Will Samsung Renew Focus On Bada At The Expense Of Android?

I have to preface this story and say that we are really taking some liberty with the new Samsung Electronics’ CEO comments as he calls for the company to redouble focus on its BADA software, hinting at a possible move to build up their own proprietary system. Which has us asking, what about Android? Android’s meteoric rise has helped pushed Samsung to very top of the smartphone sales charts and is something that the company can’t ignore, even if they wish to redouble focus on Bada.

In the eyes of Samsung however, a completely integrated product would allow the company to exert greater control over every detail of the device, a method that has worked very well for Apple, but not so much for RIM. Furthermore, tight control over their own platform would remove Samsung’s dependency on outside companies pushing out the latest software. Samsung clearly has the clout and the muscle to go down the Apple route and take full control of the entire build process, even as RIM, Palm (HP) and Nokia struggle with their own proprietary software.

Another suggestion is that Samsung will do more to further differentiate its Android devices from the competition, perhaps moving even further away from the stock Android user experience. Unfortunately, many Android fans prefer the “stock” experience which leaves Android in its original state shipped from Google.

While Samsung certainly has all the power it needs to go down the Apple road of pushing their own software, the real questions are whether they really want to, need to or should. Samsung is making money hand over fist now riding on the current wave of Android success, do they really want to mess with success?


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  • Zeipi

    If it aint broke, don’t fix it .

    • Tortionist

      That’s exactly what my parents have taught me. I’ve seen several successful companies go against that advice and pay dearly for doing so. why fix something that’s not broke, or better yet. Why bite the hand that feeds you? That’s not a good idea.

      • cellularcrazy09

        I think RIM had the same idea about the blackberry…

    • troll

      says the owner of the corner VHS rental store

  • 30014

    If Samsung chooses wrong they could very well end up like rim. Android has taken Samsung to it’s position on the top of the smartphone market not the other way around.

    • Mike Leverton

      exactly! I love Samsung, I own multiple appliances,tvs, home theater and cell phone(s) BUT I’m not sure I’d appreciate Samsung less Android depsite the fact Samsung has “added” to the android experience. I agree with your statement whole heartidly.


      That’s what I think they are starting to think, they think they made Android, they were shit in this market before android. Samsung already has to fire this new CEO

  • Hamster

    What a about Tizen?

    • Bruce Banner

      What about it?

  • whosaidwhat

    I wonder if CNET read the original source (the wall street journal). I don’t have a subscription to read the full article but this was a snippet from the article posted by android central:

    “A particular focus must be given to serving new customer experience and
    value by strengthening soft capabilities in software, user experience,
    design, and solutions.”

    I don’t see any mention of Bada. They could easily be talking about Touchwiz. With the way Microsoft is struggling to make a dent in the smartphone market, Samsung will be wise to stick with what’s working. 

  • fixxmyhead

    most prefer stock but i love my touchwiz.

    • None

      Not sure if that is true.  I see enough giant clocks to infer that people do enjoy some skins.

  • Exibitman

    I like to.try badas

  • Jaime Laigo


  • Saxrebel

    Yeah, unless they open source the UI, or allow some type of modding community, I doubt I’d use it.  They would also have to have a pretty big app selection from the jump, because I like the 100 of apps I used..  coupled with the fact that I HAVE put money into the play store, all makes me think twice about leaving.

  • MarcusDW

    Hey guys check this app out.  It does the “Pop up Play” that is found in the Galaxy S III and it works the same way.  Should run on any phone. 

  • Mattcat03

    In the short term, this would be a costly for Samsung if they detour away from Android OS.  However, in the long run, if they are able to run existing apps on the Android Market using their platform (which I doubt) it could be something but the risks would outweigh the payoff. 

  • SnakeEyez

    Stupid move if Samsung does decide to go back to bada OS. Android is the reason why they have been so successful and to turn their back on it is a costly mistake they will undoubtedly learn.

  • Nick

    why improve an old OS when you can just skin the crap out of Android?

  • swehes

    I would like to see them focus on Tizen with Intel. That will be a sweet combination.

  • JBLmobileG1

    The only reason I could see Samsung possibly moving back to their own O/S is if Google starts to charge a royalty to use Android. Maybe they are thinking way into the future and figure nows the time to work on our own o/s as a backup. Personally I think if thats the case and their reasoning then they are greedy. Perhaps they feel they want to try their shot at Android which would be a dumb move considering Android made their cellular business what it is today. Hopefully they listen to the consumer and realize we enjoy Android and perfer Stock over a bloated O/S.

  • Enoel69

    I am no expert but the main reason Samsung has seen such explosion in sales is because of Android. It will be a big and costly mistake if they think the Bada OS will be able to deliver sale numbers as with Android. So many can’t even stand Touchwiz as it is now…the only reason many Can put up with it is because of Android. They better stick with the only cash cow OS besides iOS

    • Aaron

      So many can’t even stand Touchwiz as it is now” – we represent a tiny fraction of consumers.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Bada has already been stated by Samsung to become fused within Tizen.

    Samsung have been using Android for the longest and now it’s time for them to put that money towarda Tizen.

    Intel and Samsung backing Tizen along with a host of 3rd party manufacturers will be great. I can’t wait until the first Tizen Device comes out. I’m jumping ship immediately. :-)

    • Jizz

      Without some kind of ecosystem to pull consumers in and keep them entrenched, tizen has no chance to succeed. But good luck with it all the same.

