Swype, although I hope SwiftKey never sells out to a manufacturer.

  • Silk7412

    I know how you feel. Witch (ha ha) go launcher I’m not sure exactly which 1 I want to use per day. I really think GO is the best out there right now. All the side effects and stuff makes it so much fun.

  • Thomas Vu

    id check out the “post a screenshot” thread for your device in xda.  lots of good ideas and you aren’t completely blind.

  • Srapoport

    There is one thing that I am shocked that I haven’t been able to find with Android, and that is a profile changer.  Remember the Nokia E71, E72, and E73 and how they had an icon you can select where it would change your phone from “work” mode to “personal” mode with completely diferent setups, and they you could press the button on work days and change it right back?  Someone needs to come up with that for Android (maybe they have and I just haven’t found it yet).  As for the setup on my phone(s)…  I have found one configuration that works perfectly for me (on Android phones that have at least 7 home screens instead of 5), and I have made all of my phones (because I switch between 3 or 4 of them at any given time) look and feel the same (with the exception of the UI on each).  Of course, this works for me, and probably won’t work for others, but many of my clients ask that I set up their phones that way, since it makes things very productive. 

    David, if you would like to know more… You know how to find me!

    • Tasker works well as a profile changer, so does Locale.

    • Andyghiuta

      Try MyProfiles, it works great and it can change profiles automatically based on location, time, wifi. Couldn’t live without it.

    • Lori Fredericks

       Tasker.  I haven’t even scratched the surface of all of the abilities that app has – but you can set up profiles based on various criteria (time, date, gps location, charger plugged in, bluetooth on, an app opening, etc) and then you can also make a widget to activate that profile.

      My device turns to silent at 10pm and back on at 7am, my GPS turns on when I open Maps/Navigation, I’ve got a profile set up that with a specific keyword texted to me, it turns my device onto max volume and plays music (to locate a lost phone), etcetcetc.

      Seriously. Tasker.

      Also, it is slightly cheaper if you buy directly through the developers website:

  • Ruperto17

    You’re wasting your time on all those silly customizations. Maybe it makes sense for older devices, but not on the One S. Leave it stock and embrace it. You’re just ruining the experience.

  • I predict you’re going to stick with Android! Do it Dave!

    Although, it would also be interesting to do a Windows Phone challenge. I’d love to read that too. 

  • Paul

    If this was supposed to be your definitive assessment of Android, you should have used a Galaxy Nexus. I don’t think it’s completely fair to judge Android on HTC Sense, especially considering HTC’s heavy mods to the lockscreen, launcher and keyboard.

    • I actually agree.  If you’re going to assess the platform, doing so with Samsung, Motorola or HTC’s hacks of it probably aren’t 100% fair.  You’ll get a good idea, but not the real experience.

      • Paul

        Case in point: I used to use substitute launchers and keyboards and other mods and ROMs like crazy when I had a Droid X, always trying to undo Motorola’s work. Now that I have a Galaxy Nexus, I’m perfectly happy with stock everything, because generally the stock Google experience is elegant and minimalist and functional. The “frustration” that seems to be your main beef with Android might be a non-issue if you were using a Nexus device.

        • I’ve never liked the skins in general, but ICS is pretty decent.  I’m still an iPhone user and will never be an Android user.  That being said, I can stomach straight Android a lot better than the mess that happens when carriers and manufacturers get their hooks into it.

        • Paul

          Third-party mods are made and designed by nerds who value customization over everything else and have no expertise in aesthetics and ergonomics. When you assess Android as a platform based on an HTC One S with third-party launchers and lockscreens, you’re no longer really seeing Android as it was meant to be in the eyes of its designers. 

          The HTC One S is a nice phone, but most of its strengths lie in its hardware, not its software.

        • Nate453pl

          Agree I hate all that Sense, Touchwiz, Motoblur NONSENSE and stoopid animations, bells and whistles. Give me Nexus!

    • I think my intention was to judge Android based on devices available to all T-Mobile customers through subsidized means, which precludes the Galaxy Nexus!

