T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Network Takes On LTE In PC Mag’s Latest Speed Tests

Well, well, well — yet another piece of news that shows T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps network holds its own against the likes of Verizon’s LTE network. This new study, courtesy of PC Mag, shows that not only does T-Mobile hold its own, “It’s really fast, covers a lot of the country and is inexpensive.” In fact, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps network bested Verizon’s LTE network in 11 cities and outside of cities, it “blew away other 3G networks.”

So, while T-Mobile may “need” a LTE network for spectrum and at some point, marketing purposes, their current HSPA+ network is nothing to sneer at the competition should take note. Verizon may have been the key winner in the full PC Mag study, that’s only because Verizon had the best combination of download and upload speeds, not that it wasn’t outperformed in a some locations.

The bottom line is that T-Mobile’s network was a pretty consistent finisher in this study and while Verizon’s often takes the top spot as the nations most reliable carrier, they aren’t necessarily the only one capable of putting forth a shining effort. In fact, T-Mobile took the top spot in the North Central, South Central and Southwest regions, which includes much of the Midwest and Southeast parts of the US, besting the competition by a mile. T-Mobile often doubled the average download speeds of its next-closest competitor, AT&T in the North and South Central regions.

You can read the full set of speed tests results over at PC Mag, or check out T-Mobile’s un-official statement below.

PC Mag


T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Takes On LTE

First, PC World found that download speeds on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network rivals competitors’ LTE networks. Shortly thereafter, RootMetricsreleased their study which showcases T-Mobile’s network as ‘upper tier’ alongside Verizon and AT&T’s LTE networks.

And Today, PC Magazine released its annual “Fastest Mobile Networks 2012” study once again showing T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network performs strongly against competitors’ LTE networks.

T-Mobile beats Verizon LTE download speeds in over one-third of the cities studied, PC Magazine found, and provides the strongest rural/suburban 4G coverage. PC Magazine found T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network to get faster download speeds than Verizon LTE in Boston, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Jacksonville, Chicago, New York, Salt Lake City, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and Tucson, with overall download speeds averaging 6.84 Mbps. PC Magazine also commends T-Mobile for having the most expansive rural/suburban coverage, which is a compilation of aggregated results collected outside of market boundaries.

Overall, Verizon came in first with AT&T and T-Mobile, second and third respectively, following closely behind. AT&T’s LTE network won in download speeds in almost all of the 20 cities where it is available today, which is likely due to its current unloaded LTE network. However, its drop in upload speeds significantly hurt its final scores.

MetroPCS and Sprint once again fought for last place, not winning any category or market during the study.

Many recent studies focus on which carrier has the fastest network, but one theme is present in each: T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is competitive today. And customers’ experiences will get even better with the company’s modernization efforts this year. With the combination of LTE and the already competitive HSPA+42 experience, T-Mobile is positioned to deliver a leading 4G service in the U.S. market for years to come.

*PC Magazines testing was conducted in 30 cities across the United States, using eight dual-core Android 2.3 phones. The tests centered on network speed and reliability, with speed accounting for 60% and reliability accounting for 40% of the score.

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      wow nice you found the pice!

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        Yes, that is true but you have to check your work for quality and not just be so quick to throw stories up otherwise its gonna bite him in the butt like now. This may not be an english class but proof reading is important.

        • I missed one letter, mistakes happen, let’s not be dramatic over a missing letter.

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          P.S. I make mistakes too

        • I just had to mention it, everyone else above started the drama. A simple fix to what I said could have been: ” thanks for the catching that, it will be fixed.” Done. Didn’t have to become all defensive!!!!
          P.S. I make mistakes too

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      • This is a common problem on all blogs across all topics, everyone want’s to be the grammar police. I missed a letter, I put it in. Problem solved. People make such drama over grammar issues.

  • Now this deserves a round of applause for T-Mobile. 4G vs 4G, not 4G vs. 3G. 

    • Jamille Browne

      Considering that initially HSPA was considered 3G this is STILL amazing in that right. the technology completely destroys the 3G tech that it was originally considered and now on the way to destroying the 4G network its considered.

  • Jmotley69

    Good stuff T-Mobile, now weres the pricing for the galaxy s 3?????

  • Guest

    Thats pretty awesome! Why is Tmobile being so hush hush about the price of the SGS3?

