Play Store, T-Mobile Nexus 4 Orders Backordered As Much As Three Weeks?

For those who ordered the Nexus in the last 24 hours, I’d keep an eye on your inbox as emails are going out en masse alerting at least some individuals that their orders are delayed. There doesn’t seem to be any indicators as to which orders are being delayed, only that the delay is expected to take around three weeks.

The email itself not only applies to some T-Mobile orders, but also Play Store orders in the both the US and the UK. Our concern now is when a second run of devices will become available, certainly not till after this first run of orders has been fulfilled.

This is rather disheartening news, and I’m truly disappointed with Google as to how they handled this launch. With sales selling out in just under 30 minutes, we would expect that Google had enough units on hand to handle all available orders right from the get go. Now, it’s a waiting game.

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  • Yep, I just got the same email. It’s especially disappointing after spending so much time trying to get my order in on release day. They really should have had a pre-order queue system set up for this launch.

  • I placed an order yesterday thru the employee still says processing with a estimated delivery of nov 22…i know its thanksgiving but usually when i make orders it comes a day or two early.


      I tried to order through the Employee website this morning and it wasn’t even listed. I assumed there was no Employee availability yet. Guess I will wait til they are back in stock and try again.

    • Joshua Finger

      Mine says the same.

  • Awww nuts, I haven’t received the shipping email, but haven’t received the delay email either.. Boo Google, you whore.

  • nexususer

    I got this email and was disappointed, I cancelled my order. I guess I will stick with my BB9900/Nexus7 combo.

    • Lost interest in the Nexus 4, so I think I might get me a Nexus 7. But not from Google lol. I’ll see if Best Buy has it with a free gift card or something.

  • BizzaBoy

    I wonder how many units Google/T-Mobile had available to begin with …

    So why the heck didn’t they call it “Limited Edition” ;-)

  • JayCreations

    I just got the email as well. I have two separate orders. Lets see if I get at least one of them SMH

  • tirtawn

    I got the email with “shippinng #”. So mine should be fine.

  • actuallygotanexus

    Mine left Kentucky today via UPS. I got up at 5am on Wednesday to call TMO. Lesson learned from the day before. :)

    • trife

      Ditto. Ordered around 8:30 AM and mine should be here in a few hours. And that’s with the cheapest shipping option too, which blows my mind.

      Fastest turnaround time I’ve ever had from T-Mobile.

  • Phil

    How’s this for irony? I inadvertently ordered two – Must have double-clicked instead of single-clicked – But when I tried to cancel one of the orders, I was told it was already too late … even though it’s been two days and neither have shipped. This is seriously amateurish on teh part of Google!


      sell the other one, or call the better business bureau

      • thepanttherlady

        Why get the BBB involved? The OP already stated he may have made a mistake by double clicking to order so Google hasn’t done anything wrong in that regard.

        • Jimbo

          As a mod, you really really need to learn to read and comprehend posts. Why involve the bbb? If you dont understand, its too late for you.

        • thepanttherlady

          Being a mod on a board or forum doesn’t exempt me from the human race and therefore make me perfect. Glad to see; however, you are.

          Why not be helpful instead of condescending?

        • MandingoClub

          Here I though you were perfect lil lady… Alas, they are awarding MOD status to anyone these days.
          You should know the rational thing to do whenever you self inflict a error is not to assume personal responsibility. Hell no! I know my own errors aren’t my fault – they are someone else’s!!!
          Next time I self pump ultra premium grade gasoline at the pump and I will demand Chevron to charge me for regular gasoline, bc I pumped the wrong gas. If they don’t comply I’m going to involve the BBB – bc it’s not my fault… :)

        • thepanttherlady

          My secret is out and I hang my imperfect, mod head in shame.

  • portaltonowhere

    PHEWWWW!! thats all I have to say…I got my tracking number this morning :)

    • Where did yours ship from?

      • portaltonowhere

        Louisville, Kentucky

        • Interesting… KY orders all seem to come through but mine says the shipping place is supposed to be mountain view, CA and boom back ordered..