      • Wesley Holzer

        I agree with David. There are only three “pure” Android phones ever made as opposed to a stupifying number of third party phones. It’s fair game to grab anyone of them and judge Android based on it, as long as that phone is branded as running Android. If you don’t think it’s representative of the platform as a whole, you should complain to HTC and Samsung and tell them to stop calling their devices Android phones. Fragmentation is a “feature” of Android, like it or not.

      • Paul

        Well, that strikes me as a bit disingenuous. You don’t really define this experiment as a comparison between Iphone and “Android available subsidized on T-Mobile”–you talk about it as purely an Android vs. Iphone comparison, and you plan to judge Android as a whole upon it.

        In any case, I hardly think it’s fair or in any way objective to impose this artificial requirement on the Android devices in question when you’re comparing it to the Iphone, which certainly isn’t offered subsidized by T-Mobile. There’s an apples to oranges problem going on here. If you’d prefer to make a statement about the quality of devices available subsidized on T-Mobile, then modify your experiment to do so fairly. If you’re going to compare IOS to Android, compare stock devices–considering too that stock Android would be a good baseline experience, closer to all of the manufacturers’ variants of Android than any specific variant would be.

  • Kbbugs

    Sounds to me like you’ll go back to your iPhone. I’ll take that HTC one S off your hands.
    Let me know.
    PS love Thanks for all you tmobile news you offer every day David!!! Keep it up!


    Seems like lot of your issues r those of heavy users & techies. Ive never changed all the stuff u mention & honestly dont have the time to waste on it. Frustrates me when I have a problem with my Android AS IS & all the posters say things like “thats easy dumb-ss, just root ur phone.” I want my phone running smoothly out of the box & want real support if I have a problem. Guess thats why Im strongly considering an iphone switch..besides friends loving theirs. While I have lots of apps, Ive never paid for one & am already using to download apps from itunes when theyre on sale so Ill be ready for an iphone. Got MacbookPro last June so already know Apple provides quality support & since the OSX is supposed to be even more similar to ios, it may make more sense. (Btw, there should be Android version of Appshopper; I have Rss that lets me know which apps r free or sale & I can create a wishlist si I get emails whenever an app I want drops its price for limited time)

  • See things for what they are, and that’s it. Most cases, if you like something….it will be hard to get away from it. So stay with your iPhone, because I don’t see you changing. Good way to get hits though.

    I’m glad I can move throughout any OS wih ease, because I don’t like limits. Android first, the windows phone, then iOS. Good thing is, I get to have them all for the taking.

    • I didn’t do this for the pageviews and I’m getting tired of the accusations that I did. The chances that someone who wouldn’t already be reading an article on this site being concerned with my Android challenge over my post on the Galaxy S III release dates are astronomical.

      • Wow David.  Why do you always jump out there and think some of us are trying to be negative?  I didn’t mean it like that, and furthermore I promote THIS site, YOUR site in all that I do elsewhere.  So kick back and relax, stop being so defensive.  Getting page hits is a good thing, last time I checked.

        • Sorry man, I didn’t mean you as in you personally, but you’ve seen the comments in these, time after time people think I’m doing this just to increase pageviews. Just frustrates me when I try and do something fun and put time into it to see people saying those things. Guess I took it out just then, my bad! *pounds fist to chest*

        • ankurprime

          ‘Frustated’ in a good way then? 

        • Ahahahahahjahahahahahahahahaha, pounds chest lol. Good one, lol. You good man, I’m on your side.

      • chris125

         So you aren’t happy with 1 look yet you stick with an iphone which that 1 look is all you get? Makes no sense….

        • My point is that with Android, too much choice becomes a bad thing, with Apple, the lack of choice means I don’t have to worry about it.

        • chris125

          If you’re ocd its a bad thing but most people set up their phones once and leave it that way, without feeling the need to change it every other day.

        • Mr Jones 3

          “but choice is choice and I’d rather have the option of doing so than not at all”

        • Rkalpha

          hmmmm…so the fact that you don’t have a choice with apple is okay? I would worry why I don’t have a choice when Android users do. That’s just me.

