T-Mobile’s Two-Day Samsung Sale Kicks Off This Morning

Todays the big day as T-Mobile’s two-day Samsung sale kicks off this morning with a host of special pricing on the company’s Samsung lineup. New and existing eligible customers can take advantage of this sale and it does work for both Classic and Value Plan customers.

When signing up with a two-year agreement and any qualifying plan, customers will receive a mail-in rebate for the total out-of-pocket cost on Classic plans and a mail-in rebate for the total out-of-pocket down payment for Value Plans.

For example, on Classic Plans the Galaxy S III will cost $299.99 up front with a $300 mail-in rebate for a $0.00 net cost. For the Galaxy S III on Value Plans, the down payment is $199.99 with a $200 mail-in rebate card. The remaining balance will be paid in 20 monthly installments as usual with Value Plans.

“If getting a great deal on your gift purchases is important, and you prefer to limit your time in holiday checkout lines, then this T-Mobile promotional offer could be for you,” said Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “We think this offer will be particularly attractive for families who would like every member to have a mobile device but don’t think it fits their budget. This promotion will make it easier for consumers to join the smartphone revolution by making the best devices and data plans more affordable.”

I’m throwing up all of todays pricing in the two images below, the above image for Classic Plans and the one below for Value Plans. If you’re unsure how Value Plans work and whether they are a good choice for you, I’ll direct your attention to a guest post written coincidentally just one year ago almost to the day that helps explain the “Value” in Value Plans. The details are a little out of date, but the basic math breakdown still holds true.

Happy shopping!



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  • ceegii63

    NOTE 2!!!

  • oba

    My body/wallet is ready!

  • Corey_R

    When I go to upgrade a phone all I see is the $299.99 price with no rebate and no white model.

    Its all there for a new agreement. What Gives?

    • nmw407

      Upgrade applies. I just got the Note 2

      • Corey_R

        So is it normal that is only shows the price as $300 and says nothing about the rebate. And why Only Blue for Upgrades on the S3?

        • nmw407

          I would talk to retentions/loyalty directly. They usually have more power than the regular reps to do some wheeling and dealing.

        • JB45

          If you call and get the right person. called them last night and they wouldnt help with the price. Told me to try walmart or target since they might be cheaper. i guess my 8 years with tmobile doesnt mean that much

        • ozuniga

          Totally Agree with you there. It really depends on the rep that you talk to. It seems that there are select reps with more ability to wheel and deal.

        • varies on reps

        • lc

          I chatted with one of their reps cause its also showing 499 for me and he told me that the sale is only for the unlimited classic. i have the 1000 minutes so i don’t qualify :-(

        • Kyle Phillips

          Dunno if this helps but for some reason it’s showing my upgrade cost for the s3 at 399 and note 2 for 499. I went on their mobile website on my tablet and it’s showing blue s3 for free and the note 2 for 199. I guess try upgrading through their mobile website?

  • Thanks to some comments in a previous post about the sale, I urged the wife to call the Loyalty Department 2 nights ago and ask what can be done.

    We were hooked up QUITE nicely. We were going to go with a Value Plan because of the upfront cost of the phones, but the guy said the better way to go is Classic. He then offered a $179 SIII which can be spread out into our monthly bill, and then the constant bickering and pleading got my wife to ask about the Note II and he offered that for $269 which is also being spread out. Also got a discount on the 5GB data plan.

    Overall, I feel like we got a pretty good freaking deal considering how much we would’ve paid in the long run with the “Value” Plan and this sale going on now.

    Part of my pleading lead me to put the offer out on the table (literally, I wrote it down on a piece of paper and signed it) for month straight of foot rubs for my wife. A detail that she did not forget since she circled it and put the paper away as if it were a legally binding document. I guess 30 days of foot rubbing is a good deal for a Note II :). Cannot wait till it gets here.

    • mike_hilly

      I’m curious if I’ll be able to get much of a deal on the classic plan.

      • Call and ask, it doesn’t hurt! If you’ve been with them a while they’ll offer something good. Loyalty department has the magic though.

        The comments that inspired me to have the wife call them actually got better deals than we did.

