Play Store, T-Mobile Nexus 4 Orders Backordered As Much As Three Weeks?

For those who ordered the Nexus in the last 24 hours, I’d keep an eye on your inbox as emails are going out en masse alerting at least some individuals that their orders are delayed. There doesn’t seem to be any indicators as to which orders are being delayed, only that the delay is expected to take around three weeks.

The email itself not only applies to some T-Mobile orders, but also Play Store orders in the both the US and the UK. Our concern now is when a second run of devices will become available, certainly not till after this first run of orders has been fulfilled.

This is rather disheartening news, and I’m truly disappointed with Google as to how they handled this launch. With sales selling out in just under 30 minutes, we would expect that Google had enough units on hand to handle all available orders right from the get go. Now, it’s a waiting game.

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