        • Honestly, what are you “worried” about? Yes, the fact that I don’t care about choice with Apple is just fine by me, it has been and will continual to be. Choice is great in some regard and other regards it isn’t. Try and respect that not everyone thinks like you do or cares about what you care about. Most people will never utilize Android in the way you think it would be utilized.

        • That’s a pretty frightening viewpoint if you think about it. It means, essentially, you would rather stick with an electronic device to be your virtual “parent” than to exercise and strengthen your own will power.

          It’s like saying that you want the government to tell you what not to do because you feel that if something is legal, you won’t have the willpower to avoid it. So, if you want to go on a diet, you’re rather the government make eating unhealthy foods illegal because then the lack of choice would mean you “don’t have to worry about it.”

          I think a healthier viewpoint would be to find the areas where you lack self discipline and strengthen those. When you find yourself getting frustrated with the different choices of launchers on Android, step back and decide for yourself that you’re just going to stick with the default and not worry about it.

          In time, you’ll finally be able to own the electronic devices instead of letting the electronic devices own you.

        • Hexagon

          @1476934f37cbfa8a408e120639922fdd:disqus this was an extremely good point.  I usually don’t chime in but @davidtmonews:disqus  you said so yourself that you rather have the choice than not have it.  To me it sounds quite simple.  The iOS experience has been consistently consistent.  Even though the customization is not there, most iOS fans are okay with that.  Listen this is coming from someone that has an iPad, had an iPhone but Loves his Android phone.   
          It’s okay to love iOS for what it brings to the table, but to say too much choice is a bad thing is contradictory to your above point.  I respect you opinion and understand it’s hard to get away from the Apple experience and Android is definitely not for everyone, BUT I think choice is not a valid disadvantage to the experience.

        • Stocklone

          I complete understand where you are coming from. I have 3 launchers that I love. 3 music players that I love. 2 keyboards that I love.  Hell, I’m surprised when any aspect of Android has only one option that I love.  How do I choose?  I can keep switching around but then I’m retraining myself every time I switch.  Launchers are the biggest of all issues as so much work can be put into those.  It’s an absolutely weird ‘problem’ to have.  But it can be a problem.  

          But the main sticking point for me with all this after I have transitioned enough people over to Android is a lot of this stuff I love is RARELY ever a manufacturer default app. So I tell someone Android is great and look at all these things that work so well. After they switch over I feel obligated to tweak their phone with all these 3rd party replacements so Android isn’t simply meh.  It would be nice if I could send someone a list of apps then the apps automatically get installed and the defaults get setup. A single button push app to make a noob’s phone awesome. Kind of what Soluto is doing. Making life easier for computer nerds who help people out.

  • Nate453pl

    I was “frustrated” with the iPhone’s obsolete, old and boring icons, wallpapers, lock screen etc. At  least Android gives you power and customization.

  • gun2hd

    First, let me clarify my definition of the word frustrating, it’s not frustrating in the sense that I’m angered or upset, I’m frustrated because I can take up so much time looking for the perfect set-up. I’m frustrated because I’m never happy with one particular look.
    Question: How in the world will you return to Apple.

    • Tom76f


    • TrevorMadden

      That’s so true

    • If choice makes you unhappy then maybe you should move to a Communist Country. That ought to be right up your alley. Choice is what makes Android the best OS in the world. The best part about Android is it just keeps pushing the envelope and getting better. Love It.

    • now_onTMO

      you know you are limited with customizing your screen on an iphone, it doesn’t even have widgets… but with android you have more choices , more options, more ways to customize it so it’s almost hard to settle with one particular look without trying all the possible ways to beautify your phone.. it’s worse on tablets, they are more as in more ways to customize your homescreen… i’ve seen them on xda they look nice.. they have guides too, they’re on youtube also..

      if you want a completely different look , try spb shell launcher..

