Google’s Play Store Now Posts Public Reviews Using Your Google+ Name, Goodbye Trolls?

Google Play trolls should recognize their days are numbered as Google socializes comments by linking Play Store reviews to your Google+ account. This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as YouTube now asks if your comments can be posted using your Google+ name as well. Given that, this change doesn’t come as a huge surprise as Google continues to supercharge Google+ in any way that they can. The addition of Play Store reviews might force those who might otherwise ignore Google+ to start paying attention to their news feed.

I’m hopeful this will offer an overall better experience through the Play Store and through Google+ by association. Better download recommendations through family and friends is a great way to discover apps you might never have known about otherwise. The Android Play Store app has yet to enact these changes as of this writing, so if you’re looking for an opportunity to get some last-minute trolling in, now is your chance.

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  • There is always ways around trolling.

    • thepanttherlady

      Unfortunately, this is true. :/

      • AndroidProfit

        Ya because when you can’t handle disagreement it’s easy to label someone a troll. Cowards.

        • Robert, enough is enough, if you can’t play nice, you won’t be playing here at all. Get the big picture and understand that I have complete rights to remove you from the site for whatever reason I see fit. Your incessant need to pick fights with everyone is more than enough justification for me.

        • Bklynman

          I can play nice with panttherlady! I can make her purrrr! :-)

        • thepanttherlady


        • modernathletic

          Looks to me like Robert is just telling it like it is, Dave. You always had a problem with that, and I guess you still do. You pretend you are an intellectual, and then hide behind playing favorites. The same reasons it is ok for others to give their opinion, are the same reasons Robert can give his. Just cause you don’t like it, doesn’t mean the guy is picking fights. You know Dave, you are a real bitch. If you were a man you would leave this opinion up, but I’m sure you will take it down, because your priorities and your ego keep people that disagree with you from posting their opinions. And in deleting this post or Roberts, just prove my point that you are not a man, you are a punk bitch. ” mic drops :) “

        • Nobody has the right to be a dick on the internet, including you. *mic drop*

        • The Architect

          *and the audience (troll victims) goes wild with a standing ovation!!!*

  • Garrett

    This is a great idea. Of course there are ways around it, but it’s a step in the right direction.

  • psaux

    Another impact is that it’s bad for people who want to leave honest reviews without exposing PII. It’d definitely make me VERY hesitant to leave any review.

  • GS3

    i don’t have a google+ account, if i send a review it doesn’t show the name of the reviewer like it used, now it’s just the device you can see.. So i guess if you don’t have a google+ account you can still review with your gmail integrated to your device..

    or is google forcing us to use google+ in order to review? even if you write a review on desktop pc, you can still make a review with your gmail account right? something’s confusing to me.. i guess it’s just an option

    • steveb944

      I have the same question. I left Google+ a few months back. Would it still show my info? If so I am not posting any reviews anymore. Imagine the link between app used, email, account, etc. Hack anyone? No thanks

  • GS3

    oh wait.. is google+ automatically added to your gmail? like you don’t need to sign up ? just use your gmail to log in? LOL maybe i should find out ..

    • Josue

      before google plus existed it showed your gmail username (IE like my username here), now everytime you sign up for gmail a G+ profile is already set-up even tho you wont use G+, you didnt hear it from me lol

  • Aaron Peromsik

    Solves a big problem for developers: people who complain but don’t give enough detail to demonstrate how to reproduce a bug. Hopefully now a developer could start a conversation to find more details about the complaint, which increases the possibility that it could actually be fixed.

    • yizo

      Cant do that in a limited comment. I simply email the developer if I am trying to debug an app.

      • Aaron Peromsik

        Agreed, market comments are not the place for discussion, but if you have the commenter’s g+ ID, you can continue the discussion in g+. Sometimes it’s not even about a bug — a market commenter might say “your app is evil, won’t even let me delete an entry, 1 star,” and before now there was no way to respond “Please long-press the item and choose Delete from the context menu.”

  • aaronratner

    What an absurd move. I don’t need my boss to know what I think of the apparently I download or even what apps I’m downloading. No more reviews from me (yes, this is not my real name either).

    • AndroidProfit

      If it has come to the point where your boss has to follow you around the internet it sounds like your walking papers are coming soon.

  • AndroidProfit

    Bunch of gutless cowards who cry at simple disagreements by labeling people as trolls. You don’t have the balls to stand up for yourself so you label your opponent as a troll. It’s no wonder those under 25 have no debate skills whatsoever. They need their mommy and a box of tissue anytime they meet someone they disagree with.

  • Chris

    This is stupid. There’s a certain level of comfort in the anonymity of posting online. Find other ways to discourage trolling. I’d rather not have every person in the world know my name and be able to add me on fb/twitter/g+ or whatever else they can find with a google search of my name.

    Guess I won’t be writing any more reviews :/

  • Guest

    Tee hee hee

  • Guest

    Hmmm probably single for a reason

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    I still use a pseudonym, there are rules but you don’t have to use your real name on your google or plus account. it sucks they don’t give you much of an option (much like what they did with youtube) but people should learn to not be so out of pocket on the internet. have accountability and it will decrease problems I’m all for it. plus anything to help developers get honest reviews, hopefully they make more money

  • Nearmsp

    There are posts when I am happy to have my name, others probably not. Even Wall Street Journal recognizes that. When there are sensitive topics such as abortion etc., there is a choice for bloggers not to use their real name. Many a time, it is not appropriate to have a name associated with something. That said, I do not use Google account to blog anywhere. It should be the bloggers choosing not Google’s. I am fine for family and friends on Facebook or professional associates on linked-in to see my posts but not what I buy or comment on various forums.

  • TMOSince2003

    Lol, fewer shill reviews on TMO apps would be nice.

  • Ogman

    Yawn. Desperate Google trying to pump up a service that very few people have any interest in. Sad to see the once great company in such decline.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Thank god they should’ve done this long time ago. Enough already with this Internet troll tough guys who hide behind fake name and accounts. Even on this Site they need to crack down on the trolks. Mainly squiddy20 who posts endless comments and trolling. The need to crack down must be done.

    • squiddy20

      “Even on this Site they need to crack down on the trolks.”
      1. I’m curious what a “trolk” is. Don’t you have autocorrect on your “pimp slapping” Note 2?
      2. This coming from the idiot who posts absolute BS about things which he obviously has no clue about since it’s usually wrong. Such as how Verizon’s supposedly *low* frequency LTE doesn’t penetrate buildings well. No Richard, that’s high frequencies. Moron.
      Finally, I do have a legit G+ account, with my real name. Why you think this has any impact on me is beyond comprehension. How stupid are you?