        • portaltonowhere

          Wow, sorry to hear that :(

        • archerian

          Andy Rubin stole your order :)

  • trife

    Man, that stinks. Google most definitely dropped the ball with this release, IMO. Pre-orders would solve all of this madness. Put a set number of units up for pre-order–if they sell out before the official release date on the Play Store, they sell out. You could continue to let folks order the device but they’d be doing so knowing that they are already backordered. Give them a realistic estimated date of when they’ll be back in stock and I think everyone would be somewhat happy.

    I know the Apple hate is strong around these parts, but let’s be honest–they know how to launch a very in demand product. Google should take notice of how they do things because while people still get pissed that they have to wait a month for their iPhone 5 to arrive, they ordered it knowing damn well it would take that long.

    • jim hoch

      100% agree. Also Apple has to cope with people lining up in person which Google does not. I put my name on the notify list as soon as it opened and they did not even notify me that the sale was opening. There was no need to launch “pinata style” so that we could all play “whack-a-mole” with the play store.


    Google, get it together bro, im about to cop this in 3 weeks!! Madness i tell you, madness!!

  • jim hoch

    Sorry wrong article

  • TMoFan

    This launch was awful coming from a company like Google. I couldn’t even get my N4 past checkout, no preorder, now people being told three weeks. Come on Google, wtf?

  • 21stNow

    Oh well, I guess that’s what I get for being skeptical of LG as a manufacturer. I waited until I could see one in person before I attempted to place my order in the Play Store. Now that we’re at least three weeks down the road, I might as well try to pre-order the Nexus 5!

  • Matlock

    Glad I went to my local T-mo store and picked up my N4! havent even used it yet, waiting to for Cases to be produced, still rocking my GNexus for now. Waiting for a decent case.

    • jian9007

      Did you get yours on contract, or just buy it outright?

    • David VanHouse

      So you bought a nexus 4 at the tmobile store and not using it until you find a case? WTH lol

  • Dakota

    It makes absolutely no sense they werent able to have the quantity they needed. Either they really are stupid and unprepared or they wanted to get some Apple level publicity by having headlines of Nexus 4 sold out in 30 minutes. Why theyd want to aggravate their most loyal customers though I do not know. Does anyone know how many GNex were sold in the US and around the world?

    • 21stNow

      In my opinion, the Nexus 4 release can’t be compared to the Galaxy Nexus release. The Nexus 4 released in several countries through the Play Store on the same day. The next day a US carrier released it, as well.

      For the Galaxy Nexus, it released internationally November 2011, on VZW December 2011, the Play Store around April 2012 and I have forgotten when it hit Sprint. With the release staggered like that, the demand wasn’t as great for any one release date. Many US enthusiasts already had the international GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus by the time that it hit the Play Store, which I think is the major difference between then and now.

  • BahamasGeek242

    well I got the 16GB for $200 from Tmo yesterday. Still on my old legacy plan and not planning on leaving tmobile anyway

    • Robert

      just placed my order with CC…same deal 16GB for $200…was going to wait until google reopened the orders on the play store but for $200 i couldn’t pass it up…

    • Got mine from a T-Mobile store in north Miami Beach which is about 40 mins away from me. It was only store in south Florida that had it and they rec’d only 5 units. I rec’d unit 3 of 5 just before noon on launch day. Love the unit buttery smooth.

  • niididdy

    Yea I got this email too. And it sucks! I’m contemplating on canceling the order and going through T Mobile. Ugh! @&$)$&@ Google!!!

    • thepanttherlady

      It’s back ordered through T-Mobile as well, unless you can find a store that has it in stock.

      • niididdy

        That sucks…oh well. I need to figure something out quick…not sure what tho. Ugh!

        • David

          How about you settle down. They’ll make more and sell more. I don’t get the rush to have things right away. You can still get it later, at least I haven’t heard that it was a single-run device.

          A little off topic, but what happened to the rumors multiple manufacturers were going to join the nexus party and consumers would see a new nexus from multiple oems?

        • 21stNow

          This is my two cents. The rumor started because Google said that they would work with multiple OEMs for their Nexus “devices”. The blogosphere took that to mean multiple Nexus phones and ran with it. It is true that Google worked with multiple OEMs as LG made the Nexus 4, Asus made the Nexus 7 and Samsung made the Nexus 10.