  • Nate453pl

    Another funny one: “..but choice is choice and I’d rather have the option of doing so than not at all. ”
    Question: How in the world will you return to Apple.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Android sucks and is the crappiest OS made.  I’ve tried it and it is just not good at all.
    The Menu’s a crap.
    The Widgets are total garbage
    The Stock Clock sucks
    The Apps are a total waste of space
    The Fragmentation is just disastrous
    2.3 was crap
    4.0 is garbage beyond belief
    The Bugs and glitches are constant and Google seems to not even care.  Poor G Nexus owners.
    Samsung is the worst company to date.
    HTC is taking off the SD Card slots
    Lagggg is a Total issue
    Even with Dual Core, the phones lag
    HTC’s Weather is the only good thing about Android
    Android is total Frustration and is enough to drive a person MAD!!!  It is beyond customization that makes it this bad.  The OS as a whole is just complete crap.  I can’t wait until Android gets better because it has alot of work to do.  It is complete garbage and I’ll never waste my time on it again. I need a Device that’s going to work for me.  Android just doesn’t have it. (For those who have read this far, this is all one big joke and this is just a test to see who actually reads posts and articles completely because judging by some responses here, not many do).  If you have read all of this, type Watermelon as your reply. Yes Android is just complete garbage and I just despise the OS.  The 5 Nexus phones better be impressive or it’s over for Android.

    • Bratty

      Watermelon, strawberry and grapes.

      • Fonger1983

        I started reading and was sitting just getting pissed until I got to your parenthetical remark and broke out laughing. I have two words for you wilma: touché and watermelon

        • Wilma Flintstone

           LOL Water Melon indeed

    • pebbles

      hey iphone fanboy, did you take your medication today?

      • Wilma Flintstone

         Yep you didn’t read the entire thing. LOL

    • Apple Blows

      Watermelon, Apple is the worst ever!!!  No Flash, No 4G, No removable battery, Not as many free Apps, No expandable memory, No Hotspot, ect..  Maybe you should spend you time looking for a better medication!!!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        LOL So you did read it and still missed the point LOL wow you do know I actually like android right?

    • Johnny Brown

      Watermelon! Of course I saw that it was you posting, Wilma so I just knew instantly your gripes were total garbage.. haha

      • Wilma Flintstone

         LOL At least you did read it LOL

    • Joeykache1

      You mad bro?

      • Wilma Flintstone

         Another one that Didn’t read the entire thing LOL Amazing how easily you can sift through the ones that actually read through the entire articles LOL

    • JerryP

      My goodness… Wilma perfectly fits my definition of people who should be on I-Crap – The ‘I-CAN’T’ crowd… Go spend your money on your I-crap and the oh-so caring I-Support Staff for the Can’ts will hold your hand every step of the way and do all those little things you seem to be so incapable of doing yourself…  I-crap for I-can’ts…

      • JerryP

        Damn, forgot the watermelon thing… (sigh)…

        • Wilma Flintstone



      Wow, from what rock did you crawl from under.

      • Wilma Flintstone

         LOL reread the entire post and you’ll understand

        • Kevin Flannery

          haha that is damn funny. 

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Lol and sooo many are falling for it.  Amazing how this simple thing divided those that do and don’t read entire articles that easily Lol

        • Johnny Brown

          I’m having a blast reading all theses responses!!

        • Wilma Flintstone

          LOL me too Johnny.  Amazing how many people don’t read and just assume huh? Lol

    •  lol well done Wilma .. Watermelon

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Lol Thanks and I see you read Lol

    • AnthonyRyan89

      Wilma you make some good points in your post and id have to agree with a few things you said but calling Android crap that’s a little extreme the thing holding Android back is its greatest down fall and the custom skins each UI from every manufacturer has android so laggy but they also give there own customizations that are really nice so over in all I see its Androids Greatest Downfall and also the reason why its so popular as well… Watermelon

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Glad you took the time to read the entire thing even though it was a joke as you obviously saw.  I like Android.   I just posted that to see who actually reads the entire article or post instead of just the first line.

        • AnthonyRyan89

          Well that was a good one I read your article then what everyone else said and I was shocked from the comments going on and on but that was a fun joke you got what you wanted from that because majority of the people just read the first line.