    • Jmotley69

      Probably cause there going to charge more then all the other carriers…

      • Jmotley69

        Or there trying to squeeze every penny they can out of the GS2,either way I’m going in to work late Thursday morning so I can get that thing in my possession asap,lol. But yea there silence on pricing is a bit annoying…

        • Arvin

          T-mobile is gonna raise prices on phones for sure. Amazon wireless does not allow tmoble upgrades and new contracts anymore…. you can bet tmoble has something to do with that. 

        • Jamille Browne

          Says who?

        • Dave Lima

           I am doing the same thing. I have an appointment and I am going to call the boss letting know that the appointment is running late

      • Edy6401

        kind of scare that you will be right.

      • Jamille Browne

        False… GSM phones are completely cheaper than CDMA and LTE…. I have never seen a gsm phone whose unlocked price was more than a cdma or LTE of course speaking of feature for feature.

        • 21stNow

           But, we are discussing carrier phones.  Compare the price of T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Bold 9900 to Verizon Wireless’s BlackBerry Bold 9930 (both subsidized and unsubsidized).

  • Coverage

    tmobile has horrible coverage are yo kidding me thats why they 33 millin customers?

  • T-Mobile really is doing well. I was testing my Galaxy Nexus the other day and was getting around 6mbs download while my friend was getting less than 1mbs with his Nexus S 4G on Sprint in the same location. With their upgraded LTE network rolling out next year, all T-Mobile will have to work on next is getting the network as large as possible. That would really give Verizon and Sprint some great competition from a full GSM network.

    • Jallesi

      How about someone checking latency? Even though a turtle can eventually move fast, doesn’t mean it moves fast enough not to get run over.

      • Jamille Browne

        Its not about how fast you start off, its how fast you finish. and last I checked 116 pretty god ping only matched by verizon who charges far more for their service anyways.

      • Ash

        What you want to use a mobile network to play online games? that’s the only thing latency will really make a difference.
        Other tasks, not so much.

        Just in case, I usually get between 90 something to about 150ms, if you really wanna know.

  • Guest


  • Coverage

    theres millions of people on verizon towers versus tmobile have a few ont here towers that why it beat verizon

    • Jamille Browne

      Excuses excuses don’t take your hatred here. Move on with your denial.. T-mobile has EVERYONE using their HSPA network Verizon has only so many actually utilizing their LTE. So your little complaint has big quirks in it… Sort of like Verizon’s network when it went out when it came out… Good ol reliable HSPA that DOESN’T suck your battery life in seconds, with LTE unless you have a huge battery good luck with having it on for even half the day lol 

      • guidomus_maximus

        Good point.  The verizon LTE is data only, so the phone has to run two radios at the same time, one for data and one for voice,  HSPA+ runs both voice and data at the same.   

    • guidomus_maximus

      You must be joking.  The reverse is true.  there’s hardly anyone on the LTE towers whereas T-mobile 4G and 3G run from the same tower radios.  There’s probably 15 million on the T-mobile towers

      • WW

        True.  All the not insignificant number of iPhone users aren’t sharing the LTE with (LTE) Android users.

  • Justin Sander

    I just remember everyone complaining about how Tmo were the last to market with 3G. Well, at least they are now gettingtheir money’s worth today.

  • Garet

      it “blew away other 3G networks.” OTHER 3G NETWORKS it was not up against the LTE of others.

    • Mark Williams

      Reading is fundamental ”
      T-Mobile beats Verizon LTE download speeds in over one-third of the cities studied, PC Magazine found, and provides the strongest rural/suburban 4G coverage. PC Magazine found T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network to get faster download speeds than Verizon LTE in Boston, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Jacksonville, Chicago, New York, Salt Lake City, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and Tucson, with overall download speeds averaging 6.84 Mbps.”  Need I say more???

      • Garet

         in about 1/3 which means in about 2/3 it doesn’t win I have T-mobile very happy with the speeds but the chart they show here is 3G and if you go to the PC mag site you will see they are close but do not match the top download speed of at&t or Verizon and sometimes they have a higher avg. I am leaving T-mobile for the fact with the speeds of all their 4G you hit your max way to fast I dont want to be throttled so I went to sprint and with the EVO 4g lte etc their LTE is not completely up but I have it in lots of spots in Hammond,In right outside of Chicago.

