Google Says Nexus 4 Back In Stock At Noon Pacific Today, Also Back In Stock Through

Google just sent out emails indicating the Nexus 4 will resume sales today at U.S. noon Pacific time. That’s pretty much it, at noon pacific time you should have your F5 button ready and your credit card already logged into Google Play. We hope that this time around Google is prepared for another massive influx of would-be Nexus 4 buyers and can keep up their order process ensuring everyone who wants one, gets one.

As a secondary reminder for all you T-Mobile customers, the phone is now listed as back in stock on for $199.99 with a two-year agreement with Classic Plan.

Quick reminder that there are two versions of the Nexus 4 available through Google Play:

Better act fast today, before Google runs through their stock again and be sure to check our preview for early thoughts of the Nexus 4!

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  • BrianTessier

    I’ll be ordering it as soon as it goes up for sale =D

  • bradastan

    i’ll be ready, again. hopefully not a repeat of the last time.

  • jouy*

    Best phone ever. I’m ready with 2 computers using 50 Mbps -5ms ping- connection.

  • trjcasper

    Advise for Google Play shoppers. Set up your name, billing and shipping address and credit card info in Wallet/Checkout now. I was able to get mine at the 9 minute mark on the first batch. I think having this all set up in advance made my order process fater since I didn’t have to type it all out in the race against the clock. Good luck!

  • KNOWSmuch

    I was fortunate enough to get it on the first round. FYI, I purchased it at 11:30am EST on the 13th before the 12:00 EST sale time. I was getting a bunch of errors before it finally went through. This is the best phone I have owned so far. And a little hush hush hint, I am getting tethering for free :-)

    • me too ^_^ on the unlimited plan at that! #KickAss

      SN: I’ve had this phone since Friday and haven’t even tried the photosphere yet. Forgot all about it until I saw it in this page. LOL Shrugs

    • Thats why I bought this lol

  • ChokeAJoke

    Already have 2 nexus phones, What about the bumpers?

    • joemamma

      i made sure i got one when i ordered my nexus, it’s definitely a must buy!

  • 2dprasad

    12:00 PST means 2:00 PM CST, I am ready with my T1 connection.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Doing the happy dance!

  • Alex watch my email that came in and yes prder it 30 mins before and keep refreshing your page!

  • niididdy

    I’m happy it’s back. Which means based on another email i got yesterday mine grin 11/13 order will be shipped this week. Needy news ever.

  • Lordfinesse

    Just so everyone knows, it is a limit of 2 phones only. Hopefully this keeps the re-sellers away…

    • Who says resellers would only have 1 account and address?

      • AndroidProfit

        Ok smartass this will make it that much harder for them.

        • They probably already have alternate ones… that is if they are experience resellers which could be the case.

      • Guest911

        Useless comment as usual from you.

        • Because your comment was ooooooooooooh so so helpful right? yeah ok hypocrite whatever helps you sleep at night. Good for you bro, everybody give this guy a round of applause. Because you deserve it you really really do /s

    • archerian

      is that mentioned somewhere?

  • Is this going to be a complete mess again? I’m in a meeting at that time anyway. Google still hasn’t heard of preorders…

    • 21stNow

      Since it is already after the release date of the product, it would be too late for a “pre-order”. They are opening up ordering at 3:00PM. Everything has a start and end time so even if they did do a “pre-order”, someone would be in a meeting (or driving, sleeping, etc.) at the time that the website went live for it.

      • Perhaps not technically a preorder, but a order queue that would fulfill orders in the order they were put into the system. That would be better than a mad dash for the product in a short window.

  • James

    As a classic member eligible for an upgrade, I’m unable to upgrade to this phone (at any price). The phone doesn’t even show up in the list of phones to choose from. You can only get the Tmobile discount through tmobile if you add a new line or are a new customer.


    • Garrett

      Same here. However, I wouldn’t buy this phone through T-Mobile anyway since you can buy it off-contract for $350. I’ve been thinking about using my upgrade on a HTC 8X or some other future high-end WP8 device.

  • uteninja

    Will the t-mobile version be kept from doing free tethering or would I need to get the phone from Google to get that?

  • Wow, just testing the waters by trying to order a Nexus 7, just wanted to see how far I’d get. Still can’t proceed beyond the shopping cart, get the ajax popup message

    “Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later.”

    Doesn’t look good for the Nexus 4 later today. :-

  • BahamasGeek242

    Good luck to you all, the phone is awesome and a very nice upgrade from the Gnex. My favorite thing about the phone is the build quality over my old Gnex and second the camera is so much better

  • Andy Besselman

    Anyone else trying to upgrade on and the nexus 4 not showing up?

    • James

      You can’t use a phone upgrade on an existing line to get the Nexus 4. It can only be done through adding a line or as a new customer.

  • steveb944

    Damn it I wanted this to be my little secret when I got the email today. HAHA

  • Adi Ado

    Ohh man, I won’t be near my PC at 2pm CT. Will try to get it at 130pm or hopefully they are not sold out once I’m back.

    • redman12

      Don’t hold your breathe.

