T-Mobile’s Father’s Day Sale Is A Go, Carly Orders You Down To T-Mobile Stores

Just a quick reminder for all you deal-hunting folks that T-Mobile’s Father’s Day sale officially kicked off this morning with ALL 4G smartphones and select broadband devices free with qualifying plans. This offer is good for both new and eligible existing customers, receiving their devices for free after a mail-in rebate. All offers require a new two-year contract on any qualifying unlimited Classic plan or $0.00 down payment after mail-in rebate when signing up for any qualifying Unlimited Value plan.

We’ve got a full price breakdown in the image below showing off expected up-front payments for both Classic and Value plans, as well as the anticipated mail-in rebate and net cost of $0.00.

T-Mobile’s Father’s Day promotion runs today, June 15th through tomorrow, June 16th at participating T-Mobile retail stores nationwide.

You can always take advantage of the offer on T-Mobile’s website as well at their special promotional page found at the link below:


You can also check out the full press release here for all the necessary terms and conditions.

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  • None of the T-mobile ads indicate that this sale is only for Unlimited plans. It’s either false advertising, or your information is not correct… any idea which it is?

    • Just went in to a company-owned T-Mobile store yesterday (pre-sale for existing out of contract customers).  All phones except the HTC One S and the Galaxy S II require  2gig unlimited (text, minutes,  2gig data)  The aforementioned phones require the Unlimited 5 gig plans.  I was told that once you receive your rebate, you are free to drop down to fewer minutes, but must keep data for the balance of your contract.

      • Yes – there is nothing stopping you from doing this but be aware that often if you change your minutes you will be accepting a new 2 year agreement…

        • Guest

          you accept a new 2 year agreement with the upgrade anyways…

        • you probably have to extend your contract on all your lines like the $5 add a line promo too

      • Blaine

        if people have to get unlimited everything which is a much more expensive plan, you’re gonna have a lot of pissed customers leaving the store and saying ‘here they go again’

  • Lani

    “$0.00 down payment after mail-in rebate.”

    That’s a misleading TmobileUSA statement.  You have to pay first, so there is a down payment, then you will be reimbursed a month later in the mail with a Visa Gift Card only for the value of the mobile.  The rebate paid won’t include the activation fee and full retail taxes that you will pay out of pocket.  So technically TmobileUSA can not say Free-After-Rebate, and that’s probably why they didn’t.

    •  That too… but my issue with them not mentioning that you have to be on an Unlimited plan to even take advantage of this, so if TmoNews is correct about it being only for unlimited plans, T-mo’s going to have a lot of pissed off customers.

    • Bajamin

      It’s not misleading at all. THE PHONE is $0 AFTER REBATE. that explains the situation clearly. The activation fee is not a phone cost, it is an activation fee, which is something separate. This would be like you getting bent out of shape because they require web and charge for it. 

      This would only be misleading if they do not mention the MIR at all. But they do. 

    • MoronAbove

      Sounds like you can’t afford it so stop complaining

  • P T

    The terms & conditions refer to “unlimited” plans but do not define it any further than that. So it is unclear to me if the “unlimited” refers to ALL the plan buckets (voice, data, and text) or just to the data part.

    • smylax


    • Vim

      Pretty much all the data plans are called “unlimited” these days, and that creates a lot of confusion, particularly if you don’t know you have a soft cap or what it’s set to.  Basically, to take advantage of this promotion, you need:

      1) Unlimited Voice Minutes
      2) “Unlimited” Data with a soft cap of 5GB or greater.

      Last I checked, a text plan (unlimited or otherwise) wasn’t required to get the rebate. 

  • Customer187

    I have a Classic Plan, unlimited data and text, but with a limited amount of minutes. Does this mean I’m excluded from this sale unless I change my minute plan to unlimited? Or do I get to benefit someway somehow from this sale but not for a “free phone”?

    • To take advantage of the sale you need to have unlimited minutes.