        • Wilma Flintstone

           Yea it is shocking to see who truly does and doesn’t lol

    • None

      Watermelon… but it this experiment really neccesary Wilma?  I know you read this board (at least) weekly, so you already knew the answer before jacking this blog post.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        True I do come here often but I think this was slightly necessary due to all the ill-informed posters below that just read David’s word “Frustrated” and immediately took what he mean out of context.  It’s just funny also how they immediately think you support Apple if you say anything negative about Android (even though it was all a joke and I like Android lol) as if you must be a fanboy of one or the other, not both nor neither lol.  Read below and you’ll see what I mean

    • HeLLkAt31

      i love watermelon its so tasty :P

      • Wilma Flintstone

         Lol true it is lol

    • Davedsone

      I read the whole thing. But normally I wouldn’t have, not because I’m lazy, but because it was written by someone who obviously was ranting, and it was intentionally too long.  It is a bit vain of you to post this drivel, and then lay a trap to demand people read all of it.  The first 5 lines are entirely stupid, do I need to keep reading to confirm that it was written by an idiot?  No.  Do I need to read them to be fair?  No.  So why bother?  You just wasted my time, is all. Thanks for NOTHING.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        LOL I wasn’t ranting at all.  Why are u so upset?  Something must’ve hit home that was clearly a joke?  I apologize for that if so but where’s the Watermelon?

    • kevin

      you be trolling, son.  lol

    • Mostinterstingmanintheworld

      *sigh* I sure do love my “back” button though…HoneyDew Melon

    • TmoFanatic$

      lol.. watermelon… i was getting ready to say.. now i know from previous posting you are waiting on The Note and I when i saw the samsun and the android rant I was bit confused for a second… Good One, Very Good one!!

    • Bklynman

      Watermelon,now what do I get for reading whole comment,and writing watermelon?    ;)

  • Truelitistnot

    I grew up on apple products starting with the apple ii computers then migrated to macs. However, interestingly enough, never liked apple’s portable devices; newton, ipod, iphone, ect. Android to me is what iphone should have been but isn’t. I stick with android… Lets hope it grows into a major computing platform as well.

    • perfectalpha

      There is the chance it really could become a major coputing platform. The desktop is clearly not the future, but Google REALLY has to get their tablet game together. I have the Galaxy Tab and while I really do enjoy it; the iPad offers what is likely to be considered a superior computing experience.

  • Amdestined

    David I’m glad you did this! I have read your blog for almost two years now and its fun reading about how you were willing to branch out. You did it proper unlike the guy from the iPhone site. Props to you sir!

  • now_onTMO

     LOL.. i have always have the same set up on my phone..

    5 screens , all with widgets, middle screen with beautiful widgets..
    no matter what rom i use, it’s always the same set up..

    yes , do a windows challenge..

  • ThomasP

    So what you’re trying to say is that iPhones are for people that need big companies to make decisions for them? 

  • I vote in favor of the Windows Phone challenge. I may be an avid Android user, but I love Windows Phone’s stability and smoothness.

    Besides, it would be cool to see how insane David gets when making the transition from iPhone to Android to Windows Phone. :P

  • now_onTMO

    i just hope that david won’t ever have any brand loyalty mentality with him after doing these challenges.. i just find it weird how some bloggers are blatantly fanboys of a certain brand and hypocritically try to defend their particular device to the extreme.. denials

    i dont want this post to be the Center of attention .. LOL carry on

  • Steebie

    You MUST do a Mango 30-day challenge, too!  I rely on impartial people like you.

  • Kevin Kerr

    Ha! That “one” look on an HTC One S. How punny!

  • Tomnewtn

    I did this in reverse, beginning with the N1. I tried an iPhone this year and am very happy with it. I also like the Lumia OS I purchased for my wife. If Google sells a non Samsung Nexus, I’m in. Tired of fragmentation and bloatware. 

  • Not Convinced

    This entire “Challenge” is a cheap attempt at gaining more site traffic. Judging by the author’s high regard of iPhone, I will not be in the least surprised that he chooses to stay with iPhone. He makes it seem as if it is some kind of big unpredictable conclusion that we must wait for, but highly I doubt David will actually give in to Android. I’m sure this decision was made well before he even decided to undergo this so called “Challenge.” Considering how HTC gave David the HTC One to use for free during this run, I think this has become more of an advertising campaign than an actual Android-iPhone tossup.