  • I think you guys are looking at it wrong. I think Sammy is getting a big head and thinks that they are being limited by Android and that by launching their own OS (along with own FB clone, see the article last week) that they have a chance to be the next apple (as really thats their goal). Samsung has put in a TON of time and money into making its self as the iPhone alternative. For the first time in history the GSIII might have a launch large enough to look similar to a iPhone launch. They have developed a TON of brand equity in the market which equates to people knowing thier devices as a Galaxy device vs a android device. 99% of people on this site and other blogs are not your AVERAGE consumer. We are all excited by specs, and features and like to mod our phones. The other 99% just buy phones and use it. Of that 99%, 95% couldn’t tell you what OS is on their phone and Samsung knows this. They also know that they are the largest vendor of android devices and if they pulled the plug it would put a huge dent in Android market share over time. All these facts actually give them a fighting chance to go solo, and currently Google is doing nothing to protect their selves. 

    If they dont go with a full blown separate OS, my bet is they will do something like Amazon did with the Kindle Fire and use Android but make it so custom it looks like their own OS and open their own app store, again cutting out Google. 

    • Bruce Banner

      I’m not understanding your logic. If samsung pulls the plug they’ll hurt themselves more than they would android. The other manufacturers would just pick up sammy’s slack. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t know that the galaxy line is all Android. Don’t fool yourself and think that the galaxy line would be even remotely successful with any other os running on it. Tizen? No. WP7? No. WebOs? No. It’s a 2 horse race for the foreseeable future. Accept it and move on.

      • Aaron

        His logic is very easy to understand. A lot of smart people are saying exactly what he is saying. Samsung has experience building OS’s and already has their own app store. In fact, on XDA they had ads for a developer competition with HUGE cash prizes for whoever gets the most downloads for a tablet or Galaxy Note specific app. 

        I do not think they will just drop Android in an instant. But as the poster has said, they have done a very good job of branding themselves in the smartphone market. Let’s sit back and see what happens.

        • SomeDude

          Yes, let’s sit back and watch Samsung fail miserably with bada. Bada is best left for their feature phones. It’s all about android and ios in the smartphone market.

  • Johnny Brown

    I could see Samsung doing something like this.. The Galaxy S line is the King of Android and as a company, they are the closest to maching Apple at it’s game… Of course if they go this route, I hope they don’t full on drop Android… They should start by relasing a BADA device in tandum with their flagship device just to test the waters to see how well it performs and slowly intergrate it into the Galaxy S.

    I also like the idea below about going the Amazon route. Android funtionality underneath but so radically different, it’s almost like it’s own OS.. Though I don’t see any scenario like this happening anytime soon. Samsug is making too much money off Android. That and it seems like they are fully backing the developer community by releasing source code and whatnot.. Though what do I know?.. LOL

    Slighty off topic… but kind of related, when in the heck are we going to find out the price of the T-Moblie GSIII? Unless I missed it somewhere, did your trusty ninjas share anything with you, David?

    • Jason

      GSIII price is still not known by us reps. I don’t know what the deal is, they are keeping it under wraps pretty well.

      • Johnny Brown

        Tell me about it… but thanks!!! I’m buying regardless, but it’s one of those things that fall in the “nice to know” category… Hopefully it’s not too much of a sticker shock.

      • chum lee

         they actually quitely put it on community a few days ago, in the price cards.

  • Mark Williams

    Boring…this would only open the door for another Android vendor to take control and Samsung going the route of RIM and HP!

  • This is so stupid, I love ANDROID not bada, if samsung were to switch to their own os, BYE BYE sammy, I’ll switch to HTC so got damn fast….They want to be too much like iphone, using the physical home button and crap like that, if apple never had a physical home button I don’t think they would have one either. If I wanted a iphone I would buy one but I do not want that glassy, 3.5 inch, boring as* phone

  • The_Guest_Who

    I think we’re missing the point here.  Re-doubling efforts on Bada means that Samsung is looking to push a smartphone-like experience further into the developing markets on low-end devices.  Android on a low-end phone is a miserable experience; in contrast, Bada is very lightweight and runs a similar TouchWiz skin.  By getting the cheaper low-end Bada devices to people who would normally by a simple feature phone, they’re seeding the market for future higher-end sales.

    Android on Samsung hardware isn’t going away… if anything, this is a great hedge bet in case something catastrophic does happen in the Android ecosystem (such as patent/license issues, unfair Motorola competition, etc.).  Tizen is shaping up to be what MeeGo was supposed to be, and Samsung will have presence in multiple tiers – Bada in the low-end, Tizen for the mid to high, and Android on top.  This was Nokia’s strategy until they fumbled (S40/Asha, Symbian, MeeGo), and was RIM’s success in hardware a few years ago (Pearl, Curve, Bold).

  • Danvincent82

    Sounds like Samsung is getting a big head, most people with galaxy phones that I know root them or download a launcher to get rid of the touchwhiz, I like their hardware, but their software is crap

  • chum lee

    Whelp, do that, and i’ll be buying HTC.

  • swift11

    idiotic article: Samsung’s CEO didn’t even mention Bada …

  • Why waste their time on another software when Android is free. Not only is it free but it comes with all the bells and whistles. They would be fools to drop a software that has pushed this company to the leading phone distributor in the world. Does not make any sense at all. Do not stop this rolling machine, they are the talk of the smartphone world with the best product, Android with ICS. All the smartphones were behind Apple just a few years ago, right now Apple is 2nd behind Android and the leading distributor of Android and all phones right now is Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S3 IMO is the best smartphone in the world. It has it all, looks, specs and software. Thank You Samsung and Google.

    • swift11

      “why waste their time” Simple, really: giants like Samsung can’t depend on something they don’t fully control. That’s why they have invested in their version of Linux (Tizen) for years. It’s not about Samsung btw: just check the Tizen Association …

  • Osasco

    Right. The Koreans got in trouble copping from Apple. Now, they will copy from Google. They have to know that in this side of the plannet, we do things right and not copping other people’s work. I see us back to Blackberry, Motorolla and Apple in 5 years when we all realize that Samsung is not the great guys we think today.