      …even if that means dropping down after you get your rebate, but I will warn you doing so will most likely result in another contract extension. Generally any time you change your minutes you have to accept a contract extension…

      • Customer187

        Thanks, but just to be clear, you already extend your contract by 2 years by taking advantage of the offer. Your point is that when you go unlimited everything and want to revert back to limited minutes that 2-year extension restarts? Not a big deal, but something we should be aware of.

        If I don’t want to increase minutes, do I get to benefit from this sale, perhaps not a “free” phone but at least a good deal, particularly those customers out of contract?


        • Not that I’m aware of – no. It’s unlimited or nothing.

    • Davidtheprof

       one rep told me that I needed unlimited minutes, another that I need a 5GB monthly plan (and showed me the written guidelines for the 5GB). Either way, this is another $40-45 a month (3 lines on the plan).
      whatever you are told online or in a store, the rebate won’t happen if you don’t meet the criteria…

    • Davidtheprof

       one rep told me that I needed unlimited minutes, another that I need a 5GB monthly plan (and showed me the written guidelines for the 5GB). Either way, this is another $40-45 a month (3 lines on the plan).
      whatever you are told online or in a store, the rebate won’t happen if you don’t meet the criteria…

  • just an fyi to clear up confusion …

    “The promotion states customers must be on an unlimited Plan (individual or family), but how about the add-a-lines? Do they also have to be unlimited or can they be the 500 minute add-ons for either $10 or $5?”

    All account lines, including add-a-lines must be on an unlimited rate plan. (T-mobile)

    • Bajamin

      customers must be on an unlimited Plan”

      If they are on a 500 min plan then that would not be unlimited. 

  • I think ‘Unlimited” refers to a plan with unlimited voice minutes.

  • sparced

    Any upgrade deals for people on voice only family plans? don’t need data right now.

    • smylax

      Basic flip/messaging phones will be normal price, won’t get back any rebates though.

    • Xavier

       that Best Buy deal for the HTC one S and the GSIII is good for upgrades, regardless of what type of plan i think.

      i’m going there today to upgrade my lines there, picking up the HTC One S for $100 and gettin a Sensation for free and gonna find out if i can reserve the SGIII there…i got three lines…gonna upgrade em all!

    • Xavier

       !!!! in response to my response below…unless the phone you pick (at best buy) requires data, then you don’t have to buy data….that’s why a rep at the store told me via phone.

  • I have an Ever More Plus plan with “unlimited” data. Do you think I can bargain a similarly priced plan ($69) with less minutes but with a 2-year contract and a new phone? I’m thinking of calling them to see if I can do that but I thought I’d ask here

    • smylax

      No. This deal requires a Classic or Value plan with unlimited minutes… Sorry. You could do a limited minute plan, but it would not qualify for this promo.

    • Xavier

       he told me “minutes gotta be unlimited”  : (

      i have a 3000 minute plan….with unlimited data and text….but nope…minutes gotta be…UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (GOKU STATUS) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • just switch to unlimited its the same price as the 3k minutes

      • just switch to unlimited its the same price as the 3k minutes

    • Steele Phoenix

      Posted this up thread. I just got off the phone with customer loyalty.  They gave us the
      upgrade with our old plan without going to the current Value Plan
      options.  We get our new phones Monday.  We have a family plan, don’t know the official name, but it is 600 mins talk with 5 GB data and unlimited texting.  Plan was from 4 years ago.

    • Matlock

      you can do it on Even more plus, it has to be on a Classic plan or a Value plan! 

  • Xavier

    Not to rain in parades…but I called Tmo and confirmed….

    You definitely have to have unlimited minutes in your plan/unlimited plan basically….and yea, you can switch to an unlimited while your in store try to get the deal…and after you get your rebate…you can switch back

    talk about work…lol

    Dave posted the Best Buy promo going on.  From what I’ve gathered there are no restrictions on the type of plan you have…and it’s upgrade friendly ($18 dollar fee, not $36..just incase)

    I know there gonna do BOGO during back to school period…they gotta get ready for whatever next big thing coming – Sept – Dec…and the GSIII and Note (hopefully) will have already been released.