    • Johnny Brown

      I fail to see how this would generate more site traffic.. if anything, this is more or less a fun thing David is doing for his faithful readers, being that everybody who comes to this site regularly knows he loves his iPhone. Something that new traffic probably wouldn’t care much about.

      Even if he did make up his mind at the very beginning that he was going to stick to the iPhone after this challenge, then it’s his choice (and something that we’ll never know) but at least he was thinking outside the box and stepping outside his comfort zone and chosen ecosystem (that I’m sure he’s deeply integrated in) to give Android a good ol’ hero’s try. 

      And hey, he did switch up phones within this challenge, so it’s not like David stuck solely with the One S. Which brings up the point that if HTC gave David a One S to test drive, it would be irresponsible from a journalistic standpoint (as the founder and editor of T-Mobile news site) to let it collect dust while he’s tapping away at his iPhone. So in a way, he had to make use of it. So what better way than an Android challenge?

      Sorry to go on a rant, but everybody has been accusing David of this “I’m doing this to get site traffic” conspiracy and it’s getting old. If you’re reading this David, keep up the awesome work…

      TMONEWS… FTW! :-)

      • I am reading it and thank you! Thank you for recognizing the true purpose of this and realizing that I’m having fun with it and I absolutely have NOT made a decision to stick with the iPhone, nor did I have that decision made up before I entered into this. I wish everyone though and saw things as you do!

        • Johnny Brown

          No prob. You for sure don’t deserve all that crap you’re getting! For the record, I don’t believe for one second you made up your mind about sticking with the iPhone before hand… :-) I was just making a point that if you did, it’s your prerogative. 

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          I figured I have to take a second to chime in: I have been a T-mobile Customer since 2003. I have been an avid iPhone user since the first one came out and the baseband was unlockable (Oct 2007). Since then I migrated to a 3GS after iOS 4.2 came out. I am still using it. I crave speeds faster than edge in my daily life, and I have debated making the switch many times. I have played with many Android devices for many hours on end in various T-Mobile stores, and just kept falling back to Apple for it’s simplicity and ease of use.


          I am DYING to know the final results since I have debated making the plunge to Android from iOS since the G1 came out. I find this series of articles extremely informative. Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Sigh…if only you could present an argument which could actually verify the belief that this challenge will be of any interest to new readers to the site. This isn’t a plug for SEO and I fail to find any way that it would be. I haven’t titled the articles in anyway that would beg for Google’s attention. It’s not a cheap attempt at gaining more site traffic, but comments like these are “cheap” attempts to judging something based on a narrow-minded point of view all while accusing me of behaving in the same way. I can’t have fun with this without begging for more site traffic? Thanks, the site already does enough traffic, a few thousands extra hits isn’t going to earn me a penny more. I wish you understood how website advertising worked, because if you did, you wouldn’t be making such baseless statements.

      • 30014

        David why are you continuing to try to justify yourself to all of these critics and doubters? The true fans of this site will continue to come here for our T-Mobile news. Haters are going to hate regardless of what you say or do so ignore them and they will go away.

      • TMOTECH

        I think they missed the point that it was HTC that approached you and asked you to do this. it is a challenge. I get it David. Keep  up the great work. And if it does drive more traffic to your site and you make more money as a result, well that is kick ass too. 

    • I’m one of the writers over at Android Community, and by my own admission I’m one of the most rabid Android fanboys to ever walk under the living sky. I think David’s efforts thus far have been honest and well-balanced, and I applaud his efforts. Switching from one OS to another for a device that you rely upon daily is not an easy task, and it’s being undertaken here for commendable reasons – not least of which is your entertainment. 

      Keep up the good work, David, and the rest of the TmoNews gang. 

