T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps Users Average 1.3GB Of Data Per Month

With T-Mobile Senior Vice President Dave Mayo coming out and discussing a bit on T-Mobile’s current network modernization project, we almost lost comments from T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer, Neville Ray. Ray dropped one very interesting factoid during a presentation at the NGMN conference in San Francisco — T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps smartphone users consume 1.3GB of data per month on average.

This figure of course comes just two weeks after a T-Mobile “expert” highlighted that T-Mobile’s total 4G customer base average close to 1.7GB per month, almost 50% higher than the closest competitor, Sprint.

Some other highlights from Ray’s keynote:

  • T-Mobile’s 4G network now reaches 220 million pops in 230 markets
  • 50% of contract smartphone customers use a 4G capable device
  • T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbs network covers 184 million pops in 185 markets

You can see the slideshow over at the source link, and I’d like to say that its clear to me that T-Mobile’s focus on their much higher data usage per customer, lets us know that they are focused on allowing people to use their data plans a little more freely than the competition. At least I’d like to think that’s the case. T-Mobile may be one of the few carriers that understands wireless data is going to continue to be used for content creation and not just content consumption.

You can see the slideshow from Ray’s keynote, though there isn’t a lot of new material at the source link.

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  • mark haemig

    i use about 2 GB every month.  My cycle starts over on the 19th.  

  • live2ski

    that’s 1.3GB while on TMO’s network.  It does not include all the data used while on WIFI.

  • live2ski

    that’s 1.3GB while on TMO’s network.  It does not include all the data used while on WIFI.

    • Jamille Browne

      Thats only because they can’t account for that 

      • niftydl

        I am sure CarrierIQ can help them out. Speaking of that nonsense, is its still shipping and enabled with retail devices?

  • dethduck

    Am I really the only one who consistently tops out his 5gb cap on TMo each month or is twitter the only thing people use their phones data for?

    • Jarrod

      I use 3/4Gb on my IPhone that only has EDGE because they haven’t reframed my area yet. I mainly download app updates, music, stream Internet radio, and Internet browsing when I’m not at home.

      • ghulamsameer

        Lol you have the patience of a champion then! I have an iPhone too and I can barely use 1 GB just because the speeds are so slow.

        • Jarrod

          I live In Houston so their 2G data network is pretty empty at my house because most people have 4G phones. So in return the ping is pretty low and I always top out on speed at a blazing fast .20mbps with a ping typically in the 300s.

    • Jamille Browne

      Nope I would be in your boat if I wasn’t consistently searching for wifi

    • Ash

      No, I use 5GB also and wishing for more.
      And no, I don’t wanna upgrade to 10GB cuz I’m paying $10/month for 5GB.
      Actually, I also have T-mo pay as you go prepaid, so I have more if I really need.
      And yes, most people don’t use the full potential of their smart phone.

      • enoch861

        10 bucks per month!?!?
        What’s the secret kind sir?

        • Ash

          Old plan.

          But the $30/month 100mins 5GB seems to be the best now.
          If they up the mins a bit more, I would switch.

          I’m paying appx. $43/month after taxes and fees now, 500mins, 5GB.
          I’m gonna keep this plan until t-mo pry it off my cold dead hands. :P
          Or until a better plan comes out….

        • enoch861

          Aw, lucky man!

        • Jarrod

          I completely agree. I use on average 150 a month of 1500 and if it was 200 mins I would be on that immediately.

        • Ash

           If you are only about 50mins over the 100, you can use google voice, skype or many voip clients, keep in mind that 1 min voip = appx.1mb of data.

  • WW

    Any explanation why we TMo customers are using so much data compared to the other carriers?  
    I mean, smartphones across the board (all 4 major carriers) so presumably we’re all (all 4 major carriers) using them for similar purposes.  
    Do cable internet customers use more data than DSL internet customers?  Cable has faster speeds so you’d think they’d use more data (and more data in the same amount of time) because they can.  Sprint has the slowest 4g (WiMax) of the big 4 so you’d think they’d be using less but they’re 2nd in data consumption.

    • MacRat

      Better signal?

      I have a friend getting ready to switch to T-Mobile because his AT&T “3G” speeds are slower than EDGE on T-Mobile. (That’s when he can get a data signal at all from AT&T.)

    • MK Terra

      No overage fees?

    • Jarrod

      They’re more lose with how you use your data and dont have overages. When your in a 3G/4G data area the network performs flawlessly 99% of the time.