          I’m a right away person on phones. As fast as tech moves now if you don’t get it within the first three weeks of release, something else is out that may be better.

  • Lmao! Glad i didn’t pull the trigger and it looks like I won’t either. Horrible battery life and a sucky 1080p camera.


    • Dantes

      will wait until it cools down, after the first true reviews

    • David VanHouse

      Many reviews have indicated excellent battery life….

  • Dantes

    canceled mine with Google Play, it’s just a phone at the end, not a custom car

  • eDog

    At the risk of soundy whiny, I sent this in response to their news to me:

    I’m sure you’ve heard it already BUT GOOGLE SUCKS! I’ve been a fan
    since the G1 and can’t believe you would release a product like this
    and not be prepared for actually SELLING it to the public. WHAT A
    JOKE. And, credit the shipping charges? Who cares? We wanted an
    awesome product, “bought” it and now you say THREE WEEKS?! I really
    hope you have an awesome PR department because MAN, what an

  • jian9007

    I knew about the Google Play store backorders but did not am surprised by T-Mobile having the same thing. The website still let’s you add it to your cart instead of saying backordered like it usually does. It even lets you select Saturday delivery when you put it in the cart. They need to put that it is backordered instead of letting people place their orders thinking they’ll get it right away. Shady T-mobile, shady.

  • AndroidProfit

    Google can’t seem to ever get their Nexus launch right. This year is only slightly better than usual. Embarrassing


    One of the best comments I’ve read from Engadget:

    By: mabdinur8525

    “I am totally at a loss with Google on this? Total and epic failure from a company that prides itself on it’s meticulous attention to detail and Engineers every little thing. How the hell am I supposed t believe that the company that can crunch massive data sets, route the quickest path to ones home, serve massive amounts of AD’s and multimedia can blow it in running a simple Cart driven eCommerce business and fail to anticipate all these fairly obvious headaches coming to light. It really boggles the mind?

    I got the Backorder letter too, but even that was very vague and provides no level of detail that can be useful. Already there is conflicting stories of folks getting the bo letter and a shipment letter, some who made two separate orders are left wondering which order is bo’d?

    If I had to think out loud, I would surmise that in the effort of cutting costs down for this product they used there F-Team of managers for this product launch … seriously!

    *A notification system that failed to notify!

    *No coherent product launch time (Midnight? 9EST? 9PST?) even when we fished around for details and the rumour mill had it at 9PST the damn store opened 30minutes earlier.

    *No clear communication on stock levels

    *No pre-order … my god how stupid are the folks who ran this botched job!

    *Not enough inventory on hand

    *No cart limits like 1 per person or 2 per person … I could add 100 to my cart and the thing would go through

    *No cart queuing/ reserving/ holding mechanism … ticketmaster holds a ticket for 5-10 minutes the instant it lands on your cart

    *Cart/ Site kept crashing

    *They didn’t update the site to sold-out until late at night leading to the F5 phenomena, with people wasting time without knowing whether they can make an order or not … fully knowing anyone after the initial 10 minutes after opening the Play store would be on backorder … might as well keep selling now it makes no more difference at this point at least alleviate those who can’t purchase now to join a queue and keep selling. What will happen now is they will launch in spurts resulting in the same level of chaos … let people join the queue now if they will be backordered in anycase.

    *For those of us who got the chance to order the assumption was that they would be able to make a shipment … no reason why the system would fluctuate from in stock to of stock during the nightmare purchase with all the obstacles it had … WHY THE HELL DID WE GET BO’d! If there system wasn’t as one to one as it seemed with all it’s rigidity in how much you can add to cart and it failing during purchase because it became out of stock … then how the hell did you guys oversell?

    No sincere apology, no corrective actions are being laid out … and that token free shipping in no way salvages this horribly broken Play Store. Heads have to roll … seriously! I’ve read stories of better managers/ CEO’s, project leads being fired for so little … the folks who have done an outstanding job of tarnishing the Google brand and have been doing so seeing that this type of nonsense is not new with those familiar with the Play Store … I am totally new to the Android verse coming from WP7.5, BB7, and Maemo … this first impression of how Google runs this store is not what I always imagined of Google which I love and use from Email to Google+ … I even enjoyed GWave, I put up with the Buzz mess up … but Play is such a horrible brand tarnishing experience and Google needs to improve there retail program or get out of it and let the pro’s at Amazon handle it.