    • Mostinterstingmanintheworld

      I don’t always get a laugh when reading this site, but when I do…it’s because of idiots like Not Convinced

      ~ The most Interesting man in the world

  • Michelle V. Phillips

    I realized that LOCKSCREENS ARE ANNOYING. I use Smart Taskbar. I’ve tried so many lockscreens that it was annoying because of trying to find the right features. But when it comes down to it, I just wanted easier access to my icons and the locksreen just got in the way. Smart Taskbar is a quick access toolbar of ALL my apps and I can organize it any way I want. The obvious best part about it is I can access it in any app. So to call a a fave person, open a app, activate an app like a flashlight is done in  3 STEPS TOTAL. Turn on the phone, press on the “hidden” Smart Taskbar button and click on your fave app. No swiping to unlock, no swiping to the correct screen.  Of course, I had to download an additional Unlocker app to get rid of the lockscreen.

  • Reverend Ink

    I’ve caught a couple of your reports on the 30 day challenge, and there is always something about Swiftkey in there.  I tried Swiftkey and didn’t like it, but hated the stock keyboard more.  Then I found  Swype.  Did you give Swype a try at all?  I’m on the Sensation and had to install via the beta, but that is the first thing I install when I switch ROMs. 

    • I’ve honestly found it to be incredibly useful, it’s just one of those apps that has made the experience that much better for me. I’m pretty used to Swype and I never really took to it, it’s not that I find it bad and I honestly think they are some of the nicest guys out there, but Swiftkey to me, especially the new beta is just awesome. Personal preference I guess. I was talking to someone the other day who swears the standard ICS keyboard is the best thing without any mods so go figure.

      • Reverend Ink

        I tried the stock keyboard in the ROM I’m running now, and I just can’t use it.  I text a fair amount (avg around 3500 a month in and out) and when I switched from 1st gen iPhone to Android I started using Swype.  I love it about as much as you love Swiftkey from the sound of it.

      • TMOTECH

        I use the stock sense keyboard instead of swype. it has the trace feature built in and to me works much smoother. I will have to try swiftkey though.  I am intrigued. 

  • jb82

    That is my issue with android – it eats up your free time in a quest to get it just right and yet there never seemed to be the perfect set up… something always bothered me. 

  • tommy

    just curious have you done anything useful or productive on this phone or is it just a kind of entertainment couch potato device? 

  • BUT… you have a choice to choose one!        ”
    Most notable is my sudden commitment to finding the perfect launcher/lock-screen combination which has taken up far too much of my time.”  

  • Jbourne

    I hate Android skins. Always have…..but I’ve been using a OneS with sense 4 the last few weeks and absolutely love it. My galaxy nexus gives me dirty looks while it sits idle on my desk.

  • gtr

    the need to find the perfect apps and  with so many choice can consume alot of time if your always looking for a better app  but not to worry you settle soon

  • F_angel77

    Have you used opera mobile yet? I find it superior to all other browsers. Super smooth like chrome, yet it retains full flash and desktop functionality. You need to give it a spin if you haven’t.

    • I actually mentioned Opera in my day 17 report, I did use it and I think it’s awesome, I would have no qualms about using it again.

  • Todd

    i really like the dolphin HD browser. 

    • Mostinterstingmanintheworld

      Dolphin HD is the best in my opinion. I liked FireFox but Dolpin just seemed to be more functional.

      • I don’t dislike Dolphin HD and it was in fact what I used for the first few days when I was back on Gingerbread. I don’t know, something about the Firefox Beta just hooks me.

        • Mostinterstingmanintheworld

          I can def respect that
          Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  • i dont think i saw you post anything about “airdroid” before, have you tried it? just go to

  • David thank you for taking the time to do this and share your thoughts.

    Your comments on frustration about the new found freedom you have to do what you like to the UI of the device will fade with use, right now you are like a kid in a mega candy store with a pocket full of change, you will find things you like and you will stick with them after your done tasting. Then from time to time there will be something new to try and you will appreciate the freedom you have once again.

    In all of your posts I don’t think you have touched on one thing that I feel hands down beats the IOS devices, cost of ownership and cost to play(this will likely never change do to the Iron wall of iTunes), Android can be had for the cost of the device and service and if you don’t mind adds you can enjoy more games, and apps then you will have time to use.