  • 1.7GB per month i guess im the only one putting my GB to the test 

  • Louie Hernandez

    i use 5 at least im on the 10 GB plan

  • JBLmobileG1

    I can use close to 10gb per month which is why I have the ultra plan. Honestly though I use it as tethering for my laptop and game systems as well and update all my 182 apps without wifi. I Love it… everything on one bill and it’s probably just as fast if not faster than most Internet providers. True my overall bill is just over $100 a month but if you compare that to any other carrier out there its actually a pretty good deal.

  • Dumbazz

    Great now time for the whiners who have been throttled to bitch and moan. I cant feel sorry for anyone who gets throttled when the AVERAGE user is only using 1.5 gogs. 

    • Jamille Browne

      LOL oh please you actually believe this to be true oh how naive you are.

    • Ash

       Just because you are the AVERAGE user and don’t fully use your smart phone, doesn’t mean the ADVANCE users are doing something wrong.
      What is this the year 1999?

    • That just means we are using the full capabilities of our phones. Why have one and not do so. Might as well have a flip phone.

      Another Dumbazz post by you. 

  • Kalel33

    I use less than a GB with my Amaze, but I do have to download all my podcasts on WIFI or else I’d hit my 2GB pretty quick.

  • I use about 5 GB every month and use plenty of wifi as well. Doesn’t take very long to get that much data racked up. Verizon customers with LTE use a hell of allot more and I know first hand because I also have a Verizon account with the unlimited data plan. I also use on average about 10 MB on Verizon and I could use much more if not for wifi. 

  • FILA

    Unfortunately my Galaxy Nexus only reaches 21 :-( but i knew that goin in, its still fast, you wont touch the 21Mbps anyways. 

    • TrevorMadden

      I’ve gotten over 23 a couple of times lol but if your theoretical is 21, and you had the potential to get the exact same speed as me, it’d probably only top out at like 18 or so

  • Daswahnsinn

    When I was with sprint I used about .3.3 gb a month with their 3G, so if I had T-mobile’s 4G I would probably use that much if not more.

  • Rudy Belova

    At around 12Gb right now and i have a few days left. 

    • Jamille Browne

      You used 2gbs over the 10gb plan? at edge speeds? how?

      • Rudy Belova

        I’m in the middle of trying to move to NYC from NoVa. Long story short, i have the 10Gb plan on my postpaid line and i got the $30 sim with 100 minutes and 5Gb data. I only use 100 minutes per month so when my postpaid gets throttled, i stick in the prepaid.
        With google voice, (the only number i give out) nobody can tell the difference.
        4-5 hour bus rides back and forth get very very boring, and it’s 4g like the entire way. Gotta love netflix and hulu!

      • TrevorMadden

        There are also those ninjas that change the APN to get unlimited 4G ;) but it never works for me… :(

      • Ash

         On T-mo 2G unlimited pay as you go plan, I once used more than 400mb/day, you do the math. And I know I can use more if I wanted to.

  • MarcusDW

    Not even a gig for me.

  • I average around 4 GB per month, but only because I started heavily using Wifi wherever I can, home, work, etc. If not for that, I’d be even higher, at maybe double to 8 GB. I’m an early adopter though. I was pulling down 1 GB a month back in 2007 with the Blackberry Pearl, before that I had a Blackberry 7100T in 2005. That was with EDGE and a Blackberry server assisted web which minimized data throughput. Now you have to remember when I was using 1 GB in 2007, the average user was at like 10 MB (that’s Mega not Giga) per month. I would guess a lot of us are trend setters in these type of forums though. 

    • Jamille Browne

      Its incredible that you were able to use 1gb @ edge speeds but then again as you said those were assisted servers. Can’t use edge for crap nowadays.. When I first got my android(Behold 2) I hit the 5gb cap in 2 weeks was incredibly painful experience running off of edge… Now barely getting through that with wifi able to cut my use to 3gbs or so too bad the 10gb plan is $60 way too expensive..

      • I used the web every single night for like 3-4 hours when I first got my old BELOVED T-Mobile 7105T in 2005. Do you guys remember the Blackberry 7100 series? It was the Pearl before the Pearl. First Blackberry with a sure-type keyboard. It was just the most futuristic thing I had ever seen. I mean the fact that you could surf the web on a CELL PHONE. This was 2005, NOBODY was surfing the web on a cell phone. It was so awesome and I kind of felt exclusive, you know, and that’s what made the whole experience cooler. But that’s progress, what starts off as niche becomes mainstream, capitalism at it’s finest. And you’re right by the way, about it being hard to use 1 GB with EDGE on phones from that time, but see that’s what made the Blackberry back then so revolutionary. There were very basic web browsers on other like Nokias, etc back then too, but they were essentially unusable with the phones of that time. It was the fact that Blackberry had assisted web servers that made it possible to effortlessly surf for hours at a time and not feel lagged. I also remember using the Web as a whole for the first time in 1994 at a University computer lab, and I had a similar experience of eyes-wide-open awe and amazement. This was using a NCSA Mosaic web browser LOL good old days. Kinda makes me wonder what the next great thing will be, smartphones are cool and all, but now everybody has one, and it’s all a little par-for-the-course now.