    This is a joke, I can’t believe it Google has been running a psy-ops campaign over at the Play Store to ruin there hard fought branding of Engineered Excellence. I hate the Apple verse and the perception that they created whatever is the next best thing when rather they made a incremental improvement on the natural progression of a product life cycle … but give credit where it is due they are a behemoth when it comes to the retail experience and the level of customer service … night and day difference in these experiences Google, please rectify it. It makes it silly to have a building full of the brightest people who can’t attempt to sell something online when you dominate on the Internet… it is a running joke this Play Store. Heads must roll!”

    • PiCASSiMO

      Giving credit where it’s due:

    • archerian

      all good things from Google are free… if money is involved, they just can’t handle it

    • niididdy

      I read this article too. Good one!

    • Rick Betteridge

      This article embodies my frustrations completely. Hell, I tried to get in on the Magenta Days sale today and they won’t take my money without completely screwing up my account / plan. I may have to revisit my choice of carriers soon…

    • ArbeitMachtFries

      I received mine from tmo NEXT DAY AIR!! nyah nyah nyah!

    • Nick Gonzalez

      I bet that person voted for Romney

  • BahamasGeek242

    My nexus 4 has a problem!!! My capacitive touch buttons all of a sudden stopped working. I tried a complete erase and restore a few times but still not working :( WHY LG WHY you got me again first the G2x and now the Nexus 4. I will try to get a replacement and if that fails I am going back to a white samsung Gnex

    • bryck

      LOL man. Sorry to hear that. That’s the reason why I bought a Galaxy note 2…….don’t trust anything made by LG. You should’ve learned your lesson the first time.

      • BahamasGeek242

        I should have and shame on me, my gut told me not to do it and just wait for the Nexus 5 but I pulled the trigger anyway. Now I am on a waiting list at Tmobile for a replacement phone one to two weeks :(

  • JSOL

    I’m commenting from my N4. Oh happy day! I too went through the horrors of the GP store with no luck after a dozen in cart processing purchase Tuesday. Wednesday I went to my local Tmo. I’d called ahead Tuesday night and they said come early. After a few minutes with the phone I was sold and bit the bullet. $500, yes, $500 as the $199 is only on Classic contract extension. I switched to a much cheaper value Plan that meets my needs and what I’m saving pays for the extra $300 in 10 months. I am never actually going to use ATT so the contract extension wasn’t a deal breaker, albeit I was excited to be month to month and have my cell phone carrier be more like a utility company than a service provider. Such is life. Two more years won’t kill me. I am a bit irked to have paid such a premium over what Google would’ve charged for the same 16GB version. Ideally, I would’ve paid $350 and then gone monthly for about what my monthly contract price is now with the new contract and saved $150. Such is life. The phone is amazing and unlocked and worth the price to me. Battery life could be better. And I could say that of every phone except the Maxx and maybe newer WP. I don’t have a problem keeping a charger handy for emergencies. My friends with the iPhone 5 do it all the time. And I’ll be able to get a wireless charger for work so that’ll make it easy to top off. My opinion: the N4is a great piece of kit and if you want it badly enough, pay now or wait and pay less later. A phone you love is worth the investment of time or money. Oh, and and the Tmo store I bought from in LA had four units plus a few display. That’s it! They sold three while I was there.

  • Rob Daman

    come on google! doing that to android fans is going to cause some to go back to iphone.

  • Calvin Argueta

    I was emailed this morning that my order placed 11/14 at 9am was back ordered 5 minutes ago i got a tracking number with a packing shipping from Kentucky. I’m getting it tomorrow =D

    • niididdy

      It is coming from T Mobile? Or Google?

  • mikkej2k

    Were there any safeguards to stop someone from hoarding? Any limits on the cart? Could you buy 10 , 20 , a 100? You know you would be able to sell them and make a profit.

    • niididdy

      Nope…nothing. I won’t be surprised that’s what some people did. I hope those people get an email saying that their orders cannot be filled due to back orders and that their order will now be limited to just 1, and credit their cards for whatever the difference was. That way other orders can be filled!