        • Moneyman

          I like that Sprint doesnt throttle their Wi-Max network and consistently ranks low in speed test but has been charging customers for 4G service. With their LTE being underway I expect it to be a better experience for customers. If I didnt have wifi at home i would probably have Sprint but its a smarter move to stay with tmobile for their 4G now and faster speeds later this year and next year. I also had bettee experiences with tmobile as opposed to sprint with phone exchanges. I get my phone next day without needing to wait while my phone gets repaired in store and it not work 2 weeks later. Then again, I would take advantage of unlimited mins but i get free calls at home using my wifi. So over 2 years ill save over $300 with tmobile and get decent service. Also when i add my second line ill save over $600.

    • Jamille Browne

      It was up against LTE.. How about reading past what you want to see? 

      • Garet

         How about you read the whole article yourself 1st Verizon 2nd AT&T 3 T-mobile. Blah Blah I have T-mobile and everyone I know who has verizon with lte kills the speeds I get with my galaxy s2 they get around 21 down everytime where I get anywhere from 1-18

        • Moneyman

          Verizon does kill their LTE speeds, especially when they charge for going over. It wont hurt to use your wifi at home and get 3-4 mbs less using tmobile thean pay $60 more to get an extra 3-4 mbs per second on a fractional Lte coverage.

  • haters on the rocks

    See there’s nothing wrong with hspa+ network it can evolve with the likes of lte but in my opinion I’ll stick with hspa+42 network. But everybody wants lte but doesn’t want to know hspa+ but on another note good job T-mobile

  • Coverage

    Tmobile will never win because they dont have enough coverage it ONLY works in huge major cites.

    • That’s actually not true. I live in Los Angeles, and like ALL other carriers, some parts of the city are much better than others.

      • Nick

        It’s true to the extent that T-Mobile networks isn’t as robust as say, Verizon or AT&T. T-Mobile really needs to finish converting it’s EDGE network to 3G. I find it ridiculous they still have areas with Edge data and even in extreme cases GPRS. I’m not talking about the sticks here. I’m talking about towns with at least 10k people. Small town, yes, but I think sometime in the last 1-2 years they should have been converted to a 3G network.

        • I run into this problem A LOT in various parts of Florida. I get kicked down to Edge all the damn time. When I do get HSPA+/4G it’s incredibly fast but there are a lot of times throughout the day where I’m on Edge. 

        • Ash

            “there are a lot of times throughout the day where I’m on Edge.”

          Calm down? :)

        • Moneyman

          same when i went to florida earlier this month but it was only in areas where there wasnt access to many landmarks. Overall, i had 4g in majority of the areas. i would grade my experience 9 out of 10. i was in jacksonville orlando and st. augustine.

        • Jarrod

          They are in the process of converting. When I went to Louisiana a few months ago most of my trip would have been GPRS, now it’s majority 3G and EDGE as fall back. The same could be said for Florida and Texas along with other areas.

        • Nick

          Well, that’s definitely good to hear. I’m also glad I got a normal human response from a nice person. Thanks!

    • guidomus_maximus

      Apparently you didn’t read the article.  The winner, by a huge margin, in rural areas was T-Mobile.

  • Nick

    Don’t care what PC Mag says. I’ll enjoy my LTE from Verizon. 15-20 mbps consistently. Even in Chicago it’s around 10 mpbs and about the lowest avg. I’ve seen are from some of the rural areas that have LTE. (Which T-Mobile around here sucks. You have Edge still in many areas just west of Chicago.)

    In reality these speed tests need to be broken down in a regional basis. Apps that are available on iOS and Android can show you what networks are capable of in your area. A magazine, telling me how good T-Mobile is in California, doesn’t do jack shit for 95% of everyone else.

    Also, I love T-Mobile and would love to be back in their arms. But they really only seem to care about major rural areas. Which I get from a business perspective. 

    • Ktwist

      No one gives a shit that you live in Northern Illinois and your Verizon LTE phone gets a measly 10 mbps in downtown Chicago. Stop trolling and when you can afford to live in downtown Chicago, maybe you will hit 22 mbps like i do on my Galaxy S II. I travel to major cities like San Francisco, LA, NewYork, Miami and San antonio and always have great coverage. I like how you theorize numbers like 95% but dont have a F!#$ clue what your talking about. Oh and there is nothing major about rural areas, thats why there called RURAL. I know you give credit that you would ” Luv to be back in Tmobiles arms” but no one is buying your bullshit. 