  • Arnie McKinnis

    I still don’t know who’s teaching math in this country, but $0 should mean that.  But of course it doesn’t.  I have to pay sales tax on the cost of the phone – and there is also any type of “interest” I might have in my checking account or if I use a credit card to finance, then finance charges.  To me, $0 means just that, I walk in, no money changes hands, I walk out with a new phone.  Also, I don’t care if it’s “a small amount” – it’s still not ZERO.  All companies that use this tactic are misleading their customers – and of course, those that buy into this are only helping to justify these programs.

    • they are doing this to prevent resales because you have to wait up to 12 weeks to get the rebate and when the process your rebate if your device is not active on a line on your account the rebate is declined and your stuck paying $350ish for that “free” one s

      • bogartofelcajon

        So what’s the (dis)advantage to them if you resell your phone? They already got you for 2 years. I doesn’t change on their end. I don’t get it.

        • Needspeed64

          early termination fee is only $200.  So if you resell your phone for more than $200, then you can game the system.

        • bogartofelcajon

          Aha! You guys are right. I bow down. Although, still the same ones you get the rebate. But I understand you will be reselling a used phone this time.
          Still sucks though for people like me who just wants to resell, to get a better/suitable phone (like in this case the S III or the Note, which is coming out later).

        • Primus42

          It’s more to stop those thieves that would activate lines sell the phones and never ever pay the bill just let it go to collections…the company would be out tons of money if they just handed the phone over more people than you think would do it if e just handed then over

        • Suckaduck

          Yeah you know those Asians in NY who constantly rip off all the carriers

        • Needspeed64

          early termination fee is only $200.  So if you resell your phone for more than $200, then you can game the system.

        • exeot

          tmobile doesn’t want to people to make money by playing the system since we have a $200 termination fee instead of $400 like the other carriers. In other words, people try to do it and resell or get a cheap no contract highend phone. it prevents doing that.

        • exeot

          tmobile doesn’t want to people to make money by playing the system since we have a $200 termination fee instead of $400 like the other carriers. In other words, people try to do it and resell or get a cheap no contract highend phone. it prevents doing that.

        • BM1

          With bad business strategies such as this, no wonder T-Mobile continues to loose contract based customers!

    • Theaboveposterisanidiot

      Sounds like you are very poor with your finances and now you want to turn around and somehow blame it on the company.

    • Duh

      Hmmm… not sure how it is surprising to have to pay sales tax. Unless you are lucky enough to live in a place that doesn’t charge it, EVERY purchase requires it

    • TMoCustomer

      See again your a being a spoiled brat..  Your getting a discounted price already then you get it back as a rebate which equals free.  Then you complain about the sales tax.  Try living in CA where you pay for the sales tax on the retail price of anything.  LOL

  • K0246945

    To the editor: QUIT PUSHING RETAIL.

    These same deals are on TMOBILE.COM!!!!!!!

    • Herb

      Some (most) people want their phones right away.

  • Arvin

    im selling my phones and moving on from t-mobile. After 10 years of loyalty t-moblile seems to think charging me 300 $ for a galaxy s II ( GALAXY S 2 NOT EVEN 3 )after a full 2 year contract extension is acceptable. F U tmobile im done. 

    • Gizmo


    • Dumbazz

      What are you selling I might be interested…..

    • Aben

      Umm and you get that money back idiot. So basically your saying when Verizon, ATT, Sprint etc… quit giving you free stuff because they don’t respect your “loyalty” you will be without a phone. So soon we don’t want to hear from you because you should be without a phone soon. God, you morons irritate me. So your saying that because, for example, you fill your car up at Chevron for 30 years you are entitled to free gas. Or when you visit wal mart 2 times a month for 20 years they should give you free groceries. Think about what your saying.