        • mike_hilly

          Yeah, I have been with them going on 8 years… I am sure they will help me out.

        • That’s how long we’ve been with them! Good luck!

          My wife was nice talking to them and also mentioned we were planning on going to Verizon (which we seriously were because of coverage here). Don’t know if that had anything to do with it.

        • mike_hilly

          I was able to pick up the Note II for 269.99 after tax. I am not disappointed. Although i had to change my data plan (additional $5.00 a month).

    • Ashley

      You got a better deal because of the upfront cost but the savings over two years each month then the 4 months of no equipment installment plan work out to a better deal. $20 x 4 months x 2 phones + $6 less overall monthly with value plan (minimum typical savings after tax in Florida example) x 24 months = $304. you also didn’t mention getting a rebate. Sorry to rain on your parade but in the end you’re paying more.

      • Ashley

        And the reason it’s 4 months is because the last 4 months of the two years you’ve already paid off the equipment and are just paying the cheaper plan.

        • I see what you’re saying. I didn’t want to go into details, but we are on the $59/1000 mins classic plan now. Plus $15 for data (x2), and $20 for family text is better than what we were gonna get with this sale. We were going to do Value (because of the upfront cost of phones), and we HAD to have gotten the unlimited plan ($79.99) AND the $35 data plan (x2). Coupled with the additional $20 for each phone, would have been quite the bill for the next 20 months compared to what we have now.

          Plus the phones themselves are cheaper than what the Value or Classic plans were offering for this sale.

          So yeah, my parade is still sunny :)

        • Guest

          What is your cap on the $15 data plan? I’m still on the grandfathered “unlimited” that still has the theoretical 5GB cap. At least I think so since they brought back unlimited, who knows… we haven’t hit 5g in a while. I’m paying $20/mo, the preferred data

    • thepanttherlady

      Your wife is a smart woman! =D

      • No joke! I thought that had slipped by her. She also felt the need to include in the deal me having to sit down and watch Teen Mom with her. Which honestly, still considering the Note II, almost felt like a deal breaker, haha.

        • thepanttherlady

          Yikes! I can’t blame you on that one. O_o Although, I WILL say that watching t.v. and movies on the Note 2 is just plain awesome. I love it.

          Now get yourself some protection for that thing stat!

        • I’m getting some sort of TPU case, but do you recommend a screen protector?

        • thepanttherlady

          I only use the ones from Phantomskinz but that is just a personal preference because of my experience with them.

        • nycplayboy78

          Go to your local Sprint store and get the Body Glove for the GNII it costs $20 b/c it is on sale and it is black and looks GREAT on the GNII also Sprint has screen protectors for the GNII which are on sale as well I got both of those for my GNII and it cost me altogether $32….A STEAL!!!!!

        • If it’s the case that i’m thinking about, I’ve been looking for that same one for the past 3 days! Ever since I first saw it I fell in love.. So sleek.. It doesn’t look like it’ll do very much protecting, but it’s sooooo nice looking. Sadly, I haven’t found it anywhere around me. Sprint stores here only have the pink one. I am considering the other 2 body glove alternatives though. The tmo version and the diamond one (grey/black). Gotta pick soon, don’t think the sprint one will ever be found.

    • The Guru

      FYI thats called BTV (Bridge to Value) your technically on a Value plan. your still paying full price for the device ;)

    • no longer a tmobile fan

      When my.t-mobile is back up please check and see if that “discount” on the 5GB data plan is real. I too was offered a discount on the 5GB data plan only to discover later they told me over the phone it was a 5GB plan, but was really a 2GB. No savings at all.

    • Dan Rubin

      Same with us. I love the Loyalty Department hence why I think T-Mobile should always be number 1 for customer service. We ended up signing another 2 year contract 3 weeks earlier then our upgrade availability and got two new phones for FREE!!! (after 400 rebate)

  • twicetheprice

    Is this only online or is it in store as well?

    • Ashley

      Definitely in store…

    • nyuhsuk

      I would do it by phone. They probably have a higher inventory as the stores will probably run out and they have different items in stock.
      I got a white Note II at 6AM. Took no chances.