      I never post any hate talk on here but you sir can keep taking it in the A!# from Verizon all you want, doesn’t mean the rest of us are going too.

    • Dimartini72

      Nick, you’re crazy. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and get 18mbs to 22mbs download speeds on a regular basis. And average 4mbs upload speeds. Go ahead and keep telling yourself you’re not paying too much for service. I hope it makes you feel better. Meanwhile I’ll bank the cash I save a month and laugh at idiots like you.

      • Nick

        Wow, I don’t see the need to make it personal.

        • NickisFullofit

          It’s not personal, but you’re still full of shite. Oh and I love Verizon…. Bwahahaha

        • Nick

          I loves the intarwebs.

    • MK Terra

      In reality these speed tests need to be broken down in a regional basis. Apps that are available on iOS and Android can show you what networks are capable of in your area.”

      Uh, that’s exactly what PCMag did:

      Also see the longass table of contents in the right-hand column.

  • Mach03

    You have to take in account how many users were on there spectrum at te time of tests and since tmobile isn’t carrying true LTE devices, the tests aren’t accurate. It is a totally different story when users are on the network bogging down the speeds… Poorly taken tests to try to make T Mobile look better.

    • JayMo86

      Dude, the purpose of the test was to compare customer experience with HSPA+ vs. LTE. The amount of users on the spectrum during the tests for all carriers were made in the same markets at the same time of day. “Same Test Conditions = Fair Results” TMobile’s current lack of true LTE devices doesn’t take any value away from these tests

  • Blaine

    Why dont they promote this instead of stupid commercials comparing it to a 3G iphone. Get messaging right & consistent: A top tier experience..with latest devices & super speeds–at a value price. Come up with a slogan & push it across all platforms so Tmo =quality + value..A filet mignon at a burger price

  • Blaine

    Vz lost me with new share plans. ind 2g plan going from 70 to 100+fees..cant even consider them anymore+sadly att will follow..also too bad Dt stll cant work out an Apple deal that would include US

  • BigMixxx

    let’s see…the rant and Rave of Verizon…

    As my sister says… Verizon …. Premium Service at a Premium Price….

  • cutienoua

    I travel a lot so  I have 2 gb /month from Tmobile, 2gb/month from at&t and 5gb/month from verizon on mifi 4510 lte.
    I always prefer to use the mifi lte up to 40 Mbps down/ 20Mbps up.
    Unless I am in Hawaii where at&t was better.

  • Steve-O

    the little engine that could

  • Taron19119

    T-mobile is haveing a gs3 party all over the us https://intelligentreg.com/T-Mobile/NextBigThing/Reg/SelectLocation.htm

  • TMoFan

    People like to dump on T-Mobile, and the media ignores them (I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read where they only mention the top three carriers, sidelining TMo), but the truth is the network and its speeds are nothing to sneeze at. Bring on LTE rev 10!

    • Dumbazz

      cool! got a link to those articles where t mobile is sidelined ?

  • Exibitman

    I have tmobile’s hspA+ 42mbps were I live I can tell you its very fast on downloads but uploads arent as fast.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    As we march forward with Modernization, speeds will continue to increase as we upgrade our back haul to a bigger pipe. When 1900 HSPA+ gets lit up it will help even more. Although LTE is going to be a while Our HSPA+ network is keeping up with the big boys and when LTE does launch it will surpass them. Then we will finally be able to concentrate on expanding our coverage again and we will rise to the top. The AT&T deal held us back for a year. But we will be stronger in the end.

    • ChadBroChillz

      How is tmobile going to surpass them? I agree that tmobile hspa+ keeps up with lte speeds. I also think that tmobile would go hspa+84, but no chip manufacuter seems to want to support more than hspa21. . Heck we can’t even get the quad core gs3, because it supports 21 not 42. Qualcomm is the only one working on fast hspa+ in their chips.

      • TMOTECH

        Read my statement again. I said once LTE is launched. 

        You see T-Mobile is launching LTE with Release 10 modules. This means LTE advanced capabilities. At launch we will be at 72Mbps. At&t and Verizon launched with release 8 modules and a max of 50Mbps in most markets. They will need to replace all of their equipment to upgrade to LTE-A. We will not. We will only be limited by the backhaul we are willing to pay for. With the AT&T spectrum from the merger we will be able to expand to 100Mbps and eventually on out to 1Gbps. Meanwhile Big Blue and Red will be playing catch up. 