    • guidomus_maximus

      I’ve been a loyal customer of my electric company for 10 years and I wanted them to give me a free hot water heater.  They said ‘we can’t give way hot water heaters’.  How rude!  I’ve moving on.  Natural gas for me from now on! 

    • Fredomfighter

      You probably are trying to upgrade early which means yeah your going to pay more.  You can sign a new 2 year contract all you want but if you upgrade a 6 months to a year ago then yeah you will pay a higher price because its based off the last time you upgraded.  See this is the problem with TMO’s customers.  Gimme Gimme

  • Loyal_Ladii

    in order to receive the “free” phone as a current customer you have to have an unlimited plan.. not an ‘old plan’ like a LOYALTY unlimited family plan – but a new plan like the unlimited family plan. so because i am a LOYAL t-mobile customer (since 2007) my dad is ineligible for a free upgrade unless i switch my plan! wow. 

    • Steele Phoenix

       I just got off the phone with customer loyalty.  They gave us the upgrade with our old plan without going to the current Value Plan options.  We get our new phones Monday.

    • Vim

      Tell them you want to talk to the retentions (aka customer loyalty) department.  They’ll set you up.  It’s because of crap like this that I greatly prefer dealing with retentions over customer service.  If it weren’t for them I’d no longer be a T-Mobile customer. 

      BTW, it’s not the customer service rep’s fault they don’t have the power to help your or that an insane amount of pressure is placed on them to meet several metrics that have little to do with making we the customers happy.  Nevertheless, I’ve learned to dislike dealing with them over the last year or two.  What T-Mobile doesn’t seem to realize is that most angry customers don’t call to terminate their service, so they never get routed to retention reps who actually have the power to help. Instead angry customers simply sign up with another carrier who then handles the cancelling for them. 

  • Keep

    Screw it. Think its time to pay 20 more bucks and head to Verizon. They are getting the gs3 also.

    • Hans

      OK Princess

    • BadTmobileBad

      I will be leaving also after being with Tmobile for 6 years. I love Tmobile and their service and price, but I was recently at a Tmobile store and the gentleman that i had approached to have help me was very rude to me and was more into whatever he was  on his phone then to help me and make some money. He must have already met his quota for the week, month, or day because he sure did not want to help me at all. I normally do my transaction online and since i was already at the mall there was a Tmobile store there so i decided to do it there. My very first time going to a Tmobile store to do anything related to my account and it was a very bad experience to end my contract and pay the extra cost to go elsewhere.

      • GwapoAko

        Just call retention department :0)

        • Taron19119

          if i call the retention department  well they let me use my upgrade one month early

        • Fredomfighter

          Yeah just dont be a douche about it unless you upgrade early all the time

      • Dumbazz

        Really? Seriously?
        1 employee makes you drop your service and deal with establishing service elsewhere?
        I don’t think anyone could live up to your level of perfection

        • BM1

          Are you a T-Mobile shill/plant or just a childish moron with nothing better to do?  Obviously your username reflects your level of intelligence!

        •  Aren’t they suppose to?

      • WhinyCustomersCanPeaceOut

        Us reps do have to answer phones too. Its part of the job. Some customer’s will talk to you like you are just manning the phones. Everyone wants everything now now now. 

    • cellularcrazy09

      If you think its only going to be 20 more bucks with Verizon you are sadly mistaken.  Good luck with the overage fees, the never-the-same bills from month to month, the “we are the best network and we know it” attitude from the reps and the sales associates, and the over priced phones that get discounted a month later…don’t believe me…look at the motorola razr.  It was out at $299 for a month before it went down to $199 when the razr maxx came out.  I am so glad I left the world’s greediest company!

    • Seriously…

      Read the news lately.  Go to Verizon and pay way more than $20 my man.  :(  That 20 bucks your talking about only covers the increase in cost for your data plan.