      • Jarrod

        Lol I use 3Gb on my iPhone in a un reframed area sometimes closer to 4Gb.

  • Auser72

    I use about 5gb a month, and that’s mostly from my Ipad running off of HotSpot!!!!!!

    • Sidekicker89

      which HotSpot app do you use? I use Foxfi

      • Auser72

        Was referring to the hot spot capability that came with phone. I had to root phone so wouldn’t have to pay TMobile an additional few for using feature on phone.

        • HalfwayCrook

          I tether to my ipad all the time too, lol! Its awesome

  • Robert Keyser

    They are pushing 5GB/10GB plans onto customers like there is no tomorrow, saying they are using up 2GBs way too fast. I guess this statement kills that argument!

    • If the average today for 42 Mbps devices is 1.3, then they’d be right in pushing 5 GB plans. I mean at the rate of increase and smartphone trends in general, an average user will be at 5 a month (or at the very minimum well above 2 GB) before 2 years. And if that’s an average, then there are plenty of people above 2 GB anyway now.

      • Garet

         I am at 9.3 used with 5 days left thats why I just bought an Evo 4g LTE etc,etc on Sprint unlimited tired of being throttled the LTE is up around Chicago area just not done.. I would of loved to stay with T-mo but cant.

  • Exynoshd

    I get a minimum of 3.5gb every month. I am just a power user I guess. I still have the super old data plan. $20 per month for unlimited texting and data (now set to the 5gb cap plan). I don’t even know how I use so much data, I offline mode most of my spotify music and that is most of my phone usage.

  • BigMixxx

    couple of things:

    first of all, I use 3.5 gig a month.  I love data, I do everything on my phone.  I only use my home internet service now for netflix…

    1)  T mobile users seem to be a bit more savy than others, maybe because of all this android madness  we have

    2) It’s cheap.  I have the 20 dollar preferred android plan.  5 gig for 20 bucks is the lick

    3) it’s fast.  Test for test with LTE in LAs vegas….Speed wise, T mobile wins.  Ping t mobile loses…although under best conditions ping is 66 ms vs a 15 and below for the LTE boys.  so not bad…

    4)  Refer to number 2.

    • Sidekicker89

      is your plan 20 bucks total?? or just for data?  we have 3 lines and only pay 82 bucks! can’t beat that :) LOVE T-Mobile

      • BigMixxx

         That’s for data.  It’s what I need.  before I renewed my plan, averaged 8 gig a month….lol!

    • Mfor33

       i am also on the 20 dollar plan but they told me that was only for 2 gb. how did you get 5?

      • tmo employee

        Grandfathered plan.

      • BigMixxx

        Begged up on the 20 dollar preferred android plan.  it’s 5gb.  before the special went off.  I think my plan is perfect, unlimited everything, 5 gig of data and free tethering (as if I needed it) for 89 with tax.  (on average with this line)

        • Jgarofola

          I pay about 35$ for 5gb of 4g and unlimited text and 150 voice min. Tax included.i am paying about 60$ less a.month then most.of these people. And I have a GS ll. Lol lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • in2android

      2 of my lines are on the 5gb for $20 plan! I’m never going anywhere! Actually it only costs us $17, because we have an additional 15% off on top of that… I love you Tmo! Lol

  • Mfor33

    these are lies told by the companies so they can offer less data at a higher price. that is all. they never actually release the report from where they get this information

    • Kalel33

       Independent studies show the average data usage is lower.   I can say as a rep, until last month, that those numbers are even high they are showing.

    • Enoel69

      I see any reason why Tmo should even contemplate offering less data or  higher prices. Now if someone on an unlimited data plan uses less of it….i would say advantage Tmo so why should they care. Some of us just like to have that data cushion just in case we decide to use more in a particular month without the worry of being charged extra. I have unlimited everything and i hardly go over 1500 min or 1500 text msgs and i have 5GB data cap limit and rarely crack 2GB…and i like it that way. So Tmo don’t mess with our unlimited plans…instead do ur utmost to keep the customers who have stuck with u all these while. DON’T ROCK THE BOAT AND MAKE THEM JUMP OFF, U CAN NOT AFFORD TO BE  LOOSING MORE OF THE LOYAL BASE

      • Kalel33

         Can’t anyone spell “LOSING” correctly online?