  • niididdy

    I was told by someone at Google that the Nexus 4 will ship according to how the orders were received…hence the back order email some of us got. I ordered mine same day, 3:41PM. I was told though mine is not shipping immediately it’ll probably ship sooner than the three week margin. I’m only writing this to give some a little glimpse of hope that you might get your phone sooner than the back order email stated.

  • a bunch of super fail at Google with the way this so called launch went down … piss poor.

  • VirtueParadoxx

    JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH TMOBILE! Everyone who ordered there phone on the TMOBILE RELEASE DATE will recieve their phones Between the 17th and 22nd due to a software update error, Which t-mobile did not recieve until today, Majority of those purchased at stores also had to be returned due to this error! NEXUS 4!!! <3

    • jerry

      I put my order in last night through cc, will i recieve my order. The rep told me i will get my phone by monday?

    • what update error?

  • JeffreyME

    Real First World disaster here! All of those snivelers who have to live without their new toys for 21 days need to reassess their lives. Maybe its time for them to move out of their parents’ houses.

  • Tim

    Unfortunately this is the case. I was unable to even order my Nexus 4 before it sold out and I started at 7am PST. Google really has dropped the ball on this, but I am feeling like LG is much to blame. It would explain why both the Play store and T-Mobile are backordered. I don’t know how these phones are being distributed to their respective outlets but I don’t think Google is involved with getting the phones to the T-Mobile stores, I feel that would be more of LG’s doing. Whatever the case may be, we have all seen this before with the Nexus 7 and no matter how frustrating it can be, a device as powerful and affordable as this will be in high demand no matter how many times they restock and sell out. Im just hoping they get it together and make it quick so I can get one of these immaculate devices in my hands. Until then ill be driving 20 miles out of my way to go play with the demo unit in a T-Mobile store.

  • YourDistantCousin

    I agree w/David’s article and Engadget. I am quite miffed with Google right now. My experience trying to order was… undignifying (and unsuccessful). It felt as though we were all scrambling like animals; shame on you Google, shame. When I failed to get the N4 after repeated tries, I found a store that had it next day. BUT, I resisted my strong strong urge to buy because it felt like I was crossing an invisible boundary of reasonableness to pay $500 instead of $349. I felt sick about it, but I don’t want to become this gadget obsessed.

  • jerry

    Tmobiles nexus 4 is not sold out! Just call and order through phone!:)

  • Jeff Martinez

    Still without a tracking order from UPS, as excited as I am to most likely be safe from the back order email, I find it troublesome that I have yet to hear any update to the status of my order. y acount says est. Delivery date is the 15th…um its the 17th and nothing has changed, I’ll be calling Google today to see what’s up, I don’t know why I got charged two day shipping when I’m still going to be waiting 4 or 5 days, I orderedmine on the morning or the sale at exactly 9:32 Mountain standard time, the second it went on sale I purchased it with no problems, since than iive been intthe dark about what happen to my order, damn Google what the f’n hell?!

    • Jeff Martinez

      Got the tracking order early early this morning, hopefully it’ll be at my door step later today

  • kresk

    I know it must suck having to wait, but I would definitely be patient if I were you guys. This phone is just soooo freaking awesome!! The speed, fluidity, and build quality is down right amazing. You won’t be disappointed.

  • RMKJr

    It looks as though they are holding stock for new lines only. I have tried both online and over the phone and the only time I made any headway was when I attempted to add a new line. Upgrading online does not even allow you to select the nexus, and over the phone they claim it has not been added to their upgrade forms yet. Pretend to add a new line online and there it is ready to be selected. Kind of a shame.

    • jerry

      Not true! I upgraded to a nexus 4 through cc on thursday around 9pm pacific!

      • RMKJr

        I have been trying since Friday, and the only way I have even been able to select the nexus is to add a line. The must have changed it as their stock began to run low.

  • tomnewtn

    I tried to order one with a new line, and CS chat even came on and assured me it is in stock and will ship. When I clicked to order, a message came up saying they’re sorry, it’s been backordered. So I canceled the order. I intend to pick one up from Google, but I wanted to check and see if it would be backordered and sure enough. CS doesn’t know what they’re talking about….again.