  • Bingo

    Like usual I see all the whiners are coming out of the woodwork to complain bitch and moan. Some of you need to get a friggin life

    • Keep

      Or you could whine about the whiners.. that’s smart.


    Almost picked up an HTC One S today but when they started to ring it up and said I needed to move up from the 2 GB plan to unlimited – I just said no thanks and walked out.  The sales rep said “here we go again” – as if they had seen this happen many times today already.   I won’t whine and complain – but it’s just not a good enough deal for me.  For someone already on unlimited data – I suppose it could be a good deal.

    • Bmoten63

      Same here. I just decided to wait for s3

    • Steven

      I picked up 2 of the One S earlier this week for $50 each after  $50 mail in rebates and only needed the 2gb data plan. Once I saw the free deal was gonna require at least 5gb, we pulled the trigger on that sale. Plus it’s only $100 we are out waiting for on the mail in rebates.

    • Herb

       Once you get the rebate you can back off to 2GB again, spending MAYBE $30 extra for two months of 5GB. The 5GB just needs to be there so you qualify for the rebate.

  • Dumbazz

    Did some of you just wake up to the fact that ALL COMPANIES have stipulations when they GIVE YOU FREE $HIT! 
    I love TMONEWS when these sales happen because the amount of cry babies is simply AWESOME! 
    It’s obvious 90% of these whiners can’t afford service anyway or should be buying less expensive phones and spending less on their phone service. 
    All of a sudden though it’s T-Mobile’s problem because you can’t handle stipulations. The other funny thing is these whiners always want the highest of high-end phones

    • Fredomfighter

      No people just want everything including paying their bills for them and paying them to have service.  T-Mo’s mistake was lowering their credit standards to get more customers…lower credit rating equals a bunch of customers calling in wanting credits and stuff for free all the time to help pay their bill.  Not many customer left that actually call in with real problems anymore.


    No – the real whiners are the ones who are duped into buying something too expensive and then complaining all the time about how much their phone cost and the monthly bill.  I hear it all the time at work. Just don’t do it – walk away if the deal isn’t good enough.  That’s the real message.

    • chum lee

       Exactly. I get this all the time for AT&T and Verizon customers. They want to switch, badly, but are stuck in super expensive contracts with them.

  • BoogalooBenny

    Can people stop using the “I’m a loyal customer” line. You are NOT loyal, but rather a long-term T Mobile customer. You’re “loyalty” is not because you love T Mobile, but rather the prices you pay for the service you get. I’m a long-term customer of TMO (10 years) and it grinds my ears when I hear people whine about how they are so loyal, that if they do not get what they want, when they want it and for free mind you, that they are going to jump ship (Sprint, Verizone, ATT) and pay more for the same service or even less.

    • Herb

       Willing to leave in the blink of an eye…. now THAT’S loyalty!

    • Rudeboyruntings

      Thank you! if you’re a loyal customer with your ban do they give you free money? NO! that line kills me.

    • Fredomfighter

      Wow as I rep I commend you and please call in and get me on the line.  I will hook you up for not being like most T-Mo customers.  Thank you for your comment.  One day when tmobile is gone people will miss paying way less for what they will get with Verizon and ATT

      • Vim

        You sound pessimistic regarding T-Mobile’s future.   Given that you’re a T-Mobile employee, that’s rather saddening.

  • BoogalooBenny

    * Verizon

  • Im_a_loyal_customer

    Dumped the GS2 because of the lag on the ICS update and grabbed an HTC One S…night and day ICS. The HTC One S is rock solid!