        • None

          It is autocorrect, calm down.

        • Kalel33

          OK, your an idiot.  What autocorrect system would replace a word that is used in daily conversation to one that is never used?  My Swiftkey X has the correct spelling and didn’t switch it.

        •  “you’re”

        • Kalel33

           Yep, my bad.  I’ll at least admit to the error.

        • WW

          The irony!!

        • Enoel69

          Excuse me professor of the English language…i will assume u haven’t had a typo or inadvertently misspelled a word b4 right? Most in here get the gist of what i was saying w/o overly reacting to one word…besides i doubt this is a forum where u get graded for ur mastery of the English language. I don’t even have to look far to point out ur own flaw as shown by ur comment below… ( I can say as a rep, until last month, THAT THOSE NUMBERS ARE EVEN HIGH THEY ARE SHOWING). I know what u wanted to say but the sentence  is wrong. Like None said…calm down. No one in here was trying to be a smart ass by drawing attention to a poorly written sentence. 

        • Kalel33

          A typo is when you hit a wrong key, but a misspelling is when you actually think the word is spelled that way.  Don’t worry, it seems to be rampant around the internet to spell “lose” with “loose”.  It’s just funny that a simple word is spelled incorrectly so often.

        • Enoel69

          No worries here fellow Tmonews brethren…in my case most of the time i don’t go back to read or edit comment on some of these sites until after i have posted them and then realize some things i should have corrected. Anyways it is always fun to partake and even contribute to the main thrust of the various topics. Also fun to occasionally inject some of our own wishes to what we would like to see on some device, Network, specs etc etc. So an omitted word, wrong sentence or misspelled word shouldn’t detract from the fun..

        • None

          Dont loose sleep over it

  • I get close to my 5 GB every month and would probably go over if I didn’t use wifi at the house. I don’t think I could use less than 2 GB a month. 

    • pops87

      I average 1.2-1.5 gigs a month, most of it chewed up on the commute to work and on the weekends. Thank god for wifi at home and work, or id be pushin the limit too.

  • Jgarofola

    I use.about 3.5 gb a month.

  • Arvin

    has anyone noticed the insane upgrade prices on t-mobile recently ? 279 for a gs 2 really ?  wtf is going on 

    • it was free today.


      All Phones were free fro Fathers Day. upgrades and new contracts. You should have been paying attention. If not you missed the boat. 
      And The GS2 is very much worth 279 Dollars…

    • WW

      I’ve noticed that TMo’s regular upgrade prices seem a bit high compared to other carriers’ contract/upgrade prices too. 
      As long as you’re on or going to a Classic Plan, you can usually find authorized resellers (on-line or brick & mortar) selling phones much cheaper.  Frequently, you can even bargain at mom & pop shops. 
      TMo will also have free phones with contract sales (like the just ended father’s day sale) every month or two.

  • David, where the heck is the preorder for tmobile GS3?! 

  • rschauby

    On my 3G Nexus S, I am only using about 1.5 GB of my 5GB Preferred Data. My wife only uses about 200mb of her 5GB (wifi at the house all day). I am expecting my data usage to go up quite a bit this week when I switch to the GS3. Gotta say, I love Tmobile and my current preferred plan. 600 minutes, myFavs, nights/weekends. mobile-to-mobile, unlimited texting, and 5GB of data each line at only $95 after tax is unbeatable. All this and I get great coverage and speeds, and still get phone subsidies!!

  • FtKnoxTMO

    I use a little over 2GB a month, however, 1.95 GB is over WiFi, with only about 300 MB over the network.  When my Amaze 4G’s radio show 2G 95% of the time, it’s hard to rack up the big download numbers and recently, even though the area I live in has 4G, the speed are slower than 2G speeds, at about 17 Kbps down and 121 Kbps up….

  • Last month I racked up 4.15GB of data.  2.40GB so far this month.  HTC One S.  

    With average data speeds around 15-20Mbps, I love using my mobile data even preferably to Wi-Fi since it’s faster than most Wi-Fi connections.