        That is how.

        • ChadBroChillz

          Verizon uses 20mhz of spectrum for their lte network in a 10×10 configuration. The theoretical max of 10mhz for the downlink In a 2×2 MIMO configuration is 72mbps. So unless they have shitty backhaul, they should be able to hit above 50, and I have read that during their lte trials, they got speeds in the 50s and 60s.

          You are correct that AT&T/Verizon will need to update hardware to get to lte advanced, but tmobile has not started lte deployment. Most likely tmobile and the rest will be on the same track with deploying lte advanced.

          From the 1Gbps tests I have seen. Nokia and ericsson have needed 60mhz of TD-lte along with an 8×8 antenna configuration to get to that speed. Td lte allows the unpaired spectrum to act as both downlink an uplink. I would assume with spectrum that is paired we would need close to 120mhz to replicate the speeds. I do not see any carrier hitting that speed. Clearwire has the spectrum, but horrible building propagation, plus it would take double the amount of towers sprint has to cover the us.

          Tmobile is not going to have a problem competing with the big two. Better rates, faster speeds, and better phone selection, but I do not think they will beat them in speed. Tmobile needs to focus on value.

        • TMO4EVA

          The network coverage is something I think that needs more attention.  Covering the spots where  2G/GPRS is all that is available should be the top priority along with LTE imo.  Speed is nothing if not available in the areas needed.  I think that 3G should be the lowest signal found in today’s mobile service market.  Anything less than 3G is all but useless nowadays, there should be NO areas with only GPRS speeds unless somewhere remote enough to be lucky to have ANY signal at all.   2G is not much better either.

          HSPA+ LTE whatever the service is, needs to be more abundant in coverage.  Tmobile also needs another phone to set the bar higher for the competition.  I personally am happy with the Tmobile device selection, but you could be offering more cutting edge devices than you are.  You need a phone that gives you an image like the EVO did for sprint, a phone that is ahead of the curve and competition.  Do not neglect QWERTY slider phone users, as they are an important group in the market.  Make a great 5 row GOOD keyboard phone from a reputable company such as HTC, with cutting edge specs and hardware (don’t gimp it like they did the G2.) 

           Increase BOTH coverage and speed, and keep your same values and affordability(fantastic valued pricing as always) and you will be looking down at the competition in a matter of a few years.  Tmobile stands to be the best carrier on the planet if you play your cards right, so far it seems like you are.  I only hope they do not repeat the same mistakes that were made in the past.

  • Kevev

    If the test were to be done in San Antonio Texas, T-Mobile would have lost. This seems to be the only area in Texas that has terrible signal and constantly stalling data transfers, and full signal loss(tower crash). It has been like this since they rolled out 3G UMTS. T-Mobile has been aware of this and acknowledged it since rolling out UMTS in the G1 days. Also the towers are very few and far inbetween in San Antonio compared to the other carriers. This makes no sense compared to other big Texas cities. My guess is either the City is preventing more tower roll outs for T-Mobile specifically, or T-Mobile is just being cheap here. Please forgive my rant. —14 year T-Mobile Customer.

    • We did, in fact, test in San Antonio. Here are our results for that city: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2405626,00.asp

  • tommy

    Does anyone here have a good grasp of connection speed? It seems HSPA+ is fast once connected but making connections is very slow compared to LTE. Comment?


      This is due to latency. LTE is way more efficient and uses a wider carrier so the latency better. We are around 80mS and LTE can be as good as 5mS. 

  • K0246945

    A major problem with Android phOnes on TMO network is maintaining a signal.

    Constantly having to manually switch my networks between WCDMA, Auto, and GSM is a headache.

    And by the way.. You can have 100mbps BUT

    It depends on how busy the downloading server is

  • Spanky

    T-Mobile leaves the competition in the dust in the Midwest….now, how about fixing up the data issues in Brooklyn, NY, where my neighborhood can hardly get 0.5 Mbps down?

    • tommy

       A big problem with HSPA+ is penetrating walls, buildings, etc.  This is a big reason why LTE is better, it penetrates better. TMO’s HSPA has many dead spots where you walk 10 feet to get back your signal.