  • Blaine

    I honestly don’t know what goes on at Tmo Marketing.  The only reason I know about this sale is because I glanced at this site.  I have the TV on a lot in background and have not seen one ad about this sale.  Andmostly don’t understand why TMO doesnt send a free email or better yet, text, to ALL of its customers about these promotions.  I get stupid texts about silly stuff all the time – many late – and don’t understand why they don’t at least try to communicate with their existing customers – esp when hundreds of thousands are leaving every quarter and a free phone could be enough incentive for many of them to stay.  I still believe Tmo needs a management overhaul including all marketing, advertising, PR people…We actually have discussions about Tmo as case studies of poor marketing in our account group

    • Aaron Tant

      the commercials have been running… guess you’ve not been on the “right” channels.

      •  Well actually most of the T-mobile commercials I seen is Carly riding a stupid bike bashing AT&T and the iphone

    • Grammatica di Polizia

       Hmm… not sure what YOU are watching, but I saw on TV two national ads for the sale. And what stuck out is the announcer guy kept repeating “every phone free” and something like if you want the best phone we have, it is free.

      I think they were 15 second spots, but very effective, IMO.

      • Honestly, I didn’t see anything about the sale either, other than the TV spot I posted, I didn’t see anything at all. I heard there was something played during the last basketball game, but that’s it.

    • Luvu4ever

      Some customer who where eligible got either the presale or the actual event sms and emails.  If your a customer who calls all the time, asks for too many credits or exchanges every phones that t-mobile sends they you didnt get the message.

  • Bkidko

    $200 down and $20/month for GS2. One week before GS3 comes out?! I guess you do get the $200 back in 3months, but it is still kind of a crappy incentive to lock into a 2 year contract.

    What happens if you lose, break or decide to buy another phone out of pocket before you get you rebate back? Do they make you get insurance?

  • Taron19119

    Expandif i call the retention department well they let me use my upgrade one month early

    • in2android

      Quite possible. In my opinion T-Mobile is pretty flexible & will generally be willing to help you out if your friendly & have been w/ them for some time… They gave me an upgrade price when I asked once because my current device had a lot of defects..

  • Starattack

    So I got a question. I have a classic family plan that I opened with tmobile in october of 2011. It’s unlimited everything; minutes, text, and data, one line has 2gb and the other has 5gb. I initially got the Sensation but then returned it and got the Amaze when it was released, like a 1 to 2 week difference I can’t recall. But anyway, I want the One S. Do I qualify for this promotion? Would it be possible to buy the One S for the price that they are selling it for and then get a mail-in rebate of the amount that I paid for a total net cost of $0? Would it be like adding an additional line to the family plan? An extra $30 I think? Or is it JUST for customers who want to open up a new account? If I am not eligible for this promotion, how can I go about to get the promotion nonetheless? i.e get the One S for basically $0. Any answers would be very helpful!

    • Starattack

       Sorry, it was actually more than just 1 question lol. Also, if I did get the One S with this promotion, can I just take out the sim card of my Amaze and place it on the One S? This way the One S takes the place of the Amaze in the account. And let’s say i didn’t have to pay anything. Would this be possible? lol

      • Sigmacrash13

        I think the new One S has a micro sim card which Idk if the Amaze uses the same sim card, I know most.phones don’t have the new micro sim card like the One S and won’t be able to use your regular aim card with it

    • LC

      You wouldn’t be eligible on either of the lines you activated back in October, because they wouldn’t have the necessary tenure. However, you could activate a third line on the account, but it would also need to have unlimited minutes and the 5GB data while you waited for the rebate to process.

      In order to qualify for the rebate, you would need to use the the phone number/SIM in the One S a few times before you moved the phone over to your line, so it shows activity with that device on the new number. Other than that, once you get the rebate you can drop the third line down to 500 minutes and the 2GB data, bringing that line’s total to $30 a month.

  • Andrew Brown

    I went to my local T-mobile store so my mom could check out the Nokia Lumia 710. She has never used Windows Phone before and absolutely LOATHES android. We walked into the store and moved to the display, and lo and behold, the display is broken. The screen was cracked somehow. We slowly started to realize that ALL of the display phones were broken. I mean seriously, WTF T-Mobile? This is supposed to be a major sale and none of your phones work. We wound up driving 30 minutes to another store that was packed out, but she left with the Lumia, and she loves it.