  • David c

    the unlimited talk n text is required to qualify for this deal, correct?

    • JWu

      Correct, you also need unlimited 4G if you want the SIII.

    • nyuhsuk

      After talking to two different phone reps, they said that I need not alter my 1000M plan. Just hoping I don’t get some kind of error from the MIR department later cause some reps got it wrong.

    • Pysd

      Can someone point me to the policy that specifies which plans are the “on qualifying plan req’d”, that Tmobile chose not to easily reveal?

  • John

    Interesting they show note 2 at 699.99. I bought it opening day for 649.99, at a tmobile store.

    • thepanttherlady

      Prices went up last week.

  • Brandon

    Called and talked to loyalty. I have a grandfathered MyFaves Family Plan with Pref. Internet ($20). I am not sure that this is correct, but the rep said I could get the Galaxy S II 16GB for $324.99 + tax with a $300 rebate without changing my plan or internet options. What made me more skeptical was that she said I could get the 32GB for $424.99 + tax with a $400 rebate. That doesn’t appear on the list posted, so I am not sure if it is valid or not, might call back and ask again before ordering.

    • psaux

      I think all of us legacy folks are *very* interested in the outcome of this. Please post a followup if you get any more information.

    • Guest

      That sounds great if it weren’t for the rebate. I don’t want to put $300 to the wind for 6-8 weeks. I’m eligible for upgrade, but I’m OK waiting. I don’t even care if I pay a little more.. I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of rebates right now with the holidays and all.

    • cheaplikeafox

      wouldn’t you go for the 16 gb only then since the GS III has a microsd card slot anyway.

  • For less upfront cost do it online. I saw it’s 200 then 200 mail in rebate. I’m going for midnight sale that they’re known for randomly throwing.

  • John Voss

    just got the note 2, was litterally the first one in the store, they had 5 reps and were slammed. Took 35 min. $174 out the door including a so-so body glove case. Where are you 3do?. OVerall happy :)

  • hoping to read some more retention stories here for the Note 2. I was able to get the S3 for $80 back in August. Hopefully I can pull some similar moves with them for the Note 2. I cant imagine that price though

    • nmw407

      I got really lucky with retentions. The hubby called it in for me and the girl on the line was able to get the note 2. At first it was $200 with the 200 MIR with $18 upgrade fee. But then she had trouble with her computer and she just decided to not even bother with the MIR and just put it in. So, yeah – I got it for $0 with no changes to my rate plan.

      • niceeee. Yea they will definitely get a ring from me

      • ozuniga

        I’m hoping that I get just as lucky!

  • toni

    I just called t-mobile, and yes be nice to a person that you’re speaking over the phone ask how he-she is doing :) …I wasn’t eligible for upgrade and still she upgraded my line to NOTE 2 for 125 $ . I paid up front 425 $ and will get 300 $ back mail in rebate.

    • unknown

      You most likely were elegible for an upgrade. They just told you that you were not so they can make it seem that they did something nice for you by upgrading you anyways. They wont upgrade you unless you qualify for the upgrade. it’s called business.

      • toni

        No I wasn’t elegible for an upgrade for my line .She was gonna give me a Note 2 for free if I was gonna upgrade a line that was elegible.I have 4 lines family plan .Also the date didn’t change ,still kept the 2gb.You can say I am lucky or whatever,but when it comes to up grade my phone,I always get the best deal.

        • Guest

          I hope your rebate isn’t rejected. The terms for the rebates are usually that you ARE eligible for upgrade (read the paper…). When I’ve done early upgrades, I never once did rebates because even the reps were like they would be rejected straight away, so they just give me a credit for the rebate amt. Otherwise, I hope that doesn’t become the case with yours.

          I would at least call and have them put a note in your account in the event it is declined because you will be playing a lot of phone tag if it is.

        • cheaplikeafox

          I wasn’t eligible either but the terms on my rebate didn’t say you needed to be eligible, just had to have at least 11 months before your last discounted phone. I was only 2 months away from being fully eligible, but more than 20 months from my last discounted phone so it showed that the rebate terms were met.

        • Guest

          I think mine used to say 18 or 22 months. If they’ve changed it, that’s interesting.

