Will Samsung Renew Focus On Bada At The Expense Of Android?

I have to preface this story and say that we are really taking some liberty with the new Samsung Electronics’ CEO comments as he calls for the company to redouble focus on its BADA software, hinting at a possible move to build up their own proprietary system. Which has us asking, what about Android? Android’s meteoric rise has helped pushed Samsung to very top of the smartphone sales charts and is something that the company can’t ignore, even if they wish to redouble focus on Bada.

In the eyes of Samsung however, a completely integrated product would allow the company to exert greater control over every detail of the device, a method that has worked very well for Apple, but not so much for RIM. Furthermore, tight control over their own platform would remove Samsung’s dependency on outside companies pushing out the latest software. Samsung clearly has the clout and the muscle to go down the Apple route and take full control of the entire build process, even as RIM, Palm (HP) and Nokia struggle with their own proprietary software.

Another suggestion is that Samsung will do more to further differentiate its Android devices from the competition, perhaps moving even further away from the stock Android user experience. Unfortunately, many Android fans prefer the “stock” experience which leaves Android in its original state shipped from Google.

While Samsung certainly has all the power it needs to go down the Apple road of pushing their own software, the real questions are whether they really want to, need to or should. Samsung is making money hand over fist now riding on the current wave of Android success, do they really want to mess with success?


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