    • chum lee

       Sounds like a poorly run store with an awful manager, not T-Mobile as a whole. All of our displays are in perfect working order and if one breaks….we will be taking care of it ASAP.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      Maybe T-Mobile has concluded what most carriers have figured out, good customer service no longer matters. To be sure, if they are all lousy, then it is not a factor in getting and keeping customers. Perhaps your mom’s situation exemplifies the typical T-Mobile customer.

      You saw that all the store display phones were broken. Did you take your business elsewhere? No. Instead you drove 30 minutes to another T-Mobile store and bought a  T-Mobile  product there. And I assume your mom entered into a 24 month contract. That means your mom drove 30 minutes to give T-Mobile $2,000 to $2,500.

      If I was T-Mobile I’d conclude that professional and competent CSRs, clean stores, and customer service awards don’t factor into operating a wireless business. Employees simply need to be order takers, as if at Denny’s.

      • Verizon+

        The CSRs are competent they probably just didnt give you what you wanted.  I dont even work for t-mobile but Verizon and I gotta tell you. You T-mobile customers whine and cry over more crap than any Verizon customers.  Try getting a credit from me or any other Verizon reps…they laugh in your face. 

  • C#Programmer

    From my personal experience, T-Mobile customer service is horrible. I used to be a sales rep and later worked for corporate processing commissions and applying internal sales contests. I’ve never experienced or witnessed as many issues as I do now with T-Mobile. Not only have I talked to untrained reps over the phone, the companies sales strategies such as raising the prices is just a complete horrible approach. Can anyone say customer retention? No wonder they are no longer a major carrier. But then again, it appears everyone has forgotten what quality customer service is.

    • guidomus_maximus

      I there is any dept at T-Mobile that’s F’d up, its the sales commissios processing.  Although its been better lately for some reason.

    • TMoNewsRulz

      So your the reason contests suck and sales rep in the stores add features without telling the customer.  Ohh wait and when the reps in the stores do that crap the customer service agents have to deal with it.  So watch how you blame that customer service is horrible as a whole and remember customer service has to deal with a bunch of crap from EVERY department then have to deal with crappy customers who want everything for free or wants to be eligible for everything every day.  Not all customers are like that but most that call in are.  

  • mreveryphone

    So the fathers Day Sale isn’t good on Fathers Day??

    • Guest

      I thought that was kind of odd as well.

  • Timmy

    They was charging us about $1500 smh..

    • Timmy

      And then apparently my parents went through with it too. I would have never done this. Time to look for a new carrier. 

  • Charles Robison

    Ordered a One S yesterday and got a notification at 3 AM this morning that the unit is back-ordered.  One more sale day to go and they’re already out of units?  Wow…either the sale is going well or they under estimated the demand.  Fine by me as long as it comes.  This deal is way to good to pass up.

    • AndrewSingleton

      they always underestimate the demand for sales like this. theyre a glutton for upgrades

  • tmo#1

    Called tmo last night to give this deal a shot and they upgraded me to the htc one s at no cost and no rebates! best of all I still had another year on my contract and the rep also lowered my bill by $10 a month. I’ve been with tmo for 5 years

    • They upgraded at no cost? That kinda seems strange to me because I upgraded my phone to god awful windows phone ( Won’t that mistake again) I had to pay 200.

    • Jason

      I have gotten any phone I wanted for free with my last two upgrades by calling in or waiting for them to call me.  I called yesterday and asked for the One S for free without the rebate.  I was put on hold for 5 minutes because the girl did not know what to do and hung up after 5 minutes. Called back and was dropped twice while another girl tried to transfer me to sales.  All of the people I spoke to sounded like they were from another country and were on script.  Finallly gave up after 4 or 5 attempts.  Is there a number where I can call somebody in the US who has the autority to upgrade without putting me on hold to ask somebody else.

