Support Heart Health Month With T-Mobile, Buy A “Red Accessory”

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We’re all about good causes and with February set as American Heart Month, T-Mobile is doing its part to help give back. The purchase of any of the red accessories pictured above will lead to a $1 donation for each accessory purchased. T-Mobile will give up to a maximum of $50,000 before the offer express on February 28th.

Along with the red accessory promotion, T-Mobile is offering 20% off all accessories through March 21st using promo code: FEBACC20.

“Buy red accessories and support Heart Health Month. For every select accessory purchased in February, we’ll donate $1 to The Hope Heart Institute.”

Support a fantastic cause and pick up a red accessory today.


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  • Chris

    Spend $30 on a wall charger that costs them 10 cents and they’ll give a dollar to charity. Wow so giving…

    • Mirad77

      When we start justifying cost like this then this economy will never turn around. Look more to the cause than cost my friend. Or just think of it as you are donating a dollar to the charity.
      Bonne chances.

      • galaxymaniac

        I’d rather buy less expensive accessories in a subtle color and give the $1 direct to charity, just sayin’

        • Mirad77

          That’s another way of doing it. But be mindful that there are additional cost that goes into products of this kind, generally to create the awareness and publicity it deserve.
          Don’t get me wrong, for T-Mobile can donate without selling these items. But that shouldn’t stop you and I to donate for a just cause.

      • Chris

        What v that guy said. I’d rather just donate to the charity. I think T-Mobile (or any corporation for that matter) makes enough money to just say “hey look we’re gonna donate X amount now!” to charity.

        • Mirad77

          I was just offering another option to look at it. My take to was more of not looking at cost of production as that’s not the only cost associated with products.

  • AndroidProfit

    LOL a maximum of $50k?

    • g2a5b0e

      I thought the same thing. Haha. A drop in the bucket for them, really, & they still feel the need to cap it off.

  • Khalints

    $30 for a car charger?!?!? wtf

  • tmorep

    at our store, we offer a 1 year warranty on our accessories, because we know that 29.99 for a charger is too much.

    • Josue

      $30 for a freaking charger?, what is it made out of, gold?