      • Kevev

         That is not an HSPA+ issue. It is the 2100Mhz band issue. Frequency is too high. It would have been better if T-Mobile had enough 1700Mhz spectrum to run HSPA+ on that instead.

        • TMOTECH

          You are partially correct. We do run 1700Mhz on our up link. Only the down link is 2100 Mhz. It is engineered this way so the handset that only puts out .8 watts of power can talk back to the Base Station that is putting out 40 watts of power. 

        • Kevev

           Thank You for the info. I was under the impression that the uplink was 2100 and downlink(from tower) was 1700. The other way makes more sense for better battery life.

        • Actually, it takes more energy to transmit low frequencies. Shocked to hear that 1700 MHz is the uplink.

        • Joel9799

          Hey tmotech this is prob off topic but u seem to have a good idea of whats going on. I was curious if u know or could find out if tmo is putting any coverage up north of old town maine? Not a ton of people up that way but there are other towers they could put equipment on. Would love to have tmo service again

      • TMOTECH

        It is frequencies. At&t and Verizon are using 700 MHz and 850 MHZ for their LTE right now so it penetrates better. Has nothing to do with the system. 

      • Spanky

        Unfortunately, building penetration (or lack thereof) is not the issue in my case. I can be standing outside in the middle of the street and have the same problem. Last August, when this started happening, T-Mobile acknowledged that there’s a problem with the T1 cables at my local cell site. It’s been nearly a year, and nothing has been done.

      • Spanky

        Unfortunately, building penetration (or lack thereof) is not the issue in my case. I can be standing outside in the middle of the street and have the same problem. Last August, when this started happening, T-Mobile acknowledged that there’s a problem with the T1 cables at my local cell site. It’s been nearly a year, and nothing has been done.

  • Beejay

    Really wish they would come to the Midwest specifically the Kansas City Metro area…not much speed in this area at all. 

    • T-Mobile is spectrum-limited in KC right now and stuck on HSPA+ 21. They’re getting “break-up fee” spectrum in KC, though, so that will let them upgrade the area. Here’s our page on KC: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2405614,00.asp

  • in2android

    I love my T-Mobile,i hope when they get the 1900mhz rolling & eventually LTE, that they don’t start changing everything such as sharing data plans, pushing ppl out of grandfathered plans etc.. we’ve been with T-Mobile just shy of a decade, and I really believe they’re the future carrier!

  • 21stNow

    I’ve got to see these results.  Granted, I only have a 21Mbps device on T-Mobile, but the top that I have seen is 7 Mbps.  Meanwhile, I can pull 20-30 Mbps on AT&T’s LTE and around 10 Mbps on VZW’s LTE.  This is in Maryland.

    • ChadBroChillz

      I have used two different 14.4 tmobile devices( g2 an mytouch4g) and I got speeds in the 6-9 range. Even before the upgrade to 42, I was getting 5-7mbps.

      You should be getting faster than I did.

    • nyuhsuk

      This goes to show you how spotty our coverage is, even in the DC metro area (I dunno if you’re here too). However, I can say that traveling around the beltway, I have seen download speeds up to 2MB+ in some areas while downloading files. That’s roughly 16Mbps. But on average, I’d have to say that in my Gaithersburg area, I average roughly 10Mbps wih my Amaze.

      • 21stNow

         Yes, Prince George’s and southern Montgomery Counties.

        • nyuhsuk

          Ugh… Pretty Ghetto County and Booniesville.  Probably the reason why it’s slower. The Montgomery County/NOVA side is better equipped I think.  Still, 7Mbps is not slow  :O)  w00t T-Mobile.

        • 21stNow

           No need to hate on Prince George’s County.  And Silver Spring is hardly “Booniesville”.

  • mrsbelpit

    Glad to see T-Mobile poking at AT&T again.  What a relief that the deal fell through.

  • Btw, I have a HTC One S, & I went 2 cities over from where I stay & got 21Mbps download & 3.7Mbps upload

  • XxArchangel01xX

    I’ve had Tmobile for 5+ years and have lived n Northern, Central, and Southwest Virginia, if I get reception on my phone it is nothing short than a miracle to me. The majority of the time I do have reception outside of my home it has to be connected to a Wifi network because it’ll fluctuate from its max at 4g to zilch, nadda, nothing at all. Inside my home (and I’ve lived in apartments and houses, top floors and basements) I’ll have to connect to Wifi in order to have reception at all. I like my Tmobile phone and the customer service is second to none, so if they could just continue working on providing their best services to every area where they heavily advertise I’d be as sound as a pound. 