      • Guest

        I have had a few early upgrades so that’s not correct. I did one a year early. I have a ‘free’ upgrade sitting on another line on another account.

  • Omar

    So Note II or SIII? I’ve been happy with my SII until as of late(I won’t get into it here) but not sure which way I want to go.

    • thepanttherlady

      If you’re going to go big, go all the way! Note 2. You won’t be sorry. :)

  • ozuniga

    Hoping for a new SIII today! Still eyeing the Note II though!

  • GuyinAZ

    Just picked up a Note II for Net costs of: $50.00! Learned my company has a discount with T-Mobile. Went to the online site at T-mobile for my company. Got a $350.00 Instant Rebate, $300.00 mail in rebate, classic plan Unlimited Min/Text and 4GB data, monthly service discount for $88.00 a month. Granted, had to fork over $350, but overall lot better deal then I was expecting to get.

  • The Guru.

    Guys NO MAIL IN REBATES in MIAMI-DADE PERIOD. So.. if the phone is 199.99 we pay $200.00 in store and your only responsible for taxes!!!!!!. Again NO MAIL IN REBATES in MIAMI-DADE.

    • caquito

      What do you mean? I get the phone for $14 ?

  • tehone

    Not really sure how to best take advantage of this sale (would like a GS III if I can get it for cheap) so I could use some suggestions, please.

    Been a customer for over 10 years and I’m currently long out of contract on some grandfathered $40 1000-min plan, plus $25 data plan (the original G1 internet plan, iirc), one line only. I wanted to change to an EM+ plan at some point a few years back but never did it. I know I could have saved some money but oh well.

    Ideally, I’d like to switch to a Value plan and save on the monthly cost (probably the 500 min talk & text with 2gb data for $50/mo)… plus I can get some 15% off monthly through my employer.

    I like the idea of the Value plans because I usually use mostly Nexus phones bought outright either from Google or used… but it seems like a waste to jump on it now and still pay the extra $20/mo for 15 months or whatever.

    Is it possible to somehow get a big(ger) discount on a GS III now? If I convert from legacy/old plan to Classic to take advantage of the free phone, I won’t be able to switch to a Value plan without paying the $200(?) transfer/etf fee, right?

    How would you smart people handle this?

    PS. FWIW, I will also probably get a Nexus 4 from Google at some point soon and use that and the GS III interchangeably, etc. Maybe just forget the GS III and try to see how to get the Nexus 4 from tmo for close to free (once it’s available again) but I still don’t know how to best handle the “switch to a cheaper Value plan” part…

  • Jack Lynch

    My wife and I have been due for an upgrade for 4 months. Last time we did the bogo offer for a G2 and mouch 4g, only paid about 100$ after rebates. We share minutes on an even more plus plan…it says we are both eligible for an upgrade, but can we only upgrade one phone? I’m assuming so because tmobile goes by the contract and not the phone. So if I get the note 2 on this sale she can’t get the S3 for free after rebate. Is this correct?

    • nmw407

      If both of you are eligible for an upgrade, then both of you can upgrade. Each phone has their own eligibility status.

  • luizx

    can I get a S3 on value plan with 500min talk + text and unlim.plus 2GB data ? for the same price as unlimt. talk+text + 4G unim.natio ?

  • Gelo

    Was at the store today. There was a line. While waiting for them to call me, I got the chance to play with SGS3, Note 2 and HTC 8X. Was impressed with the smoothness of WP8. More responsive than the 2 Samsung phones.

    Decided to come back this afternoon but I’m having 2nd thoughts now whether to get a WP8 phone instead. Will research a little further…..

  • jp

    Did the stores get any 32gb SGS3s for this sale? Or do we have to go through telesales?

  • Queue

    How do you get to loyalty/retentions with the new push 1, push 2, prompts?

    • Rob Daman

      say “cancel” and it transfers you right too them.

      • Queue

        Thanks, had to dial 611 to get the voice prompt. The toll free land line expects you to push buttons.