    • CDOgg

      I would call back and ask if you have to do the rebate to make sure.  TMO didnt offer a no rebate option this time.  That goes for everyone that states they are not going to hve to do the rebate.  

  • tommy

    Got my One S at the store and it seems OK except with my old eyes I wish I had got an S2.  $50 restocking fee. All in all my phone really impresses the industrial designers.  Is still hard to type on it. HTC is very cool but I want a bigger screen. And 2GB seems like a worthy cause too.

    • tmo-manager

       If your eyes are that old then going from a 4.3″ screen to 4.52″ screen wont help.

  • kris

    I went to get the Htc One yesterday.. They wanted to bump up my plan from 2gb to the 5gb one to get this deal which would habve cost me $15 per month etc. . So after giving me a $200 dollar discount they wanted to get $300+ on the upgrade contract rate.. I said thank u and walked out. 

    • tommy

       At the store they told me that 5GB plan was for the rebate. After you get your rebate you just change back to 2GB or whatever you’d like. So you pay for the 5GB until you get your rebate.

    • AndrewSingleton

      you could have signed up and switched back to the 2GB plan once your rebate came in the mail. would have cost you an extra $15-30

    • Cdogg


  • Rudeboyruntings

    Ok, so you want a high end device, your data plan will be bumped up! This is what you do, get the device e.g the one S or SGS2 and once you receive your rebate go into the store closest to you and have your data plan dropped to the 2GB plan. Easy. As far as ordering phones online, your best bet is to go into a store and pick up a phone unless you can’t make it into the store then order online. T- Mo needs to streamline their inventory so people don’t get upset when a phone ends up being on back order. 

  • Tomnewtn

    No way.

  • AndrewSingleton

    anyone work at tmo? how was the reception this weekend?

  • tommy

    Their rebate submission website has been down all weekend. When you submit your information which takes a half hour to collect and type in, it is broken.

  • Self

    after receiving rebate, can I switch to 200 mb data plan? and switch to 500 minutes plan?   If not, what are the minimum requirement?

    • Cashman

      yes you can and you can switch your rate plan

  • Customerservice

    All of you that are saying you got an offer for a high end smartphone like the SG2, Amaze or HTC S One for free without having to do the rebate you need to call and ask if there is memos indicating you dont have to do a rebate or that there is a callback set up on your account.  Not being a jerk or anything but  there was no free smartphones without a rebate offer for this promotion.  You will be doing yourself a favor by calling and making sure or your going to get a surprise later.  There are some sites that are closing in a week and sounds like they may have been saying whatever..just giving you a heads up.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      Your warning is spot on. I have seen many complaints over the years, including in here, that people were promised a deal by T-Mobile, and later the bill reflected something totally different. And T-Mobile is notorious for its rebate dishonesty.

      A ways back I signed up for T-Mobile’s Hotspot Home service, or whatever it was called. I got it because the CSR on the phone said after rebate the router was free  All I had to do was pay $50 for the router and I would get the rebate. Later what I got instead of a check was a postcard that said “You did not get a rebate because the device did not qualify for it.”

      I was busy with other matters so I did not bother chasing it down. But T-Mobile’s rejection did not make sense since the CSR said I would get  the rebate, and the rebate form I filled out was inside the router package T-Mobile sent.

      Because of company dishonesty with rebates many states have laws regulating rebates. And because I have been ripped off with rebates over the years, I won’t bother with MIR. So rebates have the opposite effect on me, I steer clear of anything advertised with a MIR.

      • getinmypocketSGS3

        I got lucky with MIR. After getting my sgs2 5 months ago for $120 via cs without MIR I mailed it anyway and received $50 GC.

  • tommy

    Has anyone been successful applying for the Rebate Online? Or, is it necessary to use ‘snail mail’?