New Study Shows T-Mobile Customers Used A Lot Of Data Over The Past Six Months

A joint FierceWireless/NPD Connected Intelligence study conducted over the past six months tracked the data usage patterns of 1000 smartphones on the nation’s top four carriers. These 1000 smartphones are generally Android devices, however NPD recently added 100 iPhones to its survey database.

The results are unsurprising as this is just the latest in a series of studies that show T-Mobile customers consume the most data. In fact, T-Mobile customers dipped a little over the summer but data usage has increased in the past couple months, perhaps in response to the release of the company’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan.

In an interesting twist, T-Mobile customers averaged 0.19GB of data while Sprint, which actually sells the iPhone subsidized only saw customers use .072GB of data. In other words, T-Mobile’s iPhone user base which generally works on the company’s 2G network (network refarming aside) used 1/4 the data of Sprint customers. Sorry Sprint, maybe its time to really push that LTE network forward.

One thing seems certain with all of these recent studies, T-Mobile customers are data hungry and we hope the company has no plans to end the Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan. If you’re hungry for data, T-Mobile looks like the right place to be.

Fierce Wireless

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