  • jian9007

    Online the link to the mail-in rebate says only classic plans qualify. I couldn’t find a rebate form that stated you could use it with a value plan. I know the internal screen shot above shows it, but if you order online it only shows the mail-in rebate as for classic only. I’m not going into a store or calling in so I’m concerned only with ordering online.

    As usual, T-Mobile makes things complicated when ordering online. If you select a phone and then a value plan, it takes either the plan or phone out of the cart. The only way to add the phone and plan to the cart is to pick from one of the crappy value packages (with a few selct phones) they show available. Any workaround, or will I just need to do the online chat to actually be able to order what I’m trying to get (Note 2 on value plan with the rebate)?

  • legend of dragon

    Got 2 Galaxy s3 this morning for $485 with $400 Mail In rebate. Also I switch to Value plan from Classic plan after the rep say it will be cheaper for me in the long run. I have to pay $40 more extra each month now. Hope I make the right choice. Anyway, I am happy with 2 brand new white galaxy s3.

  • Ryan

    Anyone here actually able to still log into their account at T-Mobile? I keep getting “My T-Mobile is currently unavailable while we work to improve the site for
    you. Please try again later or call toll-free at
    And I’ve been looking to upgrade the 2 phones on our account and this would work out perfectly…..Was considering the GS3, Nexus 4 or Optimus L9. We have a value plan with 200mb data that I would like to keep from the chart it looks like they force you to upgrade to at least 2GB!

    • jp

      same here for a few hours now

    • Jack Lynch

      Same here…ugh

  • my.tmobile.com is still down. makes it very difficult to get the deal if you don’t have a tmobile store local.

    makes you wonder why they would do a website update on the afternoon of a major smartphone sale. very stupid if you ask me.

    • MeMe

      you can call them and place your order that way. that’s what i did :)

  • Law school girl

    So loyalty department did nothing for me, I even called twice..been with them for 8 years and all I wanted was the mir waived..didn’t get it..o well..guess I’ll try again on black friday

  • Anton

    Whats the point of tmobile doing sales when they start “fixing” it as soon as the sales start. They want us to go to the store? WHY

  • jp

    wow. before it was telling me to call. now it’s telling me to go to the store. what a joke.

  • Ryan

    WOW! So I just tried to call in using the 611 number and went to the New phone order option and they have a recorded message directing you to go to a local store to participate in the Free Samsung phone offer…..I guess no shipping is good but now its a rat race in the morning to get there and find out if they have any GS3’s left! They must be maxed with too many phone and online orders currently.

  • TMoFan

    I spoke with five reps. Three told me I had to give up my grandfathered plans permanently and two said I could switch back when I got the rebate. I don’t want to take the chance of being out of the money and the mir getting denied so I guess I’ll wait for the nexus (damn you Google!)

    • Guest

      I really doubt they’d let you switch back.

  • Bill Smith

    I currently am eligible for upgrade and have a Classic plan 1,000 min talk for two phones with unlimited text and 2GB unlimited net. The reps wouldn’t cut me a deal, tried twice. I’m hoping for something after the holidays now.

  • i find it ti be complete bullshit on tmobiles end that they give “away” these phones to only new customers but leave the people who been with them for a while in dust to scramble up money.

    • I don’t know why you think this sale isn’t for existing customers as well. You just have to have a qualifying upgrade, which is standard industry practice. You can’t just upgrade whenever you feel like it.

  • John Mejia

    There is no rebate on value plans according the the online rep.

    • Ivan

      Dont believe that rep. Go to the tmobile store and see what they say I got the note 2 for 399 plus a 300 dollar rebate and no upgrade fee. I was on a classic plan.

  • DisgruntledMagenta

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 11 years, and after the fiasco with trying to upgrade my phone on Friday the 16th, I’m paying the $200 ETF for being under contract for less then 24 hours and taking my line elsewhere. What a mess T-Mobile has become, and especially in dealing with this sale.

    I’ve been ‘eligible’ for an upgrade for 63 months according to the Loyalty Department. in short…they were supposed to be giving me Classic Unlimited Minutes/Text plus 5GB data with hotspot sharing for $79.99 a month. (this took over 90 minutes on phone Friday morning also to get straightened out). I call into Loyalty department before i walk into store, and am assured all is set, I can get Note II with no problems, no account changes.

