Nokia Lumia 710 Tango Software Update Coming June 20th

Lumia 710 owners take not, come June 20th you’ll want to be on the lookout for the Windows Phone *Tango* update. Windows Phone update 7.10.8773 brings a host of improvements and additions that are definitely worth the upgrade. Users will be notified through push notifications sent from Microsoft informing them the update is available through the Zune software.

  • Internet sharing enabled
  • Resolves keyboard disappearing randomly
  • Resolves unlock screen getting stuck
  • Improvements to uplink speed
  • Improvements to camera quality
  • Improvements to proximité sensor
  • Improvements to software stability

A side note here as the image tells us that Microsoft is responsible for pushing this update and that T-Mobile has no control over who gets the update and when. In other words, if you don’t see the update within a few days, calling T-Mobile will be futile.

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  • None

    I do not understand how tmobile can sell a phone with a contract and then say they not be responsible in some way for the update if there are issues.  You may not owe me the latest, greatest, software gadget or “improvements”, but YOU DO owe me error-related updates like “Resolves unlock screen getting stuck”

    • tmorep

      Same way that carriers are not responsible for Iphone updates. Microsoft has control over the software, I wish Android would get there too.

      • Jamille Browne

        I don’t wish that because that means every device would be essentially the same like a windows phone or an iPhone the gets called new every year without design change. Every device has its own tune to it some are more optimized than others and present different feels and features.

    • rschauby

      This view is the exact reason phone updates suck now. Remove carrier branding and naming from all phones and help educate people about manufacturers.

      • UMA_Fan

        This is funnily enough very true today.  Carrier branding on smart phones probably causes more negatives than positives for the operator because when people have perceived issues with phones they blame the operator, not the manufacturer.

        • None

          It is not a “percieved issue” when the lock screen does not work. 

      • None

        If I had a path to nokia, samsung, or whatever brand,  I would take that.  But since we do not, who else do we turn to but the carrier?

  • cprigge

    This “supposedly” fixed the top 6 problems I currently have with my phone. 

    Hopefully t-mobile pushes it out fast. 

    • Jose Hernandez

      Did you read the post? T-Mobile is not pushing this update, Microsoft is. T-Mobile will have nothing to do with this update going out. 

      • None

        And it Microsoft doesn’t push it to you, don’t bother calling TMO.  It is not their problem (apparently)!!

      • cprigge

        I did misread it, thanks for letting me know. 

        Now what i don’t understand is that if Tmobile had no say in delivering it, why didn’t microsoft push out the updates that fixed most of these problems earlier, like the Radar got. 

  • eric42

    I can’t wait!  I have exactly four issues with my phone:
    1) Disappearing keyboard
    2) No Wifi hotspot
    3) Poor photo quality (especially when using any level of zoom)
    4) Not enough storage

    Looks like this update could address #1-3.  I won’t wait for a software update to help with #4 ;-)

      – Eric

    • Jamille Browne

      Don’t expect the update to help number 2 either unless of course you are looking to pay a fee. 

      • cheaplikeafox

        well you don’t have to pay a fee for the t-mobile radar or the HD7 so I wouldn’t expect you would need to pay it for the nokia 710 but i may be wrong

      • Guest

        Because, you will have to pay extra for any additional services like WIFI HOTSPOT. Remember T-Mobile is a SERVICE PROVIDER. Just like DirecTV, if you want service for you other TV you will need to pay more.

        • Guest

          On T-Mo with any windows device, tethering is free…

  • Me

    FINALLY! My mother has a SIM PIN set and she just asked me why her phone randomly says “Enter PIN code” — I told her the phone reboots on its own sometimes but that there’s a software update coming. I’m glad it’s coming finally. I’ve been waiting since I got her the phone in January! My Radar 4G got its update a long time ago.

    • Jamille Browne

      You do know a software update isn’t going to solve that right? She has to take it to t-mobile.

      • Guest

        No she needs to fix her own problem by removing the sim pin.

  • cheaplikeafox
    • Foxeh

      I was going to come here just to post that, but you already had it taken care of.

      This is good news, though, as I do need Internet Sharing every now and again and I gave my beloved G2 to my dad for Father’s Day. I just couldn’t bare to see him stuck with that Motorola Cliq any longer. :S

  • Crickets over here… No update yet. I keep checking Zune and zilch :( 

  • Mchang40

    I have not received this update yet. Using Lumia 710 on T-Mobile in NY.

  • MrLouisDay629

    Here is the info to get update, it must be done before August 1st!

  • Riopato

    It’s july 16 now! Where’s the fucking update!

  • Mchang40

    It’s July 19th 2012 and I finally received the Update for my Nokia Lumia 710.  Using Tmobile in White Plains NY. WiFi Hotspot Internet Sharing works perfect!  Got a download speed of 4mbps.  Same as what I get on the phone.   Now I’m not jealous of my friends that have Android.

  • July 19/2012 11:11pm and still NO FU****G update for me!!! AHHRGGG!!!!

    • Ryaoni_2000

       I still haven’t received it either.

  • Purplemac

    Connect the phone to the zunes it should show up that you can update it. My sister got the pop up for the update on her phone and than I decided to check on the rest of the family’s phones. I was able to update all 5.