    Keep up the great work,

  • Dave Macias

    i have been following your android experience and i have to say all your reports are totally neutral pointing the good and the bad of the OS, that’s how it’s supposed to be and im glad you are enjoying yourself on a different and complex platform like Android. Now back to the topic the “frustration” per se is something good i myself tried different setups and different icons until i found what i wanted , it’s called iida UI and its a port from the KDDI Infobar , the launcher itself is a reminisense of WP7 but is more functional, i been using this launcher 2 years straight and im happy with this. i also give support to the launcher by creating themes that people can download for free.

    here is my setup

  • TmoFanatic$

    David, I’m enjoying reading about your challenge.  Keep up the good work and Make the most of these last few days!  One thing I will say about android, it never gets boring… frustrating (lol), maybe but boring never…. 

  • Ran

    I use an app called “Automatic Wallpaper Changer 3” (catchy name right?) It lets me dump all my wallpapers into one folder and every time I unlock the phone I’m greeted with a randomly selected wallpaper. It takes a few seconds to change it so if you turn the screen off and then back on quickly you’ll have to wait a little bit.

    “Astro” file browser is a must.

    The “Simple Calendar” widget is low key enough for me to have on the home screen. I’ve also made a barely visible button icon for my home screen that acts as a shortcut to the flashlight app. Go Launcher gives me this ability to use customized icons and to rename the icon label to nothing.

    I use the “Backup to Gmail” app (not free) to back up my call log, sms and mms to separate gmail labels.

    If you’re using the HTS One S you should be able to install the Chrome Browser for Android. It’s currently in Beta, but it looks very good.
    EDIT: Here’s the video on Chrome for Android

    Just some suggestions, hope you see this in time to try these out!

  • Soun

    After reading your articles on your 30 day challenge, I applaud you for taking the challenge. It wouldn’t surprise me if you went back to the iPhone as your everyday phone though.

    I went from the Motorola Cliq to the Samsung Nexus S because I was tired of waiting for an OS update and wanted a clean OS with no bloat ware. I was one of the first to get Ice Cream Sandwich since non-Nexus phones were not getting the new OS. My wife had a Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G. Buggiest phone I have encountered. I was always fixing that phone. I wanted to get her a Galaxy S2… until I saw a customer return theirs complaining it was freezing up…

    I made the switch to an iPhone 3GS… in the beginning of Spring 2012! This phone was released in 2009… and ran smoother than any android phone I owned… including my Nexus S which was a “vanilla” ICS 4.0.3. OK… the hardware is outdated but iOS 5 still ran fine compared to my android phones.

    I loved iOS so much that I bought an iPhone 4 for both my wife and I. Fully unlocked phones on T-Mobile. I was much happier with a stable phone on Edge rather than an unstable phone on 3G/4G. I’m so glad I don’t have to look for minor tweaks and modifications just to enjoy my phone.

    I can also sell my phone fast on the market because iPhones keep their value higher over time vs an android phone. I found a brand new Galaxy S Blaze 4G at half the price on Craigslist and Ebay less than a month after being released… WTF!!!

    Call me an apple fanboy, but I was once an Android lover and an Apple hater at one point so I have been on both sides of the fence and that takes an open mind to embrace change… not a closed one.

    David, thanks for having an open mind to try both operating systems and regardless of which phone you decide to go with after this challenge, you have done more than what I know most others won’t even do.

  • Rafael

    I’m using apex launcher once got the ics upgrade for my htc sensation.. I downloaded chrome beta, but somehow I like dolphins hd browser… I read quite a bit and decided for apex and it’s true what everyone says. But I know people love the other launcher for ics. I had a good time using adw, but it’s not as updated as apex.

  • J Hodges

    I applaud your efforts, David, since leaving the confines of Apple’s protective yet clean aesthetic can make most a bit squeamish.  But by all accounts, you’ve managed to turn this into an objective experience.  Being a longtime Android user, I’m still partial to them.  But I too would like to try things on the other side to see if the grass really is greener.  Perhaps the iPhone 5, especially if it ever comes to Magenta, could convince me to do so.  

  • Jake

    David, sInce you’ve been using the phone for about a month now do you know where to find the HTC One S uptime?