  • Jason Gordon

    I just called T-Mobile and they say it’s not in stock yet and not available. I’m not sure if this is just a run around they are telling existing customers, because it is available for new customers online. Frustrating….

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Sold out in less than 1 minute.

    • trjcasper

      F5 is your friend. It’s just like last time. Keep stabbing F5

      • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

        and I keep hitting F5. On the rare occasion when I get it in my cart, I get a demand error, and it’s pulled from my cart.

  • trjcasper

    And it’s 2:02 p.m. and it’s showing ships soon!

  • Lordfinesse

    i’m trying to order now. What a disaster.

    • Lordfinesse

      Tips to anyone, just keep refreshing your cart once its in there. then quickly check out.

      • SkippyFlipjack

        ..but as soon as you refresh your cart, the item is gone…

        • Lordfinesse

          when its says “due to high demand in yellow’ i kept hitting proceed or i would hit the cart itself. wish i remembered what i did to actually get the item processed.

  • 30 seconds after it posted and no Nexus…screw this.

  • MinionInNC

    WTF did they get in 3?????

  • loueradun

    Great… they were sold out within the 20 seconds it took me to try and place my order… Was refreshing the page up until 12 PM PST to make sure I was one of the first on this.

    • BrianTessier

      It’s letting me add to cart now, but says due to high demand it can’t complete the order. just keep trying

      • loueradun

        Having the same problem. Although now I’m having issues even getting the item to stay in my cart…. Guess I’ll keep trying for a bit longer.

  • Sold out within five minutes….

  • 2dprasad

    aleady 2:07 pm cst no luck yet…

  • YourDistantCousin

    It’s Official…I HATE GOOGLE!!! Tried to get one again, was promptly on time, and within 1 and half minutes after going on sale they were sold out!! Ridiculous!!

  • Andy Besselman

    what a joke that was

  • BrianTessier

    Tried to order it at 3:00 sharp, and there was an error due to high demand at checkout. Now it’s showing out of stock or it won’t add to cart. Anyone actually able to order it this time?

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      I had it in my cart, clicked the order, and it was removed from my cart.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    as much as I don’t like Ticketmaster, Google should partner with them to learn how to do high-volume ecommerce. What a joke. I’ve added the 16GB to my cart ten times, only to have it removed ten times.

  • Ha, yes, showed shipping soon for a few seconds, now Sold Out again. Really? Not another Google Fail??

  • Google didn’t learn from their first blunder…

  • Yoda

    Lol, showed in-stock at 12pm, clicked on buy at 12:01, told me it’s out of stock… sold out in 1 freaking minute

    • I literally had is in cart 20 seconds after and “failed due to high demand”

  • Ok, shipping soon again, but can’t get it in the CART, getting the “OOPS” error message. Please try again. :-

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    It pops in and out of stock. If you are luck enough to add it to your cart, you click purchase, then it gives you a message about demand, then REMOVES IT FROM YOUR CART! Morons!

  • 20 seconds after, no phone…such a JOKE

  • niididdy

    Already sold out…wow! Glad I was able to purchase on launch date.

  • 2dprasad

    Crap!! Sold Out in 10min. again.. ????

    • 10 seconds

    • Emily

      It showed 17 minutes on my end. Good thing my baby can wait until 2013 to get it.

  • Tim

    Yea turns out they werent ready….if anything could get me to switch platforms its a resentment against a company…..damn you Google we had a good thing going

  • Randy Reid

    horrible!! it was on sale for 2 seconds then in my cart then server problems!!!!

  • archerian

    ships in 4-5 weeks? what Google’s yet to place their order with LG and re-start their assembly lines?! :)

  • Google should change their motto from “Do No Evil” to “We can’t manage a product launch for jack s#!t”

  • It’s in my cart! But I can’t checkout!! :-

  • Cart now empty. That’s it, I’m packing it in. Nice work Google. :-

  • ChokeAJoke

    LMAO!, damn sold out in seconds, I think maybe it’s a sick joke by google or hackers are doing something to the site to buy up all the phones in order to resell them for profit, sometimes they do it on ticketmaster, you just keep getting errors. I just want the bumper for my nexus!

  • HeLLkAt31

    The 8gb and 16gb, sold out in less than 30mnts…

  • MinionInNC

    40 mins and I think its OUT for good again

  • r.s.

    I think im just going to give up and get a one s >.>

  • YourDistantCousin

    keep trying you guys. i just got through with an order for two a few minutes ago.

  • Update. Order just went in. Email confirmation arrived. Friend of mine also got the order window to pop up. Things might be getting better on Google’s end…

  • Justin

    Tried all damn day (and all day the last time). Just got confirmation for two 16GB phones! Holler



  • Got one 4 and a half hours after it started. Ordered the 8 gig, but it said 7-8 weeks to get it. I ordered the 16, and an hour later cancelled the 8. Weird since it was supposed to be gone at that point.

  • Alfredo

    I’m trying to buy the 16g from the Google Play Store, but every time I enter my address, it disappears, as if I never entered it. Any advice? I want this phone! Thanks.