  • NardVa

    I laugh at people that pay alot of money for Verizon and AT&T when Tmobile is good in their area. I always go the cheaper route if services are comparable. 

  • macman37

    For all of us who want T-Mobile to be an official carrier/seller for the next iPhone, let’s just hope that T-Mobile gets too content with these great results to the point where the results don’t slow down their transition to 4G LTE.  The chipset in the next iPhone, the Qualcomm MDM9615, supports 4G LTE; and Apple is looking for carriers that already have 4G LTE networks up and running.  Who knows?; if T-Mobile can get the same number of LTE markets that AT&T had when the new iPad {aka “iPad 3} was announced/released, the better chances for T-Mobile.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that AT&T only had about 35 markets at that time.

    • Tyijkykttyk

      how come cricket gets an iphone, and in some markets the iphone cant be used at all. even virgin mobile. and sprint gets it but no real fast network, and when the next iphone comes out they will be stuck on 3g

  • UlyssesGhost

    It really depends a lot on where you are.  When I am in Chicago, it is blazing fast.  In the suburbs, it varies from edge to 3g to 4g depending on location.  In some areas you get GPRS.   The problem I have is that their 4g is not consistent.

  • UlyssesGhost

     :)  Some of us can afford to live in Downtown Chicago, but choose not too.  I am happy for you that you get such great speed there.  Unfortunately in the south suburbs and northwest Indiana, you get 3g to edge most of the time.  Hardly a rural areas and lots of people live there.  T-Mo needs to get a more consistent coverage and speed in areas out of the city.

  • AndrewfromCanogaPark

    I live in the San Fernando Valley here in Los Angeles. I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE with Verizon Wireless. I also have the Samsung Galaxy S II for T Mobile. Verizon’s LTE is a faster running network and more reliable.
    T Mobile does get fast at times. It is amazing how many times I will only have one to two bars of reception on my Nexus and it will work and stream video with no buffering.
    If T Mobile doesn’t have 4G, you lose your video and audio streaming ability meaning no Google Music, YouTube, SoundCloud or NetFlex. T Mobile does have a lot of 4G areas in Los Angeles, but they still have a lot of Edge and no coverage zones in Los Angeles too. I also have a Motorola Drod II with Verizon Wireless which is only a 3G phone. Unlike T MObile’s 3G, with Verizon Wireless I can stream video and audio in 3G on my Motorola Droid II, and Verizon Wirless has tons of 3G coverage.
    I would say T MObile’s 4G HSPA + 42 speeds is more like the speed of Verizon Wireless 3G. I have both Verizon Wireless and T Mobile. For T MObile I have had the My TOuch 4G, G2X, AMAZE, G2, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II. I know what I am talking about. The GS II on T MObile is by far the fastest T Mobile I have seen (haven’t seen the HTC One yet) and I wouldn’t say would I said if it wasn’t true. Verizon Wireless 3G is very close to being just as fast as T Mobile’s 4G HSPA + whatever number you want to through here. Verizon Wireless is obviously more money, but let’s keep things in perspective. I pay $50 more for the same plan on Verizon than with T Mobile. T Mobile does offer some incredible savings. T Mobile does have some flashy looking phones too with good camera and personal features.

    • Jim Jiang

      I can explain this, T-Mobile has its spectrum on 1700,1900 and 2100 mhz.spectrum, Verizion uses 700mhx, 850mhz and 1900mhz, and others (ithink) the ones listed i know fully 100%. The lower the frequency your network runs on, the better it can penetrate buildings, resulting the “dead spots, and 1-2 bar coverage”, Also, in the near future, there will be few “Edge: coverage zone for tmo. Most metropoitan areas should have hspa on all towers by 2013.

      • zeth006

         Looking forward to that, seriously.