    Of course, store tells me I don’t have data on my account (even though I currently have a MyTouch by LG from T-Mobile), and I’d have to add it for an additional $30.00 a month. They refused to called into Loyalty dept, said there were only notes saying I had data free for 60 days, but that was temporary and I’d need to add a plan in order to buy the phone. I walked out pissed, and proceeded to spend the next two hours on the phone with various people in the Loyalty department (including being hung up on by a Supervisor), and being told teh same thing over and over:

    ‘You’re a very loyal customer, you can walk into a store to upgrade your phone. Or, we can send you one, but it won’t get there until after the Holiday. if you want it faster, go into your local store, or pay $24.99 for upgraded shipping.’

    Me: ‘I spent 45 minutes in the store, didn’t you hear me say that already? Why should I have to pay for upgraded shipping, when it’s your company that has screwed up and forcing me to call into you to order? I won’t pay for express shipping, you should be giving that to me for free. I’m spending $500 now on a phone, and you won’t offer me free shipping for the hours of my time I’ve been on the phone dealing with you today?’

    This sale as made me realize how horrible a company T-mobile has become in the eight years i’ve been with them. IT’s great to see how many people had such positive experiences, wish I could of been one of them! New Carrier, HERE I COME!

    • Bill Smith

      Couldn’t agree with you more. It seems as if T-Mobile is run by a bunch of spiteful high school kids. There is absolutely no consistency in policies or procedures. I have 2 lines eligible for upgrade and have received numerous stories from their people online and the ones in their store. No one can agree on anything. Verizon is looking better every day!

  • rob

    my barber has been off contract for over a year and has been paying month to month. he said he got his gn2 for free with a new contract in st louis.

  • lithdoc

    Got a phenomenal deal today.

    Called T-mobile just to see whats out there. Had a GS3 already that I got a couple months ago that I got for free with the NSA rebate. I called today, asked the rep – what can I get today?

    Anyway, ended up “renewing my contract,” i.e. extending it by 1 month and getting another GS3 for $300 – $300 MIR! All my OOP was the tax + ground shipping!

  • daniiiel

    Finally Got The Galaxy Note II… All I Have To Say Its Best Phone Ever. I also Talked To A Samsung Representative He Was Super Nice And Gave Me A Galaxy MnMs Candy Box. LOL. … everyone keeps asking me if its like and ipad mini or somethng :)

  • TMOnewsfan

    Been a T-Mobile customer since 2005 and I’ve never been as disappointed with them as I am today.

    My experience:

    October 12 I received an SMS message stating that I was available for a
    “full upgrade now”. At that point I was exactly 20 months into my
    current contract and I figured that, being a longtime customer, I was
    being allowed to upgrade a couple of months early. “Cool” I thought, but
    didn’t feel the need to upgrade at the time.

    Fast forward to
    November 15th where I read on the blogs at TMONews.com about an awesome
    Samsung sale happening during the weekend. I thought it would be the
    perfect opportunity to upgrade and went to my local T-Mobile store to
    check out some phones. While there, I checked the status of my upgrade
    and was told that I was eligible. I had my sights set on a Galaxy Note

    I called Customer Care on 11/16 to ask about what the price
    would be on the Note 2. The gentleman (“Mreb” was his name) said that I
    would need to upgrade my current Unlimited Data Plan (Android Preferred)
    to a new one that cost $15 dollars more. “I’m already on an unlimited
    plan, why would I want to pay $15 dollars more for what I already
    have?”. This made sense to him and after conferring with “his
    supervisor”, he was willing to sell me my phone of choice (GS Note 2)
    for $499 out of pocket with a $300 rebate. I was happy with the offer
    and should have accepted, but I figured I would get the same offer at my
    local T-Mobile store, so why wait? I’ll just head down and pick it up!


    I arrived at my T-Mobile store (32nd and Federal, Denver CO) I was told
    that they’ll sell me the phone for $499, but they couldn’t guarantee
    that I would receive the rebate. I told them that I was on the phone
    with CC an hour prior and that’s what I was being offered but they
    wouldn’t budge, saying that I have to have a “Fully Unlimited” plan
    (minutes and text). I was frustrated and angry that they wouldn’t honor
    what Customer Care was offering. I mean, T-Mobile CC and T-Mobile
    brick-and-mortar are the same to me – it’s T-Mobile! I left in a huff.