  • Omar

    How can you people be proud about abusing their data plan? It’s self-entitled people like you, who hinder our beloved T-Mobile’s progress. IM PROUD to say I have the 20 dollar android preferred 5gig, and STILL use wifi when I can, to free up the network for those who don’t abuse a great service that tmobile offers.

    • What a load of BS. You’re going to try to make people feel guilty for using a service they paid for? It’s called supply and demand economics. They charge a price, you pay the price, you get what is entitled to you. There is no “abuse” when you’re using a service you pay for. If the load on their networks was higher than they could handle, they would change the pricing structure to reflect (if they could with the competitive pressures), or they would upgrade their networks, or do a combination of the both. Market economics, learn it.

      • Omar

        You obviously know nothing about the engineering side of things. There’s nothing to debate with someone like you.

        • The “engineering side” impact has absolutely zero relevance to using a service you pay for. All of what you stated is factored into market prices, loads, demands, approximate percentages of high users, low users, etc, and most importantly staying competitive in a highly competitive market.

        • Omar

          Awesome. Thanks for the reply!

        • JBLmobileG1

          Omar…. sorry but I must agree with Chris. Tmobile offers the data teirs for a reason. You pay for what they give you as far as the high speed goes and while you still get unlimited you will eventually be on edge once you use up what you paid for. After that hitting anything that will break Tmobile is nearly impossible. I can understand your point of view if your tethering without paying the extra fee which ALL carriers have but as far as using up your data Tmobile had it planned out a head of time. I pay $60 a month just for data so you bet that I try to use all 10gb before it starts over the next month. What would be kinda cool if they would let your data rollover month to month…. then I would probably not try as much to get my money’s worth.

        • Omar

          I see no issue with people like you: ) Of course I’d try and use all 10 gigs if that’s what I was paying for. I’m talking about the people who have the android preferred for 20 bucks and use it as if they had the 35 dollar data plan.

    • scottyrob82

       Yes because people shouldn’t be allowed to use what they pay for dudly do good.  I’m already at 1.3 gigs and my next cycle starts next month.  Sure I use wi-fi when I can to preserve both my battery life and my data usage, but I’m gonna use what I pay for.  I bet your one of those people that do the sped limit or slower in the left lane just because YOU think you’re doing people a service by slowing people down when You are the one who’s actually creating more problems.  If more people keep talking like you prices are gonna go up and data caps are gonna go down with companies saying it’s to free up the network when in reality they’re just trying to nickel and dime their customers to make more money.  And I honestly doubt that by you not using their data network data is free flowing for everyone.

  • Omar, did you think about what you were typing BEFORE or AFTER you did it? How are people abusing what they are allowed to have???

    What you said makes no sense and sounds self righteous. If you feel you need to “free up the network”, that’s on you. Don’t try to impose your data usage philosophy on others.

  • cellularcrazy09

    I use about .5Gb, but I would use more if my iphone 4s didn’t say E…Can’t wait for the 1900Mhz to go live! 

    • Jarrod

      tunein radio does the trick for me.

    • conservative_motorcyclist

       I’ve been streaming SiriusXM for my commute over EDGE with my 3GS. Excellent sound quality, no buffering issues…T-Mobile’s towers around me consistently put out 236.8 kbit/s (the max for EDGE). The only time I can’t is when I hand off to our crappy in-building repeater…It cuts the speed in half…

  • American-style businesses tend to put their bottom-line before customer
    satisfaction, especially when the two are in conflict.  By opting out of
    the DropBox offer, American carriers can more easily convert consumers
    to the higher capacity 32gb and 64gb version of the S3 which would be
    less tempting for consumers if they were given 50gb of free cloud

    Europe and Canada based businesses will occasionally give customers more even if it means less $$ for them. 

    Another possibility is that Dropbox has good market penetration in the
    USA, but wants to promote its offering overseas and the free 50gb with
    the S3 is only worthwhile for Dropbox in the overseas markets.

    • Jarrod

      Europe yes, Canada???? No, they had worse pricing then us for data and even less competition because of only three nationwide carriers.

  • I miss that Android Preferred data plan. I just love having that extra bit of data even if I don’t really need it, something about having that safety net just in case. Anywho, I been using (Onavo Extend) which condenses data of certain apps, even thou my HTC One S says it’s using the most data itself (but the app says it’s just to condense data, which seems counter productive to me) & WiFi whenever I can (upgraded my home internet speed), & last month I only used 225MB’s. I guess I’m doing pretty good, & my One S averages 20Mbps :)


    i used over 30 GB’s last month, no throttling. i love my OG $5.99 data plan!!!


      BTW, that was on my rooted HTC One S