    • David VanHouse

      ummm HSPA+42 is not equal to Verizon 3G. Since when can you hit 8+mbps with Verizon 3g? Perhaps the worst HSPA+42 connection would be equal to the best Verizon 3G connection but thats about it

  • EhWoL

         My 2 cents….I am currently a T-Mobile customer. I don’t consider myself a fanboy but I do recommend T-Mobile to friends and family if asked for my opinion.
          I live about 30 min to an hour from Atlanta on the west side(Would consider it suburbs) and with a crappy LG Optimus T(only 3G capable) I get between 3 and 4 Mbps dl, only 1-1.5 Mbps ul, and 85 – 250 ms ping(even in my basement in a room with no windows and inside the closet with the door shut.WiFi through my comcast cable internet is only around 7-8 Mbps dl , around 2Mbps ul and 50-100 ms ping, meaning T-mobile 3G is about half the speed of my home internet! Now this is just my experience in my location and the signal does jump around just like any other network. Also I could not say the same thing a year or two ago.     I can stream netflix and Hulu plus just fine even on 3G, almost never buffers mid stream and only buffers 5-10 seconds on start up and when I rw or ff.

         My question is When does the pissing contest end? There is no perfect carrier for anyone or everyone, imo it depends on your usage and where you live, work and play. One carrier my give you superb signal and speed at home but leave you high and dry at your job. Most all carriers in my area have acceptable service and speed when on or near major highways and cities. And what are you people doing that requires such massive bandwith??? At home you most likely have WiFi and if your place of business doesn’t offer WiFi why are you wasting the day away on your phone instead of wasting your day on your job responsibilities anyways ,lol? 

         Maybe I am just ignorant as to what you can or would do on your phone that would require more than what I currently have, web browsing,streaming video or music works fine on my speeds. Waiting 5-10 seconds on buffering or a image and animation heavy website to load is nothing even in today’s standards especially on a mobile device. Even tethering my laptop to my 3G connection is acceptable albeit noticeably slower than a wired connection.

         I also noticed many people posting about how this carrier or another does not throttle your throughput after you surpass your allotted data plan amount. I just finished researching plans for my mother to make the jump and move to a smartphone and in Atlanta I am 100% sure that T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Metro PCS ALL throttle your data after you surpass your plan, even “unlimited” plans. Things may differ in other parts of the U.S. but I suggest you go to your providers website and read the fine print in their Terms and Conditions and your User Agreement. No matter if you have 100 MB, 2 GB, 5GB, 10GB or any “unlimited” variant after you use your plan amount (whether that amount was used on 2G,3G,4G or LTE you are throttled down to dial up speed(50-250 Kbps) for the remainder of the month. to my knowledge NO COMPANY OFFERS TRULY UNLIMITED HIGH SPEED DATA. Hell even your home ISP such as Comcast/Xfinity can slow down your connection if they deem you use an “excessive” amount of bandwidth(at their discretion) and if you use more than 500GB of Bandwidth(including both ul and dl) on a personal account they will send you a warning, if you receive this warning 3 times in any 6 month period you are dropped and suspended from signing back up for either 2 or 3 years.
    ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT!!! Do not listen to or believe in store associates or live voice or text chat customer service reps, they are either trained to for lack of a better word to lie to you or most likely just horribly misinformed, If you have information that states otherwise please post it!

    • Andrew

      I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan on Verizon and hit about 20gb’s on LTE this month and my speeds have always been at 20-30mbps. So unless Verizon doesn’t throttle until you hit like 30gbs then I don’t think they do. You might be getting confused with their old policy in which they would throttle you at 5gbs but that was removed quite awhile ago.

  • Time is now

    I know how to save money and have an unlimited talk, text and data.  Also you can earn $20/month for every 3 people you refer.  If your interested let me know.

  • Rob Fagiano-Gleason

    ne one on tmobile in northern CA?

  • onebyone

    I love my new Solavei service through T-Mobile’s network. ($49) I hope T-Mobile owns verizon.

  • onebyone

    Solavei is going to Launch T-Mobile beyond verizon.

  • Guest

    Some the money their using to make their LTE network should go towards other things. I’m stuck on edge where I live (no I don’t have an iPhone, my phone does have 3G capabilities), while my friends are all LTE happy with Verizon and AT&T. They’re trying to get build a taller tower while ignoring the cracks at the bottom.

    They wonder why the company isn’t profitable. They spend time & money making things most people can’t even use (4G & LTE), so they just end up leaving.

  • jay

    I am satisfied with tmobile’s hspa+ network. The strangest thing happen last weekend, my phone(note 2) picked up a 4g lte signal. I took a screen shot, I wish I could share it here. I’m in chicago.