    The reasons of why my current plan work for me:

    T-Mobile signal sucks at my place of residence so I have an option
    (which is no longer offered) called Talk Forever which allows me to have
    unlimited minutes over wi-fi. I’ve had this option since 2008

    2. I
    make very few phone calls and send less than 400 texts per month so my
    current plan of 500 shared minutes and 400 texts works great for me.

    3. My data plan (grandfathered Unlimited) has been the same since early 2008.

    Yes, I have a great rate for unlimited data. I also use, on average, of about 700MB a month.

    I get home and immediately call Customer Care and ask for the loyalty department, thinking (well, hoping) that all would be well and they would honor what they offered just 5 hours prior.


    representative (“Ashley”) said that she didn’t understand why I was
    being offered an upgrade at all, saying that I was only 21 months into
    my contract. I asked her to check the log, as I had called earlier, to
    see what I had been offered. She said that there was no record of me
    speaking with “Mreb” and that, while it was noted that I had called,
    there was no record as to the reason why. No go, no new phone.

    While I enjoy what I consider a fair price for service, I’m starting to reconsider whether it’s worth staying with T-Mobile.

    travel the U.S. (by vehicle) quite extensively (musician in a touring
    band) and its frustrating when my bandmates can stream Pandora over
    their phones in the most rural of areas (even on Sprint!) and I can’t
    even check scores on ESPN because I have no signal or I’m roaming on a
    network that I’ve never heard of. I’m starting to think my low rate
    isn’t worth the poor signal problems, terrible customer service (JD
    Power #1’s are but a distant memory) and the company’s inability to be
    consistent across the board.

    What has happened to you, T-Mobile?

    • No longer a tmobile fan

      I won’t go into the protracted details of my nightmare with tmobile over the past two days. I’ll just leave it at I currently have 4 lines of a service I did not want and they can’t do anything about it as of now.

      The reason I’m responding to your email is that as coincidence would have it I too dealt with an “Ashley” who openly admitted I was completely right but that she wouldn’t fix the problem because it was done by another call center.

      Oh T-mobile… How the mighty have fallen.

  • arak

    To clear up the confusion plan qualifications on rebates, I’ll post my experience here.

    Went to the TMo store to pick up a Note 2, and was told by the store rep I don’t qualify for the $200 rebate as my plan wasn’t the unlimited plan ($20 unlimited). I called up customer support and the rep insisted that my plan qualified as it had the 5GB data feature along with the unlimited value plan. So, i asked the store rep to print out the rebate coupon so I could read the details myself and decide whether I qualify or not.

    The rebate form says that you have to have an unlimited value plan (i.e. talk & text) with unlimited data or 5GB or 10GB data feature. Since my plan was was Unlimited Value Plan with 5GB data that I got on a promo (for $10 instead of $15), based on the rebate form the customer support rep on the phone was right and the store rep was wrong.

    So I got the Note 2 and am willing to sue if my rebate gets denied if the reason is that my plan doesn’t qualify.

    The only reason I upgraded to the note 2 was its larger battery. Outside of that, Touchwiz sucks in many areas, the OLED screen is awful in reproducing colors and screen is pretty much useless in bright daylight. But, all of the negatives were erased by the sheer size of the battery.

  • luizx

    I got a S3 on the value plan, but I was told that to qualify I would have to get a UnLim. Talk+Text and NationW4G @ 69.99 a/month BUT after I get my MIR I could switch to 500mins Talk+Text with 2G Data @ 49.99 a/month …ANYBODY KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE ?!?!? or was I lied to ??? thnx

  • ihatetmobile

    As a new customer, you’d think they would work with you. They canceled my order after they triggered my fraud alert (charged me 3 times) and now say they can’t help me, despite it being from them charging me 3 times. After dealing with all their lies in customer service, i don’t know if I want to deal with it for 2 yrs of a contract.